Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS - Episode 057

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"The Fourth Assailant Cometh"
Yuran's counterattack strategy is visualized.
Yuran's counterattack strategy is visualized.
Japanese name
RōmajiDaiyon no Shikaku dosu-e
TranslatedThe Fourth Assailant Cometh
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Japanese OP"Harevutai"
Japanese ED"Never Looking Back"
ScreenplayTatsuto Higuchi
DirectorSumio Watanabe
StoryboardSumio Watanabe
Air dates
JapaneseJuly 18, 2021
Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episodes (season 2)
Next"Intercrossing Destinies"
Featured card"Millennium Shield"

"The Fourth Assailant Cometh" is the fifty-seventh episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. It first aired in Japan on July 18, 2021.

Being asked by Gakuto to support him at a big Kendo tournament, Yuga Ohdo and co. visit together the Goha Martial Arts Stadium. However, the other contestants are nowhere to be seen, with only one boy standing alone in the dead-silent building. And that boy is the third son of the six President Siblings, Yuran Goha! Gakuto vs Yuran, Kendo Rush Duel, start!


Once again, Yuga, Romin, Kaizo, and Guruguru are watching the Super Rush Robot continue to perform stretches on the moon over Yuga's phone in the Rush Duel Clubroom, Kaizo lamenting that it's continued the stretches this entire time. Yuga notes that its joints must be under a lot of stress and it will break into pieces at this rate and Romin apologizes again for losing, as she gave the Goha Siblings a point. Kaizo urges her not to feel bad, pointing out the current score is 2-1, so they're still up by one point. They hear Luke laughing as he agrees with Kaizo and flings aside the curtain in front of his throne, emerging with his crown, jeans and sunglasses as he declares that there's no need to worry given that they have the King of Duels on their side. Ranze pops in and angrily whispers for them to be quiet, given that the Student Council President is working, and as the Rush Duel Club peek out to see Gakuto signing documents handed to him by Rinnosuke, Guruguru admits Gakuto is amazing and Yuga agrees that it's expected of the Student Council president. As Gakuto continues signing documents, he thinks to himself that concentrating on tasks without being distracted by one's surroundings is core to Sogetsu Style before stamping his last document and finishing work for the day. Luke immediately jumps on the chance to Duel the Goha Siblings again, and Gakuto agrees that they should do their best.

Then two injured boys in kendo gear enter the Student Council room, one in green hair holding up one in black and call for Gakuto. Luke thinks they're kendo zombies, but Gakuto recognizes them as the Kendo Club's president Shinken Tsurugi and Kotetsuki Mendo. Kotetsuki weakly gasps "Yes...man" in English and Shinken begs for Gakuto's help, asking him to replace them in the weekend's kendo tournament. Ranze asks what they mean, and Shinken recalls that he and Kotetsuki had been training, but even though Shinken won their match he believed it wouldn't be enough to defeat his rival Ryu Nito from Goha 2nd Elementary, not without special training. This gave the Kendo Club the idea to go to the Concert Band Club, where they proclaimed Tiger as a martial artist within Goha City said to have no equal and begged her to train them, but as soon as they respectfully addressed her by her full name, she yelled them out of the room for not using her nickname. The story sends Luke hiding behind Gakuto and Yuga comments that they were incapacitated before their training could even begin. Gakuto declares that he cannot abandon a club in need and agrees to be their substitute, much to the joy of Shinken and Kotetsuki, while Proprietress watches from outside the window.

But when everyone arrives at the tournament venue the next day they find it deserted, much to Gakuto's indignation. Yuga asks Shinken if he got the time or place wrong, and Shinken checks his phone, protesting that he couldn't have. Kaizo spots a blue-haired boy on the other side of the room and zooms over to ask him, but is promptly swatted aside by Proprietress, ordering Kaizo not to get so close to the young master with his unpleasant motor noise after he asks who she thinks she is. She introduces herself as Proprietress of the Goha 6 Michelin Drone Restaurant, though her name confuses Romin. Proprietress explains that today's kendo tournament has been suspended, much to the shock of Gakuto, Ranze and Rinnosuke, and Proprietress explains that they will all bear witness to the young master, asking Yuran if that's all right. Yuran quietly agrees that it is, and Romin angrily asks who died and made Proprietress boss and who Yuran is. Proprietress is incensed by "girly's" arrogance, a term that infuriates Romin, and Proprietress asks how they could not know who this is; the third brother of the Goha Siblings, Yuran Goha. Gakuto recognizes Yuran from when the Goha Siblings first revealed themselves and Proprietress declares that the winner will be decided by a Kendo Rush Duel, a term that Gakuto repeats in surprise and that Yuga believes to be an interesting combination. Proprietress admonishes Yuga for taking it lightly, as young master Yuran will cut them down without hesitation if they do, but Yuran quietly tells her she's too loud and she stops as Yuran brushes his fringe aside and turns to face Gakuto. Gakuto steps forwards with Ranze and Rinnosuke, declaring that he will acquiesce, and as Yuga asks his name curiously, Gakuto explains that only he who has mastered Sogetsu Style can take on this challenge both as a kendo combatant and Duelist. Gakuto, Ranze and Rinnosuke fling of their clothes to reveal Gakuto's kimono, Ranze's kuroko clothing, and Rinnosuke in black kendo armor, Gakuto respectfully telling Yuran to bear witness to this. Then a shadow falls over them, and Luke asks if it's night already, but the Goha Space Elementary ship is overhead and Yuka notes that the Kendo Rush Duel is about to begin, while Yuo comments that he hopes that Yuran shows them some proper dignity as a Goha president given that Yuro and Yujin were both useless, a sentiment that angers Yuka.

Yujin meanwhile is off fishing with Nanami Maguro, reeling in a tuna.

Holding a wooden sword and with a grill projected over her face, Proprietress explains that a Kendo Rush Duel is a new martial art that involves two people forming a team and exchanging blows alongside attacks. She declares that he will be their referee, and Neiru's image forms out of holographic hexagons with a red and white flag in his hands, and as Romin sighs that it's Neiru again, Neiru tells the contestants to assemble. Rinnosuke and Proprietress cross the field, bow to one another, then cross swords, and Gakuto declares that he will show Yuran the heart of Sogetsu Style before calling "Let's go Rinnosuke!" As Rinnosuke agrees, Proprietress smugly declares that Yuran will make their blades rust, though Yuran notes that bamboo swords can't rust, and Gakuto and Rinnosuke call "Kendo Rush Duel!" as both Duelists insert their Decks into their Duel Disks (Yuran's with a brown "7"). Neiru tells them to begin, and the green holographic dome appears around them.

Proprietress declares that it is their turn and asks Yuran to draw. Yuran complies, drawing and then examining his hand, containing "Decade Mystic Sword", "Greeting Strike!", "Trumpet to March", "Cross-Sword Deathmatch", and "Year-Old Broom". Proprietress asks if Yuran would kindly Summon, and Yuran complies by Setting a monster, then she asks if he will not Set more cards. Yuran confirms that he will and quietly Sets three cards. Proprietress asks if Yuran is ending his turn, and when he confirms that he is, Proprietress loudly announces the end of Yuran's turn. Romin asks what's with her, commenting that she never shuts up, though Luke comments that the Drone certainly cares for Yuran and compares her to his grandma.

Gakuto declares his turn and draws, his hand containing "Fiendish Commander Kimeruler", "Masaki the Legendary Samurai General", "Hero is the Yeet", "Pierce-Enforcing Brave", and "Turtle Keeper of Traditions". He Summons "Turtle Keeper of Traditions", "Pierce-Enforcing Brave", and "Hero is the Yeet" and then activates the effect of "Pierce-Enforcing Brave" by sending the top card of his Deck to the Graveyard, allowing "Hero is the Yeet" to inflict piercing battle damage this turn. Then he Tributes "Turtle Keeper of Traditions" and "Pierce-Enforcing Brave" to Tribute Summon, chanting "There is no pulling back, and nowhere to run. My resolve is something I decide, as willed by the friendship hidden deep within my heart! Come forth! Fiendish Commander Kimeruler!" Gakuto Summons "Masaki the Legendary Samurai General" and then sends "Mountain Hermit Yur" from the top of his Deck to the Graveyard to activate the effect of "Kimeruler", allowing it to attack directly this turn. He tells Yuran to prepare for the lone horseman's charge, vowing to inflict all wounds Yuran inflicts upon him twice back and this is what he has come to decide. As Yuran and Proprietress watch, Gakuto orders "Fiendish Commander Kimeruler" to attack with "Fiendish Commander: Slash of Decisive Commandment", and Luke cheers that Gakuto brought out "Kimeruler" so quickly, while Yuga celebrates him landing the first strike.

As "Kimeruler" charges forwards, Rinnosuke charges in turn and Proprietress barely blocks his strike, urging Yuran to be careful and warning him that she didn't anticipate him striking so soon. Yuran quietly replies that he understands and activates a Trap Card, which Proprietress explains to be "Greeting Strike", inflicting damage to Gakuto equal to the Level of "Kimeruler" times 100. Gakuto crackles with electricity as he falls to 3200 LP and Proprietress forces Rinnosuke away from her and onto one knee. Gakuto praises the strike, but warns that the direct attack of "Kimeruler" cannot be stopped, and Rinnosuke agrees, managing to strike Proprietress' wrist as the attack connects, reducing Yuran to 1500 LP. Neiru holds up his white flag and Yuga celebrates Gakuto's success, Luke noting that he managed to inflict a lot of damage at once, while Romin urges Gakuto to shut that old granny Drone up. Ranze curiously asks Gakuto if Yuran really challenged him to this Rush Duel, as he seems weak and has no fighting spirit, leaving everything to the Proprietress and not even making his own decisions. She admits at being surprised someone so feeble is among the Goha Siblings, though Gakuto dismisses it has them each having their own personalities and declares that they'll continue full speed ahead, the twins eagerly agreeing.

Outside Guruguru is running for the entrance, having been late due to washing his costume, but then he comes across a green-faced boy in kendo gear groaning on the ground and freaks out, thinking he's a kendo zombie. But the boy begs him for help, and Guruguru gasps in shock as he sees several more children in kendo gear lying on the path.

Back inside, Gakuto orders "Hero is the Yeet" to attack Yuran's facedown monster, and Proprietress steps out of the way in shock as "Hero is the Yeet" cuts down Yuran's "Year-Old Broom", destroying it as Proprietress laments its loss, and Gakuto reminds Yuran that the effect of "Pierce-Enforcing Brave" allows "Hero is the Yeet" to inflict piercing battle damage. Rinnosuke lunges forward and brings his bamboo sword down, hitting Proprietress across the face as Yuran falls to 1300 LP. Neiru holds up the white flag again as both Yuran and Proprietress recoil from the blow and Rinnosuke declares that it isn't over yet, as Gakuto still has the 1500 ATK "Masaki the Legendary Samurai General". Ranze believes Gakuto has won, and Proprietress asks Yuran if it isn't time for a Trap Card. Yuran agrees that it is and activates the Trap "Trumpet to March", which Proprietress explains allows them to Special Summon a Warrior monster from their hand when one of their monsters is destroyed. Yuran Special Summons "Decade Mystic Sword" from his hand in Defense Position, with 1400 DEF, and Gakuto orders "Masaki" to attack it, bending "Decade Mystic Sword" in half and shattering it. Gakuto celebrates the successful attack, but then Proprietress asks if Yuran has any more and Yuran confirms that he does, activating the Trap Card "Cross-Sword Deathmatch" as one of his monsters was destroyed by battle. Proprietress explains that they can inflict damage to Gakuto equal to the number of EARTH Normal Monsters in their Graveyard times 100 as she hits Rinnosuke in the solar plexus, prompting Neiru to raise the red flag. Gakuto flinches back as he falls to 3000 LP, and Yuran and Proprietress explain that if Gakuto took damage by this effect, they can destroy one of his monsters. Proprietress whacks "Masaki" over the head with her wooden sword and destroys it, much to everyone's shock, and Gakuto praises Yuran's skillful barrage of attacks and Traps. Proprietress promptly accepts the compliment, and Gakuto protests in frustration that he wasn't talking to her. Romin notes that Yuran used a lot of Traps against Gakuto, but Gakuto still has more LP, something Shinken and Kotetsuki agree with, though Yuga and Luke have both noticed something about Yuran's Dueling, despite how he seems to leave everything to Proprietress.

But before they can finish their thought Guruguru bursts in with the boy he found outside draped across his shoulders. Luke points out that he's super late, and Guruguru gasps that he found this person collapsed out back. The boy raises his head weakly, and Shinken gasps that it's his rival - Goha 2nd's Ryu Nito. He and Kotetsuki rush to support Ryu, who weakly greets them, while poor Guruguru is collapsed on the ground from the exertion. Luke asks what happened, and Guruguru begins to stammer it out, but then Ryu screams in fear as he recognizes Yuran, whose eyes have sharpened, much to everyone's shock. Ryu explains that Yuran showed up all on his own and cut the other kendo performers down in a single moment. Luke is shocked that Yuran could do so himself and Kotetsuki gasps "OH MAN!" Yuran chuckles, commenting that he's learned all that he needs to from Gakuto, and he tells Proprietress that it's time. As she moves to comply, Gakuto, Rinnosuke and Ranze gasp in shock and Ranze asks if Yuran really just spoke for himself.

Yuran declares his turn and draws five cards, "Sword & Shield", "Millennium Protection", "Millennium Shield", "Shuhari Sword", and "Century Ancient Wooden Sword". He Summons "Century Ancient Wooden Sword" and then activates "Shuhari Sword", explaining that he cannot attack this turn, but if he controls an EARTH Normal Monster he can destroy a monster with at least 2000 DEF that Gakuto controls. A shuriken spits out of the Spell and shatters "Kimeruler", and as Gakuto calls his monster's name Yuran explains that he then regains 800 LP and Gakuto will take 800 damage. Proprietress declares a chest hit, but whacks Rinnosuke over the head, bringing Yuran back to 2100 LP and Gakuto down to 2200. Yuga, Romin and Luke watch in shock as Ranze gasps that Gakuto was in the lead, but now "Kimeruler" has been destroyed and Gakuto and Yuran almost have equal LP. Yuro arrives, explaining that this is how Yuran fights. He explains that Yuran gathers a variety of information based on the way someone speaks, describing him as a master of listening to people's thoughts and accumulating and analyzing information. Yuran confirms to Gakuto that all the information about his history and Dueling is right in here as he taps his own head, much to Gakuto, Ranze and Rinnosuke's shock. Yuran Tributes "Century Ancient Wooden Sword" and Sets a monster facedown, Gakuto gasping that Yuran has Tribute Set a monster, and Yuran Sets two more cards and ends his turn.

As everyone watches breathlessly, Gakuto vows that Sogetsu Style cannot be so easily analyzed and he draws five cards, "Aegis of the Five Houses", "Unjust-Defense Brave", "Shield & Sword", "Moon Fiendish Commander Kimeluna", and "The Rabbit of Monthly Moonlit Tears". He Summons "The Rabbit of Monthly Moonlit Tears", then Tribute it and "Hero is the Yeet" to Tribute Summon, chanting "I won't set limits for myself! I will let the moonlight guide me alongside the confidence within my heart! Come forth! Moon Fiendish Commander Kimeluna!" "Kimeluna" appears with zero ATK, and Romin cries its name happily, while Yuga notes that it's a new monster and Luke is surprised that it's "Luna" instead of "Ruler". Guruguru worries over Gakuto Tribute Summoning a zero ATK monster, but Luke reassures him that he'll see. True enough Gakuto activates "Shield & Sword", switching the ATK and DEF of all face-up monsters until the end of the turn. "Kimeluna" rises to 2500 ATK and falls to zero DEF, much to Guruguru's shock, and Romin declares that this is Gakuto's path for certain victory. Luke explains that given that Yuran Tribute Set a monster, Gakuto knows it has to have high DEF, and Guruguru realizes this is why he Summoned "Kimeluna", but Gakuto declares that this is his true goal.

He activates the effect of "Moon Fiendish Commander Kimeluna", allowing him to change the battle positions of up to two monsters Yuran controls. Proprietress cries out in horror as Yuran's Set monster is revealed - "Millennium Shield", with zero ATK but 3000 DEF, and Guruguru is shocked that Yuran had such a powerful monster facedown, Romin gasping that it's a totally defensive monster. Guruguru then realizes the weakness of "Millennium Shield", and Luke confirms that it has zero ATK. Ranze praises Gakuto's move, but Gakuto declares that as one must fight fire with fire, they must fight defense with defense. He Summons "Unjust-Defense Brave", but before he can make his next move Yuran activates a Trap Card, "Millennium Protection", as Gakuto Summoned a monster while he controlled "Millennium Shield", Special Summoning two EARTH monsters from his Graveyard. "Decade Mystic Sword" and "Century Ancient Wooden Sword" emerge from Yuran's Graveyard in Defense Position and cross in front of "Millennium Shield" as Yuran explains that he can also inflict 1000 damage to Gakuto. Electricity surrounds Gakuto again, reducing him to 1200 LP, and Luke cries his name as Yuga and Romin gasp in worry. But to everyone's surprise Gakuto is laughing, and he claims to have seen through Yuran's scheme, much to his shock. He claims that Yuran's strategy is to protect himself with defensive monsters while damaging him with Trap effects, and a plot by that will be struck down by the heart of his Sogetsu Style. He returns "Hero is the Yeet" from his Graveyard to his Deck to activate the effect of "Unjust-Defense Brave", preventing him from taking damage from the effects of Trap Cards for the rest of the turn. Yuga cheers that Gakuto strengthened his defenses, and Gakuto adds there's more, activating the Spell Card ""Aegis of the Five Houses" to prevent "Kimeluna" and "Unjust-Defense Brave" from being destroyed by Trap effects for the rest of the turn. Guruguru cheers that it's a perfect defense and Gakuto declares that he can see the path to victory and will destroy his defense, telling "Kimeluna" to let the moonlight to shone on Yuran's weakness and strike it at once. Twirling her katana, "Kimeluna" attacks with "Fiendish Commander: Moonlight Strike", lunging forwards with her sword between her fingers to attack "Millennium Shield".

And Yuran activates a Trap Card, "Sword & Shield", switching the ATK and DEF of "Kimeluna" and "Millennium Shield". "Kimeluna" returns to zero ATK, while "Millennium Shield" skyrockets to 3000 ATK as Gakuto gasps "What?!" Guruguru cries that their ATK and DEF switched again and Rinnosuke and Ranze are shocked that Gakuto's winning play was countered. Proprietress declares that Yuran's style is that of counterattacking (which Luke mishears as "counting money" due to the words for "counterattack" and 5000 yen sounding similar in Japanese), a sword attack that allows you to see right through the opponent's attack and then slice a gaping hole in their body with a single blow. Yuran reminds Gakuto that he told him all the information of his Dueliing style and record were in his head, and he knew when he Set "Millennium Shield" that Gakuto would realize that it had high DEF and thus try to render that useless by changing it to Attack Position. Gakuto is shocked that Yuran could read that far, and Yuran confirms this was his true aim. "Kimeluna" clashes with "Millennium Shield", and everyone gasps in shock as her sword snaps and Gakuto cries her name as the tip buries itself in her chest, destroying her and giving both Proprietress and Yuran the openings they need to strike Rinnosuke and Gakuto down with their wooden swords. As Gakuto is thrown off his feet, he is shocked by how cunning Yuran Goha is. His LP falls to zero, and he and Rinnosuke lands hard on the ground.

Neiru declares Yuran's victory, and Ranze cries Gakuto and Rinnosuke's names and Yuga asks if they're okay. Yuro watches his brother leave with Proprietress, who congratulates Yuran. Yuran simply hums in agreement, and Yuga, Romin and Luke watch him go, Luke asking if Yuran really read all of Gakuto's moves. Yuga believes that Yuran probably set all of this up from the start of the Kendo Rush Duel as Gakuto rubs his head and looks after Yuran.

The Goha Space Elementary ship leaves the kendo hall, and Yuo muses to the President Drone that as he expected Yuran can't be underestimated. The President Drone comments that it's a 2-2 tie, and Yuo replies that's fine as he looks at the glowing card in the capsule, claiming that he won't lose as long as he has it.

Featured Duel: Gakuto Sogetsu vs Yuran Goha[edit]

Turn 1: Yuran
Yuran's hand contains "Decade Mystic Sword", "Greeting Strike!", "Trumpet to March", "Cross-Sword Deathmatch", and "Year-Old Broom". Yuran Sets a monster. Yuran Sets three cards.

Turn 2: Gakuto
Gakuto's hand contains "Fiendish Commander Kimeruler", "Masaki the Legendary Samurai General", "Hero is the Yeet", "Pierce-Enforcing Brave", and "Turtle Keeper of Traditions". Gakuto Normal Summons "Turtle Keeper of Traditions" (0/1400), "Pierce-Enforcing Brave" (1200/1000), and "Hero is the Yeet" (1500/0). As he controls another Warrior monster, Gakuto activates the effect of "Pierce-Enforcing Brave", sending the top card of his Deck to the GY to choose a Warrior monster he controls and allow it to inflict piercing battle damage this turn. He sends an unknown card from the top of his Deck to the GY and chooses "Hero is the Yeet". Gakuto Tributes "Turtle Keeper" and "Piercing Noble Warrior" to Tribute Summon "Fiendish Commander Kimeruler" (2500/2000). Gakuto Normal Summons "Masaki the Legendary Samurai General" (1500/0). As "Kimeruler" was Normal Summoned this turn and Yuran controls no Attack Position monsters, Gakuto activates the effect of "Kimeruler", sending the top card of his Deck to the GY to allow it to attack directly this turn, but non-Warrior monsters Gakuto controls cannot declare an attack this turn. He sends "Mountain Hermit Yur" from the top of his Deck to the GY. "Kimeruler" attacks Yuran directly, but as a monster Gakuto controls declared an attack, Yuran activates his Set Trap "Greeting Strike!", choosing a monster Gakuto controls and inflicting damage to Gakuto equal to its Level x 100. Yuran chooses the Level 8 "Kimeruler" (Gakuto: 4000 → 3200 LP). The attack continues (Yuran: 4000 → 1500 LP). "Hero is the Yeet" attacks Yuran's Set "Year-Old Broom" (300/1300). The attack continues and "Year-Old Broom" is destroyed (Yuran: 1500 → 1300 LP). As a Warrior monster he controls was destroyed by battle, Yuran activates his Set Trap "Trumpet to March", Special Summoning a Warrior monster from his hand. He Special Summons "Decade Mystic Sword" (200/1400) from his hand in face-up Defense Position. "Masaki" attacks and destroys "Decade Mystic Sword". As an EARTH Normal Monster Yuran controls was destroyed by Gakuto's attacking monster, he activates his Set Trap "Cross-Sword Deathmatch", inflicting damage to Gakuto equal to the number of EARTH Normal monsters in his GY x 100, then he can destroy a face-up Normal Monster Gakuto controls. Yuran has two EARTH Normal Monsters in his GY (Gakuto: 3200 → 3000 LP), and destroys "Masaki".

Turn 3: Yuran
Yuran draws "Sword & Shield", "Millennium Protection", "Millennium Shield", "Shuhari Sword", and "Century Ancient Wooden Sword". Yuran Normal Summons "Century Ancient Wooden Sword" (100/1500). As Yuran controls an EARTH Normal Monster, he activates the Spell "Shuhari Sword", choosing a monster Gakuto controls with 2000 or more DEF and destroying it, then gaining 800 LP and inflict 800 damage to Gakuto, also Yuran cannot declare an attack this turn. Yuran destroys the 2000 DEF "Kimeruler" (Yuran: 1300 → 2100 LP)(Gakuto: 3000 → 2200 LP). Yuran Tributes "Century Ancient Wooden Sword" to Tribute Set a monster. Yuran Sets two cards.

Turn 4: Gakuto
Gakuto draws "Aegis of the Five Houses", "Unjust-Defense Brave", "Shield & Sword", "Moon Fiendish Commander Kimeluna", and "The Rabbit of Monthly Moonlit Tears". Gakuto Normal Summons "The Rabbit of Monthly Moonlit Tears" (0/1400). Gakuto Tributes "Masaki" and "Moonlit Tears" to Tribute Summon "Moon Fiendish Commander Kimeluna" (0/2500). Gakuto activates the Spell "Shield & Sword", switching the original ATK and DEF of all face-up monsters on the field until the end of the turn ("Kimeluna": 0/2500 → 2500/0). Gakuto activates the effect of "Kimeluna", choosing up to two monsters Yuran controls and changing their battle positions, then he can change the battle position of a Warrior monster he controls. Gakuto changes Yuran's Set "Millennium Shield" (0/3000) to Attack Position. Gakuto Normal Summons "Unjust-Defense Brave" (1000/0). As Gakuto Normal or Special Summoned a monster while Yuran controls "Millennium Shield", Yuran activates his Set Trap "Millennium Protection", choosing up to two EARTH Normal Monsters in his GY and Special Summoning them, then inflicting 1000 damage to Gakuto. Yuran Special Summons "Decade Mystic Sword" (200/1400) and "Century Ancient Wooden Sword" (100/1500) in face-up Defense Position (Gakuto: 2200 → 1200 LP). Gakuto activates the effect of "Unjust-Defense Brave", placing a Warrior monster from his GY on the bottom of his Deck to prevent him from taking damage from Yuran's Trap effects this turn. He places "Hero is the Yeet" on the bottom of his Deck. As there is a Level 8 or lower Warrior, Fairy, [[Beast], Winged-Beast, or Reptile monster on the field, Gakuto activates the Spell "Aegis of the Five Houses", choosing up to two face-up monsters he controls to prevent them from being destroyed by Yuran's Trap effects this turn. He chooses "Kimeluna" and "Unjust-Defense Brave". "Kimeluna" attacks "Millennium Shield", but as a Level 9 or lower monster Gakuto controls declared an attack on Yuran's Attack Position monster, Yuran activates his Set Trap "Sword & Shield", switching the original ATK and DEF of the two battling monsters until the end of the turn, then he can add 1 "Shield & Sword" from his GY to his hand ("Kimeluna": 2500/0 → 0/2500)("Millennium Shield": 0/3000 → 3000/0). The attack continues and "Kimeluna" is destroyed (Gakuto: 1200 → 0 LP).

Featured Cards[edit]