Yu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!! - Episode 017

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"Information, You Sky?"
Fisher Sukai powers up their monsters.
Fisher Sukai powers up their monsters.
Japanese name
RōmajiJōhō Desukai?
TranslatedInformation, You Sky?
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!!
Japanese OP"Mirage"
Japanese ED"One Way"
ScreenplayNomura Yuichi
DirectorKomai Katsuyuki
StoryboardYamada Hiroyuki
Air dates
JapaneseJuly 24, 2022
Yu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!! episodes (season 1)
Previous"Duel Ghost"
Next"The Great Prophecy of Nomuratodamas"
Featured card"Red-Boot Boost Dragon"

"Information, You Sky?" is the seventeenth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!! anime. It first aired in Japan on July 24, 2022.

The informant, Fisher Sukai, has appeared. Ever since that incident with Zuwijo, Sukai has been very interested in Yudias. Yuamu wants more information on Yuna, so she challenges Sukai to a Duel, with information about Yudias as a bargaining chip. A high-level Information Warfare Duel ensues!


Yuhi breaks out of the mattress on Yudias' shoulder, protesting that Fisher Sukai isn't a ghost at all. Sukai splits back into the skyfish and forms into a face to spook Yuhi, while Yuamu explains they're looking for information on a human girl who went missing in the Alien Residential Area; the president of the Goha Company that created Rush Dueling, Yuna Goha. Yuamu adds that they won't be expecting the info for free as Sukai coalesces back into their human form and suggests they Rush Duel over the information. Sukai is intrigued and Yuamu suggests they might be able to get information on them that no-one else has if they Duel, emphasizing the "might". Sukai repeats her statement, Yuamu noting they must love getting information due to being an Informant and Sukai admitting that as a Skyfish alien, made up of a combined consciousness, new info is their absolute favorite food as they glow green and peel off a few skyfish. However, they don't believe Yuamu has anything new to offer them. Yuhi claims there's plenty as Sukai reforms and claims that Mr. Tazaki and the others have been practicing a song for Yuamu's secret birthday party, much to Yuamu's surprise and the dismay of Tazaki, Mr. Yagi and Ms. Purisaki, who beg Yuhi to keep quiet. Sukai chimes in that they decided on a comedy routine since they were all tone deaf, much to Yuhi's shock (and the shame of the adults) and Sukai reminds Yuhi that he and Yuamu are twins, Yuhi realizing it was meant as a surprise for him too. Purisaki declares Yuhi hid a test he got a zero on under his bed, much to Yuhi's' dismay, though Sukai adds that Valvelgear leaked oil on the sheets and thus they needed to be washed. Poor Yuhi can barely cope with the revelation, while Yudias admits that he's not very good at draining water while making yakisoba, but has finally overcome this trial as of yesterday. Sukai points out that he was actually draining udon that day, which requires hot water and Yudias curses in Velgian, while Yuhi is on his hands and knees, shocked that Sukai even knows how many requests he's failed and Tazaki cries that Sukai knew how many cucumbers he'd been pickling (and forgot about). Sukai admits to Yudias that they watched the broadcast between him and Zuwijo, much to Yudias' alarm, and they admit they've been interested in Yudias since, so they dug up info on UTS for even the smallest bits they could find on Yudias and there clearly isn't anything they don't know. But Yuamu insists there is with a smile, and Sukai admits it seems they can't end this without breaking Yuamu's confidence in a Rush Duel. Before they Duel, Sukai reminds them they aren't very comfortable around mirrors, so they adjorn to the top of the building, where Yuhi complains of the dark and calls on Valvelgear to light the area. Yuamu holds up her Deck and Fisher Sukai declares their motto to be "they who control information control the universe...and sky" as several of their skyfish swarm around with cards, concentrating them into a Deck box. Yuamu declares that she is UTS' president Yuamu Ohdo, and they both inserts their Decks into their Duel Disks with a cry of "Go Rush!!" to deploy the blades and the holographic dome.

Sukai takes the first turn and draws, their hand containing "Devilcaris Trident", "Golondrinas Roar", "Rainbow Rod", "Sky Fossil Cambroraster", and "Sky Fossil Lyrarapax", and they Summon "Sky Fossil Lyrarapax" and "Sky Fossil Cambroraster". Yuhi asks if the monsters are the ghosts of fossils and bites his tongue trying to say "Lyrarapax", while Sukai Sets three cards and ends their turn.

Yuamu declares her turn and draws, her hand containing "1seg Wurm", "Blue-Tooth Burst Dragon", "Applizard", "Paxcylinder", and "Stemagic". She Summons "1seg Wurm" and activates its effect, Special Summoning a monster from her hand whose Level is equal to the Levels of the monsters Sukai controls, noting the total Levels of Sukai's monsters to be 7. Yuhi and Yudias gasp eagerly as Yuamu chants "Super high-speed access with top-notch pairing! Emerging from the sea of electrons, it descends upon us! Come out! Blue-Tooth Burst Dragon!" Sukai chuckles as Yuamu sends "!seg Wurm" to the Graveyard as per its effect, and they activate a Trap Card, "Rainbow Rod", returning a WIND Zombie Type monster they control to their hand and then increasing the ATK of all non-LIGHT monsters they control by 500. Adding "Lyrarapax" to their hand, the ATK of the 1500 ATK "Cambroraster" rises to 2000, though Yuhi believes "BLue-Tooth" will still tear it apart. But Yuamu Summons "Applizard", grimly noting that if Sukai hadn't raised the ATK of "Cambroraster" she could have used the effect of "Blue-Tooth" to destroy all Sukai's monsters with 1500 or less ATK, and Yuhi gasps that Sukai avoided having their field wiped, while Yudias wonders if it was really a coincidence or if Sukai knew Yuamu would Summon "Blue-Tooth". Suai smiles and Yuamu frowns, then Sets two cards of her own and declares battle, attacking "Cambroraster" with "Blue-Tooth" and chanting "Mega, giga, tera, peta! Lag-free playback even with large files! I'll blow you away with the highest bitrate possible! Burst Streaming of Destruction!" But Sukai activates another Trap, "Golondrinas Roar", returning "Cambroraster' to their hand and preventing LIGHT monsters from attacking for the rest of the turn. Everyone gasps in shock as the energy in "Blue-Tooth's" jaws dissipates, and Yuamu can only end her turn.

Declaring their turn, Sukai draws four cards, their hand now containing "Sky Fossil Anomalocaris", "Golondrinas Jail", "Sky Fossil Hurdia", "Lyrarapax", and "Cambroraster". They Summon "Sky Fossil Hurdia", "Camroraster" and "Lyrarapax", then Tribute "Cambroraster" and "Hurdia" to Tribute Summon, chanting "Fossils...information given to us of ancient times. By discovering the most powerful fossils buried...Sky Fossil Anomalocaris!" Now's your time to revive, sky!" "Sky Fossil Anomalocaris" appears with 2500 and Sukai activates the effect of "Lyrarapax" since Yuamu controls a LIGHT monster, forcing them both to send three cards from the top of their Decks to the Graveyard. Sukai a second "Hurdia", "Cambroraster" and "Lyrarapax" from his Deck and Yuamu sends "Dragosite", "Update Wyvern", and "Alpha Burn Drake", and Sukai smiles, explaining that since they sent a WIND Zombie Type monster to the Graveyard they can add one to their hand. Yuhi wonders why Sukai is acting so confident when all they did was get a monster back as Sukai Summons the "Cambroraster", then activates the Field Spell "Golondrinas Jail", surrounding them in neon blue bars. As Yudias asks what this is in shock, Sukai explains that the effect of the Field Spell reduces the ATK of LIGHT monsters by 100 for each LIGHT monster in the Graveyards. Yuamu gasps and Yuhi protests Yuamu's Graveyard is nothing but LIGHT monsters; with four, Yuamu's monsters lose 400 ATK each. Yagi notes this was what Sukai was grinning about and Purisaki notes that this Skyfish alien knew all along the president would be using a LIGHT Deck. Sukai also activates the "Spread of Information" effect of "Anomalocaris" by sending their third "Cambroraster" from the top of their Deck to the Graveyard, increasing the ATK and DEF of all monsters on the field by 600 until the end of the turn, though this effect will only apply to non-LIGHT monsters. Yuamu gasps and Yuhi cries "What?!" as Sukai's monsters power up, and Yudias realizes that Sukai had claimed to know everything about UTS, which would include Yuamu's Deck. The adults gasp and Yuhi protests Yuamu will be at a severe disadvantage if her entire decklist is known. Sukai smiles and declares battle, attacking "Applizard" with "Lyrarapax" and destroying it to reduce Yuamu to 3200 LP. Yuhi cries his sister's name, realizing she now has another LIGHT monster in her Graveyard that further reduces the ATK of "Blue-Tooth" to 2000, and Tazaki adds that the Informant still has the 2100 ATK "Cambroraster" and the 3100 ATK "Anomalocaris" to attack for a total of 5200 ATK. Yagi gasps that it's 3200 more than the current ATK of "Blue-Tooth" and Purisaki cries that the president only has 3200 LP and this is bad.

Sukai orders "Anomalocaris" to kindly attack "Blue-Tooth", but as a LIGHT monster was targeted for an attack Yuamu can activate her "Paxcylinder" Trap Card, reducing the ATK of the attacking monster by 100 times its Level until the end of the turn. "Anomalocaris" falls to 2400 ATK as it charges into "Blue-Tooth" and impales its belly, destroying it and reducing Yuamu to 2800 LP. Yuhi is relieved that his sister will hang on with a few LP and Yagi claims that if Sukai's Deck is full of LIGHT counters, Yuamu just needs to fight back with LIGHT support, though Purisaki worries it's easier said than done. Sukai politely asks "Cambroraster" to attack directly, reducing Yuamu to 700 LP. Yuamu falls to her knees and Sukai ends their turn, returning the ATK of their monsters to normal. Sukai claims Yuamu can't make any moves according to the info they have and Yuamu glares at him defiantly.

She gets up, declares her turn, and draws five cards as Yuhi whispers her name and the adults look on in concern. Yuamu examines her hand and smiles, Summoning "SSD Drake", whose ATK is reduced to 100, and Yuhi notes the effect of the Field Spell "Golondrinas Jail" is still in play. Yuamu explains she can send a Spell or Trap from her hand to the Graveyard to activate the effect of "SSD Drake" since Sukai controls a monster, and to Suaki and Yuhi's surprise she discards the Trap Card "Dark Revelation", allowing her to Special Summon two monsters from her Graveyard in face-up Defense Position. As "Dragosite" and "Alpha Burn Drake" appear on Yuamu's field, Tazaki celebrates two LIGHT monsters leaving her Graveyard, rising the ATK of "SSD Drake" to 300. Sukai meanwhile is wondering why Yuamu has "Dark Revelation" in her Deck, as while it's a strong card it's useless outside of a Spellcaster Deck. Yuamu Tributes "Alpha Burn Drake", chanting "Two cores overclocked! Parallel processing at explosive speeds! Dual Coretls! Tribute Summon!" With another LIGHT monster in Yuamu's Graveyard the ATK of her monsters falls further, Yuhi lamenting the effect and Tazaki noting that Yuamu will have more LIGHT monsters in her Graveyard the more times she Tribute Summons stronger monsters, Purisaki yelped the jail gives her the jitters. Yuamu then sends a Spell or Trap from her hand to the Graveyard to activate the Spell Card "Stemagic", and this time she discards the Spell Card "Royal Rebel's Echo". Sukai gasps the card's name as Yuamu discards it and draws a card with the effect of "Stemagic", and Sukai asks why Yuamu's Deck is full of cards she can't use, as they had no info on them.

But them a booster pack wrapper blows out of Yuamu's pocket and hits Yudias in the face, much to Sukai and Yuhi's surprise. Sukai gasps that it can't be, and Yuamu claims to have predicted that Sukai would also know everything about her Deck, so when the area was still dark she opened a pack and inserted the contents randomly into her Deck. Sukai is shocked Yuamu would go so far, though Yuamu points out Sukai wouldn't have missed any information on them, so this was the only way to fool them. Sukai protests that Yuamu also doesn't know what cards are in her Deck and Yuamu agrees; now she doesn't know the possibilities of her Deck and that's what's interesting about Rush Dueling. Yudias agrees, the adults nodding in agreement too, and Yuamu adds that since she sent a Spell to the Graveyard to activate "Stemagic", she can draw another card. As she prepares to draw, Sukai protests that even if cards exist in her Deck they haven't prepared for, like "Dark Revelation", she probably can't use them anyway, and hypothetically even if there were the chance she'd draw it would be low. But Yuamu notes that she doesn't know whether she will draw the card, and no-one knows what the future holds. That's why it's so great and exciting, just like the moment one opens a new card pack.

She draws her card, looks at it, and smiles, Sukai gasping "No way!" and Yuhi gasping happily. Yuamu Tributes "Dragosite" and "SSD Drake" to Tribute Summon, chanting "Watts are volts and amps! Now it's time to switch on the acceleration with the strongest hertz! Rise and shine! Red-Boot Boost Dragon!" "Red-Boot Boost Dragon" appears with 2400 ATK and Sukai smiles as the ATK of "Dual Coretls" falls to 1000 due to two more LIGHT monsters being in Yuamu's Graveyard, but to their shock the ATK of "Red-Boot" remains unchanged and they realize it's a DARK monster, Yuhi celebrating the fact this means the effect of "Golondrinas Jail" won't affect it. Tazaki and Yudias celebrate too, and Yuamu sends the top card of her Deck to the Graveyard to activate the effect of "Dual Coretls", increasing its ATK by 400 and allowing it to attack monsters twice, though it can't attack directly. Sukai protests that it's futile, but Yuamu claims everything is ready, much to their shock, and Yuamu sends a card from her hand to the Graveyard to activate the Spell Card "Superscalar Scale", increasing the ATK of "Dual Coretls" and "Red-Boot" by 700 until the end of the turn. Yuhi celebrates the ATK of "Red-Boot", now 3100, rising higher than "Anomalocaris", though Sukai isn't worried due to having the Trap "Devilcaris Trident" Set, which can be activated when Yuamu declares an attack and increase the ATK of their WIND Zombie Type monsters by 200 for every LIGHT monster in Yuamu's Graveyard, so Yuamu will be doomed when she attacks them.

But Yuamu activates the effect of "Red-Boot", choosing up to seven Dragon Type monsters in her Graveyard and inflicting 100 damage to Sukai for each. Sukai is jolted by red and black lightning, falling to 3300 LP, and Yuamu adds that "Red-Boot" also gains the same amount of ATK, bringing it to 3800, then she returns the chosen monsters to her Deck. Yuhi notes happily that Yuamu doesn't have any LIGHT monsters in her Graveyard anymore, Yudias adding the Field Spell "Golondrinas Jail" will have no effect as the ATK of "Dual Coretls" rises to 2800. Sukai can only yelp "sky!" as Yuamu declares battle, attacking successively with "Dual Coretls", which breathes fire that consumes "Cambroraster" and "Lyrarapax", Sukai yelping "sky!" again as their LP falls to 1800, then to 500. Yuamu orders the finishing blow, and "Red-Boot" surrounds itself in fire as it attacks with "Dark Giga Flare", slamming into "Anomalocaris" and destroying it. Sukai's LP fall to zero as they are blasted into their separate skyfish.

As the moon emerges from behind the clouds, Valvelgear switches off its spotlight, and Sukai, now back in their human form, comments on the notion of being unbound by information and believing in future possibilities as one Duels, thanking Yuamu for informing them of this new and exciting information. Yuamu sweetly asks Sukai if they can tell them when Yuna Goha is, but Sukai sheepishly admits they don't know that information, as even they have been unable to find it. The twins are immensely disappointed to learn this, until Sukai points out that itself is a valuable piece of information, since while they can come and go as they please there is a place even they can't enter: at the center of the Alien Residential Area, Badloon Castle, and that should be the only place Yuna could be. Yuhi repeats the name, and Sukai explains only a select few can enter, as the place is run by the Rovian Bandits. The mention of bandit excites Yuamu, as she believes that will mean treasure, and Sukai admits even they can't get close to the Rovian Bandits and thus they don't have any information on them. Yuamu scowls, but Yudias notes this matches up with what the Jersey Brothers told them about the dark side of the Alien Residential Area. Yuamu asks Sukai how they can enter Badloon Castle, and Sukai explains they'll need to obtain the Macho Rank, the highest rank in the residential area. Yuhi asks where they can train to become Macho, and Sukai tell him they'll have to keep winning and obtaining Duel Power. Yuamu is dismayed they'll just have to work for the result, and Sukai offers her some valuable information in return for the information she gave them: the quickest way to raise their rank will be to Duel in the Coruffium, a term that Yudias, Yuhi and Yuamu repeat in confusion.

Featured Duel: Yuamu Ohdo vs Fisher Sukai[edit]

Turn 1: Sukai
Sukai's hand contains "Devilcaris Trident", "Golondrinas Roar", "Rainbow Rod", "Sky Fossil Cambroraster", and "Sky Fossil Lyrarapax". Sukai Normal Summons "Sky Fossil Cambroraster" (1500/0) and "Sky Fossil Lyrarapax" (1300/0). Sukai Sets three cards.

Turn 2: Yuamu
Yuamu's hand contains "1seg Wurm", "Blue-Tooth Burst Dragon", "Applizard", "Paxcylinder", and "Stemagic". Yuamu Normal Summons "1seg Wurm" (700/1100). As Yuamu controls no other monsters, she activates the effect of "1seg Wurm", Special Summoning a monster from her hand whose Level equals the combined Levels of all face-up monsters Sukai controls, then send "1seg Wurm" to the Graveyard. Sukai controls the Level 4 "Cambroraster" and the Level 3 "Lyrarapax", so Yuamu Special Summons the Level 7 "Blue-Tooth Burst Dragon" (2500/1500) from her hand in Attack Position, then sends "1seg Wurm" to the Graveyard. As Yuamu Normal or Special Summoned a monster, Sukai activates their Set Trap Card "Rainbow Rod", returning a WIND Zombie Type monster they control to their hand, then increasing the ATK of all non-LIGHT monsters they control by 500 until the end of the turn. They return "Lyrarapax" to their hand ("Cambroraster": 1500/0 → 2000/0). Yuamu Normal Summons "Applizard" (1500/0). Yuamu Sets two cards. "Blue-Tooth Burst Dragon" attacks "Cambroraster", but as a monster Yuamu controls declared an attack, Sukai activates their Set Trap Card "Golondrinas Roar", returning a WIND Zombie Type monster they control to their hand and negating that attack, and if they do, LIGHT monsters Yuamu controls cannot declare an attack for the rest of this turn. They return "Cambroraster" to their hand.

Turn 3: Sukai
Sukai's hand contains "Sky Fossil Anomalocaris", "Golondrinas Jail", "Sky Fossil Hurdia", "Lyrarapax", and "Cambroraster". Sukai Normal Summons "Sky Fossil Hurdia" (0/1500), "Cambroraster" (1500/0), and "Lyrarapax" (1300/0). Sukai Tributes "Cambroraster" and "Hurdia" to Tribute Summon "Sky Fossil Anomalocaris" (2500/0). As Yuamu controls a LIGHT monster, Sukai activates the effect of "Lyrarapax", sending the top three cards of both player's Decks to the Graveyard, then Sukai can add a WIND Zombie Type Normal Monster from their Graveyard to their hand. Sukai sends "Hurdia", "Cambroraster" and "Lyrarapax" from their Deck and "Dragosite", "Update Wyvern", and "Alpha Burn Drake" from Yuamu's Deck to the Graveyard, then adds a "Cambroraster" from their Graveyard to their hand. Sukai Normal Summons "Cambroraster" (1500/0). Sukai activates the Field Spell Card "Golondrinas Jail". The effect of "Golondrinas Jail" reduces the ATK of all LIGHT monsters on the field by 100 for each LIGHT monster in each player's Graveyard ("Blue-Tooth Burst Dragon": 2500/1500 → 2100/1500, "Applizard": 1500/0 → 1100/0). As Yuamu controls a monster, Sukai activates the effect of "Anomalocaris", sending the top card of their Deck to the Graveyard to increase the ATK of all all non-LIGHT monsters on the field by 600 until the end of the turn ("Lyrarapax": 1300/0 → 1900/0, "Anomalocaris": 2500/0 → 3100/0, "Cambroraster": 1500/0 → 2100/0). "Lyrarapax" attacks and destroys "Applizard" (Yuamu: 4000 → 3200 LP) ("Blue-Tooth Burst Dragon": 2100/1500 → 2000/1500). "Anomalocaris" attacks "Blue-Tooth Burst Dragon", but as a LIGHT monster Yuamu controls was targeted for an attack, she activates her Set Trap "Paxcylinder", decreasing the ATK of the attacking monster by its Level x 100 until the end of the turn. "Anomalocaris" is Level 7 ("Anomalocaris": 3100/0 → 2400/0). The attack continues and "Blue-Tooth Burst Dragon" is destroyed (Yuamu: 3200 → 2800 LP). "Cambroraster" attacks Yuamu directly (Yuamu: 2800 → 700 LP).

Turn 4: Yuamu
Yuamu Normal Summons "SSD Drake" (700/300 → 100/300). As Sukai controls a monster, Yuamu activates the effect of "SSD Drake", send a Spell/Trap from her hand to the Graveyard to Special Summon twoLevel 4 or lower Dragon Type Normal Monsters from her Graveyard in face-up Defense Position. She sends "Dark Revelation" from her hand to the Graveyard and Special Summons "Dragosite" (0/1500) and "Alpha Burn Drake" (600/1000 → 200/1000) from her Graveyard in face-up Defense Position ("SSD Drake": 100/300 → 300/300). Yuamu Tributes "Alpha Burn Drake" to Tribute Summon "Dual Coretls" (1700/0 → 1200/0)("SSD Drake": 300/300 → 200/300). Yuamu activates her Set Spell Card "Stemagic", sending a card from her hand to the Graveyard to draw a card, and if she sends a Spell to the Graveyard for the requirement of this effect, she can draw an additional card. She sends the Spell Card "Royal Rebel's Echo" from her hand to the Graveyard, so she draws two cards. Yuamu Tributes "SSD Drake" and "Dragosite" to Tribute Summon "Red-Boot Boost Dragon" (2400/1700) ("Dual Coretls": 1200/0 → 1000/0). Yuamu activates the effect of "Dual Coretls", sending the top card of her Deck to the Graveyard to increase its ATK by 400 until the end of the turn, also for the rest of this turn, it can attack monsters twice, also it cannot attack directly. She sends an unknown card from the top of her Deck to the Graveyard ("Dual Coretls": 1000/0 → 1400/0). Yuamu activates the Spell Card "Superscalar Scale", sending a card from her hand to the Graveyard to increase the ATK of up to two face-up Dragon Type monsters she controls by 700 until the end of the turn. She sends an unknown card from her hand to the Graveyard and chooses "Red-Boot Boost Dragon" and "Dual Coretls" ("Red-Boot Boost Dragon": 2400/1700 → 3100/1700)("Dual Coretls": 1400/0 → 2100/0). Yuamu activates the effect of "Red-Boot Boost Dragon", choosing up to seven Dragon Type monsters in her Graveyard and inflicting damage to Sukai equal to the chosen number x 100, then "Red-Boot" gains the ATK equal to the chosen number x 100 and the chosen monsters are shuffled into the Deck. She shuffles "SSD Drake", "Applizard", "Alpha Burn Drake", "Update Wyvern", "1seg Wurm", "Dragosite", and "Blue-Tooth Burst Dragon" from her Graveyard into her Deck ("Red-Boost Boost Dragon": 3100/1700 → 3800/1700) (Sukai: 4000 → 3300 LP)("Dual Coretls": 2100/0 → 2800/0). "Dual Coretls" attacks and destroys "Lyrarapax" and "Cambroraster" (Sukai: 3300 → 1800 → 500 LP). "Red-Boot Boost Dragon" attacks and destroys "Anomalocaris" (Sukai: 500 → 0 LP).

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here. Cards that appeared in the opening can be found here.