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The Yu-Gi-Oh! Multi-Master is an electronic handheld game system produced and distributed by Mattel in 2003. It can play 5 different games on three difficulty settings each for a total of 15 challenges. The device itself is shaped like a flattened Millennium Puzzle, with the buttons folding forward from the back half and the Eye of Wdjat flipping up to reveal the 1-bit LCD screen beneath. In the lower right corner of the screen is the pharaoh, Yami, who waves at the player whenever a bonus score is earned. Like many handheld electronic toys, it can play very limited music, featuring two tracks, which seem to be taken from other video games, including Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Duel Stories. It was once carried by mainstream department stores, but later sold at Market 6 outlets such as Big Lots! and Family Dollar for less than 5 dollars. The package claims mastering the challenges of the Multi-Master is the only true way to become King of Games.


The following games are included on the Multi-Master:

  1. A version of Tetris
  2. A top-scrolling shooter where the player must destroy blocks
  3. Another top-scrolling shooter where blocks are created to fill in lines to destroy rows of blocks.
  4. A simplified version of Frogger
  5. A simplified version of Breakout

Each game has three difficulty settings, and high scores are recorded for each. The highest score possible is 99,990 points, as this is the highest the digital readout can display. Each difficulty level increases the speed of game progress, except Tetris, which builds up blocks at the bottom of the screen when the game starts.


In addition to four direction keys (up, down, left, right) on the left side of the screen, an Enter and Reset button are used on the right side of the device. Enter is used mainly for selecting on the menu and for performing actions in game, while Reset is used to pause the game, or return to the main menu (hold down for 3 seconds). The exception to this is the third game, where the up and down buttons also attack.


The main game display is composed of a grid of blocks, 10 by 13 squares in area. All in-game objects are made of these blocks. On the right, the difficulty level, current score, number of lives (if applicable), and Yami are displayed. Yami seems to serve no purpose but to give the player a thumbs up when he or she does something right and to tie the game in with the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise. On the game select menu, games are represented by a large script number, with the number representing the game as stated in the the Game section above. High Scores are displayed before selecting a game and difficulty level.

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