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"An Unknown Enemy!"
Title page
EnglishAn Unknown Enemy!
Japanese name
RōmajiMichinaru Teki!
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V
Japanese magazineV Jump 2017 #3
English magazineWeekly Shonen Jump
Volume3: "Swinging Pendulums of Destiny!"
Release dates
JapaneseJanuary 21, 2017
EnglishJanuary 23, 2017
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"An Unknown Enemy!" (未知なる敵! Michinaru Teki!) is the eighteenth chapter of the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V manga.

This chapter was first printed in Japanese in the March 2017 issue of V Jump, released on January 21, 2017, and in English in the January 23, 2017 issue of Weekly Shonen Jump.

The clash between Yuya and Reiji meets an early conclusion when Ren suddenly appears in front of them, revealing a shocking truth about the Genesis Omega Dragon.


In the natural cavern below his hideout, Yuya Sakaki continues his Duel against Reiji Akaba, as he tries to not only convince Reiji of his innocence, but also make him smile at the same time. Reiji isn't having it, however, and using the power of the Pendulum Monsters developed by their fathers, he has pushed Yuya into a corner, not only destroying his most powerful monsters, but also sealing his Pendulum Summon. However, as Yuya begins his turn, he declares that he will perform an Overscale Pendulum Summon.

Reiji exlaims that, since his D/D Count Surveyor's effect has reduced the Pendulum Scale of the cards in his Pendulum Zone to 0, it should be impossible for Yuya to Pendulum Summon. Yuya explains that if his Pendulum Zones are filled, and he has an Odd-Eyes monster in Extra Deck, he can bypass the Pendulum Scale when he Pendulum Summons his next monster, and says that Reiji isn't the only one who possesses an extraordinary Dueling style. Yuya Pendulum Summons Odd-Eyes Phantasma Dragon, who possesses 3000 ATK and a Pendulum Scale of 0.

Yuya attacks Reiji's D/D/D Destiny King Zero Laplace with Odd-Eyes Phantasma Dragon. Reiji calls this a wasted effort, as when his monster battles, its ATK becomes double that of the monster it's battling. Zero Laplace's ATK rises to 6000, and Reiji declares that he will be the champion of this Duel. Yuya activates his own monster's effect in response. When it attacks a monster, that monster loses 1000 ATK for every Pendulum Monster in his face-up Extra Deck. Yuya currently possesses five - Odd-Eyes Phantom Dragon, Odd-Eyes Persona Dragon, and three copies of Performapal Card Gardna - and so Zero Laplace loses 5000 ATK, to 1000.

The attack continues, and an explosion rocks the cavern from the force of the clash, and a deep pulse emanates from within the Duelists themselves. From a distant place, Ren notes to his master Eve that the Adam Factor within the two Duelists has awakened, and are resonating with each other. Eve looks on silently with a smile. At that moment, Yuzu, Shingo, and Shun, who have finally found a way into the cavern, arrive, only to find a maelstrom of light and energy, with Yuya and Reiji in the center.

Finally, Phantasma Dragon seems to prevail over Zero Laplace; however, Reiji activates his monster's effect, negating its destruction and reducing the battle damage to 0. Yuya notices an anomaly in the storm around them as Reiji begins his turn, promising to show Yuya the true power his father entrusted to him. Yuya tells Reiji to wait and hear him out, saying that he can prove that there's another faction controlling Genesis Omega Dragon. However, Reiji shocks Yuya by declaring that he knows that already. Yuya wouldn't have brought him to a place as meaningful as this cavern without a good reason, and that reason must have been to lure someone else here.

Reiji Summons a monster, and a giant arm reaches out of the ground, high in the air above the Duelists. It seems to reach for something, right where the anomaly Yuya noticed was, and a what appears to be a floating camera is revealed. Reiji explains that when he was sent to this era, the shelter he had been in was located underground, and with no way to reach the surface again. However, a mysterious power surrounded him in a ball of light, pulling him through the earth and placing him on the surface, saving him. It was at that moment that Reiji knew there was an unknown power at play.

Yuya calls out to the camera for whoever is watching to reveal themselves and explain their connection to G.O.D.. The camera starts to crackle with power, and reveals itself not only as a camera, but a portal device, opening a path for a Duel Runner to come through, carrying a man in a white mask. The masked man says that it was time he introduced himself properly to the two Duelists, while Yuto and Yuri point out that he's in fact Ren, the one who infiltrated Yuya's memories and had Yugo on the ropes.

Ren introduces himself to Reiji, and says that G.O.D. is in the possession of his master, Eve. Their goal is simple: the true awakening of G.O.D.. By fate, he continues, the two Duelists before him have been chosen as the bearers of the Adam Factor. This power, alongside the Eve Factor possessed by his master, is the key to awakening G.O.D.'s power. This Duel has proven what they suspected, and that in due time, they will come forward to claim the Adam Factor from them. Reiji urges him to skip the waiting and fight him here and now. Ren states that unfortunately, there won't be time for that now.

At that moment, the ground beneath them begins to crack, and chunks of the ceiling begin to fall. The force of that last attack has weakened the cavern, and it is now about to collapse. Yuto urges Yuya to run, but Yuya stands watching Ren. Ren, for his part, bids the pair farewell, and says that he looks forward to Dueling them. Especially Yugo. And with that, he takes off back through the portal he came through, vanishing. Overlooking the cavern, Shun commands Yuzu and Shingo to run. Shingo asks if they should do something about President Akaba, but Shun insists that a mere cave-in isn't strong enough to kill him. Yuzu calls out to Yuya, but he stands silently as the cave falls around him.

Far above them, on ground level, a sinkhole opens as the cavern collapses. From the rubble, two figures burst out of the ground - Yuya riding Phantasma Dragon, and Reiji on Zero Laplace. Yuya calls out to Reiji, asking if he believes him now, that they share a common enemy. If they were to fight together, Yuya is sure they can win. However, even if a new foe has appeared, and Yuya is no longer an active enemy, Reiji hasn't forgiven Yuya's father for his actions. Reiji will defeat Eve and her entire group on his own. With that, he departs, and the Duel comes to an end. Yuto says that Reiji needs time to collect his thoughts on these developments. Yuya agrees, saying that Reiji will come around someday.

In another place, a voice calls out to Sora Shiunin, asking if he's forgotten about her. Sora, floating in a dream, says to his sister Miu Shiunin that he could never forget about her, and reaffirms his promise to create a world where they can be together. Sora suddenly wakes up with a start in a hospital room, attended to by a man in glasses, who reminds him that he's here due to injuries sustained during his Duel with Yuya Sakaki. Sora starts to remember the path that led him here, having manipulated a number of memories, his own included, to infiltrate the Leo Corporation. A voice calls out to him, saying that his true memories have truly returned. Sora turns to Ren, also watching over him, and realizes that this means the battle for Genesis Omega Dragon has begun.

Featured Duel: Yuya Sakaki vs. Reiji Akaba[edit]

Duel continues from the previous Scale.

Turn 7: Yuya
Since Yuya has a monster in his Pendulum Zone and an "Odd-Eyes" monster in his Extra Deck, he performs an Overscale Pendulum and Pendulum Summons "Odd-Eyes Phantasma Dragon" (3000/???) from his hand regardless of his Pendulum Scales. "Phantasma" attacks "D/D/D Destiny King Zero Laplace", with the latter's effect activating, making its ATK double the ATK of "Phantasma" ("Zero Laplace": ATK 0 → 6000). However, the effect of "Phantasma" activates as well, reducing the ATK of "Zero Laplace" by 1000 for each Pendulum Monster in Yuya's Extra Deck upon its attack; "Odd-Eyes Persona Dragon", "Odd-Eyes Phantom Dragon" and three copies of "Performapal Card Gardna" are currently in Yuya's Extra Deck, so the ATK of "Zero Laplace" is decreased by 5000 ("Zero Laplace": ATK 6000 → 1000). The attack continues, but Reiji activates the other effect of "Zero Laplace", preventing its own destruction as well as reducing the battle damage to Reiji to zero.

Turn 8: Reiji
Reiji plays a new card on his Duel Disk, which reveals Eve's camera-like device. Ren then shows up, interrupting the Duel, which ends with no result.

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this chapter. Cards in italics debuted here.