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"The Devil Wears Jersey"
George Jersey challenges Yudias to a Rush Duel.
George Jersey challenges Yudias to a Rush Duel.
Japanese name
Japaneseジャージを着た悪魔 –
RōmajiJāji wo Kita Akuma
TranslatedThe Devil Wears Jersey
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!!
Japanese OP"Mirage"
Japanese ED"One Way"
ScreenplayMatsui Aya
DirectorSasaki Yuzo
StoryboardKondo Nobuhiro
Air dates
JapaneseJuly 10, 2022
Yu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!! episodes (season 1)
Previous"Client: London"
Next"Duel Ghost"
Featured card

"The Devil Wears Jersey" is the fifteenth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!! anime. It first aired in Japan on July 10, 2022.

In order to look for Yuna Goha, Yuhi and co. head to the Alien Residential Area. However, just as they begin their search, three siblings who call themselves the Jersey Devils block their path. With the mysterious power known as "Duel Power" at stake, Yudias and the eldest brother George Jersey begin their Duel!


On the train to the Alien Residential Area, Yuhi repeats Yuna Goha's name and Yuamu muses that she's heard it before. Yudias asks if there are any further clues, but only a crude sketch of Yuna has been included and the Ohdo twins note London can't draw to save his life, though Yudias believes the drawing to resemble an alien from the Ske Tch system. Yuhi images the sketch's hair being tentacles and asks if it's even real, but Yuamu has found something else in the envelope: three bottlecaps with an "R" inscribed on them and "Rush Battler" written on the inside. Yuhi's inquisitive tapping causes his bottlecap to flash an holographic graph of a bottle slightly filled with red, though Yuamu is still at a loss as to why they'll need them.

After disembarking the train and riding an escalator, the twins recall Mr. Tazaki's initial refusal to let them go to the Alien Residential Area on account of the bad aliens that live there. Once they reach the foyer and enter through a massive door, they marvel at the bustling city with a sky resting atop various supports, aliens of all shapes and sizes moving through the streets. Yuhi is shocked this is underground and his hair spikes at the presence of so many aliens, while Yuamu takes notice of the patches of metal surrounding the supports and Yudias realizes it's a skyscreen, small glitches rippling across it as lightning crackles over a jagged building. Yuamu comments that the technology here is something else and greedily comments that this place smells of money as they walk down the street. They hear a voice declaring his turn and drawing a card, and see several aliens Rush Dueling. Yuhi is eager to Duel, though Yudias has to remind him they're looking for someone and Yuamu agrees their work takes priority, much to Yuhi's disappointment.

As the UTS crew walk away, three pairs of red eyes shine from an alleyway, belonging to three draconian aliens. A blue-skinned alien wonders who these new faces are and a purple-skinned one believes he's seen them before. The third brown-skinned one recognizes Yuhi, Yuamu and Yudias from the Underground Pirate Channel and the second pink-skinned alien asks if they were the ones Dueling with their adorable Manya Atachi. The blue-skinned alien finds their appearance on television with Manya to be impertinent and suggests they teach them a lesson. With a cry of "jersey" they leap out of the alleyway an onto a plinth ahead of Yudias and the Ohdo twins, the blue-skinned alien claiming this is their turf and they'll have to pay the cost. Yudias and the twins are confused by the notion and two of the aliens realize this is the first time the group have been to the Alien Residential Area. Yuhi angrily asks why that matters and the lead alien steps forwards and declares they shall teach them, starting with them, his fellows crying "jersey". The first alien declares the red of his jersey is the red of passion, always aiming for the very top while dyed in the colors of the sunset: he is George Jersey. The second declares the blue of his jersey to be the blue of calm, and he is always cool and in charge of info: he is Jouge Jersey. The third alien declares the green of his (tattered) jersey to be the green of tackiness, always rooted firmly in the earth of the common folk, and he is the muscle of the group, Ofuruno Jersey, and together they are the Jersey Devils.

Yuhi and Yuamu sweatdrop, but Yudias has recognized them as being from the Jersey Devil Planet, a world on the outskirts of the outskirts of space, and Jouge and Ofuruno tear up over Yudias knowing of their homeworld as he's the first to have done so since they came to Earth. Yuamu and Yuhi note that the planet really must be obscure if Yudias saying its name was enough to bring the two Jersey Devils to tears and Jouge asks Yudias what planet he's from. Yudias explains he's from the Velgear Star Cluster, impressing Jouge and Ofuruno due to Velgear being considered an "urban" world, something they themselves dream of. George angrily calls them idiots and asks what they're saying, and as his brothers apologize, George challenges Yudias to a Rush Duel, much to Yudias and the twins' surprise. George isn't happy that Yudias shared the screen with their beloved Manya and is from an urban planet and vows to beat Yudias black-and-blue in a Rush Duel until he pays his cost. Yuamu and Yuhi are still confused by their statement, so Jouge offers to explain and has George show them his own Rush Battler. George projects the bottle graph, but the red in his bottle is two-thirds full and Jouge explains the cost they mean is the Duel Power shown in the Rush Battler. The Ohdo twins repeat the term and Jouge explains that Duel Power represents the strength a Duelist exudes; greater Duel Power brings greater wealth, power and respect. George proudly declares that one gets more Duel Power by being stronger in Rush Duels and Yuamu deduces the loser of a Rush Duel will pay Duel Power to the winner, believing it to be a great business chance and fantasizing about being carried on a platform with Yudias by the Jersey brothers if Yudias wins. She tells Chief Yudias to accept the Duel for the sake of UTS, though George wonders if it will go so smoothly and Ofuruno claims George is super strong. Yuhi claims Yudias is super strong too, Valvelgear popping out of Yuhi's backpack to cheer Yudias' name with him, and Yudias accepts the challenge, transforming into his true form with a cry of "Velgear Riva!" They head to a circular building to Duel on the rooftop, George Jersey and Yudias Velgear stating their names and then inserting the Decks into their Duel Disks with a cry of "Go Rush!!" to deploy the blades and the holographic dome.

George declares his turn and jersey draw, his hand containing "Full Jersey", three "Bean Soljersey", and "Cannon Soljersey". He Summons two of the "Bean Soljerseys" and "Cannon Soljersey", then puts one "Bean Soljersey" in the laundry basket, terminology that confuses Yuhi until Yuamu notes George likely means his Graveyard. The cost allows George to activate the effect of "Cannon Soljersey", inflicting 500 damage to Yudias. Yudias gasps the damage as "Cannon Soljersey" blasts purple lightning at him, reducing him to 3500 LP and George asks him how that was, explaining that he paid the cost of a single monster to activate the effect of "Cannon Soljersey" He claims knowing when to pay costs is the mark of a Rush Dueling Expert, so this makes him super amazing, his brothers agreeing he's the best. Yudias is shocked that costs are so important and the Ohdo twins sweatdrop and admit they certainly aren't unimportant as George Summons another "Bean Soljersey" and Sets a card to end his turn.

Yudias declares his turn and Velgear Draw, his hand containing "Galactica Force", "Nova Spark", "Shadow Sentinel", "Vortex Shooter", and "Transamu Rainac". He Summons "Vortex Shooter", "Shadow Sentinel" and "Transamu Rainac", then Sets two cards, prompting Jouge and Ofuruno to note he paid no costs and must not be a very skilled Duelist. Yudias grits his teeth as Yuhi tells him he's got this, and Yudias vows to destroy all of George's monsters, attacking a "Bean Soljersey" with "Transamu Rainac". But George activates the Trap Card "Full Jersey", declaring he will pay his second cost with himself, much to Yudidas' surprise. He pays 500 LP, and is shocked by electricity as he falls to 3500 LP, but warns Yudias he'll get a taste of his own medicine, as "Full Jersey" increases the ATK of all monsters he controls by 500 until the end of the turn: "Cannon Soljersey" to 1900 ATK and the two "Bean Soljersey" to 2000 ATK each. Yuamu notes that "Bean Soljersey" has higher ATK than "Transamu Rainac" now and Yuhi admits George is tough as "Transamu Rainac" clashes blades with "Bean Soljersey", resulting in its destruction and Yudias falling to 3100 LP, Yudias gasping the damage. He admits the power of a cost is strong and George laughs as Yudias ends his turn, returning the ATK of George's monsters to normal.

George declares his turn and a Jersey Draw, drawing "Back Jersey", two "Penguin Soljersey", "Black Luster Soljersey", and "Black Luster Jersey Ritual". Once again he puts a "Bean Soljersey" in the laundry basket to activate the effect of "Cannon Soljersey" and the twins gasp as "Cannon Soljersey" inflicts 500 more damage to Yudias, blasting purple energy at him as he gasps the damage and falls to 2600 LP. Yudias gasps that George paid the cost again and George adds that "Shadow Sentinel" will also lose 500 ATK, much to Yudias' shock. "Cannon Soljersey" surrounds "Shadow Sentinel" with lightning, reducing it to 1000 ATK as Jouge and Ofuruno laugh and Yuhi whispers Yudias' name. Yudias observes this to be the power of a cost and George laughs, noting Yudias is in awe of his power and suggesting he show him something else. He Summons "Penguin Soljersey" and then puts an outfit (the other "Penguin Soljersey") from his hand into the laundry basket to activate its effect, Yuhi and Yuamu gasping that George used another monster as a cost. George explains that the effect will return "Vortex Shooter" and "Shadow Sentinel" to Yudias' hand, his brothers cheering as Yudias repeats the location in shock before "Penguin Soljersey" taps the two monsters, returning them to Yudias' hand. Then George puts "Penguin Soljersey" and "Bean Soljersey" into the laundry basket to activate the Spell Card "Black Luster Jersey Ritual", chanting "One jersey shall merge with light, the other jersey shall merge with darkness. Between the jerseys of light and darkness the gate to the chaotic jersey world is opened! Take flight, soldiers of jersey! Arm yourselves in jersey cloth! Special Summon! Black Luster Soljersey!"

The jersey-clad "Black Luster Soljersey" appears with 2500 ATK and Yudias, Yuhi and Yuamu gasp in shock. George explains that the effect of "Black Luster Jersey Ritual" will increase the ATK of "Black Luster Soljersey" by 500 until the end of the turn, and Yudias gasps as "Black Luster Soljersey" rises to 3000 ATK, George adding that its attack will pierce and it can't be destroyed by Trap Cards. Yuhi and Yuamu warn Yudias that he'll lose if "Black Luster Soljersey" attacks him directly, but Yudias activates a Trap Card since his opponent Special Summoned, "Nova Spark", which allows him to Special Summon up to two Galaxy Type Normal Monsters from his hand. Jouge and Ofuruno gasp as Yudias Special Summons "Vortex Shooter" and "Shadow Sentinel" and George curses that he couldn't finish it. Jouge and Ofuruno reassure him it's okay, but Yuamu has noticed something: if George had waited until after Summoning "Black Luster Soljersey" to use the effect of "Penguin Soljersey", he would have won the Duel. Yuhi gasps and the Jersey brothers scream in horror, Yudias playfully noting that it was a misplay unbecoming of a Rush Dueling expert, something Jouge and Ofuruno agree with as George blushes, at least until George gets mad and they back away. Warning Yudias the Duel isn't over yet, George Sets a card and attacks "Shadow Sentinel" with "Black Luster Soljersey's" "Chaos Nylon Blade" attack, destroying it and reducing Yudias to 1100 LP as he gasps the 1500 damage. Yuhi cries Yudias' name and George celebrates dealing a ton of damage to Yudias, then orders "Cannon Soljersey" to attack "Vortex Shooter", destroying both monsters. George ends his turn, returning the ATK of "Black Luster Soljersey" to 2500.

Yudias declares his turn and a Velgear draw, drawing "Mobius Discharge", "Galactica Oblivion", "Vortex Shooter", "Interstellime", and "Asteroeva". He Summons "Asteroeva", "Interstellime" and "Vortex Shooter", then Tributes "Asteroeva" and "Interstellime" to Tribute Summon, chanting "As the ship of memories revolves around the cosmic skies of oblivion, the stars and planets swirling through the heavens call upon the name hidden in their chests! Take flight! Galactica Oblivion!" The twins gasp happily and Yudias looks at his Set "Galactica Force", believing he can do this, but George suddenly pays the cost of 500 LP to activate his "Back Jersey" Trap. Yudias is shocked at another cost and George explains that it will increase the ATK of "Black Luster Soljersey" by 500 and then take five of Yudias' jerseys from his laundry basket and return them to his drawers. Yuhi is confused by the term draws, though Yuamu realizes George means the Deck as Yudias inserts his five monsters back into his Deck. Yudias realizes in dismay that he can no longer pay the cost to activate "Galactica Force" and notes that matters concerning costs are truly vital. George laughs, believing Yudias can no longer make a move, though Yuhi and the Velgians aboard Valvelgear encourage him. Yudias looks at the only card in his hand, "Mobius Discharge", and decides that he'll simply have to attain the cost he lacks.

George gasps "What?!" as Yudias sends the top three cards of his Deck - Transamu Rainac", "Silver Seyfert", and "Bright Sentinel" - to the Graveyard to activate "Mobius Discharge", reducing the ATK of "Black Luster Soljersey" by 200 for each card he sent, 600 in this case. George gapes in shock as "Black Luster Soljersey" falls to 2400 ATK and then Yudias returns the three cards from his Graveyard to his Deck to activate "Galactica Force". George yelps in fear as Yudias explains that "Galactica Oblivion" and "Vortex Shooter" will gain 300 ATK for each Normal Monster they control until the end of the turn. George panics as "Galactica Oblivion" and "Vortex Shooter" gain 900 ATK, Jouge gasping that Yudias made his own cost and Ofuruno asking if he was a Rush Dueling expert all along. Yudias declares he has taken a single step on the stairway of becoming a Cost Expert, or rather five steps. The Ohdo twins call Yudias' name happily and Yudias orders "Galactica Oblivion" to attack "Black Luster Soljersey" with "War To Zen! Awesome True Goodnight!" destroying it with forks of lightning. George yelps the 1000 damage as he falls to 2000 LP and Yudias tells George Jersey that this is the end, ordering the final blow from "Vortex Shooter", which slings its discs at George and compresses him, George gasping the 2300 damage as his brothers hang onto his pants, the force of the attack knocking him out of them and wiping out his LP.

The Rush Battler holograms appear, Yudias' increasing and George's dropping, and Yuhi cheers that Yudias got more Duel Power. Yuamu praises Yudias' work, and Yudias replies "UTS!" After Yudias returns to his human form, all six of them dig into the Ohdo twins' bento, which the Jersey brothers find delicious, much to the twins' shock. Jouge comments that Big Mommy Jersey used to make food like this and the three brothers tear up, though the twins are distracted by the notion of what Big Mommy might look like. Yudias explains to George they came to the Alien Residential Area in search of someone and George dries his tears and asks what kind of alien they're after. Yuamu shows them the sketch Kirishima drew, explaining they're looking for a human named Yuna Goha. Unfortunately the Jersey brothers also mistake the picture for a Ske Tch alien, much to Yuamu's dismay. George admits they haven't heard about any humans and Jouge notes there are two possibilities; either Yuna has wandered the streets unseen by anyone, or she has ended up on the dark side of town. Yuamu and Yuhi are surprised by the term and Ofuruno explains that a different and darker world exists on the other side of the town, George grimly noting that those who live there are evil to the bone. Yudias cheerfully asks which way they have to go to meet them and George points out the danger and asks if Yudias is sure he wants to go. Yudias looks to the twins, who confirm they want to go and are aware of the dangers, and Yudias agrees, stating that he will pay any cost to help someone in need. George is impressed and Jouge suggests they hit up the Informant, who George explains is the only one who knows anything about the other side, though Ofuruno notes they don't know who or where he is. The twins exchange glances and Yuamu thanks the Jersey brothers for telling them, George blushing and pointing out that everyone becomes friends after Dueling, a statement his brothers heartily agree with. As a green streak dashes across the sky, Yudias, Yuhi and Yuamu run to the edge of the platform with Valvelgear and look out towards the dark side, Yudias suggesting to the twins they be off, and they reply "UTS!"

Featured Duel: Yudias Velgear vs George Jersey[edit]

Turn 1: George
George's hand contains "Full Jersey", three copies of "Bean Soljersey", and "Cannon Soljersey". George Normal Summons two copies of "Bean Soljersey" (1500/500) and "Cannon Soljersey" (1400/500). George activates the effect of "Cannon Soljersey", sending a monster with 500 DEF he controls to the Graveyard to inflict 500 damage to Yudias, then reduce the ATK of a face-up monster Yudias controls by 500 until the end of the turn. He sends a "Bean Soljersey" to the Graveyard (Yudias: 4000 → 3500 LP). George Normal Summons "Bean Soljersey" (1500/400). George Sets a card.

Turn 2: Yudias
Yudias' hand contains "Galactica Force", "Nova Spark", "Shadow Sentinel", "Vortex Shooter", and "Transamu Rainac". Yudias Normal Summons "Vortex Shooter" (1400/1000), "Shadow Sentinel" (1500/100), and "Transamu Rainac" (1600/0). Yudias Sets two cards. "Transamu Rainac" attacks a "Bean Soljersey". As a monster Yudias controls declared an attack, George activates his Set Trap Card "Full Jersey", paying 500 LP (George: 4000 → 3500 LP) to increase the ATK all face-up monsters he controls with 500 DEF by 500 until the end of the turn ("Bean Soljerseys": 1500/500 → 2000/500, "Cannon Soljersey": 1400/500 → 1900/500). The attack continues and "Transamu Rainac" is destroyed (Yudias: 3500 → 3100 LP). During the End Phase, the effect of "Full Jersey" expires ("Bean Soljerseys": 2000/500 → 1500/500, "Cannon Soljersey": 1900/500 → 1400/500).

Turn 3: George
George draws "Back Jersey", two copies of "Penguin Soljersey", "Black Luster Soljersey", and "Black Luster Jersey Ritual". George activates the effect of "Cannon Soljersey", sending a "Bean Soljersey" to the Graveyard (Yudias: 3100 → 2600 LP) and chooses "Shadow Sentinel" ("Shadow Sentinel": 1500/100 → 1000/100). George Normal Summons "Penguin Soljersey" (800/500). As "Penguin Soljersey" was Normal Summoned this turn, George activates its effect, sending a monster with 500 DEF from his hand to the Graveyard to return up to two Level 4 or lower monsters Yudias controls to the hand. He sends "Penguin Soljersey" from his hand to the Graveyard and returns "Shadow Sentinel" and "Vortex Shooter" to Yudias' hand. George activates the Spell Card "Black Luster Jersey Ritual", sending two monsters he controls to the Graveyard to Special Summon "Black Luster Soljersey" from his hand, and if he does, this turn it gains 500 ATK, it cannot be destroyed by Yudias' Trap effects, and it inflicts piercing battle damage. He sends "Penguin Soljersey" and "Bean Soljersey" to the Graveyard and Special Summons "Black Luster Soljersey" from his hand (2500/500 → 3000/500) in Attack Position. As George Special Summoned a monster, Yudias activates his Set "Nova Spark", allowing him to Special Summon up to three Galaxy Normal Monsters from his hand. He Special Summons "Shadow Sentinel" (1500/100) and "Vortex Shooter" (1400/1000) from his hand, both in Attack Position. George Sets a card. "Black Luster Soljersey" attacks and destroys "Shadow Sentinel" (Yudias: 2600 → 1100 LP). "Cannon Soljersey" attacks "Vortex Shooter", destroying both monsters in a double KO. During the End Phase, the effect of "Black Luster Jersey Ritual" expires ("Black Luster Soljersey": 3000/500 → 2500/500).

Turn 4: Yudias
Yudias draws "Mobius Discharge", "Galactica Oblivion", "Vortex Shooter", "Interstellime", and "Asteroeva". Yudias Normal Summons "Vortex Shooter" (1400/1000), "Interstellime" (1000/0), and "Asteroeva" (900/100). Yudias Tributes "Interstellime" and "Asteroeva" to Tribute Summon "Galactica Oblivion" (2500/2500). As Yudias Normal Summoned a Level 5 or higher monster, George activates his Set Trap Card "Back Jersey", paying 500 LP (George: 3500 → 3000 LP) to increase the ATK of a face-up monster he controls with 500 DEF by 500 until the end of the turn, then he can shuffle up to five monsters in Yudias' Graveyard into his Deck. He chooses "Black Luster Soljersey" ("Black Luster Soljersey": 2500/500 → 3000/500), then shuffles "Transamu Rainac", "Shadow Sentinel", "Vortex Shooter", "Interstellime", and "Asteroeva" from Yudias' Graveyard into his Deck. Yudias activates the Spell Card "Mobius Discharge", sending cards from the top of his Deck to the Graveyard equal to the number of Normal Monsters on the field to reduce the ATK a monster George controls by 200 for each card sent to the Graveyard with this effect. He sends "Transamu Rainac", "Silver Seyfert", and "Bright Sentinel" from the top of his Deck to the Graveyard and chooses "Black Luster Soljersey" ("Black Luster Soljersey": 3000/500 → 2400/500). Yudias activates his Set Spell Card "Galactica Force", shuffling three Galaxy Type Normal Monsters from his Graveyard into his Deck to increase the ATK of all face-up Galaxy Type Normal Monsters he controls by 300 for each Normal Monster on the field. He shuffles "Transamu Rainac", "Silver Seyfert", and "Bright Sentinel" from his Graveyard into his Deck ("Galactica Oblivion": 2500/2500 → 3400/2500, "Vortex Shooter": 1400/1000 → 2300/1000). "Galactica Oblivion" attacks and destroys "Black Luster Soljersey" (George: 3000 → 2000 LP). "Vortex Shooter" attacks George directly (George: 2000 → 0 LP).

Featured cards[edit]

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