Yu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!! - Episode 022

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"The Queen of Badloon Castle"
Yuna explains about Rovian, the Dueling Minstrel.
Yuna explains about Rovian, the Dueling Minstrel.
Japanese name
RōmajiPāron-jō no Joō
TranslatedThe Queen of Badloon Castle
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!!
Japanese OP"Mirage"
Japanese ED"One Way"
ScreenplayHiguchi Tatsuto
DirectorFukumoto Shinichi
StoryboardHashimoto Naoto
Air dates
JapaneseAugust 28, 2022
Yu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!! episodes (season 1)
Previous"Intruders Breaking the Ru-ru-ru-ru-rules"
Next"Hanako the Naruto"
Featured card

"The Queen of Badloon Castle" is the twenty-second episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!! anime. It first aired in Japan on August 28, 2022.

Yuhi and Yuamu enter Badloon Castle to rescue Yudias, who has been captured. In order to do that, they face off against Rovian Kirishima, the leader of the Rovian Bandits, in a 2v1 Duel. The Ohdo twins put up a good fight, but now, they must fight the Queen of Badloon Castle at her full strength.


Atop Badloon Castle, Rovian strums her guitar and Yuna inches closer as Rovian declares "Deep underground, a pair of Dueling twins make their debut. They Duel together in cantabile." Yuhi is confused by the notion of Dueling together while Yuna (punching the skyfish) squees over getting to hear so many of Rovian's poems today (while poor Navel 81 protests). Yuamu asks if Rovian wants a 2 vs. 1 Rush Duel and Rovian tells them to come at her all at once, strumming her guitar to produce a Deck socket and card zones, prompting Yuna to cheer that Rovian is the absolute best, the other Rovian Bandits clapping. Yuhi repeats Rovian's statement for them to both Duel her, and Yuamu comments that Rovian sure is looking down on them. Yuhi adds that they can't just let her get away with it, Yuamu agreeing to take Rovian on. They move into position with the shirt containing Yudias between them and raise their Decks, Yuhi and Yuamu introducing themselves as Yuhi Ohdo and Yuamu Ohdo. Rovian strums her guitar, introducing herself as Rovian Kirishima, much to the shock of the Ohdo twins and two of the Rovian Bandits, who all recall London Kirishima. Yuna declares that her master Rovian will face off against the twins Yuhi and Yuamu Ohdo in a triangle Duel, and the turn order will first be Rovian, then Yuhi, and then Yuamu, before returning to Rovian. The Duelists all nod and Yuna asks them if that's all right; once Yuhi replies that it is, Yuna states that both teams will have 4000 LP. Yuamu observes that she and Yuhi will share LP, but still have a huge advantage and Yuhi agrees they have two Decks and two times the room for strategy, before looking up at the Yudias shirt and reassuring him they'll save him. Yuamu meanwhile looks at Rovian as she strums her guitar and comments that everything is set on her end, prompting more cheers from Yuna as Yuamu mutters Rovian's name to herself. The twins call "Let's go!" as they hold up their Decks, and Rovian holds up hers, then inserts it into her guitar as the twins insert theirs into their Duel Disks to deploy the blades, all three Duelists calling "Go Rush!!" as the holographic dome appears around them.

Rovian declares her turn and draws, sounding out the word "draw" and prompting Yuna to gush over Rovian's poem expressing anticipation and suspense for what is to come, but when she realizes none of the other Rovian Bandits are saying anything she begins whacking the shortest one with the bag containing the skyfish, much to Navel Number 81's distress. The shortest bandit agrees that Rovian's poem was magnificent and a taller one claims to be moved to the point of speechlessness, satisfying Yuna. Her hand containing "Robbarim", "Ampler Glee", "Force of Thief", "Prophecy Phrase of the Colors of the Wind", and "Pickup Strum", Rovian Summons "Robbarim" and "Ampler Glee", then she recites "Do not reject those who come to you, but do not chase those who leave" as she Tributes both monsters, bidding them adieu and Tribute Summoning. She chants "Pizzicato folk music and thunderous blues. The world dyed in alternative pickings. Prophecy Phrase of the Colors of the Wind. If you were to start, where would you begin? Let's start with a greeting."

As "Prophecy Phrase" appears with 2200 ATK, Yuna cheers that Rovian debuted her Tribute Summon with a new poem. Rovian Sets two cards, then pays 1000 LP to activate the "Nobody On Stage" effect of "Prophecy Phrase", sending all the cards in Yuhi and Yuamu's hands to the Graveyard, then inflicting 200 damage to them for each. Yuhi and Yuamu are shocked they have to send their entire hands to the Graveyard, as is one of the Rovian Bandits, and the smallest one elbows him in the chest as Yuhi discards "Corktrooper", "Stud Hedgepeg", "Pantula", and "Tribute Lock" while Yuamu discards "Red-Boot Boost Dragon", "Dual Coretls", "1seg Wurm", and "Stemagic", then they lose a total of 1600 LP, Yuhi gasping the value as they drop to 2400 LP. Navel Number 81 is shocked that 4000 LP became 2400 so quickly and Yuna claims an effect to discard the player's hands and reduce their LP for each card sent is a magnificent one to use on the first turn. Yuhi groans that he thought they'd have an advantage with two players, but instead it's turned into double damage for them and Yuamu grimly remarks that Rovian planned for this, and this is why she challenged them to a 2-on-1 Rush Duel. She comments that Rovian Kirishima is cunning and asks who she is and what she's trying to do underground. To the twins' confusion, Rovian simply sings "Who, what, when, where and why" and Yuna declares that Rovian is the leader of the Rovian Bandits, a Dueling Minstrel unbound and free like the wind. The twins repeat the term in disbelief and Yuna explains that Rovian appeared alongside a gust of wind in the Alien Residential Area one day and the melody of her space guitar healed the aliens' hearts, while her space poems brought them to tears. Furthermore she created the Rush Battler and brought order to the underground, becoming its peak: the Queen of Badloon Castle, and that is Rovian. Rovian strums her guitar, telling those far away to listen to her sound and draw closer, ending her turn and prompting Yuna to cheer that her verse to end her turn was great too. Yuhi however complains he couldn't understand a word of that nonsense, prompting fierce rebuke from Yuna, who claims Rovian's poetic sense to be 8,880,800 light years ahead of theirs so of course he wouldn't get it. Yuhi fiercely rounds on Yuna, but Yuamu calmly shoves the splitscreen apart and tells Yuhi it's fine since they can get a full explanation once they win.

Yuhi is confused but remembers Yuamu is right, and he declares his turn and draws five cards, "Jointech Rex", "Forkhawk", "Cliptera", "Tamabot", and "Surprise Hatch - BB Down". He Summons "Cliptera" and "Forkhawk", then Tributes and chants "A joined zeal! And joined bravado! When we join infinite power we'll make an infinite beast! Jointech Rex! Tribute Summon!" He returns three monsters from his Graveyard to his Deck to activate the "Magitrap Snipe" effect of "Jointech Rex", destroying a card in Rovian's Spell & Trap Zone, and he picks the one on his right. "Jointech Rex" blasts a laser from its tail and destroys the card, and Rovian promptly activates her other face-down card, the Trap Card "Force of Thief", which activates when her Spell or Trap is destroyed by a card effect and Sets that card from her Graveyard. Setting the destroyed "Pickup Strum", Rovian adds that her Level 7 or higher Psychic Type monsters, like "Prophecy Phrase", can't be destroyed by battle this turn. Yuhi gasps in shock and Yuamu asks if Rovian predicted Yuhi would destroy her Trap, so Yuhi Sets a card of his own and declares battle, attacking "Prophecy Phrase" with "Jointech Rex". As "Jointech Rex" charges, Yuna asks if Yuhi is attacking out of desperation since "Prophecy Phrase" can't be destroyed by battle this turn, though Yuhi points out Rovian will still take the damage. "Jointech Rex" headbutts "Prophecy Phrase", reducing Rovian to 2700 LP and prompting her to comment on the painful, painful landing after spinning round and round, a recitation that sends Yuna into adoring squeals at the thought of Rovian reciting a poem even when taking damage. Yuhi ends his turn and Yuamu congratulates him in English, then tells him she'll take it from here.

She declares her turn and draws five cards, "Alpha Burn Drake", "Applizard, "Blue-Tooth Burst Dragon", "Drag-on-Drop", and "Dragosite". She Summons "Alpha Burn Drake" and "Applizard", then Tributes them both to Tribute Summon, chanting "Super high-speed access with top-notch pairing! Emerging from the sea of electrons, it descends upon us! Come out! Blue-Tooth Burst Dragon!" Yuhi cheers Yuamu's Tribute Summon, since it allows him to activate his Trap Card "Surprise Hatch - BB Down" by sending "Tamabot" from his hand to the Graveyard and reduce the ATK of "Prophecy Phrase" by 400 until the end of the turn. "Prophecy Phrase" falls to 1800 ATK and Yuna protests that it can't be, struck by how Yuhi used Yuamu's play to weaken "Prophecy Phrase" without even discussing it with his sister, something Rovian describes as the twins finger picking by pure feeling. Yuamu then goes all-out by activating the Spell Card "Drag-on Drop", sending "Dragosite" from her hand to the Graveyard to reduce the ATK of "Prophecy Phrase" by another 300, to 1500, and then increase the ATK of "Blue-Tooth" by 300, to 2800, while allowing it to inflict piercing battle damage this turn. Yuna gasps that the ATK of "Prophecy Phrase" has fallen all the way to 1500 and Yuhi tells his sister to do it, while she tells him to leave this to her. She sends "SSD Drake" from the top of her Deck to the Graveyard to activate the effect of "Blue-Tooth Burst Dragon", destroying all monsters Rovian controls with 1500 or less ATK. She chants "Mega, Giga, Tera, Peta! It'll only take a second to completely wipe this data!" as "Blue-Tooth" blasts a surge of energy from its mouth with "Data Erasing of Destruction", destroying "Prophecy Phrase", though Rovian remains unfazed as Yuamu adds that "Blue-Tooth" will also gain 300 ATK for each monster destroyed, rising to 3100 ATK. Yuna gasps that Rovian only has 2700 LP left and Navel Number 81 declares that Yuhi and Yuamu will win if the 3100 ATK "Blue-Tooth Burst Dragon" attacks.

But since "Prophecy Phrase" was destroyed, Rovian can activate her "Pickup Strum" Trap Card, Special Summoning a Level 4 or lower Psychic Type monster from her Graveyard. As she revives "Ampler Glee", Yuhi laments Rovian still having another play despite them thinking they'd destroyed everything and Yuamu notes that it was the Trap that Yuhi had destroyed the previous turn, commenting that Rovian is excellent at using Trap Cards. Yuna asks who they think Rovian is, reminding the she is the Rovian who leads the Rovian Bandits and prompting Yuhi to tell her to shut up about Rovian. Yuamu claims a Trap like this was within expectations and orders "Blue-Tooth Burst Dragon" to blow it away with "Burst Streaming of Destruction", destroying "Ampler Glee" and reducing Rovian - who expresses shock for the first time - to 1100 LP. Yuna cries Rovian's name in concern as Yuamu ends her turn, returning the ATK of "Blue-Tooth" to normal, and Yuhi tells Rovian that this is their Dueling, and they definitely won't lose. Rovian asks why they won't lose in a low voice, much to Yuhi's surprise, asking if it's to fulfill the job request and get promoted, or to find the Space Treasure? Yuamu is shocked Rovian knows about the Space Treasure, though Yuhi has no idea what she's talking about and isn't pleased when Yuamu dodges the subject and tells him not to worry about it.

But Rovian is furious over Dueling in calculated plans stripped of freedom and for personal gain and Yuna gasps as Rovian repeatedly insists that she won't stand for it, this Duel with ulterior motives. Her hair and eyes turn crimson and wind blasts out from her body as she begins strumming her guitar, Yuna gasping that this is Rovian's "Patience Limit Mode". Yuhi repeats the phrase warily as Rovian plays her guitar furiously and Yuamu notes the tone of her music has changed. Yuna warns them they don't know what's coming, as no-one can stop Rovian while she's like this, and Rovian dramatically asks her beloved Rush Duels to forgive her, as the Duel about to begin is not free like the wind but will instead be a Duel of anger that burns like a roaring fire.

Accusing the twins of making Dueling cry, she declares her turn and draws five cards, "Radrogue Mael", "Robbarim", "Bandijo of the Battle Ballad", "Heavy Arms - Double Nexcalibur", and "Psychic Divergence". She Summons "Radrogue Mael" and "Robbarim", then activate the effect of "Radrogue Mael" to force all players without a card in their hand to draw one, much to Yuhi and Yuamu's surprise, and they draw "Jointech Tossceratops" and "Dragonic Gacharge" respectively. Then Rovian Tributes both her monsters, warning the twins they wil pay for the cardinal sin of making Dueling cry as she Tribute Summons, chanting "Fight and steal victory. Stir heartstrings then plunder them. Be free as the blazing whirlwinds! Resound, Bandijo of the Battle Ballad!" Yuhi repeats the monster's name as it appears with 2500 ATK and Yuma notes it must be Rovian's ace. Rovian pays 1000 LP to activate the effect of "Bandijo", falling to 100 LP as she adds a Level 2 Psychic Type monster from her Graveyard to her hand ("Robbarium"), then increasing the ATK of "Bandijo" by 300 for each card in every player's hand until the end of the turn. Yuamu is shocked that all their hands will be counted and Yuhi notes that he and Yuamu each have one card and Rovian has three, for a total of five, which Yuamu calculates to be a 1500 ATK increase and Yuhi wonders if Rovian made them draw just for this. Rovian declares this is the melody of fear as the "Bandit Silent Elegy" effect of "Bandijo" powers her up to 4000 ATK. Yuhi gasps the ATK value but notes Rovian only has 100 LP left so they'll defeat her next turn for sure, But the sight of the Yudias-patterned shirt reminds him of something, and when asked by Yuamu, Yuhi explains he once told Yudias it was fine to go down to 100 LP because a Duel wasn't over until you hit zero, and Rovian's haven't yet either. Rovian confirms her performance isn't over and declares their judgment begins now.

She discards "Robbarim" and slots a Spell into her Duel Guitar, chanting "O barbaric minstrel in search of freedom! Now in the name of Rovian Kirishima, we'll bestow a new power! Equip Spell: Heavy Arms - Double Nexcalibur!" "Bandijo's' axe guitar is transformed into a massive twin-handled sword and Yuamu gasps that it's an Equip Spell, Yuhi realizing that Rovian has them too. Rovian explains that "Nexcalibur" allows "Bandijo" to attack twice per turn and the twins gasp in shock as Rovian orders "Finale Bandijo". It cuts down "Jointech Rex" and reduces the twins to 900 LP as Yuhi gasps the 1500 damage, and Rovian declares the finishing blow and chants "Duet of Creation and Destruction! Resound, Burning Bandit War Cry!" "Bandijo" blasts a beam of green light from "Nexcalibur" and blows away "Blue-Tooth Burst Dragon", Yuhi gasping the 1500 damage again as the twins' LP is reduced to zero, blasting them off their feet.

As the twins look up and Valvelgear reverts into its normal form, Yuna and Romin approach them, Rovian's hair back to normal and Yuna commenting that Rovian has won, though it was no surprise. She holds up her Rush Battler and drains the twins' Duel Power, leaving them unable to move in the abnormal gravity. As Yuhi gasps that he can't move, Yuna declares that they clash and fight with passion and smile and laugh at the end of a Duel, and that is a Rush Duel. Her master Rovian stands up to protect the passion, smiles and freedom of Rush Dueling and that is why Yuna has decided to stay with her. She turns and walks away, snapping her fingers and warning the twins not to return, while Rovian looks up at the artificial sky and declares that one shall see a clock tower when they gaze upon the starry skies, much to the twins' confusion. Rovian clarifies she means beyond the galaxy, lazily singing "la-li-la, li-la", prompting Yuna to geek out over another of her space poems as two lobster-like figures emerge from a tower. Yuhi and Yuamu believe it's Venus Ganiko, but one of them comments in a similar voice that was their younger sister Ganiko, while they are the older sisters Ganimi and Ganie. They advance on the twins, warning them people with no Duel Power will be thrown out, and Valvelgear charges, the Velgians crying Yudias' name, but Yuna spots the ship approaching Rovian and throws the bag of skyfish at Valvelgear, knocking out its left thruster. Yuhi gasps Valvelgear's name and Yuna asks Rovian if she's all right before ordering Ganimi and Ganie to throw the twins out.

But a voice tells the twins to cover their eyes and Yuamu complies, but Yuhi doesn't and is blinded by the bright light. The Venus sisters cry that they can't see, as does Yuhi, and the voice of the smallest Rovian Bandit points out that's why she told Yuhi to cover his eyes. The larger Rovian Bandit she was admonishing picks up the twins and they quickly leave, Yuhi only able to see the shirt-form of Yudias as they go. Once the light fades Yuna is shocked to see the twins gone and orders the Rovian Bandits to hurry up and find them in dismay, while another Bandit looks up at Yudias on the clothesline. Outside the canyon, the two Rovian Bandits determine they're likely far enough away and the smaller Bandit comments that she came here because she had a bad feeling, the taller one agreeing that was close. The small Bandit holds up her Rush Battler, depleting some of her Duel Power to restore the twins' and allow them to sit up. Yuhi thanks them, but he still doesn't realize who the Bandits are and the short Bandit tells him not to make her spell it out for them, taking off her cloak to reveal Manya Atachi underneath, who greets them cheerfully. Bochi in his humanoid form has also removed his disguise and Yuhi asks what they're doing here; Manya explains Yuamu was being super weird over the phone and Bochi learned something strange had been happening in the Alien Residential Area, so they decided to check it out and infiltrated Badloon Castle (with Bochi using his Wicked Fist of the Beloved Dog to down two Rovian Bandits for disguises), helping the twins out when they saw them in trouble. Yuhi thanks them again, though Manya warns him her help isn't cheap and they both owe her one, prompting Yuamu to good-naturedly sigh that it sounds as though it will be expensive. Bochi warns Manya the train will arrive soon, so they head back to the station and make it just in time. However when Manya tries to get them all to board, Yuhi refuses, much to the girls' surprise, and he points out they haven't rescued Yudias yet and can't leave without him. He asks if Valvelgear agrees, and the crippled ship sobs Yudias' name. Yuamu whispers her brother's name in surprise and Yuhi declares they can't go back until they rescue Yudias.

Featured Duel: Yuhi Ohdo & Yuamu Ohdo vs Rovian Kirishima[edit]

This Duel is conducted as a Rush Duel. This Duel is also conducted as a Tag-Team Duel: Yuhi & Yuamu share LP and are allowed to attack on their first turns.

Turn 1: Rovian
Rovian's hand contains "Robbarim", "Ampler Glee", "Force of Thief", "Prophecy Phrase of the Colors of the Wind", and "Pickup Strum". Rovian Normal Summons "Robbarim" (600/600) and "Ampler Glee" (1500/0). Rovian Tributes "Robbarim" and "Ampler Glee" to Tribute Summon "Prophecy Phrase of the Colors of the Wind" (2200/0). Rovian Sets two cards. As Rovian only controls WIND Psychic Type monsters, she pays 1000 LP (Rovian: 4000 → 3000 LP) to activate the effect of "Prophecy Phrase", sending all cards in each player's hand to the Graveyard, then inflicting 200 damage to Yuhi & Yuamu for each card sent to the Graveyard with this effect, then Rovian can have all face-up monsters Yuhi & Yuamu control lose ATK equal to the damage they took with this effect. Rovian sends "Corktrooper", "Stud Hedgepeg", "Pantula", and "Tribute Lock" from Yuhi's hand and "Red-Boot Boost Dragon", "Dual Coretls", "1seg Wurm", and "Stemagic" from Yuamu's hand to the Graveyard (Yuhi/Yuamu: 4000 → 2400 LP).

Turn 2: Yuhi
Yuhi draws "Jointech Rex", "Forkhawk", "Cliptera", "Tamabot", and "Surprise Hatch - BB Down". Yuhi Normal Summons "Forkhawk" (400/900) and "Cliptera" (1300/1000). Yuhi Tributes "Forkhawk" and "Cliptera" to Tribute Summon "Jointech Rex" (2500/1500). As Yuhi Normal Summoned "Jointech Rex" this turn, he shuffles three monsters from his Graveyard into his Deck to activate its effect, destroying a card in Rovian's Spell & Trap Zone. He shuffles "Corktrooper", "Stud Hedgepeg", and "Pantula" from his Graveyard into his Deck and destroys Rovian's Set "Pickup Strum". As a card in Rovian's Spell & Trap Zone was destroyed by an opponent's card effect, Rovian activates her Set Trap Card "Force of Thief", Setting up to two Spell/Trap Cards from her Graveyard to her Spell & Trap Zone, then she can choose up to three Level 7 or higher Psychic Type monsters she controls and prevent them from being destroyed by battle this turn. She Sets "Pickup Strum" from her Graveyard, then chooses the Level 7 "Prophecy Phrase". Yuhi Sets a card. "Jointech Rex" attacks "Prophecy Phrase", but due to the effect of "Force of Thief", it is not destroyed (Rovian: 3000 → 2700 LP).

Turn 3: Yuamu
Yuamu draws "Alpha Burn Drake", "Applizard, "Blue-Tooth Burst Dragon", "Drag-on-Drop", and "Dragosite". Yuamu Normal Summons "Alpha Burn Drake" (600/1000) and "Applizard" (1500/0). Yuamu Tributes "Alpha Burn Drake" and "Applizard" to Tribute Summon "Blue-Tooth Burst Dragon" (2500/1500). As Yuamu Normal Summoned a Level 5 or higher monster, Yuhi activates his Set Trap Card "Surprise Hatch - BB Down", sending a card from his hand to the Graveyard to choose a face-up monster on the field and reduces its ATK by 400until the end of the turn. He sends "Tamabot" from his hand to the Graveyard and chooses "Prophecy Phrase" ("Prophecy Phrase": 2200/0 → 1800 LP). Yuamu activates the Spell Card "Drag-on-Drop", sending a card from her hand to the Graveyard to reduce the ATK of a face-up monster Rovian controls by 300 until the end of this turn, then choose a Dragon Type monster she controls and increase its ATK by 300 and allow it to inflict piercing battle damage if it attacks a Defense Position monster this turn. She sends "Dragosite" from her hand to the Graveyard and chooses "Prophecy Phrase" and "Blue-Tooth Burst Dragon" ("Prophecy Phrase": 1800/0 → 1500/0; "Blue-Tooth Burst Dragon": 2500/1500 → 2800/1500). Yuamu activates the effect of "Blue-Tooth Burst Dragon", sending the top card of her Deck to the Graveyard to destroy all monsters Rovian controls with 1500 or less ATK, then "Blue-Tooth Burst Dragon" gains 300 ATK for each monster destroyed by this effect until the end of the turn. She sends "SSD Drake" from the top of her Deck to the Graveyard and destroys "Prophecy Phrase" ("Blue-Tooth Burst Dragon": 2800/1500 → 3100/1500). As a Level 7 or higher Psychic Type monster Rovian controls was destroyed by a card effect, she activates her Set Trap "Pickup Strum", Special Summoning a Level 4 or lower Psychic Type Normal Monster from her Graveyard in Attack Position. She Special Summons "Ampler Glee' (1500/0). "Blue-Tooth Burst Dragon" attacks and destroys "Ampler Glee" (Rovian: 2700 → 1100 LP). During the End Phase, the effects of "Drag-on-Drop" and "Blue-Tooth Burst Dragon" expire ("Blue-Tooth Burst Dragon": 3100/1500 → 2500/1500).

Turn 4: Rovian
Rovian draws "Radrogue Mael", "Robbarim", "Bandijo of the Battle Ballad", "Heavy Arms - Double Nexcalibur", and "Psychic Divergence". Rovian Normal Summons "Radrogue Mael" (700/400) and "Robbarim" (600/600). As Rovian has fifteen or more cards in her Deck, she activates the effect of "Mael", making all players with no cards in their hand draw a card. Yuhi draws "Jointech Tossceratops", and Yuamu draws "Dragonic Gacharge". Rovian Tributes "Mael" and "Robbarim" to Tribute Summon "Bandijo of the Battle Ballad" (2500/1500). As "Bandijo" was Normal Summoned this turn, Rovian pays 1000 LP (Rovian: 1100 → 100 LP) to activates its effect, adding a Level 2 or lower Psychic Type Normal Monster from her Graveyard to her hand, then "Bandijo" gains 300 ATK for each card in each player's hand until the end of this turn. Rovian adds "Robbarim" from her Graveyard to her hand, so Rovian has three cards in her hand and Yuhi and Yuamu each have one card in their hands ("Bandijo": 2500/1500 → 4000/1500). Rovian sends a WIND Psychic Type monster from her hand to her Graveyard to activate the Equip Spell Card "Heavy Arms - Double Nexcalibur", equipping it to a Psychic Type monster she controls. She sends "Robbarim" from her hand to the Graveyard and equips "Double Nexcalibur" to "Bandijo". The effect of "Double Nexcalibur" allows the equipped monster to attack twice per turn. "Bandijo" attacks and destroys "Jointech Rex" and "Blue-Tooth Burst Dragon" (Yuhi/Yuamu: 2400 → 900 → 0 LP).

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here. Cards that appeared in the opening can be found here.