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"Danger: Do Not Mix"
Romin challenges Mimi to a Rush Duel over not eating her curry.
Romin challenges Mimi to a Rush Duel over not eating her curry.
Japanese name
RōmajiMazeruna Kiken
TranslatedDanger: Do Not Mix
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Japanese OP"Harevutai"
Japanese ED"Never Looking Back"
ScreenplayMatsui Aya
DirectorTakayama Tomoya
StoryboardKageyama Shigenori
Air dates
JapaneseOctober 24, 2021
Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episodes (season 2)
Previous"It's Her, the Hidden Nanahoshi"
Next"The Fantastic Underground Luke Factory"
Featured card"CAN:D LIVE"

"Danger: Do Not Mix" is the seventy-first episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. It first aired in Japan on October 24, 2021.

Romin is now working in Goha Enterprises's cafeteria. However, no one is eating the curry she's so proud of. Not even Mimi, whom she believed would eat it. And so, she challenges Mimi to a Duel in order to get her to eat the curry! No one would have thought that this Duel might determine Goha's fate itself!


The sun shines over the Goha Enterprises Main Office as Mimi gushes over the nostalgia of working in the office again, of people coming together like worker bees to work for the giant hive that is the company. She quickly finds her new workplace: the Department of Energy, Energy Development Department, Gohanium Section as Yuga rides past her on his Duel-cycle with Gavin hot on his heels, telling him off for having a bicycle in the building. Mimi giggles that Gavin is certainly working hard, as expected of the Chief of the General Headquarters' Department of Internal Discipline, Serious Division, but is shocked when she sees Luke walking past with Swirly, proclaiming themselves as part of the Department of Luke Operations, Luke Division, Luke Section. Romin then greets Mimi politely and asks if her apron isn't super cute. Mimi calls it bodacious and fitting of the Department of Employee Welfare, Staff Canteen Division, Hungry Section and Romin thanks her, explaining that today she'll get everyone to try the curry she's made and admitting that she's not sure why no-one's tried it yet. She asks Mimi to try it, claiming it's the best as she heads off, and Mimi notes that Romin being in high spirits is rather cute.

Mimi presses the elevator button for Floor B45, much to the horror of the other employees in the elevator, who whisper about how unlucky it is and compare it to the underworld. Mimi is unnerved by their reaction and apprehensive as she finally reaches Floor B45, where giant tubes full of chemicals bubble as scientists examine them. Mimi asks in shock if this really is the underworld and approaches three scientists in labcoats gathered around a device giving off electrical shocks to introduce herself. To her shock they all turn in unison to her and don't reply before turning back to their work, prompting an utterance of "No reaction" in English from Mimi. She quickly finds a ton of blank expense sheets at her new workstation and notes this will likely be what she's taking care of, before receiving an internal notice from Gavin about a "Risk of Explosions". Before she can read it an actual explosion goes off behind her in a purple haze as the three scientists gather around a purple sphere of energy in a tube while the other employees applaud the completion of the energy ball. Mimi irritably wonders if this is an everyday occurrence before turning back to her work, but as the clock ticks over to noon the explosions continue and exhaust poor Mimi. Once noon finally arrives Mimi staggers into the elevator to head to lunchtime, wandering past Yuga's office on the ground floor as he comments that something sounds interesting and catching her attention. She sees he's talking to four of the five siblings from the six Goha Siblings; Yuro, Yujin, Yuka and Yuran. As Yuga tells them he has a lot of interesting ideas as well Mimi repeats their names to herself; Yuro, Yujin, Yuka, Yuran and Yuga, musing that something about the names is bugging her but she's not sure what and as her stomach growls she adds that she's too hungry to think properly.

In the kitchens, the head of the Chef Drones tells all of the other Chef Drones and Romin that their cooking is vital to the health of the Goha employees, so it's no exaggeration to say the Hungry Section is the heart of Goha Enterprises. The Drones and Romin all reply "Oui, chef!" and Romin brings their attention to her Dragias Curry and Prima Guitarna Curry, explaining she made both today. The two Chef Drones on either side of her recoil in shock and Romin claims that making two should double the chance of someone choosing to eat it today (though the Red Chef Drone mutters that two times zero is still zero). Romin eagerly wonders who will be the first to eat her curry. As the employees present their Duel ID cards to order their food, Mimi trudges in and wearily wonders what she should eat before spotting a dish of Dragias Curry and a dish of Prima Guitarna Curry and asking in shock if it's food. She orders a napolitan lunch set, and Romin and the Drones eagerly reply, but then Romin sees Mimi and repeats her name in confusion Meanwhile, the head Chef Drone sees Gavin's internal notice and reads it in utter shock.

As Mimi starts eating her napolitan spaghetti, Romin irritably asks why she isn't eating her curry. Mimi blanches, admitting she forgot to and asks if it was even on the menu. Romin points out her dishes, stating that of course it was and Mimi is shocked to realize that's curry, relieved she didn't order it. Romin bends her ladle in half in anger over Mimi ignoring the curry she put her heart and soul into and warns Mimi she won't forgive her, challenging her to a Rush Duel with the condition Mimi eat her curry if she wins, and she'll have her mix them into a special "Draprigiasmatarna Curry". Her statement sends the head Chef Drone into a panic, though while Romin believes it'll be so good Mimi will cry, Mimi doesn't think it'll taste good at all. The head Chef Drone shoots over and agrees that Romin should Duel Mimi, but if she loses then Dragias Curry and Prima Guitarna Curry will be permanently removed from the menu. Romin agrees, while poor Mimi can only wonder what she's getting roped into before the head Chef Drone begs her to win for the sake of peace within Goha Enterprises. Mimi is utterly lost and the Drone asks in horror why she doesn't get it, didn't she read the company-wide internal notice from the Serious Division Chief this morning? Mimi realizes she did read it, but had forgotten due to the explosions in the Gohanium Section, and recalls that Gavin had urgently notified everyone in a company-wide email of the catastrophic potential Romin's curries could cause if they were ever mixed, to the point the Goha Enterprises Main Office could be destroyed, finishing the email with the statement "Danger: Do NOT Mix". Mimi yelps the statement in terror, and the head Chef Drone begs her not to lose (while Romin has no clue what they're talking about). Mimi declares that she understands and the head Chef Drone quickly asks Mimi to Duel away from them in case something goes wrong. Mimi isn't pleased to realize that she's a sacrifice, but the Gohanium scientist with two-toned hair, Dr. Gamma, claims they have the perfect place for Mimi to Duel. The tall scientist, Dr. Delta, offers the Gohanium Section's Explosive Proof Laboratory for them, a name Romin and Mimi repeat in confusion.

Luke meanwhile trudges through the corridors, lamenting that being a Goha employee is making him so hungry, though then again so did being an elementary schooler. Yuga emerges from his office as Luke passes it, but as they begin to ask if they want to get lunch, Gavin sprints past them screaming that it's an emergency. Luke promptly tells him off for running in the halls and Gavin emphasizes that this is that much of an emergency, to the surprise of Yuga and Luke. He takes them to the Explosive Proof Laboratory, where Romin and Mimi are facing off (Romin in her usual outfit) while the pots of Dragias Curry and Prima Guitarna Curry sit next to each other on a table. Luke stares through the window and gasps that it's Romin's curry and it looks delicious. Gavin protests that it's dangerous, but the dark-skinned scientist, Dr. Zeta, reassures them this place is safe as it's their Explosive Proof Laboratory. Delta agrees there's no place safer for this experiment and Gamma explains the glass is super-reinforced, though Gavin isn't convinced and Yuga is confused by their calling it an experiment. The three scientists tell Romin and Mimi to begin the experiment, and Romin, with her Duel Guitar at the ready, calls "Let's do this!", while Mimi murmurs "Danger: Do not mix" to herself. They both insert their Decks and call "Rush Duel!" deploying the green holographic dome.

Mimi declares her turn and draws, her hand containing "Master's Cure", "Age Again", "Frenzied Panna Cotta", "Coconut Changel of Heart", "Tiramisu Dark Witch". She Summons "Tiramisu Dark Witch", Coconut Changel of Heart" and "Frenzied Panda Cotta", and Luke gasps that they all have such delicious-sounding names as he presses his face against the glass. Mimi Sets two cards and ends her turn.

Romin declares her turn and draws. Her hand containing "Prima Guitarna the Shining Superstar", two copies of "Amusi Performer", "Romanpick", and "Comeback! Feelshock!!", Romin Summons the two "Amusi Performers", and then she Summons "Romanpick". She pays LP to use both "Amusi Performer's" effects, falling to 2400 LP as she explains she can inflict 600 damage to Mimi, and both "Amusi Performers" scream into their microphones, Mimi clapping her hands over her ears as she falls to 3400 LP. Yuga comments that Romin's playstyle of manipulating her own LP is going well while Gavin begs Mimi to do her best and Luke gasps that he's so hungry as he drools over the curry. Romin then pays 500 LP to activate the effect of "Romanpick", falling to 1900 LP as she sends the top three cards of her Deck to the Graveyard ("Psyphickupper", "P Up!" and "Concert Costume Creator") then adds "Psyphickupper" to her hand. She Tributes her two "Amusi Performers" to Tribute Summon, chanting "Let's go live, with a full-body dive. Patience to the limit, overdrive! Prima Guitarna the Shining Superstar! Her long-awaited awesome riff!" Then Romin Tributes "Romanpick" to Tribute Summon "Psyphickupper", and Mimi recoils in fear as it appears with 1800 ATK. Romin then pays 1000 LP, falling to 900, to activate the effect of "Prima Guitarna", increase the ATK of all monsters she controls by 300 for every monster Mimi controls, and with three her monsters each gain 900 ATK, "Prima Guitarna" and "Psyphickupper" powering up to 3100 and 2700 ATK respectively, much to Gavin's dismay (and Yuga's surprise). Romin Sets a card, then tells Mimi the ultimate curry is waiting for her, much to Mimi's terror.

But then both pots bubble out a droplet of curry each, which collide in front of the glass and explode, annihilating the reinforce glass to the shock of Yuga, Gavin, Luke, the three scientists and the three Chef Drones, though the scientists are enamoured by the explosive power of the curry. Luke promptly tries to sneak across the ground to eat it, but the Chef Drones yank him back as Gavin tells him off and Mimi can only watch in bewilderment and ask what the curry is. Romin warns Mimi that she's coming and has "Prima Guitarna" play her best riff for "Tiramisu Dark Witch", destroying her and reducing Mimi to 1800 LP. Then Romin orders "Psyphickupper" to attack "Coconut Changel of Heart", but as "Psyphickupper" unleashes blasts of music from her pigtails, Mimi activates a Trap Card, "Age Again", gaining LP equal to "Psychicupper's" ATK. She rises to 4500 LP and Romin gasps "What?" as the attack hits, destroying the 100 ATK "Coconut Changel of Heart" and reducing Mimi to 1900 LP. Gavin sighs in relief that Mimi managed to hold on, though the head Chef Drone points out they'd have all gone "Ka-boom" had it not been for "Age Again", startling Yuga and Gavin, and Gavin admits the Drone is right. Romin ends her turn, returning the ATK of her monsters to normal.

Mimi declares her turn and draws five cards, "Triple Threat Thunder", "Coconut Changel of Heart", "Dian Keto the Boogie Master", "Bubblyman Shock!", and "Dian Keto the Kitchen Master". She Summons her other "Coconut Changel of Heart" and then Tributes both of her monsters to Tribute Summon, chanting "A woman is constantly evolving. No matter what befalls her, she is like a phoenix that spreads its wings and flies into a new life. So, just where will her next stage be? The kitchen! A sacred place where she makes delicious food that brings happiness! Whether it's the taste of a mother's cooking, a father's, or that of a pro, all is fair! Appear! Dian Keto the Kitchen Master!" The new "Dian Keto" appears with 2500 ATK and as Romin gasps, Mimi discards a card to activate the "Whimsical Cooking" effect of "Dian Keto", sending the top three cards of her Deck to the Graveyard (another "Tiramisu Dark Witch", "Coconut Changel of Heart", and "Frenzied Panda Cotta", represented by them going into a pot that "Dian Keto" is stirring) and then since they were all Aqua monsters, she gains 1000 LP for each. Her LP skyrockets to 4900 as Romin grits her teeth and Gavin cheers (as Luke struggles against the Chef Drones behind him and Yuga), and Mimi follows up by activating "Bubblyman Shock!" She takes damage equal to the combined ATK of Romin's monsters, 4000 in all, but as she drops to 900 LP and Romin gasps in shock, Mimi explains that she can now destroy all monsters Romin controls. "Prima Guitarna" and "Psyphickupper" explode into coloured shards as Romin gasps their names and Gavin cries that Mimi's beaten Romin at her own game.

Mimi orders "Keto" to attack Romin directly, but Romin refuses to let Mimi and activates a Trap Card, "Comeback! Feelshock!!", gaining LP equal to the ATK of the "Psyphickupper" in her Graveyard. She grins as she gains 1800 LP, rising to 2700 LP, and then adds "Psyphickupper" to her hand. Mimi warns her that the attack still continues, and "Keto" opens her pot to reveal a gatling gun that blasts flaming peppers at Romin that engulf her in smoke. Gavin gasps happily, but then Romin emerges from the smoke with a grin as she falls to 200 LP. Mimi grits her teeth as "Dian Keto" dispels her pot and she ends her turn.

Declaring her turn, Romin draws four cards, her hand now containing "Chemical Cure Blue", "CAN:D", "Fusion, "Psyphickupper" and "Blue Medicine". She Summons "CAN:D" and "Chemical Cure Blue", then activates "Blue Medicine" to gain 400 LP, rising to 600. Then she activates the effect of "Chemical Cure Blue", sending "Berry Bassist" from the top of her Deck to the Graveyard to gain 400 more LP and return "Blue Medicine" to her hand. Rising to 1000 LP, she activates "Blue Medicine" again, gaining 400 more LP and rising to 1400 LP, the head Chef Drone worrying that Romin is going at full speed to regain her LP. Romin then Tributes "Chemical Cure Blue" to Tribute Summon "Psyphickupper" and sends another "Romanpick" from the top of her Deck to the Graveyard to activate its effect, reducing its ATK by 800, to 1000, to regain 800 LP. Romin rises to 2200 LP and Mimi recoils as Yuga eagerly celebrates Romin's LP rising above 2000, while Gavin recoils in fear. Romin declares that "CAN:D" and "Psyphickupper" will exit as materials as she proudly holds up her "Fusion" Spell, and Mimi, Yuga, Luke and Gavin all gasp. A blue sphere of light emerges from Romin's Duel Guitar and expands above her, "CAN:D" and "Psyphickupper" fusing together as Mimi gasps in fear, and the new Fusion Monster appears as Romin chants "Resound, my guitar riff! Awaken, my miraculous superdrive! You have the key in your hands. Now go and open the doors of fusion! Omega Psychic-Type, CAN:D LIVE! Fusion Summon!"

"CAN:D LIVE" appears with 2800 ATK and Yuga cries that Romin's new Fusion Monster is so cool, prompting Gavin to tell him this isn't the time for that. Mimi activates a Trap Card, "Master's Cure", increasing the ATK of "Dian Keto" and her LP both by 1000, bringing "Dian Keto" to 3500 ATK and her LP to 1900. But Romin activates the Multi-Choice Effect of "CAND:D LIVE", "Full-Drive Twinkle Edge", grinning as she takes 2000 damage, but then reducing the ATK of all monsters Mimi controls by 3000. "Dian Keto" glows green and slumps over as she falls to 500 ATK and Mimi gasps her monster's name in horror, and Romin orders "CAN:D LIVE" to attack "Dian Keto the Kitchen Master" with "Crossover Omega Drive". "CAN:D LIVE" unleashes a riff of music that blasts twin energy twisters from her drones, engulfing "Dian Keto" and destroying her as she cries "Oh God!" and Mimi screams "Noooo!" as she's blasted off her feet, reducing her LP to zero.

Mimi lands hard on the ground and though Yuga is happy that Romin won, Gavin and the head Chef Drone are horrified by the victory. Mimi gets to her feet and Romin (now back in her chef uniform) cheerfully tells her to enjoy the curry. Mimi blanches in fear, but the three scientists eagerly say they'll help themselves. Romin gets ready to serve up three portions, but they just tell her they'll take the entire pot, much to Romin's joy and the relief of Gavin, Mimi and the head Chef Drone. Romin apologizes for not saving any for Mimi, who frantically reassures Romin that it's all right, so Romin just decides to make more next time for Mimi to try then. Gavin gasps that it seems they're out of danger for now and the Chef Drones all agreed that they're saved, but then Yuga asks where Luke has gone and Gavin and the head Chef Drone freeze in wide-eyed fear.

In their main lab, Dr. Gamma warns Delta and Zeta to be careful with such valuable research material as they examine the two curry pots, and Dr. Zeta excitedly wonders how much power Curry A and Curry B will have when they fuse, Gamma agreeing that it's super exciting. But then they hear a ragged Luke telling them it's not fair they get to keep it all to themselves and they look up in shock to see him standing on a catwalk above them with his spoons, drooling uncontrollably and gasping that he's starving. The scientists try to get Luke to wait, but he snaps that he's done waiting and leaps off the catwalk towards the curry pots. Romin meanwhile is flipping a pancake as Yuga, Gavin and Mimi watch, Yuga admitting that it looks like Romin is having fun and Mimi stating that Romin has such an angelic smile on her face. Then they hear an explosion and they realize it came from underground as purple smoke billows outside the Goha Enterprises Main Building. The three of them head underground to find the Gohanium Section wrecked and everything and everyone splattered with blue and pink curry as Delta coughs and Luke chows down on each curry one spoonful at a time. Yuga can only gasp Luke's name in surprise as Gavin asks if he is okay as Luke states that is explosively delicious and Mimi tells herself she needs to get out of this department as soon as possible, wondering if she can ask Yuga for help, given that he's good friends with the Goha Siblings.

But then Mimi realizes what she hadn't been able to think of when she saw Yuga talking with the Goha Siblings; Yuro, Yujin, Yuka, Yuran, Yuo and Yuga's names all start with "Yu". She wonders in utter shock if Yuga is the sixth Goha Sibling.

Featured Duel: Romin Kassidy vs Mimi Imimi[edit]

Turn 1: Mimi
Mimi's hand contains "Master's Cure", "Age Again", "Frenzied Panna Cotta", "Coconut Changel of Heart", and "Tiramisu Dark Witch". Mimi Normal Summons "Tiramisu Dark Witch" (1500/0), "Coconut Changel of Heart" (100/0) and "Frenzied Panna Cotta" (1200/0). Mimi Sets two cards.

Turn 2: Romin
Romin's hand contains "Prima Guitarna the Shining Superstar", two copies of "Amusi Performer", "Romanpick", and "Comeback! Feelshock!!". Romin Normal Summons two copies of "Amusi Performer" (800/300) and "Romanpick" (500/0). Romin activates the effects of her two "Amusi Performer", paying 800 LP (Romin: 4000 → 3200 → 2400 LP) to inflict 300 damage to Mimi (Mimi: 4000 → 3700 → 3400 LP). As Romin has less LP than Mimi, she activates the effect of "Romanpick", paying 500 LP (Romin: 2400 → 1900 LP) to send the top three cards of her Deck to the GY, and if she sends a Psychic monster from the top of her Deck to the GY with this effect, she can add a Psychic monster from her GY to her hand. Romin sends "Psyphickupper", "JAM:P Up!" and "Concert Costume Creator" from the top of her Deck to the GY, then adds the Psychic "Psyphickupper" from her GY to her hand. Romin Tributes both copies of "Amusi Performer" to Tribute Summon "Prima Guitarna the Shining Superstar" (2200/0). Romin Tributes "Romanpick" to Tribute Summon "Psyphickupper" (1800/0). Romin activates the effect of "Prima Guitarna", paying 1000 LP (Romin: 1900 → 900 LP) to have all face-up monsters she controls gain 300 ATK for each monster Mimi controls. Mimi controls three monsters, so all face-up monsters Romin controls gain 900 ATK ("Prima Guitarna": 2200/0 → 3100/0)("Psyphickupper": 1800/0 → 2700/0). Romin Sets a card. "Prima Guitarna" attacks and destroys "Tiramisu Dark Witch" (Mimi: 3400 → 1800 LP). "Psyphickupper" attacks "Coconut Changel of Heart", but since an Aqua monster Mimi controls was targeted for an attack, she activates her Set Trap "Age Again", gaining LP equal to the ATK of the attacking monster (Mimi: 1800 → 4500 LP). The attack continues and "Coconut Changel of Heart" is destroyed (Mimi: 4500 → 1900 LP).

Turn 3: Mimi
Mimi draws "Triple Threat Thunder", "Coconut Changel of Heart", "Dian Keto the Boogie Master", "Bubblyman Shock!", and "Dian Keto the Kitchen Master". Mimi Normal Summons "Coconut Changel of Heart" (100/0). Mimi Tributes "Frenzied Panna Cotta" and "Coconut Changel of Heart" to Tribute Summon "Dian Keto the Kitchen Master" (2500/1000). As her LP are 2000 or less, Mimi activates the effect of "Dian Keto", sending a card from her hand to the GY to send the top three cards of her Deck to the GY, and if she sends an Aqua monster from her Deck to the GY with this effect, she gains 1000 LP for each Aqua monster sent from her Deck to the GY with this effect. Mimi sends an unknown card from her hand and "Tiramisu Dark Witch", "Coconut Changel of Heart", and "Frenzied Panda Cotta" from her Deck to the GY (Mimi: 1900 → 4900 LP). As Mimi controls a Level 8 or higher monster, she activates the Spell "Bubbylman Shock!", taking damage equal to the combined ATK of all face-up monsters Romin controls (Mimi: 4900 → 900 LP), then destroying all face-up monsters Romin controls. "Prima Guitarna" and "Psyphickupper" are destroyed. "Dian Keto" attacks Romin directly, but since a Level 6 or higher monster declared an attack, Romin activates her Set Trap "Comeback! Feelshock!!", choosing a Level 6 or lower Psychic monster in her GY and gaining LP equal to its ATK, then if she gained 1000 or more LP with this effect she can add that monster to her hand. Romin chooses the 1800 ATK "Psychikupper" (Romin: 900 → 2700 LP), then adds "Psyphickupper" to her hand. The attack continues (Romin: 2700 → 200 LP).

Turn 4: Romin
Romin draws "Chemical Cure Blue", "CAN:D", "Fusion, and "Blue Medicine". Romin Normal Summons "CAN:D" (100/100) and "Chemical Cure Blue" (1300/400). Romin activates the Spell "Blue Medicine", gaining 400 LP (Romin: 200 → 600 LP). Romin activates the effect of "Chemical Cure Blue", sending the top card of her Deck to the GY to gain 400 LP, then she can add any number of "Blue Medicine" from her GY to her hand. Romin sends "Berry Bassist" from the top of her Deck to the GY (Romin: 600 → 1000 LP), then adds "Blue Medicine" from her GY to her hand. Romin activates "Blue Medicine" (Romin: 1000 → 1400 LP). Romin Tributes "Chemical Cure Blue" to Tribute Summon "Psyphickupper" (1800/0). As "Psyphickupper" was Normal Summoned this turn, Romin activates its effect, sending the top card of her Deck to the GY to have it lose 800 ATK until the end of the turn, then gain 800 LP. Romin sends "Romanpick" from the top of her Deck to the GY ("Psyphickupper": 1800/0 → 1000/0)(Romin: 1400 → 2200 LP). Romin activates the Spell "Fusion", Fusion Summoning a monster from her Extra Deck using face-up monsters she controls as materials. Romin fuses "CAN:D" and "Psyphickupper" to Fusion Summon "CAN:D LIVE (2800/2400) in Attack Position. As Romin Special Summoned a Level 7 or higher monster, Mimi activates her Set Trap "Master's Cure", gaining 1000 LP, then choosing a face-up Aqua monster she controls and increasing its ATK by 1000 until the end of the turn. Mimi chooses "Dian Keto" (Mimi: 900 → 1900 LP)("Dian Keto": 2500/1000 → 3500/1000). As Mimi controls a monster, Romin activates the effect of "CAN:D LIVE", either taking 2000 damage and reducing the ATK of all face-up monsters Mimi controls by 3000 until the end of the turn, or gaining 1000 LP and Special Summoning a Level 7 or higher Psychic monster from her GY. Romin chooses to take 2000 damage (Romin: 2200 → 200 LP) and reduce the ATK of all face-up monsters Mimi controls by 3000 until the end of the turn ("Dian Keto": 3500/1000 → 500/1000). "CAN:D LIVE" attacks and destroys "Dian Keto" (Mimi: 1900 → 0 LP).

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.