Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Structures - Chapter 031

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"Rematch!! Shoma VS Ohza"
Title page
Japanese name
Japanese再戦!! 尚磨VS王座
RōmajiSaisen!! Shōma Bāsasu Ōza
TranslatedRematch!! Shoma VS Ohza
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! OCG Structures
Japanese magazineV Jump 2022 #2
Release dates
JapaneseDecember 21, 2021
Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Structures chapters
Previous"Feelings for a Friend"

"Rematch!! Shoma VS Ohza" is the thirty-first chapter of the Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Structures manga. It was first published December 21, 2021, in the V Jump magazine.


Everyone is surprised to see both Shoma and Ohza are using the same Decks from their first match; however, after a fierce exchange, Ohza reveals he hadn't shown the true power of his Deck on their previous Duel.

Featured Duel: Shoma Yusa vs Ohza Akaboshi[edit]

Duel continues from the previous chapter.

Turn 1: Shoma
Shoma activates the Field Spell Card "Magikey World", with its 1st effect allowing him to add a "Magikey" monster - "Magikey Mechmusket - Batosbuster" - from his Deck to his hand. Next, he activates its 3rd effect, adding "Magikey Maftea" from his Deck to his hand, and placing "Beckoned by the World Chalice" from his hand on the bottom of his Deck. Shoma Normal Summons "Clavkiys, the Magikey Skyblaster" and activates "Magikey Maftea", sending "Megalosmasher X" from his Deck to the GY as a Tribute in order to Ritual Summon "Magikey Mechmusket - Batosbuster" from his hand in Defense Position. Upon its Ritual Summon, the effect of "Batosbuster" activates, allowing Shoma to add 1 "Magikey" card - "Maginificent Magikey Mafteal" - from his Deck to his hand. Since he controls a "Magikey" monster, Shoma activates the effect of "Mafteal" in his hand, allowing him to Normal Summon a "Magikey" monster this turn in addition to his Normal Summon/Set. He proceeds to Normal Summon "Mafteal", with its effect allowing Shoma to Special Summon "Megalosmasher X" from his GY in Defense Position. Shoma overlays "Clavkiys" and "Mafteal" to Xyz Summon "Magikey Spirit - Vepartu", with its effect activating; Shoma detaches "Mafteal" in order to add a 2nd copy of "Clavkiys" from his Deck to his hand. Next, he tunes "Megalosmasher X" with "Batosbuster" to Synchro Summon "Magikey Fiend - Transfurlmine", and activates its effect to Set a "Magikey" Spell/Trap Card - "Magikey Unlocking" - directly from his Deck.

Turn 2: Ohza
Ohza Normal Summons "Aleister the Invoker" and activates its effect, adding "Invocation" from his Deck to his hand. He proceeds to activate it, but Shoma activates his face-down "Magikey Unlocking", negating and destroying "Invocation"; furthermore, he chooses to make all of Ohza's monsters become WATER Attribute until the end of this turn. Since Shoma controls more monsters than him, Ohza Special Summons "Incredible Ecclesia, the Virtuous" from his hand, and subsequently activates its effect, Tributing itself to Special Summon "Fallen of Albaz" from his Deck. Ohza activates the effect of "Fallen of Albaz", discarding 1 card from his hand, but Shoma chains with the effect of "Transfurlmine", destroying "Fallen of Albaz". Next, Ohza activates "Branded Fusion", using a 2nd "Fallen of Albaz" and "Unlikely Swordsoul Allies" from his Deck as materials to Fusion Summon "Albion the Branded Dragon". Upon its Summon, Ohza activates the effect of "Albion", using itself and one "Fallen of Albaz" from his GY as materials to Fusion Summon "Mirrorjade the Iceblade Dragon" in Attack Position. Since "Albion" and "Fallen of Albaz" were banished, Ohza activates the effect of "Unlikely Swordsoul Allies", banishing itself from the GY in order to Special Summon "Incredible Ecclesia, the Virtuous" from his GY. Next, he activates the effect of "Mirrorjade", sending "Titaniklad the Ash Dragon" from his Extra Deck to the GY to banish Shoma's "Vepartu". Ohza enters his Battle Phase. "Mirrorjade" attacks and destroys "Transfurlmine" (Shoma's LP: 8000 → 7800). "Aleister" and "Ecclesia" attack Shoma directly (Shoma's LP: 7800 → 6800 → 5300). During Ohza's End Phase, the effect of "Titaniklad" in his GY activates, allowing him to Special Summon "Dogmatika Ecclesia, the Virtuous" from his Deck. The effect of "Dogmatika Ecclesia" activates upon its Summon, allowing Ohza to add "Dogmatika Fleurdelis, the Knighted" from his Deck to his hand.

Turn 3: Shoma
Shoma draws and activates "Preparation of Rites", adding a 2nd "Batosbuster" from his Deck to his hand, as well as "High Ritual Art" from his GY. He activates "High Ritual Art", Tributing the 2nd "Clavkiys" in his hand to Ritual Summon a 3rd "Batosbuster" from his Deck. Since a monster Special Summoned from the Extra Deck exists on the field, Ohza Special Summons "Dogmatika Fleurdelis" from his hand, and activates its effect to negate the effects of Shoma's just-Summoned "Batosbuster". Shoma activates "Dragon's Mirror", banishing the 1st "Batosbuster" and "Megalosmasher X" from his GY to Fusion Summon "Magikey Dragon - Andrabime". He activates the effect of "Andrabime", selecting the DARK Attribute "Clavkiys" in his GY to destroy all of Ohza's monsters with the same Attribute as it; "Aleister" and "Mirrorjade" are destroyed.

Duel continues in the next chapter.

Featured Cards[edit]

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