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"It's Her, the Hidden Nanahoshi"
Nanaho smiles upon seeing Yuga return to the Rush Duel.
Nanaho smiles upon seeing Yuga return to the Rush Duel.
Japanese name
RōmajiSono Mono, Ura Nanahoshi
TranslatedIt's Her, the Hidden Nanahoshi
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Japanese OP"Harevutai"
Japanese ED"Never Looking Back"
ScreenplayHiguchi Tatsuto
DirectorAsami Matsuo
StoryboardFujiwara Ryouji
Air dates
JapaneseOctober 17, 2021
Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episodes (season 2)
Previous"Field of Gyoreams"
Next"Danger: Do Not Mix"
Featured card

"It's Her, the Hidden Nanahoshi" is the seventieth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. It first aired in Japan on October 17, 2021.

Among the weirdly-dressed members of Goha #5 Elementary's Dueling Insects Club is Nanaho Nanahoshi, a girl with a ladybug hat. She seems to know Yuga. Swirly brings her to where Yuga is so that she can pay him a visit. However, when Yuga sees Nanaho, he starts to act strangely...


Yuga and Kaizo are working on Yuga's three "Hyper Engine Vast Vulcan" cards and Kaizo laments that "Vast Vulcan" has been so unstable since the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal as the image and text of the cards fluctuates and fades. Yuga thinks he's getting close, but is so tired he falls asleep on his desk there and then. He dreams of eating riceballs when he was younger and offering to trade them for someone's sandwich in a forst, but only heard a girl sobbing that she was being eaten. He looked into the bushes to see a purple haired girl sobbing with a large ladybug hat on her head, claiming it was eating her alive. The ladybug frightens poor Yuga out of his sleep with a terrified scream and Kaizo asks if he's all right as six of his co-workers look at him in shock. Yuga wonders why he had a dream like that, but then he spots a real ladybug crawling on his sleeve and screams in terror again.

Yuga's still trembling as he walks down the hallways of the Goha Enterprises Main Office with Kaizo, Luke and Romin, Romin asking in shock if Yuga is scared of ladybugs. Yuga whispers that they'll eat him starting with his head and Luke laughs that there's no way a ladybug would be able to eat a whole human head (though he quickly grabs a hardhat just in case). Then they hear Gavin welcoming the students from Goha #5 Elementary to their field trip, introducing himself to them and telling them he will be their guide. Yuga, Romin and Luke are surprised to see the Duelstronauts and Kit Schrödinger, as they hadn't realized that Kit went to Goha 5th, and Kit politely tells them that of course they do and introduces himself again, while his two friends introduce themselves as Pavlov Inukawa and Maxwell Akumade (wearing a dog and bear headpiece respectively) and they declare that together they are the Dueling Mad Scientists, Kit telling them they're pleased to make their acquaintances. Romin isn't happy to see more annoyances, but Gavin happily begins their tour, showing the students a Solid Vision lab, exercise room, a room full of Duel Monsters cards, and a room projecting a hologram of Goha Space Elementary. However he's shocked to learn a group have gone missing from Rayne and Booster sighs that it's probably the Dueling Insects Club again. Swirly is confused by the name, but Luke remembers them from when they attended the Rush Duel Training Camp and Kit confirms that's them and they're probably getting lost on purpose to make trouble for everyone, Inukawa and Akumade nodding in agreement. Gavin worries that Goha Enterprises has a lot of restricted areas containing sensitive data and Yuga worries that he's just left "Vast Vulcan" out and runs off. Luke declares it's time for bug hunting and the Luke Division (him and Swirly) follow as Romin asks if they even know where to start. Kit offers to help and he, Inukawa and Akumade join Romin and Gavin as they run out of them room, but Rino holds Rayne back and grimly notes that it might be that Dueling Insects Club.

Swirly ends up alone in a hallway with a bug net, calling for the Dueling Insects Club. He pokes his head into a room and spots the girl Yuga was dreaming about from the Dueling Insects Club crying on a staircase and asks if she's from the Dueling Insects Club. The girl asks if he came looking for her and Swirly proudly introduces himself as Swirly from the Luke Division, while the girl introduces herself as Nanaho. Meanwhile Luke and the Dueling Mad Scientists have spotted the other two members of the Dueling Insects Club crouched in front of the door to Yuga's office. Shushing Kit, Luke crawls towards the two boys and catches the one wearing a beetle hat in a bug net to try and take them back to the field trip, but the boy doesn't budge, boasting that a rhinoceros beetle can lift 100 times its own body weight before bending his head forwards and catapulting Luke over him, shocking luck with his power and "insectelligence". The taller boy with the praying mantis backpack claims they've mastered the power and wit of insects and the boy with the beetle hat claims that's why they're the Dueling Insects Club. Swirly and Nanaho continue walking, Swirly shyly complimenting Nanaho's pretty hat. Nanaho explains it makes her feel safe and Swirly claims the same for his costume. Nanaho then claims she wants to hang out with Swirly more and she opens her eyes and they begin to glow purple, turning Swirly's blush purple as well as Nanaho tells him to take her to where Yuga Ohdo is.

Yuga and Kaizo have just arrived at Yuga's office, relieved to see his "Vast Vulcan" cards are safe, but then the door is sliced into four pieces, revealing Luke and the two boys from the Dueling Insects Club standing there. Luke freaks out as Yuga gasps his name and Luke promptly jumps in front of Yuga with his bug net at the ready, explaining that a praying mantis can swing its pincers in 0.05 seconds flat. His eyes glowing red, the boy with the mantis backpack charges and the mantis swings its pincers, cutting Luke's net into four and prompting him to throw up his hands in fear as he praises the insectelligence again. Gavin and Romin arrive, bewildered by what's going on, and then Swirly and Nanaho show up, Nanaho thanking Swirly for showing her the way. Yuga immediately panics upon seeing Nanaho's ladybug hat and scoots to the back of the room, much to everyone's bewilderment, and Nanaho tells Yuga it's been a long time. Swirly asks if they know one another, but Yuga is remembering his dream and repeatedly claims to himself that ladybugs aren't scary before running past them and fleeing with Kaizo in hot pursuit. Swirly snaps out of his blush in confusion as Nanaho enters Yuga's office, and as Luke wonders what's with all these bug people, Rayne and Rino leap in between Luke and Nanaho, Rayne noting that it was Nanaho Nanahoshi after all. Gavin repeats Nanaho's name and then realizes what her surname is; Rayne confirms that Nanaho is their cousin, prompting a cheerful "nanana" from Nanaho. Rino admits he didn't know Nanaho knew Yuga and Nanaho claims they are childhood friends; she is the one who taught Yuga how cute ladybugs are. Luke is shocked that Nanaho is the one who made Yuga hate ladybugs and Rayne comments that even as a child Nanaho has been toying with people's minds, something expected for the head of that branch of the Nanahoshi family. Gavin is surprised to learn Nanaho is the head of a branch of the Nanahoshi family and admits that he's heard of them; in comparison to the main branch of the Nanahoshi family, who serve their lord dutifully to create peace and harmony (as Rankage and Rinkage did with Gakugen Sogetsu), this branch of the Nanahoshi family plays with people's minds and create chaos. He asks why someone like her is here and Nanaho leaps over Luke and her cousins, landing on the other side of the capsule containing the three "Vast Vulcan" cards. Luke gasps that her aim was Yuga's Maximum Monsters, and Nanaho simply says "nanana" cheerfully again. Luke claims that he'd never hand it over to a bug, since even he doesn't have a Maximum, but fails to notice a data stick with a ladybug attached to it plugged into the capsule.

But then they hear Yuga scream that ladybug's aren't scary, having returned with his "Ladybug Obliteration" Road (Kaizo attached to a weapons frame) as everyone yelps in shock. Yuga holds up a remote with a crazed look in his eyes, warning them that he'll overload the underground power plant and blow the ladybug sky-high with the Goha Main Office, declaring this is his new Road and that Nanaho and the ladybug are not scary. Romin panics over the thought of Yuga blowing the whole building up and Gavin cries that he's never seen Yuga like this before. Luke begs Yuga to get a hold of himself; he gets that he's afraid of ladybugs, but he should have a Rush Duel instead given that he'd also blow up the Luke Division. They successfully coax Yuga out onto one of the gardens, though he's still panting in fear, and Romin sighs in relief, Gavin admitting he was worried Yuga might have actually blown up the building. Yuga continues to assure himself that ladybugs aren't scary as he looks at Nanaho with flaming eyes and Nanaho comments that she'll have to devour him from the head down if he makes such a scary face. They insert their Decks into their Duel Disks and call "Rush Duel!" deploying the blades and the green holographic dome.

Nanaho declares her turn and draws, her hand containing Princess Ladybug White", "Fancy Ladybug Pastel", "Dream Ladybug Rainbow", "Tumbling Insects", and "Forest of the Sun". First she activates the Field Spell "Forest of the Sun", transforming the garden into a bright forest full of oversized mushrooms as Yuga's friends look around in shock (and Romin in wonder). Nanaho claims that she became a princess of the ladybugs before she even knew it and she Summons "Princess Ladybug White" and activates her effect, changing her to Defense Position to Special Summon two Insect monsters from her hand; "Fancy Ladybug Pastel" and "Dream Ladybug Rainbow". Summoning her new monsters in Defense Position, Nanaho adds that Yuga will also take 700 damage and Yuga grits his teeth as the air around him sparkles and he falls to 700 LP, again insisting that ladybugs aren't scary. Nanaho Sets the "Tumbling Insects" in her hand and ends her turn.

Yuga fearfully declares his turn and draws. His hand containing "Dark Sorcerer", "Fire Sorcerer", "Aqua Sorcerer", "Curtain of Sparks", and "Magical Firestorm", he Summons "Dark Sorcerer" and "Aqua Sorcerer", then Summons "Fire Sorcerer", shocking Gavin by his possession of a FIRE "Sorcerer" in addition to a DARK and WATER one. Yuga then activates a Spell Card, "Magical Firestorm", explaining that he can destroy Level 4 or lower monsters Nanaho controls equal to the number of Spellcaster monsters he controls and burn them to the ground, but as a storm of fire erupts from the card a mushroom grows out of the ground and blocks it. Yuga can only gasp "Wha-?" as Nanaho cheerfully explains that her Field Spell prevents her ladybugs from being destroyed by card effects. Yuga freaks out and Romin asks if he forgot about the Field Spell, but Yuga just shudders again and Gavin calls his name. Yuga Sets a card, then orders his "Sorcerer Corps" to squash and disinfect Nanaho's Ladybug Corps, and all three 1500 ATK "Sorcerers" destroy Nanaho's monsters with elemental attacks. Nanaho cries her monsters' names in horror as the boy in the beetle hat laments the loss of her loveliness of ladybugs and the tall boy adds that this was an attack born from a hatred of bugs as Yuga ends his turn with a psychotic look in his eyes.

Nanaho declares her turn and draws five cards, "Fancy Ladybug Pastel", "Dream Ladybug Rainbow", and three "Malefi Ladybug of the Sleeping Forest". She Summons her second "Pastel" and "Rainbow" and then Tributes them both to Tribute Summon, chanting "I have always been waiting. Within the deep forest I have slumbered...on and on. How dare you never come for me! Malefi Ladybug of the Sleeping Forest!" Yuga is shocked to see a seven-starred ladybug and Nanaho declares she'll devour him. Romin protests that ladybugs don't eat people and Gavin and Luke agree they don't as it would be unthinkable, though they and Kaizo are now all wearing hardhats too as Luke tells Yuga not to be afraid and Swirly turns around in confusion. Nanaho then changes "Malefi" to Defense Position to activate her "Cursed Sweet Needle" effect, and as "Malefi" blasts a stream of purple energy needles at "Dark Sorcerer" Nanaho explains that she can destroy one of Yuga's monsters and then inflict 700 damage to him. "Dark Sorcerer" is destroyed and Yuga falls to 2600 LP as the needles rain down on him, and Nanaho adds that she can also Special Summon another "Malefi Ladybug" from her hand. Yuga freaks out at the sight of another ladybug and the new one appears in Defense Position, and Nanaho changes the new "Malefi" to Attack Position to activate its "Cursed Sweet Needle" effect, this time destroying "Aqua Sorcerer" and reducing Yuga to 1900 LP. Nanaho Special Summons her third "Malefi Ladybug" in Defense Position, much to Yuga's terror, and she activates the "Cursed Sweet Needle" effect of the third "Malefi Ladybug", switching it into Attack Position and destroying Yuga's "Fire Sorcerer", reducing him to 1200 LP. Gavin gasps that Nanaho only Tribute Summoned once, but was able to rebuild her entire ladybug corps, while Luke worries that she exterminated all of Yuga's monsters and left him with 1200 LP. The tall boy boasts that this is Mistress Nanaho's own ninja art; the branch Nanahoshi family's Ladybug Hell, and as Yuga sees himself surrounded by ladybugs he insists that they aren't scary. Nanaho's eyes glow purple as she tells Yuga to prepare himself and she orders her second "Malefi Ladybug" to attack Yuga directly.

Yuga cries out in fear as he activates his Trap Card, "Curtain of Sparks", and though Nanaho believes it a pointless effort, Yuga explains her attacking monster will lose 500 ATK until the end of the turn. "Malefi Ladybug" falls to 200 ATK and blasts a swarm of ladybugs at Yuga, who hides his face in his arms as he falls to 1000 LP, insisting that ladybugs aren't scary. Nanaho orders the other "Malefi Ladybug" to attack directly, and it blasts another ladybug swarm at Yuga as he whimpers in fear and hides again, his LP falling to 300. Nanaho ends her turn as Yuga's friends watch in concern, and as the ladybugs swarm around them Nanaho tells Yuga she only needs to take one more bite, the eye of her ladybug hat shining. Poor Yuga loses his nerve and flees out of the Solid Vision and back inside, much to the interest of the Dueling Insects Club, and Luke runs after Yuga and catches him in his bug net, telling him to wait and grabbing him by the wrist, asking him why he's running when the Duel is still ongoing. But he sets off his wristwatch and shuts down Yuga's Duel Disk, the holographic Goha logo atop the building, the Solid Vision of the Rush Duel to the shock of everyone present, and eventually the power of the entire building as an AI confirms the usage of a Pauli Effect. It declares that they are currently experiencing a power outage and asks everyone to wait until it is restored. Still holding the trembling Yuga, Luke tells him he can't run from the Duel and Yuga protests that he's scared and ladybugs are terrifying, he doesn't want to do this anymore. Luke tells him to calm down, as he's the only one who can stop the ladybug girl now that he's challenged her to a Rush Duel, and everyone will be devoured by the ladybugs if he doesn't stop Nanaho. This claim finally gets through to Yuga, and as the power reactivates, including Yuga's Duel Disk, Yuga once again tells himself that ladybugs aren't scary.

The Solid Vision reactivates outside, and Yuga steps back into the Field Spell. Nanaho observes that Yuga is back and Yuga confirms that he is and it's his turn now, much to the joy of Romin, Gavin and Swirly. Luke hands Swirly his bug net back, telling him it was helpful. Nanaho whispers "nanana" with a pleased smile and Yuga flinches, musing that he'll lose at this rate and thinking that he needs his Maximum to win, he needs "Vast Vulcan". He draws five cards, and to his joy he's drawn "Supreme HQ Magnum Overbase", "Emergency Sortie", and "Hyper Engine Vast Vulcan [L]", "Hyper Engine Vast Vulcan", and "Hyper Engine Vast Vulcan [R]". But the "Vast Vulcan" cards are still fading in and out and Yuga grits his teeth in concern as Nanaho asks him what's wrong, commenting that he looks as though he's lost all his hopes and dreams. Yuga looks at the cards again and then they shine brightly...and they fade into three new Maximum Monsters: "Supreme Flagship Magnum Overlord [L]", "Supreme Flagship Magnum Overlord", and "Supreme Flagship Magnum Overlord [R]". Yuga realizes what's responsible and glances over at Luke, much to Nanaho's surprise.

Yuga calls "Let's go! Nanaho!" and he activates his own Field Spell, "Supreme HQ Magnum Overbase", causing a bright light to erupt from his side of the field and blind Nanaho, revealing an island among the trees with hangars built into the cliffs, much to the joy of Yuga's friends. Yuga explains that Level 7 or higher Machine monsters will gain 400 ATK, and Level 10 or higher Machine monsters won't be destroyed by card effects. Nanaho gasps and Yuga activate his Spell Card, "Emergency Sortie" since he controls "Supreme HQ Magnum Overbase", revealing up to three Machine monsters in his hand to activate it and inflicting 900 damage to Nanaho. Three doors open in the island as Yuga reveals the three new "Magnum Overlord" cards, the separate jets taking off to bombard all the ladybugs in the air and reduce Nanaho to 3100 LP as she yelps. Romin asks if this is Yuga's new Maximum and Luke wonders when he got it. To their surprise, Yuga tells them it was all thanks to Luke; when his Pauli Effect went off and brought all of Goha's systems down the reboot also affected "Vast Vulcan" and gave it new life. Everyone can only gasp "What?!" as Luke crows that it was all thanks to him. Yuga declares that this is his new Maximum, chanting "No matter if ladybugs, ladybugs or ladybugs stand in my way! Kill, exterminate, squash! I'll carve open a road and continue onward!" Luke tells Yuga off for saying the chant on his own, and Yuga chants "Maximum Summon! Come on out, Supreme Flagship Magnum Overlord!"

The new "Magnum Overlord" takes the form of a massive battleship as Luke observes, standing with 3500 MAXIMUM ATK as Yuga's friends gasp happily. Yuga adds that the effect of "Magnum Overbase" will increase the ATK of "Magnum Overlord" by 400, to 3900. Nanaho admits she didn't think Yuga would have a new Maximum and activates her Trap Card "Tumbling Insects" as Yuga Normal or Special Summoned a monster, changing all her Insect monsters into Defense Position. As her other two "Malefi Ladybugs" switch into Defense Position with 2100 DEF each, Yuga vows Nanaho won't stop him with that and activates the "Multi-Attack Setup" effect of "Magnum Overlord" by sending the top two cards of his Deck to the Graveyard, including "Sevens Road Magician". "Magnum Overlord" loses 1000 ATK for the rest of the turn, falling to 1000 ATK, but can attack all of Nanaho's monsters and inflict piercing damage. Nanaho gasps in horror and Yuga returns the "Fire Sorcerer" in his Graveyard to his Deck to activate the other effect of "Magnum Overlord"; "Maximum Cannon Shoot". He chooses the "Sevens Road Magician" in his Graveyard and inflicts 700 damage to Nanaho, then adds "Sevens Road Magician" to his hand. Nanaho gasps and stumbles backwards as she falls to 2400 LP and Yuga tells "Magnum Overlord" to initiate its attack sequence and incinerate the first piece of vermin with a piercing attack. "Magnum Overlord [R]" blasts several blue beams of energy at the central "Malefi Ladybug", destroying it and reducing Nanaho to 1600 LP with a squeal. Yuga tells "Magnum Overlord" to exterminate the second one and "Magnum Overlord [L]" fires a burst of energy that forks into several as Yuga reminds them this attack will pierce, destroying another "Malefi Ladybug" and reducing Nanaho to 800 LP as she yelps "nanana!"in terror. Yuga tells "Magnum Overlord" to annihilate all ladybugs and it fires its main energy cannons, Yuga again reminding them the attack will pierce as the last "Malefi Ladybug" is destroyed and Nanaho is blasted off her feet with a scream, her LP falling to zero.

The sun is setting as the Solid Vision vanishes and Nanaho lands on the ground, her hat falling off her head. Yuga is surprised to learn the ladybug was a hat all along as Nanaho's friends run to her side and expresses relief that it wasn't a ladybug eating her from the head down, prompting Luke, Romin, Gavin and Kaizo to yank off their hardhats and point out that of course it wasn't. Nanaho gets up and tells them she'll go home quietly today, but tells Yuga and Swirly that they'll meet again, much to everyone's surprise. Nanaho winks at Swirly and then she and her friends vanish in a puff of smoke, Swirly gasping that she disappeared and Gavin reminding them the field trip doesn't end until they get home, asking them to be safe.

That night, Nanaho stands on a peak with her two friends, her eyes blank and speaking in a robotic voice, telling "Nanamaru" that was good work today as the ladybug lands with the data stick in her hand. The eyes of her ladybug hat flash as she declares that finally with this data in their hands they can bring forth a chaotic and turbulent world, laughing in a monotone.

Featured Duel: Yuga Ohdo vs Nanaho Nanahoshi[edit]

Turn 1: Nanaho
Nanaho's hand contains "Princess Ladybug White", "Fancy Ladybug Pastel", "Dream Ladybug Rainbow", "Tumbling Insects", and "Forest of the Sun". Nanaho activates the Field Spell "Forest of the Sun". The effect of "Forest of the Sun" prevents face-up Defense Position Insect Type monsters from being destroyed by card effects. Nanaho Normal Summons "Princess Ladybug White" (700/1400). Nanaho activates the effect of "White", changing its battle position to Special Summon two Level 4 or lower Insect Type monsters from her hand, then inflict 700 damage to Yuga. Nanaho changes "White" from Attack Position to face-up Defense Position and Special Summons "Fancy Ladybug Pastel" (700/100) and "Dream Ladybug Rainbow" (700/700) from her hand in face-up Defense Position (Yuga: 4000 → 3300 LP). Nanaho Sets "Tumbling Insects".

Turn 2: Yuga
Yuga's hand contains "Dark Sorcerer", "Fire Sorcerer", "Aqua Sorcerer", "Curtain of Sparks", and "Magical Firestorm". Yuga Normal Summons "Dark Sorcerer" (1500/0), "Aqua Sorcerer" (1500/0) and "Fire Sorcerer" (1500/0). As Yuga controls a FIRE Spellcaster Type monster, he activates the Spell "Magical Firestorm", choosing Level 4 or lower monsters Nanaho controls up to the number of Spellcaster Type monsters Yuga controls, and destroying them. Yuga controls Spellcaster Type "Dark", "Aqua" and "Fire Sorcerers", so he chooses "Rainbow", "Pastel", and "White", but the effect of "Forest of the Sun" prevents face-up Defense Insect Type monsters from being destroyed by card effects. Yuga Sets a card. "Dark Sorcerer" attacks and destroys "Pastel". "Aqua Sorcerer" attacks and destroys "Rainbow". "Fire Sorcerer" attacks and destroys "White".

Turn 3: Nanaho
Nanaho draws "Fancy Ladybug Pastel", "Dream Ladybug Rainbow", and three copies of "Malefi Ladybug of the Sleeping Forest". Nanaho Normal Summons "Pastel" (700/100) and "Rainbow" (700/700). Nanaho Tributes "Pastel" and "Rainbow" to Tribute Summon "Malefi Ladybug of the Sleeping Forest" (700/2100). Nanaho activates the effect of "Malefi", changing its battle position to choose a Level 7 or lower monster Yuga controls and destroy it, then inflict 700 damage to Yuga, then if she inflicted damage to Yuga with this effect she can Special Summon "Malefi Ladybug of the Sleeping Forest" from her hand. Nanaho changes "Malefi" from Attack Position to face-up Defense Position to destroy "Dark Sorcerer" (Yuga: 3300 → 2600 LP), then Special Summons a second copy of "Malefi" (700/2100) from her hand in face-up Defense Position. Nanaho activates the effect of her second "Malefi", changing it from face-up Defense Position to Attack Position to destroy "Fire Sorcerer" (Yuga: 2600 → 1900 LP) and Special Summon a third copy of "Malefi" (700/2100) from her hand in face-up Defense Position. Nanaho activates the effect of the third "Malefi", changing it from face-up Defense Position to Attack Position to destroy "Aqua Sorcerer" (Yuga: 1900 → 1200 LP). The first copy of "Malefi" in Attack Position attacks Yuga directly but since a monster Nanaho controls declared an attack while Yuga has a Spellcaster monster in his Graveyard, he activates his Set Trap "Curtain of Sparks", decreasing the ATK of the attacking monster by 500 until the end of the turn ("Malefi": 700/2100 → 200/2100). The attack continues (Yuga: 1200 → 1000 LP). The other Attack Position copy of "Malefi" attacks Yuga directly (Yuga: 1000 → 300 LP)

Turn 4: Yuga
Yuga draws "Supreme HQ Magnum Overbase", "Emergency Sortie", "Hyper Engine Vast Vulcan [L]", "Hyper Engine Vast Vulcan", and "Hyper Engine Vast Vulcan [R]". At this point, Yuga's "Vast Vulcan [L]", "Vast Vulcan", and "Vast Vulcan [R]" transform into "Supreme Flagship Magnum Overlord [L]", "Supreme Flagship Magnum Overlord", and "Supreme Flagship Magnum Overlord [R]" due to the effects of Luke's wristwatch. As Yuga's LP are lower than Nanaho's, he activates the Field Spell "Supreme HQ Magnum Overbase". The effect of "Magnum Overbase" increases the ATK of all Level 7 or higher Machine Type monsters on the field by 400 and prevents Level 10 Machine Type monsters from being destroyed by Spell/Trap effects. Yuga activates the Spell "Emergency Sortie", revealing up to three Machine Type monsters from his hand to inflict 200 damage to Nanaho for each monster revealed by this effect, then if Yuga controls a face-up "Supreme HQ Magnum Overbase", Nanaho takes 300 more damage. Yuga reveals "Magnum Overlord [L]", "Magnum Overlord", and "Magnum Overlord [R]" (Nanaho: 4000 → 3400 → 3100 LP).

Yuga Maximum Summons "Supreme Flagship Magnum Overlord", "Supreme Flagship Magnum Overlord [L]", and "Supreme Flagship Magnum Overlord [R]", entering Maximum Mode (3500 → 3900 MAXIMUM ATK). As Yuga Normal or Special Summoned a monster, Nanaho activates her Set Trap "Tumbling Insects", changing all Attack Position Insect monsters she controls to face-up Defense Position. She changes two copies of "Malefi" to face-up Defense Position. As "Magnum Overlord" is in Maximum Mode, Yuga activates the effect of "Magnum Overlord [R]", sending the top two cards of his Deck to the Graveyard to have "Magnum Overlord" lose 1000 ATK until the end of the turn, also for the rest of this turn, it cannot attack directly, it can attack all monsters Nanaho controls once each, and it inflicts piercing battle damage. Yuga sends "Sevens Road Magician" and an unknown card from the top of his Deck to the Graveyard ("Magnum Overlord": 3900 → 2900 MAXIMUM ATK). As "Magnum Overlord" is in Maximum Mode, Yuga activates the effect of "Magnum Overlord [L]", shuffling a monster from his Graveyard into his Deck to choose a monster in his Graveyard and inflict damage to Nanaho equal to its Level x 100, then add that monster to his hand. Yuga shuffles "Fire Sorcerer" into his Deck and adds the Level 7 "Sevens Road Magician" from his Graveyard to his hand (Nanaho: 3100 → 2400 LP). "Magnum Overlord" attacks and destroys the three copies of "Malefi" (Nanaho: 2400 → 1600 → 800 → 0 LP)

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.



  1. a b c A silhouette of this monster in Maximum Mode appeared during the Summon of "Supreme Flagship Magnum Overlord".