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"Yuya's Memories!"
Title page
EnglishYuya's Memories!
Japanese name
RōmajiYūya no Kioku!
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V
Japanese magazineV Jump 2017 #6
English magazineWeekly Shonen Jump
Volume4: "Immortal Beings!!"
Release dates
JapaneseApril 21, 2017
EnglishApril 24, 2017
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Next"Immortal Beings!!"
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"Yuya's Memories!" (遊矢の記憶! Yūya no Kioku!) is the twenty-first chapter of the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V manga.

This chapter was first printed in Japanese in the June 2017 issue of V Jump, released on April 21, 2017, and in English in the April 24, 2017 issue of Weekly Shonen Jump.

The rematch between Yugo and Ren continues; however, Yugo's consciousness starts to fade, and he is forced to switch places with Yuya. On top of that, Ren Summons his most powerful monster. Now, Yuya has to solve the mystery of Ren's monster's powers, or he has no hope to win.


Yuya Sakaki has lured Ren to a course of his choosing, prepared to finally begin the battle against the mysterious wielders of Genesis Omega Dragon. However, just before the Duel begins, Yugo takes over the body he shares with Yuya, declaring himself to be Ren's opponent while pushing Yuya down to the depths of his own heart so he can't overhear the Duel. Yugo begins his rematch with Ren, who no longer needs to hold back, struggling tooth and nail against Ren's superior Duel Runner. Meanwhile, Yuya wanders his own heart, until he comes across a large crater in the ground. From it, with the sound of a distant pulse in his ears, Yuya finds orbs of light in the ground, and he realizes these must be his true memories that he had lost.

In the real world, Ren commends Yugo for managing to keep pace so far. But now playtime is over, and he can show Yugo what true strength is. Ren begins his turn, and the next Action Card appears on the track. At that moment, everything seems to flicker to Yugo, as if he's blacking out, and he realizes that his consciousness is starting to wane again. He shakes it off, willing himself to hold on for the rest of the Duel at least. Yuri and Yuto notice that their phantom bodies are starting to become more and more transparent, and they realize that Yugo's fears are coming true: their time is running out. Yuto states that what happens to them isn't important - protecting Yuya is. And for that, they must place their hopes on Yugo to win this Duel.

Ren claims the turn's Action Card as he begins his turn. He uses the effect of his White Salvation still in play to add a White monster from his Graveyard to his hand. He chooses White Moray, which he then Normal Summons. With it, he declares that his Reincarnation Synchro will now enter a new dimension. Ren tunes the Level 2 White Moray to the Level 8 Tuner White Aura Whale (which became a Tuner after it was revived from the Graveyard) to Synchro Summon White Aura Biphamet, a two-headed behemoth with 3300 ATK.

Yugo isn't scared by Ren's monster, and activates his Clearwing Fast Dragon's effect. During either turn, he can negate one monster's effects on the field and reduce its ATK to 0 for the rest of the turn. Biphamet's ATK falls to 0, and the eyes on one of its heads seem to lose their glow, and Yugo begins making plans to get rid of it next turn. However, Ren attacks with his monster anyway, and to Yugo's confusion, Clearwing Fast Dragon is destroyed, and his LP fall by 800 to 3200. Ren laughs and declares that his monster's power is divine, and defies logic. He then activates the Action Card Double Banking, allowing him to discard another Action Card and allow his Biphamet to attack again, which will guarantee defeat.

Yugo activates his Set Sonic Cyclone, allowing him to destroy Spell or Traps on the field, up to the number of monsters that were destroyed this turn. Ren points out that he does control White Salvation and White Arbitration, but there would be little point in destroying them now. At that moment, Yugo's eyes go blank, and everything starts to blur much more intensly than earlier, and he realizes that he can't stop himself from blacking out this time. Yuri and Yuto realize that they'll have to leave the rest to Yuya, and silently tell him that they believe in him. Yugo himself grits his teeth, and wishes Yuya luck in figuring out the mystery to Ren's divine monster.

In a flash, Yugo disappears, and Yuya is now sitting on a Duel Runner running at hundreds of kilometers per hour. Naturally, Yuya nearly skids out and starts doing circles around the outside of the tunnel of the particle accelerator, trying to regain control of his Runner. Ren is shocked to see this performance, and realizes that Yugo is no longer with them. Yuya finally stabilizes, and tries to make sense of what's going on. He sees that the Duel has already begun, and a powerful-looking monster (Ren's ace?) is about to attack him. Yugo has also activated a Trap, but with no indication of how he meant to use it. Yuya is snapped out of his thoughts by Ren, who declares that he chose a bad time to show up, and that this next attack will seal his fate - and the Adam Factor he holds will be given to Eve.

However, his speech gives Yuya enough time to check his situation, and figure out Yugo's plan in an instant. Resolving Sonic Cyclone's effect, Yuya destroys Speedroid Hexasaucer in his Pendulum Zone, whose Pendulum Effect then allows Yuya to Special Summon it to his field in Attack Position when it's destroyed. However, with only 100 ATK, Ren notes that the move was pointless, as his monster's 3300 ATK will completely wipe out Yuya's 3200 LP anyway. But Yuya reveals Hexasaucer's monster effect, which halves the battle damage he takes, then inflicts that same damage to Ren instead. Hexasaucer is destroyed, and both players take 1600 damage, reducing Yuya to 1600 LP and Ren to 1150 LP.

Ren is amazed that Yuya could figure out Yugo's plan with only a glance at the field. Yuya agrees, wistfully saying that he believes they used to play a game like this together, a long time ago. Suddenly, Yuya feels he's back in time, playing with his friends Yugo, Yuri, and Yuto, who would create all sorts of convoluted Duel scenarios to solve. And now, it seems to have come in handy. Ren ends his turn, and Clearwing Fast Dragon's effect ends as well, returning Biphamet's lost ATK and effects. Yuya notes that when its effects returned, one of the heads' eyes seemed to light up. But more than that, Ren said that Biphamet had been affected by Clearwing Fast Dragon, but still attacked with its full ATK. In his head, Yuya hears Yugo's voice imploring him to solve the mystery.

Yuya begins his turn, and the next Action Card appears on the track, which is then immediately claimed by Ren. Yuya Summons Enter-Mate Rolling Sambaa, then Sets a card face-down before ending his turn. Ren begins his turn, and the next Action Card appears on the track, which he claims as well. Yuya notes that he's at a disadvantage without Action Cards, so he needs to hurry and take the lead. Ren notes that putting a monster with 300 ATK in Attack Position means that Yuya is trying to lure him into attacking before springing a trap; however, Ren won't fall for it. Ren activates the Action Card Reverse Lock, preventing Yuya from activating his Set Spells/Traps this turn.

Ren attacks Rolling Sambaa with White Aura Biphamet, but Yuya activates his monster's effect, allowing him to change his monster to Defense Position and negate Biphamet's attack. However, Ren declares the onslaught is only beginning, and commands White Aura Biphamet to attack Rolling Sambaa again, which it does, seemingly in defiance of all rules. Yuya activates Marble Machine's Pendulum Effect, changing Rolling Sambaa back to Attack Position, and preventing it from being destroyed this turn. That won't stop damage, however, and the attack continues. Yuya activates Rolling Sambaa's second effect to banish a Spell/Trap from his Graveyard and prevent battle damage from this attack. He banishes Sonic Cyclone. Rolling Sambaa is still standing, and Yuya as well.

Ren activates White Salvation's effect to add White Moray from his Graveyard back to his hand, then sets a card face-down to end his turn. Yuya studies Ren's divine creature, and thinks to himself that unless he can find a way past its mysterious double attack, he'll never be able to win.

Featured Duel: Yugo/Yuya Sakaki vs. Ren[edit]

Duel continues from the previous Scale.

Turn 3: Ren
Ren obtains an Action Card. He activates the effect of "White Salvation", adding "White Moray" from his Graveyard to his hand, which he subsequently Normal Summons (600/200). Ren tunes "White Moray" to his now tuner "White Aura Whale" to Synchro Summon "White Aura Biphamet" (3300/???). Yugo activates the effect of "Clearwing Fast Dragon" to reduce the ATK of "Biphamet" to 0 ("Biphamet": ATK 3300 → 0); regardless, "Biphamet" attacks and destroys "Clearwing" (Yugo 4000 → 3200).[Notes 1] Ren then activates the Action Card "Double Banking", sending "Full Fairing" from his hand to the Graveyard to allow "Biphamet" to attack a second time. "Biphamet" attacks Yugo directly, but Yugo activates his face-down "Sonic Cyclone", allowing him to destroy Spell/Trap Cards up to the number of monsters that were destroyed this turn.

At this point, Yugo switches places with Yuya.

Yuya understands Yugo's intentions and uses the effect of "Sonic Cyclone" to destroy "Speedroid Hexasaucer" in his Pendulum Zone. This activates the effect of "Hexasaucer", allowing Yuya to Special Summon it in Attack Position (100/1600). "Biphamet" attacks and destroys "Hexasaucer", but the Monster Effect of "Hexasaucer" activates, halving the battle damage to Yuya and inflicting the same amount of damage to Ren (Yuya 3200 → 1600) (Ren 2750 → 1150). During the End Phase, the effect of "Clearwing" wears off and "Biphamet" regains its ATK and effect.

Turn 4: Yuya
Ren obtains an Action Card. Yuya Normal Summons "Enter-Mate Rolling Sambaa" (300/800) and Sets 1 card.

Turn 5: Ren
Ren activates the Action Card "Reverse Lock", preventing Yuya from activating his Set cards this turn. He attacks "Rolling Sambaa" with "Biphamet", but Yuya activates the former's effect, switching its battle position to negate the attack. Despite that, "Biphamet" attacks "Rolling Sambaa".[Notes 1] Yuya activates the effect of "Speedroid Marble Machine" in his Pendulum Zone, switching "Rolling Sambaa" back to Attack Position and preventing its destruction by battle or card effects this turn. The attack continues, but Yuya activates the other effect of "Rolling Sambaa", banishing "Sonic Cyclone" from his Graveyard to reduce the battle damage to zero. Ren activates the effect of "White Salvation", adding "White Moray" from his Graveyard to his hand, and Sets 1 card.

Duel continues in the next Scale.

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this chapter. Cards in italics debuted here.



  1. a b The effect of "White Aura Biphamet" is still kept as a secret at this point.