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"Turbo Duel!"
Title page
EnglishTurbo Duel!
Japanese name
RōmajiRaidingu Dyueru!
TranslatedRiding Duel!
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V
Japanese magazineV Jump 2016 #8
English magazineWeekly Shonen Jump
Volume2: "Turbo Duel!"
Release dates
JapaneseJune 21, 2016
EnglishJune 27, 2016
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"Turbo Duel!", titled "Riding Duel!" (ライディングデュエル! Raidingu Dyueru!) in the Japanese version, is the eleventh chapter of the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V manga.

This chapter was first printed in Japanese in the August 2016 issue of V Jump, released on June 21, 2016, and in English in the June 27, 2016 issue of Weekly Shonen Jump.

Yugo confronts the mysterious man who invaded Yuya's memories. However, he is surprised by the man's stunning Turbo Duel skills.


Yuya, Yuto, Yugo, and Yuri have managed to defeat Sora Shiunin, the third member of the Leo Corporation task force, and escape from his trap, though not without sustaining serious injury to the body the four share. They have retreated back to Yuya's hideout to recuperate, but while their guard is down, an unknown faction breaks into the hideout through their computer system, infiltrating not Yuya's data, but into Yuya himself. Sensing that this intruder is trying to invade Yuya's memories, Yugo volunteers to intercept them on his Duel Runner, and plunges into Yuya's mindscape.

Yuto, out in the real world, worries if Yugo will be alright against the intruder, as he tends to get worked up easily. Yuri is concerned as well, but he knows that Yugo is a great rider, and trusts that he'll catch up to the intruder and stop them before they do anything. Yuzu Hiiragi, watching over the sleeping Yuya and who can't perceive Yuto and Yuri, urges him to hang in there.

Among the various highways and country roads formed by Yuya's memories, Yugo finally catches sight of the intruder, a man with a white mask riding a Duel Runner of his own. He introduces himself as Yuya's guardian, and demands that the intruder identify himself. However, the masked man is only slightly surprised to see Yugo arrive so soon. Yugo is shocked that the man knows his name. The masked man explains that he knows plenty of things - such as how Yuya and Reiji Akaka's fathers, Yusho Sakaki and Leo Akaba, brought about the World Illusion.

Hearing this shocks Yugo even more, and he demands to know who this intruder is and what he wants with Yuya's memories. The masked man introduces himself as Ren, but he can't tell Yugo anything more. However, he notes that fate has brought them both here, to this place and time, both on a Duel Runner, so he suggests settling the matter with a Turbo Duel - if Yugo wins, Ren will leave. Yugo doesn't believe Ren's talk of fate, but agrees to the chance to crush him and find out the truth. Ren laughs at Yugo's confidence and revs his engine. The Turbo Duel begins.

Yugo peals out ahead of Ren, taking the first turn. During a Turbo Duel, Action Cards will appear on the track ahead of the Duelists, and the Duelists must ride over them to claim them. As Yugo has a head start over Ren, and knowing this road they're on doesn't fork at all, he takes the first Action Card. As neither player controls a monster, Yugo summons the Level 5 Speedroid Passing Rider without Tributing. He then Sets a card face-down to end his turn.

However, glancing behind him, he sees that the reason he gained such a considerable lead is because Ren has come to a stop. Ren is preparing himself to join the Duel, putting on riding gloves that cover a large scar along his arm. He already knew the make and model of Yugo's Runner ahead of time, prepared for this eventuality, and having multiple Runners himself, chose one roughly equal in power to Yugo's. Preparations complete, Ren accelerates, rocketing ahead to close the gap between them. He remembers that Yugo was famous as a city circuit champion. Ren, however, was a continental champion, and knows that despite Yugo's talent, he would never match up to Ren's experience in an equal Duel. However, he knows this, and allowed Yugo an early lead and the first chance at Action Cards as a handicap.

Ren takes his turn, and the next Action Card appears, which Yugo soon takes. Ren Summons White Moray, a monster with 600 ATK that can attack Yugo directly if it was Normal Summoned. Yugo worries if Ren's planning on whittling down his LP with direct attacks the entire Duel, but Ren activates White Circle Reef. With it, he destroys his own White Moray to add a second copy of his from his Deck to his hand. Yugo is confused over what Ren's real plan is. Ren continues with White Mirror, allowing him to Special Summon White Moray from his Graveyard, then add another copy of White Moray from his Deck to his hand. Finally, he activates White Prosperity, allowing him to Special Summon two White monsters from his hand with the same name. He Summons both the White Moray in his hand.

Despite having three monsters to Yugo's one, Yugo points out that none of them can match Passing Rider's 2200 ATK. Ren then reveals his monster's other effect - if White Moray was Summoned from the Graveyard, it is treated as a Tuner. Ren tunes his three Level 2 White Morays together to Synchro Summon White Aura Dolphin, revealing to Yugo that he's a Synchro Monster user as well. Ren uses White Aura Dolphin's effect, halving Passing Rider's ATK to 1100. He then attacks Passing Rider with his 2400-ATK White Aura Dolphin. Yugo counters with his Set Barrier Gum, preventing Passing Rider's destruction by battle. The battle continues, and Yugo's LP fall to 2700.

However, destroying Yugo's monster isn't what Ren had in mind. As Yugo brings his focus back on driving, he realizes that Ren has closed the distance between them. Ren thinks to himself that using complicated combos to take his opponent's attention from the road is an old trick for him. He also notes that Yugo is beginning to get frustrated over losing his lead, and the more pressure Ren puts on him, the more likely it is that Yugo will make a mistake. They arrive at a curve in the road, with Ren on the inside of the curve poised to take the lead. Yugo vehemently declares that he will not let Ren get past him, and begins his turn. He sees the turn's Action Card appear on the road ahead of him, but in that instant of letting his eyes of Ren, Ren surges past him.

Ren thinks to himself that with their Runners being equal in power, the only reason that Yugo lost the lead is a difference in skill. Nerves, reflexes, intuition, concentration, depth perception - all these things are required when riding, and without all of them, one cannot hope to rise to the top. Especially not in this Duel, taking place on a dangerous cliff-side course at well over 300 kilometers an hour. Yugo angrily declares that he would never lose a Turbo Duel, before summoning Speedroid Domino Butterfly. He tunes Passing Rider, Level 5, to the Level 2 Tuner Domino Butterfly to Synchro Summon Clearwing Fast Dragon.

Ren knows about Clearwing as well, and knows that he's about to use its effect to negate his White Aura Dolphin's effects, and reduce its ATK to 0. Sure enough, Yugo does exactly that, but Ren counters with his Action Card Against the Wind, forcing Clearwing into Defense Position and reducing its DEF by 1000, to 1000. Yugo still refuses to give up the lead to Ren, and activates his own Action Card Follow Wing, returning his monster to Attack Position and increasing its ATK by 500, to 3000.

Using a strong gale generated by Follow Wing, Yugo surges ahead, resolute in his desire to overtake Ren. In the real world, Yuya stirs in his sleep, murmuring Yugo's name in worry. The two Duelists go into another curve. Ren notes that Yugo would have to be insane to take a corner like this one at such a high speed. Yugo seems determined, but sure enough, his tires lose traction on the road. Ren calls out Yugo's name in worry as his Runner flies off the cliff road the Turbo Duel is taking place on, with Yugo thrown from his Runner completely.

Featured Duel: Yugo vs. Ren[edit]

Turn 1: Yugo
Yugo obtains an Action Card. Since neither player controls a monster, he Normal Summons "Speedroid Passing Rider" (2200/2000) without Tributing. Yugo Sets 1 card.

Turn 2: Ren
Yugo obtains another Action Card. Ren Normal Summons "White Moray" (600/200). Ren activates "White Circle Reef", destroying "Moray" and adding a second copy of it from his Deck to his hand. He then activates "White Mirror", allowing him to Special Summon "Moray" back from the Graveyard and add a third copy from his Deck to his hand. Next, he activates "White Prosperity", Special Summoning the two other copies of "Moray" from his hand. The effect of the "Moray" who was Special Summoned from the Graveyard allows Ren to use it as a Tuner monster. Ren tunes two of his "Morays" with the third "Moray", treated as a Tuner monster - all Level 2 - to Synchro Summon "White Aura Dolphin" (2400/1000). He activates the effect of "Dolphin", halving the ATK of Yugo's "Passing Rider" ("Passing Rider": ATK 2200 → 1100). Ren attacks "Passing Rider" with "Dolphin", but Yugo activates his face-down "Barrier Gum", preventing the destruction of "Passing Rider" in battle (Yugo 4000 → 2700). Ren Sets 1 card.

Turn 3: Yugo
Ren obtains an Action Card. Yugo Normal Summons "Speedroid Domino Butterfly" (100/300). He tunes the Level 5 "Passing Rider" with the Level 2 "Domino Butterfly" to Synchro Summon "Clearwing Fast Dragon" (2500/2000). He proceeds to activate its effect, negating the effects of Ren's "Dolphin" and reducing its ATK to zero ("Dolphin": ATK 2400 → 0). Ren activates the Action Card "Against the Wind", switching "Clearwing" to Defense Position and reducing its DEF by 1000 ("Clearwing": DEF 2000 → 1000), but Yugo activates the Action Card "Follow Wing", switching "Clearwing" back to Attack Position and increasing its ATK by 500 ("Clearwing": ATK 2500 → 3000).

At this point, Yugo speeds up in an attempt to outstrip Ren but fails to overcome a sharp turn, causing him to fall off the course.

Duel continues in the next Scale.

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this chapter. Cards in italics debuted here.