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"Where It Began!"
Title page
EnglishWhere It Began!
Japanese name
RōmajiHajimari no Chi!
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V
Japanese magazineV Jump 2016 #11
English magazineWeekly Shonen Jump
Volume3: "Swinging Pendulums of Destiny!"
Release dates
JapaneseSeptember 21, 2016
EnglishSeptember 26, 2016
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"Where It Began!" (始まりの地! Hajimari no Chi!) is the fourteenth chapter of the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V manga.

This chapter was first printed in Japanese in the November 2016 issue of V Jump, released on September 21, 2016, and in English in the September 26, 2016 issue of Weekly Shonen Jump.

Yuya is confronted by Reiji Akaba.


After a long-fought battle, Yugo has finally managed to defeat Ren, an intruder inside Yuya Sakaki's mind. However, they learn next-to-nothing nothing of their assailant, and are left to wonder when their hidden enemies will strike again. Meanwhile, Reiji Akaba travels to a reasearch station on the edge of Maiami City, which also contains a place from his past. While there, he claims a card that was created there for him. With it in hand, he swears to his long-gone father to finish what he started, and begins his hunt for Yuya Sakaki, the Phantom, personally.

At the Leo Corporation tower, Shun Kurosaki and Shingo Sawatari return from examining the fallout of Sora Shiunin's attempt to capture Yuya Sakaki. Sora had disappeared from the scene completely, and when they arrive, they see that Leo Corporation's President has disappeared as well. Without a word, Shun turns to leave, deciding to go to the excavation site where Reiji is sure to be. Shingo does remember the President mentioning something about an excavation, and wonders what they're digging up. The two depart for the excavation.

Back at their hideout, Yuya finally starts to stir, with Yuto and Yuri there to greet him as he wakes up. Yuya comments that his head feels weird, and asks how he got to the hideout. Yuto reminds him that he had Dueled against Sora Shiunin and sustained heavy injury. Yuya remembers that, and thanks Yuri for saving him in the Duel. Yuri continues that the trouble didn't stop there, as someone tried to attack his memories while he slept. Yugo managed to run him off, but his consciousness has been asleep since. Yuya asks what the attacker was like, but Yuri never saw his face behind the mask he wore. However, Yuri knows for certain that his Duel Runner came from the future, so this mysterious enemy has plenty of resources at his disposal to be able to cross time and dimensions.

Yuya is worried but unsurprised to hear this. He knew this third party would enter into the battle for Genesis Omega Dragon eventually. But he wonders why they went straight for his memory - perhaps to check their progress on finding G.O.D.? Yuri clarifies that he was in fact searching for something he called the "Adam Factor". Yuya is confused, and Yuri admits that nobody here knows what it is either. They did however, feel a great pulse deep in Yuya's heart, confirming that Yuya does possess something they don't know about. Yuya rises and checks his computer, asking how long he was out. Yuto replies he slept for a full day, but Yuya seems more preoccupied by something on his computer, to Yuto's worry.

At that moment, a voice calls out to Yuya, glad to see he's finally awake. Yuya turns and tells Yuzu Hiiragi, his manager and new roommate in his secret hideout, that he's feeling much better now. Yuzu offers to make some food for him with the groceries she left to buy (and that she'll be billing him for later), but Yuya declines for the moment. He has a friend coming over. Yuzu is naturally confused by Yuya saying that he not only has a friend, but that said friend is allowed to enter his "secret" hideout.

Yuya explains that he and his friend are from the same era, and are basically inseparable. He also asks Yuto and Yuri to disappear for a while, as he needs to talk to his friend alone. The two seem to understand who Yuya is talking about, and reluctantly agree to leave him be for now. Yuzu notes that "from the same era" is a funny way to describe a friend, but offers to help Yuya get ready. Yuya tells her that there's no need, as his friend has just arrived. Yuzu turns and sees a young man enter from the same staircase she just took, and Yuya introduces her to his friend Reiji Akaba.

Yuzu bows and introduces herself as politely as possible, but thinks to herself that she's heard that name before. Reiji coldly interjects that he and Yuya are not friends as he moves into the hideout. Yuzu asks a bit nervously about Reiji, and Yuya interrupts her question to confirm that yes, he's the President of Leo Corporation, the one who's been chasing him. Yuzu incredulously asks Yuya if he really just let his archenemy walk right into his hideout, and how he could have possibly found it. Yuya explains that someone tampered with his computer's security system, leaving him open for tracking.

Yuya apologizes to Yuzu, as despite only being so for a few days at most, this will probably be the end of her being his manager. Yuya doubts people survive long in a fight against Reiji Akaba. Yuya couldn't exactly find the time to come and teach at her family's school as promised... but then, that doesn't really bother him that much. He tells Yuzu that she can sell his things if he doesn't come back, and moves to stand in front of Reiji, ready to entertain his guest. Yuya snaps his fingers, and a trapdoor opens beneath the two Duelists, dropping them into a chute before closing again. Yuzu calls out Yuya's name, wondering what in the world is going on.

At the Leo Corporation excavation site and research station, Shun and Shingo walk down am underground passage, wondering what was so important that Reiji needed to dig up. They soon arrive at a metal door, and head inside. The interior looks like an office, though with all the furniture thrown haphazardly around the room, broken. Shingo wonders what this place is and why it was built underground. Shun notices a picture frame on the floor, the one thing in the room that doesn't seem broken. The picture depicts a younger Reiji Akaba, standing with a smile next to another man, presumably his father. On a nearby desk is a collection of advanced physics books and a calendar. Shun picks up the calendar and notices a disturbing detail - all of the dates are from more than twenty years in the future.

Underneath the hideout, Yuya and Reiji land from the chute in a natural cavern facing each other. On the ground nearby, Reiji sees an escape pod, and asks if this is where Yuya started in this time. Yuya states that it's the perfect place to fight Reiji, as it's where he ended up after his father Yusho Sakaki triggered the World Illusion. Yusho Sakaki, the father of Entertainment Duels, and who frequently collaborated with Leo Akaba in their research on Solid Vision. Yuya remembers his father often telling him of Doctor Akaba's son, who was said to be a Dueling genius. Reiji asks if Yuya knew his father, but Yuya had never met him personally.

But when he heard Reiji's name in this era, he knew that Reiji would come looking for him, and that their meeting was inevitable. However, Yuya questions if the two sons, who are practically strangers, really have to fight like this. Reiji admits that he has no true personal grudge against Yuya; however, being from the same destroyed future, it is their destiny to fight at this place and time. Reiji declares that he will stop Yuya no matter what, and that he will not allow Yuya to control G.O.D.. Yuya tries to explain that he doesn't want G.O.D. for the reasons Reiji thinks, but Reiji won't listen to Yuya's excuses: his father is dead because of Yusho Sakaki's actions.

The cavern is completely silent. Yuya sadly agrees with Reiji's accusation - that one is a memory he can't escape. The two Duelists prepare their Duel Disks, as Yuya declares that he's ready for the battle. Yuya begins to explain the rules of this Action Duel, but Reiji refuses to acknowledge the Entertainment Duel pioneered by Yusho Sakaki, and says that Yuya can have all the Action Cards. Yuya is disappointed, but not surprised by Reiji's declaration. He wouldn't want an unfair advantage though, so they'll conduct this Duel the old-fashioned way - a Master Duel without Action Cards.

From a distant place, Ren and his master Eve observe the Duel. Ren declares that this Duel will reveal if Reiji Akaba also possesses the Adam Factor that gives G.O.D. its eternal life. Yuya takes the first turn, declaring that the fun starts now.

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