Yu-Gi-Oh! R - Volume 005

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"Duel Beyond Death"
EnglishDuel Beyond Death
Japanese name
RōmajiTatakai no Hate
TranslatedThe End of the Battle
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! R
Contains chaptersR03333R04444
Release dates
JapaneseApril 4, 2008[1]
EnglishJune 1, 2010[2]
FrenchMarch 24, 2009[3]
Yu-Gi-Oh! R volumes
Previous"Return of the Dragon"

"Duel Beyond Death", titled "The End of the Battle" (闘いの果て Tatakai no Hate) in the Japanese version, is the fifth and final volume of Yu-Gi-Oh! R.


Promotional card[edit]

The Japanese and English print of the volume came with an "Alector, Sovereign of Birds" promotional card.


Image Number English title Japanese title
#33 "Rematch!! Keith vs. Jonouchi" 再闘!! キースVS城之内
Saitō!! Kīsu Bāsasu Jōnouchi
Jonouchi faces Bandit Keith in a rematch, confident he'll win again. He opposes Keith's "Motor" cards with "Gilford the Lightning".
#34 "The Last Jashin Rises!!" 最後の邪神、降臨!!
Saigo no Jashin, Kōrin!!
Bandit Keith gets the upper hand over Jonouchi using several Spell and Trap Cards, and is able to Summon the last of the "Wicked Gods" - "The Wicked Eraser".
#35 "Jonouchi Strikes Back!!" 城之内、反撃!!
Jōnouchi, Hangeki!!
Bandit Keith continues his assault with "The Wicked Eraser," countering Jonouchi's attempts to fight back. Jonouchi responds by taking his "Fiendish Engine Ω" to counterattack.
#36 "Death of a God!!" 邪神消滅!
Jashin Shōmetsu!
"Lapse of the Devil God!"
Bandit Keith's "The Wicked Eraser" is defeated, though he takes back "Fiendish Engine Ω" from Jonouchi. Ultimately, Keith loses and Jonouchi tells him to come Duel him again once he's let go of his grudges, while giving him his "Time Machine" card back.
#37 "The Final Showdown" 最終決戦!
Saishū Kessen!
"The Final Showdown!"
Yugi reaches the top of KaibaCorp, ready to begin the final confrontation with Yako.
#38 "Clash of the Gods!!" 神召喚の攻防
Kami Shōkan no Kōhō
"Battle of God Summoning"
Yugi Summons "Arcana Knight Joker" rather than an Egyptian God, but Yako's Deck now contains all three "Wicked Gods" and the capability to Summon them with ease. He begins with the Summoning of "The Wicked Eraser".
#39 "Speed Summon!!" 神速召喚!!
Shinsoku Shōkan!!
"Godspeed Summons!!"
Yugi is faced with the "The Wicked Eraser". Yako Tributes it to clear the field, but when Yugi retaliates with two seven-star monsters, he then brings out "The Wicked Avatar".
#40 "Reign of the Avatar" 世界フィールドはいしゃ
Fīrudo no Shihaisha
"Ruler of the Field"
"The Wicked Avatar" dominates the field and begins the R.A. Project again. As Dark Yugi struggles to defend against the God, Yako furthers his advantage by imprinting Yugi's image on a "Metal Fiend Token", causing Dark Yugi to have doubts.
#41 "The Other" もう一人の存在
Mō Hitori no Sonzai
After "The Wicked Avatar" mimics the form of Yugi himself, Dark Yugi is forced to stall using "Swords of Revealing Light", as Yako compares their situations.
#42 "God vs. Evil God!!" 激突!神VS邪神
Gekitotsu! Kami Bāsasu Jashin
"Clash! God vs. Evil God"
Just when Yako finally seems to have won, Dark Yugi calls out "The God of the Obelisk" to face the "The Wicked Avatar". Yugi plays "Divine Evolution", evolving "Obelisk" into a greater form.
#43 "Mutually Assured Destruction" 対消滅!! そして…
Tsuishōmetsu!! Soshite...
"Mutual Annihilation!! And..."
The Wicked Gods are defeated, and with them, their influence over Yako. Yako and Yugi agree to complete their Duel for fun after encouragement from Gekko.
#44 "The End of the Battle" 闘いの果て
Tatakai no Hate
With both Duelists pushed to their limits after a long and harrowing Duel, Yugi is set to finish his battle with Yako. Summoning one monster after another, Yugi is put into a tight spot.


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