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"The Hungry Assassin!"
Title page
EnglishThe Hungry Assassin!
Japanese name
RōmajiUeta Shikaku!
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V
Japanese magazineV Jump 2016 #1
English magazineWeekly Shonen Jump
Volume1: "The Name is Phantom!"
Release dates
JapaneseNovember 21, 2015
EnglishDecember 1, 2015
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"The Hungry Assassin!" (飢えた刺客! Ueta Shikaku!) is the fourth chapter of the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V manga.

This chapter was first printed in Japanese in the January 2016 issue of V Jump, released on November 21, 2015, and in English in the December 1, 2015 issue of Weekly Shonen Jump.

Having ended up in Yuya's hideout, Yuzu learns about his true objective. Meanwhile, Shun takes Yuzu's father hostage in order to lure the "Phantom".


Yuya Sakaki has just escaped his pursuers, the Leo Corporation task force, and made his escape on a paper airplane conjured via the Solid Vision system that runs throughout the city. Unfortunately, Yuzu Hiiragi decided to tag along, causing the paper plane to sadly but predictably fall into the ocean from the added weight. Later, Yuzu awakens in a strange place and is greeted by Yuya, who welcomes her to his secret hideout.

The hideout is a mass of pipes and wires, all surrounding a massive computer system that dominates the center of the room. The computer itself is surrounded by a constant flow of water brought in through the pipes, most likely as coolant. Not wasting any time, Yuzu asks Yuya if he would like to teach at the Syu Zo Duel School for five dollars an hour. Yuya is flattered by the offer (though not the salary), but says he doesn't have the time for something like that, as there's something important he must do. Yuzu asks if it has anything to do with his hacking Leo Corporation's computer systems. Yuya replies that he's making use of the Solid Vision system to search for a card by the name of Genesis Omega Dragon, the card that will determine the fate of the world.

Yuzu asks rather bluntly if it's a rare and valuable card, and Yuya states that that's not really important. Yuzu continues, asking if he'll come teach at Syu Zo once he's found this card he's searching for, but Yuya says he can't promise that. Yuzu protests, saying that Yuya has already signed a contract, offering him a piece of paper. Yuya recognizes it as the paper that he previously signed for her. Unfolding it, he sees that he has carelessly signed a contract with the school.

Yuzu declares that until the card is found, she will also be his manager... for ten dollars an hour. Yuya is baffled, and states if she pays him the same rate, he'll allow her to be his manager. Yuzu is angered by the "offer", but Yuya reminds her that it's all the same to him, as he doesn't really need a manager. Yuzu finally relents, agreeing to pay him... one dollar an hour, and only after she's rich. With the details on his employment settled, Yuzu declares that the only thing left to do is find Genesis Omega Dragon as soon as possible. Yuto, watching the two silently from afar, wonders if the two will be alright.

Back in Maiami City proper, inside his personal penthouse in the Leo Corporation tower, Reiji Akaba is debriefing his task force after their recent mission. Shingo Sawatari apologizes for his failure to apprehend Yuya Sakaki, despite how close he had gotten. Sora Shiunin scoffs at this, stating that he wasn't close to winning at all. Reiji tells them to save their excuses, as he's about to begin analyzing the data they acquired on Yuya Sakaki's mysterious Pendulum Summon. They are dismissed.

Frustrated and humiliated, Shingo storms off to the training room by himself. By themselves now, Sora admits to Shun Kurosaki that there's something about this situation that's bothering him. The hunt for Yuya Sakaki began months ago when he began hacking into their systems, but despite that, there's been no sign that any of their systems have been tampered with in any way. In fact, he seems to be using the Solid Vision system to save people faster than the rescue squads can. Shun asks what he's implying, and Sora admits that he believes President Akaba is hiding something.

Shun doesn't care what secrets President Akaba may or may not be hiding. A real battle that makes his blood boil, that's all he's searching for. Yuya Sakaki is the sort of man who Duels for fun, and Shun hates people like that. He stalks off alone, thinking of his past, and the Duels he lives for. Three months ago, Reiji Akaba had come to an abandoned Duel arena, seeking a powerful duelist. The announcer of the arena knew such a man. Reiji entered the arena in time to watch the end of Shun's Duel. HIs opponent mocked him for being a pushover, having already reduced him to 100 LP, but Shun replies that it's only when he's been pushed to the edge that he feels the most alive. This feeling, coming back from the brink, is the only pleasure he knows. With his next turn, Shun easily defeated his opponent. Reiji approached him then, promising him more of the thrill he seeks. All he needed to do was help him capture someone.

In the present day, Shun declares that Yuya will quench his thirst for battle. In a high-tech computer room, Shun demands the computer's AI Decoy to show him every image they have on Yuya. As he studies his prey, he notes that he hasn't left many clues for finding him. That is, until he notices a girl he doesn't recognize in the background, cheering for Yuya. He orders Decoy to build a reference image of this girl and search the net for any information. Decoy beings its search.

Meanwhile, back at Yuya's hideout, Yuzu is encouraging Yuya to spice up his catchphrases, and gives him some ideas for new ones. A bit annoyed, Yuya wonders if his new "manager" even knows anything about Dueling. Yuzu is offended by this, as she has already told him that her family owns owns a Duel School. Furthermore, she states that she has a calculator for a brain, even taking second place at the National Mental Arithmetic Championships. Yuya, trying to be friendly, agrees that that's a cool track record, and asks who managed to take first place.

In the city, in front of the Syu Zo Duel School, Shun glances at the picture Decoy found for him. The picture depicts the winner's podium of the National Mental Arithmetic Championships, where Shun himself took first place. He realizes now that the girl he won against in the final match is in fact the girl he is searching for now. Inside the school, Syuzo Hiiragi, having not heard any news of Yuzu after she ran off to find Phantom, is alone wondering where his daughter has disappeared to. At that moment, a stranger with a dark look approaches.

Back in the hideout, Yuya's computer beings to beep. He explains to Yuzu that he has it set to survey the net and notify him whenever information appears that could potentially help his search for Genesis Omega Dragon. However, rather than the card he's searching for, the computer is notifying him about a video posted on a sketchy, underground website. On it, Shun Kurosaki and a man Yuya doesn't know face off in a Duel. The stranger loses to Shun very quickly, and quite embarrassingly - the sort of defeat that could, for example, ruin a school's reputation. Yuzu hides her face in shame and reveals that the man is her father Syuzo, and angrily declares that he's going to ruin their school's reputation like this. But Yuya states that they have bigger things to worry about.

In the video, Shun addresses Yuya directly, telling him that he's taken Syuzo hostage, and that he'll come to Sakka Stadium in the valley if he wants him back. Yuzu urges Yuya to send the video to the police, but Yuya points out that the video was set to disappear once viewed. But Yuya has already decided to go, and searches for the location on his computer. Yuzu hurriedly points out that he said the Soccer Stadium in the valley, but Yuya knows that the place he was actually referring to is Deception Valley on the outskirts of the city. He clarifies that Shun was talking in code, as "Sakka" could also be interpreted as "Sucker", a magician's term where the performer intentionally acts as though they made a mistake - in essence, a deception. Yuzu is confused as to why he would do this, and Yuya points out that Shun posted the video publicly, so if he said a location that everyone knows, anyone could show up, so he sent it in a way that Yuya would likely be able to figure out.

The two make their way to Deception Valley outside Maiami City, where sure enough, they find Shun Kurosaki, with Syuzo tied up at his feet. Yuzu immediately calls out to her father... asking him how he could lose that Duel. Syuzo is baffled by his daughter's priorities, but she soon moves on to calling Shun a coward for taking hostages. Shun ignores her, and tells Yuya that he can take Syuzo, as he's served his purpose. But only after Yuya has quenched his thirst for battle. With that, he activates the Solid Vision reactor hidden in the valley, opening an Action Field. A giant tree emerges from the ground, carrying Syuzo away to the highest branches. Four Action Cards are sent out across the field, and Yuya prepares to partake in a Duel in the sky with Shun.

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