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"Dweller in the Dark!!"
Title page
EnglishDweller in the Dark!!
Japanese name
RōmajiFukaki Yami no Jūnin!!
TranslatedDweller of the Deep Darkness!!
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! R
Japanese magazineV Jump January, 2005 issue
Volume1: "A Wicked Shadow!"
Release dates
JapaneseNovember 21, 2004
EnglishOctober 6, 2009[1]
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Next"A Fearsome God Descends!!"
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"Dweller in the Dark!!", titled "Dweller of the Deep Darkness!!" in the Japanese version, is the eighth chapter of Yu-Gi-Oh! R. It was first printed in Japan on November 21, 2004 in the V Jump magazine. It was later reprinted in Volume 1 of Yu-Gi-Oh! R.

In the next block, Yugi is confronted by Maico Kato, the next card professor.

Featured Duel: Dark Yugi vs. Maico Kato[edit]

Turn 1: Yugi
Dark Yugi draws. He then Normal Summons "Big Shield Gardna" (100/2600) in Defense Position.

Turn 2: Maico
Maico draws. She then Normal Summons "Leprechaun" (400/200) in Attack Position. She equips it with "Poison Crossbow". Whenever it attacks, Maico will take no battle damage and the battled monster will be destroyed. "Leprechaun" attacks "Big Shield Gardna", destroying it via the effect of "Poison Crossbow". Maico Sets a card.

Turn 3: Yugi
Yugi draws. He then Sets two cards and Normal Summons "Jack's Knight" (1800/1200) in Attack Position. "Jack's Knight" attacks "Leprechaun", but Maico activates her face-down Field Magic Card: "Deep Forest", negating the attack.[Notes 1]

Turn 4: Maico
Maico draws. She then Sets a card. "Leprechaun" attacks "Jack's Knight", destroying it via the effect of "Poison Crossbow". Yugi activates his face-down "Spellbinding Illusion", decreasing the ATK of "Leprechaun" by 500 ("Leprechaun": 400 → 0/200).

Turn 5: Yugi
Yugi draws. He then Normal Summons "Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts" (1500/1200) in Attack Position. "Gazelle" attacks and destroys "Leprechaun" (Maico 4000 → 2500), with "Deep Forest" unable to negate the attack due to "Spellbinding Illusion". Since a Beast-Type monster controlled by Maico was destroyed this turn, Maico pays 1000 Life Points (Maico 2500 → 1500) to Special Summon "Green Baboon, Defender of the Forest" (2600/1800) from her hand in Attack Position.

Turn 6: Maico
Maico draws. She then activates "Chameleon Colors" and equips it to "Green Baboon", enabling it to attack directly when there is a face-up Field Magic Card. "Green Baboon" attacks directly (Yugi 4000 → 1400).

Turn 7: Yugi
Yugi draws "Archfiend of Gilfer". He then Tributes "Gazelle" to Normal Summon "Archfiend of Gilfer" (2200/2500) in Attack Position. Yugi activates "Flames of the Archfiend", which would destroy "Deep Forest" as he controls a Fiend-Type monster, but Maico activates her face-down "De-Spell", which would negate and destroy "Flames of the Archfiend". However, Yugi activates his own "De-Spell", negating and destroying Maico's "De-Spell". "Deep Forest" is destroyed. The next effect of "Flames of the Archfiend" deals 1000 damage to both players (Yugi 1400 → 400, Maico 1500 → 500) and decreases the ATK of "Green Baboon" of 1000 ("Green Baboon": 2600 → 1600/1800). "Archfiend of Gilfer" attacks and destroys "Green Baboon" (Maico 500 → 0).

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this chapter. Cards in italics debuted here.


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  1. In the TCG/OCG, one cannot activate a Field Spell Card during the opponent's turn.