Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Structures - Chapter 012

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"Team Battle"
Title page
Japanese name
TranslatedTeam Battle
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! OCG Structures
Japanese magazineV Jump 2020 #7
Volume2: "Ageha's Abilities"
Release dates
JapaneseMay 21, 2020
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"Team Battle" (チームせん Chīmu-sen) is the twelfth chapter of the Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Structures manga. It was first published May 21, 2020, in the V Jump magazine.

Shoma Yusa and Jukyu Goriki team up together to participate in a Team Battle Tournament. However, when their remaining trio of friends forms their own separate team, the Strong duo will have to find an unlikely third teammate.


The location - Satellite Shop; the task - a best-of-3 Team Tournament event; the prize - special framed copies of "Gaia The Fierce Knight" printed on stainless steel. However, despite wanting the cards, Jukyu Goriki decides that he might just pass on this event. His reputation has been tarnished by poor Dueling lately, and he fears that he's become a worse Duelist overall. But then along comes Shoma Yusa, ready to participate in the tournament against all the other teams of 3, and asks Jukyu to join with him. Months ago, Jukyu reached out to Shoma for an event, and that allowed Shoma to build the group of friends he has now, so now is the time for him to return the favor. Jukyu happily agrees to partner with him.

The duo are still short a member for their trio; however, Jukyu proclaims that he knows just the person for the task. Sadly though, Tsukiko Kuroda has to decline their offer. Jukyu is taken aback, as he was sure that, due to circumstances regarding Tsukiko and Shoma that Shoma himself wouldn't understand, she would love to join them. But she still refuses, preferring a more head-to-head setting with Shoma, while her brother Yami Kuroda explains to them that the siblings have already formed a team by the name of "Team Light and Darkness, the Two Parts of A Same Coin", alongside Saiko Tendo, who is taking a break from studying for exams (and who isn't bothered by not being included in the team name).

A voice calls out to them then, asking if they're looking for a third partner. The voice belongs to none other than Des, the friendly part-timer working at the store. Tendo proclaims that the tournament is for minors only, but Kuroda, heart aflutter at the prospect of being able to Duel Des (to his sister's disgust), explains that her 20th birthday isn't until the day after the tournament ends, and so she's still a minor until then by Japanese law. To Des' worry, as she never told him when her birthday is. The duo would be glad to have someone like Des on their team, and their trio is complete. Today, she's not a part-timer, but a participant in the event, looking to win the rare steel prize cards (and holding the dark secret of having begged her boss to move the event ahead two weeks so it would fall before her birthday). And so "Team Structures" is founded, with a promise to see Team Light and Darkness, the Two Parts of A Same Coin in the finals.

One week later, the tournament itself is ready to begin. To Shoma's surprise, his sister Ageha Yusa is in attendance by request of the store owner. As a registered Instructor, she'll be acting as a judge during the tournament, since a certain store employee took the day off and left them shorthanded. Gob is overjoyed to be working with his first-ever crush. Des gladly leaves the duty to Ageha, then adds that they should Duel again sometime. Ageha hesitates, as she recalls that Des was such a sore loser last time that she eventually threw a game to appease her. The trio leave for registration, and Ageha wishes her brother the best of luck for the event.

48 participants and 16 teams enter the tournament. Until the final round, both teams conduct all three Duels at the same time, and the majority winner advances. Eventually, Team Structures, after hard-fought victories against Team Six Samurai Way (3-0), Team Super Quantum Rangers (2-1), and Team 3D's (2-1), reaches the final round. Faced against them is Team Light and Darkness, the Two Parts of A Same Coin, having faced their own crucible against Team One-Winged Angel (3-0), the Enforcers Fanclub (3-0), and the Exodia FTK Gang (3-0). Des and Shoma are impressed at their rival team's all-victory run, but Jukyu stays behind, berating himself for being the only teammate who lost their Duel along the way.

The final round is set to begin, set in three successive Duels with the first to two victories winning the game. The first members of each team are asked to the stage for the first Duel, and Light Tsukiko takes the stage, ready to have a head-to-head Duel Date with Shoma again. However, it's Part-Timer-not-Tour-Guide Des who takes the stage to face her, much to her shock and to Kuroda's dismay. Tendo is surprised that they put their best Duelist first, but Des proclaims that she's going to build momentum for their team and put the pressure on their opponents early. Shoma cheers on his teammate, while Kuroda debates on who to cheer for in turn. Finally, the Duel is set to begin, with Des taking the first move.

However, during the opening moves, Tsukiko finds herself angry at all the cheering Shoma is doing for her opponent, and how she could either A) have joined Shoma's team and be the one being cheered on, or B) have been Dueling Shoma right now. Besides that, her Deck, which she specifically chose to use against Shoma for its ability to take control of not only his cards, but (hopefully) his heart, is now being wasted on the wrong opponent. Tsukiko's aura begins to darken in a familiar way as she decides that this woman she's facing is a nuisance of the worst kind. Shoma, not seeing any of this, continues cheering.

Featured Duel: Anna Des vs Light Tsukiko[edit]

Turn 1: Des
Des activates the effect of "Darklord Ixchel" in her hand, discarding it and "Darklord Superbia" to draw 2 cards. She activates "Darklord Contact" to Special Summon "Darklord Superbia" (L8|2900/2400) from her Graveyard in Defense Position. Since it was Special Summoned from the Graveyard, she activates the effect of "Darklord Superbia" to Special Summon a Fairy monster from her Graveyard. She Special Summons "Darklord Ixchel" (L10|2500/2900) in Defense Position. Des Sets a card in her Spell & Trap Zones.

Turn 2: Light Tsukiko
Since Des controls more Spells/Traps than she does, Tsukiko Special Summons "Psychic Megacyber" (L6|2200/1200) from her hand in Attack Position. She then Normal Summons "Jinzo - Jector" (L4|800/2000) and immediately activates its effect, Tributing it to add a "Jinzo" monster from her Deck to her hand. She adds "Jinzo the Machine Menace" to her hand. In addition, the effect of "Jinzo - Jector" will reveal all of Des' Set Spells/Traps, and Tsukiko will be able to Special Summon "Jinzo" monsters from her hand, up to the number of Traps revealed. Des' Set card is "Darklord Descent", a Trap, and so Tsukiko Special Summons "Jinzo the Machine Menace" (L7|2400/1500) from her hand in Attack Position. She activates the effect of "Jinzo the Machine Menace", Tributing it to Special Summon a "Jinzo" from her hand or Graveyard, then destroy all Traps Des controls (revealing Set cards in the process). She Special Summons "Jinzo" (L6|2400/1500) from her hand, and Des' face-down Trap is destroyed.

Tsukiko overlays her two Level 6 monsters to Xyz Summon "Jinzo - Layered" (R6|2400/1500) in Attack Position. She activates its effect, detaching one of its Xyz Materials to take control of one of Des' monsters. She takes control of "Darklord Ixchel".

Duel continues in the next chapter.

Featured Cards[edit]

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