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"Final Battle! The Devil Empire"
Majin Yuga reveals himself.
Majin Yuga reveals himself.
Japanese name
RōmajiKessen! Majin Teikoku
TranslatedFinal Battle! The Devil Empire
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Japanese OP"Harevutai"
Japanese ED"Never Looking Back"
ScreenplayToshimitsu Takeuchi
DirectorNaoto Hashimoto
StoryboardNaoto Hashimoto
Air dates
JapaneseSeptember 19, 2021
Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episodes (season 2)
Previous"Solitary Providence"
Next"Space Warrior The☆Lukeman"
Featured card"The☆Star Dragon"

"Final Battle! The Devil Empire" is the sixty-sixth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. It first aired in Japan on September 19, 2021.

The final match of the fight against the six Goha President Siblings comes at last! Yuga challenges the figure who appears behind Yuo's back: The☆Lukeman. What will be Yuga's strategy to defeat The☆Lukeman, who has transformed into his Perfect Mode?


Yuga steps forwards, telling The☆Lukeman that they'll do this here and now, and Yuo glances over his shoulder at The☆Lukeman. Gavin and Romin protest that their score is tied 5-5, so if Yuga loses then the restraints on the Super Rush Robot will remain forever, Swirly nervously adding that the Rush Duel program will be destroyed. Galian adds that The☆Lukeman has "Fusion", Chevelle worrying about what will happen if Yuga takes him on now, but Asana tells them to stop worrying, no-one can win a match with that attitude. Galian protests, but Tiger tells them to look at Yuga's eyes; he doesn't plan on losing at all. Yuo chuckles and then laughs, declaring they'll do the last match here and now, commenting on the odds of Yuga winning without "Fusion". The☆Lukeman interrupts Yuo, much to his surprise, telling him he doesn't need to boast as he steps forward and pints at the night sky, declaring that The☆Lukeman will win. Four glowing orbs suddenly twist from the sky towards The☆Lukeman, and Yuo and the President Drone dive out of the way as they collide with The☆Lukeman. Everyone gasps in shock as the dust clears to reveal The☆Lukeman now wearing a draconian costume with a face on the chest, and he declares this is The☆Lukeman: Perfect Mode as flames appear to explode behind him. He faces off with Yuga, who calls "Let's go!" and The☆Lukeman declares that justice will always prevail. A Duel Disk materializes on his arm and both he and Yuga insert their Decks into the Duel Disks and call "Rush Duel!" deploying the blades and the green holographic dome.

The☆Lukeman declares his turn in the name of his righteous convictions and draws a card. He examines his hand, containing "Road Crusher", "The☆Block", "The Fire Dragon", "Dragorite", and "The☆Star Dragon", and he Summons two Dragons, "Dragorite" and "The Fire Dragon". He Tributes them to Tribute Summon, chanting "It's a monster of the stars! It's a star among monsters! Shine on, The☆Star Dragon!" As "The☆Star Dragon" appears with 2500 ATK, The☆Lukeman tells the "pawn of evil who wreaks havoc across the universe" that he will use his dazzling light to expose those who dwell in the darkness. Gavin notes that "The☆Star Dragon" is LIGHT and Yuga does use a lot of DARK monsters and Romin wonders why it seems as though they're the bad guys. The☆Lukeman Sets two cards, ending his turn twice, and Yuga tells The☆Lukeman to show him the kind of justice he speaks of.

He declares his turn and draws, his hand now containing "Devil's Power", "Kuribot", "Graceful Charity", "Sevens Road Witch", and "Sevens Road Magician". He activates "Graceful Charity", drawing three cards, "Kuripotriple" and his other two "Kuribot", then discards the two "Kuribot" he drew. He Summons the third "Kuribot" and pays 500 LP to activate its effect, falling to 3500 LP as he adds another "Kuribot" from his Graveyard to his hand. Then he Tributes "Kuribot" to Tribute Summon, chanting "A sorceress of destruction born from pure darkness! Appear before me! Sevens Road Witch!" Yuga chuckles as "Sevens Road Witch" appears before him sporting a devilish smirk, catching Galian and Tiger's attention and Asana asks Yuga if he's feeling all right. Yuga discards the "Kuribot" from his hand to activate the evil sorceress's "Magical Sevens Call" effect, then chants "The justice, the peace, the bright futures that block my way! I'll smash through it with the power of my Roads! Appear before me! The magician of atrocity, Sevens Road Magician!" As "Sevens Road Magician" settles beside "Sevens Road Witch" with a dark smirk, Yuga adds that "Witch" will gain 400 ATK, rising to 2000. Romin celebrates Yuga Summoning two "Sevens Road" monsters, though Chevelle worries they only have 2000 and 2100 ATK and Galian adds it's not enough against "The☆Star Dragon". Gavin reassures them it's no problem, Swirly adding that "Sevens Road Magician" has his "Elemental Road" effect, but The☆Lukeman warns Yuga that he knows what he's doing and won't allow him to utilize the power of the undead. Yuga gasps as The☆Lukeman activates a Trap Card, "The☆Block", changing all of Yuga's monsters to Defense Position. Swirly swirls in a panic and Chevelle gasps that the "Sevens Road" monsters were changed to defense, but Yuga seems unfazed by The☆Lukeman seeing through his plan, claiming it won't be enough to stop his attack even if it's interesting. The☆Lukeman just scoffs as Yuga sends "Ansler the Magical Swordsman" from the top of his Deck to the Graveyard to activate the "Elemental Road" effect of "Sevens Road Magician", increasing its ATK by 300 for every different Attribute in his Graveyard (the DARK "Kuribot" and FIRE "Ansler"). "Sevens Road Magician" gains 600 ATK, though The☆Lukeman notes it's pointless if "Sevens Road Magician" is stuck on defense. But Yuga calls him naïve, returning his three "Kuribot" from his Graveyard to his Deck to activate the Spell Card "Kuripotriple", drawing two cards - "Magical Switch" and "Sevens Combine".

Then Yuga's eyes shine red as he tells The☆Lukeman to bear witness to the power of the wicked gods in the depths of darkness, and he raises his hand and glows with a purple aura. Yuo gasps in shock and then another glowing blue orb approaches them and collides with Yuga, dressing him in a gold-scaled bodysuit, clawed gloves, a red-lined black cape, and fiendish makeup, much to everyone's utter shock. The☆Lukeman gasps that Yuga isn't Majin Tiger's underling and Yuga laughs and confirms The☆Lukeman is correct; he is Majin Yuga, one of the elites of the Majin Empire who wishes to destroy the universe. "Majin Yuga?!" The☆Lukeman gasps, but Romin can only ask in confusion what is going on and Asana and Chevelle express shock that Yuga is a servant of the Majin Empire (while poor Trapigeon continues to bug out in confusion). Gavin notes that's probably not the case and Yuga adds that the real name of his "Sevens Road Magician" is "Sevens Road Majincian", prompting a shocked reaction from Trapigeon and Gavin to reiterate that's definitely not the case, adding that these names are really bad. Tiger asks in shock what on earth Yuga is doing and Yuro asks her to allow them to explain.

Everyone turns in shock to see Yuro standing on his Speed Loader, Yuka sitting in her machine, and Yujin, Yuran (who has shed his coat), Proprietress and Mimi sitting on Yujin's boat, Mimi cheerfully waving to everyone. Yuo gasps in shock at the sight of his siblings and they approach Tiger, the Rush Duel Club and Heavy Cavalry Duel Club. Gavin is shocked to see Mimi is with Yuro and Tiger asks the Goha Siblings if they know something about this. Yuran confirms they do and Yuka explains that Yuga told them everything, much to Gavin's shock. Yujin and Proprietress confirm the statement and Yuro suggests they start with the biggest mystery in this long chain of events, Asana and Tiger realizing that Yuro means "Fusion", and Yuro reveals that "Fusion" was created by none other than The☆Lukeman himself, much to everyone's shock.

Yuro reminds them that The☆Lukeman was created from a manga that Lucidien Kallister drew as a child due to his introversion, so he'd channeled that passion into a manga. Tiger comments that Luke always has been a wimp, and Gavin notes that Tiger's arguably responsible, but claims not to have said anything when Tiger glares at him. Yuro states that the character Luke created, The☆Lukeman, became someone who represented all the young Luke's hidden passion and zeal and could turn it into energy, though it was nothing more than a drawing. After Luke hid it under his bed, the energy within the manga eventually went into a deep sleep until it saw the light of day on a fateful day many years later when Tiger retrieved it. Tiger protests that she did take the manga, but asks how that's connected to The☆Lukeman here now and Romin agrees that the connection makes no sense. Yuro asks if Tiger remembers what she did with the manga and Tiger explains she tried to submit it to the rookie award in Saikyo Duelist Monthly to spread it around by faxing it to the magazine. Romin is shocked Tiger tried to submit it for an award while Gavin is confused by how Tiger tried to shove the manga into the fax machine and Tiger has to explain what it is to Swirly, though they and Asana don't understand. Naturally Mimi pops up to explain it's short for facsimile and Tiger boasts that it's a cutting-edge communication device. Gavin still isn't sure Tiger was using it properly, though Tiger believes it just had a bad day and wasn't working properly, so she karate-chopped it in frutration, causing a small electrical explosion, and sent the manga to the Goha #7 Elementary Newspaper Club instead. Yuro notes it was likely then that The☆Lukeman became alive in the real world, much to everyone's utter shock, while Tiger can only ask in confusion if it was her fault.

Back at the Duel The☆Lukeman angrily asks Majin Yuga what he plans to do with all his monsters in Defense Position, and Majin Yuga laughs and tells The☆Lukeman to feast his eyes on this as he holds up a Spell Card. The☆Lukeman recognizes it in shock as Majin Yuga activates "Devil's Power", changing the battle positions of two monsters he controls with the same Type. "Sevens Road Majincian" and "Sevens Road Witch" both switch to Attack Position and The☆Lukeman gasps that it can't be, and Majin Yuga adds that they also gain 300 ATK, bringing them up to 3000 and 2300 ATK respectively, while Majin Yuga himself also regains 300 LP, rising to 3800 LP. The☆Lukeman is shocked Majin Yuga was able to increase his LP as well and gasps that this is the power of the Majin Empire as he sweats in his helmet. Majin Yuga Sets two cards, telling The☆Lukeman to lament his weakness before him in the depths of a black hole and he declares battle, ordering "Sevens Road Magician" - and then Yuga catches himself and states that it's "Sevens Road Majincian" - to erase "The☆Star Dragon" with "Majin Magic", blasting the stream of fiery magic at "The☆Star Dragon" and destroying it, reducing The☆Lukeman to 3500 LP. Then Majin Yuga orders "Sevens Road Witch" to show The☆Lukeman the depths of her power firsthand, ordering her "Majin Punish" attack. The☆Lukeman is encircled by the rings from "Sevens Road Witch" and shocked by electricity that reduces him to 1200 LP, and Majin Yuga smirks and ends his turn, returning the ATK of his monsters to normal.

As the smoking The☆Lukeman gets back to his feet, Gavin asks Yuro what on earth happened when The☆Lukeman manga got faxed, and Yuran explains that when Tiger got frustrated with the fax she gave it a hard karate chop that sent an abnormal energy current through the sensors. Though a series of coincidences the manga acquired sentience. As The☆Lukeman's creation and escape from the fax machine are visualized Gavin asks in shock what Yuran means by "the manga acquired sentience" and Romin suggests it might be like what happened to Kaizo, previously an ordinary Goha Enterprises Drone. Yuran explains that this electronic "sentience" created by humans was a transcendent being, an electronic life form. Galian, Zomyoji, Chevelle and Trapigeon can only repeat his words in shock.

The☆Lukeman pants heavily, admitting that Majin Yuga is truly a fearsome opponent, but he cannot afford to lose. The☆Lukeman declares his turn and draws five cards, "Pot of Greed", "The☆Dragon", two "Draco the Tiny", and "The☆Guard". The☆Lukeman activates "Pot of Greed", drawing and then drawing again - "Multistrike Dragon Dragias" and "Fusion". He Summons two "Draco the Tiny" and one "The☆Dragon", then Tributes the two "Draco the Tiny" to Tribute Summon, chanting, "Right now, in The☆Lukeman's galaxy, seven supernovas unleash a gamma-ray burst! Even if you tell me to stop, you're The☆Slow! Even if you tell me to stop, you're The☆Slow! There's a reason I said it twice. Now, come out! Multistrike Dragon Dragias!" "Dragias" appears with 2500 ATK, but Majin Yuga only laughs. Meanwhile Gavin is still trying to comprehend the notion of an electronic life form, but Yuka claims they have proof, and everyone has seen it; that mysterious card. The☆Lukeman chants "Flare and burn, The☆Dragon! Sail to the stars, Dragias! Fusion!" as he holds up "Fusion", catching Tiger, Gavin and Romin's attention as they gasp the card's name. Yuka explains that Nail learned that each "Fusion" card contains data that can intervene in the Rush Duel program and Yuran adds that the cards originated from the debris of the satellites that Nail destroyed as a toddler, explaining that the satellites use the same cards as those they play Duel Monsters with as storage devices. Yujin adds that they're built like a brick and stronger than the satellite itself, and Gavin asks if the Goha Siblings are saying that the program for "Fusion" was written onto all of those cards floating in space, while Romin wonders if that's even possible. Yuro comments that it is for an electronic life form, a being that surpasses all their current technology. Yuo can only react in shock to the news that The☆Lukeman is an electronic life form, and the one who created "Fusion" as The☆Lukeman chants "Now, within The☆Lukeman's galaxy, two suns collide into a supernova! Witness as a new existence is born! Witness as a new existence is born! To say it twice is a sign of victory. Fusion Summon! Fusion Summon!! Superstrike Dragon Dragiastar F!"

Gavin gasps that they were so busy talking they didn't notice The☆Lukeman bringing out his Fusion Monster and Majin Yuga is pleased The☆Lukeman has finally Summoned it. The☆Lukeman sends a card ("Treasure Dragon") from the top of his Deck to the Graveyard to activate one of "Dragiastar F's" Multi-Choice Effects, "The☆Graviton Charge", increasing the ATK of "Dragiastar F" by 900 and allowing it to attack monsters twice. Yuga blanches as "Dragiastar F" powers up to 3900 ATK, and The☆Lukeman Sets a card and declares battle, ordering "Dragiastar F" to destroy "Sevens Road Majincian" with "The☆Nova Strike of Intense Supremacy". "Dragistar F" blasts the star-shaped pulse at "Sevens Road Majincian" and destroys it, blasting Majin Yuga off his feet and reducing him to 2000 LP. As Majin Yuga crashes into the ground The☆Lukeman declares that it's over for him and Gavin yelps this is bad as Swirly swirls nervously beside him, but poor Romin still doesn't understand what's going on; she understands how The☆Lukeman was created and that he created "Fusion", but what exactly does The☆Lukeman want? The☆Lukeman tells "Dragiastar F" to finish it and attack "Sevens Road Witch" with "The☆Dark Slash of Superheavy Supremacy". "Dragistar F" whips its glowing bladed cables through the air as it charges and Yuga gasps, while Tiger and Asana cry that this is bad, as Yuga will be out of LP if this attack hits. "Dragistar F" strikes, and Romin screams Yuga's name in horror as the attack throws "Sevens Road Witch" backwards and she shatters into yellow fragments, engulfing Majin Yuga in a bright explosion. As Tiger and the Rush Duel Club gasp in horror, Swirly swirls nervously and the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club watch in shock, Yuro explains The☆Lukeman's motivation - to be with his creator Luke. The voice that called to Luke at his home had been the missing Drone, which had hopped on Luke's head and taken control of him, and in the manga, Luke had fused with a dragon of justice to fight the evil Majin Empire. Yuro explains The☆Lukeman wants to be one with Luke and fight evil, just like in the manga and Gavin is shocked that The☆Lukeman went as far as to create "Fusion" to recreate the manga in the real world.

The☆Lukeman snarls that Majin Yuga went and used that card as the smoke clears to reveal Majin Yuga standing with "Sevens Road Magician" and Yuga confirms that he did use it; "Magical Switch". Tiger cries Yuga's name happily and Gavin realizes that Yuga used "Magical Switch" to switch "Sevens Road Witch" with "Sevens Road Magician" as "Sevens Road Magician" disintegrates, reducing Majin Yuga to 200 LP. Asana happily cries that Yuga just barely survived and Romin expresses her relief as Swirly swirls happily. Yuga laughs genuinely, catching Yuo's attention, and Gavin realizes what Yuga is trying to do. Yuka confirms that he's trying to help The☆Lukeman achieve his goal, and Chevelle and Gavin ask if Yuga is really helping The☆Lukeman. Yuro and Yujin confirm that he is and Romin realizes this is why Yuga's been playing the bad guy as Yuga cackles, Tiger sighing that they really don't have time for this, though Asana notes to Tiger it's just like Yuga to do something like this and Tiger chuckles as she agrees. The☆Lukeman ends his turn twice and notes that Majin Yuga survived his ferocious attack, but he only has 200 LP energy left while The☆Lukeman has "Dragistar F". He tells Majin Yuga to realize there's no point in struggling against him.

But Majin Yuga claims that The☆Lukeman is the one who doesn't understand and The☆Lukeman gasps "What?" Yuran tells Proprietress to prepare the next phase and Proprietress responds affirmatively, rising into the air and blasting a bolt of electricity past the Super Mobile Fortress Sixross and into the Goha Enterprises Main Office. In the Goha President's office, the President's desk sinks into the wardrobe and extracts a red Goha helmet that blasts through the sky engulfed in a blue light and collides with Majin Yuga as The☆Lukeman gasps in shock. Yuga is engulfed in blue light, and The☆Lukeman peers through the light to see a form that he recognizes. Yuga's voice comments that The☆Lukeman has finally realized that Yuga isn't his enemy, but that they're comrades from the same planet. The☆Lukeman gasps "Comrades...?" while Romin and Swirly are confused over the notion and Gavin admits this is a new development. The☆Lukeman snaps that Yuga is trying to lead The☆Lukeman astray and asks just who he really is, and Yuga declares that he is a gallant space warrior defending justice - and his name is The☆Yugaman. Yuga poses in a white and red costume, much to the utter shock of Romin, Gavin, Asana, Tiger, Swirly, Galian, Chevelle, Trapigeon and Zomyoji. The☆Lukemnan can only repeat the name in shock and Proprietress happily states that they have costumes for everyone, revealing a rack of costumes and asking them to get changed. Gavin, Tiger, Swirly, Galian, Chevelle, Trapigeon and Zomyoji can only yell "WHAAAAAT?!" at the camera in shock (though Romin seems excited and Asana blushes at the notion).

Featured Duel: Yuga Ohdo vs The☆Lukeman[edit]

Turn 1: The☆Lukeman
The☆Lukeman's hand contains "Road Crusher", "The☆Block", "The Fire Dragon", "Dragorite", and "The☆Star Dragon". The☆Lukeman Normal Summons "The Fire Dragon" (1500/0) and "Dragorite" (1500/0). The☆Lukeman Tributes "The Fire Dragon" and "Dragorite" to Tribute Summon "The☆Star Dragon" (2500/1500). The☆Lukeman Sets two cards.

Turn 2: Yuga
Yuga's hand contains "Devil's Power", "Kuribot", "Graceful Charity", "Sevens Road Witch", and "Sevens Road Magician". Yuga activates the Spell "Graceful Charity", drawing three cards, then sending two cards from his hand to the GY. He draws "Kuripotriple" and two copies of "Kuribot", then sends two copies of "Kuribot" from his hand to the GY. Yuga Normal Summons "Kuribot" (300/200). As Yuga controls no other monsters, he activates the effect of "Kuribot", paying 500 LP (Yuga: 4000 → 3500 LP) to add another copy of "Kuribot" from his GY to his hand. Yuga Tributes "Kuribot" to Tribute Summon "Sevens Road Witch" (1600/1000). Yuga activates the effect of "Sevens Road Witch", sending a card from his hand to the GY to Special Summon a Level 7 or higher DARK Spellcaster monster from his hand, and if he Special Summons "Sevens Road Magician" with this effect, then "Sevens Road Witch" gains 400 ATK until the end of the turn. Yuga sends "Kuribot" from his hand to the GY and Special Summons "Sevens Road Magician" (2100/1500) from his hand in Attack Position ("Sevens Road Witch": 1600/1000 → 2000/1000). As Yuga Special Summoned a Level 7 or 8 monster in Attack Position while he controlled another face-up monster, The☆Lukeman activates his Set Trap "The☆Block", changing all Attack Position monsters Yuga controls to face-up Defense Position. "Sevens Road Magician" and "Sevens Road Witch" are changed to Defense Position. Yuga activates the effect of "Sevens Road Magician", sending the top card of his Deck to the GY to have it gain 300 ATK for each monster with a different Attribute in his GY. Yuga sends "Ansler the Magical Swordsman" from the top of his Deck to the GY, so there are two monsters with different Attributes in his GY ("Sevens Road Magician": 2100/1500 → 2700/1500). Yuga activates the Spell "Kuripotriple", shuffling three copies of "Kuribot" from his GY into his Deck to draw two cards. He draws "Magical Switch" and "Sevens Combine". Yuga activates the Spell "Devil's Power", choosing two face-up monsters he controls with the same Type and changing their battle positions to have them gain 300 ATK/DEF until the end of the turn, then Yuga gains 300 LP. He changes the Spellcaster "Sevens Road Magician" and the Spellcaster "Sevens Road Witch" to Attack Position ("Sevens Road Magician": 2700/1500 → 3000/1500, "Sevens Road Witch": 2000/1000 → 2300/1000, Yuga: 3500 → 3800 LP). Yuga Sets two cards. "Sevens Road Magician" attacks and destroys "The☆Star Dragon" (The☆Lukeman: 4000 → 3500 LP). "Sevens Road Witch" attacks The☆Lukeman directly (The☆Lukeman: 3500 → 1200 LP).

Turn 3: The☆Lukeman
The☆Lukeman draws "Pot of Greed", "The☆Dragon", two copies of "Draco the Tiny", and "The☆Guard". The☆Lukeman activates the Spell "Pot of Greed", drawing two cards. The☆Lukeman draws "Fusion" and Multistrike Dragon Dragias". The☆Lukeman Normal Summons "The☆Dragon" (0/0) and two copies of "Draco the Tiny" (0/1400). The☆Lukeman Tributes both copies of "Draco the Tiny" to Tribute Summon "Multistrike Dragon Dragias" (2500/1500). The☆Lukeman activates the Spell "Fusion", Fusion Summoning a monster from his Extra Deck using face-up monsters he controls as materials. The☆Lukeman fuses "Dragias" and "The☆Dragon" to Fusion Summon "Superstrike Dragon Dragiastar F" in Attack Position (3000/2500). As the only monsters in The☆Lukeman's GY are High Dragon and/or Dragon, he activates the effect of "Dragiastar F", sending the top card of his Deck to the GY to either have it gain 900 ATK and allow it to attack monsters twice this turn, or allow it to inflict piercing battle damage this turn and attack twice this turn. The☆Lukeman sends "Treasure Dragon" from the top of his Deck to the GY and chooses to increase the ATK of "Dragistar F" ("Dragiastar F": 3000/2000 → 3900/2000) and allow it to attack monsters twice. The☆Lukeman Sets a card. "Dragiastar F" attacks and destroys "Sevens Road Magician" (Yuga: 3800 → 2000 LP). "Dragiastar F" attacks "Sevens Road Witch", but as a monster The☆Lukeman controls declared an attack, Yuga activates his Set Trap "Magical Switch", Special Summoning a Spellcaster monster from his GY in Attack Position, then send a monster he controls to the GY. Yuga Special Summons "Sevens Road Magician" (2100/1500) and sends "Sevens Road Witch" to the GY. A replay occurs and "Dragiastar F" attacks and destroys "Sevens Road Magician" (Yuga: 2000 → 200 LP).

Duel continues in the next episode.

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.