Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS - Episode 053

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"Let's Go! Rush Swirling!"
Swirly is faced with the "Blue-Eyes White Dragon".
Swirly is faced with the "Blue-Eyes White Dragon".
Japanese name
RōmajiIku zo! Rasshu Guryuryu!
TranslatedLet's Go! Rush Swirling!
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Japanese OP"Harevutai"
Japanese ED"Never Looking Back"
ScreenplayYuichi Nomura
Air dates
JapaneseJune 20, 2021
Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episodes (season 2)
Previous"The Final Rush Duel"
Next"Riding Rush Duel!"
Featured card

"Let's Go! Rush Swirling!" is the fifty-third episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. It first aired in Japan on June 20, 2021.

Rush Duels are now booming thanks to the Team Battle Royal tournament. Taking advantage of this, Luke tries to force people to join his Rush Duel club. Luke later catches a boy who was watching his Duel from a bush...


Wind and lightning tear through the ruins of Goha City as Luke comments that the destined day called "fate" is finally here, while Romin takes cover form the wind next to the empty shell of Kaizo. As a meteor hurtles towards the Goha Enterprises Main Office, Gavin and Romin look up at it, Romin gasping that it's all over, but Yuga's voice reassures them that it isn't, and he holds his Duel Disk up from the top of a ruined building, vowing that this will protect their smiles. The Super Rush Robot sprints over the horizon, Yuga's friends calling its name, and as Yuga straps on and activates his Duel Disk, Luke vows that no matter the pinch they are in, there's always the chance for a comeback and that is what Rush Duels are. The Super Rush Robot boosts towards the falling meteor, extending a "7" shaped energy blade from its oversized Duel Disk before punching the meteor with a burst of flaming energy from the right hand that fails to stop the meteor. Fortunately it blocks it with the energy blade, disintegrating the meteor in seconds, and Yuga eagerly punches the air in celebration...

...and once again headbutts his lampshade, waking him up from his dream. He curls up as he clutches his head, wondering if it was a dream, but then suggests that it may not be. On his tablet, Flash Umiko notes that the news that has grabbed global attention was the sudden appearance of a giant robot - the Super Rush Robot making up the Rush Duel program - on the moon. Yuga grins sheepishly and Kaizo isn't impressed to see he's watching that, warning him that he'll be late for school.

As Yuga rides on his Duel-cycle (passing posters of Luke as he does), Umiko continues her news story, explaining that the robot is actually the new Rush Duel program. Ricky and Katz are both eagerly talking about the robot and wonder what its name is, and Yuga pops up in between them, cheerfully explaining that it's the Super Rush Robot, much to their appreciation. Ricky comments on how Rush Dueling was almost erased during the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal and Katz comments that it was pretty exciting; Ricky claiming he's come to love Rush Dueling even more now, much to Yuga's joy. He tries to challenge them to a Rush Duel, only for Rino to remind him that Rush Dueling is forbidden while walking to school. Rayne shakes her head in disapproval, wondering why Yuga hasn't grown at all while she's overcome many difficulties to return to the Student Council. Yuga, Ricky and Katz sweatdrop and giggle nervously as Rayne angrily asks if they're even listening at all and telling them they should be more distinguished like Gavin, while a boy in a chameleon costume watches nervously.

As Yuga finishes a run for PE, a Duel Disk activates near him, and later as Romin is eating lunch a Solid Vision dome appears around her; Gavin explains that the spectacular ending of the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal has caused a boom in Rush Dueling, but the Rush Duel Club is as empty as ever. Romin comments that it's his fault as she, Gavin and Yuga look around the corner at two boys discussing having a team match at the dojo later, only for Luke, now wearing the jeans, guitar, crown and sunglasses he received for winning the Team Battle Royal, to step in front of them and demand they say his name. One boy nervously calls him Kallister Luke, but amends his statement to Master Luke, the King of Duels after a growl from Luke, who immediately tells the other boy to say it as well. The boy quickly replies, and Luke grins and tell the boys that he'll let them join his Rush Duel Club as a reward, though they immediately respectfully decline. Luke laughs it off, but Romin irritably mutters that everyone's getting scared off because of that idiot getting carried away with his victory, though she notes that he might just be too annoying for people to want to associate themselves with the Rush Duel Club. Gavin wonders if they can do something, though Yuga questions the need to given that everyone is still Rush Dueling and having fun, and when Romin protests, he apologizes and claims he has to do something today, hurrying off as Romin protests. After school, Romin and Gavin admit that despite Yuga's dismissal, Luke is the reason the Rush Duel Club's image is so bad. They're interrupted by Tiger yelling her club members away for calling her "President" instead of "Tiger" (and them thanking her for it), giving Romin an idea. They show Tiger images of her brother harassing other students, much to her embarrassment, and as her club members fix up the Concert Band Clubroom she asks if Romin and Gavin didn't also become King of Duels. Gavin remembers Goha President crowning Luke and explains that they declined because they didn't like being champions of a tournament that Otes had set up for his own agenda. Tiger grins and comments she's been out of practice, and Romin asks her to make it painful, though Gavin quickly asks her to show some restraint.

Outside the boy in the chameleon suit is watching the other kids Rush Dueling from the bushes when he spots Luke in the distance, whose presence scatters the young Duelists. The boy tries to run, but only succeeds in getting stuck in the bush as Luke looks around and tries to camouflage himself to no avail; Luke spots him and asks his name, prompting the boy to gasp "guruguru!" in terror.

At the Goha Enterprises Main Office, Goha's secretary tells her that the rumor that Goha Enterprises were behind the attempted uninstallation of Rush Dueling has caused the company's brand image to take a hit, and their Rush-chan and Goha-kun merchandise isn't selling, so they're swimming in leftovers. Goha simply laughs, and her secretary interprets this as a request to rest and re-think while having some Mitarashi Rush dango and heads off to fulfill that. Once he leaves, Mimi removes the President Drone and grumpily wonders what sort of plan she could possibly come up with, wondering if she should make the president's image into something more hip with children. The President Drone promptly suggests they head to the closet, much to Mimi's surprise, and her desk descends underground, but she's soon unimpressed by the menacing designs the President Drone shows her, including the Dedicated Combat Helmet Mk. III, and the Mk. VI Ultimate Speed Mach 10, and she yells that this isn't hip at all.

At the Rush Duel Club Luke tells Romin and Gavin to listen and be amazed, as they have a new member, though they don't see him anywhere and after peeking under the table, Luke spots the tail of the boy's chameleon costume behind a curtain and pulls it aside to reveal his throne, with the boy clinging to it in terror. Luke tells Swirly to stop hiding and come out, and when Gavin remarks that it's a strange name ("guruguru" is the Japanese onomatopeia for a swirling sound), Luke proudly claims that the King of Duels named him. Romin asks why he named him that, and Luke asks what else it would be. Romin asks Swirly what grade he's in, but he's still too shy to answer, and Gavin kindly asks if he's dressed like that because he's part of the Kirigumi Drama Club, but again Swirly is too scared to answer. Luke doesn't really care, since Swirly is going to become a citizen of his Rush Duel Club isn't he? Swirly protests he doesn't want to, and Luke angrily asks if he likes to Rush Duel, his repeated demands terrifying Swirly into stammering "guruguru!" and Romin finally realizing why Luke named him Swirly. Luke proclaims he has great naming sense, but Swirly has finally had enough and leaps away, scattering boxes all over Luke, Romin and Gavin. Romin isn't happy, though Gavin tries to calm her, pointing out that Swirly didn't mean to do it, while Luke is impressed by how energetic he is. But as they run out of the room, Swirly is hiding in the ceiling.

Swirly emerges in Goha City, looking around and spotting Yuga standing still in the street with a sign saying "HELP" - the cause a ladybug on his cheek. As he trembles in fear, Swirly snatches the ladybug off his cheek and Yuga collapses in relief. As the ladybug flies off Swirly's finger, Yuga thanks him, sheepishly admitting that he's bad with ladybugs and bell peppers. Kaizo then arrives, the same "HELP" sign plastered across his screen, and Yuga apologizes to him, explaining that this "king" has helped him out, causing Swirly (who has one of Luke's crowns hanging off his costume's tail) to blush. As the sun sets, Swirly tells Yuga about what happened to him as they walk together with Kaizo, and Yuga deduces that Luke forced him to join the club. He asks for Swirly's name, and just as Luke did after Swirly stammers, dubs him "Swirly", and despite Swirly's protests, he doesn't offer up his real name. Yuga asks if Swirly hates Rush Dueling, and as Swirly stammers, Yuga suggests he show him something special as thanks for saving him.

Romin and Gavin have exhausted themselves trying to find Swirly, but as they look around with Luke they spot Kaizo, who is cursing at missing seeing Yuga freak out and consoles himself with the knowledge of one of his weaknesses. He clams up when Romin calls his name, but Romin just asks if he's seen a kid in a costume, and Kaizo quickly recalls that he has.

Yuga has taken Swirly to the Hologram Man's chamber, using his Duel Disk to light the way and explaining that it's the place where Rush Dueling began. Once they enter the chamber, he calls out to Otes, telling him that he knows he can hear him and asking why he suddenly decided to uninstall Rush Dueling despite being the one who gave it a chance, asking what Otes' real goal is and admitting he has a lot of questions. To his joy, Otes' hologram emerges from the ground atop The Relic and declares that Yuga will have to carve open that road and face him if he wants the answer as he holds up his Duel Disk. Yuga comments that he knew Otes would say that, but declares that Swirly will be facing him instead, sending Swirly into another panic and prompting him to flee - right into Luke, who asks if Swirly is trying to run again as Gavin and Romin approach, holding the other crown and Kaizo respectively. As Yuga greets his friends happily, Luke asks Swirly if he doesn't want to Rush Duel, and Yuga tries to give Swirly his Duel Disk again. Swirly shyly admits he's never Rush Dueled before, but Yuga again offers him the Duel Disk, reassuring him that they're with him. Luke asks him how long he's going to run away from his true feelings as he takes Yuga's Duel Disk, and Gavin and Romin hold up the crown and Kaizo in encouragement. But as Swirly mulls it over, Otes slyly asks if they don't think he'll just run off halfway through, but Luke takes off his sunglasses and declares he has complete faith in Swirly, handing Swirly the Duel Disk and reassuring him that he understands, offering to let him wear the crown if he wants. Otes asks if he is prepared, and he and Swirly both strap on their Duel Disks and insert their Decks, Otes calling "Ruel Duel!" and Swirly "Rush Guru".

The holographic dome of green light appears over the field. Swirly examines his hand, and Yuga explains that the player starts with four cards in their hand, then he'll draw a card at the start of his turn. Swirly declares his turn and draws, his hand containing "High Magic - Double Acceleration", "Wind Spirit's Protection", "Dark Sorcerer", "Magical Beast Wolfang", and "Spell Archer". Luke explains that Rush Duels go full throttle from the start, and he can Summon as many monsters as he wants. Swirly nods, Summoning "Dark Sorcerer", "Magical Beast Wolfang" and "Spell Archer". He's amazed that he Summoned three monsters, and Luke encourages him to keep up the pace, so Swirly Sets the remaining two cards in his hand, then tries to attack, and Romin has to tell him that he can't attack on the first turn of the Duel. Swirly's costume blushes red, and he ends his turn.

Otes declares his turn and draws, then Summons "Lizard Soldier" and "Lesser Dragon", intimidating Swirly, though Luke encourages him not to be. Otes then Tributes the two monsters to Tribute Summon the ultimate monster - "Blue-Eyes White Dragon", which emerges with 3000 ATK. Swirly is terrified by the awesome monster, and as Romin whispers his name, Gavin fears that he might run away after all. Yuga replies that it would be such a waste, telling Swirly that he gets to fight a "Blue-Eyes", so he should have some fun with it. Luke, having donned his sunglasses again, asks if Swirly can feel the heart-pounding excitement of facing such a legendary monster. Swirly sees himself floating in space with "Blue-Eyes", but Gavin has finally noticed that the Duel is just like when Yuga first installed Rush Dueling, prompting Kaizo to recall the traumatic events that happened to him here and freak out. Otes then activates the Spell Card exclusive to the ultimate dragon, "Burst Breath of Destruction", destroying all of Swirly's monsters in a blast of red energy, much to the horror of the others. As Swirly looks around in fear at the destruction of his monsters, Otes orders the "White Lightning" attack of "Blue-Eyes White Dragon", and it blasts a surge of energy from its maw that knocks Swirly off his feet and reduces him to 1000 LP. Otes ends his turn, and Gavin notes that now all of Swirly's monsters have been wiped out, he'll have to rely on his next draw, and Swirly knows that he'll lose if he doesn't draw a card that can defeat "Blue-Eyes".

He declares his turn and draws, only to get "Curtain of Sparks", slumping in disappointment. He admits that this is really fun, as his heart is pounding and his chest is hot, and he wishes that this could go on forever, but just as he thought he can't. Luke tells him that it's not over yet - you can draw until you're holding five cards each turn in a Rush Duel, and no matter the situation there's always the chance for a comeback. This is what a Rush Duel is. Determined, Swirly draws four more cards, his hand now containing "Straynge Cat", "Mystic Dealer", "Ansler the Magical Swordsman", "Hydro Magician", and "Curtain of Sparks". After examining his hand, Swirly Summons "Straynge Cat" and "Mystic Dealer", and then he activates the effect of "Mystic Dealer", sending "Ansler the Magical Swordsman" from his hand to the Graveyard to draw a card, prompting Romin and Gavin to think he might draw the same card that Yuga did against Otes. But instead, Swirly draws and Summons "Sevens Road Wiz", with only 1000 ATK, and Romin gasps that it isn't "Sevens Road Magician", Gavin believing that it's all over for Swirly, but Yuga and Luke don't think so. Swirly discards "Hydro Magician" to activate the Spell Card "Wind Spirit's Protection", increasing the ATK of "Sevens Road Wiz" by 1000 until the end of the turn, to 2000. A twister of wind empowers "Sevens Road Wiz" and Swirly then returns "Ansler" and "Hydro Magician" from his Graveyard to his Deck to activate the Spell Card "High Magic - Double Acceleration" which will increase the ATK of "Sevens Road Wiz" by its original ATK until the end of the turn. Romin happily gasps that "Sevens Road Wiz" has 2000 ATK, so it will rise to 4000 ATK, but Gavin notes that it won't be over even if Swirly beats "Blue-Eyes"; he'll have to defeat Otes as well. But as Swirly nods in agreement, Otes explains that he's misunderstood something; his Spell increases the ATK of his monster by its original ATK rather than its current ATK, and "Sevens Road Wiz" only rises to 3000 ATK as Romin realizes that it only gains 1000 ATK. Swirly looks down in disappointment, his costume turning grey, but Yuga tells him that he won't be able to see anything if he keeps looking down and there's definitely a way forward. Swirly looks at the lone card in his hand in surprise, and then he suddenly sees the results of all the other Duels Yuga, Luke, Romin and Gavin had against Otes before finally checking the card; "Curtain of Sparks". He looks at it, and then at "Sevens Road Wiz" and "Blue-Eyes", and Yuga asks him if he's found his Swirly Road.

Swirly nods, and he discards "Curtain of Sparks" to activate the effect of "Sevens Road Wiz", catching Otes' attention. Swirly explains that a monster that shares the ATK of "Sevens Road Wiz" will have its ATK reduced to zero until the end of the turn, and as "Wiz" glows, Yuga and Luke grin proudly and Romin cries that it has 3000 ATK, which Gavin notes is the same as "Blue-Eyes". "Blue-Eyes" falls to zero ATK, and Swirly declares his Battle Phase, ordering the "Stray Familiar's Wave of Innocence" attack of "Straynge Cat"...but nothing happens, due to both monsters having zero ATK, as Gavin explains, Romin averting her gaze in embarrassment. Swirly then attacks "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" with "Sevens Road Wiz", which traps it in its whip and lands a double-footed kick, causing the whip to tighten around "Blue-Eyes" and destroy it, reducing Otes to 1000 LP. As he shields himself, he sees Swirly's surprised smile and the proud smiles of Yuga, Luke, Romin and Gavin, and he smiles as well. Swirly then orders the direct attack of "Mystic Dealer" and it blasts glowing cards at Otes that reduce his LP to zero.

The Solid Vision fades, and as Otes kneels in defeat Swirly asks in shock if he won. As Romin and Gavin celebrate, Luke tells Swirly that of course he won; he's the kind of person who the King would be happy to invite into his kingdom after all. Yuga tells Otes to keep his promise and tell them the reason he decided to uninstall Rush Dueling, but Otes smiles as he gets to his feet and asks if Yuga has any proof that he was behind it. And after all, wasn't it a good thing? Rush Duels have since become a more robust program. Yuga doesn't believe him, but Otes ignores him and thanks Swirly for the great Duel, and Yuga as well. Yuga modestly claims it was nothing, but then Otes and the Relic descend into the ground. Yuga isn't happy that Otes got away again, but decides that it's alright for now since he'll see him again. Luke then twitches as he puts the crown Gavin was carrying on Swirly's head, much to the boy's confusion, but once he realizes what's happened he stammers that he wants to join the Rush Duel Club, and Luke eagerly accepts him in.

But the next day, Luke is trying to intimidate younger kids again, only for them to answer his request to say his name by replying "The☆Lukeman", much to his horror. He flees in terror, spotted by Swirly, who runs after him, while Yuga, Romin, and Gavin watch him go. As Swirly finds Luke hiding behind his own throne in the Rush Duel Clubroom, Romin explains that Tiger had told them about "The☆Lukeman", a manga Luke drew when he was younger that he considers to be the most embarrassing thing he's ever done, and she found it and published it in the Goha 7th newspaper. Gavin explains that it was intended to cut Luke's ego down a bit, as it had been getting out of hand and Romin calls it an embarrassing memory from when Luke was stuck in his own shell, enough to make him want to dig himself into a hole. They find Swirly standing guard outside the Rush Duel Clubroom, and Yuga speculates that Luke might have seen a younger version of himself in Swirly, and that might have been why he wanted to get him out into the world more, a notion that makes Swirly blush and smile.

Featured Duel: Swirly vs Otes[edit]

Turn 1: Swirly
Swirly's hand contains "High Magic - Double Acceleration", "Wind Spirit's Protection", "Spell Archer", "Magical Beast Wolfang", and "Dark Sorcerer". Swirly Normal Summons "Dark Sorcerer" (1500/0), "Magical Beast Wolfang" (1100/100) and "Spell Archer" (1000/400). Swirly Sets two cards.

Turn 2: Otes
Otes Normal Summons "Lizard Soldier" (1100/800) and "Lesser Dragon" (1200/1000). Otes Tributes "Lizard Soldier" and "Lesser Dragon" to Tribute Summon "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" (3000/2500). As he controls a Level 7 or higher Dragon Type Normal Monster, Otes activates the Spell Card "Burst Breath of Destruction", destroying all face-up Level 6 or lower monsters Swirly controls. "Dark Sorcerer", "Wolfang" and "Spell Archer" are destroyed. "Blue-Eyes" attacks Swirly directly (Swirly 4000 → 1000).

Turn 3: Swirly
Swirly draws "Curtain of Sparks", "Mystic Dealer", "Straynge Cat", "Ansler the Magical Swordsman", and "Hydro Magician". Swirly Normal Summons "Mystic Dealer" (1000/0) and "Straynge Cat" (0/1400). Swirly activates the effect of "Mystic Dealer", sending a Spellcaster Type monster from his hand to the Graveyard to draw a card. He sends "Ansler" from his hand to the Graveyard and draws "Sevens Road Wiz". Guru Normal Summons "Sevens Road Wiz" (1000/0). Swirly activates his Set Spell "Wind Spirit's Protection", sending a card from his hand to the Graveyard to choose a Spellcaster Type monster he controls and have it gain 1000 ATK until the end of the turn. He sends "Hydro Magician" from his hand to the Graveyard and chooses "Sevens Road Wiz" ("Sevens Road Wiz": 1000/0 → 2000/0). Swirly activates his Set Spell "High Magic - Double Acceleration", returning two Level 5 or higher Spellcaster Type monsters from his Graveyard to his Deck to choose a Spellcaster Type monster he controls to have it gain ATK equal to its original ATK, until the end of this turn. He returns "Ansler" and "Hydro Magician" from his Graveyard to his Deck and chooses "Sevens Road Wiz" ("Sevens Road Wiz": 2000/0 → 3000/0). Swirly activates the effect of "Sevens Road Wiz", sending a card from his hand to the Graveyard to choose a Level 8 or lower monster Otes controls with the same ATK as "Sevens Road Wiz" to change that monster's original ATK to 0 until the end of this turn, then if Swirly has "Sevens Road Magician" in his Graveyard, he can draw a card. Swirly sends "Curtain of Sparks" from his hand to the Graveyard and chooses "Blue-Eyes" ("Blue-Eyes": 3000/2500 → 0/2500). "Straynge Cat" attacks "Blue-Eyes", but neither monster is destroyed as they both have zero ATK. "Sevens Road Wiz" attacks and destroys "Blue-Eyes" (Otes: 4000 → 1000 LP). "Mystic Dealer" attacks Otes directly (Otes: 1000 → 0 LP).

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.



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