Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS - Episode 062

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"The☆Lukeman! The☆Lukeman!!"
The☆Lukeman's eyecatch! The☆Lukeman's eyecatch!!
The☆Lukeman's eyecatch! The☆Lukeman's eyecatch!!
Japanese name
RōmajiZa☆Rūkumen! Za☆Rūkumen!!
TranslatedThe☆Lukeman! The☆Lukeman!!
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Japanese OP"Harevutai"
Japanese ED"Never Looking Back"
ScreenplayTatsuto Higuchi
DirectorTsurumi Mukoyama
StoryboardHiroyuki Yamada
Air dates
JapaneseAugust 22, 2021
Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episodes (season 2)
Previous"Running Commentary! Powerful Rush Duel"
Next"The Sixth Man"
Featured card"Superstrike Dragon Dragiastar F"

"The☆Lukeman! The☆Lukeman!!" is the sixty-second episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. It first aired in Japan on August 22, 2021.

Tiger tells Yuga and co. that Luke hasn't come home, so they go look for him. They arrive at the Goha 6th Quarry, but standing in their way is Yuo. They then hear someone yell "hold it right there!"! Just who is it...!?


Yuran thanks Yuro and Yuka for coming and welcomes Yujin back. Proprietress prompts Yuran to start the top-secret Goha Presidential Meeting...which is being held on the rooftop at Goha #7 Elementary. The two girls always noticing Mimi's suspicious behavior peek around the corner, one of them spotting Yujin's yacht and wondering why it's on the roof (with Yuka's machine and Yuro's Speed Loader). Yuran repeats the creed of Goha Enterprises; "One for six, six for Goha", reminding the siblings that they each act for all of them, and the six of them act for Goha. Yujin snarls that he won't allow Yuo to trample on Goha's philosophy, but Yuka shamefully admits that the score is now tied 3-3 with Yuga Ohdo's group, and Yuro and Proprietress note that Yuo and Yuran are the only presidents remaining. Yuran asks if they really need to continue fighting Yuga and his friends now that Yuo's scheme has been revealed and suggests allying with them, but Yuro immediately refuses, stating they should deal with their own problems and Yujin (having picked up Skipjack's tic of saying "tuna") agrees. Yuka notes that Yuo's goal is to be the last one remaining and he'll be expecting Yuran to Duel Yuga and lose. Yuran vows not to let Yuo have his way and suggests that they need to find "it" - but unbeknownst to them, Yuo and the President Drone are watching proceedings from the Super Mobile Fortress Sixross, and Yuo snickers as he looks at portraits of his defeated siblings with their badges sitting beneath them, and a full image of the Goha Enterprises logo, with a fourth triangular badge representing the black and white section beneath it.

Meanwhile at the Concert Band Club, Yuga, Romin, Gavin and Swirly are shocked to learn from Tiger that Luke didn't come home the previous night, and Tiger confirms that after returning from watching the Goha Meteor Shower with Yuga and the others, he ran out screaming about something and never came back, so now their family's people are searching for him. Romin recalls seeing dozens of helicopters in the sky and is shocked that they belong to Luke and Tiger's family, while Swirly gasps that Luke's family is amazing. Tiger exasperatedly admits that stupid little bro-gias is really making everyone worry and vows to kick his ass if he doesn't come back (Romin cheerfully pointing out that she can't if Luke doesn't return. Yuga tells Tiger to leave it to him, and he pulls out a new Road, introducing it as his "Last Night's Dinner" Road, which will allow him to track people based on what they last ate. He asks Tiger what Luke had for dinner, and Tiger confirms it was curry, but when Yuga enters it into his Road, the location shown is their own and Tiger is shocked by the Road and drops to the ground in a heap, much to everyone's shock. Yuga asks why Tiger was shocked, and Gavin points out she's Luke's sister, so they probably ate the same thing the previous night. Yuga laments that he won't be able to find Luke like this, but Tiger admits Luke didn't have the same curry she did, recalling his attempts to recreate a safe Dragias Curry that didn't explode, only to create yellow curry that nevertheless tasted good and he named "Bunker Strike Curry" after "Piercing Dragon Bunker Strike". Romin is surprised the curry was yellow, though Gavin asks if that isn't just normal curry. Yuga is pleased enough with the tale, entering "Bunker Strike Curry" into his Road and shining a spear of yellow light out the window and into the outskirts of Goha City, Yuga deducing Luke must be there.

Soon the five of them are walking through the trees, Swirly calling Luke's name. Tiger exasperatedly asks why she had to be dragged into this and Yuga cheerfully suggests that it's because she's worried about Luke (which Tiger doesn't exactly deny). Gavin notes that their score with the Goha Siblings is tied 3-3 and they lose a lot of strength without Luke, Romin agreeing that Luke's pretty reliable when it comes to Dueling given that the Goha Siblings are pretty tough. Then she realizes that they've only seen five of the six Goha Siblings, though her friends have already noticed, much to her chagrin. Eventually they arrive at the Goha 6th Quarry, and Yuga notes that Luke should be around here somewhere as Swirly calls his name.

Then the ground begins to shake and Nail's image appears on a screen, Nail declaring that this is the mountain version of the president's exclusive Duel stage. Two columns of stone emerge from the ground as Yuo descends from the Super Mobile Fortress Sixross in his suit, cheerfully remarking on how annoying it was of Yuran to disappear before the match to prevent Yuo from taking over as president. Gavin gasps that it's Yuo, and Yuo declares that he'll defeat them in a grand way and take all of Goha's power and influence for himself.

But then a voice tells Yuo to wait, and Yuo angrily asks who's there. Luke walks out of the trees, wearing a draconian helmet and claiming twice that it's too late to ask who he is, warning the "evil ruler" who wants to bring the universe to its knees that he will not allow them to succeed. Tiger promptly furiously asks where her ultra stupid chimpan-gias has been, though Swirly isn't sure if the voice belongs to Luke. Gavin points out that his clothes, shoes and attitude are unmistakable, Romin agreeing that it's definitely Luke. Luke denies that he is Luke, declaring himself the envoy of the seven supernovas and friend to the dragon of justice - The☆Lukeman! The☆Lukeman! Everyone can only watch in bewilderment as blue smoke explodes behind "The☆Lukeman" and Gavin comments that it's definitely Luke, Romin recalling that "The☆Lukeman" was the childhood manga he wrote and wondering why he's dressed like that now. Tiger tells Romin not to ask her, while Swirly is enchanted by Luke wearing a headpiece like he does. "The☆Lukeman" flips onto the other stone pillar and tells Yuo that he will be his opponent, much to Yuga's shock. The☆Lukeman simply says his name to Yuga, and he tells "Lukeman" that he'll leave it to him. Yuo doesn't particularly care and Nail appears on holographic screens across Goha City, declaring to everyone including Mimi that the Duel between Yuo Goha and Luke will now commence. Yuo comments that he knows all about Luke's Deck and playstyle and The☆Lukeman insists he isn't Luke, but The☆Lukeman, setting off the blue smoke behind him again. They both insert their Decks into their Duel Disks and call "Rush Duel!" deploying the blades and the green holographic sphere.

Yuo suggests they start the show, declaring his turn and drawing. His hand containing "Imaginary Ark Turbulence", "Imaginary Ark Turret", "Sword Dancer", "Fire Jester", and "Daigyakutenno Megami". He Summons "Sword Dancer" and "Fire Jester", then Tributes them both to Tribute Summon, chanting "A miracle that shines twice - no, thrice! Bring victory to me! Daigyakutenno Megami!" Gavin recalls that it's the monster that Yuo used to torment Yuga and Romin notes that Luke will have to counter it with a powerful monster, though Yuga reminds them that Yuo has "Fusion" and Gavin admits that if Luke Summons his ace, Yuo is likely to use "Fusion" and destroy it, Swirly agreeing that this is likely Yuo's plan. Yuo Sets two cards, ending his turn.

The☆Lukeman declares The☆Lukeman's turn and The☆Lukeman's draw, much to Swirly's excitement. Examining his hand, which contains "The☆Star Dragon", "The☆Dragon", "The☆Wyvern", "Pierce!", and "The☆Barrier", The☆Lukeman (referring to himself in the third person) Summons "The☆Dragon", then Tributes it to Tribute Summon "The☆Wyvern". The☆Lukeman then activates the effect of "The☆Wyvern", sending "Pierce!" from his hand to the Graveyard to Special Summon "The☆Dragon" from his Graveyard in Defense Position. Yuo seizes his chance to activate his "Imaginary Ark Turret" Trap Card, preventing The☆Lukeman from attacking with monsters that have at least 2500 ATK this turn. The☆Lukeman vows that cheap trick will not be enough to stop him from attacking and he Tributes "The☆Dragon" and "The☆Wyvern" to Tribute Summon, chanting "It's a monster of the stars! It's a star among monsters! Shine on, The☆Star Dragon!" "The☆Star Dragon" appears with 2500 ATK and Romin repeats its name curiously, while Gavin frets that it won't be able to attack. The☆Lukeman replies that will be no problem and sends "Dragon's Fortitude" from the top of his Deck to the Graveyard as Yuo reacts to his statement, activating the effect of "The☆Star Dragon", which heaves a star about it and throws it at "Daigyakutenno Megami" as The☆Lukeman explains that "The☆Star Dragon" will lose 500 ATK, and then "Daigyakutenno Megami" will lose 1000 ATK. "The☆Star Dragon" falls to 2000 ATK and "Daigyakutenno Megami" to 1400 as Yuo gasps and The☆Lukeman declares that this is "The☆Star Dragon's" "The☆Gravity Drop". Romin and Gavin are shocked that Luke lowered the ATK of his own monster just to weaken "Daigyakutenno Megami" even further, though Swirly points out that now Luke can attack. Setting a card, The☆Lukeman declares his Battle Phase, ordering "The☆Star Dragon" to attack "Daigyakutenno Megami" with "The☆Meteor Comet", yelling the attack twice as "The☆Star Dragon" engulfs itself in a star-shaped aura and slams into "Daigyakutenno Megami", destroying her and reducing Yuo to 3400 LP. Yuo is incredulous that Luke was able to overcome his Trap and damage him, and The☆Lukeman vows that evil's nefarious schemes will not prevail before the light of justice. Swirly claps as "The☆Star Dragon" alights behind him, its ATK returning to normal, and The☆Lukeman ends his turn twice, Tiger angrily asking her brother if he has to say it twice.

Yuo declares his turn and draws "Imaginary Actor", "Serpainter", "Fusion", "Imaginary Ark Turbo", and "Gyakutenno Megami", musing that this is how it's going to be, and Yuga starts in surprise. Yuo Summons "Imaginary Actor" and "Serpainter", commenting that the climax is more exciting the stronger the opponent, much to The☆Lukeman's surprise, and Yuo declares "Strong vs. strong - Dragon vs. Dragon!" The Machine "Imaginary Actor" and Dragon "Serpainter" both exit the stage as materials, and Yuo declares that he'll put an end to this sorry stage as Tiger and the Rush Duel Club all gasp. Yuo activates "Fusion", fusing "Imaginary Actor" with "Serpainter" and chanting "This is... an intertwined fate! A forbidden existence born from joining! Fusion Summon! Cyborg-Type! Metallion Vritrastar!"

"Metallion Vritrastar" appears with 2800 ATK and Yuga gasps its name, it's different from the monster he faced. Yuo explains that "Vritrastar" is a Fusion Monster made to fight Dragon monsters, and Gavin realizes that one can Summon a different monster by changing the materials. Yuo activates the Multi-Choice Effect of "Metallion Vritrastar", destroying Dragon monsters The☆Lukeman controls equal to the number of Cyborg monsters he controls. "Vritrastar" blasts golden strings from its claws that ensnare "The☆Star Dragon" and Yuo tells it to shatter and break as he declares "Full-Auto Dragon Slayer", and the strings tighten and destroy "The☆Star Dragon". The☆Lukeman gasps its name twice, and Yuo activates "Imaginary Ark Turbo", discarding a card to increase the ATK of "Metallion Vritrastar" by 500 until the end of the turn, and as "Metallion Vritrastar" powers up to 3300 ATK and Gavin and Romin gasp, Yuo adds that he can increase its ATK by a further 1000 if "Imaginary Actor" is in his Graveyard. "Metallion Vritrastar" increases to 4300 ATK and Swirly gasps the value in terror, Tiger worrying that Luke doesn't have any monsters left to protect him. Yuo declares that it's over, chanting O steel machine dragon, swallow up the light on the horizon with absolute darkness! Drago Ex Machina!" "Metallion Vritrastar" blasts a purple column of energy from its chest at The☆Lukeman, engulfing him in a massive cloud of black smoke as Luke's friends watch in horror, Swirly calling his name. Yuo turns away, commenting that's all she wrote.

The☆Lukeman asks if Yuo is sure about that, and Yuo turns back to the smoke and gasps "What?!" as The☆Lukeman's red eyes shine through it, The☆Lukeman explaining that he activated an effect, "The☆Barrier", a Trap that let him return "The☆Dragon" from his Graveyard to his Deck to reduce an attacking monsters ATK by 400, allowing him to survive with 100 LP. Yuga cheers that Luke was able to survive with his Trap effect and Swirly gushes that Luke is so cool. As The☆Lukeman pants in exertion, Yuo comments that he might have survived, but Yuo still knows his playstyle, and he ends his turn, returning the ATK of "Metallion Vritrastar" to normal. Tiger notes that Luke survived, but he only has 100 LP left and Romin wonders what he could possibly do next turn.

The☆Lukeman vows that he may be in a bad pinch, but The☆Lukeman will never give up, and The☆Lukeman declares his turn and The☆Lukeman draws five cards; "Pot of Greed", "The☆Dragon", and three copies of "Draco the Tiny". He activates the Spell Card "Pot of Greed", drawing two more cards, and he gasps at his draw, catching Yuga's attention. Musing that this is the will of the supernovas, The☆Lukeman Summons three monsters; "The☆Dragon" and two determined "Draco the Tiny", Tributing the latter two to Tribute Summon and chanting "Right now, in The☆Lukeman's galaxy, seven-" and then he chokes on his words and trips. Swirly calls Luke's name and The☆Lukeman claims he's fine, chanting "Come! Multistrike Dragon Dragias!" "Dragias" appears beside him, and The☆Lukeman repeats Yuo's words from earlier; the climax is more exciting the stronger the opponent, "Strong vs. strong - Fusion vs. Fusion!"

"No way!" Yuo gasps, and Gavin and Romin cry "Fusion?!" in shock. "Flare and burn, The☆Dragon! Sail to the stars, Dragias! Fusion!" The☆Lukeman chants as he reveals another copy of "Fusion" lacking the the purple tint. Yuo recognizes the Spell in fury and Yuga gasps in pleased surprise as The☆Lukeman activates the Spell, fusing "Dragias" and "The☆Dragon". Blue light erupts from his Duel Disk as The☆Lukeman chants "Now, within The☆Lukeman's galaxy, two suns collide into a supernova! Witness as a new existence is born! Witness as a new existence is born! To say it twice is a sign of victory. Fusion Summon! Fusion Summon!! Superstrike Dragon Dragiastar F!" "Superstrike Dragon Dragiastar F" appears with 3000 ATK as Gavin cries that Luke used "Fusion" and Yuga smiles happily, while Yuo is incredulous that there's another copy of "Fusion", but nevertheless activates his Trap Card "Imaginary Ark Turbulence" as he has "Imaginary Actor" in his Graveyard and The☆Lukeman Summoned a monster, changing a monster he controls to Defense Position, then destroying a monster The☆Lukeman controls with the same Type as one in his Graveyard. "Vritrastar" shifts into Defense Position, with 2500 DEF as Gavin asks what Yuo just said in shock. Yuo replies that he told them he knows everything about Luke's playstyle and this is why he used the Dragon-Type "Serpainter" as Fusion Material. He screams at "Dragiastar F" to be engulfed in turbulence and ripped to shreds as a tornado belches out of his Trap and engulfs "Dragiastar F".

But "Dragiastar F" roars and the tornado dissipates harmlessly, much to Tiger and the Rush Duel Club's joy. The☆Lukeman bellows twice that it won't work and Yuo can only ask why. The☆Lukeman replies that it's because of something that a Fusion user like Yuo should understand best. Yuo realizes what The☆Lukeman means, and The☆Lukeman confirms his suspicions - "Dragiastar F" has transcended beyond the Dragon-Type and is now a High Dragon-Type monster. Romin cries the new Type's name and Gavin notes that Yuo's Trap won't work on "Dragiastar F" since it's a different Type. Yuo insists that he still changed "Vritrastar" to Defense Position, so he'll win if he can survive the turn, but The☆Lukeman vows twice that evil will never get another turn, sending "Dragonic Pressure" from the top of his Deck to the Graveyard to activate the Multi-Choice Effect of "Dragiastar F"; "The☆Axion Charge", which will allow "Dragiastar F" to attack twice this turn and inflict piercing battle damage each time. Gavin cries that Luke used a Multi-Choice Effect, and Yuga observes that this is Fusion, and The☆Lukeman declares his victory as pink energy streams from "Dragiastar F's" eyes, shoulders and wings into its chest. First "Dragiastar F" attacks with "The☆Super-Star Bullet of Devastating Supremacy", blasting a pink star-shaped burst of energy from its chest at "Metallion Vritrastar", destroying it and scattering into energy tetsubishi that reduce Yuo to 2900 LP as The☆Lukeman reminds him that the attack pierces. The☆Lukeman orders "Dragiastar F" to finish it with a direct attack and it attacks with "The☆Shining Dragon Strike of Extinctive Supremacy", slashing Yuo with its glowing arm blades and blasting him off his feet with a scream, reducing his LP to zero.

Nail declares Luke the victor, though The☆Lukeman insists again that he isn't Luke and declares his name twice, blue smoke erupting behind him as Tiger and the Rush Duel Club watch, impressed by his victory. Yuo curses that he is no longer the only one with "Fusion" as he is returned to the Super Mobile Fortress Sixross, and the ship begins to move away. Romin, Tiger, Yuga, Swirly and Gavin rush up to the plume of smoke as it clears, revealing Luke fast asleep on the ground as Gavin cries his name. Luke whispers for the shooting star to tell him if he's the King of Duels, while behind them a black Goha helmet silently flees unseen into the trees. In the city, Mimi repeats "The☆Lukeman" to herself and wonders where she's seen that mask before. Then Yuran declares that they will be starting the Goha presidential meeting as he and Proprietress approach Yuo and the President Drone on the ship, Yuo gasping his brother's name. Back in the quarry Luke has been woken and informed of what just happen and reacts with utter shock at the mention of "The☆Lukeman", "Fusion" and Yuo, and when asked by Romin if he remembers frantically denies doing so and begs her to stop saying "The☆Lukeman" in front of him, before realizing that she told him he used "Fusion" as well and wondering where it is. Tiger calls Romin aside to watch the Goha presidential meeting and holographic screens with Yuka, Yujin and Yuro appear beside Yuran as he warns that Yuo has forgotten that as long as their sixth sibling is missing he can't monopolize the seat of Goha President, and since Luke defeated him he loses his presidency too. He takes Yuo's badge and declares that he's the only remaining president now, and his first act will be to reinstate his siblings.

But Yuo chuckles Goha's signature laugh, and Yuran gasps in shock as he sees what Yuo is holding - the sixth sibling's badge, the one that none of them have met before. Yuo admits that he still hasn't met their sibling himself yet, but possessing their badge still gives him the right to be president. Yuran angrily asks where Yuo found that, but Yuo simply claims to have seen right through Yuran, much to his shock. Yuo comments on the notion of his beloved older siblings all colluding to expel him and Yuran realizes that he hacked Proprietress as the screens with Yuka, Yujin and Yuro vanish. Yuo declares it is treason against Goha Enterprises to plot over the president's seat with those who were expelled from it and bids Yuran farewell, dropping him down a trapdoor as he screams. With the President Drone and Proprietress floating beside him, Yuo retracts his mask and sneers, chuckling before erupting into victorious laughter as Yuga glares at him angrily.

And on the moon, the Super Rush Robot, with its arms and head free, continues to squat and spin until the restraints around its legs glow green, leaving only the upper torso continuously spinning...

Featured Duel: The☆Lukeman vs Yuo Goha[edit]

Turn 1: Yuo
Yuo's hand contains "Imaginary Ark Turbulence", "Imaginary Ark Turret", "Sword Dancer", "Fire Jester", and "Daigyakutenno Megami". Yuo Normal Summons "Sword Dancer" (1400/500) and "Fire Jester" (1000/500). Yuo Tributes "Sword Dancer" and "Fire Jester" to Tribute Summon "Daigyakutenno Megami" (2400/2000). Yuo Sets two cards.

Turn 2: The☆Lukeman
The☆Lukeman's hand contains "The☆Star Dragon", "The☆Dragon", "The☆Wyvern", "Pierce!", and "The☆Barrier". The☆Lukeman Normal Summons "The☆Dragon" (0/0). The☆Lukeman Tributes "The☆Dragon" to Tribute Summon "The☆Wyvern" (500/1500). The☆Lukeman activates the effect of "The☆Wyvern", send a Spell/Trap from his hand to the GY to Special Summon a Level 6 or lower Dragon Normal Monster from his GY. The☆Lukeman sends "Pierce!" from his hand to the GY and Special Summons "The☆Dragon" (0/0) in Defense Position. As The☆Lukeman Special Summoned a monster while Yuo controls a face-up LIGHT monster, Yuo activates his Set Trap "Imaginary Ark Turret", preventing The☆Lukeman from declaring attacks with monsters with 2500 or more ATK this turn. The☆Lukeman Tributes "The☆Wyvern" and "The☆Dragon" to Tribute Summon "The☆Star Dragon" (2500/1500). The☆Lukeman activates the effect of "The☆Star Dragon", sending the top card of his Deck to the GY to have it lose 500 ATK until the end of the turn, then choose a monster Yuo controls to have it lose 1000 ATK until the end of the turn. The☆Lukeman sends "Dragon's Fortitude" from the top of his Deck to the GY and chooses "Daigyakutenno Megami" ("The☆Star Dragon": 2500/1500 → 2000/1500)("Daigyakutenno Megami": 2400/2000 → 1400/2000). The☆Lukeman Sets a card. "The☆Star Dragon" attacks and destroys "Daigyakutenno Megami" (Yuo: 4000 → 3400 LP).

Turn 3: Yuo
Yuo draws "Imaginary Actor", "Serpainter", "Fusion", "Imaginary Ark Turbo", and "Gyakutenno Megami". Yuo Normal Summons "Imaginary Actor" (500/500) and "Serpainter" (1400/500). Yuo activates the Spell "Fusion", Fusion Summoning a monster from his Extra Deck using monsters he controls as materials. Yuo fuses "Imaginary Actor" and "Serpainter" to Fusion Summon "Metallion Vritrastar" (2800/2500) in Attack Position. Yuo activates the effect of "Vritrastar", choosing to either choose a monster The☆Lukeman controls and change it to either face-up Attack Position or face-down Defense Position or to choose a number of Dragon monsters The☆Lukeman controls, up to the number of Cyborg monsters Yuo controls, and destroy them. Yuo chooses to destroy "The☆Star Dragon" as he controls the Cyborg "Metallion Vritrastar". Yuo activates the Spell "Imaginary Ark Turbo", sending a card from his hand to the GY to have a Level 9 LIGHT monster or a LIGHT Normal Monster he controls gain 500 ATK until the end of this turn, then if he has "Imaginary Actor" in his GY, it gains an additional 1000 ATK until the end of this turn. Yuo sends "Gyakutenno Megami" to the GY and chooses "Vritrastar" ("Vritrastar": 2800/2500 → 3300/2500 → 4300/2500). "Vritrastar" attacks The☆Lukeman directly, but The☆Lukeman activates his Set Trap "The☆Barrier", returning a monster from his GY to the Deck to have the attacking monster lose 400 ATK until the end of this turn. The☆Lukeman returns "The☆Dragon" to his Deck ("Vritrastar": 4300/2500 → 3900/2500). The attack continues (The☆Lukeman: 4000 → 100 LP).

Turn 4: The☆Lukeman
The☆Lukeman draws "Pot of Greed", "The☆Dragon", and three copies of "Draco the Tiny". The☆Lukeman activates the Spell "Pot of Greed", drawing two cards. The☆Lukeman Normal Summons two copies of "Draco the Tiny" (0/1400) and "The☆Dragon" (0/0). The☆Lukeman Tributes both "Draco the Tiny" to Tribute Summon "Multistrike Dragon Dragias" (2500/1500). The☆Lukeman activates the Spell "Fusion", fusing "Dragias" and "The☆Dragon" to Fusion Summon "Superstrike Dragon Dragiastar F" (3000/2000) in Attack Position. As The☆Lukeman Normal or Special Summoned a monster while Yuo has a LIGHT Normal Monster with 500 DEF in his GY, he activates his Set Trap "Imaginary Ark Turnover", changing an Level 8 or higher LIGHT monster he controls from Attack Position to face-up Defense Position, then choose one monster The☆Lukeman controls with the same Type as a Normal Monster in his GY and destroy it. Yuo changes "Vritastar" to face-up Defense Position, then chooses "Dragiastar F" since he has the Dragon "Serpainter" in his GY, but "Dragiastar F" is a High Dragon monster, so the second effect does not resolve. As the only monsters in The☆Lukeman's GY are High Dragon and/or Dragon, he activates the effect of "Dragiastar F", sending the top card of his Deck to the GY to either increase its ATK by 900 until the end of the turn and allow it to attack monsters twice this turn, or allow it to attack twice this turn and inflict piercing battle damage when it attacks a Defense Position monster this turn. The☆Lukeman sends "Dragonic Pressure" from the top of his Deck to the GY and chooses to allow "Dragiastar F" to attack twice and inflict piercing battle damage. "Dragiastar F" attacks and destroys "Vritrastar" (Yuo: 3400 → 2900 LP), then attacks Yuo directly (Yuo: 2900 → 0 LP).

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.