Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS - Episode 059

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"Order Button"
Romin proclaims that they will protect their food from Botan.
Romin proclaims that they will protect their food from Botan.
Japanese name
RōmajiChūmon Botan
TranslatedOrder Button
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Japanese OP"Harevutai"
Japanese ED"Never Looking Back"
ScreenplayKoji Saito
DirectorHiroshi Akiyama
StoryboardNobuhiro Kondo
Animation directorYuuki Morimoto
Air dates
JapaneseAugust 1, 2021
Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episodes (season 2)
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Next"Do You Remember Atachi?"
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"Order Button" is the fifty-ninth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. It first aired in Japan on August 1, 2021. This episode is a clip show.

In order to oppose the six Goha president siblings, the Student Council of Goha #7 Elementary opens a counterplan conference with that of Goha #6 Elementary. However, during the conference a succession of baffling incidents happen to everyone present. The food brought to the Vice President of Goha #6's Student Council, Botan Kenzaki, keeps disappearing...


Gavin plays footage of Yuo Goha's Fusion Summon, wondering how they should fight against it and declaring it's a problem bigger than Goha #7 Elementary now, so the second counter-meeting will be joint assembly between Goha #7 and #6 Elementary. His audience, Rayne, Rino, Janko and his fellow Student Council members all politely applaud in response. Now at a beach Gavin suggests they all reintroduce themselves and introduces himself as Gavin Sogetsu, president of Goha #7 Elementary Student Council. Rayne introduces herself as vice-president Rayne, and Rino as secretary Rino. The girl from 6th Elementary breathelessly introduces herself as vice-president Botan Kenzaki and bows, while the bespectacled boy introduces himself as secretary Osamu Rojihara, followed up by Janko casually saluting and introducing himself as Goha 6th's Student Council president Janko Entant - and promptly triggering one of his seizures. As Botan and Osamu quickly snack up boxes of cards to soothe his Draw Deficiency Disease, Janko rapidly draws cards until he's holding five over his face and he sighs in relief, then apologizes for losing his cool. Gavin comments that Jagno hasn't changed and Janko asks if it's okay to be meeting somewhere so expensive as he changes the settings of their room in GastroByte. Gavin reassures him that a certain person's generosity means they can eat and drink as much as they'd like, and Botan shyly asks if they can order first before the meeting.

Outside Mimi has just learned she can't use her employee benefits to pay for the kids' food and will have to pay normally. She angrily asks if the waiter Goha Enterprises Drone knows who she is, and it confirms that she is Mimi Imimi, ex-president now a simple low-grade employee at Goha Library, a statement Mimi happily repeats until she gets to the "low-grade" part, much to her horror.

With their food delivered, Gavin is eager to begin the meeting as Botan squeals in delight, but before they begin Osamu wants to revise the title of their meeting to "#6 and #7 Elementary" as opposed to "#7 and #6". Gavin doesn't see the problem, and Osamu haughtily claims that honorable name of 6th Elementary with its lauded traditions should absolutely be first. Gavin agrees he has a point, but swaps the name back as the current crisis centers around Rush Dueling, and when pressed for a reason, points out that Yuga, who created Rush Dueling, is a student of #7 Elementary. Osamu still swaps it back since he believes #6 Elementary should take precedence when discussing Dueling traditions and declares his Q.E.D. Gavin irritably asks what he demonstrated, but before they can argue Rayne and Rino admonish Gavin, while Janko sharply tells off Osamu, and Gavin and Osamu both apologize to each other. Rayne suggests they eat something and get back on track - but the plates have been wiped clean. Everyone looks at the table in shock, except for Botan, who is happily chewing until Janko tells her off, reminding her that he told her to control herself today. Botan sheepishly apologizes and Rayne and Rino wonder in shock when she was able to eat it all. Janko lectures Botan over her lack of self-control despite being a Student Council member (while indulging himself in a draw box held by Osamu) and when Gavin reassures him it's all-you-can-eat, Janko warns him you can't go easy on Botan. Rino and Rayne suggest they order again given Botan's remorse, wondering what happens when Botan is gone easy on and vowing not to miss it next time.

Janko gets them back on track by bringing up the Goha Siblings and he notes that protecting Rush Duels is their responsibility, given that he literally can't survive without them. He holds up "Antrebellion of the Rebellion" as he remembers Tribute Summoning it during his Rush Duel with Luke and declares they can't let themselves lose to a bunch of stuck-up rich kids. Everyone else applauds and Gavin agrees that they can't let them destroy the Rush Dueling that Yuga created, remembering Yuga preparing to use Real-Time Duel Programming to install Rush Dueling against Otes. He admits he didn't have any idea what was happening when Yuga first Summoned multiple monsters, and when recalling Yuga drawing five cards instead of one, Janko comments it's the biggest draw for sure. Gavin comments that Yuga was truly amazing to install Rush Dueling and Rayne eagerly agrees, much to her brother's chagrin. Gavin adds that as the popularity of Rush Dueling increased, so did those with ulterior motives behind it as an image of Roa appears on the screen beside him. He remembers their first meeting with Mimi and Toombs's Rush Duel with Luke, as well as Romin's victory over him due to Roa and Tyler's manipulation of her hunger and Yuga's ultimate defeat of Roa. Then he remembers the Super Rush Robot's discovery on the moon, recalling that Rush Dueling was also in danger due to Otes' schemes, though Janko notes that even then Yuga managed to prevail and Gavin agrees; the reborn Rush Duel Program truly became the Super Rush Robot, an even sturdier form.

Mimi meanwhile is washing dishes under the watch of Buff Grimes, who warns her that the all-you-can-eat course can feed up to seven people and he tells her to make sure she cleans everything, much to her utter shock.

Back in their room, Gavin suggests they continue the meeting, but to his and Rino's shock Romin (who is suddenly sitting beside him) comments that they sure went through a lot and orders another Yakiniku Parfait. Gavin sharply asks why Romin is here, and Romin explains she saw them with the #6 Elementary guys after she finished band practice so she was wondering what they were up to (while Botan looks eagerly at all the food and Osamu squints at Romin). Gavin notes that Romin is just here for the food, and Romin promptly denies it, even as her parfait arrives. Osamu points out that Romin is an outsider and not part of a Student Council, though Romin justifies her presence due to being in the Rush Duel Club with Gavin. Osamu protests that outsiders still shouldn't be allowed until Romin turns on the charm and he blushes, agreeing it's okay. Janko facepalm while Gavin and the twins glare at Romin as she proceeds to eat her parfait - but the glass and the entire table have been wiped clean again as Botan chews with her back to them. Janko isn't happy with his vice-president and Romin, Rayne and Rino glare at her as Gavin reassures them they can order again, but Romin, Rayne and Rino are all distracted by how fast Botan had to have eaten, Romin believing she's dangerous and tapping a message discreetly into her phone asking Kaizo for help while Janko lectures Botan again.

In the kitchen Mimi finishes cleaning a plate, but finds a small dot of sticky residue left on a dish that Grimes cleaned and she irritably calls him a total amateur if he thinks this is clean. Grimes arrives with another load of dishes and Mimi tells him to bring it on as flames appear in her eyes, as she'll go all out if this is what it's come to.

Back in the kids' room, Romin is having Kaizo keep an eye on Botan, though Kaizo's affinity for cute girls leads him to believe she could never do anything wrong. Romin warns him that Botan eats everything in an instant as she orders more food and threatens Kaizo when he tries to protest again, and Rayne and Rino volunteer to watch Botan for Romin, vowing not to take their eyes off her in the name of the Sogetsu Style. Kaizo cheerfully volunteers to guard her too as he sits in Botan's lap, much to Romin's irritation, though it prompts her to remember they came to GastroByte before, activating footage of their second visit to the restaurant with Kaizo in the seat of the Duel-cycle. Kaizo curiously asks what that it, having forgotten the event, and Gavin explains Kaizo was a bike seat back then, much to Kaizo's surprise. As they remember Kaizo leaving the Road Laboratory in a huff and being duplicated during Yuga's Rush Duel with Seatbastian, Romin comments they went through a lot because of Kaizo, and they all remember Nail's first Maximum Summon of "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor", Gavin admitting he still remembers the shock he felt when he first saw "Yggdrago". As he recalls giving their Duel ID cards to Yuga he notes that thanks ot their friendship and Kaizo's sacrifice they were able to make a breakthrough. Kaizo yelps "sacrifice?!" in shock as Gavin remembers Kaizo giving up the fragment of data that was stuck in the bike seat so Yuga could program and Maximum Summon "Supreme Machine Magnum Overlord". He notes that Maximum Summoning carved pen a new road for Rush Dueling, but Kaizo is still distracted by the fact that he sacrificed himself as a bike seat. Romin tries to get him to pay attention and guard Botan, and she cautions Rayne and Rino as well.

But when the twins crouch in a ready stance, Rayne drops a notebook, Ver. 29 of her Thrilling Observation Diary, and as everyone else reads the title Rayne and Rino scream in embarrassment. They read a passage; "A gorilla beating its chest allows for many emotions to be expressed" while Rayne remembers Galian, and she swiftly snatches it out of their hands and protests that it isn't what they think. Rino is appalled that Rayne is still doing this, but Rayne clarifies she just thought the strength of the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club's bonds were admirable and Janko and Gavin agree that their solidarity is admirable, Gavin suggesting that's what they need most right now. Romin agrees - they need to come together and protect this food, but Botan has eaten it all again. As Romin angrily chomps on the camera lens Gavin tries to get them back on track as he comments that it was difficult to understand why Asana and her club hated Rush Dueling so much, remembering Asana Maximum Summoning "Wyrm Excavator the Heavy Cavalry Draco" and it clashing with "Magnum Overlord" during her second Rush Duel with Yuga even as R6 fell apart around her, and the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club coming together to hold it in one piece until Yuga defeated Asana. As Gavin remembers Yuga showing Asana and the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club R0 he believes he can understand their feelings now, having learned of the pride they wanted to protect.

Romin declares that now they have something to protect too - they must come together and protect this food. Gavin isn't quite convinced, while Janko soothes his disorder by drawing from a box Osamu is holding and Rayne, Rino and Kaizo watch Botan, Rayne vowing not to take their eyes off her for a second and Rino telling Romin she can count on them. Romin's ready to dig into her parfait, but Osamu sidles up to her blushing furiously, asking if they can speak about future energy concerns (while Janko spazzes out in the background). Romin claims that her energy will be maxed out as long as she can eat tasty food, but when she tries to take a spoonful of her parfait it's gone again and the table is clean. Rayne and Rino protest that it can't be, while Kaizo is scarred by what he's just seen and refuses to tell them. Then Romin's stomach growls and she blushes furiously, then runs off to grab the Duel Guitar as she awakens and yells at them to give her food. As Rayne, Rino and Gavin clap their hands over their ears, Osamu is entranced and comments that Romin is so cool, while Janko asks if he can take over given how undistinguished Gavin is acting. Gavin being called undistinguished sets him off too as he points out they don't know when Janko will have one of his seizures. He's promptly proven right as Janko's box is empty and the both start stammering. Rayne and Rino try to hold the terrified Kaizo down and learn what he saw, but in their struggles Rayne bumps into the lovestruck Osamu and knocks his glasses off. She asks if he's all right, and Osamu reassures her that he is as he picks up his glasses; the sight of him without them triggering Rayne's "Rayne-o-Vision" as she imagines Osamu saying he wants to see her face without glasses too. As Rayne protests her glasses are part of her body poor Rino can only yell at his sister in frustration, while Janko and Gavin, now dressed in his "Gavining" clothes, have both gone completely insane while Romin is still awakened and demanding food. Botan timidly asks if they can get seconds.

Watching all the carnage from down in Nexus, Nail can only sigh in exasperation as Seatbastian claps his hands over his head. Then Nail spots something on another screen; Grimes gasping in shock at Mimi's cleaning prowess given that she washed all the dishes in an instant. Mimi tells Grimes off for leaving dirt on the dishes he's washed and orders him to wash them again, and the intimidated Grimes promptly complies with a shriek of "Wash!" as Mimi winks at the camera.

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The following cards appeared in this episode. No cards debuted here.