Yu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!! - Episode 016

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"Duel Ghost"
The "ghost" appears to Yuhi in the bathroom mirror.
The "ghost" appears to Yuhi in the bathroom mirror.
Japanese name
RōmajiDyueru no Bōrei
TranslatedDuel Ghost
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!!
Japanese OP"Mirage"
Japanese ED"One Way"
ScreenplayHiguchi Tatsuto
DirectorNakamura Yuto
StoryboardMori Takeshi
Air dates
JapaneseJuly 17, 2022
Yu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!! episodes (season 1)
Previous"The Devil Wears Jersey"
Next"Information, You Sky?"
Featured card"Interstellime"

"Duel Ghost" is the sixteenth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!! anime. It first aired in Japan on July 17, 2022.

Yuhi and co. heard from George that there’s an informant who knows where Yuna is. Unable to find the informant, they returned to UTS. As Yuhi was taking a bath to relax, the light suddenly turned off. He then heard a creepy chorus…


In the Alien Residential Area, Yuhi hails a tall furry alien and asks if it knows anything about the Informant. The alien claims that it knows everything about the universe, but when asked where the Informant is admits there are still mysteries in the universe and leaves. Yuhi's hair wilts as he complains this one didn't know anything either, recalling that Jouge and George Jersey told them about the Informant, but they still haven't found him. Yuamu notes that it's strange that everyone they talked to clearly knows of the Informant, but have never met or even seen him and Yuhi wilts, protesting they can't find Yuna Goha without the Informant's help. A tone then sounds, explaining to everyone that it's 5 o'clock and telling them to do their homework and hurry to the gravity well and remember to brush their ctenochaetus before bidding them goodbye for the day. As the aliens begin to amble away, Yuhi yelps that he hasn't done his homework either, so he, Yuamu and Yudias return to the train station, Yuhi vowing they'll be back tomorrow for the Informant and Yuna Goha as well. A green streak dashes behind them and Yudias gasps in notice, but dismisses the sensation as nothing when queried by the Ohdo twins and enters the carriage with them.

Back at the UTS office the adult employees welcome the twins and Yudias back from the Alien Residential Area, then twins sheepishly claiming this is too much and Yudias thanking them. Mr. Tazaki admits they're glad to see them return safely and Yuamu thanks them for the bento, Yudias adding that it was delicious. Mr. Yagi gasps "Oh my Salt" and Ms. Maki is relieved to hear they liked it, as they're still rolling up dinner, Ms. Purisaki adding the bath is hot and ready. Yuamu offers for Yuhi to bathe first since she still has business reports to write, and as Yuhi heads inside happily Tazaki asks Yuamu how their request went. Yuamu admits they couldn't find either Yuna Goha or the Informant and Tazaki asks if she told Kirishima. Yuamu admits she tried to call his company, but it didn't connect, and nor did his pager.

As Tazaki wonders what's going on Yuhi suddenly runs out screaming in fear, wearing a towel and with suds in his hair. Yuamu, Tazaki and Yudias ask in shock what's wrong and Yuhi claims to have seen a ghost while he was washing his hair. He remembers singing as he scrubbed, only for a voice to warn him not to come back before singing "sky, sky, sky". Yuhi initially brushed it off as his imagination, but the voice warned him he would get into trouble and the lights went out. Yuhi had thought it was a power outage until he saw his red-eyed reflection warning him not to go underground again, a sight that had sent him screaming from the room. Yudias gasps in shock and Yagi steps out, having checked the bathroom and found no-one, and while Yuamu and Tazaki shrug and brush it off, Yuhi still doesn't want to go back in alone. Purisaki and Maki are both sympathetic, and Yagi offers to accompany Yuhi so they can wash one another's backs. He asks if Yudias would like to join them, but Yudias stammers that he would like to refrain, as surely there can't be anything in an empty room. Yuhi tugs Yudias' belt and asks if he's scared too, Yagi wondering if aliens are also afraid of ghosts. Yudias denies that he is, so Yuhi tells him to come with them and Yudias shakily agrees. As the three of them head back inside, Yuhi suggests Yagi and Yudias can help him with his homework later too, though both of them immediately tell Yuhi absolutely not. Yuamu notices Yuhi's hair suddenly spike up and calls Mr. Tazaki's name, Tazaki noticing and replying "UTS!"

The following morning Yuamu emerges from her room ready to find Yuna Goha today for sure, but as she suggests they be off to Yuhi in his room, Ms. Purisaki comes running in, crying they have a situation. All their mirrors have been taken outside and dumped, and Yudias wonders who would do this, but Tazaki reveals it was Yuhi, having turned on the security cameras just as Yuamu had asked and showing Yuhi carrying a mirror outside as green streaks dash across the camera. Yuamu asks Yuhi, who is huddled in a corner under a blanket, why he did that, and Yuhi claims they told him to and said bad things would happen if he didn't (the paper he's holding bearing the words "throw out your mirrors" repeatedly). Yudias spots the words and Yuamu asks Yuhi who told him to throw out the mirrors, but Yuhi doesn't respond. Purisaki recalls the previous night's incident and Yudias recalls that Yuhi claimed someone spoke to him in the bathroom and asks if this was them. Yuhi doesn't reply, but Mr. Omaeno does, screaming that it's a ghost. Yudias screams in terror himself and Omaeno explains that Yuhi must have been possessed by a Rush Dueling ghost, further stating a Rush Duel to be a clash of strong emotions that could attract ghosts. Yuamu asks if a ghost is haunting Yuhi just because he likes Rush Dueling, though Omaeno tells her that whether she believes it or not is up to her. Yudias notes the battlefield swarms with the regrets of fallen soldiers and asks if Rush Dueling has them too, and Yagi observes that Yudias really is afraid of ghosts, though Yuamu brusquely states that ghosts haven't been proven to exist and wonders why this one asked Yuhi to get rid of the mirrors. Yuhi suddenly panics and grabs Yagi's teapot, terrified by the reflective surface and crying that no reflections can remain, and then by the spoon and Yagi's tea tray. Yuamu tries to get Yuhi to calm down as Yuhi next freaks out over the television screen and covers it with a newspaper. Purisaki, Yagi and Omaeno are all convinced Yuhi is indeed being haunted by a Duel Ghost, Omaeno ducking out of the way of the thrown teapot as he again states that whether or not they believe it is up to them. Yudias is freaked out as well but tries to calm Yuhi down, though Yuhi just runs screaming from the room.

As Yudias goes after him, Yuamu sighs and then spots something out of the corner of her eye - the name "Yuna Goha" on the newspaper. She picks up the newspaper, reading that the self-proclaimed student of noodle dipping, Menjaburo Oomori, has gone missing, last seen at Ramen Hut talking with an elementary student named Yuna Goha. Tazaki holds up a scrapbook, having been researching Yuna Goha and collecting articles within it. As Yudias tries to talk down Yuhi (who is now covering the windows with newspaper) Yuamu reads an article from the scrapbook on how after independent reporter Netsuzo Shinjitsu went missing after he interviewed Yuna Goha, the elementary school-age president of Goha Company, the company who created Rush Dueling. Yuamu realizes this was where she'd heard Yuna's name before. Tazaki confirms she is and Yuamu realizes that people who have talked to Yuna have gone missing as well. Tazaki believes they'll find more examples if they keep looking, but no sooner has he said such the door slams on its own. Yuamu opens the door to the room where Yudias and Yuhi are, the windows now completely covered in newspaper, but a window suddenly opens and blows the articles on Yuna out of the book. Yudias quickly slams the window shut and asks what happened, Tazaki gasping the window opened on its own and Omaeno believing a poltergeist to be responsible. Yudias is worried by the mention of the Duel Ghost, while Yuhi hears the voice telling him not to search for them and he agrees out loud. Yuamu repeats his statement and wonders if Yuhi is under orders from someone, much to Yudias' surprise, Yuamu suggesting someone is trying to keep them from finding information on Yuna Goha. Yudias asks who it could be, and Yuamu declares it isn't a ghost, but someone who lives and breathes.

She suggests they go back to the underground to look for the Informant again, much to Yudias' surprise, and no sooner has she said so the room begins to shake and Yuhi sees cracks in the newspaper, protesting that he doesn't want to go back underground to look or search for them. Yuamu admits it's unfortunate, so she has Yudias grab Yuhi so they can leave. Once Yuhi is tied up in a futon and carried no Yudias' shoulder, Yuamu declares a UTS Special Emergency Alert and the adult employees all call "UTS!" As the all run through Mutsuba Town, Yuamu says "U want a reflective rosom" and Tazaki repeats the phrase, the adults calling "UTS" and peeling off. Yudias asks Yuamu what that was and Yuamu explains that Yudias is new and hasn't experienced a UTS Special Emergency Alter yet, where the employees speak to one another in a code called the UTS cipher to prevent information leaking, though she'll teach it to him later. A green streak dashes into a traffic light, turning it red, in addition to all the others on the street, and Yuamu notes someone is really trying to keep them away from that information and leads Yudias down an alleyway. She deduces this to be how they manipulated Yuhi, and Yudias protests there was no-one on the camera, wondering if they're dealing with an invisible foe and realizing that the presence he sensed underground was real. Yuamu believes they followed them back from the underground, so there must be clues to their identity there they can find and suggests they do, Yudias replying "UTS" in affirmation as a streak dashes past them. It breaks the leash of the blue-haired girl's bulldog and hits it in the face, sending it running at Yuamu and Yudias, but Yuamu came prepared and pacifies it with a bone.

As they pass a park, Yuamu receives a call from Mr. Tazaki, telling her everything is ull tes, but then a soccer ball is bounced towards them, though Yuamu also came prepared for this and swats the ball away with a pan. As Yudias watches the ball twinkle in the sky he asks how Yuamu is able to deal with attacks from their unseen enemy, and Yuamu admits there's no way to know everything about an alien, from their abilities to their personality, so she's always ready for anything, imagining new scenarios and preparing new solutions so she can always be ready when an alien shows up. Yudias sees, and then they stop and see the adults waving to them from a nearby rooftop, Yagi holding skewers with his grill in front of him that Yuamu focuses on with binoculars and she says "UTS" in satisfaction, much to Yudias' interest. Then green letters begin appearing on nearby signs and buildings warning them not to look and not to search, but Yuamu smiles and comments that whoever tries to interfere will always leave clues behind to their antics. Yudias is surprised and Yuamu points out it's like the saying "if thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss gazes back into thee". The creature opposing them can't be seen on camera or by the naked eye, and can order Yuhi around and change signage on a whim, but it doesn't seem to be able to directly stop them. Yudias realizes Yuamu is correct and Yuamu asks what he thinks they'll do with this information, though Yudias is thinking about Yuamu's scenarios and agrees this applies to who he Duels as well; how they play, any weaknesses of their style, he must anticipate and react to his opponent's moves and this is the essence of Rush Dueling. Remembering Yuamu using "Blue-Tooth Burst Dragon" against Manya, thinking that even against opponents whose cards are a mystery one must stay unperturbed to respond to their moves. As they run, he deduces Yuamu to be Rush Dueling even though she isn't using any cards.

They pass a building marked "3rd Street 8 building" and Yuamu says "thaut builtings Yuuditass" and Yudias finally realizes what the UTS cipher is and replies "UTS!" Once they enter, the lights begin to dim as the streaks enter them and Yuamu worries they'll soon make the place totally dark. Yudias asks what they should do and Yuamu claims to be out of counters, so Yudias tells her to leave this to him and transforms into his true form with a cry of "Velgear Riva!" before deploying his Yudias Eye, beams of light from his eyes that light their path. She leads Yudias downstairs to an open door, but the streaks begin to swarm Yudias' eyes as he cries in pain and Yuamu reassures him it's just a little further and drags him through the doorway and into a room. Yudias transforms back into his human form and then the door closes behind them, but while Yudias is worried, Yuamu giggles and thanks their pursuer for following them all the way here. Yudias asks what the noise is and Tazaki's voice suddenly tells Yuamu their operation was a success. As Yudias asks if that was Tazaki's voice, Yuamu explains it was all thanks to Yudias and when he asks what's going on, Yuamu explains that earlier Mr. Yagi sent them three smoke signals and held up eight skewers, meaning their destination was the eighth building on 3rd Street. Yudias realizes Yuamu's suggestions they go underground had been misdirection and admits one must fool their allies to also fool their enemies, though he doesn't know why they're in this room.

Yuamu tells him she'll show him now and orders the adults to do it, the adults replying "UTS!" and switching on the lights to reveal they're in a mirrored room save a black tarp, which Tazaki, Yagi and Purisaki drop to reveal themselves. Yuamu explains she gave an order to create a room full of mirrors and congratulates Yudias on picking up the UTS cipher so quickly. Yudias says his name as Yuamu had (Yuuditass) and admits to having realized when Yuamu said his own name; the UTS cipher uses the letters "U" "T" and "S" in between words and letters randomly. Yuamu congratulates Yudias on passing new employee training, and when Yudias inquires again about the room of mirrors, Yuamu explains the creature didn't want anyone to see their reflection and thus had the mirrors at the UTS office removed, so Yuamu believed they could reveal their identity with a mirrored room. Yudias realizes their aversion to mirrors gave away their identity and Yuamu adds she already knew who they were, holding up a photo of Yuhi with a mirror to show a glowing green snake-like creature in it. She explains they moved too quickly to be seen even though they were present, addressing the creatures as "Mr. Skyfish". Yudias is confused by the name and Yuamu explains that skyfish are a mysterious life form that fly at ultra high speeds by flapping fin-like wings, whose existence can be confirmed but not caught.

The skyfish suddenly begin to coalesce, much to the adults' surprise, and the voice that spoke to Yuhi muses that their policy of not appearing as the informant has become proof of their existence. Yuhi pops his head out of the mattress on Yudias' shoulder and yelps it's the Duel Ghost; Yudias has to reassure him it isn't a ghost. The voice comments that they were so mean to surround shy beings like them with mirrors and the collection of skyfish transform into a human form with green hair and a grey hat and overcoat. Everyone else gasps and Yuamu notes they must be the Informant: the being introducing themselves as Fisher Sukai, the Alien Informant, and presumably Yuamu is the young lady looking for information (three stray skyfish popping up to sing "sky sky sky" and form the "To Be Continued" words).

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. No cards debuted here. Cards that appeared in the opening can be found here.