Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS - Episode 069

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"Field of Gyoreams"
Flash Umiko announces her "gyoream".
Flash Umiko announces her "gyoream".
Japanese name
RōmajiFīrudo Obu Gyorīmusu
TranslatedField of Gyoreams
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Japanese OP"Harevutai"
Japanese ED"Never Looking Back"
ScreenplayYuichi Nomura
Air dates
JapaneseOctober 10, 2021
Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episodes (season 2)
Previous"The Melancholy of Yuo"
Next"It's Her, the Hidden Nanahoshi"
Featured card"Yamiterasu the Divine Delayer"

"Field of Gyoreams" is the sixty-ninth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. It first aired in Japan on October 10, 2021.

Flash Umiko works in the Sixth General Affairs Division of the General Affairs Department at the Goha Enterprises General Headquarters. Her sloppy work behavior leaves much to be desired, however. Through an unexpected turn of events, Gavin runs into her again. He decides to Duel against her in order to correct her work behavior.


Lightning crackles over the Goha Enterprises Main Office's Solid Vision logo as panic runs rampant in the Department of Duel Operations, Central Administration, Providence Section. The employees desperately seek the Restoration Program for Duel Section 5 as one of them expresses shock that Nail's departure could cause such chaos and another worries that all the Duel systems around the globe will be suspended. But Yuga, now a Section Manager, bursts in wearing a Goha uniform and tells them there's no need to worry as they'll use his "Prevent the Suspension of Duel Systems Worldwide" Road, and he sets up a strange contraption with Kaizo at the center, having modified him with Nail's Providence Algorithm as Kaizo repeats "that goes against providence" repeatedly. His co-workers praise him, commenting that it's no wonder President Yuo scouted him and that he's saved the world. As the other employees praise Yuga he slips of his Goha mask and laughs nervously.

In the President's office Yuo comments to the President Drone on how unusual Yuga is for joining Goha Enterprises despite defeating Yuo's plan and saving the Super Rush Robot, remembering his shocked reaction to Yuga telling so when Luke woke up. He remembers his siblings leaving Earth in Super Mobile Fortress Sixross, Yuka commenting that Yuga was nosier than someone running for a fly ball from the pitcher's mound and Yujin adding there was no telling what would happen to him under Yuo's command, though Yuran comments that Yuga would say that would make it interesting. Yuro adds that Yuga also asked for Nail to be reinstated, but Nail, having relocated to a small corner store that Seatbastian was sweeping outside, told them that was against providence and claimed he wouldn't accept even if Yuo did allow him to return. Yuga explained he had wanted to do maintenance on the malfunctioning Maximum Monsters with Nail in the research department, showing Nail his "Hyper Engine Vast Vulcan" cards. Seatbastian had asked Nail to consider Yuga's request given that Yuga had fixed him, reminding Nail that it was only because he was in Goha Enterprises that the ever-expanding world of Dueling could maintain its order, and Yuga added that it was thanks to Nail that people around the world could Duel free of worry. Nail smiled and told Yuga that role would fall on him now, and he'd have his friends to help him if he got in trouble. Gavin, Romin and Swirly were shocked by the insinuation they should become Goha employees too, though Luke claimed that providence was always right (only to bite into one of Nail's disgusting candy apples). His recollections ended, Yuo comments that now it's time to raise the curtains on the beginning of the end fo Rush Dueling.

As Yuga rides through the corridors on his Duel-cycle the adult employees gossip about how he immediately became an elementary schooler section manager in the super elite Duel Operations Department. But as Yuga arrives at the elevator Gavin steps out in his own Goha uniform and indignantly asks what Yuga is doing, reminding Yuga as he screeches to a halt that riding a bike in the hallways is against regulations. Yuga remembers that Gavin is now working in the General Headquarters' Department of Internal Discipline, Serious Division and Gavin perks up and confirms that he is as Rayne and Rino, also in Goha uniforms, highlight him. Gavin claims he was chosen for his discipline and honesty as the Goha #7 Elementary Student Council President (which Rayne and Rino claim was as expected) and Gavin adds that any and all rules under his eye will be absolutely enforced, but Yuga isn't listening, having ridden off in a hurry. Rino and Rayne sob that it's been so long since they've seen Chief Sogetsu cut such a respected figure and Gavin admits he's been dragged along by Yuga's pace and tainted the Sogetsu name but those days are long over.

Then he and the twins are bowled over by Flash Umiko, wearing business clothing over her fish suit and carrying a stepladder as she casually tells them they're in her way. Gavin recognizes her as the commentator for the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal as she begins changed the fluorescent light bulb in the ceiling and begins thanking her for her hard work, but is shocked when Umiko scowls at him and marches away angrily. Rayne recalls that Umiko is usually in charge of electrical fixtures and is from Division 6 of the General Affairs Department of General Affairs, having earned the nickname "Shomumu". As the bulb Umiko just changed flickers, Rino reminds him that they have to continue their rounds and ensure regulations are being followed. They stop outside the Department of Employee Welfare, Staff Canteen Division, Hungry Section, where Romin has chosen to work, though they recall that despite her gusto with the Chef Drones the results are still oddly colored as usual. The flickering of another fluorescent bulb above them catches their attention as Umiko wearily claims to have finished changing the bulb, and Gavin asks if Umiko checked the bulb she used, given they flicker when they get old, but she dismissively tells them not to talk to her, calling them gross and walks off. Gavin, Rayne and Rino next go to the Department of Luke Operations, Luke Division, Luke Section, where Luke and Swirly are working...a department that doesn't exist in Goha, Gavin protests as he throws the doors open. Luke reclines at his desk, claiming that's why he made one himself, and in the corner Umiko tells him the installation of the appliances for the new division is complete. Swirly freaks out over all the appliances; a computer, television, refrigerator, air conditioner, wi-fi, fax, vacuum, calculator, game console and copier all at once and Gavin admits that it's as expected for Goha to have a department such as this. But then he smells something burning and freaks out when he sees Umiko has connected everything with octopus wiring, as well as other devices across Goha, and the system soon catches fire and reaches its load, resulting in Safety Mode being engaged to plunge the building into darkness. As the other Goha employees panic Gavin wonders if all of Umiko's fixtures were connected before the red emergency lights come on, revealing Umiko has vanished, and Gavin and the twins sprint out of the Luke Department, wondering where she went.

They arrive at the Office Kitchenette and General Headquarters' General Affairs Department of General Affairs, 6th Division and Rayne spots a lit door. They barge into find Umiko lying on her side in the messy room, which is normally lit, and when Umiko grumpily asks them what they want, Gavin angrily asks if all the sincerity and poise with which she handled the tournament was just a ruse. Umiko turns back to her magazine and tells them not to talk about the past, magu, then corrects herself to "blub", but Gavin is too angered by her sloppy attitude to notice, insisting he will enforce all rules under his watch. Umiko wearily sits up and asks if Gavin knows that humans have worse eyesight than most animals, much to his shock, but Rayne insists that isn't true and Rino comments it seems they must oppose her with force. Gavin agrees and holds up his Duel Disk, challenging Umiko to a Rush Duel as she stretches her stiff shoulders, declaring that he will have her revise her sloppy attitude if he wins. Umiko turns and fishes out her own Duel Disk, collapsing the rile of junk behind her, and they head out into the larger room where Rayne and Rino switch the normal power on with a massive lever. Gavin steps forwards in his kimono, telling Umiko he'll be in her care, and she tells him to come at her. They both insert their Decks into their Duel Disks and call "Rush Duel!" but only Gavin's deploys the blade, and Umiko shakes it before remembering she spilled sauce from her chop suey on it the other day so now it's too sticky to work. Gavin exasperatedly stomps over to Umiko and cleans it, much to her joy, and her cry of "Rush Duel!" sends him scurrying back to his side of the field as the green holographic sphere appears around them.

With the Rush Duel finally underway Umiko declares her turn, but stops to tell them that the neighbourhood electronics store is doing a "customer appreciation sale" today, something Gavin finds interesting. Umiko smirks and she loudly draws "Zapzap Octospark", her hand already containing "Jellyplug", "Anglercoil", and two "Bzzt Bzzt Reborn", then Summons "Jellyplug" and "Anglerspark". Rayne and Rino are surprised by the combination of animals and electrical parts and Umiko Tributes "Jellyplug" to Tribute Summon "Zapzap Octospark". "Zapzap Octospark" appears with 1600 ATK and Gavin gasps that even her monster has octopus wiring, and Umiko activates its effect, increasing its ATK by a gill-breathing 400 until the end of the turn, to 2000, then inflicting 400 damage to Gavin, who receives a nasty shock from "Zapzap Octospark" and falls to 3600 LP. Umiko Sets two cards and ends her turn, returning the ATK of "Zapzap Octospark" to normal.

Gavin declares it's his turn next and he draws, his hand containing "Yamiruler the Dark Delayer", "Masaki the Legendary Samurai", "Hero of the Yeast", "Bonded Bowing", and "Cursed Sword of the East". He Summons "Masaki the Legendary Samurai" and "Hero of the Yeast", then Tributes them to Tribute Summon, chanting "You want me to stop? No, I will not! I am the one to always decide, as willed by the passionate feelings hidden deep within my heart!! Come forth, Yamiruler the Demon Delayer!" Rayne and Rino cheer that they've been waiting for the Chief's right-hand man and Gavin changes "Yamiruler" to Defense Position to activate the Spell Card "Bonded Bowing", drawing a card, then changing "Yamiruler" back to Attack Position to activate its Commander's Decree" effect, preventing both players from Tribute Summoning Level 7 or higher monsters until the end of Umiko's next turn. Umiko curses in blubs as Rino declares the "Delayer" is coming, prompting Umiko to utter a curse again and Gavin Sets a card, then activates the Spell Card "Cursed Sword of the East", which blasts out a blue energy katana that destroys "Anglercoil". Gavin orders "Yamiruler" to attack "Zapzap Ocotspark", and Umiko freaks out, making Rayne and Rino believe the repeated attacks are affecting her and that she'll reform, but Umiko instead exclaims that she forgot to return the "Deep Sea Fish of Foreign Seas" Drama DVD she rented, adding that it's over three months overdue when Gavin, Rayne and Rino ask if this is really the time for that. Gavin is hoorified by how much the overdue fees will be, and Umiko seizes the chance to activate her Trap, "Bzzt Bzzt Reborn", inflicting 400 damage to Gavin. Gavin is electrocuted again and falls to 3200 and Rino calls for him in worry, but Rayne has noticed something as Umiko laughs over how well she's doing and she checks the text of Umiko's Trap: Inflict 400 damage to your opponent. Then, if you have a monster (Thunder) in your hand, you can negate that attack and Special Summon 1 monster (Thunder) from your hand to your field in face-up Attack Position. Umiko loses her confident grin as they read the text and Gavin and Rino note that Umiko would have been able to negate the attack of "Yamiruler" and Special Summon "Angercoil" if she'd kept it in her hand. Umiko angrily asks if they couldn't have told her earlier and Rino laughs as he asks her how dare she not read her cards, Rayne agreeing she is truly the epitome of a slob. "Yamiruler's' attack continues, bisecting "Zapzap Octospark" and reducing Umiko to 3100 LP. Gavin ends his turn as Umiko sinks miserably to her knees, but then she bolts up in excitement and proudly declares that she has a "gyoream", clarifying that she means a "dream" after her portmanteau confuses Gavin and the twins, then admitting that it's more like an ambition. Umiko's eyes glow red as she adds that she can't let them leave alive now they know she has an ambition and Gavin sweats, protesting that Umiko was the one who told them.

Umiko declares her turn and draws five cards; "Umi", "Fusion", and another "Anglercoil", "Jellyplug", and "Zapzap Octospark". She activates the Field Spell Card "Umi", surrounding them with the bottom of the sea and explaining that all water-lovers will gain a gill-breathing 200 ATK and DEF. Poor Gavin doesn't quite get what she means, so Rayne sprints across the field again to read the card's text, explaining that she means Fish, Sea Serpent, Aqua and Thunder monsters. Umiko adds that all water-haters will get a mouthbreather's bane of 200 ATK and DEF (Rayne protesting Umiko means Machine and Pyro monsters). Umiko Summons "Jellyplug" and "Anglercoil", sending Rayne scurrying back to the other side of the field, and their ATK and DEF increase, Rayne noting they're both Thunder monsters and Rino gasping that they'll gain ATK from the effect of "Umi". Umiko then Tributes "Anglercoil" to Tribute Summon "Zapzap Octospark", Rino lamenting that it's Level 6 and can't be delayed by "Yamiruler", Rayne adding that it's a Thunder monster and Umiko agreeing she's right at home as "Zapzap Octospark" climbs to 1800 ATK. Gavin sweats over Umiko Tributing the higher ATK "Anglercoil" to Summon "Zapzap Octospark" instead of "Jellyplug" as she did before and brushes it off as her picking her monsters randomly. Umiko adds that she can activate the effect of "Octospark" the turn she Summons "Zapzap" and Gavin exasperatedly asks her to stick to one name if she's going to shorten it, much to Umiko's irritation, and she declares "Octospark" will gain a gill-breathing 400 ATK, bringing it to 2200, and Mr. Stick-in-the-mud will take a mouthbreathing 400 damage. Gavin is electrocuted again and falls to 2800 LP, and Umiko shows Gavin the last card in her hand that she picked up the other day and asks if she can use it. Gavin tells her that of course she can - and then he realizes she's holding a blue-tinged copy of "Fusion" like The☆Lukeman's. Umiko smiles and dances a jig, claiming that the strength of a fish on its home turf knows no bounds and she activates "Fusion", using "Jellyplug" and "Octospark" to Fusion Summon, appalling Gavin with her sloppy summon chant. As blue energy erupts from her Duel Disk Umiko chants "Oh yeah, it sure is appearing, blub blub! Showering Infergyo!" "Showering Infergyo" appears with 2800 ATK and powers up to 3000 ATK as Rino gasps that "Yamiruler's' effect can't prevent Fusion Summons and adds that "Showering Infergyo" is also a Thunder monster. Umiko activates the effect of "Showering Infergyo", increasing its ATK by a gill-breathing 800 until the end of the turn and dancing happily as "Showering Infergyo" surrounds itself with electricity and rises to 3800 ATK, claiming she's feeling so fresh. Then the effect of "Showering Infergyo" reduces the ATK of all monsters Gavin controls by a mouthbreathing 800, and as Gavin gasps at "Yamiruler" falling to 1700 ATK, Umiko adds that Mr. Stick-in-the-mud also takes 800 damage. Gavin freaks out and asks what she just said as he's electrocuted again, falling to 2000 LP, and as Rayne and Rino call out to him in worry, Umiko also gets to add "Octo" to her hand. She orders "Showering Infergyo" to attack "Yamiruler" with "Tail Fin Kick Pectoral Fin Punch Dorsal Fin Boom", though despite the extensive attack name it just fires a surge of electrically charged water from the cannon on its chest. Rayne is disgusted by the sloppy attack name, though Rino is more worried by the attack defeating Gavin.

But Gavin activates a Trap Card, "Mask of Good Omens", increasing the ATK of "Yamiruler" by 100 times its Level, back to 2500. The attack blasts "Yamiruler" away and electrocutes Gavin, but he hangs on with 700 LP and Rayne declares "Mask of Good Omens" is such a fitting card for the chief given it allowed him to escape peril. Umiko grumpily ends her turn, returning the ATK of "Showering Infergyo" to 3000, and Gavin asks her what ambition is making her fight so fiercely. Umiko claims that one day she'll take over Goha and entice the whole world with an undersea specialty online shopping business, rebrand Goha City as Gyoha City (gyo being Japanese onomatopoeia for "blub-blub") and watch as she rakes in all the cash. Rayne is shocked Umiko wants to take over Goha and Rino asks how she'll do so, prompting Umiko to cheerfully admit she isn't sure yet. Gavin admits he didn't expect a motivation like that, but vows not to leave that sloppy, greedy ambition of Umiko's be now that he knows.

He declares his turn and draws five cards; "Secret Sword Technique! Refined Ruler Render", his own copy of "Fusion", "Tranquil Unknown Soldier", "Mezame the August Awakener", and "Valkyrian Sewkyrie". First he Summons "Valkyrian Sewkyrie", then he Summons "Mezame the August Awakener" and activates her effect, returning "Yamiruler" from the Graveyard to his hand. Rino celebrates the return of Gavin's dark commander and Gavin Tributes "Mezame" to Tribute Summon "Tranquil Unknown Soldier". Rayne cries that the power of this new soldier has yet to be revealed so it's truly unknown, and Gavin sends "Tranquil Unknown Soldier" to the Graveyard to activate its effect, choosing up to two Warrior or Winged Beast monsters in his Graveyard and Special Summoning them in face-down Defense Position. Reviving "Masaki" and "Hero of the Yeast", he Tributes them both to Tribute Summon "Yamiruler", and then he activates his own blue-tinted "Fusion". Rayne and Rino gasp happily as Gavin chants "To stop or not to stop—the answer is no! Countless cries pry open the stone door—and what light through yonder cave breaks! Come forth, Celestial Warrior-Type! Yamiterasu the Divine Delayer!"

"Yamiterasu" appears with 3000 ATK and Umiko gasps that this is Fusion, prompting the twins to remind her she used it too. Gavin sends "Pierce!" from the top of his Deck to the Graveyard to activate the Multi-Choice Effect of "Yamiterasu"; "Imperial Decree". "Yamiterasu" will gain 500 ATK until the end of Umiko's turn, and neither of them will be able to Special Summon Level 9 or lower monsters in Attack Position until then. Then he returns "Yamiruler" from his Graveyard to his Deck to activate the Spell "Secret Sword Technique! Refined Ruler Render", increasing the ATK of "Yamiterasu" by 2500 ATK until the end of the turn. The twins celebrate that "Yamiterasu" will rise to 6000 ATK as it powers up, and Gavin adds that he can also destroy a Spell or Trap Umiko controls. "Yamiterasu" blasts a blue beam of light from its sword at Umiko's Duel Disk, dispelling "Umi" as Umiko blubs in a panic, the twins commenting she's a fish out of water as Umiko laments the loss of her gill-breathing. Gavin orders "Yamiterasu" to attack "Showering Infergyo", but Umiko activates her other "Bzzt Bzzt Reborn", inflicting 400 damage to Gavin to reduce him to 300 LP, and then Special Summoning "Zapzap Octospark" in Attack Position from her hand. Gavin asks if she forgot about "Imperial Decree" and Umiko freaks out as Rayne reminds her that neither of them are allowed to Special Summon Level 9 or lower monsters in Attack Position, Umiko protesting that she didn't hear that and Rayne angrily insisting that she did. Rino notes that Umiko would have been able to negate Gavin's attack if "Zapzap Octospark" had been Special Summoned and Gavin tells Umiko that she will be reborn today, much to her shock. He chants "With your blade of sun that shines light upon all, cut through the darkness and bring salvation upon us!" as "Yamiterasu" leaps onto its fan and charges towards "Showering Infergyo", destroying it with "Heavenly Flight: Slash of Resurrection" and blasting a blubbing Umiko away as her LP falls to zero.

That evening Umiko sits on a cliffside with Gavin, Rayne and Rino, claiming that she learned something important thanks to her Rush Duel with Mr Stick-in-the-mud and she thanks him (Gavin reminding her it's Sogetsu). She agrees that he's right; just because she can set up an undersea specialty online shopping business doesn't mean she'll get rich. Rayne proudly tells Umiko that the scales covering her eyes, no, her entire body have fallen off and it's what she needed, but Umiko drops her stepladder and angrily calls Rayne an idiot; that would be gross if that happened to her. She jumps off the cliff into a life preserver and begins swimming away, muttering "Gross, gross" under her breath as Gavin, Rayne and Rino watch her go in surprise.

Featured Duel: Gavin Sogetsu vs Flash Umiko[edit]

Turn 1: Umiko
Umiko's hand contains "Jellyplug", "Anglercoil", and two copies of "Bzzt Bzzt Reborn". Umiko draws "Zapzap Octospark". Umiko Normal Summons "Anglercoil" (1500/0) and "Jellyplug" (900/900). Umiko Tributes "Jellyplug" to Tribute Summon "Zapzap Octospark" (1600/800). As "Octospark" was Normal Summoned this turn, Umiko activates its effect, increasing its ATK by 400 until the end of the turn and inflicting 400 damage to Gavin ("Octospark": 1600/800 → 2000/800)(Gavin: 4000 → 3600 LP). Umiko Sets two cards.

Turn 2: Gavin
Gavin's hand contains "Yamiruler the Dark Delayer", "Masaki the Legendary Samurai", "Hero of the Yeast", "Bonded Bowing", and "Cursed Sword of the East". Gavin Normal Summons "Masaki the Legendary Samurai" (1500/0) and "Hero of the Yeast" (1500/0). Gavin Tributes "Masaki" and "Hero of the Yeast" to Tribute Summon "Yamiruler the Dark Delayer" (2500/2500). Gavin activates the Spell "Bonded Bowing", changing an Attack Position Warrior Type monster he controls to face-up Defense Position to draw a card. He changes "Yamiruler" to face-up Defense Position and draws "Mask of Good Omens".[Note 1] Gavin activates the effect of "Yamiruler", changing its battle position to prevent either player from Tribute Summoning Level 7 or higher monsters while it is face-up on the field until the end of Umiko's next turn. Gavin changes "Yamiruler" from face-up Defense Position to Attack Position. Gavin Sets a card. As Gavin controls a Level 8 Warrior monster, he activates the Spell "Cursed Sword of the East", choosing a face-up Normal Monster Umiko controls and destroying it. He chooses and destroys "Anglercoil". "Yamiruler" attacks "Octospark", but as a monster Gavin controls declared an attack, Umiko activates her Set Trap "Bzzt Bzzt Reborn", inflicting 400 damage to Gavin (Gavin: 3600 → 3200 LP), then Umiko can Special Summon a Thunder Type monster from her hand in Attack Position, and if she does, the attack is negated. Umiko has no Thunder monsters in her hand, so the attack continues and "Octospark" is destroyed (Umiko: 4000 → 3100 LP).

Turn 3: Umiko
Umiko draws "Umi", "Fusion", "Anglercoil", "Jellyplug", and "Zapzap Octospark". Umiko activates the Field Spell "Umi". The effect of "Umi" increases ATK/DEF of all Fish, Sea Serpent, Thunder, and Aqua Type monsters on the field by 200 and decreases the ATK/DEF of all Machine and Pyro Type monsters on the field by 200. Umiko Normal Summons "Jellyplug" (900/900 → 1100/1100) and "Anglercoil" (1500/0 → 1700/200). Umiko Tributes "Anglercoil" to Tribute Summon "Zapzap Octospark" (1600/800 → 1800/1000). Umiko activates the effect of "Octospark" ("Octospark": 1800/1000 → 2200/1000) (Gavin: 3200 → 2800 LP). Umiko activates the Spell "Fusion", Fusion Summoning a monster using face-up monsters she controls as materials. Umiko fuses "Zapzap Octospark" and "Jellyplug" to Fusion Summon "Showering Infergyo" (2800/??? → 3000/???) in Attack Position. Umiko activates the effect of "Infergyo", increasing its ATK by 800 until the end of the turn, then she can choose a face-up monster Gavin controls and have it lose 800 ATK until the end of the turn and inflict 800 damage to Gavin, then she can choose a Thunder Type monster in her Graveyard and add it to her hand. Umiko chooses "Yameruler" ("Infergyo": 3000/??? → 3800/???)("Yameruler": 2500/2500 → 1700/2500)(Gavin: 2800 → 2000 LP), then adds "Octospark" from her Graveyard to her hand. "Infergyo" attacks "Yameruler", but as a monster Umiko controls declared an attack, Gavin activates his Set Trap "Mask of Good Omens", choosing a face-up Warrior Type monster he controls to have it gain ATK equal to its Level x 100 until the end of this turn. He chooses the Level 8 "Yameruler" ("Yameruler": 1700/2500 → 2500/2500). The attack continues and "Yameruler" is destroyed (Gavin: 2000 → 700 LP).

Turn 4: Gavin
Gavin draws "Secret Sword Technique! Refined Ruler Render", "Fusion", "Tranquil Unknown Soldier", "Mezame the August Awakener", and "Valkyrian Sewkyrie". Gavin Normal Summons "Valkyrian Sewkyrie" (0/1400) and "Mezame the August Awakener" (0/200). As "Mezame" was Normal Summoned this turn and Umiko controls a face-up monster with 2500 or more ATK, Gavin activates its effect, choosing a Level 7 or higher Warrior Type monster in his Graveyard and adding it to his hand, but if he does he cannot attack with monsters with 1900 or less DEF for the rest of this turn. Gavin adds the Level 8 "Yamiruler" from his Graveyard to his hand. Gavin Tributes "Mezame" to Tribute Summon "Tranquil Unknown Soldier" (1800/0). As it was Normal Summoned this turn, Gavin activates the effect of "Tranquil Unknown Soldier", sending it to the Graveyard to choose up to two Warrior and/or Winged Beast Type Normal Monsters in his Graveyard and Special Summon them in face-down Defense Position. Gavin Special Summons "Masaki" and "Hero of the Yeast" in face-down Defense Position. Gavin Tributes his Set "Masaki" and his Set "Hero of the Yeast" to Tribute Summon "Yamiruler the Dark Delayer" (2500/2500). Gavin activates the Spell "Fusion", fusing "Yamiruler" and "Sewkyrie" to Fusion Summon "Yamiterasu the Divine Delayer" (3000/3000) in Attack Position. Gavin activates the effect of "Yamiterasu", sending the top card of his Deck to the Graveyard to either have it gain 500 ATK and prevent either player from Special Summoning Level 9 or lower monsters in Attack Position while it is face-up on the field until the end of Umiko's next turn, or change the battle position of a monster on the field. Gavin sends "Pierce! from the top of his Deck to the Graveyard and chooses to increase the ATK of "Yamiterasu" ("Yamiterasu": 3000/3000 → 3500/3000). Gavin activates the Spell "Secret Sword Technique! Refined Ruler Render", shuffling a Level 8 Warrior Type monster from his Graveyard into his Deck to choose a monster he controls with 2500 or more ATK and DEF and have it gain 2500 ATK until the end of this turn, then choose and destroy a Spell/Trap Umiko controls, but Gavin can only declare an attack with one monster this turn. He shuffles the Level 8 "Yamiruler" from his Graveyard into his Deck, chooses "Yamiterasu" ("Yamiterasu": 3500/3000 → 6000/3000), then chooses and destroys "Umi" ("Infergyo": 3000/??? → 2800/???). "Yamiterasu" attacks "Infergyo", but Umiko activates her Set Trap "Bzzt Bzzt Reborn" (Gavin: 700 → 300), attempting to Special Summon "Octospark" from her hand, but the effect of "Yamiterasu" prevents both players from Special Summoning Level 9 or lower monsters in Attack Position until the end of Umiko's next turn. The attack continues and "Infergyo" is destroyed (Umiko: 3100 → 0 LP).

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.



  1. "The card is not shown, but he uses all the cards in his opening hand, meaning he must have drawn this card here.