Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS - Episode 067

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"Space Warrior The☆Lukeman"
The☆Lukeman stands together with his two Fusion Monsters.
The☆Lukeman stands together with his two Fusion Monsters.
Japanese name
RōmajiUchūsenshi Za☆Rūkumen
TranslatedSpace Warrior The☆Lukeman
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Japanese OP"Harevutai"
Japanese ED"Never Looking Back"
ScreenplayToshimitsu Takeuchi
DirectorHiroshi Akiyama
StoryboardShogo Komoto
Animation directorYuuki Morimoto
Air dates
JapaneseSeptember 26, 2021
Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episodes (season 2)
Previous"Final Battle! The Devil Empire"
Next"The Melancholy of Yuo"
Featured card"Sevens Paladin the Magical Knight"

"Space Warrior The☆Lukeman" is the sixty-seventh episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. It first aired in Japan on September 26, 2021.

Because of the dastardly Goha aliens, The☆Lukeman and The☆Yugaman have to fight each other. Why must justice fight against justice? While they feel conflicted about this, the two space warriors still fight with everything they’ve got. The shooting stars glimmering in the night sky then bring about a miracle for the righteous Duelists!


The☆Lukeman angrily tells Yuga to reveal himself and asks who he is. Yuga claims to be a Duelist of justice from outer space; The☆Yugaman as he poses in his white and red costume, Romin strikes a cutesy pose in a pink magical girl costume and introduces herself as The☆Beauty Romin, Tiger dons a red and yellow masked costume and declares herself The☆Jushin Tiger, Asana introduces herself as The☆Princess Asana in a white dress while Galian, Chevelle (held up by Trapigeon) and Zomyoji strike poses around her as The☆Heavy Cavalry Rangers. Mimi dons a white and red leotard with a bug like mask as she declares herself The☆Masked Advisor M and Gavin haughtily declares himself The☆Professor Gavin, wearing a light blue labcoat and a brown suit. Swirly just wears a dragon costume and introduces himself as The☆Swirly. With his friends behind him, The☆Yugaman asks The☆Lukeman to listen to him, and tells him they aren't his enemies, much to The☆Lukeman's utter shock.

The narrator declares that this is the tale of The☆Lukeman, a Duelist of Justice from the far reaches of space, and he and his friends defeat enemies with Rush Dueling in order to restore peace and harmony to the universe.

Full body view of a Goha Alien

The☆Lukeman asks The☆Yugaman what he means in shock and The☆Yugaman claims the bad guys have tricked him. As The☆Lukeman considers his words a grey star-shaped figure in a white mask chuckles behind him, commenting that it seems they've been exposed as The☆Lukeman swings around and asks who they are in shock. The figure declares that it is Goha Alien Number One, claiming they are the dastardly aliens who tricked The☆Lukeman and the Goha Alien Siblings have been manipulating The☆Lukeman all along. The☆Lukeman snaps that they are truly evil to trick him so and vows they can't do so anymore, but the second and third aliens tell him not to move as they have The☆Beauty Romin tied to a board. The☆Professor Gavin gasps her name and The☆Beauty Romin apologizes for getting caught off guard and falling into their trap. The fourth alien quietly warns The☆Lukeman he'll do what they say if he wants to save her, and Proprietress (now with star-tipped antennae and star-shaped spectacles) agrees. Goha Alien Number One - Yuro in costume - tells The☆Yugaman and The☆Lukeman to continue their Rush Duel and fight until one of them fall. The☆Princess Asana and The☆Jushin Tiger feign outrage, and The☆Beauty Romin claims there's no need to worry about her, prompting Goha Alien Number Three to tell her to zip it and blast around her with red energy. The☆Beauty Romin cries out in pain, The☆Swirly calling her name as The☆Beauty Romin begs her to stop, while off to the side Yuo and Doll are in costume as well with no idea what's going on. The☆Yugaman and The☆Lukeman agree that they seem to have no choice, but they'll Duel without holding back.

Facing "Superstrike Dragon Dragiastar F", The☆Yugaman declares his turn and draws five cards; two "Fire Golems", "Ultimate Flag Mech Ace Breaker", "Bascule the Moving Fortress", and "Steel Mech Lord Mirror Innovator". He Summons the two "Fire Golems" and Tributes them to Tribute Summon, chanting "It's the best! Parts whirring in electricity, the Saikyo Robot! Victory belongs to no man! No man at all! Ultimate Flag Mech Ace Breaker!" "Ace Breaker" appears with 2500 ATK and The☆Jushin Tiger and The☆Professor Gavin gasp that it's The☆Yugaman's new ace robot. Yuga activates the "Target Break" effect of "Ace Breaker" by sending two monsters from his hand to the Graveyard, destroying a monster his opponent controls. He tells "Dragiastar F" to become as stardust and "Ace Breaker" charges forwards with rippling energy flags, cutting "Dragiastar F" down and destroying it. Yuo gasps "What?!" and The☆Princess Asana celebrates The☆Yugaman's destruction of The☆Lukeman's Fusion Monster, Galian commenting that's as expected of The☆Yugaman. The☆Yugaman orders "Ace Breaker" to attack directly with "Ace Sword Slash", and it brings its sword down and blasts a surge of light at The☆Lukeman. Chevelle and Zomyoji gasp that The☆Yugaman will win if this attack connects.

The☆Lukeman wonders why justice must fight justice and what The☆Lukeman should do. Will he simply lose? No, The☆Lukeman will fight with his full strength no matter what. He returns "Multistrike Dragon Dragias", "The☆Dragon", and "The☆Star Dragon" to activate a Trap, "The☆Guard", explaining that he can return three monsters from his Graveyard to his Deck when his opponent declares a direct attack and negate that attack. With a cry of "The☆Guard" the attack is negated and The☆Yugaman congratulates The☆Lukeman as "Ace Breaker" settles back beside him and he ends his turn.

The☆Lukeman declares his turn and draws five cards; "Dragon's Return", "Dragon Bat", "Dragon's Response", "Dragon Knight of Darkness", and "Ancient Arise Dragon". He returns three Dragon monsters ("The Fire Dragon", "Dragorite", and "Treasure Dragon") from his Graveyard to his Deck to activate the Spell Card "Dragon's Return", drawing another card, "Peace Dragon". He Summons "Dragon Bat" and "Peace Dragon" and then returns three Spell Cards ("Dragon's Return", "Fusion", and "Pot of Greed" from his Graveyard to the bottom of his Deck to activate the effect of "Peace Dragon", increasing both of their LP by 1000. The☆Yugaman gasps in shock as he rises to 1200 LP and The☆Lukeman to 2200 LP, and Doll notes that now they both regained LP.

But Yuo's finally lost patience and he furiously asks what The☆Lukeman thinks he's doing. Yuro asks "Number Five" what's wrong and Yuo throws off his costume and screams that he isn't Number Five, angrily asking The☆Lukeman if he's just pretending to be on his side so he can let Yuga win. The☆Lukeman doesn't respond, and Yuo, his image screened across Goha City, warns him that Dueling is serious business, and the Newspaper Club, Post-Apocalyptic Club, Gourmet Comrades Team (Saburamen, Briscoe, and Sushiko), Space Operations Duel Squadron, and Duel Dinosaur Club all watch as Yuo orders The☆Lukeman to fight with all his strength to crush Rush Dueling if he's going to be Dueling. In his apartment, Roa chuckles that the "Goha Alien" doesn't understand anything; The☆Lukeman, and of course Yuga, or rather The☆Yugaman have always been playing seriously. As a shooting star streaks across the sky Yuo dismisses all this business about The☆Lukeman and him being an "ally of justice" and tells him it's time he started taking this Duel seriously, infuriated by the notion of The☆Lukeman holding back. Suddenly the shooting star hits the ground in the distance, catching everyone's attention, and Doll asks if it's the Goha Meteor Shower as Yuga grins and Yuo asks what is happening. Roa smiles to himself, noting that The☆Lukeman and The☆Yugaman are playing with all their hearts and souls, so of course they're taking the Duel seriously as it would be boring otherwise, and Yuro confirms to Yuo that The☆Lukeman isn't holding back.

The☆Lukeman returns "Draco the Tiny" from his Graveyard to his Deck to activate another Spell, "Dragon's Response", drawing another card - "Fusion". He Tributes "Peace Dragon" to Tribute Summon, chanting "The jet-black sword returned from the space-time rupture! Dragon Knight of Darkness!" Yujin notes that The☆Lukeman's goal was to return "Fusion" to his Deck and he and Yuro agree that this means he's planning another Fusion. Sure enough The☆Lukeman plays "Fusion" again and Yuo gasps as Luke fuses "Dragon Bat" and "Dragon Knight of Darkness", chanting "Now, within the night of The☆Lukeman, your voice echoes as you call out! Close your eyes and harken to your heart! Close your eyes and harken to your heart! Once you've heard it twice there's no need to worry! Fusion Summon! Fusion Summon!! Full Moon Dragon Umbrlancer F!" "Umbrlancer F" appears with 2300 ATK and Mimi and Swirly gasp that it's The☆Lukeman's new Fusion Monster. The☆Lukeman discards a card from his hand ("Ancient Arise Dragon") to activate one of the Multi-Choice Effects of "Umbrlancer F", declaring "Super Dragon's Samsara" as "Umbrlancer F" blasts a ring of moonlight from its head, and he explains that he can Special Summon a High Dragon monster from his Graveyard, ordering "Superstrike Dragon Dragiastar F" to revive. Yuo gasps in shock that The☆Lukeman has two Fusion Monsters, as do Gavin and Tiger, and Romin (freed from her "prison") cries this is bad. Yuo bursts out laughing and he tells The☆Lukeman to end it now.

But Yuga activates a Trap Card, "Sevens Combine", as his opponent Special Summoned a monster with at least 2500 ATK, choosing a Level 7 monster he controls and Special Summoning up to two Level 7 monsters with the same Type from his Graveyard. He tells "Bascule" and "Mirror Innovator" to rally to "Ace Breaker", ordering "Sevens Combine" and prompting a declaration of "Combining" from Proprietress as "Bascule" and "Mirror Innovator" appear in Defense Position to flank "Ace Breaker". Yuga adds that all monsters he controls will also gain 400 ATK and DEF for the rest of the turn, and "Bascule" rises to 2900 DEF, "Ace Breaker" to 2900 ATK and "Mirror Innovator" to 2200 DEF. Galian is pleased by Yuga's move and Chevelle notes that at least Yuga will be able to survive for the rest of the turn as Yuo swears under his breath. The☆Lukeman warns Yuga that he'll still be taking damage and sends "Fire Guardian" from the top of his Deck to the Graveyard to activate one of the Multi-Choice Effects of "Dragiastar F", increasing its ATK by 900 and allowing it to attack monsters twice this turn. "Dragiastar F" glows pink as it powers up to 3900 ATK and The☆Lukeman orders it to tear "Ace Breaker" to pieces. "Dragiastar F" blasts the pink energy star from its chest, destroying "Ace Breaker" and reducing Yuga back to 200 LP, and The☆Lukeman orders it to crush the fortress as well, "Dragiastar F" slinging the pink energy star at "Bascule" and shattering it. He orders "Umbrlancer F" to get rid of "Mirror Innovator" and it blasts a spear of light at "Mirror Innovator" with "Umbra Spear", destroying it. Yuga looks up from the explosion as The☆Lukeman ends his turn with both High Dragons alighting behind him.

The☆Yugaman declares his turn and draws five more cards; "Swordsman of Roadstar", "Sevens Halo", "Lightning Voltcondor", "1/Infinity", and "Diffusion Solitary-Motion". He Summons "Swordsman of Roadstar", then discards "Lightning Voltcondor" to activate the Spell Card "Sevens Halo", Special Summoning "Sevens Road Magician" from his Graveyard, then increasing its Level by two, to Level 9. Tiger cheers Yuga's move and Asana notes that "Sevens Road Magician's" "Elemental Road" effect will allow it to overcome the ATK of "Dragiastar F", but The☆Lukeman vows not to let him, activating a Trap Card, "Road Crusher". He can activate it when Yuga Special Summons a Level 7 or higher DARK monster while he had at least seven monsters in his Graveyard, increasing the ATK of all monsters he controls by 1500. Yuga gasps "What?!" as "Dragiastar F" and "Umbrlancer F" increase to 4500 and 3800 ATK respectively and The☆Lukeman adds that it doesn't just power up his monsters, it also returns all the monsters in Yuga's Graveyard to his Deck. Yuga curses desperately and Doll notes that it was an excellent play, Yuo crowing that now Yuga can't use the effect of "Sevens Road Magician". As more shooting star streak through the air The☆Lukeman asks if this is all The☆Yugaman's comeback has amounted to, and as Yuga grits his teeth The☆Lukeman declares that he took a vow; no matter what, he swore that he'd always fight with his full strength and now the hour of reckoning is upon them. The odds of finding Rush Dueling and Yuga in this great universe were miraculous, so they should take comfort in that.

But to The☆Lukeman's shock Yuga vows that it isn't over yet, returning the Spells in his Graveyard to his Deck as he explains that he can activate this Spell Card while he has no monsters in his Graveyard: "1/Infinity". All the Spells in The☆Lukeman's Graveyard are also returned to his Deck, and as he gasps "What?" Yuga explains that they will both draw a card and reveal it, but if they don't draw a card with the same name Yuga will take 1000 damage. Gavin cheers that Yuga is using this desperate situation to draw a card, though Romin worries over what will happen if they don't draw a card with the same name. Asana gasps that he'll take 1000 damage, and Mimi and Yuo both believe it's impossible, but Tiger reminds them that the odds aren't zero. The☆Lukeman draws his card and he looks at it, then closes his eyes in acceptance and holds up his card, explaining this is what The☆Lukeman drew. Galian and Gavin lament the outcome and Romin gasps that against all odds The☆Lukeman drew "Fusion", prompting Yuo to burst out in mad laughter at the notion the probability wasn't zero, of course it's zero. Chevelle laments that The☆Yugaman doesn't have "Fusion" in his Deck and Zomyoji grimly notes that the odds of drawing it are zero. Yuo eagerly tells Yuga to draw, declaring his odds of winning are zero, the chance for the survival of Rush Dueling is zero, it's zero, zero, zero! But Yuga prepares to draw, noting the odds he would Duel with a lifeform created from a manga, much to Yuo's bewilderment, and Yuga claims the odds of him winning this Rush Duel must be greater than that. Doll asks what Yuga is going on about and Yuo insists that the odds of Yuga winning are zero; this will be his complete and utter defeat. Yuga prepares to draw, bracing himself for the inevitable...

And then a meteor enters the atmosphere over Goha City, much to the shock of the watching Scoop, Masaru, Nico, Yosh, Masahiko, Toshihiko, Saburamen, Briscoe, Sushiko and especially Roa, who protests repeatedly. The meteor approaches Yuga as he stares at it in disbelief and Romin cries his name as she hides in Gavin's arms, Asana cries that it's dangerous as Tiger protects her, telling Yuga to run, Gavin also calling Yuga's name. But Yuga eventually smiles and he swings his Duel Disk up to block the meteor, vanishing in a cloud of dust. As the dust clears everyone looks in shock at Yuga, a glowing fragment of the meteor crumbling from his Duel Disk. Yuka protests there's no way and Yuran confirms Yuga caught a shooting star, while Yuro wonders if the meteor was what he thinks it was. Yuo sits up and furiously wonders what is happening as Yuga prepares to draw again, and Gavin realizes that the meteor could have been the remains of a satellite containing a "Fusion" card, and Mimi realizes that it might have been drawn in by the Goha Meteor Shower. Romin clasps her hands in anticipation as she remembers seeing energy enter Yuga's Deck Zone and Yuga chants "Common sense, probability, or the Earth's atmosphere! The☆Yugaman's draw will carve right through them! Miraculous Meteoric Draw!" Yuo angrily snaps that it doesn't matter if a "Fusion" was in that meteor, as it's a violation of the rules, but Yuran pulls out the Goha Dueling Rules and explains that Chapter 6666, Article 6 states that if unforseen circumstances occur that a Duelist could not control, the Duel will continue even if the contents of the Deck were changed. Yuo wilts in disappointment as Gavin and Swirly celebrate that the rule applies no matter how one looks at it.

With a wild cry, Yuga draws a purple-tinted copy of "Fusion" and Romin and Gavin cry that "Fusion" is here. Yuo can only sink to his knees at the notion that a shooting star struck Yuga's Deck and ask what kind of odds these are as Mimi cheers that now Yuga won't take damage. Asana and Tiger tell Yuga, no, The☆Yugaman, to Summon it now, and everyone cheers "Fusion Summon!" The☆Yugaman slots "Fusion" into his Duel Disk, chanting "Witness and tremble as you see it! This is The☆Yugaman's Fusion Summon! Now, with the new power bestowed by the meteor! The hero of miracles bearing the name of Sevens comes into existence! Wield your demonic blade! Sevens Paladin the Magical Knight!" "Sevens Paladin" appears with 2900 ATK and Gavin and Romin cheer that it's The☆Yugaman's Fusion Monster, though Doll notes that it has less ATK than "Dragiastar F" and "Umbrlancer F". Yuga activates "Diffusion Solitary-Motion", explaining that he can activate it when his opponent controls at least two Level 7 or higher monsters and that it will allow "Sevens Paladin" to attack all Attack Position monsters The☆Lukeman controls once each this turn. The☆Lukeman gasps and he asks what The☆Yugaman is trying to do, and The☆Yugaman activates the Multi-Choice Effect of "Sevens Paladin", increasing its ATK by 400 for each different Attribute in the Graveyard. As he declares "Elemental Ultima Road" Gavin protests that Yuga only has the DARK "Sevens Road Magician" and LIGHT "Swordsman of Roadstar", but The☆Yugaman reveals that the effect of "Sevens Paladin" counts the monsters in both Graveyards, much to Gavin's shock. Yuro and Yuka notes that right now The☆Lukeman's Graveyard has the WIND ("Draco the Tiny"), LIGHT ("Peace Dragon"), DARK ("Dragon Bat"), FIRE ("Fire Guardian") and WATER ("Ancient Arise Dragon") Attributes, a total of five as Proprietress notes. Tiger declares "Sevens Paladin" will gain 2000 ATK, though Doll notes The☆Lukeman will still have LP left. But The☆Yugaman reveals that the requirement for the Multi-Choice Effect is the same as that of "Sevens Road Magician" and Romin remembers that Yuga will be able to send another card from his Deck to the Graveyard, Swirly noting Yuga can win if he sends an EARTH monster. Yuga prepares to excavate the top card of his Deck, and The☆Lukeman watches as he draws the card out...

It's "Straynge Cat", and Asana cheers that it's an EARTH monster, Galian declaring that now "Sevens Paladin" will gain 2400 ATK as it rises to 5300 ATK. Tiger tells The☆Yugaman to finish him off, and Yuga orders "Sevens Paladin" to attack. "Sevens Paladin" infuses its blade with magic and generates seven blue star symbols around it, coalescing them into one as it attacks with "Seven-Magical Fierce Wave Slash", blasting waves of energy crescents at "Umbrlancer F" and "Dragiastar F", destroying them both and reducing The☆Lukeman's LP to zero as he sedately guards himself from the shockwave.

With the Rush Duel concluded, everyone bar The☆Lukeman and Romin change out of their costumes, and The☆Lukeman shakes hands with Yuga and tells him that it was truly a heart-pounding battle, thanking The☆Yugaman before correcting himself and thanking Yuga. Yuga replies in kind to The☆Lukeman, though he admits his hands kind of hurt. Yuo however refuses to accept this, having returned to the Super Mobile Fortress Sixross, and his siblings stick their heads out of their costumes, Yuro and Yuka wondering what Yuo is up to now. Yuo snarls that he'll just go to the moon and destroy the Super Rush Robot himself, but another flaming object has entered the atmosphere above them and Asana asks what it is. Romin wonders if it's another "Fusion", but Tiger recognizes it; it's Yuo's iron maiden, which opens and spills Kaizo out, and everyone cries his name in shock. Kaizo declares that he's home and then crashes into Sixross, puncturing the hole and ending up in the kitchen on top of Romin's Prima Guitarna Curry that Yuka had been saving for later. Sixross begins to shake and rumble and Yuo can only ask what's going on and what the pink stuff is as the curry overflows from the puncture point, short circuiting Sixross and sending it crashing to the ground, leaving Yuo and Doll lying on the grass splattered with pink curry. Romin and Gavin stand over him, Romin warning Yuo that he's lost and Gavin telling him to release the Rush Duel Robot as he promised he would. Yuo reluctantly touches his tiara, and Asana and Tiger watch on Asana's phone as the last of the Forced Gymnastics Armaments on the Super Rush Robot turns green and it stops spinning. Asana declares that Rush Dueling is safe and exchanges a grin with Tiger as the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club celebrate, Mimi and Swirly clap hands as Romin, Gavin and Yuga all smile.

The☆Lukeman calls Yuga's name, and he splits open to reveal a starry void, ejecting Luke's unconscious body. Yuga catches Luke as he murmurs about "Fusion" and he, Romin and Gavin laugh, then Yuga asks The☆Lukeman what he will do now. The☆Lukeman replies that he will go back to space, and will return should they ever be in trouble. This may have been a brief and fleeting moment in the history of the galaxy, but it was unforgettable. He thanks Yuga and pauses as Luke drearily murmurs to The☆Lukeman that it was fun, and The☆Lukeman leaps into the air and is engulfed in blue light as he flies away. As he leaves, many twinkling objects fall all over Goha City, lit by the restored holographic logo of the Goha Enterprises Main Office, and Gavin and Romin ask if they are all "Fusion" cards. Tiger slyly comments to Yuo that she thought a Goha President couldn't avoid failure, and as Yuo scowls Doll zips in between them, stating that Yuo cannot step down when he is the only remaining Goha President. Mimi claims that isn't true, much to Gavin's surprise, and she claims the sixth President can take his place. Romin asks who it is, and Mimi claims that it's Swirly, much to his shock. She takes the sixth President's badge from Yuo and comments that it should be Swirly if she isn't mistaken, but when she attaches the badge to Swirly's chameleon costume it sets off an error, much to her surprise, and Gavin comments that she was wrong. But Yuga tells you that he doesn't have to resign, but Yuro, Yujin, Yuka and Yuran can all return to being presidents, while Yuga becomes a Goha Enterprises employee in exchange. Everyone can only scream "WHAT?!" in shock as The☆Lukeman Drone flies away from the Earth into the deepest reaches of space.

Featured Duel: Yuga Ohdo vs The☆Lukeman[edit]

Duel continues from the previous episode.

Yuga has 200 LP and controls one Set card in his Spell & Trap Zones. The☆Lukeman has 1200 LP and controls "Superstrike Dragon Dragiastar F" (3000/2500) in Attack Position and two Set cards in his Spell & Trap Zones.

Turn 4: Yuga
Yuga draws two copies of "Fire Golem", "Ultimate Flag Mech Ace Breaker", "Bascule the Moving Fortress", and "Steel Mech Lord Mirror Innovator". Yuga Normal Summons two copies of "Fire Golem" (1200/800). Yuga Tributes both copies of "Fire Golem" to Tribute Summon "Ultimate Flag Mech Ace Breaker" (2500/1600). Yuga activates the effect of "Ace Breaker", sending two monsters from his hand to the GY to choose a face-up monster The☆Lukeman controls and destroy it. Yuga sends "Bascule" and "Mirror Innovator" from his hand to the GY and destroys "Dragiastar F". "Ace Breaker" attacks The☆Lukeman directly, but as his opponent's monster declared a direct attack, The☆Lukeman activates his Set Trap "The☆Guard", shuffling three monsters from his GY into his Deck to negate the attack. The☆Lukeman shuffles "Multistrike Dragon Dragias", "The☆Dragon", and "The☆Star Dragon" from his GY into his Deck.

Turn 5: The☆Lukeman
The☆Lukeman draws "Dragon's Return", "Dragon Bat", "Dragon's Response", "Dragon Knight of Darkness", and "Ancient Arise Dragon". The☆Lukeman activates the Spell "Dragon's Return", shuffling three Dragon monsters from his GY into his Deck to draw a card. The☆Lukeman shuffles "The Fire Dragon", "Dragorite", and "Treasure Dragon" into his Deck and draws "Peace Dragon". The☆Lukeman Normal Summons "Dragon Bat" (1000/400) and "Peace Dragon" (800/1300). The☆Lukeman activates the effect of "Peace Dragon", placing three Spells from his GY on the bottom of his Deck to have both players gain 1000 LP. The☆Lukeman places "Pot of Greed", "Fusion", and "Dragon's Return" on the bottom of his Deck (Yuga: 200 → 1200 LP) (The☆Lukeman: 1200 → 2200 LP). As The☆Lukeman controls a Level 4 or lower Dragon monster, he activates the Spell "Dragon's Response", shuffling a Level 4 or lower Dragon Normal Monster from his GY into his Deck to draw a card. The☆Lukeman shuffles "Draco the Tiny" from his GY into his Deck and draws "Fusion". The☆Lukeman Tributes "Peace Dragon" to Tribute Summon "Dragon Knight of Darkness" (1600/1000). The☆Lukeman activates the Spell "Fusion", Fusion Summoning a monster from his Extra Deck using face-up monsters he controls as materials. The☆Lukeman fuses "Dragon Knight of Darkness" and "Dragon Bat" to Fusion Summon "Full Moon Dragon Umbrlancer F" (2300/1600) in Attack Position. The☆Lukeman activates the effect of "Umbrlancer F", sending a card from his hand to the GY, except "Fusion", to either choose a High Dragon monster in his GY and Special Summon it, or add "Fusion" from his GY to his hand. The☆Lukeman sends "Ancient Arise Dragon" from his hand to the GY and Special Summons "Superstrike Dragon Dragiastar F" (3000/2000) in Attack Position. As The☆Lukeman Special Summoned a monster with 2500 or more ATK, Yuga activates his Set Trap "Sevens Combine", choosing two Level 7 monsters in his GY with the same Type as a Level 7 monster he controls and Special Summoning them, then all face-up monsters Yuga controls gain 400 ATK/DEF until the end of the turn. Yuga controls the Level 7 Machine "Ace Breaker", so he Special Summons the Level 7 Machine "Bascule" (0/2500) and "Mirror Innovator" (2400/1800) from his GY in face-up Defense Position ("Ace Breaker": 2500/1600 → 2900/1600) ("Bascule": 0/2500 → 400/2900) ("Mirror Innovator": 2400/1800 → 2800/2200). As the only monsters in The☆Lukeman's GY are High Dragon and/pr Dragon, he activates the effect of "Dragiastar F", sending the top card of his Deck to the GY to either have it gain 900 ATK until the end of the turn and allow it to attack monsters twice this turn, or allow it to inflict piercing battle damage and allow it to attack twice this turn. The☆Lukeman sends "Fire Guardian" from the top of his Deck to the GY and chooses to have "Dragiastar F" gain 900 ATK and allow it to attack monsters twice this turn ("Dragiastar F": 3000/2000 → 3900/2000). "Dragiastar F" attacks and destroys "Ace Breaker" (Yuga: 1200 → 200 LP) and "Bascule". "Umbrlancer F" attacks and destroys "Mirror Innovator".

Turn 6: Yuga
Yuga draws "Swordsman of Roadstar", "Sevens Halo", "Lightning Voltcondor", "1/Infinity", and "Diffusion Solitary-Motion". Yuga Normal Summons "Swordsman of Roadstar" (1200/500). As Yuga controls a LIGHT monster, he activates the Spell "Sevens Halo", sending a Level 7 LIGHT monster from his hand to the GY to Special Summon "Sevens Road Magician" from his GY, and if he does, its Level is increased by 2 until the end of this turn. Yuga sends "Voltcondor" from his hand to the GY and Special Summons "Sevens Road Magician" (2100/1500) from his GY in Attack Position ("Sevens Road Magician": Level 7 → Level 9). As Yuga Special Summoned a Level 7 or higher DARK monster from his GY while he has seven or more monsters in his GY, The☆Lukeman activates his Set Trap "Road Crusher", increasing the ATK of all face-up monsters he controls by 1500 until the end of the turn, then shuffling all monsters from Yuga's GY into his Deck. The☆Lukeman shuffles two copies of "Fire Golem", "Ansler the Magical Swordsman", "Ace Breaker", "Sevens Road Witch", "Voltcondor", "Mirror Innovator", and "Bascule" from Yuga's GY into his Deck ("Dragaistar F": 3000/2000 → 4500/2000)("Umbrlancer F": 2300/1600 → 3800/1600). As Yuga has no monsters in his GY, he activates the Spell "1/Infinity", shuffling all Spells from his GY into his Deck to shuffle all Spells from The☆Lukeman's GY into his Deck, then have both players draw a card, then Yuga reveals his drawn card, and if The☆Lukeman does not have with the same name in his hand, Yuga takes 1000 damage. Yuga shuffles "Devil's Power", "Graceful Charity", "Kuripotriple", and "Sevens Halo" from his GY into his Deck and "Fusion" and "Dragon's Response" from The☆Lukeman's GY into his Deck, then The☆Lukeman draws "Fusion".

At this point debris from a satellite strikes Yuga's Duel Disk and the "Fusion" card contained within is added to his Deck. Yuga draws and reveals "Fusion", so he takes no damage from the effect of "1/Infinity". Yuga activates the Spell "Fusion", fusing "Sevens Road Magician" and "Swordsman of Roadstar" to Fusion Summon "Sevens Paladin the Magical Knight" (2900/2400) in Attack Position. As The☆Lukeman controls two Level 7 or higher monsters, Yuga activates the Spell "Difussion Solitary-Motion", choosing a face-up Level 9 monster he controls to allow it to attack all monsters The☆Lukeman controls, once each, but this turn Yuga cannot attack with other monsters and he can only declare attacks on Attack Position monsters. Yuga chooses "Sevens Paladin". Yuga activates the effect of "Sevens Paladin", sending the top card of his Deck to the GY to have it either gain 400 ATK for each monster with a different Attribute in each player's GY or shuffle one monster from his GY into his Deck and draw a card. Yuga sends the EARTH "Straynge Cat" from the top of his Deck to the GY and chooses to increase the ATK of "Sevens Paladin", so there are six monsters with different Attributes between Yuga's and The☆Lukeman's GYs ("Sevens Paladin": 2900/2400 → 5300/2400). "Sevens Paladin" attacks and destroys "Umbrlancer F" and "Dragiastar F" (The☆Lukeman: 2200 → 700 → 0 LP).

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.