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"Genesis Omega Dragon!"
Title page
EnglishGenesis Omega Dragon!
Japanese name
RōmajiJeneshisu Omega Doragon!
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V
Japanese magazineV Jump 2016 #4
English magazineWeekly Shonen Jump
Volume2: "Turbo Duel!"
Release dates
JapaneseFebruary 21, 2016
EnglishFebruary 22, 2016
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"Genesis Omega Dragon!" (G・O・Dジェネシス・オメガ・ドラゴンJeneshisu Omega Doragon!) is the seventh chapter of the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V manga.

This chapter was first printed in Japanese in the April 2016 issue of V Jump, released on February 21, 2015, and in English in the February 22, 2016 issue of Weekly Shonen Jump.

Yuya tells Yuzu about Genesis Omega Dragon, the card that can destroy the world, while his other personalities roam around his spirit with a mysterious mission.


Two figures riding a Duel Runner wander down a fragmented memory of a road. One of them, Yuri riding on the back of the Runner, asks the driver, Yugo, if Yuya wouldn't get suspicious if the two don't return soon, but Yugo assures him that Yuto is covering for their absence. They continue along, until Yugo stops the Runner, seeing what looks like a glass shard on the ground. Picking it up, he sees his own face, but not his reflection, in the shard. He realizes this must be one of Yuya's memories of himself. Yuri asks him if he wants Yuya to remember him, but Yugo tells him that he wouldn't be erasing Yuya's memories if he did. True to his word, he crushes the shard, and the memory is gone. Yuri reminds him that Yuya doesn't need to remember the three of them, and Yugo agrees, saying it would only make him sad.

In the real world, at the Syu Zo Duel School, Yuya has managed to defeat Shun Kurosaki and rescue the hostage he had taken, Syuzo Hiiragi, owner of the school and father to Yuya's new manager Yuzu Hiiragi. Yuzu had wanted to hire Yuya for their school, but Syuzo is worried about the idea now, wondering if Yuya has some sort of double personality with how often he talks to himself. Yuya assures the two that he does not - it would in fact be a quadruple personality in his case, to their shock.

Yuya admits he does indeed have three other personalities inside his head, though he doesn't really know why, as his memory is full of holes. He also admits that he hasn't heard from the other two in some time, and questions Yuto about it (though Yuzu and Syuzo can't see or hear him). Yuto simply says that they were talking about going on a road trip. Not a lie, but certainly not the full truth of what the two are up to. Syuzo isn't exactly reassured by Yuya's answer, but Yuzu says a bit of mystery will attract more students.

Yuzu then asks Yuya if his quadruple personality is at all related to the "Genesis Omega Dragon" card he mentioned he mentioned earlier. Yuya doesn't answer that question, but explains more about G.O.D. - the card that will determine the world's future. G.O.D. is the ultimate monster, he says, that abuses the Solid Vision system to inflict real destruction to the world around it on a massive scale. Yuya believes that the Solid Vision system was created specifically *to* create G.O.D.. In short, he tells them, whoever holds that card has the power to destroy the world.

Yuzu questions how Yuya can possibly know all this. Yuya is silent for a moment, before vaguely saying he saw it in a dream, then deflecting the question to criticise the "catchphrase" Yuzu made him say to Shun. Yuzu protests that the school needs advertisement, but Yuya exclaims that he isn't going to Duel for their publicity, and that he's going back to his hideout. Yuzu declares that, being his manager, she's coming with him, to Yuya's shock, and packs a travel bag, to Syuzo's shock. Syuzo says that she's too young to be staying out all night like this, but Yuzu tells him she has to help Yuya find G.O.D. to save the school, and leaves without another word. At Yuya's hideout, Yuzu wastes no time setting up a rectangular curtain right in the middle of the room and declaring it to be her living space. Yuya, the eccentric Entertainment Duelist searching for a world-destroying card, laments that now he's stuck with a weirdo.

Meanwhile, at the Leo Corporation tower, Sora Shiunin is getting as much information from Decoy, a high-tech information computer, as he can. However, the information he wants isn't the sort of information Decoy can give, and would only be accessible from the master computer, which only President Akaba can access. Leaving the room, Sora laments that he would need Akaba's fingerprints and retinal signature to access the master computer. Thankfully, he has already constructed gloves and glasses with his prints and retinal signature, respectively, in advance for just such an occasion. At the door to the master computer, Sora tries the gloves, which work, and then the glasses, which give an error message. The door opens anyway, and Sora enters the room.

Sora marvels at the master computer, a massive orb-shaped object. Behind him, he hears a voice saying he should have kept a better eye on Sora. Sora turns to find Reiji Akaba himself in the doorway. He explains he wears special contacts to mask his retinal signature, and that Sora would have never gotten in with his fake glasses. Sora takes that to mean, and Reiji confirms, that he is only in here now because Reiji let him in, wounding Sora's pride. Reiji comments that Sora should be focused on his task rather than what he's doing now, but Sora explains that unlike his single-minded co-workers, he can't work with all his unanswered questions. Reiji suggests that Sora allow him to answer his questions in that case.

Sora asks three questions of Reiji - Who is Yuya Sakaki really? What is a Pendulum Summon? Is Reiji really after Yuya because he's a hacker? Reiji agrees to tell, but doesn't think that Sora will believe him. In truth, Yuya is the Destiny Factor, who will one day destroy the world. Sora is shocked by this, as Yuya didn't exactly seem the type. He asks how Reiji can possibly know this. Reiji says simply that his computer predicted it. Sora wonders aloud if Reiji is telling him the truth, but continues that the most important question he has is about Reiji Akaba himself. Just like Yuya, there's no record of Reiji's birth or his life up until this point. One day, he just appeared, the president of Leo Corporation. Who is Reiji Akaba, and where did he come from?

Reiji, however, will not answer personal questions. If Sora wants further answers to his question, he should go ask Yuya Sakaki personally. Sora declares that he's going to do just that, and heads out. Reiji calls out to him as he leaves and throws three cards to him, in recognition of him making it this far. They are proto-cards that the company has developed, for Sora to try out against Yuya. As for how to draw him out again, Reiji tells Sora that Yuya is searching for Genesis Omega Dragon.

Back at Yuya's hideout, Yuya's computer suddenly starts to make noise. Yuzu asks what's happened, and Yuya reminds her that the computer is set to notify him whenever it's detected information on G.O.D.. According to the computer, the information came from Physical Information Systems, a subsidiary company of Leo Corporation that works on Solid Vision materialization. Yuya wonders if perhaps they've materialized some part of G.O.D., and decides he won't learn anything from here. They're going to have to sneak in.

Yuya's face is already too well-known to Leo Corporation, so it's Yuto and Yuzu arrive at the company, wearing suits and pretending to be there on business. Yuzu admits she's always wanted to wear a suit, and asks Yuto if she looks smart. Yuto snaps at her to quit fooling around, and Yuya chimes in from inside his head to tell him that he's looking pretty sharp in his own suit. Yuto preens at the compliment. Using keycards that Yuya has fabricated, they enter the building, looking for the system laboratory where the data came from.

They reach the system lab and enter, but find nothing inside. The door closes suddenly behind them, and Yuzu notes that it won't open. Yuto finally starts to suspect that this is a trap, and a voice calls out that he's right. A spotlight shines down from nowhere, revealing Sora Shiunin, who's been waiting there for Yuya Sakaki. Yuya takes over his body from Yuto again as Sora explains that he leaked that data on G.O.D. to lure him there. Yuya states that Sora must be the third member of Reiji's task force. Sora confirms this happily with a wink.