Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS - Episode 068

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"The Melancholy of Yuo"
The☆Beauty Romin hits Yuo with her "Miracle Beauty Problem-Solving Beam".
The☆Beauty Romin hits Yuo with her "Miracle Beauty Problem-Solving Beam".
Japanese name
RōmajiYuuou no Yuutsu
TranslatedThe Melancholy of Yuo
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Japanese OP"Harevutai"
Japanese ED"Never Looking Back"
ScreenplayKoji Saito
DirectorYasumi Mikamoto
StoryboardHiroyuki Yamada
Air dates
JapaneseOctober 3, 2021
Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episodes (season 2)
Previous"Space Warrior The☆Lukeman"
Next"Field of Gyoreams"

"The Melancholy of Yuo" is the sixty-eighth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. It first aired in Japan on October 3, 2021.

There was something weighing on Yuo's mind. It was one of those rare days where he didn’t have anything to do as a president, so he left Goha's office and went on the swings at the park. His siblings were being very nice to him. Too nice, in fact. Suddenly, a mysterious girl and a mysterious professor showed up before him.


The Super Mobile Fortress Sixross has been returned to its place atop the Goha Enterprises Main Office and Goha Enterprises Drones are hard at work cleaning all Romin's Prima Guitarna Curry off it, which the Goha Siblings (now back in their grey clothes and capes) and Proprietress mop the interior, Yuro sighing and Yujin commenting that there's no end to it, though Yuka tells him to stop complaining. Yuo watches from the doorway before picking up a mop himself and starting to help, catching Yuro and Yuran's attention, and Yuro suggests that Yuo relax for the day, much to his surprise, Yujin adding he can leave the physical labor to him and Yuka pointing out he's the youngest of them and suggesting he just leave this to them. Yuo protests that he should help out but Yuran cheerfully tells him they'll take care of the Goha President's office as well and Yuro pushes Yuo out of the room and closes the door on him as he protests, wondering what is going on.

Yuo heads to the park and sits alone on the swings, having checked his schedule with Doll the President Drone and found he had nothing planned for the day, something he found incredulous. Yuo notes that his siblings claimed they'd do the cleaning was strange as well, as he thought he'd have to do it all on his own. He digs in his heels as he wonders incredulously if they're being nice to him to try and stop his next plot and jumps off the swing, then remembers no-one even knows about it yet. Then a voice comments that she's heard a lot about Yuo, and he looks around in shock, asking who's there, before spotting Romin standing on the slide in costume. She chuckles Goha's signature laugh before declaring that she's here to help if there's a problem; she's the warrior of love and perseverance: The☆Beauty Romin. Yuo watches as she slides down on her feet and leaps off to land in front of him, repeating her name again. Yuo sighs and apologizes, claiming he isn't in the mood for this today, but then Gavin bursts out of a playhouse in his own costume, telling them not to forget about Professor Gavin. Yuo sighs and trudges away, and Gavin quickly asks him to go along with it, explaining that Romin really enjoyed their cosplay last time, but Yuo dismisses it as ridiculous and walks away. Gavin stops him by saying "Curry explosion", triggering Yuo's recollection of the Prima Guitarna Curry, and Gavin grins as he explains that when Romin reaches her limit and awakens she goes into a state of utter violence and forgets herself. Yuo doesn't care until Gavin claims she's been cooking up curries of different flavors lately, and if they undergo "fusion" it could cause catastrophic damage to the surrounding area.

Terrified by the notion, Yuo promptly acquiesces and after telling them his problem Romin comments that she understands the problem. Gavin asks Yuo if it isn't normal for his siblings to be nice to him and Yuo claims it's impossible as they're jealous of his abilities and he's always been treated badly, and Yuo even forced them to step down as presidents this time so of course they hate him. Romin promptly agrees, much to Gavin's disapproval, and Yuo laments that it had been going so well until halfway through, remembering Yuka's loss to Roa Kassidy, but reflecting that his plans were thrown into disarray when The☆Lukeman arrived and wondering how he could have predicted he'd use his own "Fusion", and Gavin agrees that no-one could have predicted The☆Lukeman. They recall Yuo's loss to The☆Lukeman and Yuo seducing Luke with the claim he was the sixth Goha Sibling, Yuo chuckling that it had been easy to turn Luke into his puppet as they recall him defeating Roa and The☆Lukeman returning during Luke's Duel with Tiger to defeat her before Yuo withdrew The☆Lukeman into Sixross. Yuo snaps that Yuro and the others are acting strangely and angrily wonders what they're trying to do by being so nice. Romin's eyes shine as she declares her "Miracle Beauty Problem-Solving Beam", showing Yuo with pink "R"s and he angrily asks what that was for. Romin claims she understands the truth of the matter, much to Yuo's surprise, but first he has to buy her an ice-cream. Yuo can only look at the camera in shock as he asks "What?" and Gavin explains that The☆Beauty Romin gets hungry when she fires her Miracle Beauty Problem-Solving Beam and she'll turn everything into a curry hell if they ignore her hunger timer and allow her to reach her limit. Yuo angrily asks what kind of setup that is, but Romin beeping for her "hunger timer" quickly convinces him to buy three ice-creams. As Gavin and Romin happily eat theirs Gavin advises Yuo to have his before it melts, but Yuo's more interested in the truth of the matter Romin claims to have deduced. Romin eats the rest of her ice-cream in one bite and points the stick at Yuo, claiming the purpose to be a surprise birthday party, prompting him to open his mask and yelp in utter shock.

At Goha Library, Mimi reads a note telling her twice that she is hereby hired to work at Goha HQ, the writer of the note claiming they said it twice because it's important. Overjoyed, Mimi rips off her librarian's garb to reveal her Goha Enterprises uniform, declaring that it's time to return to her stage and cheering as she dances on the desk, the SEVENS resting on the desk beside her.

Gavin recaps that Yuo's siblings are acting strange and Yuo's schedule is unusually free, agreeing with Romin that it's very likely they're planning to surprise Yuo with something. Yuo claims it's impossible since it isn't even his birthday today, and suddenly remembers himself Goha Dueling someone, wondering what that was. Then he remembers that today is his birthday and he wonders why he forgot that. Gavin protests this isn't something one usually forgets and Yuo collapses, wondering if Romin and Gavin are right and his siblings really are planning to surprise him. Romin and Gavin eagerly proclaim the notion of a surprise birthday party but Yuo refuses to believe his siblings would want to celebrate him, reminding them he even forced Nail Saionji to quit Goha. As they remember Asana defeating Nail, Gavin reminds Yuo that the events that caused this were due to The☆Lukeman, the character created from Luke's manga, creating "Fusion" in turn and suggests that Yuo's siblings don't resent him as much as he thinks due to the events having been settled. They remember Nail's resignation and departure, and The☆Lukeman assuming his Perfect Mode to Duel Yuga, as well as the explanation of The☆Lukeman's creation and Yuga assuming the name of The☆Yugaman and then acquiring his own "Fusion" from the falling satellite to defeat The☆Lukeman, before The☆Lukeman released Luke and left for space. Yuo claims he's treated his siblings so horribly as he remembers Yuro and Yujin resigning after losing, Yuka claiming he'd betrayed them during her Duel with Roa and outsmarting Yuran to gain sole control of the company. He asks if they really think they would celebrate his birthday after that and asks what he should do. The☆Beauty Romin promptly hits him with another Miracle Beauty Problem-Solving Beam and Yuo angrily asks how many times Romin is going to do that. Romin reminds him she is a warrior of love and perseverance, causing Yuo to falter, and she declares she'll impart her wisdom to him in this situation. Yuo agrees, but then Romin begins beeping again and Gavin gasps that her hunger timer has begun again and they have to do something, much to Yuo's displeasure.

One parfait later, Romin tells Yuo that he should practice saying "thank you" when his siblings wish him a happy birthday, and Yuo protests that he's never said "thank you" (whispering it as he does so) much to the surprise of Romin and Gavin. Romin decides to start Yuo off small with a "Draco the Tiny" doll, but Yuo can't bring himself to do so, eventually stammering "thanks for nothing!" and sighing in disappointment at himself. Romin encourages him to keep going and she and Gavin use a chart of the numbers 3 and 9 (san kyu, pronounced the same as the English "thank you") to teach him that, then recruit Janko Entant to show Yuo some ants (ari in Japanese) to lead him into the line, though he misunderstands and counts them instead, much to their disappointment. Since it's come to this Gavin unleashes the Sogetsu Style's Secret Teaching Technique and assumes his Gakuting persona, trying to juxtapose "ari" with his own name, much to Romin's exasperation. She puts them in their place and has Gavin shout it out loud and gets Yuo to repeat it, criticizing his performance as a Goha President each time.

By evening Yuo finally returns home, exhausted from his training but vowing to succeed for the sake of Romin and Gavin training him, and he practices saying "thank you" quietly to himself. But as he enters a room he sees Gavin strung up in Romin's costume and a pink wig on a wall, while Romin in a purple wig and Gavin's costume cries that it can't be; The☆Beauty Romin was captured again. As "The☆Beauty Romin" cries out for help again, Yuo asks in bewilderment what Gavin is doing and Gavin briefly drops his falsetto to tell Yuo not to ask. Yuo spots a sign on the wall reading "Goha Space Elementary's Fun Goha Alien Show" and Romin tells Gavin to say his lines like "Gakuting Version 2" before bending the bars of her "cage" back into shape and asking Yuo to hurry and help "The☆Beauty Romin". Before Yuo can say anything, Yuro steps out in his Goha Alien Number One costume, claiming he won't hand "The☆Beauty Romin" over to Yuo. Yujin, Yuka and Yuran all rise form the ground in their own Goha Alien costumes, agreeing with Yuro and claiming that if Yuo will have to do what they say if he wants to protect "The☆Beauty Romin". Poor Yuo can only wonder what he was expecting and laments that he's such a clown as "The☆Beauty Romin" begs Yuo to leave and not worry about him, prompting Yuro and Yujin to start tickling him, to the point Gavin breaks character when it actually tickles and begs them to stop. Yuo turns away in disgust and Romin tells "Goha Alien Number 5" to wait, as he's the only one who can save "The☆Beauty Romin", and Yuro asks him to wait as well, as he's their star actor today.

Yuo turns in shock as poppers go off and sprinkle confetti everywhere, and Proprietress unfurls a banner reading "Happy Birthday Yuo!" Yuro, Yujin, Yuka and Yuran all wish Yuo a happy birthday and as Gavin and Romin exchange glances, Yuo looks away, but turns back to them after opening his mask with tears in his eyes and happily thanks his siblings. Yuro wishes Yuo a happy birthday again and Romin tosses her staff to Yuo, asking him to free "The☆Beauty Romin". Yuo catches it and tells them to leave it to him, striking his siblings down and freeing "The☆Beauty Romin", holding up the staff triumphantly and declaring that he did it as he laughs happily. Afterwards Gavin changes back into his normal clothes and Romin into her costume, while the other Goha Siblings change into their normal clothes again to enjoy a birthday dinner with Yuo. Yujin comments that they've never really celebrated their birthdays before and Yuka remarks that it's nice to do something like this every once in a while, a sentiment Yuo agrees with. Romin eagerly observes that it looks delicious and asks her to invite them again next year, much to Gavin's embarrassment. But as Yuo laughs he remembers Dueling someone again and he wonders in shock what that was as a shooting star streaks through the sky.

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. No cards debuted here.


  • This episode's title is a reference to the 2003 Japanese light novel The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.
  • There is no featured card during this episode, as The☆Beauty Romin declares a "Miracle Beauty Research Lab Beam" and starts her hunger timer, causing Gavin to panic.