Yu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!! - Episode 021

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"Intruders Breaking the Ru-ru-ru-ru-rules"
The Ohdo twins and the Jersey Devil brothers sneak through Badloon Castle.
The Ohdo twins and the Jersey Devil brothers sneak through Badloon Castle.
Japanese name
RōmajiShinnyūsha Rūru Yabutterururururu
TranslatedIntruders Breaking the Ru-ru-ru-ru-rules
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!!
Japanese OP"Mirage"
Japanese ED"One Way"
ScreenplayTatsuto Higuchi
DirectorMasato Miyoshi
StoryboardNobuhiro Kondo
Air dates
JapaneseAugust 21, 2022
Yu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!! episodes (season 1)
Previous"Yuna Goha"
Next"The Queen of Badloon Castle"
Featured card"Sevens Road Magician"

"Intruders Breaking the Ru-ru-ru-ru-rules" is the twenty-first episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!! anime. It first aired in Japan on August 21, 2022.

Yuhi and co. return to the surface to do some sleuthing about Yuna Goha. However, even though they're about to start their investigation, Yudias is nowhere to be found. As they investigate the Goha Company, a fragment of Fisher Sukai, Navel No. 81, informs them that Yudias is in danger.


Venus Ganiko throws Yudias, Yuamu and Yuhi out of the Coruffium, telling them they aren't allowed in without Duel Power and having another alien throw their bag to them. Yudias begs them to wait, as they must speak to Yuna Goha, but Ganiko leaves without heeding him and Yuhi struggles to get up, but soon collapses and Yuamu is unable to move at all. Yuhi asks why they can't move when they have no Duel Power as Ranran walks up to them, explaining that the Alien Residential Area was built in an area with abnormal gravity by coincidence and shows them a ring on her finger, which was made to allow one to move freely in the Alien Residential Area: the device for Maintaining Internal Kinetics, or MIK Ring. Yudias and Yuamu repeat the name and Manabu and Nyandestar, also wearing the rings, walk up beside Ranran, Manabu explaining the ring contains the very best of MIK's technology and Ranran explains that Rovian stole and analyzed one, then created their own version to allow people to move around in the weird gravity: the Rush Battlers, and thanks to them the aliens can move around freely, something she finds concerning. Yuhi holds out his Rush Battler and asks if Rovian made it, admitting they're pretty good and Yuamu asks what kind of person Rovian is. Ranran confirms MIK are investigating Rovian, but they have continued to evade their grasp and haven't slipped up once, so the three of them had best stay out of this. Once Ranran leaves Yuhi tries and fails to move again, and Manabu tells him it's impossible to move in that state and suggests they head back to the surface.

Once they're onboard the train Yuhi continues to groan over how heavy it is and Manabu reassures him they're almost there. Sure enough their Rush Battlers begin to glow and Yuhi finds he can move when he examines it, Yudias sitting up and noting they must have left the bounds of the abnormal gravity, while Yuamu notes they've managed to get home after all. But Yudias is still downcast over Yuna taking his Duel Disk.

Once they get back to the UTS office, Mr. Tazaki yells that this is why he told them not to go down there, and as Yudias, Yuhi and Yuamu bow in apology he asks what they would have done had a nasty alien kidnapped them when they couldn't move, Ms. Purisaki agreeing they should be grateful that Manabu brought them home as Mr. Yagi and Ms. Maki look on. Tazaki tells them they won't go there again and Yudias sighs "Jo jon du" sadly, while Yuhi and Yuamu apologize, though Yuhi points out they harvested some crops since they found Yuna Goha underground and Tazaki has to rein him in. Yuamu admits that it's got more confusing, as she'd assumed Yuna had been kidnapped by the Rovian Bandits, and Yuhi imitates Yuna's admiration of Rovian, commenting it seemed more like they were friends. Tazaki asks in confusion if Yuna is staying underground of her own volition and Yuamu admits she wanted to make sure but Yuna got away, a statement that hits Yudias hard.

Yuamu asks Tazaki if he was able to contact London Kirishima and Tazaki admits they haven't been able to, so Yuamu rings Manya Atachi instead. Manya greets Yuamu with her usual greeting, though gets disgruntled when she realizes it's Yuamu because she didn't need to act. Manya asks why Yuamu is calling, and when Yuamu asks if London Kirishima is there, Manya states that's what she wants to know, as Kirishima has completely disappeared and left his work in a mess for her to manage (with Bochi hurriedly answering several phones at once). Yuamu comments that it's as she thought and Manya asks if she knows where Kirishima is, but Yuamu claims she doesn't and apologizes for calling while Manya is busy before hanging up, though Manya knows Yuamu was lying because of her bad acting and puts down the phone, muttering London Kirishima's name thoughtfully. Back at UTS, Tazaki notes the mystery has deepened if their client, London Kirishima himself, has gone missing and Purisaki adds that he won't be around to pay them for their job, Maki noting they seem to have been rolled up in something strange. Yuamu wonders if this was even a real job from the beginning and Tazaki asks her what they should do. Yuamu thinks for a moment and Yuhi protests Yuamu can't be thinking of giving up now since they found Yuna Goha and UTS always complete whatever jobs they accept. Purisaki and Maki are surprised by Yuhi's motivation, though Yuamu notes he just wants results as soon as possible so he can get promoted. Yuhi's caught off guard, but agrees that he and Yudias want to move up and eventually become executive directors.

However when he asks if Yudias agrees, Yudias doesn't reply and it takes a good while of Yuhi calling his name to get Yudias to notice and ask Yuhi if something is wrong. Yuhi points out that Yudias is the one off and wrong and Yudias admits this is his fault: his defeat is the reason Yuna got away. He remembers Yuna defeating him and taking his Duel Disk and Yuamu whispers his name, though Yuhi tells Yudias not to worry about it, given anyone would have lost after facing something they never saw before, and Yudias says Yuhi's name appreciatively. Yuamu wonders what that card was and Yuhi recalls Yuna called it an "Equip Spell Card", Yuamu admitting she's never seen it before and noting it's a new type of Spell Card. Normally Spell and Trap Cards go to the Graveyard after being activated, but the Equip Spell stayed on the field, which Yuhi dubs as being "equipped" to the monster. Yuamu asks if they know anything, but gets no response and sighs that she thought not. Yuhi is confused until Yudias explains Yuamu was trying to talk to the Informant, Yuhi remembering the skyfish, and Yuamu explains they would have know something if they were there, Yuhi deducing they must still be trapped in the bag Yuna caught them in if they didn't respond. Despondent over losing the Informant as well, Yuhi asks what they'll do and Yuamu states they need to start investigating Yuna Goha from scratch, much to everyone's surprise. Yuamu believes they must have missed something in their research and Tazaki calls her title proudly as Yuamu reminds them UTS always finish the jobs they accept. Yuhi excitedly agrees, Yuamu admitting she can't let this go either, so Yuhi eagerly suggests they go...to bed since they're exhausted from being crushed by the gravity. As the three of them head off the adults wish them good night, the twins responding in kind.

The next day Yuhi's all rested and ready to go, but Yuamu comes out of the UTS office and tells him Yudias isn't up yet. Yuhi wonders if he overslept, but Valvelgear drifts out of the office, the Velgians inside quietly lamenting Yudias' name and Yuhi asks if something is wrong with Yudias. Valvelgear sinks and Tazaki admits that Yudias isn't here as he, Ms. Purisaki, Ms. Maki, Mr. Yagi and Mr. Taira come to the door. Tazaki explains Yudias' futon was empty and they couldn't find him in the house, and Yuhi wonders where he went, realizing he and Yuamu will have to look for him, though Tazaki reminds them not to go underground, the other adults all nodding, and the twins reply "UTS" in affirmation. They search for Yudias all over Mutsuba Town, but find no sign of him and Yuamu muses he must have gone underground. Then she starts in surprise: they've stopped outside the Goha Company Main Office. They have a look inside, but when Yuhi rings the doorbell an automated voice claims they are closed for the day and asks them to return another time, and while the twins leave without a fuss, someone is sitting at a desk inside...

As they head out Yuamu notes that Yudias must have gone to the Alien Residential Area to get his Duel Disk back from Yuna, and Yuhi asks if he really would have gone on his own. But as he comes down the stairs a small skyfish smacks into the window between him and Yuamu, much to their shock, and as they recognize it the skyfish gasps that it finally found Yuamu. The twins exchange glances and Yuhi peels the skyfish off the window, noting it's part of the Skyfish Informant. The skyfish introduces itself as Navel Number 81 (much to Yuhi's disbelief) and Yuamu asks what happened.

Number 81 remembers being carried with the other skyfish in Yuna's plastic bag and dumped into the ground as Yuna told her master Rovian that she was back, Arm Number 49 checking on Arm Number 26, who admitted they were really in trouble. Ankle Number 366 worried they would remain the slaves of that woman at this rate, but then they saw light leaking through a hole in the plastic bag that Elbow Number 15 deduced to have been caused by Yuna being so rough with the bag, though Lips Number 6 noted it was still too small for them. Naval Number 236 then realized that as the smallest of them, Naval Number 81 would be able to escape through the hole, and when Number 81 asked what they were saying, Arm Number 49 told them to find Yuamu, Bangs Number 37 pointing out Yuamu was calm and thoughtful and the sole person to uncover their identity and Nose Number 26 agreeing Yuamu could definitely find a way out of the situation. Number 81 didn't feel as though they could leave the other skyfish, who united to push Number 81 through the hole (and doing so before Number 81 could waste time thanking every single one of them). Once free, Number 81 vowed they would save the others, who sounded their departure with their signature call. They easily escaped notice and got outside, only to realize they had been in Badloon Castle, the hideout of the Rovian Bandits, before once again vowing to find Yuamu and leaving. Yuhi asks how many skyfish there are, but Yuamu has noticed Yuna claimed she was "back" and deduces she really must be one of Rovian's allies. Number 81 begs them to save the other skyfish in Badloon Castle, as Yudias is in danger too, and the twins ask them what they mean in shock. They recall seeing Yudias crawling through the streets cursing in Velgian and as Yuhi asks if the skyfish really saw Yudias underground, Yuamu deduces he went to Badloon Castle to get his Duel Disk back from Yuna. Yuhi tries to run off, ready to help Yudias, but Yuamu tells him to wait, and Yuhi replies that they'll have to break their promise to Mr. Tazaki, but it's an emergency. He tries to run off again, but Yuamu tells him to wait, and Yuhi backtracks and states they don't have time to climb up to Macho Rank, so they need to go straight to Badloon Castle. Yuamu sharply tells him to wait again and when Yuhi angrily asks what, she shines her Duel Power display from her Rush Battler and reminds him they won't be able to move underground without any. Yuhi slumps in disappointment, but as Yamu clicks off her Rush Battler, Number 81 states they'll need the help of other aliens to move underground, which gives Yuhi an idea.

Cut to the Jersey Devil brothers, who are shocked the twins want to borrow their jerseys after they finally got them back despite losing everything at the Coruffium. Yuhi drifts by them on his hoverboard and states they want their power (the Japanese word for "power" sounds somewhat similar to "jersey") as in their Duel Power, since the twins can't move without it. Yuamu (currently being crouched slightly more dignified on Valvelgear) tells the Jersey Devil Brothers they're the only ones they can rely on and Number 81 begs them to help. Jouge isn't keen to go near Badloon Castle as it's on the dark side of town and Ofuruno agrees they shouldn't get close. Yuhi begs them to help since the other skyfish and Yudias are being held captive there, and George is shocked to learn Yudias is being held captive, Valvelgear whispering Yudias' name sadly. After some deliberation, George holds up his Rush Battler, admitting that it's just a bit, but he saved up some Duel Power and he'll give them some. His brothers gasp "big bro!" in shock as the Duel Power drains from the Rush Battler, slightly filling Yuhi and Yuamu's, and the twins stand up in relief and thank George. George suggests they hurry so they can rescue Yudias and the skyfish and Jouge asks why, Ofuruno asking if this isn't too high a cost to pay. George roars at them to be quiet and everyone covers their ears before he calms down and admits that it may be too high a cost, but you need to try a jersey on when you don't know its size, as that's the only way to find out. His brothers agree and George reminds the twins they shared their bento with them after his Duel with Yudias, so for one favor per jersey they'll pay them back, and the twins thank them.

However they're shocked by the appearance of Badloon Castle, shaped like a fiendish head and embedded in the canyon wall. George confirms this is the dark side of the Alien Residential Area where the darkness is strongest and Navel Number 81 adds it's the hideout of the Rovian Bandits. They spot several monstrous muscular statues at the end of the bridge to the castle and George muses that it must be the Total Muscle Gate that only Macho-Ranked Duelists can pass. Yuhi repeats the name and George explains that those who try to pass without a Macho Rank meet with a terrible fate. Yuamu repeats his words and George explains that he'll show them, ordering Ofuruno forward, much to his dismay. Ofuruno flies towards the statues, whose eyes glow yellow and they ask if he's "Totally Macho". Ofuruno squeaks that he is and the statues' eyes glow blue and they appear to allow him through, but as he gets closer his Duel Power gauge appears and the statues declare he totally isn't macho, their eyes changing to red as they dogpile the terrified Ofuruno. Afterwards he's bandaged up by his brothers and tells the twins this is what happens to people without the Macho Rank, and Yuhi agrees they won't be able to enter form the front. Navel 81 chuckles and agrees, but that isn't the only way in and points out the rectangular vent on the exterior, explaining that's how they escaped. As the five of them inch along a ledge Yuhi asks incredulously how they're supposed to get in and George tells him to leave it to them: he flies up, while Jouge and Ofuruno struggle to lift Yuhi and Yuamu rides on Valvelgear.

Once inside they squeeze through the vent (though George has some trouble fitting) and Yuhi, in the lead, forces off the grate at the other end. They stealthily make their way through graffiti-laden corridors, avoiding the Rovian Bandits they see, but when they hide around the corner they realize they're next to another bandit with a bovine muzzle. Ofuruno freaks out, his brothers yelping they've been found, and as Yuamu, Yuhi and Navel 81 recoil in shock, Jouge gasps that it's the Beef Galaxy's Raging Bull, the Minotaur alien Hachiro Miro. Hachiro asks what they're doing here, but George distracts him with his red jersey like a matador, impressing his brothers, who promptly join in. George tells them to go while they handle this, and the twins slip away. Eventually they find a door to the roof, where they see another Rovian Bandit doing laundry. They spot a shirt bearing the image of Yudias on the clothesline, and though the twins initially believe it to be an illustration, Valvelgear and the Velgians inside seem to think it's Yudias himself.

Yuna's voice angrily comments that now they're here too, and she steps out with several Rovian Bandits behind her and the other skyfish in the bag in her hand. The twins emerge from hiding and Yuamu asks if they flattened Yudias, Yuhi calling the act cruel and warning he won't stand for it. Yuna is confused, glancing at the shirt, and Yuhi tells her to give Yudias back, but then a girl's voice sings "Intruders Breaking the Ru-ru-ru-ru-rules," as a guitar strumming is heard. A hole opens in the floor and a wild-haired girl in a witch's hat and sleeveless coat emerges with a guitar, Yuna gasping as the girl turns to face them and calls them "cutie", offering them a yakiniku parfait. The Rovian Bandits promptly zip behind the girl as Yuna gushes over another amazing poem from the girl, though the twins aren't entirely sure. Yuna insists this was one of her master Rovian's poems and promptly begins swatting the Rovian Bandits with the bag containing Sukai, ordering them to applaud and calling them useless, and two of the bandits quickly praise Rovian. The twins aren't impressed at all, asking if this is Rovian, but Yuamu notes the lack of reaction from Yuhi's hair and admits her surprise that the evil boss of the Alien Residential Area is human, much to Yuhi's surprise.

Yuamu tells Rovian she has a lot to ask her, and Rovian tells them to Duel her if they want answers, prompting a cheer from Yuna that Rovian made a splendid poem again as she punches the skyfish, much to Navel 81's dismay. Yuamu asks Rovian if she'll tell them what they want to know if they beat her in a Duel and Rovian strums her guitar again, declaring "Deep underground, a pair of Dueling twins make their debut. They Duel together in cantabile." Yuhi is confused by the notion of Dueling together while Yuna (still punching the skyfish) squees over getting to hear so many of Rovian's poems today (and Navel 81 continues to protest). Yuamu asks if Rovian wants a 2 vs. 1 Rush Duel and Rovian tells them to come at her all at once, strumming her guitar to produce a Deck socket and card zones, prompting Yuna to cheer that Rovian is the absolute best, the other bandits clapping. Yuhi repeats Rovian's statement for them to both Duel her, and Yuamu comments that Rovian sure is looking down on them. Yuhi adds that they can't just let her get away with it, Yuamu agreeing to take Rovian on. They move into position and raise their Decks, Yuhi and Yuamu introducing themselves as Yuhi Ohdo and Yuamu Ohdo.

Rovian strums her guitar, introducing herself as Rovian Kirishima.

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. No cards debuted here. Cards that appeared in the opening can be found here.