Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V - Episode 107

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Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V - Episode 107
The Tyler sisters reveal their identity.



Dyueru ni Ueta Amazonesu

Japanese translation

The Duel-Starved Amazoness


Belles & Whistles

Episode number


Japanese air date

May 29, 2016

English air date

September 9, 2017

Gallery Japanese
Japanese opening


English opening

Can you Feel the Power

Japanese ending


English ending

Can you Feel the Power


Tsutomu Kamishiro


Naoki Kotani


Naoki Kotani

Animation director

Hidekazu Ebina

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"Belles & Whistles", known as "The Duel-Starved Amazoness" in the Japanese version, is the one-hundredth and seventh episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime. It first aired in Japan on May 29, 2016 and in Canada on September 9, 2017 on Teletoon. It became available with official subtitles via Crunchyroll on April 11, 2017.

Saya searches for Kite, who has disappeared after his Duel against Shay, all by herself. At the same time, the Tyler sisters Gloria and Grace reach the Xyz Dimension under Leo Akaba's orders. The sisters notice Saya and start a Duel against her, with Allen arriving to team with Saya. The Tag-Duel against the Tyler sisters was much tougher than expected, and the two of them were overwhelmed! And then…!?


A woman fills a bowl with soup, telling someone to eat up as it will make them feel better. Saya is assisting her by handing her the bowls, but is distracted by remembering the events of Kite's Duel with Shay. Shay had declared that he knew how painful it was to lose one's family and that it's because of comrades like Yuto that he was still standing, that he had other comrades besides Yuto, and that he had forged a strong bond with another comrade as well. By meeting them, Shay claimed that he'd learned how important his comrades were. Saya screws up her eyes and runs out of the Duel Sanctuary, one of the refugees asking her what's wrong. Among those in line for food were Spencer and Devon Knox. Allen sees her leave while he is repairing his Rollerboots. Saya thinks to herself that Shay risked his life to tell Kite how important comrades are, and while she didn't have the courage to help Lulu, she'll definitely bring Kite back.

Allen tells Yuya that they will never be comrades.

Outside, Gong asks Sylvio if he found Saya and Sylvio replies that there's no sign of her and he asks where she could have gone. Allen skates up to them in the Rollerboots that he was repairing and Yuya steps in front of him and he asks him to wait. Allen skids to a halt and snaps at Yuya to watch it. Yuya begs Allen to take him with them since he's certain that Saya has gone out to look for Kite but Allen tells him that an outsider should stay out of this. He states that he doesn't know whether or not Yuto is inside Yuya, but he will never accept him as a comrade (in the dub, he likens Yuya to his father; liable to run off when he's needed). Allen skates off, barely missing Sylvio, and Yuya looks after him sadly, lamenting that Allen still believes that Yuya's father abandoned them. Shay walks up and he asks what they are still doing here. He reassures them that they can leave the safety of the hideout to the Resistance while they Lancers search for Saya. He tells Gong and Sylvio that they'd better not slack off, taking them both aback and Sylvio angrily asks when Shay got to start giving the orders. Shay ignores him and declares that they'll split into two groups; and he'll go with Yuya. Yuya is surprised, but nods in agreement. (Shay's scene is cut from the dub.)

Gloria and Grace confront Allen and Saya.

Saya runs through the streets of Heartland, and a voice comments that it's unusual for a citizen of Heartland to be wandering the streets on their own and it doesn't look like she has any comrades with her. The blonde and silver-haired female Duel Academy soldiers descend a flight of stairs and the blonde woman wonders if Saya is one of the Lancers. She comments to Grace that it must be their lucky day. The silver-haired woman; Grace agrees and suggests to Gloria that before they head to Headquarters that they get a present for Aster and the little blockhead. Saya gasps in fear, and hears Allen calling her name. Allen skates up behind her and skids to a stop between her and Gloria and Grace, the energy tires of his Rollerboots dissipating. He tells Saya to run away; this one is his. Grace observes that a friend has turned up and Gloria comments that now they'll get two cards as gifts. Allen warns them not to mess around and declares that he will protect Saya. Saya whispers Allen's name and he asks her what she is doing and again tells her to go. Saya tries to protest, but Allen reassures her that it's fine and tells her to just run away.

Saya vows to no longer run away, and to find the courage to fight.

But Saya refuses, protesting that she doesn't want to regret this again. Allen begins to ask Saya what she's thinking, but Grace interrupts and comments that this is fine, isn't it? Why don't they have a tag battle; there's two people on both sides isn't there? Gloria agrees; they'll have a 2 vs 2 Tag Duel where the field, LP and Graveyard will be shared according to the Tag Rules. Saya states that that is fine and Allen asks her if she's really okay with this. Saya replies that she is; she's made up her mind not to run away anymore and she will find the courage to fight. She straps on her Duel Disk and activates it. Allen eventually smiles and he activates his own Duel Disk, declaring that he'll go as well. Gloria excitedly whispers that it's been a long time and activates her Duel Disk, while Grace simply comments that this will be fun as she activates her own Disk. All four Duelists declare "DUEL!"

Allen declares that he'll go first and Summons "Ruffian Railcar" from his hand. As the Train monster roars onto the field Allen declares that he's dishing out the first punch; explaining that by not battling he can inflict 500 damage to his opponent. "Ruffian Railcar" blasts two bursts of light at Gloria and Grace, reducing them to 3500 LP. Grace comments that Allen sure is energetic and Gloria adds that they'll answer this greeting with their own. Allen snickers and he comments that Gloria and Grace let their guard down because they thought that he couldn't attack this turn, before ending his turn. Gloria replies that they never let their guard down once they return to the battlefield. (In the dub, they compliment his move, and Allen responds arrogantly.)

She declares her turn and draws, before holding up both the card she drew, "Amazoness Spy" and a card from her hand, "Amazoness Queen", explaining that she can Special Summon "Spy" by revealing an "Amazoness" card in her hand. Then she Tributes "Spy" to Tribute Summon the Level 6 "Amazoness Queen" and attacks "Ruffian Railcar" with "Queen". Allen activates the effect of "Construction Train Signal Red" from his hand, Special Summoning it in Defense Position and changing the attack target to it. Signals whining, "Signal Red" roars onto the field and "Amazoness Queen" leaps into the air to avoid "Signal Red". Gloria states that she'll just destroy it and "Amazoness Queen" brings her blade down. But Allen reveals that "Signal Red" cannot be destroyed this turn. Gloria comments that Allen isn't bad, and Grace muses that their opponents haven't Pendulum Summoned yet. Gloria points out that Allen and Saya will have to Pendulum Summon eventually and she ends her turn.

"Little Fairy" is surrounded by "Dancing Fairies" as its Level increases.

Allen congratulates himself; the Duel is moving all according to his calculations so far. He's inflicted damage and blocked their attack. He reminds Saya that the field is shared and tells her to feel free to use his monsters. Saya agrees, and Allen tells her that it's her turn. Saya muses to herself that the target is the 2400 ATK "Amazoness Queen". She declares her turn and draws "Fairy Dust", reassuring herself that it will be okay and everything will go according to her calculations. She Summons "Little Fairy" from her hand and sends "Dancing Fairy" from her hand to the Graveyard to activate its effect, increasing its Level by 1. The three "Dancing Fairies" surround "Little Fairy" and raise her to Level 4. Next Saya activates the Spell Card "Fairy Dust", changing the Machine-Type "Signal Red" to a Fairy-Type monster and increasing its Level by 1. "Signal Red" rises to Level 4 and Allen celebrates; now they have two Level 4 monsters. Saya overlays the Level 4 "Signal Red" and "Little Fairy" and she chants "An angel's smile for the heroes who keep fighting! Xyz Summon! Appear now! Rank 4! Fairy Cheer Girl!" ("This next monster's got the pom-pom's that pummel! I Xyz Summon Fairy Cheer Girl!" in the dub.) "Fairy Cheer Girl" only has 1900 ATK, but because "Signal Red" was used as an Xyz Material, the effect of "Fairy Dust" increases the ATK of the Xyz Summoned monster by 500, to 2400. Allen congratulates Saya and tells her to keep it up and beat them up. Grace asks how they can beat her and Gloria up; even though "Fairy Cheer Girl" gained 500 ATK it only has 2400 ATK, the same as "Amazoness Queen". Gloria is more concerned as to why Allen and Saya haven't Pendulum Summoned and Grace suggests that they may be underestimating her and Gloria. Gloria comments that if that's the case it would be delightful, and Grace agrees that it would make crushing them more rewarding. Gloria also muses on the possibility that Allen and Saya aren't underestimating them.

Saya thinks that "Fairy Cheer Girl" won't be destroyed due to the effect of "Fairy Dust" so it won't be a tie. First she'll destroy "Amazoness Queen" and then she'll attack directly. She declares her Battle Phase and attacks "Amazoness Queen" with "Fairy Cheer Girl". "Amazoness Queen gasps in shock – and then smirks, and surrounds itself with a forcefield. Gloria explains that the effect of "Amazoness Queen" prevents all "Amazoness" monsters from being destroyed by battle, much to Allen and Saya's shock. Gloria sighs and admits that it looks like they were wrong. Grace agrees that it's unfortunate, but if the Professor sent them specifically to deal with their enemy then there's no way that they'd be this weak. Allen angrily asks them what they mean by weak and Gloria bluntly tells him that their skills aren't that good, and she taps her head as she comments that they aren't that smart either. Allen is furious, and Grace mockingly asks if Saya's brain is so small that she didn't consider the effect of their monster. Saya is quite taken aback by the statement. Allen tries to reassure her that it's still her turn and she can do something, but Saya is so flustered that she just Sets a card and she ends her turn. Allen protests that that was the wrong move; the once per turn effect of Saya's "Fairy Cheer Girl" allows her to draw a card by detaching an Overlay Unit. He asks her why she would throw away the chance to draw a new card that was right in front of her, and Saya meekly apologizes. Seeing how apologetic Saya is, Allen tries to reassure her that he'll do something great next turn. Gloria comments, "If there even is a next time", and Allen angrily asks her what she said. Grace states that if Allen and Saya aren't Lancers then they must be with the Resistance, right? (In the dub, Gloria and Grace still believe their opponents to be Lancers.) Allen asks what that has to do with anything and Gloria and Grace begin to glow with a purple aura as Gloria asks Allen and Saya if they don't realize who she and her sister are. Grace asks them to allow her and Gloria to show them, and Gloria declares that they are the Tyler Sisters. The Tyler Sisters declare that they will show Allen and Saya a terrifying Tag Duel. Two monsters appear above them, but Allen can only repeat the name "Tyler Sisters" in shock and Saya gasps.

"Amazoness Pet Liger" opens its eye, decreasing the ATK of "Fairy Cheer Girl".

Allen gasps that the Tyler Sisters were responsible for almost wiping out the Spade Branch of the Resistance, and Saya protests, "No way…" Grace declares her turn and draws, adding the card to her hand and then activating "The Warrior Returning Alive", returning the Warrior-Type "Amazoness Spy" from the Graveyard to her hand. Grace then activates the Spell Card, "Polymerization", fusing "Amazoness Spy" with "Amazoness Tiger" in her hand and chants "Wild beast with vicious fangs! Obtain the eyes of the warrior who hunts down her prey! Appear now and become a new savage beast! Fusion Summon! Come before us! Level 7! Amazoness Pet Liger!" Grace declares her Battle Phase and attacks "Fairy Cheer Girl" with "Amazoness Pet Liger", which gains 500 ATK when it declares an attack, rising to 3000 ATK. Saya reminds Grace that the effect of "Fairy Dust" will prevent the destruction of "Fairy Cheer Girl", but Grace reminds her that she will take the damage. "Liger" slashes "Fairy Cheer Girl" as "Cheer Girl" glows with the effect of "Fairy Dust" and Allen and Saya fall to 3400 LP. Grace activates the effect of "Amazoness Pet Liger" since an "Amazoness" monster attacked an opponent's monster, reducing the ATK of that monster by 800. "Amazoness Pet Liger" opens its right eye, a swirling red vortex, and "Fairy Cheer Girl" glows blue and falls to 1600 ATK, much to Saya's horror. Grace explains that after attacking the ATK of "Liger" will return to normal. Gloria notes that it isn't over yet, and Grace attacks "Fairy Cheer Girl" with "Amazoness Queen". Saya states the effect of "Fairy Dust" again, only for Grace to finish her sentence; the attack hits home and Allen and Saya fall to 2600 LP. Grace reminds them that the effect of "Liger" will cause "Fairy Cheer Girl" to lose 800 ATK. "Liger" opens its eye again and "Fairy Cheer Girl" flinches away as it glows blue and falls to 800 ATK. Allen angrily asks the Tyler sisters why they keep attacking "Fairy Cheer Girl", and Gloria asks if it isn't obvious. Grace explains that it would be boring if they didn't since Allen and Saya aren't putting up much of a fight. Allen furiously asks if the Tyler sisters are just toying with them and he warns them to just wait; when his turn comes he'll repay them many times over. Gloria comments that Allen talks too much and Grace notes that's it's because Allen thinks that he can say anything that he wants. She activates the Continuous Spell Card "Amazoness Magic Mirror", which will inflict any effect damage that she would take to her opponent. Gloria notes that now the effect of Allen's "Ruffian Railcar" has been sealed and Grace encourages Allen to pay them back if he thinks that he can; either ten or a hundred times. Allen furiously curses and Grace Sets a card to end her turn.

The Tyler Sisters explain to Allen that his attack will never make it through.

Allen curses again and Saya apologizes; she's really sorry. Even though she's trying to find the courage to fight, all she's doing is going forwards without thinking; she must be such a burden. Allen asks Saya what she's saying; this Duel isn't over yet and it's just getting started. He declares his turn and draws, and then he Summons "Express Train Trolley Olley". Allen reassures Saya that there's nothing wrong with going forward; his own drive to go forwards won't be stopped because the effect of "Ruffian Railcar" has been sealed. He overlays the Level 4 "Ruffian Railcar" and "Express Train Trolley Olley" and he chants, "My impregnable iron fortress! Make the earth tremble and charge down the railway crawling with the enemy! Xyz Summon! Appear now! Rank 4! Heavy Armored Train Ironwolf!" Allen explains that the effect of "Trolley Olley" will increase the ATK of "Iron Wolf" by 800 since it was used as its Xyz Material, and "Iron Wolf" rises to 3000 ATK. Gloria notes the ATK and that Allen can attack "Amazoness Queen" now. Grace adds that even though it won't be destroyed, the Tyler sisters will still take damage. Gloria begins to comment that Allen is trying the same tactic that they did, but Allen interrupts and asks them who said he was going to do that. He's not going to reduce a player's LP bit-by-bit like bullies like the Tyler sisters. Grace appears mockingly insulted by being called a bully and Gloria asks what Allen will do. Allen replies that he'll just beat them directly and end this and he activates the effect of "Iron Wolf", detaching an Overlay Unit to allow it to attack directly this turn. Glowing orange rail run between the Tyler sisters and Gloria compliments Allen for attacking with a monster rather than an effect and Grace notes that even though Allen was stupid, he was able to come up with this. Gloria asks Allen to let them tell him one thing, and the Tyler Sisters declare in unison that that attack will never reach them, much to Allen's shock. Gloria explains that the effect of "Amazoness Pet Liger" can negate an attack that doesn't target it once per turn and the rails dissolve. Grace notes that even if "Iron Wolf" attacks "Amazoness Pet Liger", the effect of "Amazoness Queen" will prevent its destruction. Gloria muses that Allen's thinking was a bit shallow once again.

Allen draws with the effect of "Fairy Cheer Girl".

Allen curses and he wonders if there is anything else that he can do as he scans his hand and wonders what it is that he can do. Saya is downcast, but then she remembers her "Fairy Cheer Girl". She tells Allen to use the effect of "Fairy Cheer Girl". Allen replies that he sees and he activates the effect of "Fairy Cheer Girl" by detaching an Overlay Unit. "Fairy Cheer Girl" cheers happily as she sends once of her Overlay Units towards Allen. Saya explains that now Allen can draw a card. Allen holds up his Duel Disk and the Overlay Unit hits his Deck. The top card of Allen's Deck glows yellow and he prepares to draw, before drawing his card. He's drawn "Limiter Removal", and he declares that it's here, immediately catching the Tyler sisters' attention. Allen declares his Battle Phase, attacking "Amazoness Pet Liger" with "Iron Wolf" at full speed. "Iron Wolf" extends its rails again and speeds towards Grace, who immediately activates a Trap Card, "Amazoness Substitution", allowing Gloria to Special Summon a Level 4 or lower "Amazoness" monster from her hand and change the attack target to it. She Special Summons "Amazoness Swords Woman", who leaps in the path of "Iron Wolf".

Allen is protected by the effect of "Fairy Rail".

Allen comments that he doesn't know what the Tyler sisters are planning, but once a train gets rolling it won't be easily stopped. He activates the Quick-Play Spell Card "Limiter Removal", doubling the ATK of "Iron Wolf" for the rest of the turn and it clashes with "Amazoness Swords Woman". Grace explains that the effect of "Swords Woman" will inflict the battle damage from battles involving it to her opponent. "Swords Woman" throws her sword at the shocked Allen, but Saya activates a Trap Card, "Fairy Rail", detaching two Overlay Units from their field. The remaining Overlay Units from "Fairy Cheer Girl" form an energy shield, and Saya explains that the damage that they take become zero and then the ATK of a "Fairy" monster she controls becomes equal to that damage. "Fairy Cheer Girl's" wings glow purple as she rises to 4500 ATK, much to the Tyler sisters' shock. Saya tells Allen to use her "Cheer Girl" and Allen attacks "Liger" with "Cheer Girl". "Amazoness Queen" shields "Liger" with her cape as Grace reminds her that the effect of "Queen" will prevent its destruction. But they still take damage, falling to 1500 LP. After damage calculation the effect of "Fairy Rail" switches "Fairy Cheer Girl" to Defense Position, and Saya proudly states that it can't be destroyed by battle and since it's in Defense Position they won't take any damage either, so the Tyler sisters can't repeat the trick that they used before. Allen blinks for a few seconds and says Saya's name. Saya declares that she's realized something thanks to Allen; once you start a fight you have to see it through to the very end. Allen blushes and he agrees that he keeps fighting to the end and doesn't give up. He ends his turn, and the effect of "Limiter Removal" destroys all the monsters that were affected by it.

"Amazoness Empress" prepares to attack "Fairy Cheer Girl"

But Gloria simply calls it an eyesore and Grace agrees before suggesting that they go again. Gloria declares her turn and draws, then she activates her own "Polymerization" from her hand, fusing "Amazoness Queen" and "Amazoness Swords Woman". Gloria chants, "Queen of the jungle. Receive the power of the valiant swordswoman. Build an empire that rules over everything! Fusion Summon! Appear now! Level 8! Amazoness Empress!" She declares her Battle Phase and attacks with "Amazoness Pet Liger", which gains 500 ATK as it attacks. Saya reminds them that "Fairy Cheer Girl" won't be destroyed no matter how many times they attack it, and since it's in Defense Position they won't take any damage. But Gloria explains that the effect of "Amazoness Empress" allows "Amazoness" monsters to inflict piercing battle damage and "Amazoness Empress" holds her greatsword with both hands and sends out a wave of power. "Liger" opens its right eye, now glowing red and it roars as it rushes past "Fairy Cheer Girl" in a flash of lightning. Allen and Saya are blasted backwards and reduced to 1100 LP. Gloria excitedly suggests that they get rid of that 1100 LP and attacks "Fairy Cheer Girl" with "Amazoness Empress". "Amazoness Empress" slams her blade into the ground, creating a fiery shockwave that engulfs "Fairy Cheer Girl" and blasts the horrified Allen and Saya backwards again, reducing their LP to zero.

Nearby, Gong and Sylvio hear the explosion. Allen and Saya lie unconscious on the ground as the Tyler sisters step forwards. Grace suggests that they seal Allen and Saya into cards and get back to HQ as soon as possible. Gloria agrees, but Gong and Sylvio suddenly arrive, Gong calling Allen and Saya's names. He bends down to check on them, while Sylvio asks if the Tyler sisters are from Duel Academy. Gloria asks who they are and Sylvio declares that they are Lancers as Gong gets up to stand beside him. (In the dub, Grace tells Sylvio and Gong to keep their hands off their Lancers; Sylvio indignantly replies that Allen and Saya aren't Lancers; he and Gong are.) Gloria immediately purses her lips and smiles and suggests to Grace that they try Gong and Sylvio out. Grace agrees, since that last Duel wasn't good enough. They both smile as they face off against Gong and Sylvio.

Noro paces frantically as he wonders why the Tyler Sisters are late.

In the Duel Academy Headquarters, Mamoru Noro paces back and forth restlessly and repeatedly muttering that they're late, before finally screaming "LATE!" He looks at his fob watch and he irritably states that it's 28 minutes and 57 seconds past the scheduled time; where are the Tyler sisters? A blue-jacketed student alerts him to some news; the Tyler sisters are currently Dueling the Lancers. He puts up a visual from the city cameras showing the Tyler sisters Dueling Gong and Sylvio in "Crossover" and Noro panics dramatically. The student declares that they'll tell the Commander-in-Chief, but Noro tells him to wait. He clears his throat and speaks with more composure, explaining that it's a secret from the Commander-in-Chief that Noro requested reinforcements from the Professor to deal with the Lancers. He turns and nervously states that he'll personally go to see the Tyler sisters; until then they must keep this a secret from the Commander-in-Chief. He turns and asks the student if that's understood. (In the dub, Noro shifts the blame to Aster, claiming that he sent for the Tyler sisters because they're behind schedule and Aster is to proud to ask for help.)

Aster Phoenix seethes over his failure to beat the son of Yusho Sakaki.

Unaware of the commotion outside, Aster sits in his office and he remembers Yuya. He angrily asks why he couldn't beat Yuya. His shoulders and hands shake violently as he reaches to pick up the torn half of "Smile World" and he seethes in fury as he wonders if it's because Yuya is Yusho Sakaki's son. (In the dub, he instead vows to eliminate Yuya and finish their business.)

Featured Duel: Allen Kozuki and Saya Sasayama vs. Gloria Tyler and Grace Tyler[edit]

Allen and Saya vs. Gloria and Grace.

This Duel is conducted as a Tag-Team Duel. Each team shares a field, Graveyard and LP. Card effects that target cards in a player's hand may target their partner's hand.

Turn 1: Allen
Allen Normal Summons "Ruffian Railcar" (1800/1000). He activates its effect, inflicting 500 damage at the cost of not being able to conduct his Battle Phase this turn (Gloria & Grace: 4000 → 3500 LP).

Turn 2: Gloria
Gloria activates the effect of the "Amazoness Spy" in her hand, revealing another "Amazoness" monster in her hand to Special Summon it. She reveals "Amazoness Queen" and Special Summons "Spy" in Attack Position (800/1200). Gloria Tributes "Spy" to Tribute Summon "Amazoness Queen" (2400/1800). "Queen" attacks "Ruffian Railcar", but Allen activates the effect of the "Construction Train Signal Red" in his hand, Special Summoning it (1000/1300) in Defense Position and redirecting the attack to it, with "Train Signal Red" being unable to be destroyed by battle this turn.

Turn 3: Saya
Saya draws "Fairy Dust". She Normal Summons "Little Fairy" (800/800). She activates its effect, which lets her send a card from her hand to the Graveyard to increase its Level by 1. She sends "Dancing Fairy" ("Little Fairy" CG Star.svg 3 → 4). Saya activates "Fairy Dust", which lets her change the Type of a monster on the field to Fairy and increase its Level by 1 until the End Phase. She targets "Construction Train Signal Red" ("Construction Train Signal Red" CG Star.svg 3 → 4). Saya overlays her two Level 4 Fairy-Type monsters to Xyz Summon "Fairy Cheer Girl" (1900/1500) in Attack Position. As "Construction Train Signal Red" was used as an Overlay Unit for an Xyz Summon of a Fairy-Type monster, the other effect of "Fairy Dust" increases the ATK of "Cheer Girl" by 500 ("Cheer Girl" 1900 → 2400) and prevents it from being destroyed by battle. "Cheer Girl" attacks "Queen", but the effect of "Queen" prevents the destruction of "Amazoness" monsters by battle. Saya Sets a card.

Turn 4: Grace
Grace activates "The Warrior Returning Alive", letting her return a Warrior-Type monster from her Graveyard to her hand. She returns "Amazoness Spy". Grace activates "Polymerization", fusing "Spy" and the "Amazoness Tiger" in her hand to Fusion Summon "Amazoness Pet Liger" (2500/2400) in Attack Position. "Liger" attacks "Cheer Girl", with its effect allowing it to gain 500 ATK during damage calculation (2500 → 3000). "Cheer Girl" is not destroyed due to the effect of "Fairy Dust" (Allen & Sayak: 4000 → 3400 LP). As an "Amazoness" monster battled, Grace activates the other effect of "Liger", decreasing the ATK of the attacked monster after damage calculation ("Cheer Girl" 2400 → 1600). "Queen" attacks "Cheer Girl" (Allen & Saya: 3400 → 2600 LP) which again triggers the effect of "Liger" ("Cheer Girl" 1600 → 800). Grace activates the Continuous Spell Card "Amazoness Magic Mirror", which allows her to redirect any effect damage she takes back to her opponents, but if she does not control an "Amazoness" monster, "Magical Mirror" will destroy itself. She Sets a card.

Turn 5: Allen
Allen Normal Summons "Express Train Trolley Olley". He overlays "Olley" and "Ruffian" to Xyz Summon "Heavy Armored Train Ironwolf" (2200/2200). As "Olley" was on the field and used as an Overlay Unit for an Xyz Summon, "Iron Wolf" gains 800 ATK (2200 → 3000). Allen activates the effect of "Iron Wolf", detaching an Overlay Unit to let a Machine-Type monster he controls attack directly this turn. He selects "Iron Wolf". However, the Tyler sisters explain the effect of "Liger", which negates any attack not targeting "Liger" once per turn. Therefore, Allen would not be able to attack directly with "Iron Wolf". Allen activates the effect of "Cheer Girl", detaching an Overlay Unit to draw a card. He draws "Limiter Removal". "Iron Wolf" attacks "Liger", but Grace activates her face-down "Amazoness Substitution", which lets her Special Summon a Level 4 or lower "Amazoness" monster from her hand and change the attack target to that monster. Gloria Special Summons "Amazoness Swords Woman" (1500/1600) in Attack Position. Allen activates "Limiter Removal", doubling the ATK of all Machine-Type monsters he controls ("Iron Wolf": 3000 → 6000). The effect of "Swords Woman" forces Allen to take the damage that Grace would have taken instead. Saya activates her face-down "Fairy Rail", as she would take battle damage. She can detach two Overlay Units from Xyz Monsters she controls, have a "Fairy" monster she controls gain ATK equal to the damage taken, and reduce that damage to 0. She detaches an Overlay Unit from both "Cheer Girl" and "Iron Wolf" ("Cheer Girl": 800 → 4500). "Cheer Girl" attacks "Liger", but the effect of "Queen" prevents the destruction of "Amazoness" monsters by battle (Gloria & Grace: 3500 → 1500 LP). After damage calculation, "Fairy Rail" switches "Cheer Girl" to Defense Position. During the End Phase, "Limiter Removal" destroys all monsters affected by it, so "Iron Wolf" is destroyed.

Turn 6: Gloria
Gloria draws "Polymerization" and subsequently activates it. She fuses "Queen" and "Swords Woman" on her field to Fusion Summon "Amazoness Empress" (2800/2400) in Attack Position. "Liger" attacks "Cheer Girl" ("Liger": 2500 → 3000). The effect of "Empress" allows "Amazoness" monsters to inflict piercing battle damage (Allen & Saya: 2600 → 1100 LP) and the effect of "Fairy Dust" prevents the destruction of "Cheer Girl" by battle. "Empress" attacks "Cheer Girl" (Allen & Saya 1100 → 0 LP).

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.

Action Field

In other languages[edit]

Language Title
Italian Le Sorelle Tyler


  1. Ripped in half, lower part.
  2. This card can be seen on Gong's Duel Disk.