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"The Adam Factor!"
Title page
EnglishThe Adam Factor!
Japanese name
RōmajiAdamu no Inshi!
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V
Japanese magazineV Jump 2016 #10
English magazineWeekly Shonen Jump
Volume2: "Turbo Duel!"
Release dates
JapaneseAugust 21, 2016
EnglishAugust 22, 2016
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"The Adam Factor!" (アダムの因子! Adamu no Inshi!) is the thirteenth chapter of the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V manga.

This chapter was first printed in Japanese in the October 2016 issue of V Jump, released on August 21, 2016, and in English in the August 22, 2016 issue of Weekly Shonen Jump.

The Turbo Duel between Yugo and Ren reaches a conclusion, however, it has consequences on Yuya's memories. Meanwhile, Reiji starts moving.


Yugo is locked in a Turbo Duel with Ren, a masked stranger who has invaded Yuya Sakaki's mind. Ren took the lead in their Duel from Yugo early on, leading Yugo to become angry and reckless and eventually causing him to crash and launch himself from the cliff they were Dueling on. However, Yugo was saved by Yuya, who subconsciously created another road for Yugo to save him. Yugo, now once again focused on the Duel, admits that Ren is a very skilled rider, and that he'll have to play smarter if he wants to win now. However, Ren's true power - his Reincarnation Synchro - proves to be too much for Yugo, leaving him hanging on by a thread. Yugo only sees one chance to get out of this, and leads the Duel deep into Yuya's heart, finally managing to pull ahead of Ren in the foggy depths.

Yugo thinks to himself that he's had to ride this path hundreds of times while erasing Yuya's memories, and he has the advantage here over Ren. He begins his turn, and the next Action Card appears, and Yugo, finally in the lead again, takes it. Ren points out to Yugo that his Synchro Panic card is still in play, preventing him from performing a Synchro Summon. In addition, Ren's own Synchro Zone is also in play, preventing any non-Synchro Monsters from attacking. Without access to his best monsters, Yugo will definitely lose unless he can overcome Ren's White Aura Whale and defeat him on this turn.

Yugo's faith that he can win is unshaken, because he has a card that he and Yuya have evolved together. Perhaps Ren's strength comes from reviving Synchro Monsters as Tuner monsters, but he isn't the only one who can change a monster's properties. Yugo activates Pendulum Transfer, which allows him to take the two monsters on his field and move them into his Pendulum Zones. Yugo sets Speedroid Passing Rider and Speedroid Domino Butterfly into his Pendulum Zones, transforming them into Pendulum Monsters with a Pendulum Scale of 3 and 8, respectively. With his Scale set, he can Pendulum Summon monsters from his hand or face-up Extra Deck from Level 4 to 7 at the same time.

Ren is shocked that Yugo would attempt a Pendulum Summon this late in the Duel, and notes that anything other than a Synchro Monster is useless here. But Yugo says that there's something big that Ren hasn't seen yet. From his Extra Deck, Yugo Pendulum Summons the Level 7 Pendulum Synchro Monster Clearwing Fast Dragon. Being both a Pendulum Monster and a Synchro Monster, Ren can't stop Yugo with Synchro Zone. Yugo activates his monster's effect, negating White Aura Whale's effects, and reducing its ATK to 0.

Ren is shocked by this development, but won't be defeated so easily. He activates his Set White Line, forcing Clearwing Fast Dragon into Defense Position and preventing Yugo from inflicting effect damage to him for the turn. Yugo responds with his Action Card Follow Wing, switching his monster into Attack Position again and increasing its ATK by 500, to 3000. Yugo immediately attacks White Aura Whale with Clearwing Fast Dragon, destroying it. Ren's LP fall to 0 as his Duel Runner skids to a halt.

Ren commends Yugo on a brilliant victory, even if it was only because of a last-minute Action Card. Yugo stops nearby and stalks over to Ren, determined to rip that mask off of Ren's face and find out who he really is. Ren pays him no mind, and confirms that even if he lost, he has achieved what he came here for, and urges Yugo to listen closely. There is a pulse emanating from deep within Yuya's heart, much different than his regular heartbeat. This, Ren states, is the proof of what his group had suspected - that Yuya possesses the Adam Factor. Yugo is distracted for a moment by this development, and Ren takes the opportunity to make his escape through a portal. He promises that when they next meet, he won't hold back against Yugo.

Yuto and Yuri, who were observing the Duel, arrive, remarking on what a tough opponent that Ren seemed to be. Even Yugo is astonished, knowing what his fate would have been if Yuya hadn't saved him. He tells the other two what Ren told him, of the pulse in Yuya's heart that Ren called the Adam Factor. Speculation on the nature of this "Adam Factor" is soon halted as Yuto looks down and notices a web of Yuya's memories flowing across the ground. They're all Yuya's memories of Yugo himself, brought to the surface due to his subconscious stress during Yugo's Duel.

Yugo collapses to the ground in front of a specific memory, tearfully calling to Yuya that he shouldn't remember these things, as they'll only make him suffer. Yuto and Yuri notice the memory as well, and agree that Yuya must not be allowed to remember this. Yugo, using his still-summoned Clearwing Fast Dragon, destroys every memory that has appeared, saying that it's better this way. He can't forgive anyone who hurts Yuya, and that includes himself. In front of the crater he's left, Yugo tells his fellow phantoms that Ren was no ordinary enemy - he knew about the World Illusion as well. This shocks Yuto and Yuri, and Yugo assures them that Ren will eventually return. And when he does, Yugo swears to them that he won't escape again.

Back in the real world, at a Leo Corporation research station located in an excavation sight outside of Maiami City, Reiji Akaba walks down an underground passage alone, until he comes upon a metal door. He opens it and heads inside, finding what looks to be an office, though with all the furniture thrown haphazardly around the room, broken. Reiji picks up one of the few unbroken objects in the room - a framed picture depicting a younger him, standing with a smile next to his father Leo Akaba. Seeing the picture brings Reiji back to a memory of when he was younger.

Despite his young age, Reiji had already been accepted into a prestigious university. One day, his father, who he rarely got to see even before the school, returned home, saying he had gotten a call from Reiji's professor about his falling grades. He didn't come back to lecture Reiji though, as he is sure Reiji can handle any college class. But he did however suspect that Reiji had an ulterior motive in turning in a blank test, and asked that if he was going to try to get his father's attention like that, he would try to fake a plausible mistake instead. Reiji, embarrassed at having been seen through so easily, begged his father to just go back to work, and Leo remarked that there really is a child left in Reiji somewhere.

His father had already taken the day off work, though, and spent the day with his son. Later, at dinner, the two ate silently. From nowhere, Leo asked his son a philosophical question - is the blood of the gods red? Not surprised by his father's eccentric questions, Reiji asked if he had reached a breakthrough in his research. Leo admitted that he'd been working with an old friend to fuse the Duel Monsters game with their Solid Vision system, and that together, they may be able to open a door to the divine realm. A true challenge to the gods. And if anything should happen to him, Leo continued, it will rest on Reiji's shoulders to see it through.

In the present, within the research station itself, Reiji takes a card from a sealed container - a Pendulum Monster. With it in hand, he swears to his father that he will put an end to this.

Featured Duel: Yugo vs. Ren[edit]

Duel continues from the previous Scale.

Turn 5: Yugo
Yugo obtains an Action Card. He activates "Pendulum Transfer", allowing him to place monsters from his field into his Pendulum Zones; he selects "Speedroid Passing Rider" (PS: 3) and "Speedroid Domino Butterfly" (PS: 8). Yugo Pendulum Summons "Clearwing Fast Dragon" (2500/2000) from his Extra Deck. He then activates the effect of "Clearwing", negating the effects of Ren's "White Aura Whale" and reducing its ATK to zero (ATK 2800 → 0). Ren activates his face-down "White Line", switching "Clearwing" to Defense Position, but Yugo activates the Action Card "Follow Wing", switching "Clearwing" back to Attack Position and increasing its ATK by 500 (ATK 2500 → 3000). "Clearwing" attacks and destroys "White Aura Whale" (Ren 1000 → 0).

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this chapter. Cards in italics debuted here.

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