Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS - Episode 056

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Yuka prepares to unleash the effect of "Uniform No. 39: Junior Baseball King, Home".
Japanese name
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Japanese OP"Harevutai"
Japanese ED"Never Looking Back"
ScreenplayKimiko Ueno
DirectorHiromichi Matano
StoryboardShigenori Kageyama
Air dates
JapaneseJuly 11, 2021
Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episodes (season 2)
Previous"Yujin and the Sea"
Next"The Fourth Assailant Cometh"
Featured card"Uniform No. 39: Junior Baseball King, Home"

"Kattobashing!" is the fifty-sixth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. It first aired in Japan on July 11, 2021.

Excited to hear that a professional baseball team will be born in Goha City, Luke declares "I will become the King of Base-Stealing!". Yuga and co. go to the entrance test and Yuka Goha, the eldest sister of the six presidential siblings, appears before them, designating up-and-coming ace player Romin as her Dueling opponent. Baseball Rush Duel, play ball!


At Goha #7 Elementary Yuga, Romin, Swirly, and Kaizo watch the Super Rush Robot, now with two armaments disengaged, continue to perform stretches, Kaizo lamenting how sad it is. Yuga notes that there's still four more to disarm; the chest, right arm, and both legs, and Romin points out that they only have to defeat the Goha Siblings four more times and it should be a piece of cake. Yuro comments that he wonders about that as he arrives on his Speed Loader, and notes unfortunately that his siblings won't just let them win. Gavin zooms over to berate Yuro for breaking regulations by driving a machine to school, but Yuro notes that it's useless to tie a supersonic student like him down with those overly strict school rules and declares his determination to enjoy his freedom before bidding Gavin "Adios" and speeding away, leaving Gavin coughing in his dust. Romin, Yuga and Swirly all smile, Romin noting that Yuro certainly is enjoying his freedom, but then they hear Luke tells them to get ready for the lead off. They turn to see him in a baseball uniform stretching, then booking it straight for Swirly and sliding in where he stands, leaving poor Swirly swirling in confusion as Luke declares himself safe. Romin utters his name in shock, and Luke explains there's going to be a new professional baseball team for Goha City, the Goha Astro Monsters and he wants them all to go prepare. Romin asks what for, and Luke explains that he signed everyone in the Rush Duel Club up for tryouts, much to their shock. Gavin admits that all ages and genders are allowed to apply, and Yuga asks if Luke likes baseball. Luke admits that he doesn't really (much to Gavin's surprise), but explains that he heard you can become the "King of Base-Stealing" and figured that wouldn't be a bad daor to pursue. Gavin realizes that Luke doesn't even knows the rules, and Yuga and Swirly both admit they can't even play baseball, but Luke explains his rational; if Yuga eventually becomes a Goha Enterprises employee and eventually the president, who won't give him the seat, Luke can strike unawares and steal his seat like he steals a base - much to the exasperation of everyone else.

Nevertheless, they all go to the local baseball stadium, where Yuga is amazed by all the people present and Luke comments that everyone's their rival. Kaizo praises Romin (in a pink baseball uniform with her hair in twin tails) as looking the best out of everyone, and when asked by Yuga why her uniform is different, Romin explains it's because she doesn't want to look like everyone else or wear lame clothes. Luke tells them not to sweat the small stuff, as it's important to look strong in a uniform to be scouted; don't they want to become professional baseball players? Yuga cheerfully replies that he doesn't, and Gavin adds that there's no way elementary schoolers would be scouted by professionals. Luke asks if they're sure as he points out Swirly, surrounded by Goha Enterprises Drones eagerly trying to scout him as a team mascot, and he comments that you never know when you'll get your big break as Romin, Gavin and Yuga look at the sight in shock.

A female announcer declares the start of the tryouts for the Goha Astro Monsters, and Kaizo notes that the pitching test is up first. Gavin (with Luke preparing to base-steal in the background) throws an excellent pitch, getting a strike, and when praised by Kaizo, Gavin notes that Sogetsu Style requires aptitude at both literary and martial arts. Yuga throws too short, hitting the dirt, but Romin strikes a perfect pose as she too gets a strike, much to Kaizo's shock. Next up is fielding, and Gavin executes an on-form stop, throwing the ball to the fielding Drone successfully, though poor Yuga trips over the grassline and into the outfield when trying to catch the ball the batting Drone hits him, while Romin runs to catch a bouncing ball and fires it in to the fielding Drone with such force it is thrown into the wall after catching it, much to Kaizo's utter shock. Batting is up next, and Gavin hits a solid ball, Yuga spins in place and strikes out, and Romin hits a home run. Kaizo is impressed by her prowess, though Romin declares it a walk in the park and Gavin notes that Romin has always been very athletic. Luke promptly slides in besides them to get safe, sending poor Swirly into another swirl, and declares that he's sure to get scouted with this much talent in stealing bases.

But as he praises himself a shadow falls over them, and Luke asks if it's evening already, commenting that the sun has been setting earlier these days. Gavin warns Luke that isn't it, and Luke looks up to see the Goha Siblings' ship floating above them, realizing that it's the Goha Siblings. A beam of light touches down, depositing Yuka Goha in a baseball uniform and piloting a small machine, and Luke asks who she is. Yuka chuckles Goha's signature laugh as she moves to the pitcher's mound (prompting Romin to ask if it wouldn't be faster to just walk), while the Goha Siblings' ship moves away. Inside the ship, Proprietress comments that she couldn't believe it when she saw the Rush Duel Club members names on the list for the tryouts, but it turned out to be true, and Yuran quietly agrees. Proprietress asks Yuo if Yuka went out and bought a baseball team, and Yuo confirms that she did, explaining that Yuka claimed that every president should own a baseball team. Propietress admits that Yuka has always loved both baseball and Dueling as Yuka exits her vehicle, explaining that she will be their next opponent, and as the Rush Duel Club brace themselves, Yuka raises her bat to them in challenge, then picks up a microphone and announces herself as batter of the Goha Presidential Siblings and their eldest daughter, Yuka Goha, echoing her honorific. Her opponents can only watch in shock as Yuka takes up a batting pose, declaring that they'll fight her, the person who stands on top of the Dueling baseball world with a bang, a statement that Gavin and Romin can only repeat in surprise. Yuka declares the first pitcher will be Romin Kassidy, much to her surprise, and Luke asks in shock if Romin is going to be a pitcher. Yuka vows to beat Romin here and now in a blazing, burning and exciting one-on-one Rush Duel with her, throwing a ball at Romin that she catches easily, agreeing to take Yuka on.

Nail appears on the announcement screen, declaring that they will now commence the Rush Duel between Goha Enterprises's Yuka Goha and Goha 7th Rush Duel Club's Romin Kassidy, reminding them that currently the Rush Duel Club lead by two points to none as Romin (with her Duel Guitar) and Yuka face-off at the pitcher's mound, and the first to six will be victorious. Luke promptly calls for a timeout, much to the exasperation of Yuga, Gavin and Kaizo, the latter pointing out that the game hasn't even started yet, and Luke gives three cards to Romin, asking her to take them into the Dueling baseball world before running off and telling Romin he's counting on her, leaving poor Romin spluttering in protest at the notion of putting the cards in her Deck. Yuka asks if Romin is ready, and Romin replies that of course she is, prompting Yuka to declare that she'll definitely win, and both Duelists insert their Decks with a cry of "Rush Duel!" Nail declares play ball by providence as the holographic dome materializes above them.

Romin gets ready, while Yuka pledges to fight fair and square. Kaizo tells Romin to force Yuka to retire, and Swirly, Gavin and Yuga cheer in agreement. Romin declares her turn and draws, her hand containing "Amusi Performer", "Romanpick", and three "Blue Medicine". Yuka wonders what kind of ball Pitcher Kassidy will throw, and Romin winds up to Summon "Amusi Performer" and "Romanpick", Yuka declaring it a straight strike as the two monsters appear. Romin pays 800 LP to activate the effect of "Amusi Performer", falling to 3200 as she explains that Yuka will take 300 damage, "Amsui Performer" screaming into her microphone to damage Yuka with the sound waves. Yuka claps her hands over her ears as she falls to 3700 LP, then recovers to declare that Romin has kicked things off with her first pitch and dealt damage to her opponent. Romin then pays 500 LP to activate the effect of "Romanpick", falling to 2700 LP as she sends the top three cards of her Deck to her Graveyard ("Esperade the Smashing Superstar", "Sportsdragon Pitcher", and "Pierce!") and if she excavates a Psychic monster she can add an excavated Psychic monster to her hand. As she retrieves "Esperade", Yuka wonders what Romin's second pitch will be, and Romin Tributes her two monsters and strums her guitar as she Tribute Summons, chanting "Etch into them the rhythm of your soul. Crush everything with a beat of rage! Esperade the Smashing Superstar!" Yuka declares that this is Romin's ace in the hole, and Romin Sets the remaining three cards in her hand to end her turn, prompting Yuka to conclude that Romin has started with a strong offense. Romin finally asks Yuka what she's doing, and Yuka explains that as the announcer she will be covering this match.

After practice swinging with three bats, Yuka declares her turn and draws "Request 9", her hand also containing "Hot-Blooded Spirits Stadium", "Gagaga Outfielder", "Zubaba Batter", and "Uniform No. 39: Junior Baseball King, Home". She announces a sudden Field Spell, "Hot-Blooded Spirits Stadium", igniting the field line and filling the stadium with cartoony baseball fans, much to the appreciation of the spectators. Yuka explains that all FIRE monsters will gain 400 ATK during their controller's turns only and Summons "Gagaga Outfielder" and "Zubaba Batter". Yuga comments that of course Yuka would be using a Baseball Deck, and Gavin tells him off for being impressed as the ATK of Yuka's monsters increase. Luke notes that Yuka has two Level 4 monsters and warns Romin that it's coming. Yuka chants "I'll send two balls outfield and construct a home run announcement! Tribute Summon! Uniform No. 39: Junior Baseball King, Home!" The virtual fans cheer as "Home" appears with 2500 ATK and Yuga notes that it's a FIRE monster, which Gavin realizes means it will gain 400 ATK for the turn as "Home" rises to 2900 ATK, a value that Luke repeats in shock as Kaizo cries that Romin is in a pinch. Yuka Sets a card, then orders "Junior Baseball King, Home" to attack "Esperade the Smashing Superstar". "Esperade" pitches to "Home", and both "Home" and Yuka swing their bats as "Home" attacks with "Home Run Slash", hitting the flaming pitch as Yuka declares that it's a hit. Flames consume "Esperade" and Romin is reduced to 2300 LP, Yuka announcing that it's a two-base hit right out of the gate. Kaizo warms up his hands for Romin as he calls her name, and Yuka ends her turn, returning the ATK of "Junior Baseball King, Home" to normal.

Romin declares her turn and draws five cards; "Excite Time", "Amusi Cheer", "Chemical Cure Blue", "Sportsdragon Slugger", and "Sportsdragon Rock Closer". She recognizes the last two as Luke's cards and looks over to see him sending her hand signals, though she doesn't understand them, thinking he's signalling a fox, then a shrimp, donkey, and lightning before getting frustrated and asking him what he's trying to say. Yuka comments that Coach Luke is trying to give hand signs, but Kassidy doesn't understand them, while Yuga realizes that Luke gave Romin some of his cards. Luke claims the cards said they wanted to go, remembering dropping them out of his Deck box when Yuka challenged Romin and claiming that they wanted to join the Dueling baseball world's Dragon team, so that's why he gave the cards to Romin. His friends don't know what to say, while Yuka comments that she's surprised that even after Luke's explanation, she still doesn't know what he's on about. Romin however has noticed that "Sportsdragon Rock Closer" is a FIRE monster and she smiles, deciding that she might be able to work with this.

Yuka realizes her change in demeanor as Romin Summons "Sportsdragon Slugger", then activates its effect to Special Summon "Sportsdragon Pitcher" from her Graveyard., before Tributing them both to Tribute Summon "Sportsdragon Rock Closer", who stands holding a flaming baseball with 2200 ATK. Yuka declares that a flaming guardian angel has arrived, while Luke cheers that the big rookie is here and Gavin notes that due to the effect of "Hot-Blooded Spirits Stadium" it will gain 400 ATK this turn. As "Sportsdragon Rock Closer" powers up to 2600 ATK, Romin also Summons "Chemical Cure Blue" and activates all three of her Set "Blue Medicine". Gavin cries that it increases Romin's LP by 400, and Yuga notes that Romin will gain 1200 LP, Kaizo celebrating as Romin rises back to 3500 LP. Yuka grits her teeth as Romin activates the effect of "Chemical Cure Blue", gaining 400 LP, and as she rises to 3900 LP she adds that she can also add as many "Blue Medicine" from her Graveyard to her hand as she wants. Yuka gasps as Romin retrieves and promptly activates all three of her "Blue Medicines", rising to 5100 LP. Yuga repeats the value in pleased surprise as Kaizo cheers Romin on, and Romin Sets a card, then strums the Duel Guitar as she pays 800 LP to activate the Spell Card "Amusi Cheer", increasing the Level of "Chemical Cure Blue" by 3 until the end of the turn, and reducing the ATK of all monsters Yuka controls by 300.[Notes 1]

"Chemical Cure Blue" rises to Level 7 as "Home" falls to 2200 ATK, and then Romin pays 3000 LP to activate the effect of "Sportsdragon Rock Closer", increasing its ATK by 2000 until the end of the turn. "Sportsdragon Rock Closer" roars as it powers up to 4600 ATK, much to the joy of Yuga, Luke, Gavin and Kaizo, who cheers that victory is in sight for Romin. Romin tell Yuka to just try and hit this devilish pitch and orders "Sportsdragon Rock Closer" to attack "Uniform No. 39: Junior Baseball King, Home", and both she and "Sportsdragon Rock Closer" throw a pitch. "Home" successfully hits, but the pitch shatters its bat into splinters and fire consumes it, reducing Yuka to 1300 LP.

But to everyone's shock Yuka laughs Goha's signature laugh and activates her Trap Card, "Request 9". Gavin gasps that it can only be activated if the player's monster is destroyed by battle, and it will increase Yuka's LP by 900. Yuka rises to 2200 LP, and Romin orders "Chemical Cure Blue" to attack her directly, splashing blue medicine over her and reducing her to 900 LP. Yuka just chuckles again, much to Romin's shock, and Yuka announces that Pitcher Kassidy is dumbfounded, so who knows how this game will play out, as the flow has totally changed with the last Trap Card. Romin ends her turn in frustration, returning the ATK of "Sportsdragon Rock Closer" to normal.

Yuka declares her turn and draws five cards, then Summons "Zubaba Batter", "Gagaga Outfielder", and "Achacha Catcher" with a full swing, and the effect of "Hot-Blooded Spirits Stadium" increases their ATK as Romin gasps. Then Yuka activates a legendary Spell from the Dueling baseball world "The Warrior Returning Alive", and Gavin recognizes it in shock, explaining that it allows the player to add a Warrior monster from their Graveyard to their hand. Yuka holds up "Uniform No. 39: Junior Baseball King, Home", declaring that her star batter is back and ready for action, Tributing "Gagaga Outfielder" and "Achacha Catcher" as she chants "With his second at-bat of the day, he'll send two balls outfield and construct a home-run announcement! Tribute Summon! Uniform No. 39: Junior Baseball King, Home!" Yuka reminds them that the effect of "Hot-Blooded Spirits Stadium" will increase its ATK, and Yuga gasps that "Home" has 2900 ATK. Gavin worries that the attacks of 'Junior Baseball King, Home" and "Zubaba Batter" will reduce Romin's LP to zero, and Kaizo worries that Romin's in a pinch with two outs, but Romin vows that the game has just begun and sends "Chemical Cure Blue" to her Graveyard to activate the Trap Card "Excite Time", increasing the ATK of "Sportsdragon Rock Closer" by 1000 until the end of the turn. "Sportsdragon Rock Closer" powers up to 3200 ATK and Luke cheers that Romin has this, Gavin reminding her that she has the chance for a comeback if she can hold out. Yuka wonders about that, vowing to show Romin the burning passion of her play and Summoning another "Achacha Catcher", who rises to 1800 ATK.

Then Yuka sends two Level 4 FIRE monsters to her Graveyard to activate the effect of "Uniform No. 39: Junior Baseball King, Home", increasing its ATK by 2500 until the end of the turn, to 5400. Romin gasps in shock as Kaizo wails in fear, and Yuka declares that in the bottom of the ninth, with two outs and two bases fully loaded, "Uniform No. 39: Junior Baseball King, Home" will attack "Sportsdragon Rock Claoser". "Sportsdragon Rock Closer" and Romin both throw a mighty pitch that becomes a flaming tornado, but Yuka yells "Katoobashingu!" and orders the "Home Run Double Slash" attack of "Home" as she leaps into the air and swings two baseball bats in time with "Home". "Home" belts the ball back at "Sportsdragon Rock Closer" and destroys it as Yuka cheers that it's in - a game-winning grand-slam home run that blasts Romin off her feet and reduces her LP to zero.

Nail declares that it's Game Set, and Yuka Goha is the winner, giving Goha Enterprises one point and making the score 2-1. Yuka excitedly cheers that she did it, laughing Goha's signature laugh happily as the Goha Enterprises Drones toss her in the air and Nail declares that Goha 7th's Rush Duel Club is still in the lead, so they'll end today's providence now. He vanishes from the screen and Romin apologizes to her friends, though Yuga tells her not to, pointing out that the Goha Siblings are difficult opponents and Gavin agreeing, noting that they're still in the lead. Romin agrees, but is still frustrated by her loss. Yuka walks over, telling Romin that she didn't expect her to make her feel so BOOM and tells her that she's passed the tryouts, much to Romin's confusion. Yuka suggests that they POW the Dueling baseball world together and heat it up with a BANG, but Romin bluntly refuses. Yuka continues on undaunted, telling Romin that all she has to do is give her a blazing, burning signature on this entry contract, and Romin flees, protesting that she already said she wouldn't do it, with Yuka running after her in pursuit. Luke apologizes to Yuga as the girls run away, reminding them that the reason he wanted to become the King of Base-Stealing was so that he would be able to steal the base of the presidential seat from Yuga when he eventually became the president, but he's realized that rather than grab it while Yuga's guard is down, it's better to obtain it fair and square. He holds up one of the bases, declaring himself the King of Base-Stealing, and Yuga suggests they just go home as Gavin protests that if Luke takes that he'll go from base-stealing to literally stealing, so they should apologize and return it immediately. Luke goes blue with shock and promptly returns it, asking what about the dirt he stole, and Yuga reassures him that it should be all right if he only took a little. Luke quickly begins scooping it back, suggesting they give up on the daor of becoming the King of Base-Stealing for now as tears run down his cheeks, but vows he'll definitely be back someday.

Up in the Goha Siblings' ship, Proprietress celebrates them finally scoring a point thanks to Yuka, and Yuran agrees, with Proprietress declaring that they must be vigilant going forward. Yuran agrees again, while Yuo scoffs as he looks to the side. He enters the dark room, admitting that he didn't think Yuka would actually win to the President Drone. The President Drone turns to Yuo and declares that the analysis is complete, much to Yuo's joy, and the Drone confirms that this card is useable in Rush Duels. Yuo chuckles Goha's signature laugh as he looks at the rainbow-glowing card and then laughs.

Featured Duel: Romin Kassidy vs. Yuka Goha[edit]

Turn 1: Romin
Romin's hand contains three copies of "Blue Medicine", "Amusi Performer", and "Romanpick". Romin Normal Summons "Amusi Performer" (800/300) and "Romanpick" (500/0). Romin activates the effect of "Amusi Performer", paying 800 LP (Romin: 4000 → 3200 LP) to inflict 300 damage to Yuka (Yuka: 4000 → 3700 LP). As Romin's LP are lower than Yuka's, Romin activates the effect of "Romanpick", paying 500 LP (Romin: 3200 → 2700 LP) to send the top three cards of her Deck to the GY, and if she sends a Psychic monster to the GY this way, she can add a Psychic monster from her GY to her hand. Romin sends "Esperade the Smashing Superstar", "Sportsdragon Pitcher", and "Pierce!" from the top of her Deck to the GY and adds "Esperade" from her GY to her hand. Romin Tributes "Amusi Performer" and "Romanpick" to Tribute Summon "Esperade the Smashing Superstar" (2500/0). Romin Sets three cards.

Turn 2: Yuka
Yuka's hand contains "Hot-Blooded Spirits Stadium", "Gagaga Outfielder", "Zubaba Batter", and "Uniform No. 39: Junior Baseball King, Home". Yuka draws "Request 9". Yuka activates the Field Spell "Hot-Blooded Spirits Stadium". The effect of "Hot-Blooded Spirits Stadium" increases the ATK of all FIRE monsters Yuka and Romin control by 400 during their respective turns. Yuka Normal Summons "Zubaba Batter" (1500/400 → 1900/400) and "Gagaga Outfielder" (1200/400 → 1600/400). Yuka Tributes "Gagaga Outfielder" and "Zubaba Batter" to Tribute Summon "Uniform No. 39: Junior Baseball King, Home" (2500/2000 → 2900/2000). Yuka Sets a card. "Junior Baseball King, Home" attacks and destroys "Esperade" (Romin: 2700 → 2300 LP).

Turn 3: Romin
Romin's draws "Excite Time", "Amusi Cheer", "Chemical Cure Blue", "Sportsdragon Slugger", and "Sportsdragon Rock Closer". Romin Normal Summons "Slugger" (1000/0). As Romin controls no other monsters, she activates the effect of "Slugger", Special Summoning "Sportsdragon Pitcher" from her GY in face-up Defense Position, but if she does, she cannot attack with Level 6 or lower monsters for the rest of this turn. Romin Special Summons "Pitcher" (0/1000). Romin Tributes "Pitcher" and "Slugger" to Tribute Summon "Sportsdragon Rock Closer" (2200/1300 → 2600/1300). Romin Normal Summons "Chemical Cure Blue" (1300/400). Romin activates her three Set Spells "Blue Medicines", gaining 400 LP (Romin: 2300 → 2700 → 3100 → 3500 LP). Romin activates the effect of "Chemical Cure Blue", allowing her to send the top card of her Deck to the GY to gain 400 LP, then she can add any number of copies of "Blue Medicine" from her GY to her hand. Romin sends an unknown card from the top of her Deck to the GY (Romin: 3500 → 3900 LP), then adds three copies of "Blue Medicine" from her GY to her hand. Romin activates her three "Blue Medicine" (Romin: 3900 → 4300 → 4700 → 5100 LP). Romin Sets a card. As Romin controls a face-up Psychic monster, she activates the Spell "Amusi Cheer", paying 800 LP (Romin: 5100 → 4300 LP) to increase the Level of a monster she controls by 3 and have all monsters Yuka controls lose 300 ATK until the end of the turn.[Notes 1] She chooses "Chemical Cure Blue" ("Chemical Cure Blue": Level 4 > Level 7) ("Junior Baseball King, Home": 2500/2000 → 2200/2000). As Yuka controls a Level 9 or lower monster in Attack Position, Romin activates the effect of "Rock Closer", paying 3000 LP (Romin: 4300 → 1300 LP) to increase its ATK by 2000 until the end of the turn, and if Yuka has eight or more monsters in her GY, "Rock Closer" cannot be destroyed by Trap effects this turn. Yuka has two monsters in her GY ("Rock Closer": 2600/1300 → 4600/1300). "Rock Closer" attacks and destroys "Junior Baseball King, Home" (Yuka: 3700 → 1300 LP). As a monster Yuka controls was destroyed by Romin's attacking monster, Yuka activates her Set Trap "Request 9", gaining 900 LP, then if she has nine or more FIRE monsters in her GY she can Special Summon "Uniform No. 39: Junior Baseball King, Home" from her GY. Yuka has three FIRE monsters in her GY (Yuka: 1300 → 2200 LP). "Chemical Cure Blue" attacks Yuka directly (Yuka: 2200 → 900 LP).

Turn 4: Yuka
Yuka Normal Summons "Zubaba Batter" (1500/400 → 1900/400), "Gagaga Outfielder" (1200/400 → 1600/400), and "Achacha Catcher" (1400/400 → 1800/400). Yuka activates the Spell "The Warrior Returning Alive", adding a Warrior monster from her GY to her hand. She adds "Junior Baseball King, Home" from her GY to her hand. Yuka Tributes "Gagaga Outfielder" and "Achacha Catcher" to Tribute Summon "Junior Baseball King, Home" (2500/2000 → 2900/2000). As Yuka Normal or Special Summoned a Level 5 or higher monster, Romin activates her Set Trap "Excite Time", sending a Psychic monster she controls to the GY to have a monster she controls gain 1000 ATK until the end of the turn. Romin sends "Chemical Cure Blue" to the GY and chooses "Rock Closer" ("Rock Closer": 2200/1300 → 3200/1300). Yuka Normal Summons "Achacha Catcher" (1400/400 → 1800/400). As "Hot-Blooded Spirits Stadium" is on the field, Yuka activates the effect of "Junior Baseball King, Home", sending two Level 4 FIRE monsters she controls to the GY to have it gain 2500 ATK until the end of this turn, but other monsters she controls cannot attack this turn. Yuka sends "Achacha Catcher" and "Zubaba Batter" to the GY ("Junior Baseball King, Home": 2900/2000 → 5400/2000). "Junior Baseball King, Home" attacks and destroys "Rock Closer" (Romin: 1300 → 0 LP).

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.



  1. a b The Level-increasing effect of "Amusi Cheer" is not written in the shown card text.