Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V - Episode 119

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Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V - Episode 119
Lulu is trapped in the depths of her own mind.



Yami ni Ochita Kotori

Japanese translation

The Little Bird Trapped in Darkness


Episode number


Japanese air date

August 21st, 2016

English air date

December 2, 2017

Gallery Japanese
Japanese opening


English opening

Can you Feel the Power

Japanese ending


English ending

Can you Feel the Power


Atsushi Maekawa


Keiichiro Mochizuki


Tsukasa Sunaga

Animation director

Toshi Shishikura

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"Family Face Off", known as "The Little Bird Trapped in Darkness" in the Japanese version, is the one hundred and nineteenth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime. It first aired in Japan on August 21st, 2016 and in Canada on December 2nd, 2017. It became available with official subtitles via Crunchyroll on November 14, 2017.

After a long time, the Obsidian siblings are reunited. But suddenly, Lulu challenges Shay to a Duel! Noticing that Lulu is being controlled by someone, Shay resolves to save his sister with his own strength, and fights by himself, but…


Shay and Lulu finally reunite.

Shay runs up the Western Tower, calling Lulu's name, and Kite pursues him, calling Shay's name. Shay reaches the stop of the tower, yelling for Lulu again, who is examining Diana's unconscious body. Lulu turns to see Shay, and he cries her name again and runs to her. Lulu calls Shay, "big brother", and runs to him in turn, and they embrace in front of the Tower entrance. Shay gasps that he finally found her, and Lulu whispers that she wanted to meet him again. Lulu opens her eyes and she asks what happened to Kite; he freed her earlier, but disappeared. Kite states that he's right here as he ascends the steps, and he asks if Lulu doesn't remember what she did to him earlier. Shay tells Kite to stop, but Kite explains that Aster told him that the Professor's entourage contains a Duelist who can freely manipulate people, and Lulu is likely already under their control. Lulu asks in confusion what Kite means, and Shay protests that there must have been a misunderstanding; this Lulu is his genuine sister, Lulu Obsidian. He raises his hand to defend Lulu, stating that he's her brother, and he knows that it's the real Lulu. (In the dub, Lulu instead accuses Kite of acting strange, rather than her, and Kite's insistence otherwise enrages Shay.)

The events are played out before the Professor and the Doktor in the Professor's chambers from one of the ornamental surveillance devices as the Doktor comments that it's interesting to see friends quarrel with one another, but it's a shame that it can't last. He shuffles his cards, wondering if the bonds of brother and sister can beat the Professor's will, before drawing out "Fusion Parasite" and declaring the test with a grin. (In the dub, he cites how much he enjoys manipulating people.)

Lulu's expression changes.

As Shay and Kite face off, Lulu's face suddenly twists into a mirror of the Doktor's smile, and she lunges at Shay, but the seasoned Resistance Duelist dodges her swipe and grabs her wrist. Lulu screams at Shay to let go and wrenches free, and Kite coldly asks if Shay gets it now; Lulu isn't sane right now. Shay is incensed that Duel Academy would do something like this to Lulu, and he snaps that he won't forgive them. Lulu straps on an Academy Duel Disk, and she tells Shay to Duel her. (In the dub, Shay states that he's come all this way for Lulu and isn't leaving empty-handed.) Kite turns to leave, reassuring Shay that he'll find the person manipulating Lulu; this is all Shay's. (In the dub, he cites it as a family problem that isn't his business.) Shay nods and narrows his eyes at Lulu, and Kite begins to run down the stairs, but he stops and withdraws a card before looking back to the top of the Western Tower. (At this point in the dub it is where Kite decides to take down the Professor.)

Underground in the Survival Duel, Gong picks up the card containing Ethan, and he wonders who is sealing the Duel Academy students. Yuya notes that it's too dangerous to remain separated, and they need to find Sylvio and Crow quickly. Crow meanwhile is still alone, calling for Sylvio. Deeper in the jungle, Sylvio flees alongside a river, while the eleventh Duelist pursues him through the treetops, and Sylvio wonders just who can be chasing him this far. He slows down and turns around, backing away…and falls over the edge of the platform with a scream. His pursuer rasps and pants from the treetops.

Shay's Duel Disk activates the Action Field, "Crossover", and the platforms materialize and the Action Cards scatter as he and Lulu call, "Duel!" Shay declares that he'll go first, and he Summons "Raidraptor - Vanishing Lanius". Then he activates its effect since it was Normal or Special Summoned this turn, allowing him to Special Summon another copy from his hand. He reveals "Raidraptor - Retrofit Lanius", explaining that it can be treated as a "Raidraptor" he controls, and he treats it as "Vanishing Lanius" in order to Special Summon it. "Retrofit Lanius" appears, the image of "Vanishing Lanius" flickering over it, and Shay adds that it can also be treated as two Xyz Materials for an Xyz Summon. He overlays the Level 4 "Vanishing Lanius" and "Retrofit Lanius", and he chants, "Obscured falcon. From adversity, raise your sharpened claws. Spread your wings of rebellion! Xyz Summon! Appear now! Rank 4! Raidraptor - Rise Falcon!" He notes that Lulu has next to nothing but him, yet she still bares her fangs against him, and he Sets a card face-down, ending his turn. (In the dub, Shay warns Lulu what "Rise Falcon" can do and protests that he doesn't want to hurt her, nor can she beat him.)

Lulu asks if Shay is saying that she has next to nothing, and she scoffs that only an older brother would think that (in the dub, she calls Shay foolish for thinking her a fool). She asks if Shay seriously thought that she'd be baited by his 100 ATK monster and Set card, and tells Shay to stop insulting her. She declares her turn and she draws and Summons "Lyrilusc - Cobalt Sparrow". Then she activates the effect of the "Lyrilusc - Sapphire Swallow" in her hand since she controls a "Lyrilusc" monster with a different name, Special Summoning it and another "Cobalt Sparrow". Next she activates the effect of "Cobalt Sparrow" since it was Special Summoned, adding her third copy from her Deck to her hand. Lulu then activates the effect of the other "Sapphire Swallow", Special Summoning it and the third "Cobalt Sparrow". Lulu overlays the three Level 1 "Cobalt Sparrows" and the two "Sapphire Swallows", and she chants, "Birds with beautiful wings, gather on the battlefield and take brilliant flight! Xyz Summon! Dance in the sky! Rank 1! Lyrical Luscinia - Assembled Nightingale!" Lulu explains that "Assembled Nightingale" will gain 100 ATK for each of its Overlay Units, bringing it up to 500 ATK, and that it can attack directly for each Overlay Unit. Shay notes that there's no mistaking Lulu's best strategy, but it looks like she's fallen into darkness. (In the dub, Shay states that Lulu has tried this strategy a hundred times, and it's failed that many times too.) Lulu attacks directly with "Assembled Nightingale", and "Assembled Nightingale" slices its wings through the air, creating a gust of wind that pushes Shay back a step and reduces him to 3500 LP. Lulu attacks a second and third time, reducing Shay to 3000, then 2500 LP, but Shay remains firmly planted. Lulu asks Shay what's wrong; isn't he going to use one of the Lancers' Action Cards? (In the dub, Lulu merely decries Shay insulting her strategy.) She attacks a fourth time, this time reducing Shay to 2000 LP and wracking his body, and Lulu laughs that Shay doesn't have the time to find an Action Card. The fifth attack forces Shay to his knees, reducing him to 1500 LP, and Lulu angrily orders Shay not to ever say that she has next to nothing besides him again. Shay looks up at his sister as she smiles and ends her turn.

The Doktor cheers that it's so horrendously harsh; his Parasite Monster tore through the bonds of brother and sister, and he calls it fantastic, though Leo is unmoved as the Doktor laughs.

Shay rises to his feet, and he explains to Lulu that it doesn't matter who wins or loses the Duel; all he wants to do is regain the true Lulu, and he vows that it will be regained. He declares his turn and draws, and Lulu snaps that she is not anyone's; she is not one of Shay's belongings. In the depths of her own mind, Lulu sits in the fetal position, and she slowly lifts her eyes from her knees as water drips around her.

Back in the Predaprimal Jungle, Sylvio is sitting on a ledge beside the waterfall, and he comments that it looks like he's lost his pursuer (in the dub, he claims that he's taken dropping out of sight to a whole new level.)

Shay activates "Rank-Up-Magic Raid Force", overlaying "Rise Falcon" and chanting, "Ferocious falcon. Break through this fierce battle and spread your wings! Destroy our gathering foes! Rank-Up Xyz Evolution! Appear! Rank 5! Raid Raptors - Blaze Falcon!" Shay activates the effect of "Blaze Falcon", detaching an Overlay Unit in order to destroy all of Lulu's Special Summoned monsters and inflict 500 damage to her for each one. "Blaze Falcon" deploys its laser feathers, but Lulu responds with the effect of "Assembled Nightingale", detaching an Overlay Unit to prevent its destruction by battle or card effect, and a transparent purple barrier deflects the lasers. Shay notes that with the loss of one of its Overlay Units, "Assembled Nightingale" loses 100 ATK. He attacks directly with the effect of "Blaze Falcon", and as "Blaze Falcon" lets loose a blast of red lightning, he screams at Lulu to wake up. Lulu activates another effect of "Assembled Nightingale", detaching an Overlay Unit to negate the battle damage – and as she does, her inner self seems to react. Shay notes that "Assembled Nightingale" has lost 100 more ATK after using another Overlay Unit, bringing it to 300, and he ends his turn.

Lulu declares her turn, and she smirks at the sight of "Fusion Parasite". She adds it to her hand, and once again she attacks directly via the effect of "Assembled Nightingale", reducing Shay to 1200 LP. Within her mind, Lulu notices the attack, and the second attack hits, reducing Shay to 900 LP and causing Lulu to call, "big brother!" The final attack strikes, reducing Shay to 600 LP, and Lulu asks why she has to attack her brother (in the dub, it is only now that Lulu realizes that Shay is present, implying that she has been dormant the entire time). Shay falls to his knees again, and he mockingly calls it sweet that Lulu continues to use the same Deck despite her manipulation by Duel Academy; she won't be able to beat him since he's familiar with it. Lulu warns Shay not to forget those words (in the dub, She immediately announces a new strategy), and she activates the Quick-Play Spell Card "Lyrilusc - Bird Song" since a "Lyrilusc" monster inflicted battle damage, Special Summoning a Level 1 monster form her hand in Defense Position. She Special Summons "Fusion Parasite", much to Shay's shock, since Lulu has never used the card. Lulu comments that it's too early to be surprised; when "Fusion Parasite" is Special Summoned, she can Fusion Summon without using "Polymerization". Shay is horrified to learn that Lulu can Fusion Summon.

Lulu fuses "Assembled Nightingale" with "Fusion Parasite", and she chants, "Twitter of the songbird that resounds in the dark night. Become one with the inner voice and cry more intensely! Fusion Summon! Fly down! Noble isolated night bird! Lyrical Luscinia - Independent Nightingale!" ("From these two will come a mighty, majestic monster. Look high to the sky as I Fusion Summon Lyrilusc - Independent Nightingale!" in the dub.) She explains that when "Fusion Parasite" is used as Fusion Material, it equips itself to the Fusion Monster, and "Fusion Parasite" binds to "Independent Nightingale's" chest. Then she activates the effect of "Independent Nightingale" since it was Fusion Summoned, and as Lulu tries to block out her possessed self's words from within her mind, the possessed Lulu explains that "Independent Nightingale" gains Levels equal to the number of Overlay Units the fused "Assembled Nightingale" had, and 500 ATK for each Level. "Independent Nightingale" rises from Level 1 and 1000 ATK to Level 4 and 3000 ATK. Shay notes that Lulu would never Fusion Summon, so there's no mistaking that the Parasite Monster is controlling Lulu (in the dub, Shay does not make the connection that the Parasite Monster is controlling her).

"Independent Nightingale" attacks "Blaze Falcon", and Shay activates the Trap Card, "Raidraptor - Evasion", returning one of "Blaze Falcon's" Overlay Unit to his hand and negating the attack. Lulu warns Shay not to think that it's the end, and she activates the effect of "Independent Nightingale", inflicting damage to her opponent equal to its Level times 500. Shay leaps up the platforms, and he grabs an Action Card as "Independent Nightingale" releases a burst of blue energy darts. Shay lands and he activates the Action Spell, "Acceleration", negating the effect damage. The effect of the card whisks him out of harm's way, much to Lulu's irritation. She comments that he's rather tenacious despite claiming not to care who won or lost earlier, and states that Shay is the kind of person who doesn't like to lose, even if it's brother against sister (in the dub, she calls Shay's dislike of losing his greatest weakness next to his Dueling). She activates the Spell Card, "Lyrilusc - Bird Strike", negating the effect of "Blaze Falcon", thus preventing it from using its effect to destroy "Independent Nightingale" next turn, before ending her turn.

Shay declares his turn, and he draws, gasping in surprise at his draw. He asks Lulu if she remembers Dueling Saya at the Clover Branch tournament. (In the dub, Shay specifically states that Saya misses Lulu too.) Saya had defeated Lulu, before offering her a "Little Fairy" card. Lulu asked why Saya was giving away her number one card, and Saya explained that this was why she wanted to give it to Lulu; she was her number one friend. Shay told her not to accept a card from another Duelist so readily if she was one herself, and slapped it from her hands (Shay slapping the card away is cut in the dub). Shay admits that he didn't understand Saya's behaviour at the time, but it wasn't just then; he was degenerating after losing Lulu. Lulu sarcastically comments that it's a nice story, and she tells him to hurry up. Shay notes that then he met Yuya Sakaki and the rest of his comrades in the Lancers; and he looks at the "Little Fairy" card in his hand, declaring that now he understands Saya's behavior.

"Raidraptor - Stranger Falcon" is Cross Xyz Summoned.

With that, Shay Summons "Little Fairy", much to Lulu's shock (in the dub, she asks how he got the card). Shay explains that Kite entrusted the card to him, and he remembers Kite returning and throwing the card to him. Shay activates the effect of "Little Fairy", discarding a card in order to increase its Level by one. He discards a card, and "Little Fairy" giggles happily as she increases to Level 4. Shay discards another card, explaining that the effect of "Little Fairy" can be used up to twice per turn, and "Little Fairy" increases to Level 5. Then Shay activates the Spell Card, "Cross Xyz", which allows him to perform an Xyz Summon using a monster with a Rank that is the same as the Level of a monster he controls. Lulu is shocked at the idea of Xyz Summoning using a monster with a Rank, and Shay overlays the Level 5 "Little Fairy" and the Rank 5 "Blaze Falcon", and he chants, "The unseen bold falcon. Reveal your wings' unknown power here and now! Cross Xyz Summon! Appear now! Rank 5! Raidraptor - Stranger Falcon!"

Lulu's subconscious stops her controlled self.

Shay tells Lulu that it's not just him, but Saya, Kite and all of their comrades are awaiting her return. Lulu snaps that she doesn't care about that, and she tells Shay to stop saying such selfish things. Shay muses that it looks like there is only one way to regain the original Lulu, and Lulu tells Shay not to bother with such illusions. (In the dub, Shay instead protests that this isn't Lulu, but Lulu rebuffs him and taunts him.) Shay activates the effect of "Stranger Falcon", detaching an Overlay Unit to destroy "Independent Nightingale" to inflict its ATK to Lulu. "Stranger Falcon" levels twin cannons and begins to build up energy within them. Lulu refuses to let him, and she begins to explain that she can send the equipped "Fusion Parasite" to the Graveyard to negate the equipped monster's destruction, but to her horror, she finds that she can't move her hand. The real Lulu cries that she won't let the Parasite do that, and "Stranger Falcon" fires an energy blast. Within Lulu's mind, the true Lulu holds her possessed self's arm away from her Duel Disk. Missing her chance to activate the effect, the energy streams destroy "Independent Nightingale", reducing Lulu to 1000 LP. She begs her brother to attack her. Shay nods, and he attacks Lulu directly with "Raidraptor - Stranger Falcon". "Stranger Falcon" generates a ball of dark energy and blasts a massive energy stream from it, throwing Lulu backwards and reducing her LP to zero. Shay runs to Lulu's side, asking if she's okay and reassuring her that he's here.

The Doktor comments that he's gathered some fascinating data, and he muses that it can't be done this way and that there is much room for improvement. Leo remains impassive, and he glances at the Doktor as the scientist departs.

Back in the "Predaprimal Jungle", Sylvio has finally climbed back into the forest, but he freaks out when he sees Crow and hides behind the lip of the platform. Crow comments that he's been looking for Sylvio, and Sylvio sighs in relief, admitting that Crow scared him (in the dub, Crow irritably asks what Sylvio is doing down there, and Sylvio tries to make excuses). A noise rustles through the undergrowth, and Crow swings around and he warns Sylvio that someone's here. They look around warily, but they don't see anything (Sylvio briefly speaks in the dub, only for Crow to shush him) – but the eleventh Duelist is watching them from the bushes. Crow finally spots something – Emma and Jacob, who comment that they've finally found the Lancers. Sylvio decides that they must have been the ones pursuing him, and Crow comments that he'll be their opponent. They all cry, "Duel!", and Sylvio declares that the Super Ultra Hyper Strong Duelist Sylvio Sawatari will start. He declares his turn, and a voice declares, "Intrusion Penalty: 2000 LP", much to his shock. Emma, Jacob, and Crow look around in shock and Sylvio angrily asks if they're kidding him, and he demands to know who is interrupting the Great Super Ultra Hyper Strong Duelist, but there's no-one else there. Emma wonders if her Duel Disk is broken, and Jacob examines his own. Crow snaps that of course it's not broken, and he angrily orders the newcomer to show themselves. In the darkness of the undergrowth, the eleventh Duelist pants and rasps hungrily as his eyes glow yellow, and he lets out a roar.

Featured Duels[edit]

Shay Obsidian vs. Lulu Obsidian[edit]

Lulu vs. Shay.

At the start of the Duel, the Field Spell Card "Crossover" is activated, as per the rules of an Action Duel. It will allow the players to use Action Cards, but they may only have one in their hand at a time.

Turn 1: Shay
Shay Normal Summons "Raidraptor - Vanishing Lanius" (1300/1600). As it was Normal Summoned this turn, Shay activates its effect to Special Summon another copy of it from his hand. Shay activates the effect of the "Raidraptor - Retrofit Lanius" in his hand, allowing him to substitute it for any "Raidraptor" monster he controls, so he Special Summons it (800/1200), treated as "Vanishing Lanius". The other effect of "Retrofit Lanius", allows it to be treated as two Overlay Units for the Xyz Summon of a "Raidraptor" monster, so Shay overlays his three Level 4 monsters to Xyz Summon "Raidraptor - Rise Falcon" (100/2000). Shay Sets a card.

Turn 2: Lulu
Lulu draws and subsequently Normal Summons "Lyrilusc - Cobalt Sparrow" (0/100). Lulu's hand contains another copy of "Cobalt Sparrow", two copies of "Lyrilusc - Sapphire Swallow", "Lyrilusc - Bird Song" and "Lyrilusc - Bird Strike". Lulu activates the effect of the "Sapphire Swallow" in her hand, as she controls a "Lyrilusc" monster other than "Sapphire Swallow". She can Special Summon it along with a Level 1 "Lyrilusc" monster from her hand. She Special Summons "Sapphire Swallow" (100/0) and another copy of "Cobalt Sparrow" (0/100). As "Cobalt Sparrow" was Special Summoned, its effect activates, letting Lulu add another copy of it from her Deck to her hand. She activates the effect of another copy of "Sapphire Swallow", Special Summoning it (100/0) and the added "Cobalt Sparrow" (0/100). Lulu overlays her five Level 1 monsters to Xyz Summon "Lyrilusc - Assembled Nightingale". "Assembled Nightingale" gains 100 ATK for each Overlay Unit it has, and it can attack directly a number of times for each of its Overlay Units ("Assembled Nightingale": 0 → 500 ATK). "Assembled Nightingale" attacks directly five times (Shay: 4000 → 3500 → 3000 → 2500 → 2000 → 1500 LP).

Turn 3: Shay
Shay draws and subsequently activates "Rank-Up-Magic Raid Force", allowing him to Rank-Up a "Raidraptor" monster he controls, using it as the Overlay Unit. He Ranks-Up "Rise Falcon" and performs a Rank-Up Xyz Evolution to Xyz Summon "Raidraptor - Blaze Falcon" (1000/2000) in Attack Position. Shay activates the effect of "Blaze Falcon", detaching an Overlay Unit to destroy all monsters Lulu controls and inflict 500 damage for each one. Lulu activates the effect of "Assembled Nightingale", detaching an Overlay Unit to prevent its destruction ("Assembled Nightingale": 500 → 400 ATK). The other effect of "Blaze Falcon" allows it to attack directly, but Lulu activates the effect of "Assembled Nightingale" to reduce the battle damage to 0 and prevent it from being destroyed ("Assembled Nightingale": 400 → 300 ATK).

Turn 4: Lulu
Lulu draws "Fusion Parasite". "Assembled Nightingale" attacks directly three times (Shay: 1500 → 1200 → 900 → 600 LP). As a "Lyrilusc" monster inflicted battle damage, Lulu activates "Lyrilusc - Bird Song", letting her she Special Summon a Level 1 monster from her hand in Defense Position. She Special Summons "Fusion Parasite" (0/0). As it was Special Summoned, Lulu activates the effect of "Fusion Parasite"; she can Fusion Summon using it and a monster she controls or in her hand as Fusion Materials, and it can be substituted for any Fusion Material. After the Fusion Summon, "Fusion Parasite" will be equipped to the Summoned monster and if that monster would be destroyed, "Fusion Parasite" can be destroyed instead. She fuses "Fusion Parasite", treated as "Assembled Nightingale", with "Assembled Nightingale" as a "Lyrilusc" monster, to Fusion Summon "Lyrilusc - Independent Nightingale" (1000/0)

"Independent Nightingale" gains one Level for each Overlay Unit "Assembled Nightingale" had before the Fusion Summon ("Independent Nightingale" 1 → 4) and it gains 500 ATK for each Level it has ("Independent Nightingale": 1000 → 3000 ATK). "Independent Nightingale" attacks "Blaze Falcon". As a "Raidraptor" monster he controls was attacked, Shay activates his face-down "Raidraptor - Evasion", letting him return one of the monster's Overlay Units to his hand to negate the attack. Lulu activates the effect of "Independent Nightingale" to inflict 500 damage to Shay for each Level it has, but Shay finds and activates the Action Card "Acceleration" to reduce that effect damage to 0. As she controls a face-up "Lyrilusc" monster, Lulu activates "Lyrilusc - Bird Strike" to negate the effects of all monsters her opponent controls.

Turn 5: Shay
Shay draws "Little Fairy" and subsequently Normal Summons it. He activates its effect twice, sending a card from his hand to the Graveyard to increase its Level by 1 for each card ("Little Fairy" 3 → 4 → 5). He activates "Cross Xyz", allowing him to Xyz Summon using an Xyz Monster and another monster he controls that has the same Level as the Xyz Monster's Rank. The Xyz Monster's Rank will be treated as a Level. Shay overlays his two Level 5 monsters to Xyz Summon "Raidraptor - Stranger Falcon" (2000/2000). He activates its effect, detaching an Overlay Unit to destroy a monster Lulu controls and inflict damage to her equal to that monster's ATK. Lulu tries to use the effect of "Fusion Parasite" to prevent the destruction of "Independent Nightingale", but is stopped by her subconsciousness.[Notes 1] "Independent Nightingale" is destroyed (Lulu: 4000 → 1000 LP). "Stranger Falcon" attacks directly (Lulu: 1000 → 0 LP).

Sylvio Sawatari and Crow Hogan vs. Emma and Jacob[edit]

Turn 1: Sylvio
Sylvio is about to start his turn, but the Battle Beast intrudes in the Duel (Battle Beast: 4000 → 2000 LP).

Duel continues in the next episode.

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.


"Independent Nightingale's" left side is missing the blue section

Differences in the dub[edit]


  1. The written Japanese anime lore of "Fusion Parasite" words its effect as mandatory.