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"Do You Remember Atachi?"
Mimi and the spectators celebrate her revival of her ace.
Mimi and the spectators celebrate her revival of her ace.
Japanese name
RōmajiAtachi Oboeteimasu ka
TranslatedDo You Remember Atachi?
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Japanese OP"Harevutai"
Japanese ED"Never Looking Back"
ScreenplayYuichi Nomura
DirectorNao Yamada
StoryboardNobuhiro Kondo
Air dates
JapaneseAugust 8, 2021
Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episodes (season 2)
Previous"Order Button"
Next"Running Commentary! Powerful Rush Duel"
Featured card

"Do You Remember Atachi?" is the sixtieth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. It first aired in Japan on August 8, 2021.

Swirly visits the library and encounters a mysterious book titled "SEVENS". Mimi, who is now a librarian, thinks that the book will allow her to climb the corporate ladder once again, so she challenges Swirly to a Duel! Meanwhile, Yuga and his friends head to the Sixross spaceship to meet Yuo...


On a massive rock formation under a crescent moon, an old wizard tells a magician that there are others in this world who hold the same power of "Seven" that he does, and he must find these holders of "Seven"; the "Sevens". The magician repeats the term and the wizard explains that when all the "Sevens" have gathered on the night when the moon is full enough to be hardly recognizable, a man will carve open a new path and guide the world as the King of Duels.

At the Road Laboratory, Kaizo winces as Yuga monotonously hammers his air-conditioning Road with the modified Drone still connected, as do Luke, Romin, Gavin and Swirly. Romin, Luke and Gavin ask if Yuga is okay, but flinch back in terror when Yuga turns to them with a sullen expression on his face and Luke gasps that Yuga was so shocked by his loss that he skipped depression and went off the deep end. Yuga drones that he's perfectly fine and Luke cries that he doesn't have to be embarrassed that an unknown card like "Fusion" managed to beat his Maximum Monster like it was a piece of cake. Yuga ignores him, instead slowly stating that he's going to see Yuo, much to the utter shock of his friends.

At the Ramen Hut Yuro has just told Yuka about Fusion and she comments that all she knows is that Yuo and Doll have been holed up in his room and acting sneaky. She asks Yuro why he transferred to Goha #7 Elementary and Yuro explains that overtaking a strong enemy requires attacking from the inner lap and then immediately go full-throttle when they're side-by-side...but Yuka already isn't listening, sucking down ramen. Yuro can only ask if his sister was listening to him, and she tells him it's delicious.

Luke, Romin and Gavin scream in terror as Yuga's Road rockets through the clouds with them on board and Gavin asks if they're really going to see Yuo at his fortress. Luke protests this is way too risky, but is quickly cowed by the delirious look on Yuga's face and apologizes, calling him "Mr. Ohdo" and wondering where Swirly has gone. Romin explains that he's not good with heights, so he went to Goha Library to look for a hint on stopping Fusion and Gavin wonders if Yuga is trying to do the same by meeting Yuo. Luke doesn't think that Mr. Ohdo's holding together that well; forget a hint, he wants Yuo's head! Or maybe even to destroy his fortress along with Fusion! Romin and Gavin gasp in shock and Luke screams that Yuga would absolutely do that while Kaizo calls Yuga a slave driver as they spiral towards the Super Mobile Fortress Sixross.

At the Goha Library Mimi is lamenting having to be a library receptionist and vows that even so she'll climb back to the top and regain her bright shining days, dancing on her desk with a fan. Her exuberance attracts the librarian Drone, who cautions her to be quiet in the library and asks her to order these. Upon seeing several thick books with elephants on the cover, Mimi cries that this is super-mammoth-sized horrible. Swirly meanwhile is looking for his hint, but bumps into a red and black haired boy who drops a book on him and apologizes, as he's late for a Rush Duel. He asks if Swirly could put the book back for him and runs off with a hasty thanks. Swirly watches him go with a smile, but is shocked by the cover of the book, which reads "SEVENS". As Mimi is returning books to the shelves she overhears Swirly reading the book, which talks of how the magician traveled around the stars and finally found the remaining "Sevens", catching her attention.

On the Super Mobile Fortress Sixross Yuo laughs that Yuga is probably frustrated right now since he can't do anything while Yuo has "Fusion" and wonders how Yuga dared thought he could challenge Yuo, the top of Goha Enterprises that controls the entire world, with his sham Rush Dueling. With the President Drone hovering beside him, Yuo throws a crude puppet of Yuga to the ground as Proprietress mixes breakfast for Yuran, who muses that he sees the will in Yuo's words now; he's saying that he, not them is at the top of Goha Enterprises. Yuo doesn't deny it, but then the ship shakes, much to his shock.

Yuga has crashed his Road right through the hull of Super Mobile Fortress Sixross, wrecking the machine, and as everyone else groans in pain Kaizo blames Yuga's bad driving. Yuga slowly rises from the wreckage and apologizes, prompting Luke to apologize to Mr. Ohdo in fear. Romin is simply relieved that it didn't spill, and she opens a cooler to reveal a pot of curry inside, much to Gavin and Luke's terror. She explains she figured she could feed it to Yuga and Yuo if things went south, reminding them that her curry has helped people make up before. Luke agrees that her Dragias Curry really did taste good, though he and Gavin ask if she's forgotten about the tragedy that happened that day, namely accidentally filling Roa's apartment. Romin protests she only messed up a little and reassures them that it'll be fine this time as she takes the lid off to reveal pink curry that she's dubbed "Prima Guitarna Curry". Gavin cries that it's pink in horror as he and Luke recoil and Romin claims it has an explosive power-up in taste, horrifying Luke at the thought that it's even more explosive. Yuo's voice comments that was quite the gallant entrance as his face appears on a hexagonal screen in the stadium, and as Gavin gasps Yuo's name and Yuga looks up, Yuo admits he didn't expect them to pierce through the Gohanium armor but notes it was probably bad luck to crash into Yuka's field. Sure enough an army of Goha Enterprises Drones emerge from the ground and begin pitching baseballs at them, Luke and Gavin frantically dodging. Gavin moves to grab a bat, but Romin hands him the curry and snatches it up herself, easily crushing a ball. Gavin cries that it'll be a disaster if the curry is hit, so he hands it to Luke (much to his friend's horror) and dons a baseball glove to start catching. All three of them move to intercept or dodge the baseballs, Romin ordering them to aim for the triple crown. Yuga meanwhile staggers through the torrent, uttering that he only came to meet with Yuo, and his friends try to run after him, but Yuo drops them down a trapdoor and agrees to let Yuga see him as the President Drone descends to meet him.

Yuro has returned to the ship, determined to figure out the red zone of Yuo's soul that he's trying to accelerate into. Yuran and Proprietress peek around the doorway, Yuran asking what a dismissed president like Yuro is doing here.

Gavin and Romin have fallen into the kitchen, and soon Luke comes tumbling through the roof curry-first, though fortunately Romin catches it and declares it safe, though poor Luke declares it out as he faceplants on the ground. As the lights come on Gavin muses that they're in the kitchen and Luke comments that it's as fancy as you'd expect from a president of Goha. Romin thinks she can use the high-quality ingredients to improve her curry, but Gavin snatches it away from her as Luke stands guard, and Gavin asks how many more ordeals Dr. Romin has to put humanity through, much to her confusion.

Yuran approaches Yuro, noting that his older brother is trying to figure out Yuga and Yuo. Yuro doesn't reply and Yuran adds that Yuo claimed to want to get rid of Yuga and Rush Dueling, but in reality he's also trying to get rid of them too and make Goha his own using "Fusion". Yuro points out that as Yuran said he is no longer a president of Goha, though Yuran notes that he will always be their older brother and explains that he needs to tell Yuro something about that card.

In the library Swirly continues to read the book, where the magician traversed various natural hazards to gather the "Sevens". Once he had, they stood on a magical symbol as the old wizard declared that now they had gathered the "Sevens", the walls, the mountains, and even the planets that blocked their way could have a road carved open through them all that would lead the people to peace. Swirly recognizes the words "The walls, the mountains, and even the planets that block my way!" and he realizes what they are. Mimi confirms that it's the Summon chant of "Sevens Road Magician" to a T and speculates that the book inspired Otes to create the "Sevens Road" series. As Swirly asks in shock what she's doing she wonders if the Goha Siblings might promote her to the top brass again if she gives them this book. She asks him to give her the book, and Swirly refuses. Mimi tries to bribe him with telephone cards that have no holes in them, but Swirly still refuses as he doesn't know what they are, despite Mimi pointing out there's three. Swirly protests (and the other kids in the library overhear) that his precious friends, including Yuga, might need the book to gain a hint to counter Fusion so he can't give it to her. The librarian Drone promptly shushes them and they apologize, then Mimi suggests they decide this with a Rush Duel. Swirly protests that he still doesn't have a Deck, but Mimi reassures him that he can use a rental and takes him to a selection of Decks, telling the excited Swirly to choose whichever one he wants. Swirly picks a Deck, and they set out a playmat and lay their Decks down, Mimi vowing to Duel for the sake of reclaiming her elite status and Swirly for Yuga's victory. They both call "Rush!" but then the other kids shush them, and they whisper "Duel..."

A spotlight snaps on Yuga in Yuo's room as Yuo admits that he's impressed, or maybe he should say he's deeply moved at how Yuga broke into Sixross for revenge given that he couldn't defeat Yuo in a Rush Duel. He observes that he didn't think trash like Yuga that didn't know his place existed, though Yuga just glares at him.

In Goha Library Mimi quietly chants "Tower above with your shoulder pads. Hover up high in DC-brand. Now blossom in full glory at the show's very end so that even the neon flowers of the city that never sleeps fall into envy! I!" and then she's shushed by the other kids, and she quietly Tribute Summons "Dian Keto the Boogie Master".

Yuo holds up "Fusion" and he asks if Yuga wants to steal it, or perhaps take Yuo's life instead? Yuga whispers that he wanted to ask Yuo something, much to his surprise, but he acquiesces as those who stand atop Goha must be both merciful and compassionate.

With "Block Attack" in his Graveyard, Swirly attacks the now-Defense Position "Dian Keto" with "Baby Dragon", though it takes a few goes for Mimi to hear him say "attack" and "Dian Keto" is successfully destroyed. Then Swirly declares a direct attack with "Celtic Guardian" and "Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts", though Mimi mistakes his declaration of a direct attack for "daifaku" and "Peking duck".

Yuga asks Yuo if he created "Fusion", and Yuo admits that he didn't, and when asked who did, admits he doesn't know. Yuga muses that he sees and Yuo laughs, claiming to understand how Yuga is feeling; not only was his Maximum completely crushed but the Rush Duel Robot is practically in shambles so his heart must be torn to ribbons and he failed to get any information on "Fusion" despite coming here. Retracting his mask, Yuo asks if it isn't frustrating and irritating, theorizing that Yuga's heart must be completely crushed by despair. But to his shock, Yuga is absolutely overjoyed.

Mimi returns "Dian Keto" from her Graveyard to her hand and then Tribute Summons her again, then activates the Field Spell Card "Shining City Nights", which will increase the ATK of "Dian Keto" up and up by 200 - and as she dances on the desk with a fan in excitement the librarian Drone sharply asks how many times she has to tell Mimi to be quiet, but claps her hands over her own mouth as she realizes she's shouted in the library.

Yuo can only ask why Yuga is happy and Yuga replies that he can't help but be excited as Rush Dueling has more potential than anyone, even he could fathom. Romin, Luke and Gavin come in, Romin apologizing for the wait and telling them her "get-along-together Prima Guitarna Curry" is ready to eat, but they're shocked to see Yuga so excited as Yuga admits they don't know who made "Fusion", but don't they think they're trying to tell them "come and find them?" Luke calls Yuga's name and Yuo snaps that he doesn't care who made the card, but Yuga yawns, explaining that he wanted to know all about "Fusion" and kept thinking about it all night, so he couldn't sleep, but it's a relief to know the card is more mysterious than he thought...and he keels over and falls asleep in Luke's arms as his friends call his name, while Yuro peeks around the door and chuckles before leaving. Seething in fury, Yuo closes his mask and declares this welcome party has reached its finale, and his puppets respond to his command as Luke, Romin and Gavin flinch in fear.

Back in Goha Library, Swirly has just Tribute Summoned "Dark Magician", and the legendary monster attracts the attention of the other kids and the librarian Drone, who gasps that the "Dark Magician" is the ultimate wizard in terms of attack and defense. Mimi is shocked that such an amazing card was in one of the library's rental Decks and Swirly then activates "Thousand Knives" to destroy "Dian Keto". Mimi bemoans the loss of her favorite monster as she sends it to the Graveyard and the librarian Drone observes that now Mimi has no monsters as a crowd gathers to watch the Rush Duel. One boy states that all the chameleon has to do now is attack with "Dark Magician" and he'll win, but Swirly hesitates as he looks at the remaining three cards in his hand, much to the crowd's confusion.

As they flee from Yuo and his puppets, Luke begs Yuga to wake up and Yuo snarls that worthless worms like them who don't know their place are a blight on this world as he rises up behind them on an iron maiden, snarling that they're a plague and utter filth as he corners them in a room. With the kids surrounded by his puppets, Yuo vows to lock them inside his iron maiden and suffocate them in the vacuum of space. Luke cries that they have to detonate Romin's curry, but Gavin warns him they don't know how powerful it is, worrying they could blow up all of Goha City. Romin isn't impressed to hear they still think it explodes - and then the door explodes and Yuo can only ask what's happening now. Kaizo emerges from the smoke, declaring that he's called reinforcements, and the smoke clears to reveal Tiger, prompting Luke to begin to yelp that it's his big sister in fear, but Gavin and Romin slap their hands over his mouth and cheerfully greet Tiger by her nickname.

Swirly thinks that he'll win if he attacks with "Dark Magician" now but he'll have to return the Deck to the library once the Duel ends and he'll never get to see one of the cards again. So he Summons "Feral Imp" and Tributes it to Tribute Summon "Miss-Dark Magician Girl". He asks her to take his swirling heart as a tribute, and everyone (including the librarian Drone and Mimi) squee over his Summoning turning into a confession, though it doesn't stop Mimi from activating her Trap Card "Party Time - Disco Ball", allowing her to bring "Dian Keto" back from her Graveyard, and it gains 200 ATK due to the effect of 'Shining City Nights". She dances on the desk cheering "up and up!" alongside the librarian Drone as Swirly clenches his teeth.

Yuo curses the kids and Tiger comments that she thought she'd lost her edge. She orders the Concert Band Club members forward, but they (and Kaizo) call her "President" and Romin and Gavin recoil in fear as Tiger yells that she told them to call her Tiger, blasting dust out of Sixross and blowing Yuo and his puppets away. Gavin protects his friends as the Concert Band Club members and Kaizo charge forward and swat puppets away and Yuo angrily orders the iron maiden forward. It rockets towards Tiger and opens, but Tiger grins and swings her bassoon, swatting the iron maiden back at Yuo, who dives out of the way as Kaizo laughs at him - but then Kaizo is trapped in the iron maiden and it blasts off and out of the ship and into the sky. As Luke, Romin and Gavin watch it go they hear a whistle and turn to see Yuro retracting his mask from a doorway. The kids are surprised to see him, but quickly nod at each other.

Mimi continues to celebrate as Swirly worries about making Miss-"Dark Magician Girl" sad if he loses, but then he looks at the last card in his hand, "Dark Magic Attack". He activates it to destroy "Shining City Nights". Mimi gasps in shock and the librarian Drone notes that it was thank to the Field Spell "Dian Keto" was able to gain so much ATK. Swirly attacks "Dian Keto" with "Dark Magician", destroying both monsters, and one of the boys watching wonders if Swirly made a mistake by crashing the monsters, while Mimi believes she'll have enough LP to survive if "Dark Magician Girl" attacks her. But Swirly warns her not to be so sure, explaining that the Continuous Effect of Miss-"Dark Magician Girl" increases her ATK by 500 with "Dark Magician" in the Graveyard. Mimi, on 2100 LP, is shocked that it has a Continuous Effect and Swirly vows that he has to win for Miss-"Dark Magician Girl" and orders her to attack the receptionist directly with "Dark Burning Attack", defeating Mimi as she protests that Swirly said he was doing this for the sake of Yuga and his friends.

Everyone cheers the amazing Duel, but then the librarian Drone realizes that they're all shouting and everyone returns to their books as the librarian Drone politely asks them to be quiet in the library. Mimi laments that the days where she shone brightly under the disco ball will never come again, but to her joy Swirly offers to read "SEVENS" with her. The story continues with the old wizard declaring that the seven roads that had been carved and united here would lead towards a happy future, and the name of that guiding beacon is "Sevens Road". Mimi notes there's no question that Otes must have read this book and then created the "Sevens Road" monsters based on it, and Swirly turns the pages as he wonders what happens next, but then they get to a new page and cry "What?!" in shock.

As the sun sets Romin admits she was worried Yuga has really gone off the deep end as Yuro finishes fixing Yuga's air-conditioning Road at the Road Laboratory. Yuga thanks Yuro for taking Tiger and her friends back as well, and Yuro claims it was nothing, as he got to see something good today and he thanks Yuga, much to Yuga's confusion. As Yuro hops on his Speed Loader he remembers to tell Yuga that Yuo's "Fusion" card was in some space debris that hit them when they lived at Goha Space Elementary. As he flies off into the sunset, Swirly calls Yuga's name, and Yuga turns to see him and Mimi at the gate to the Road Laboratory, Swirly holding "SEVENS" and Mimi waving. They take Yuga, Luke, Romin and Gavin into the Road Laboratory to show them the book and Gavin admits he can see why they think Otes used the book as a reference to create the "Sevens Road" cards. Romin asks what happened next and Swirly turns the pages to reveal three have been torn out. As Luke asks what's with the missing pages Swirly turns to the next illustration and Yuga and Luke gasp in shock - the magician is standing alone with the bodies of the "Sevens" behind him. Swirly admits he isn't sure this will be a hint on how to counter "Fusion" but Yuga tells him not to be so sure, musing that they have an old book and outer space is involved. He figures out what it might be as he looks up at the sky.

As Super Mobile Fortress Sixross moves beneath the moon Yuo scoffs as he sits in his room, believing his victory to be guaranteed as long as he has "Fusion". Outside in the room Tiger wrecked Yuka comments that so much happened while she was out as she samples Romin's "Prima Guitarna Curry" and she admits that it looks weird but tastes good, catching Yuran and Proprietress' attention. She puts the lid back on the pot and stores the leftovers in the fridge.

In space, Kaizo is floating in the iron maiden, commenting that he sees what's going on; this is where he doesn't get screentime for a while. In that case, it's time for a vacation.

Featured Duel: Swirly vs Mimi Imimi[edit]

An unknown amount of time is skipped.

Turn ?: Mimi
Mimi has just Tributed "LaMoon the Party Princess" and an unknown monster to Tribute Summon "Dian Keto the Boogie Master" (2500/1000).

An unknown amount of time is skipped.

Turn ?: Swirly
Mimi controls "Dian Keto" (2500/1000) in face-up Defense Position and a Set card in her Spell & Trap Zone and has "Party Party Party" in her GY. Swirly controls "Baby Dragon" (1200/800), "Celtic Guardian" (1400/1200), and "Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts" (1500/1200) in Attack Position and has "Block Attack" in his GY.

"Baby Dragon" attacks and destroys "Dian Keto". "Celtic Guardian" and "Gazelle" attack Mimi directly (Mimi: ??? → ??? → ??? LP).

An unknown amount of time is skipped.

Turn ?: Mimi
Mimi controls "Bubbly Elf" (800/0) and "Kanan the Sword Diva" (1400/0) in Attack Position and has "Dian Keto" in her GY.

Mimi returns "Dian Keto" from her GY to her hand, and has "Monster Reincarnation" in her GY. Mimi Tributes "Bubbly Elf" and "Kanan" to Tribute Summon "Dian Keto" (2500/1000). Mimi activates the Field Spell "Shining City Nights". The effect of "Shining City Nights" increases the ATK of all LIGHT monsters on the field by 200 ("Dian Keto": 2500/1000 → 2700/1000).

An unknown amount of time is skipped.

Turn ?: Swirly
Swirly has just Tributed "Celtic Guardian" and an unknown monster to Tribute Summon "Dark Magician" (2500/2000). As Swirly controls "Dark Magician", he activates the Spell "Thousand Knives", destroying a monster Mimi controls. He destroys "Dian Keto". Swirly Normal Summons "Feral Imp" (1300/1400). Swirly Tributes "Feral Imp" to Tribute Summon "Dark Magician Girl" (2000/1700). As Swirly Normal Summoned a Level 5 or higher monster, Mimi activates her Set Trap "Party Time - Disco Ball", Special Summoning an Aqua monster from her GY. She Special Summons "Dian Keto" (2500/1000 → 2700/1000) in Attack Position. As Swirly controls "Dark Magician", he activates "Dark Magic Attack", destroying all Spells/Traps Mimi controls. "Shining City Nights" is destroyed ("Dian Keto": 2700/1000 → 2500/1000). "Dark Magician" attacks "Dian Keto", with both monsters being destroyed in a Double KO. The effect of "Dark Magician Girl" increases its ATK by 500 for each "Dark Magician" in each player's GY ("Dark Magician Girl": 2000/1700 → 2500/1700). "Dark Magician Girl" attacks Mimi directly (Mimi: 2100 → 0 LP).

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