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"Assault! Raidraptors!!"
Title page
EnglishAssault! Raidraptors!!
Japanese name
RōmajiKyōshū! Reido Raputāzu!!
TranslatedAssault! Raid Raptors!!
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V
Japanese magazineV Jump 2016 #2
English magazineWeekly Shonen Jump
Volume1: "The Name is Phantom!"
Release dates
JapaneseDecember 19, 2015
EnglishDecember 21, 2015
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"Assault! Raidraptors!!", titled "Assault! Raid Raptors!!" (強襲!RR!! Kyōshū! Reido Raputāzu!!) in the Japanese version, is the fifth chapter of the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V manga.

This chapter was first printed in Japanese in the February 2016 issue of V Jump, released on December 19, 2015, and in English in the December 21, 2015 issue of Weekly Shonen Jump.

Yuya faces one of the Leo Corporation agents, Shun Kurosaki, in a midair Duel.


Shun Kurosaki has decided to take the initiative in the hunt for Yuya Sakaki. To do so, he has taken a hostage - Syuzo Hiiragi, father of Yuzu Hiiragi, a girl he suspects of having a direct link to Yuya. Yuya takes the risk and heads out to Deception Valley to meet Shun, who challenges him to an Action Duel. The Action Field Sky Tree Bird Cage begins to activate, and Syuzo is carried off into the sky by a massive tree. Yuya prepares for a Duel in the sky.

In the Leo Corporation tower, Reiji Akaba gets word of an unsanctioned use of their Solid Vision system on the outskirts of town. He orders a visual to be brought up, and sees his agent Shun facing Yuya Sakaki. Shingo Sawatari offers to step in and stop Kurosaki for getting out of line, but Reiji declines. This way, the hunt for Yuya and his research on his Pendulum Summons will go along much faster.

Back in Deception Valley, Yuzu rushes off to save her father, caught in the highest branches of the tree. She orders Yuya not to lose against Shun, and takes the staircase conveniently located inside the tree towards the top. The Duel begins, and Shun takes the first turn. Yuya notes that all four of the Action Cards are bound to be in the air, and seeing on nearby, summons his faithful digital pigeon Poppo to grab one for him. However, Shun brings out his own flying beast Raidraptor - Napalm Dragonius and takes flight on his monster's back. He uses its effect to inflict 600 damage to Yuya, unleashing a torrent of fire that burns the ground of the Action Field, destroying Poppo in the process. Yuya's LP fall to 3400, and Shun takes the oppurtunity to snatch this turn's Action Card. He can't attack on the first turn, so he simply Sets a card face-down before ending his turn.

Yuzu calls out to Yuya from higher in the tree to hurry and Summon a flying monster to snag an Action Card, but Yuya admits that his Deck doesn't contain any. Yuzu asks him what he's going to do in that case, and Yuya sheepishly scratches his head. Shun calls out for Yuya to stop messing around, as a Duel is meant to be serious. If he can't fly, then he should take the risk and run up the tree tower. Yuya declines and takes his turn, saying that he'll figure something out. Shun states that he was a fool to expect anything grand from Yuya, and moves to take the turn's Action Card. However, just as it's within reach, Yuya soars by and takes it. Shocked, Shun sees that Yuya is now flying on his paper airplane, using the rising air currents from Napalm Dragonius' burning attack to soar to the Action Card.

Shun is glad to see Yuya's starting to live up to his expectations, and uses his Action Card Sky Fall, destroying Yuya's Action Card before he can use it, and inflicting 300 damage to him. Napalm Dragonius blasts the card out of Yuya's hand, and his LP fall to 3100. To make matters worse, the attack also sparks a fire on his airplane, which begins to crash. Yuto advises Yuya to abandon ship and jump to a nearby floating island, which Yuya does. Shun calls out to Yuya to bring it on. Yuto warns Yuya to be careful: Shun's monster only has 1000 ATK, so Shun may be trying to trap Yuya. He continues that he would have also seen Yuya's last Duel against Shingo, and must be waiting for Yuya to Summon Odd-Eyes Phantom Dragon.

Yuya decides that as a Entertainment Duelist, he shouldn't keep his audience waiting. He announces to his audience that the fun will now begin. For his first trick, he brings out his lovely assistant Performapal Uni, and with her effect, he can conjure a second Performapal from nowhere. He Summons Performapal Corn. After all, two assistants are much better than one. Yuzu, watching the Duel from the tree tower, is left stunned at how... well-rounded his monsters are. She laments the fact that he gets to be out there playing with his cards while she's left running up the tower after her father.

Yuya activates the effect of Performapal Corn. By switching her and Performapal Uni to Defense Position, he can add a Pendulum Monster from his Deck to his hand. He chooses Odd-Eyes Mirage Dragon. He sets the Scale 8 Odd-Eyes Mirage Dragon and the Scale 1 Odd-Eyes Persona Dragon into his Pendulum Zones. With his Scale set, he can Pendulum Summon monsters from his hand from Level 2 to 7 at the same time. In the Leo Corporation tower, Reiji tells his task force to study his move carefully, and remarks that Pendulum Monsters are treated as Spell Cards while in the Pendulum Zone. Yuya Pendulum Summons Odd-Eyes Phantom Dragon in Attack Position.

Yuya attacks Napalm Dragonius with Phantom Spiral Flame. Shun responds with his face-down Raidraptors Replica to Summon a copy of Napalm Dragonius to take the attack instead. However, the attack isn't stopped, and Shun takes 1500 damage as his monster is destroyed, reducing his LP to 2500. Yuya continues with Phantom Dragon's effect. If it inflicts battle damage during the turn it was Pendulum Summoned, Shun takes damage equal to the total ATK of the monsters in his Pendulum Zones. Both monsters have 1200 ATK, so Shun takes 2400 damage by the power of his Odd-Eyes dragons' Atomic Force.

Shun yells as his LP are reduced to 100. Yuya remarks that he took the full force of that blast instead of trying to reduce the damage in any way, and Yuto wonders what he's thinking. But Shun ins't bothered by the pain. Because this pain, he declares, is what makes him get serious.

Featured Duel: Yuya Sakaki vs. Shun Kurosaki[edit]

At the start of the Duel, the Field Spell Card "Sky Tree Bird Cage" is activated, as per the rules of an Action Duel.

Turn 1: Shun
Yuya attempts to catch an Action Card, but Shun Normal Summons "Raidraptor - Napalm Dragonius" (1000/1000) and activates its effect to inflict 600 damage to Yuya (Yuya 4000 → 3400). With that, Shun prevents Yuya from getting the Action Card and obtains it himself instead. He Sets 1 card.

Turn 2: Yuya
Yuya gets an Action Card, but Shun activates the Action Card he had obtained earlier, "Sky Fall", destroying Yuya's Action Card and inflicting 300 damage (Yuya 3400 → 3100). Yuya Normal Summons "Enter-Mate Uni" (800/1500) and activates her effect, Special Summoning "Enter-Mate Corn" (600/1000). Since he controls both "Uni" and "Corn", Yuya activates the latter's effect, switching both to Defense Position to add "Odd-Eyes Mirage Dragon" from his Deck to his hand. Yuya activates "Odd-Eyes Persona Dragon" (PS: 1) and "Odd-Eyes Mirage Dragon" (PS: 8) in his Pendulum Zones. Yuya Pendulum Summons "Odd-Eyes Phantom Dragon" (2500/2000) in Attack Position. "Phantom Dragon" attacks "Napalm Dragonius", but Shun activates his face-down "Raidraptors Replica", creating a copy of "Napalm Dragonius" that takes the attack instead (Shun 4000 → 2500). Since "Phantom Dragon" inflicted battle damage during the turn it was Pendulum Summoned, its effect activates, inflicting damage to Shun equal to the combined ATK of the "Mirage" and "Persona" Dragons in his Pendulum Zones (Shun 2500 → 100).

Duel continues in the next Scale.

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this chapter. Cards in italics debuted here.

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