Yu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!! - Episode 033

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"Plastic World"
Japanese name
RōmajiPurachikku Wārudo
TranslatedPlastic World
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!!
Japanese OP"Mirage"
Japanese ED"One Way"
ScreenplayYamaguchi Hiroshi
DirectorTakayama Tomoya
StoryboardTakayama Tomoya
Air dates
JapaneseNovember 13, 2022
Yu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!! episodes (season 1)
Previous"Invasion! The Great King of Terror"
Featured card"Dian Keto the Cleaning Maiden"

"Plastic World" is the thirty-third episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!! anime. It first aired in Japan on November 13, 2022.

It is now the second match of the Friendship Rush Duel Tournament, hosted by the Great King of Terror from the Arctic Nebula. Manya will be fighting against the space dinosaur, The☆Mokeida Mbembe! Mbembe rambles on about his love for plastic models. However, Manya doesn't care about plastic models at all. She'll be fighting against Mbembe with a Cleaning Deck!

Featured Duel: Manya Atachi vs. The☆Mokeida Mbembe[edit]

Turn 1: Mbembe

Mbembe's hand contains "Decalnotaurus Shield", "Stegocutter", "Dynakit Spinosafullrus", "Dynakit Baribaryonyx", and "Dynakit Pterunner". Mbembe Normal Summons "Ptrerunner" (1300/300), "Baribaryonyx" (1400/400), and "Spinsafullrus" (1500/400). Mbembe Sets 2 Cards.

Turn 2: Manya

Manya's hand contains "Mystical Elf's Solemn Mop", "Garbage Gemini Imps' Revolt", "The Agent of Cleaning - Venus", "Washing Arlownay", and "Cosmo Clean". Manya Normal Summons "Venus" (1400/0) and "Washing Arlonway" (1000/800). Manya activates the effect of "Venus", allowing her to pay 500 LP (Manya: 4000 → 3500 LP) to send the top card of her Deck to the Graveyard, and if she sends an Aqua monster, she can Special Summon an Aqua monster with 500 or less ATK from her Graveyard. Manya sends "Cleaning Fairy Lily" from the top of her Deck to the Graveyard, then Special Summons "Cleaning Fairy Lily" (400/1500) from her Graveyard in Attack Position. Manya Tributes "Washing Arlownay" and "Cleaning Fairy Lily" to Tribute Summon "Cosmo Clean" (2400/2400). Manya Sets 2 Cards. "Venus" attacks and destroys "Pterunner" (Mbembe: 4000 → 3900 LP). "Cosmo Clean" attacks and destroys "Spinsafullrus" (Mbembe: 3900 → 3000 LP).

Turn 3: Mbembe

Mbembe's hand contains "Plastic World", "Spinsafullrus", "Dynakit Full Scratchyranno", "Baribaryonyx", and "Pterunner". Mbembe Normal Summons "Pterunner" (1300/300). Mbembe Tributes "Baribaryonyx" and "Pterunner" to Tribute Summon "Scratchyranno" (2500/700). Mbembe Normal Summons "Spinosafullrus" (1500/400) and "Baribaryonyx" (1400/400). Mbembe activates his Set "Stegocutter", equipping it to a Dinosaur monster he controls. Mbembe equips "Stegocutter" to "Scratchyranno". The effect of "Stegocutter" causes the equipped monster to gain 300 ATK and increases its Level by 3 ("Scrachyranno": 2500/700 → 2800/700; Level 7 → Level 10). Mbembe activates the Field Spell "Plastic World". The effect of "Plastic World" increases the Levels of all face-up Dinosaur monsters on the field by 2 ("Spinosafullrus": Level 4 → Level 6) ("Scratchyranno": Level 10 → Level 12) ("Baribaryonyx": Level 4 → Level 6). Mbembe activates the effect of "Scracthyranno", allowing him to send the top card of his Deck to the Graveyard to have all face-up Dinosaur monsters he controls gain ATK equal to their Level x 100. Mbembe sends an unknown card from the top of his Deck to the Graveyard. ("Spinosafullrus": 1500/400 → 2100/400) ("Scratchyranno": 2800/700 → 4000/700) ("Baribaryonyx": 1400/1400 → 2000/400). "Baribaryonyx" attacks and destroys "Venus" (Manya: 3500 → 2900 LP). "Scracthyranno" attacks and destroys "Cosmo Clean" (Manya: 2900 → 1300 LP). Since an Aqua monster Manya controls was destroyed by an opponent's attacking monster and she controls no other monsters, she activates her Set "Garbage Gemini Imps' Revolt", allowing her to Special Summon up to 2 Level 3 or lower Aqua Normal Monsters from her Graveyard in Attack Position. Manya Special Summons "Washing Arlownay" (1000/800) from her Graveyard. "Spinosafullrus" attacks and destroys "Washing Arlownay" (Manya: 1300 → 200 LP).

Turn 4: Manya

Manya's hand contains "Shape of Aqua", "Mage Broom Power", "Dian Keto the Cleaning Maiden", "Washing Arlownay", and "Cleaning Fairy Lily". Manya Normal Summons "Washing Arlownway" (1000/800) and "Cleaning Fairy Lily" (400/1500). Manya Tributes "Washing Arlownway" and "Cleaning Fairy Lily" to Tribute Summon "Dian Keto" (2500/1000). Since Manya Normal Summoned a Level 5 or higher monster, Mbembe activates his Set "Decalnotaurus Shield", allowing him to change up to 2 Attack Position Dinosaur monsters he controls to face-up Defense Position, then have all face-up monsters he controls gain 300 ATK/DEF until the end of this turn. Mbembe switches "Spinosafullrus" and "Baribaryonyx" to face-up Defense Position ("Spinosafullrus": 1500/400 → 1800/700) ("Scratchyranno": 2800/700 → 3100/700) ("Baribaryonyx": 1400/400 → 1700/700). Manya activates "Mage Broom Power", equipping it to an Aqua monster she controls. Manya equips "Mage Broom Power" to "Dian Keto". The effect of "Mage Broom Power" causes the equipped monster to gain 300 ATK for each Spell/Trap Mbembe controls ("Dian Keto": 2500/1000 → 3100/1000). Manya activates the effect of "Dian Keto" since her LP are lower than Mbembe's, allowing her to send a card from her hand to the Graveyard to gain 1000 LP and have "Dian Keto" gain 1000 ATK until the end of this turn. Manya sends "Shape of Aqua" from her hand to the Graveyard (Manya: 200 → 1200 LP) ("Dian Keto": 3100/1000 → 4100/1000). Since Manya gained LP, she activates her Set "Mystical Elf's Solemn Mop", allowing her to inflict 1000 damage to Mbembe, then if she controls a Level 8 Aqua monster, she can have a face-up monster Mbembe controls lose 1000 ATK until the end of this turn. Manya chooses "Scracthyranno" (Mbembe: 3000 → 2000 LP) ("Scracthyranno": 3100/1000 → 2100/1000). "Dian Keto" attacks and destroys "Scratchyranno" (Mbembe: 2000 → 0 LP).

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here. Cards that appeared in the opening can be found here.