Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V - Episode 111

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Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V - Episode 111
Yuya compares Aster's heart to his pendulum.



Pendyuramu Hāto

Japanese translation

Pendulum Heart


Episode number


Japanese air date

June 26, 2016

English air date

October 6, 2017

Gallery Japanese
Japanese opening


English opening

Can you Feel the Power

Japanese ending


English ending

Can you Feel the Power


Ryo Tamura


Ryuta Yamamoto


Ryuta Yamamoto

Animation director

Gill Bo No

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"Last Laugh", known as "Pendulum Heart" in the Japanese version, is is the one-hundredth and eleventh episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime. It first aired in Japan on June 26, 2016 and in Canada on October 6, 2017. It became available with official subtitles via Crunchyroll on April 20, 2017.

Believing in the power of the Dueling he inherited from his father, Yuya stands against Aster. As Aster watches Yuya's Dueling, he recalls the memories of his Duel against Yusho.


The "Dystopia Blow" attack of Aster's "Destiny HERO - Dystopia" surges towards Yuya, who turns and runs to the side. Mamoru asks if it's over, and Gloria asks if he's unhappy. Mamoru protests that he isn't and he orders her to stop calling him a blockhead as his name is Mamoru Noro (the Japanese arrangement of his name reads as Noro Mamoru; Noroma translates to "blockhead".) Grace puts her hands behind her head and she complains that she's disappointed. Yuya hops along the platforms of "Crossover", and Aster sees that he's going for an Action Card. He snaps that he won't let Yuya get it, and he yanks the strand of "Steel Cage Match", forcing Yuya to sidestep down platforms and leap for the card. Aster is so distracted by his own shock that Yuya is able to grab the card and activate it in mid-air, the Action Spell "Evasion", negating the attack. He dodges the energy blast in midair with a pose and lands before straightening up with an easy smile. Aster warns Yuya that his fate is sealed as long as he controls "Destiny HERO - Dystopia" no matter how much he struggles and he declares the end of his turn. Gloria observes that Aster's "Dystopia" and "Urban Demise" Continuous Trap Card combo won't be defeated easily. Grace observes that an attack will trigger the trap to increase the ATK of "Dystopia" and thus its effect to destroy a monster and she wonders what Yuya will do. Mamoru is sweating and he thinks to himself that at this rate he won't be Deputy Commander anymore. Yuya and Yuto are discussing the combo as well; Yuto notes that Aster can only use it once per turn, so an attack by multiple monsters may be able to defeat the 2900 ATK "Dystopia". Yuya replies that he understands, and he reaffirms that he will Duel his own way. Yuto asks if Yuya is still planning to talk to Aster; even Yusho Sakaki couldn't open up his heart. Yuya replies that he's sure that Aster smiled during his Duel with Yusho, but he just doesn't want to admit it.

Musing on what the Duel will bring, Yuya declares his turn and he draws a card. He holds up his pendant and he tells Aster that his heart is wavering just like this pendulum. Aster asks what Yuya means, and Yuya explains that Aster wants to believe that the Professor is right, but he also felt something during his Duel with Yusho and he's torn between those two emotions. Aster claims that it's a lie, and Yuya further asks Aster if he smiled during his Duel with Yusho. Aster snaps at Yuya to stop spouting nonsense, and Yuya smiles and he tells Aster that he'll make him remember before declaring a Pendulum Summon. He brings back "Performapal Dag Daggerman" and "Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon", before Tributing them to perform a Tribute Summon. He chants "Come to me! The happy comrade who brings smiles to everyone! Level 8! "Performapal Laugh Maker"! Aster calls it a foolish monster, as Dueling isn't a power for playing, but for fighting. Yuya declares his Battle Phase and he attacks "Dystopia" with "Laugh Maker". Gloria is surprised that Yuya is attacking using a monster with lower ATK, but Grace notes that there's something to this since this is Yuya's Dueltaining. Aster thinks that whatever Yuya is planning, the result won't change, and he activates the effect of "Urban Demise", increasing the ATK of "Dystopia" by 100, to 3000. Yuya smiles and he clenches his fist, explaining that when an opponent's monster gains ATK, the effect of "Laugh Maker" will increase its own ATK by 1000 until the end of the Battle Phase, and "Laugh Maker" rises to 3500 ATK, much to Mamoru's pleasure. Aster muses that this was Yuya's plan, but he warns him that he knows what will happen now and he activates the effect of "Dystopia" since its ATK or DEF changed, allowing him to destroy one card his opponent controls. He declares "Noble Justice", and "Dystopia" blasts a surge of energy from its chest. Yuya activates a Trap Card, "Performing Pal's Counterstrike", which will prevent the destruction of "Laugh Maker" and destroy a card that Aster controls. "Laugh Maker" intercepts the attack with its staff and blasts it back, and Aster destroys his Equip Spell Card "Delay Armor" to activate its effect, preventing the destruction of "Dystopia" for the rest of the turn. The six probes of "Delay Armor" converge in front of "Dystopia" and they project a shield that blocks the energy blast. Yuya retorts that the attack will continue, and "Laughamker" attacks with "Laughing Spark", jolting Aster painfully and reducing him to 3100 LP. The ATK of "Laugh Maker" returns to normal at the end of the Battle Phase and Yuya ends his turn.

Aster angrily asks why Yuya is smiling, and Yuya replies that it was a turning point and he asks if these breakthrough tactics are fun. Aster snaps that he told Yuya that Dueling was not for fun, but the power to decide victory or defeat. Yuya replies that it's not about the result, he wants them to understand one another through Dueling. He's sure that they can stop this conflict; Dueling isn't a tool for fighting, but its purpose is to make people smile. Aster thinks that he won't accept it, and he remembers attacking Yusho directly again with "Dystopia", injuring Yusho's leg. He told Yusho to accept that the teachings of Duel Academy were correct and urged him to counterattack if he was frustrated. Yusho replied that a Duel where they only counterattacked would be dull, and Aster asked what he meant. Yusho asked if it wasn't obvious; he had a plan to make Aster enjoy this, since Dueling was supposed to be fun, wasn't it? Aster seemed honestly confused by the concept, and Yusho asked in concern if Aster didn't know about Dueling for fun. Aster asked what Yusho meant, as Dueling is power to polish yourself, better your skills and win; these were the teachings of Duel Academy and the Professor. Yusho smiled and he scoffed at Leo in exasperation, before declaring that they should have some fun and activating "Smile World". He told Aster to smile; if Duel Academy could change and smile with him then he would forgive them. Aster asked what this forgiveness nonsense was, and Yusho, despite a glance at his injured leg, replied that forgiveness was the way to end conflict. He Summoned "Performapal Sky Magician" and ascended into the air with it, telling Aster to spread smiles through Dueling; Dueling has the power to make people smile, so spread smiles for everyone's future. "Sky Magician" hurled a ring into the sky, causing fireworks to start, and Yusho urged Aster to stop these pointless conflicts with him and to have fun. Aster beheld the spectacle in utter shock. Aster declares that Yusho condemned the action of Duel Academy as cruel and claimed that he would forgive them if they could smile, something that he claimed was they only way to stop this war. Yuya whispers, "Father..." and Yuto asks, "Forgive Duel Academy?"

Aster rebuffs the idea of Dueling being fun and he claims that he can't accept Yusho Sakaki's Dueling; he only believes in the Dueling of Duel Academy. He declares his turn and draws, then he attacks "Luaghmaker" with the "Dystopia BLow" attack of "Dystopia". Yuya tries to run for an Action Card again, but Aster jerks the strand of "Chain Deathmatch" and holds Yuya in place, and "Laugh Maker" is destroyed. Yuya screams as he is yanked ot the side and hits the ground, his LP falling to 100. Grace laments that she thought "Laugh Maker" was Yuya's comeback, but it was destroyed so quickly. Gloria declares that Yuya is on the edge of a cliff. Mamoru thinks in horror that he's also on the edge and has to think about what to do with himself. Aster Sets a card and he ends his turn, asking Yuya if he's frustrated and encouraging him to counterattack if he is. Yuya gets to his feet and refuses to Duel by counterattacking when he's attacked; if he does, then the conflict will never end. Yuto is shocked that Yuya is still insisting on this, and Yuya confirms to himself what his father was thinking - the fun has only just begun.

He declares his turn and he draws his own "Smile World", and he smiles that he knew it; he and his father feel the same way. Spotlights snap on Yuya, and he declares "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!" Grace and Mamoru both clap, the latter stopping after Gloria shoots him a look, and he admits that he can't get carried away and decides to call in for reinforcements just in case. Aster angrily asks if Yuya is going to act the same as his father did, and Yuya declares that first he'll change the Pendulum Zone. Targeting "Timegazer Magician", he activates the Spell Card "Scale Up", increasing its Pendulum Scale by 2 until the End Phase, from 8 to Scale 10 as Aster observes. "Timegazer" and "Performapal Trump Witch" rise in the new Scale as Yuya explains that this will allow him to simultaneously Summon monsters from Levels 5 to 9. He chants, "Swing, pendulum of the soul! Draw an arc of light across the aether!" Aster asks if Yuya is Pendulum Summoning again, and Yuya replies that he is; he will reach Aster, who is swinging like a pendulum, through this Duel, and he bows and suggests that they enjoy this. Aster screams that his heart isn't swinging. Yuya declares a Pendulum Summon and he tells his monsters to come back to him; "Dag Daggerman", "Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon" and "Laugh Maker". Grace realizes that Yuya increases his Pendulum Scale in order to bring back "Laugh Maker", something that Aster didn't plan for. Aster asks Yuya when he's going to stop this nonsense, and Yuya replies that they can get along without all this harassment and he tells Aster that he'll give him something.

Yuya activates the Spell Card, "Performance Exchange", targeting a "Performapal" he controls and giving control of all other monsters Yuya controls that have lower Levels. Aster is quite surprised, and Yuya targets "Laugh Maker", giving Aster control of "Dag Daggerman" and "Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon". Aster asks Yuya what is going on (Dag Daggerman attempts to greet "Dystopia", but is ignored and sweatdrops as a result). Yuya replies that watching what happens is part of the fun. Aster tells Yuya to stop screwing around, and Yuya tells him not to be a grump; since things are getting lively, he will cast a spell that brings smiles to everyone. He activates "Smile World", much to Aster's anger, and the colorful faces fill the field. Mamoru, seeing it for the first time, is quite impressed, and Grace cheers that she feels so happy whenever she sees this, much to Gloria's irritation. Aster scowls, and Yuya explains that the effect of "Smile World" will increase the ATK of all monsters on the field by 100 for each monster on the field; with four monsters, they all gain 400 ATK. "Dag Daggerman", "Dystopia" and "Odd-Eyes" rise to 2400, 3400 and 2900 respectively, while "Laugh Maker" also rises to 2900. Aster seethes that he will not lose to, nor be tricked by this smile nonsense. Yuya muses that that's strange; when you're surrounded by smiles you're supposed to be more lively; like this. Yuya reminds him that the effect of "Laugh Maker" will increase its ATK by 1000 for each monster that gained ATK. Aster gasps in horror that there are four as all of his monsters begin laughing, sending out pulses that increase the ATK of "Laugh Maker" to 6900 as "Laugh Maker" chuckles. Grace gasps that "Laugh Maker" has 6900 ATK, and Mamoru claims that even the Commander-in-Chief can't beat this. Gloria tells him not to be stupid, since this is the perfect time for the "Urban Demise" combo.

Indeed, Aster activates the effect of "Dystopia" since the effect of "Smile World" caused its ATK to change, destroying "Laugh Maker". Yuya runs along the platforms again, hunting for an Action Card, and Aster grabs the strand of "Chain Deathmatch" and he reiterates that he won't let Yuya get an Action Card. But Yuya bends the strand over the edge of one of the platforms and he laughs as he swings from it like a trapeze. Aster snaps that it's in the way and he activates the effect of "Chain Deathmatch", discarding a card to destroy it. The mesh fence surrounding them dissolves, as does the chain just before Yuya can reach an Action Card. "Laugh Maker" is destroyed, and Yuya hops down the platforms and rolls to a stop on the ground at the bottom of the building. Aster holds up the Action Card and he comments that it's too bad. He remembers Yusho and "Sky Magician", Yusho laughing and calling for more laughter and more fun. Yuya runs away from the building, and Aster asks him why he doesn't just give up, and he and his monsters leap down the platforms to Yuya. Aster claims that Yuya has no chance to win since "Laugh Maker" was destroyed and he tells Yuya to admit that he's lost and surrender. Yuya replies that he will after Aster has enjoyed this attraction, and Aster asks if Yuya is still on about that. Yuya replies that this is "Smile World"; it won't end until everyone smiles.

Since the "Smile World" powered-up "Laugh Maker" was destroyed, Yuya can Special Summon a monster from his Graveyard. Aster is surprised by this effect, and Yuya declares that he's Special Summoning "Brave-Eyes Pendulum Dragon"; which when Special Summoned will reduce the ATK of all monsters his opponent controls to zero. He chants, "Come back! The courageous dragon! Brave-Eyes Pendulum Dragon!" Aster muses that Yuya brought back a Fusion Monster from the Graveyard, and Yuya replies that in order to talk to someone from the Fusion Dimension, he needs his Fusion Monster. Aster asks, "Talk to me?" and Yuya explains that when "Brave-Eyes" is Summoned, it gains 100 ATK for every monster whose ATK was reduced to zero. "Brave-Eyes" gains 300 ATK, rising to 3300 ATK, and Yuya attacks "Dystopia" with "Brave-Eyes Pendulum Dragon". Grace comments that Yuya will win if this hits, and Gloria observes that "Dystopia" can only use its effect once per turn, so the "Urban Demise" combo won't work. Aster closes his eyes and he remembers "Dystopia" clashing with "Sky Magician", and Yusho told him that a Duel was a conversation; if Aster opened his heart he would enjoy it more. Opening his eyes, Aster activates the effect of "Urban Demise", increasing the ATK of "Dystopia" by 100. Then he activates another Trap Card, "D-Soul", banishing a "Destiny HERO" from his Graveyard, "Destiny HERO - Drilldark", and increasing the ATK of "Dystopia" by that of the banished monster, to 1700. Mamoru notes that it's only 1700, and Aster declares that if Yuya is going to speak to him using a Fusion Monster, then Aster will speak using the Lancers' card; the Action Spell "Double Attack", doubling the ATK of a monster until the end of the Battle Phase. "Dystopia" rises to 3400 ATK, impressing "Mamoru". Yuya flees and Aster watches him in bewilderment as he remembers Yusho telling him that he wanted them to understand one another through Dueling; both Aster and Leo Akaba.

"Dystopia" draws back its fist and "Brave-Eyes" charges up a blast - and Yuya trips, and he somersaults. Aster laughs that that's as far as Yuya can go, but Yuya comes up with an Action Spell, "Miracle Fire", gaining the effect of an Action Card used this turn. He copies "Double Attack ", and "Brave-Eyes" is surrounded in fire as it draws back its head and roars, rising to 6600 ATK. Yuya declares that it's the finale, and he suggests that they end this magnificently with "Flaming Mega Smile Burst". "Brave-Eyes" blasts a blue plume of fire at Aster, who gasps, but then closes his eyes and accepts defeat as the flames ricochet off him and explode as smiling fireworks in the sky. Grace calls it pretty as Gloria and Mamoru look on. Aster lies on the ground with his forearm over his eyes, and his LP falls to zero as he laments that he lost, he lost to Dueltaining again. But even so, Aster smiles, and the sun shines through the clouds as "Crossover" dissipates. Grace cheers that Yuya did it and that was amazing before hugging Gloria, and Mamoru is relieved that his position is safe. Gloria asks if this is really the time and she protests that they keep losing to the Lancers and worries what will happen should the Professor find out. Mamoru coughs and smirks as he reassures her that he already called in reinforcements. Jeeps arrive and Duel Academy students leap out and surround Yuya and Aster.

Featured Duel: Yuya Sakaki vs. Aster Phoenix[edit]

Duel continues from the previous episode.

Yuya Sakaki has 600 LP and controls "Performapal Trump Witch" (Right Pendulum Scale.png 4) and "Timegazer Magician" (Left Pendulum Scale.png 8) in his Pendulum Zones, as well as 1 Set card in his Spell & Trap Zone. Aster Phoenix has 3600 LP and controls "Destiny HERO - Dystopia" (2900/2400) in Attack Position, as well as "Delay Armor" (equipped to "Dystopia") and "Urban Demise" in his Spell & Trap Zones.

Turn 5: Aster
"Destiny HERO - Dystopia" has just attacked Yuya directly. Yuya finds and activates the Action Card "Evasion", negating the attack.

Turn 6: Yuya
Yuya Pendulum Summons "Performapal Dag Daggerman" (2000/600) and "Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon" (2500/2000) from his Extra Deck in Attack Position. Yuya Tributes them to Tribute Summon "Performapal Laugh Maker" (2500/2000). "Laugh Maker" attacks "Dystopia". As Yuya declared an attack, Aster activates the effect of "Urban Demise", increasing the ATK of a "Destiny HERO" monster he controls by 100 (Dystopia: 2900 → 3000). As a monster on the field gained ATK, the effect of "Laugh Maker" activates, increasing its ATK by 1000 for each monster until the end of this turn's Battle Phase (Laugh Maker: 2500 → 3500). As the ATK or DEF of "Dystopia" changed, its effect activates, letting Aster destroy a card on the field. Aster selects "Laugh Maker". As a "Performapal" monster Yuya controls would be destroyed by a card effect, Yuya activates his face-down "Performing Pal's Counterstrike", which negates the effect of "Dystopia" and destroys a monster Aster controls. Yuya selects "Dystopia". Aster activates the effect of "Delay Armor", sending it to the Graveyard to prevent "Dystopia" from being destroyed by battle or card effects this turn. The attack continues (Aster: 3600 → 3100 LP).

Turn 7: Aster
"Dystopia" attacks and destroys "Laugh Maker" (Yuya: 600 → 100 LP). Aster Sets a card.

Turn 8: Yuya
Yuya draws "Smile World". Yuya activates "Scale Up" to increase the Pendulum Scale of a card in his Pendulum Zone by 2 until the End Phase. He selects "Timegazer Magician" ("Timegazer": Left Pendulum Scale.png 8 → 10). Yuya Pendulum Summons "Daggerman" (2000/600), "Odd-Eyes" (2500/2000) and "Laugh Maker" (2500/2000) from his Extra Deck, all in Attack Position. He then activates "Performance Exchange", which lets him target a "Performapal" monster he controls and give control of all monsters he controls to his opponent that have a lower Level than the targeted monster. He targets "Laugh Maker", so he gives control of "Odd-Eyes" and "Daggerman" to Aster. Yuya activates "Smile World", increasing the ATK of all face-up monsters on the field by 100 for each face-up monster on either player's field (Daggerman: 2000 → 2400, Dystopia: 3000 → 3400, Odd-Eyes: 2500 → 2900, Laugh Maker: 2500 → 2900). As a monster on the field gained ATK, the effect of "Laugh Maker" activates, increasing its ATK for 1000 by each monster until the end of this turn's Battle Phase (Laugh Maker: 2900 → 6900). As the ATK or DEF of "Dystopia" changed, its effect activates, letting Aster destroy a card on the field. Yuya finds an Action Card and tries to catch it, but Aster activates the effect of "Steel Cage Match" to send a card from his hand to the Graveyard to destroy it. Aster sends "D-Pressure" and the destruction makes Yuya fall, which allows Aster to catch the flying Action Card instead. "Laugh Maker" is destroyed, with its last effect letting Yuya Special Summon a monster in his Graveyard. Yuya Special Summons "Brave-Eyes Pendulum Dragon" (3000/2000) in Attack Position. As "Brave-Eyes" was Special Summoned, its effect activates, reducing the ATK of all other monsters on the field to 0 until the End Phase (Daggerman: 2400 → 0, Dystopia: 3400 → 0, Odd-Eyes: 2900 → 0), while "Brave-Eyes" gains 100 ATK for each monster affected by its effect (Brave-Eyes: 3000 → 3300).

"Brave-Eyes" attacks "Dystopia", which Aster activating the effect of "Urban Demise" to increase the ATK of a "Destiny HERO" monster he controls by 100 (Dystopia: 0 → 100). Aster activates his face-down "D-Soul", which lets him banish a "Destiny HERO" monster from his Graveyard to increase the ATK of a "Destiny HERO" monster he controls equal to the banished monster's. He banishes "Destiny HERO - Drilldark" and targets "Dystopia" ("Dystopia": 100 → 1700). Aster activates the Action Card "Double Attack", doubling the ATK of "Dystopia" (Dystopia: 1700 → 3400). Yuya finds and activates the Action Card "Miracle Fire", copying the effect of "Double Attack" and doubling the ATK of "Brave-Eyes" (Brave-Eyes: 3300 → 6600). "Dystopia" is destroyed (Aster: 3100 → 0 LP).

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.

Action Field

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