Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Structures - Chapter 019

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"Conclusion of the Team Battle!!"
Title page
Japanese name
Japaneseチーム戦 決着!!
RōmajiChīmu-sen Kecchaku!!
TranslatedConclusion of the Team Battle!!
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! OCG Structures
Japanese magazineV Jump 2021 #2
Volume3: "Pressure...!!"
Release dates
JapaneseDecember 21, 2020
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"Conclusion of the Team Battle!!" (チーム戦 決着!! Chīmu-sen Kecchaku!!) is the nineteenth chapter of the Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Structures manga. It was first published December 21, 2020, in the V Jump magazine.


After a fierce competition, the Team Battle comes to a conclusion with the end of the match between Jukyu Goriki and Yami Kuroda.

Featured Duel: Yami Kuroda vs Strong Jukyu[edit]

Duel continues from the previous Chapter.

Turn 4: Strong Jukyu
Jukyu activates the effect of "Dragunity Arma Gram", banishing "Blackwing - Zephyros the Elite" and "Mist Valley Baby Roc" from his GY to Special Summon it from his hand. He equips "Dragunity Divine Lance" to "Gram", increasing its ATK by 1000 ("Gram": ATK 2900 → 3900). With the 2nd effect of "Divine Lance", Jukyu equips "Dragunity Guisarme" to "Gram". Next, he activates the effect of "Gram", negating the effects of Kuroda's "Chaos Dragon Levianeer" and decreasing its ATK by 1000 for each Equip Card he controls ("Levianeer": ATK 3000 → 0). Jukyu tunes his Level 8 "Dragunity Knight - Barcha" with the Level 2 "Dragunity Couse" to Synchro Summon "Dragunity Knight - Areadbhair". It is noted that the effect of "Areadbhair" allows Jukyu to banish a "Dragunity" monster from his GY to negate the activation of a monster's effect and banish that card, meaning Kuroda can't use the effect of "Necro Gardna" from the GY to protect himself. "Gram" attacks and destroys "Levianeer" (Kuroda's LP: 4000 → 100), and Jukyu activates its effect, equipping "Levianeer" to itself. "Areadbhair" attacks and destroys "Triple Burst Dragon" (Kuroda 100 → 0).

Featured Cards[edit]

Cards in italic debuted here.