Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS - Episode 072

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"The Fantastic Underground Luke Factory"
The Luke Division, Newspaper Club and Tracker all gather around the Duel Card Manufacturer.
The Luke Division, Newspaper Club and Tracker all gather around the Duel Card Manufacturer.
Japanese name
RōmajiYume no Chika Rūku Kōjō
TranslatedThe Fantastic Underground Luke Factory
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Japanese OP"Harevutai"
Japanese ED"Never Looking Back"
ScreenplayYamaguchi Hiroshi
DirectorSasaki Shinya
StoryboardSasaki Shinya
Air dates
JapaneseOctober 31, 2021
Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episodes (season 2)
Previous"Danger: Do Not Mix"
Next"A Corporate Entertainment Rush Duel for Adults"
Featured card"Lightning Speed, the Rumbling Report Warship"

"The Fantastic Underground Luke Factory" is the seventy-second episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. It first aired in Japan on October 31, 2021.

Tracker ran into Luke and the others in front of the Goha Enterprises office. He thought that Goha gave off "the smell of money", so he went together with Scoop and Goha #7's Newspaper Club, who were at Goha to do interviews, to Goha’s underground area. They discovered an abandoned factory in the deepest level, as well as a certain machine that seemed like it came straight out of a dream...


Outside the Goha Enterprises Main Office Luke introduces himself twice as a super-elite salaryman who people turn to look at on his morning commute in awe of his coolness (and then he promptly walks into a glass door, prompting giggles from the watching adults). As Security Goha Enterprises Drones surround him, Luke claims that anyone at his level gets a free pass (and he's then promptly unable to pass through the entry gates and is again approached by the Security Drones). In his office, Luke tells Swirly, Yosh (in his Good Max cosplay suit under his uniform), Masahiko, Toshihiko and Bochi that this is his castle and all the world's businesses revolve around this room. He looks back at his "competent, magnificent subordinates" and wonders what kind of storm he'll stir up in the business world today, as the thought is making his heart race. A wooden sign appears reading "Elite Salaryman: Lucidien Kallister", but then collapses, leaving an awkward silence in its wake.

Nico takes a picture of Luke and his subordinates behind his desk and Masaru tells them they all looked super cool, prompting a laugh of "of course, of course!" from Luke. Scoop explains that the Newspaper Club want to have in-depth interviews with everyone who became a Goha Enterprises employee and Masaru begins with his first question: What do they do in the Department of Luke Operations? Luke laughs that his plans for the day are to eat gyoza, as the gyoza the Ramen Hut serve are delicious and full of meat. Swirly nervously reminds Luke that Masaru's asking what work they do and Luke comments that they should have said so, clarifying that their plans are to check out what the others are doing and decide from there. First they visit the General Headquarters Department of Internal Discipline, Serious Division, where Gavin is busy stamping documents with Rayne and Rino's help, as Yosh and Masahiko observe, and Luke decides that they'll have to make some potato stamps later and tells them to jot it down so they don't forget. Next Masahiko takes them to the employee cafeteria, where Romin is busy arguing with the Chef Drones, as they beg her not to make curry, and Luke and his subordinates sweatdrop and quickly head for the Energy Development Division's Gohanium Section. Yosh proudly tells them to witness his mama at works; Mimi is busy pedalling an exercise bike for Dr. Delta, Dr. Gamma and Dr. Zeta, and she spots Yosh and tells him to do his best, Yosh boisterously telling his mother to do so herself and forcing Luke to drag him away. Then they visit the Duel Development Department, but Bochi gets away from Masahiko and Toshihiko and they run after him, catching Yuga's attention as he turns away from the machine he's installed Kaizo into. Yuga explains that he's doing a presentation on a new type of vending machine and he asks if Luke wants to watch, but Luke tells him they're just passing through and don't need any presents. Unfortunately, Bochi urinates on Kaizo, much to Masahiko and Toshihiko's horror, and the three of them are promptly evicted from the building by Security Drones, Yosh commenting that they weren't able to survive the battle.

Scoop asks what their plan for the day is, but then Tracker shows up, commenting that it's been a while, though he has to remind Luke what his name is after Luke calls him the "Sneezecavation kid". He congratulates Luke on his hiring as a division manager and Luke laughs, asking how Tracker's been. Tracker admits it's been rough, as he already excavated all the Maximum Monsters and couldn't find a "Fusion". Swirly is surprised Tracker couldn't get a "Fusion" and Tracker points out that his nose is great for finding things underground, but useless for things that fell from the sky, which was why he got into a big argument with Diggs and Trench that's left the Duel Dinosaur Club on the verge of disbanding. Luke casually admits that sucks and tells Tracker he'll see him later, and Tracker quickly grabs Luke's jacket, asking him not to be a stranger. Luke claims he's busy with his department's plan of gyoza, forcing Swirly to remind him that it's their plan of operations and giving Tracker an idea; he claims he can find them a plan of operations.

Tracker leads them down an underground staircase, and as they use the lights on their Duel Disks to see, Scoop notes they've come a long way down. Tracker claims that a plan of operations means business and business means money, and the smell of money is all around here. Luke isn't impressed when they reach a dead end, but Tracker sneezes as he swings his pickaxe, breaking down a wall. Everyone gasps at what they find beyond (and Nico takes a picture) as Masaru switches the old lights on. Luke asks in shock what this place is and Scoop notes that it seems to be an abandoned factory. Tracker approaches a conveyer belt with spare Security Drone parts lying on it and muses that this isn't it, there's something else here that smells more like a money-maker. He zips around a corner and sneezes three times, and everyone else quickly races over and gasp in shock as the cloud of dust clears (and Nico takes a picture) to reveal a large machine. Masaru turns and addresses the audience, asking who made this mysterious machine found under Goha Enterprises and what it's for, declaring that the shocking answer is coming up next.

Commercial break over, they head up the stairs to the machine, which Swirly deduces to be a Duel Card Manufacturer. Luke asks how Swirly knew, and Swirly points out that it's written right on the side. Scoop's curiosity is piqued and he examines the machine and the controls, noting their similarities to a newspress. He enters some data into the keypad and the machine starts up, ejecting a Duel Monsters card with Luke's face as the artwork, and Scoop proudly introduces it as "The★Luke Division Manager", a Level 99 DRAGON Business monster with 64000 ATK and 80000 DEF and the effect to instantly destroy all monsters the opponent controls when it is placed on the field, then inflict 100 trillion damage when it attacks directly. Swirly swirls in excitement as Luke reads the card and Masaru gasps that he can't believe this situation is unfolding before their eyes, while Scoop explains that he made it as a test and asks what Luke thinks. Naturally Luke thinks it's brilliant, and Scoop notes that given the age of the machine the cards differ from today's Duel Monsters cards, wondering if they were intended as display samples. To everyone's shock Tracker declares they've hit the jackpot and asks Scoop if he thinks the machine could be tweaked to make modern cards. Scoop hesitantly admits that he thinks he can, and Luke realizes what Tracker intends to do. Tracker excitedly confirms that he'll be able to make as many Maximum Monsters and "Fusions" as he wants, or maybe even better cards, much to Luke's shock. Tracker shoves Scoop aside to type out an example: Genius Archaeologist Boy Tracker, a Level 81 GOLD Swindler monster with 89000 ATK and 51000 DEF, and the effect to dig up all the cards in your opponent's Deck and confiscate them for yourself. Swirly and Nico are eager to try as well, and Tracker steps aside and tells them to knock themselves out, so Nico proceeds to make Glasses Girl Nico, a Level 15 CAMERA Newspaper Normal Monster with 25000 ATK and DEF, thanking them for the shot (the flavor text on the card). Swirly then makes Adorable Newbie Swirly, a Level 12 LOVE Swirly Normal Monster with 96000 ATK and DEF, and he reads its flavor text; "My card, swirl!" Masaru and Yosh have a go as well; Masaru makes Assault & Infringement Reporter Masaru, a Level 15 CONVEX Newspaper Normal Monster with 74000 ATK and 10 DEF, posing the question "How does it feel being a card?" in the flavor text, and Yosh makes Post-Apocalyptic Combat King Yosh, a Level 18 FIGHT Son Normal Monster with 44000 ATK and DEF, and the flavor text "I've become a card! I'll have to show this to Mom later!" As everyone enjoys their new Create-a-Cards, Tracker asks Luke what he thinks, as the Department of Luke Operations will florish if he adopts a venture like this and Luke might be able to climb to the top of Goha; he could even become Goha President. Naturally, Luke enjoys the notion, imagining himself as President and his friends, the Goha Siblings, and his sister bowing to him.

But Scoop insists that Luke must not, this is something he absolutely must not do. Everyone looks at him in shock and Luke hastily agrees, claiming he was about to say that, but Tracker sneers and asks if Scoop is serious, as whoever acts first will win the war. Yosh growls that Tracker has abandoned his persona and become a tainted irredeemable evil, and Tracker asks what's wrong with that. Yosh charges, snapping that Tracker shall be punished, but Tracker declares an Excavation Spiral and twirls his pickaxe, popping Yosh's cosplay suit and tearing his uniform to pieces, leaving him crumpled half naked on the ground as Swirly, Nico, Masaru and Scoop watch in shock (and then Nico takes a picture, earning her incredulous glances from the others). Tracker suggests to Luke that they carry this machine out, but Bakura begs them to wait, declaring that Goha #7 Elementary's Newspaper Club are a media of justice and he cannot turn a blind eye to acts like this. Luke tries to break Scoop and Tracker up but Tracker laughs and calls Scoop a riot, since the world isn't kind enough for stuff like justice, honesty and purity. Scoop admits Tracker might be right, but even so he will uphold justice as part of the mass media (despite Luke's weak protests), so Tracker suggests they decide who's right with a Duel, if Scoop can win that is, and he straps on his Duel Disk. Scoop accepts Tracker's challenges and straps on his own Duel Disk, and as Luke tries talking to them they ignore him, insert their Decks into their Duel Disks, and call "Rush Duel!" deploying the blades of their Duel Disks and the holographic green sphere.

Scoop declares that news is all about speed and he declares his turn and draws. His hand containing "Printing Presser", "Scoop Scooter", "Soul of a Reporter", "Reportrain" and "Reprinter", Scoop Sets a card, then Summons "Reportrain" and "Scoop Scooter". He Tributes them both to Tribute Summon, chanting "There it is! I got the exclusive scoop! Spin, spin, spin, my printing press! Bring on out the newspaper extra, Printing Presser!" Tracker snickers as "Printing Presser" appears with 2300 ATK and Scoop sends another "Printing Presser" from the top of his Deck to the Graveyard to activate the effect of the first one, explaining that Tracker will be forced to reveal the top five cards of his Deck, then for every monster revealed "Printing Presser" will gain 100 ATK. He explains that he calls this effect "Scandal Break". Tracker scoffs and holds up "Platinumdon", "Zenigebazauls", "Mech Threizinoraptor", "Terrorsaur Sternptera", and "Celebrontosaurus", telling Scoop to look as much as he wants. Scoop grins and notes that they're all monsters, thanking Tracker as "Printing Presser" rises to 2800 ATK, then adding that Tracker now returns the cards to the bottom of his Deck in any order. Tracker buries them in the order he revealed them in, and Scoop activates a Spell Card, "Reprinter", Special Summoning a Machine monster from his Graveyard with the same name as the "Printing Presser" he controls. Reviving his other "Printing Presser", Scoop ends his turn, returning the ATK of the first "Printing Presser" to normal. Swirly asks if Luke is okay with this, since they'll end up tainting their hands with a corrupt business if Tracker wins, but Luke has been staring at "The★Luke Division Manager" and hasn't been paying attention, though he tries to laugh it off, much to Swirly's disappointment.

Tracker declares his turn and draws another "Zenigebazauls", his hand also containing "Financial Fighting Spirit", "Dinosaur Crush", "Upstart King Rex", and "Coevolutionary Miracle". First he sends "Upstart Goblin" from the top of his Deck to the Graveyard to activate the Spell Card "Financial Fighting Spirit", changing the battle position of the first "Printing Presser", which looses its footing and slumps to the ground, and then Tracker can draw another card. Next Tracker Summons "Upstart King Rex" and activates its effect, allowing them both to draw a card. Scoop smiles and thanks Tracker as they both draw, Tracker smirking at his draw. Tracker adds that the effect of "Upstart King Rex" also allows him to Set "Upstart Goblin" from his Graveyard, and he promptly activates the Spell to draw a card, chuckling at his draw, then adding that Scoop gains 1000 LP. Scoop grimly notes that Tracker is being pretty generous as "Upstart Goblin" glows gold and increases his LP to 5000, though he notes that bribery won't work on a reporter of justice. Tracker asks if Scoop forgot what he said earlier, much to his confusion, and Tracker reminds him that there's no place in this world for justice to thrive as he holds up three cards.

"Upstart King Rex" goes to the Graveyard as Tracker places three cards on his Duel Disk; "Great Imperial Dinocarriage Dynarmix", "Great Imperial Dinocarriage Dynarmix [L]", and "Great Imperial Dinocarriage Dynarmix [R]". As the cards rush out on their road, Tracker chants "With an exceptional sense of excavation! And the envy of all, Jurassic! I'll trample on even my seniors to climb up in the world! Tracker! Trackerer! Trackerist! Maximum Summon! Great Imperial Dinocarriage Dynarmix!" The three massive dinosaurs appear with 3400 MAXIMUM ATK as Scoop recognizes the monster and Swirly cries that it's a Maximum. Luke admits he thought Tracker had sold it already because he wanted money and Tracker arrogantly claims that his Maximum is much more valuable than Diggs or Trench, who have served their purpose, so of course he didn't sell it. He rudely tells Scoop to just try and show him the power of justice, and as Scoop scowls, Tracker discards a card to activate the Spell "Dinosaur Crush", destroying Scoop's Set "Soul of a Reporter". Tracker adds that there's more and he discards "Zenigabazauls" to activate the "God-Trackering Blaster" effect of "Dynarmix" and destroy Scoop's two "Toughroids". "Dynarmix [L]" breathes a pillar of energy from its jaws, engulfing and shattering both "Toughroids" as Scoop laments the loss of his last means of defense. Tracker gleefully tells "Dynarmix" to destroy justice in the name of business and orders its "Giant Dynarmix Impact" attack, the three dinosaurs roaring and blasting a column of energy into the sky to bring an asteroid down on Scoop, who screams as it approaches and flattens him, reducing him to 1600 LP as he gasps on his hands and knees. Tracker giggles that it's unfortunate that he couldn't end the Duel now and ends his turn as everyone watches in shock. Scoop struggles to get to his feet and Tracker asks if he's getting scared in the face of defeat, but Scoop declares that his name is Scoop Pitman. Tracker asks what of it, and Scoop gets up, declaring that he'll use his newspaper abilities to reveal the truth, the truth of this Duel (his Japanese name means "reveal the truth").

As Tracker flinches backwards, Scoop declares his turn and draws four cards. His hand now containing "Reporter Raccoon Miketan, "Scoop Scooter", "Reportrain", "Fusion", and "Tile Burn", Scoop Summons "Reportrain" and "Scoop Scooter" again and Tracker scoffs that he thought Scoop would do something amazing given all his talk about truth but he's just Summoned two scrub monsters. Scoop Tributes "Reportrain" to Tribute Summon "Reporter Raccoon Miketan", who strikes a pose, and Tracker notes that raccoon statues are said to be symbols of good luck, laughing that he can just smell the news, but Scoop tells him that this raccoon is an envoy of the news here to expose Tracker's corruption, much to Tracker's confusion. Scoop sends "Miketan" to the Graveyard to activate her effect, and she bows and waves goodbye as Scoop Special Summons a "Printing Presser" from his Graveyard in face-up Defense Position, then he adds a "Scoop Scooter" from his Graveyard to his hand. Tracker laughs that gathering up all those small fry won't help Scoop reveal the truth behind "Dynarmix", boasting that "Dynarmix" is a symbol of power that can supress and cover up any news coverage. But Scoop comments that if sheer numbers won't work, how about if they unite as one? Tracker gasps and Scoop activates "Fusion", chanting "Reveal, reveal, reveal it all! Tear down that iron curtain with a massive warship! Broadcast! Report! Gossip! Fusion Summon! Lightning Speed, the Rumbling Report Warship!" He fuses "Printing Presser" and "Scoop Scooter" into a massive warship shaped like a pistol with 2900 ATK, and Tracker freaks out as Yosh asks what it is and Nico takes a photo. Luke comments that it's a new Fusion Monster and Swirly asks if Luke knew about it. Luke confirms that he did, just now.

Scoop sends the other "Scoop Scooter" in his hand to the Graveyard to activate the Spell "Tile Burn", forcing Tracker to reveal the bottom five cards of his Deck and inflicting 400 damage to him for every monster revealed, Tracker scowls as he holds up the "Platinumdon", "Zenigebazauls", "Mech Therizinoraptor", "Terrorsaur Sternptera", and "Celebrontosaurus" he'd placed on the bottom of his Deck previously and Scoop declares that those five monsters represent Tracker's secrets, he'll take 2000 damage with them revealed. Tracker freaks out and gasps that he's been exposed as he falls to 2000 LP and Scoop politely asks him to return those monsters to the top of his Deck. Tracker scowls and he does so, and Scoop sends "Reporting from the Scene!" from the top of his Deck to the Graveyard to activate the "Blitzkrieg" effect of "Rumbling Report Warship", declaring that he'll be revealing all of Tracker's secrets and telling him to reveal the top seven cards of his Deck. Tracker blanches and howls in dismay as he reveals "Platinumdon", "Zenigebazauls", "Mech Therizinoraptor", "Terrorsaur Sternptera", "Celebrontosaurus", "Jurassic World", and "Dinosaur Crush", and Scoop explains that one monster Tracker controls will lose 500 ATK for each monster revealed until the end of the turn. Tracker begs Scoop to stop as he's revealing too much and protests that this is an invasion of his privacy as "Dynarmix" looses 2500 ATK, falling to 900. Nico takes photo after photo, gasping that this is a wonderful barrage of reports, and Masaru notes that they say the pen is mightier than the sword, but this is a cannon of reveals. Scoop notes that Tracker might have a Maximum, but he doesn't have a "Fusion", the truth that Tracker revealed at the beginning of the Duel that has led to his downfall. Tracker gasps and Scoop orders "Lightning Speed, the Rumbling Report Warship" to attack, chanting "Targeting sights operational! Distance and bearing confirmed! All guns of the revelation cannon, lock on! Fire!" "Lightning Speed" opens fire, blasting "Dynarmix" away, and Tracker screams that he's a victim of fake news as he's blown off his feet, his LP reduced to zero.

The Solid Vision fades and Tracker sobs on his hands and knees that he just wanted to live in a mansion with a pool, drive around in a luxury car and live a life where he can play every day, he just wanted to chase that small little dream. Luke asks Tracker if his dream is something he can buy with money, and as Tracker looks up at him, Luke tells Tracker that if he works under him, he'll show him what a real dream is. Tracker is shocked by Luke's offer and Yosh happily tells Tracker good for him, but then a piece of rubble falls in front of Swirly and everyone looks up to see cracks forming in the ceiling. The roof suddenly caves in and the kids duck as rubble crashes around them, the smoke clearing to reveal the destroyed Duel Card Manufacturer. Swirly admits that was a shock and Yosh laments the loss of the Duel Card Manufacturer, but Luke notes it's probably for the best. Tracker is impressed by Luke's decision, but then a metal bowl falls from the ceiling and hits his hardhat, knocking him senseless. Nico promptly helps herself to a picture of the classic gag and Luke sweatdrops, but then notices a Duel Monsters card in a lanyard lying next to Tracker and picks it up, He asks what it is and Scoop notes that it looks like a Duel ID card.

But then Luke gasps in shock as he looks at the name on the Duel ID card, and he passes it to everyone as they all say the name in surprise before taking it back: Yuga Goha.

Featured Duel: Scoop Pitman vs Tracker[edit]

Turn 1: Scoop
Scoop's hand contains "Printing Presser", "Scoop Scooter", "Soul of a Reporter", "Reportrain" and "Reprinter". Scoop Sets a card. Scoop Normal Summons "Scoop Scooter" (0/200) and "Reportrain (1300/200). Scoop Tributes "Reportrain" and "Scoop Scooter" to Tribute Summon "Printing Presser" (2300/1600). Scoop activates the effect of "Printing Presser", sending the top card of his Deck to the Graveyard to force Tracker to excavate the top five cards of his Deck, and for each excavated monster, "Printing Presser" will gain 100 ATK until the end of the turn, then Tracker places the excavated cards on the bottom of his Deck in any order. Scoop sends another "Printing Presser" from the top of his Deck to the Graveyard and Tracker excavates "Platinumdon", "Zenigebazauls", "Mech Threizinoraptor", "Terrorsaur Sternptera", and "Celebrontosaurus", then places them on the bottom of the Deck in the same order so "Celebrontosaurus" is on the bottom. ("Printing Presser": 2300/1600 → 2800/1600). Scoop activates the Spell "Reprinter", Special Summoning a monster with the same name as a Machine Type monster he controls from his Graveyard, but it cannot attack directly or activate its effects this turn. Scoop Special Summons his other "Printing Presser" (2300/1600) from his Graveyard in Attack Position.

Turn 2: Tracker
Tracker's hand contains "Financial Fighting Spirit", "Dinosaur Crush", "Upstart King Rex", and "Coevolutionary Miracle". Tracker draws "Zenigebazauls". Tracker activates the Spell "Financial Fighting Spirit", sending the top card of his Deck to the Graveyard to choose a Level 7 or higher monster Scoop controls and change its battle position, then Tracker can draw a card. Tracker sends "Upstart Goblin" from the top of his Deck to the Graveyard and changes a "Printing Presser" to face-up Defense Position, then draws a card. Tracker Normal Summons "Upstart King Rex" (700/1000). As Scoop has no cards in his hand, Tracker activates the effect of "Upstart King Rex", allowing both players to draw a card, then Tracker can Set one "Upstart Goblin" from his Graveyard to his Spell & Trap Zone. Tracker and Scoop each draw a card, then Tracker Sets "Upstart Goblin" from his Graveyard. Tracker activates his Set Spell "Upstart Goblin", drawing a card, then Scoop gains 1000 LP (Scoop: 4000 → 5000 LP).

Tracker sends "Upstart King Rex" to the Graveyard and Maximum Summons "Great Imperial Dinocarriage Dynarmix", "Great Imperial Dinocarriage Dynarmix [L]", and "Great Imperial Dinocarriage Dynarmix [R]", entering Maximum Mode (3400 MAXIMUM ATK). As Tracker controls a Level 7 or higher Dinosaur Type monster, he activates the Spell "Dinosaur Crush", sending a card from his hand to the Graveyard to choose a Set card Scoop controls and destroy it. Tracker sends "Coevolutionary Miracle" from his hand to the Graveyard and destroys Scoop's Set "Soul of a Reporter". As "Dynarmix" is in Maximum Mode and Scoop controls no Level 9 or higher monsters, Tracker activates its effect, sending a monster from his hand to the Graveyard to choose up to two monsters Scoop controls and destroy them. Tracker sends "Zenigebazauls" to the Graveyard and destroys both copies of "Printing Presser". "Dynarmix" attacks Scoop directly (Scoop: 5000 → 1600 LP).

Turn 3: Scoop
Scoop's hand contains "Reporter Raccoon Miketan, "Scoop Scooter", "Reportrain", "Fusion", and "Tile Burn". Scoop Normal Summons "Reportrain" (1300/200) and "Scoop Scooter" (0/200). Scoop Tributes "Reportrain" to Tribute Summon "Reporter Racoon Miketan" (1600/1000). Scoop activates the effect of "Miketan", sending it to the Graveyard to Special Summon "Printing Presser" from his Graveyard in face-up Defense Position, then he can add one "Scoop Scooter" or "Soul of a Reporter" from his Graveyard to his hand. Scoop Special Summons "Printing Presser" (2300/1600) from his Graveyard in face-up Defense Position and adds "Scoop Scooter" from his Graveyard to his hand. Scoop activates the Spell "Fusion", Fusion Summoning a monster from his Extra Deck using face-up monsters he controls as materials. Scoop fuses "Printing Presser" and "Scoop Scooter" to Fusion Summon "Lightning Speed, the Rumbling Report Warship" (2900/2500) in Attack Position. As Scoop controls a face-up EARTH Machine Type monster, he activates the Spell "Tile Burn", sending an EARTH Machine Type monster from his hand to the Graveyard to force Tracker to reveal the bottom five cards of his Deck, and for each revealed monster Tracker takes 400 damage, then Tracker places the revealed cards on top of his Deck in any order. Tracker reveals "Platinumdon", "Zenigebazauls", "Mech Therizinoraptor", "Terrorsaur Sternptera", and "Celebrontosaurus" (Tracker: 4000 → 2000 LP). Scoop activates the effect of "Lightning Speed", sending the top card of his Deck to the Graveyard to force Tracker to excavate the top seven cards of his Deck, and for each excavated monster all face-up monsters Tracker controls lose 500 ATK, then Tracker places the excavated cards on top of his Deck in any order. Scoop sends "Reporting from the Scene!" from the top of his Deck to the Graveyard and Tracker excavates "Platinumdon", "Zenigebazauls", "Mech Therizinoraptor", "Terrorsaur Sternptera", "Celebrontosaurus", "Jurassic World", and "Dinosaur Crush" ("Dynarmix": 3400 → 900 MAXIMUM ATK). "Lightning Speed" attacks and destroys "Dynarmix" (Tracker: 2000 → 0 LP).

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.