Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V - Episode 124

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Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V - Episode 124
Yuto the "Phantom Knight" returns in person.



Yomigaeru Fantomu Naitsu

Japanese translation

Phantom Knights Revive


Paraside Seeing

Episode number


Japanese air date

September 25, 2016

English air date

January 5th, 2018

Gallery Japanese
Japanese opening


English opening

Can you Feel the Power

Japanese ending


English ending

Can you Feel the Power


Atsushi Maekawa


Yasumi Mikamoto


Yoshihisa Matsumoto

Animation director

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"Paraside Seeing", known as "Phantom Knights Revive" in the Japanese version, is the one hundred and twenty-fourth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime. It first aired in Japan on September 25th, 2016 and in Canada on January 5th 2018. It became available with official subtitles via Crunchyroll on November 22, 2017.

While searching for Zuzu, who was captured by Celina, Yuya runs into Lulu. Yuto, who is residing inside Yuya, rejoices to see that Lulu is safe. However, Lulu suddenly initiates a Duel! As a result of Yuto’s strong feelings for Lulu, Yuto’s cards appear from Yuya's Deck! Yuto's fight to save Lulu, who has taught him to bring smiles through Dueling, begins!


Lulu walks down the hallways of Duel Academy, remembering leaving Shay behind and reassuring him that she'd look for Kite. She stops at a T-junction, wondering where Kite is. Watching her from his control room with Celina standing wordlessly behind him, the Doktor laughs, commenting that he's racking his brain on how to proceed, a statement which amuses him. Something prompts Lulu to turn right, and she asks if it's that way before proceeding. (In the dub, the Doktor instead suggests that he assist her, and Lulu's reaction makes it more obvious that she is being manipulated.)

Yuya reaches the top of the long flight of stairs, and he pants heavily as he stands before a large metal door. He muses that Zuzu must be on the other side of the door, and he quickly runs through. The door closes behind Yuya as he calls for Zuzu, multiple cylindrical tanks containing glowing lights line the wall, and he wonders what the place is. (In the dub, he immediately doubts the word of the student who sent him here.) Then he hears footsteps, and he gasps as someone steps out of the shadows – Lulu. Mistaking Lulu for Zuzu, Yuya calls Zuzu's name, and Lulu stops and looks at Yuya. Yuto tells Yuya that he's wrong; that's Lulu. Yuya muses that this is Shay's little sister (in the dub, he admits that Lulu is cute and obviously got all of the good looks), and they both cry that Lulu is safe, and Lulu appears to mistake Yuya for Yuto. Yuya quickly runs up and introduces himself, his last name surprising Lulu. Yuya replies that it's a long story, and he asks if Lulu was captured by Duel Academy. Lulu replies that she was, but her brother rescued her. (In the dub, Yuya reassures Lulu that he'll get her off the island, but Lulu protests that they can't leave without Shay.) Yuya is surprised to learn that Shay is at Duel Academy, and Lulu explains that Shay isn't moving and is in hiding for the time being. Yuto states that they have to help Shay, and Yuya asks Lulu to take him to Shay. Lulu agrees.

The Doktor comments on all the chatter, and as he watches Lulu lead Yuya away, he declares that now it's time for Lulu to serve him (in the dub, he comments that Lulu will lead him all right; to his doom). The Doktor draws out a copy of "Fusion Parasite", and he flips it around before giggling.

As soon as he does, Lulu stops short and her eyes widen. Yuya takes note, and he asks if something is wrong, while Yuto says her name. Lulu raises her Duel Disk, and then she swings around and activates it with an evil smile, demanding that Yuya Duel her. Yuto gasps her name, and Yuya notes that she seems like a different person now, with Yuto agreeing that he's never seen Lulu like this. Lulu tells Yuya to hurry up; she's going to seal him into a card. Yuto is shocked by the idea of Lulu sealing them, and he declares that she's being manipulated. Yuya agrees; this must be Duel Academy's work. Lulu orders them to hurry up, and Yuya and Yuto curses, before telling Lulu to wait for them; they'll be sure to return her to normal. Yuya activates his own Duel Disk, and the automated voice activates the Field Spell Card, "Crossover", materializing the blue platforms. The Action Cards disperse, and both Yuya and Lulu cry, "Duel!"

Yuya declares that he'll go first, and he looks at his hand, which contains two copies of "The Phantom Knights of Lost Vambrace", "The Phantom Knights' Twin Medals", "The Phantom Knights' Rank-Up-Magic Burial" and "The Phantom Knights' Round Blaze" – Yuto's cards. He realizes that Yuto's desire to save Lulu has altered his Deck, and Yuto tells Yuya that it's time to go. Yuya agrees, Sets three cards, and he ends his turn. Lulu narrows her eyes, recognizing the strategy of Setting cards without Summoning monsters. Yuto begs Lulu to remember, recalling the invasion of Heartland where he battled "Chaos Ancient Gear Giants" and Lulu protested to Saya that this wasn't right, Dueling wasn't for fighting; Dueling was for everyone, for bringing smiles to children's futures. Yuya reminds Lulu that Dueling is for bringing smiles, and he and Yuto state that those are the words she told him, yet this is how Lulu is now, so far from smiles? Lulu is shaken to her core by the words, and Yuya and Yuto beg Lulu to remember, Yuya telling her to regain her true self. Lulu angrily asks who Yuya is, and Yuya and Yuto state that they are Yuto, much to Lulu's shock (in the dub, they specifically claim that they are also Yuto).

On his throne, Leo Akaba reacts in shock to Yuya's claim that he is Yuto, and he narrows his eyes (in the dub, he mutters Yuto's name).

Lulu orders them to stop messing with her, and she declares her turn and draws. Since neither of them control monsters she Special Summons "Lyrilusc - Turquoise Warbler" from her hand. Then since she Special Summoned "Turquoise Warbler", she can Special Summon a Level 1 "Lyrilusc" monster from her hand; "Lyrilusc - Sapphire Swallow". Lulu overlays the Level 1 "Turquoise Warbler" and "Sapphire Swallow", chanting, "Birds with beautiful wings, gather on the battlefield and take brilliant flight! Xyz Summon! Dance in the sky! Rank 1! Lyrical Luscinia - Assembled Nightingale!" Lulu explains that "Assembled Nightingale" gains 100 ATK for each of its Overlay Units; with two, it rises to 200 ATK. Yuya and Yuto add that it can also attack directly that many times.

Lulu notes that it seems that Yuya is familiar with her "Lyrilusc" Deck, so maybe his claim of being Yuto is true after all. Regardless, they don't know about this card; the Spell Card, "Parasite Discharge", which Special Summons "Fusion Parasite" from her Deck. Yuto notes that Lulu never had it in her Deck, much to Yuya's interest. Lulu laughs, and she comments that it's too early to be surprised; when "Fusion Parasite" is Special Summoned, she can use it to perform a Fusion Summon without "Polymerization". Yuto and Yuya are horrified that Lulu can Fusion Summon, and Lulu fuses "Lyrilusc - Assembled Nightingale" with "Fusion Parasite", chanting, "Twitter of the songbird that resounds in the dark night. Become one with the inner voice and cry more intensely! Fusion Summon! Fly down! Noble isolated night bird! Lyrilusc - Independent Nightingale!" She explains that when "Fusion Parasite" is used as Fusion Material, it becomes equipped to the Fusion Monster it was used to Fusion Summon as "Fusion Parasite" binds to the chest of "Independent Nightingale" (the shot of "Fusion Parasite" binding to her chest is cut from the dub). In addition, when "Independent Nightingale" is Fusion Summoned, it gains Levels equal to the number of Overlay Units that "Assembled Nightingale" had, and 500 ATK for each; increasing to Level 3 and 2500 ATK. Lulu explains that she can also inflict 500 damage to them once per turn for each Level that "Independent Nightingale" has, and "Independent Nightingale" sends out a sonic wave, battering Yuya and reducing him to 2500 LP. As Yuya wipes his chin, Yuto notes that the Parasite Monster must be controlling Lulu, and Yuya agrees. Yuto and Yuya tell Lulu to wait for them; when they destroy that monster, Lulu will regain her sanity. But Shay's voice tells them that they're wrong, and he walks in weakly, holding his ribs, and Yuya and Yuto call his last and first name respectively. Shay states that even if they defeat "Fusion Parasite", Lulu won't be saved, much to Yuya and Yuto's shock.

The Doktor frowns at Shay's intrusion, labelling him an annoying nuisance, and he glances behind him at Celina, who turns and leaves the room, before giggling.

Shay explains that he Dueled Lulu on the top of the Western Tower, where he destroyed "Fusion Parasite". He remembers Lulu begging him to attack with "Raidraptor - Stranger Falcon", and he admits that he thought that Lulu had returned to herself, but they can plainly see that she hasn't. Yuya and Yuto ask how they should return Lulu to herself, and Shay suggests that they will likely have to find and defeat the Duelist who is controlling Lulu. Lulu snaps that it's enough chit-chit; her turn isn't over yet. She declares her Battle Phase, attacking Yuya directly with "Independent Nightingale". "Independent Nightingale" blasts out another shockwave.

Yuya activates both of his Trap Cards, "The Phantom Knights of Lost Vambrace". Yuto and Yuya explain that this turn, their "The Phantom Knights" monsters cannot be destroyed by battle, and the ATK of their opponent's monsters will decrease by 600. Yuya notes that since two Traps were used, the ATK of "Independent Nightingale" is lowered by 1200, to 1300. Then the two copies of "Lost Vambrace" are Special Summoned as Normal Monsters in Attack Position with 600 ATK. Lulu is shocked, but she notes that Yuya will still take the damage, and Yuya's LP falls to 1800. Shay gasps that those are Yuto's cards as Yuya straightens up, and since he took battle damage, activates the Quick-Play Spell Card, " The Phantom Knights' Twin Medals". He and Yuto explain that they can now Xyz Summon using two "The Phantom Knights" monsters they control as Xyz Materials, much to Lulu's surprise, and they overlay the Level 2 "Lost Vambraces", chanting, "Piercing through ten thousand warriors, the cursed spear of rebellion entombed in darkness, descend! Xyz Summon! Appear now! Rank 2! The Phantom Knights of Cursed Javelin!" ("Presenting a knight who's bad to the bone! We Xyz Summon The Phantom Knights of Cursed Javelin!" in the dub.)

Shay cheers the Summoning of "Cursed Javelin", and Yuya explains that the effect of "Cursed Javelin" can be used during either player's turn. He detaches an Overlay Unit from "Cursed Javelin", and Yuto explains that it will negate the effect of "Independent Nightingale" and reduce its ATK to zero. "Cursed Javelin" absorbs an Overlay Unit and blasts "Independent Nightingale" with lightning from its javelin, and "Independent Nightingale" screams as it falls to zero ATK (her scream is removed in the dub). Lulu is incensed that Yuya did whatever he liked during her turn, and she angrily ends her turn. Shay tells Yuya that he'll leave Lulu to him, while he goes to find whoever did this to Lulu. Yuya agrees, and Shay runs off.

And then Shay screams in agony as electricity wracks his body (his scream is removed from the dub). He collapses to the ground, revealing Celina standing behind him with a taser. Yuya gasps Celina's name as she walks past him, and he angrily asks her where Zuzu is. Celina replies that she will Duel him instead, and they'll listen to what Yuya has to say if he wins (in the dub, she sarcastically comments on Yuya and Yuto's chivalry by Dueling Lulu two-on-one, and suggests that she even the score). She activates her Duel Disk, and a voice declares, "Intrusion Penalty: 2000 LP", reducing her to 2000 LP. Yuya warns her not to forget those words, and the watching Doktor laughs, telling Yuya that it's time to meet his maker as Leo watches silently.

Celina declares her turn and draws another "Fusion Parasite", which she promptly Summons. Yuto mutters that it's that monster again. Celina then activates the Continuous Spell Card, "Parasite Factory", causing the equipment in the lab to start up, and the tanks and their contents – including a tank containing an organic cocoon – to begin glowing as Yuya looks around (in the dub, he comments that the lights look like eggs). The Doktor snickers to himself as he observes his equipment. Celina tells Lulu that she's going to use Lulu's monster, and Lulu tells her to feel free to. Celina explains that on the turn that "Parasite Factory" is activated, she can Fusion Summon using "Fusion Parasite" and a monster that is equipped with "Fusion Parasite" as Fusion Materials. She fuses "Independent Nightingale" and "Fusion Parasite", chanting, "Sobbing voice of the nightingale resounding in eternal darkness. Become one with the inner voice and revive with new power! Fusion Summon! Reign now! The queen rooted in reason! Level 8! Parasite Queen!" ("You could barely handle my baby insects. See how you fare against their ruler. I Fusion Summon! The mighty monarch, Parasite Queen!" in the dub).

Ecstatic, the Doktor slams his hands down on the table and he announces the success of his genius in creating the ultimate Parasite Monster, telling it to rampage to its heart's content as he cackles uproariously. Yuto and Yuya look at the monster in shock as Celina explains that when "Parasite Queen" is Fusion Summoned, it equips all the "Fusion Parasites" in the Graveyard to itself, gaining 300 ATK for each one. A rainbow barrier surrounds "Parasite Queen" as two "Fusion Parasites" clamp onto it, increasing it to 2400 ATK. Yuya and Yuto activate the effect of "Cursed Javelin", detaching an Overlay Unit to negate the effect of "Parasite Queen" and reduce its ATK to zero, and "Cursed Javelin" absorbs its last Overlay Unit and blasts a fork of lighting at "Parasite Queen". But Celina reveals that "Parasite Factory" renders "Parasite Queen" unaffected by her opponent's monster effects, and the lightning dissipates harmlessly, much to Yuya's shock. He mutters that it has 2400 ATK, and Yuto warns Yuya that the attack is coming as Celina declares her Battle Phase, attacking "Cursed Javelin" with "Parasite Queen". "Parasite Queen" breathes out a stream of acid, impaling "Cursed Javelin" and disintegrating it, reducing Yuya to 1000 LP. Purple lightning shocks Yuya, and he falls to his hands and knees.

Celina reveals that one of the Doktor's parasites is in her brain.

Celina Sets a card and ends her turn, noting that they aren't all enemies of Duel Academy (in the dub, she comments that Yuya can't beat the best of Duel Academy). Yuya protests that Celina broke off from Duel Academy, and he urges her to remember and regain her true self. Celina reveals that she does remember, much to Yuya's shock, and she states that it's all in the past now (in the dub, in response to Yuya telling her to break free, Celina claims that she's free to hurt her enemies). Yuya calls her name, and Celina gestures to the glowing tanks. She explains that the eggs within contain insects that were created and incubated by the Doktor. Yuya asks, "Doktor?" and Celina clarifies that he is the greatest scientist of Duel Academy. Yuya asks if the Doktor is the one manipulating them, and Celina explains that the insects are…right in here as she point to her head with a sneer. Yuya is horrified by her statement, and Yuto shocked that insects are manipulating them (in the dub, Yuto realizes that actual Parasites, rather than their "Fusion Parasite" cards, are manipulating them).

Celina further reveals that Zuzu has one in her head as well.

Yuya gasps in horror and he asks Celina what she said as he remembers Zuzu. He whispers in utter shock that Zuzu has been taken over, and Lulu asks why Yuya is making a face like that; they have been reborn by the Doktor and welcome it. Celina tells Yuya to give up; the Zuzu that he knew is gone. Yuya screams at them to shut up, and he shakes with rage; how dare they do that to Zuzu?! He screams in fury.

In their mind's eye, Yuto urges Yuya to calm down, and as Yuya realizes Yuto's presence, Yuto reassures Yuya that he's not the only one who can't forgive the Parasites; Yuto feels the same way (in the dub, he reassures him that he'll do something about it). Blue light erupts from Yuya's body, and in his mind's eye he is replaced by Yuto. Another explosion of light echoes from Yuya's body, and it fades to reveal Yuto standing in his place. Lulu whispers his name in shock, and in his throne room, Leo rises from his throne in shock; while the image he is watching depicts Yuya, he realizes in terror that there is another soul within Yuya (in the dub, Leo is calmer, having already deduced that Yuto is within Yuya and realizing that Yuto has taken control of Yuya's body from his manner). Yuto declares his turn and draws, adding the card to his hand, and then he activates "The Phantom Knights' Rank-Up-Magic Burial", Special Summoning a "The Phantom Knights" Xyz Monster from his Graveyard. He revives "Cursed Javelin", and he looks at Lulu and whispers her name. He remembers watching her defeat another Duelist during their time at the Spade Branch with Shay, commenting that Lulu was pretty good. Shay explained that Lulu was his younger sister, much to Yuto's surprise (and Shay's irritation as Yuto struggled to correlate Lulu and Shay; in the dub, Shay's irritation and Yuto's awkwardness was Yuto complimenting Lulu's looks). He introduced Lulu to the blushing Yuto after the Duel, who told Yuto it was nice to meet him and smiled at him.

Yuto explains that he can use the Summoned monster and " The Phantom Knights' Rank-Up-Magic Burial" as Xyz Material to Xyz Summon a monster from his Extra Deck that is two Ranks higher. He remembers looking at Lulu's "Lyrilusc" Deck, and commenting that it was pretty good. He asked if she made it herself, and Lulu confirmed that she had; she wanted to fly around chirping birds in a bright and fun Duel. Yuto chants, "Formed from pitch-black darkness, to fight those foolish enough to oppose it with its treacherous fangs! Now, descend! Rank-Up Xyz Evolution!" He remembers sitting with Lulu in a park, and Lulu rested her head on his shoulder with a smile, causing Yuto to blush, but then smile (the dub adds dialogue to the flashback, where Lulu expressed weariness from Dueling all day and commented that she could use a nap). In the present, Yuto screams, "Appear now! Rank 4! Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon!" "Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon" appears with 2500 ATK, much to Lulu's annoyance. Yuto grits his teeth, and he contacts Yuya, stating that he hates the man who stole Lulu's smile, and Yuya agrees. They have to defeat the Doktor, and they have to return Lulu, Zuzu and Celina to normal. (In the dub, Yuto states that he hasn't hopped across dimensions just to leave empty-handed, and Yuya adds that he hasn't either. In addition, they also list Rin with Zuzu, Celina and Lulu.)

The Doktor laughs, stating that they'll have to beat their current opponents first, and he challenges Yuya and Yuto to just try and get him – as Zuzu and Rin stand behind him with lifeless eyes, under the control of his parasites.

Featured Duel: Yuya Sakaki/Yuto vs. Lulu Obsidian[edit]

At the start of the Duel, the Field Spell Card "Crossover" is activated, as per the rules of an Action Duel. It will allow the players to use Action Cards, but they may only have one in their hand at a time.

Turn 1: Yuya
Yuya's hand contains two copies of "The Phantom Knights of Lost Vambrace", "The Phantom Knights' Twin Medals", "The Phantom Knights' Rank-Up-Magic Burial" and "The Phantom Knights' Round Blaze". He Sets three cards.

Turn 2: Lulu
As neither player controls monsters, Lulu Special Summons "Lyrilusc - Turquoise Warbler" (100/0) from her hand in Attack Position via its own effect. As it was Special Summoned, she activates its effect, which lets her Special Summon a Level 1 "Lyrilusc" monster from her hand. Lulu Special Summons "Lyrilusc - Sapphire Swallow" (100/0) in Attack Position. Lulu overlays her two Level 1 monsters to Xyz Summon "Lyrilusc - Assembled Nightingale" (0/0) in Attack Position. The effect of "Assembled Nightingale" increases its ATK by 100 for each of its Overlay Units (0 → 200). Lulu activates "Parasite Discharge", letting her Special Summon a "Fusion Parasite" from her hand or Deck. She Special Summons one (0/0) from her Deck. Since it was Special Summoned, the effect of "Fusion Parasite" activates, allowing Lulu to Fusion Summon a monster using it and monsters in her hand or on her field as Fusion Materials, substituting it for another Fusion Material. After the Fusion Summon, "Fusion Parasite" will be equipped to the Summoned monster and if that monster would be destroyed by battle or card effect, "Fusion Parasite" can be destroyed instead. Lulu fuses "Fusion Parasite", treated as "Assembled Nightingale", with "Assembled Nightingale" as a "Lyrilusc" monster to Fusion Summon "Lyrilusc - Independent Nightingale" (1000/0) in Attack Position. "Independent Nightingale" gains one Level for each Overlay Unit "Assembled Nightingale" had before the Fusion Summon and gains 500 ATK for each Level it has. ("Independent Nightingale": CG Star.svg 1 → CG Star.svg 3, 1000 → 2500). Lulu activates the effect of "Independent Nightingale", inflicting 500 damage to Yuya for each Level it has (Yuya: 4000 → 2500 LP).

"Independent Nightingale" attacks directly, but Yuya activates his two face-down copies of "The Phantom Knights of Lost Vambrace", preventing "The Phantom Knights" monsters he controls from being destroyed by battle this turn and decreasing the ATK of a monster his opponent controls by 600. ("Independent Nightingale": 2500 → 1300 ATK). After activation, the two "Lost Vambraces" Special Summon themselves as Normal Monsters (600/0 each) in Attack Position. A replay occurs and "Independent Nightingale" attacks a "Lost Vambrace" (Yuya: 2500 → 1800 LP), which is not destroyed due to its own effect. As Yuya took battle damage, he activates his face-down Quick-Play Spell Card "The Phantom Knights' Twin Medals", allowing him to Xyz Summon a monster using two "The Phantom Knights" monsters he controls with the same Level. Yuya overlays his two Level 2 monsters to Xyz Summon "The Phantom Knights of Cursed Javelin" (1600/0) in Attack Position. Yuya activates its effect, detaching an Overlay Unit to negate the effects of a monster his opponent controls and reduce its ATK to 0. He chooses "Independent Nightingale" (1200 → 0).

At this point, Celina enters the Duel and takes the intrusion penalty (Celina: 4000 → 2000 LP).

Turn 3: Celina
Celina draws "Fusion Parasite" and subsequently Normal Summons it (0/0). She activates the Continuous Spell Card, "Parasite Factory", allowing her to Fusion Summon a monster with "Fusion Parasite" and a monster equipped with another "Fusion Parasite". After the Fusion Summon, all "Fusion Parasites" will be equipped to the Summoned monster, increasing its ATK by 300 for each. She fuses "Independent Nightingale", which is equipped with "Fusion Parasite" and her own "Fusion Parasite" to Fusion Summon "Parasite Queen" (1800/???) in Attack Position (1800 → 2400). Yuya activates the effect of "Cursed Javelin", detaching an Overlay Unit to negate the effect of a monster his opponent controls and reduce its ATK to 0, but the effect of "Parasite Factory" renders the Summoned monster unaffected by monster effects. "Parasite Queen" attacks and destroys "Cursed Javelin" (Yuya: 1800 → 1000 LP). Celina Sets a card.

At this point Yuya switches with Yuto.

Turn 4: Yuto
Yuto activates "The Phantom Knights' Rank-Up-Magic Burial", allowing him to Special Summon a "The Phantom Knights" Xyz Monster from his Graveyard, then Xyz Summon an Xyz Monster whose Rank is two Ranks higher than that of the Summoned monster, by using that monster as the Overlay Unit, then "Burial" will attach itself to the Summoned monster as an Overlay Unit. He Special Summons "Cursed Javelin" and performs a Rank-Up Xyz Evolution to Special Summon "Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon" (2500/2000) in Attack Position.

Duel continues in the next episode.

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.

Action Field


Independent Nightingale's dress is missing blue section
  • During one panning shot over Lulu, her bracelet is missing.
  • When "Independent Nightingale" attacks Yuya, her dress is missing the blue section.

Differences in the dub[edit]