Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS - Episode 074

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"Duel Zombie"
The elite zombie Summons three Zombie monsters.
The elite zombie Summons three Zombie monsters.
Japanese name
RōmajiDyueru Zonbi
TranslatedDuel Zombie
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Japanese OP"Harevutai"
Japanese ED"Never Looking Back"
ScreenplayMatsui Aya
DirectorFukumoto Shinichi
StoryboardFujiwara Ryouji
Air dates
JapaneseNovember 14, 2021
Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episodes (season 2)
Previous"An Adult's Corporate Entertainment Rush Duel"
Next"The Mystery Behind Yuga"
Featured card"Cyber-Stein Shrine"

"Duel Zombie" is the seventy-forth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. It first aired in Japan on November 14, 2021.

A zombie showed up in Goha's office, throwing everyone into a panic! The people working there were turned into zombies one after another. Gakuto managed to escape somehow, but then found the talking zombie, Zo Ikitenai, standing in his way. In order to save the people who were turned into zombies, Gakuto began a Survival Duel!


As Super Mobile Fortress Sixross orbits Earth, Yuro, Yuran, Proprietress, Yuka and Yujin all convene over the news that Yuga might be the sixth Goha Sibling. Yuka asks if Yuga really is their sibling and Yuro calls it a full throttle surprise. Meanwhile, stormclouds gather over the Goha Corporation Main Office as Yuo looks out of the window of his office with the President Drone, musing that he needs to hurry his preparations for the next big stage of the Yuo Troupe. Then alarms sound all across the Goha Corporation and everyone looks around in shock. Rinnosuke bursts into the Serious Division, gasping to Gakuto that this is an emergency, and he stammers to Gakuto and Ranze that everyone has turned into zombies. Poor Gakuto can only ask what he means by zombies.

Chaos quickly spreads through the Goha Corporation as the zombies quickly overwhelm the non-zombified, and as Gakuto, Ranze and Rinnosuke look over the Gohanium Section, Gakuto asks what happened, wondering how the zombies even got into the building. Rinnosuke spots Mimi beings cornered by four zombies and points her out, and Gakuto recognizes the zombies as the ones who challenged him, Luke and Romin to Duels during the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal, wondering if they were real zombies after all. Mimi is quickly surrounded and asks what this is, begging the zombies not to come any closer, and Ranze gasps that they have to save her, Gakuto calling out to Mimi. Mimi tells them to run, claiming she'll be fine and warning them they'll be zombified if they lose a Duel to them before being overwhelmed and disappearing under the zombies. Gakuto cries her name and Rinnosuke urges him to leave as it's too dangerous here now, Ranze reminding Gakuto that he has to stay alive as the heir to Sogetsu Style. Gakuto grits his teeth, but he reluctantly agrees.

As the zombies clog the halls, Rinnosuke hits the button for the elevator and Gakuto laments how time always seems to crawl at a snail's pace in times like these. Then he stiffens, and as Ranze asks what's wrong, Gakuto turns to look at the elevator and notes that he's got a bad feeling about this, and sure enough the elevator is full of zombies when it arrives. Gakuto yelps that he knew it and he, Ranze and Rinnosuke quickly flee, Ranze praising his insight and Gakuto admitting he actually likes zombie movies a lot. Rinnosuke gets them to hurry to the stairs and Ranze agrees, explaining there's a large Drone at the building's helipad intended for emergencies. As they reach a higher floor, Rinnosuke notes that there don't seem to be any zombies on the upper floors yet and they're pretty slow anyway, prompting Gakuto to freeze in alarm again and recall what happens to those who let their guard down in a zombie movie. Bochi then breaks through a small window, Gakuto recognizing the little dog and realizing it's become a zombie dog, and Masahiko and Toshihiko tumble out of a room with shining eyes and dull expressions. Ranze and Rinnosuke move to guard Gakuto, who gasps in shock that the zombies got Masahiko and Toshihiko, but then Yoshio rounds the corner in his cosplay suit, telling them to leave this to him and apologizing in advance as he clotheslines his friends and knocks them senseless. Gakuto gasps that he's glad Yoshio is all right, and Yoshio admits that he is, but sobs over his failure to protect his friends as they get back up. Then another horde of zombies approaches from the staircase and Rinnosuke gasps that they're catching up, while Yoshio laments that they got Mama too as he spots Mimi at the front. Then Toshihiko grabs Ranze and Masahiko grabs Rinnosuke, Bochi leaping onto his legs and biting his pants, and Gakuto cries that he forgot to warn them about getting distracted when zombies are nearby. Yoshio tells Gakuto to leave this to him and Ranze and Rinnosuke agree, urging Gakuto to leave. Gakuto protests, but Yoshio pushes him at the upper staircase and orders him to go, and Gakuto finally agrees, apologizing as he sprints up the stairs. As Ranze and Rinnosuke struggle against Toshihiko and Masahiko, Yoshio tries to block the other zombies, but falters when he sees Mimi holding up her Duel Disk, and Yoshio readies his own Duel Disk, but Gakuto soon hears him scream "Mama!" in terror.

Gakuto stops to rest outside the bathroom, gasping that there's still hope and he has to get help, before grimly noting that in such situations an outbreak will have spread worldwide by now. Then zombies approach from both sides and Gakuto dashes into the bathroom in terror, prompting a voice to beg the zombies not to come in twice. Gakuto realizes that Luke is hiding in one of the stalls and asks him to let him in, but Luke claims that while he wants to, nothing can get out so nothing can get in. Gakuto tries the other three stalls, but only finds zombies in each and a cleaning cupboard, and then the zombies enter the bathroom. Gakuto backs up and Luke asks in terror what's happening, crying that Gakuto is the only one who can get the zombies away from him. Then Swirly pokes his head out of a vent in the ceiling and beckons Gakuto over, and as Gakuto quickly climbs into the roof Luke asks if that was Swirly and desperately asks what's going on. Swirly gasps that he made it in time and Gakuto thanks Swirly for saving him. Luke begs Swirly to save him too and screams in terror, Gakuto ruefully noting that it's a rule that the selfish don't survive in zombie films.

They land in the staff canteen's kitchen and Gakuto is promptly whacked with a pan by Romin, who quickly apologizes when she realizes they aren't zombies. But they soon have a situation; the barricade Romin has set up begins to shake and Gakuto notes it was only a matter of time. Romin comments on the zombies' persistence and vows she'll beat them all up as she brandishes her pan, and Gakuto asks how she survived so long. Romin explains she was so absorbed with cooking curry in the back room she didn't notice the chaos, clarifying that it was Dragias Curry when asked. Gakuto gets an idea and tells Romin to finish her curry while they handle this, and she asks in confusion if he's hungry, but hurries off to do so, though she still doesn't understand his plan. Gakuto and Swirly brace the barricade, Gakuto declaring they have to defend this point no matter what until Romin finishes the curry. A few minutes pass as Romin cooks and Gakuto desperately asks if it isn't done yet, though Romin is dissatisfied with the flavor and dumps a jar of purple powder into the Dragias Curry. This promptly sets the curry off, and it swells into a blue surge that quickly fills the Goha Corporation hallways and carries everyone away. Swirly finds himself all alone, gasping that they're saved and sampling some of the curry, noting that it tastes quite nice, unaware of a red-eyed figure sneaking up behind him...

Gakuto trudges up the curry-stained stairs, having been separated from everyone he decides the only thing he can do now is escape to get help for everyone. He finally makes it to the helipad and spots the evacuation Drone, but as he sprints to it the Drone takes off and Yuo waves at him from inside, claiming the Drone is for the President's exclusive use. Gakuto begs him to wait, but not for him, he knows that the selfish will meet with a terrible fate and is proven right when a zombified Hunt dives at Yuo from inside the Drone, which begins to crash. Gakuto notes this is the rule of a zombie film and tells Yuo to take the lesson to heart. But then the zombies burst onto the helipad, Mimi, Yoshio, Masahiko, Toshihiko, Ranze, Rinnosuke and Romin at their head, and Gakuto grimly notes that everyone has been zombified. They divide to reveal a zombified Yuga, who drones his own name, and Gakuto cries that even Yuga, their last hope and the creator to Rush Dueling has become a zombie. Yuga trudges forwards and says his name again, and another zombie walks out from behind Gakuto and declares that he'll have to turn Gakuto into a zombie on the order of Zombie King Yuga. Gakuto is shocked that a zombie can talk, but the zombie tells him not to worry about it and challenges Gakuto to a Duel. Gakuto is surprised by the challenge, but after seeing the other zombies with their Duel Disks ready he accepts the zombie's challenge and throws off his uniform to reveal his kimono, vowing that he'll defeat them all and find a way to cure Yuga and the others post-haste. Gakuto and the zombie both call "Rush Duel!" and insert their Decks into their Duel Disks, deploying the blades and the green holographic dome.

Gakuto declares his turn and draws, his hand containing "Be Silent", "Lady of the Birth Stars, Re-Earth", "Forbidding Warrior", "Wicked Warding Weasel's Wind", and "Mask of Good Omens". He Sets the two monsters, declaring he'll make a wall to keep the zombies out, and then Sets the other three cards in his hand one after the other, ending his turn now that he's built his defense against the zombies.

The zombie notes that it's his turn now and draws, his hand containing "Cyber-Stein Shrine", "Samba Zombie Rio", "Masked Zombie Venice", "Zombie Carnival", and "Surprising Zombie Victory". First he Summons "Samba Zombie Rio" and "Masked Zombie Venice", and then he Tributes them to Tribute Summon, chanting "Who's that? Who's that? The monster rotting away... Brought to life with a zap! Come forth! Cyber-Stein Shrine!" Fireworks go off as "Cyber-Stein Shrine" appears with 2500 ATK and Gakuto protests that Frankenstein is a different genre than zombies, though the zombie tells him not to worry about it and sends another "Masked Zombie Venice" from the top of his Deck to the Graveyard to activate the effect of "Cyber-Stein Shrine", Special Summoning two Zombie Type monsters from his Graveyard. He revives "Venice" and "Rio", and all of his monsters strike a pose with him as he declares it's time for the zombie carnival, activating the "Zombie Carnival" Field Spell Card to surround them with a graveyard. As the other zombies all raise their arms and call "zombie" in unison, the zombie explains that the effect of "Zombie Carnival" increases the ATK and DEF of Zombie monsters by 100 for each Zombie Type monster on the field. As "Venice", "Rio" and "Cyber-Stein Shrine" dance their ATK rises 1600, 1800 and 2800 respectively and Gakuto gasps that it's a Lantern Festival dance, but the zombie claims it's a dance of victory and activates another Spell Card, "Suprising Zombie Victory", changing the battle positions of all monsters Gakuto controls. Gakuto gasps as "Forbidding Warrior" and "Re-Earth" change to Attack Position and the zombie adds that he can also increase the ATK of all his zombies by 100 for each Zombie Type monster in his Graveyard. "Venice", "Rio" and "Cyber-Stein Shrine" power up again to 1700, 1900 and 2900 ATK respectively, and the zombie claims he's just getting started, ordering "Cyber-Stein Shrine" to attack with "Funga Blast".

As "Cyber-Stein Shrine" blasts energy from its arm and back cannons, Gakuto activates a Trap Card, "Mask of Good Omens", increasing the ATK of "Forbidding Warrior" to 1600, though it's still destroyed by the attack of "Cyber-Stein Shrine", reducing Gakuto to 2700 LP. The zombie claims that even if Gakuto beats one zombie, another will be there to take its place and that's the rule of a zombie film. Declaring "Let's Samba", he orders "Rio" to attack "Re-Earth", and "Rio" emits a cloud of spores that consume "Re-Earth" and reduce Gakuto to 1900 LP. The zombie comments that Gakuto is running out of places to hide and declares that "Masked Zombie Venice" will finish him off. He orders a direct attack from "Venice" which approaches Gakuto and breathes glowing particle on him, reducing him to 200 LP. The zombie comments that it looks like they've run out of Zombies, and he ends his turn, the other zombies all chanting "Zombie!" in English.

Gakuto wonders if he'll lose his humanity or become a zombie first, and decides he has to end it on this turn, declaring his turn and drawing five cards. First he Summons two monsters; "Valkyrian Sewkyrie" and "Soul of Death Reversal", and then he sends two cards ("Battle Commander Nandes" and "Turtle Keeper of Traditions") from the top of his Deck to the Graveyard to activate the effect of "Soul of Death Reversal", Special Summoning the "Turtle Keeper of Traditions" he just sent to the Graveyard in Defense Position. Gakuto Tributes "Soul of Death Reversal" to Tribute Summon "Forgiving Immortal", then changes her to Defense Position to activate her "Entanglement" effect, changing "Cyber-Stein Shrine" to Defense Position and reducing its DEF by 600, to zero. The zombie protests that's so mean and asks Gakuto to stop, but Gakuto chants "No, I will not stop!" and Tributes "Turtle Keeper of Traditions" and "Forgiving Immortal" to Tribute Summon "Yamiruler the Dark Delayer". Then Gakuto activates "Fusion", and Yuga chants "Zo-zo-zo!" happily as the zombie begs Gakuto to stop, but Gakuto chants "To stop or not to stop—the answer is no! Countless cries pry open the stone door—and what light through yonder cave breaks! Fusion Summon! Come forth, Celestial Warrior Type! Yamiterasu the Divine Delayer!"

The zombies all cower from "Yamiterasu's" radiance and Gakuto activates his face-down "Wicked Weasel's Warding Wind" to increase the ATK of "Yamiterasu" by 1000, to 4000. The zombie yelps "Zombie?!" in terror and Gakuto adds that the zombie will also have to change one of his monsters to Defense Position. The zombie protests that he doesn't have any choice and switches his lower-ATK "Venice" into Defense Position. Gakuto then sends "Piercing!" from the top of his Deck to the Graveyard to activate the Multi-Choice Effect of "Yamiterasu", "Revised Policy", changing "Samba Zombie Rio" into Defense Position as well. The zombie protests, but then asks if this means that Gakuto won't be able to damage him. Gakuto explains this isn't his goal and states that he can activate a Spell Card when his opponent controls no Attack Position monsters. The zombie frantically looks around, noting his monsters are all in Defense Position and begins to ask why that matters, but Gakuto activates "Be Silent", changing all of the zombie's monsters into Attack Position, then reducing the ATK of "Cyber-Stein Shrine" by 1000 for each monster he controls. With three monsters, "Cyber-Stein Shrine" falls to zero ATK and the zombie gasps that Gakuto purposefully switched his monsters to Defense Position just to activate "Be Silent". Gakuto confirmed that he did, vowing to make the zombie pay for turning all his friends into zombies. He orders "Yamiterasu" to attack with "Heavenly Flight: Slash of Resurrection" and "Yamiterasu" leaps onto its fan and charges forwards, destroying "Cyber-Stein Shrine" as the zombies all cry "Zombie!" and the zombie is blasted off his feet, crying that he's all out of live as his LP falls to zero.

Gakuto gasps that he did it as he stands over the zombie, but to his shock he hears clapping and turns to see the other zombies applauding him, Yuga commenting that he knew Gakuto would be the last one standing. Poor Gakuto is utterly bewildered as Yuga notes the time isn't up yet, but then the 3pm toll sounds and a voice announces the end of recreation time, asking the employees to go back to their duties. Gakuto spots writing on the holographic Goha Corp logo reading "Become a zombie!" and Yuga realizes Gakuto didn't get the memo, showing him a flyer advertising the event. Gakuto asks in shock if it was like a costume party and Yuga confirms that it was, wiping his face clean of the makeup he was using. Gakuto asks what he just said in shock and looks around to see everyone else wiping themselves down too, Romin admitting it was fun and Mimi wishing it went on a little longer. Yoshio praises his mother's acting, and she tells him that he, Masahiko and Toshihiko were good actors too. Gakuto can only stammer "Actors..." as Yuga explains he took a course with four people famous for their zombie acting; four students with dark makeup over their eyes are congratulating Ranze and Rinnosuke, Ranze embarrassed by how well she acting and Rinnosuke admitting he enjoyed scaring people. The "zombie" who Dueled Gakuto casually introduces himself as the president of Goha 4th Elementary's Zombie Duel Club, Zo Ikitenai, and his colleagues all say "Zombie.." in chorus. Poor Gakuto can only ask in shock if this was all an act and sinks to his knees, asking why he was running like his life depended on it. Bochi races over and yips at Gakuto as he realizes that even Bochi was acting and he laughs weakly.

Down in Goha City, Hunt winces next to the crashed evac Drone and admits he got so caught up in playing a zombie he almost actually died, while Yuo, stuck in a tree above him, rants about how they can't just go on recreation time without the president's permission. And in the toilet, Swirly is clawing at Luke's stall ferociously and swirling as Luke protests that recreation time is over and he asks in terror if Swirly is a real zombie.

Featured Duel: Gakuto Sogetsu vs Zo Ikitenai[edit]

Turn 1: Gakuto
Gakuto's hand contains "Be Silent", "Lady of the Birth Stars, Re-Earth", "Forbidding Warrior", "Wicked Warding Weasel's Wind", and "Mask of Good Omens". Gakuto Sets two monsters. Gakuto Sets three cards.

Turn 2: Zo
Zo's hand contains "Cyber-Stein Shrine", "Samba Zombie Rio", "Masked Zombie Venice", "Zombie Carnival", and "Surprising Zombie Victory". Zo Normal Summons "Samba Zombie Rio" (1500/0) and "Masked Zombie Venice" (1300/0). Zo Tributes "Rio" and "Venice" to Tribute Summon "Cyber-Stein Shrine" (2500/0). As Zo has a Level 4 or lower Zombie Normal Monster in his GY, he activates the effect of "Cyber-Stein Shrine", sending the top card of his Deck to the Graveyard to Special Summon two Level 4 or lower Zombie Type Normal Monsters from his Graveyard. He sends another "Masked Zombie Venice" from the top of his Deck to the Graveyard, then Special Summons "Samba Zombie Rio" and "Masked Zombie Venice" in Attack Position. Zo activates the Field Spell "Zombie Carnival". The effect of "Zombie Carnival" increases the ATK/DEF of all Zombie monsters on the field by 100 for each face-up Zombie Type monster on the field. Zo controls three Zombie Type monsters ("Rio": 1500/0 → 1800/300)("Cyber-Stein Shrine": 2500/0 → 2800/300)("Venice": 1300/0 → 1600/0). As Zo controls two or more Zombie Type Normal Monsters, he activates the Spell "Surprising Zombie Victory", choosing up to three monsters Gakuto controls and changing their battle positions, then all Zombie Type monsters he controls gain 100 ATK for each Zombie Type Normal Monster in his GY. Zo changes Gakuto's Set "Forbidding Warrior" (1200/0) and "Re-Earth" (1100/800) to Attack Position and has one Zombie Normal Monster in his GY ("Rio": 1800/300 → 1900/300)("Cyber-Stein Shrine": 2800/300 → 2900/300)("Venice": 1600/0 → 1700/0). "Cyber-Stein Shrine" attacks "Forbidding Warrior", but as a monster Zo controls declared an attack, Gakuto activates his Set Trap "Mask of Good Omens", choosing a face-up Warrior Type monster he controls and increasing its ATK equal to its Level x 100. He chooses "Forbidding Warrior" ("Forbidding Warrior": 1200/0 → 1600/0). The attack continues and "Forbidding Warrior" is destroyed (Gakuto: 4000 → 2700). "Rio" attacks and destroys "Re-Earth" (Gakuto: 2700 → 1900 LP). "Venice" attacks Gakuto directly (Gakuto: 1900 → 200 LP).

Turn 3: Gakuto
Gakuto Normal Summons "Valkyrian Sewkyrie" (0/1400) and "Soul of Death Reversal" (0/1000). As he controls another monster with 0 ATK, Gakuto activates the effect of "Soul of Death Reversal", sending the top two cards of his Deck to the GY, and if he sends a monster with 0 ATK to the GY with this effect, he can Special Summon a Normal Monster with 0 ATK from his GY. Gakuto sends "Battle Commander Nandes" and "Turtle Keeper of Traditions" from the top of his Deck to the GY, then Special Summons "Turtle Keeper" (0/1400) from his GY in Defense Position. Gakuto Tributes "Soul of Death Reversal" to Tribute Summon "Forgiving Immortal" (0/1800). Gakuto activates the effect of "Forgiving Immortal", changing it from Attack Position to face-up Defense Position to choose an Attack Position monster Zo controls and change it to face-up Defense Position and have it lose 600 DEF until the end of this turn. Gakuto changes "Forgiving Immortal" and "Cyber-Stein Shrine" from Attack Position to face-up Defense Position ("Cyber-Stein Shrine": 2800/300 → 2800/0). Gakuto Tributes "Forgiving Immortal" and "Turtle Keeper" to Tribute Summon "Yamiruler the Dark Delayer" (2500/2500). Gakuto activates the Spell "Fusion", Fusion Summoning a monster from his Extra Deck using face-up monsters he controls as materials. Gakuto fuses "Yamiruler the Dark Delayer" and "Valkyrian Sewkyrie" to Fusion Summon "Yamiterasu the Divine Delayer" (3000/3000) in Attack Position. Gakuto activates his Set Spell "Wicked Warding Weasel's Wind", choosing a Level 6 or higher monster he controls to have it gain 1000 ATK until the end of the turn, then Zo can change an Attack Position monster he controls to face-up Defense Position. He chooses the Level 9 "Yamiterasu" ("Yamiterasu": 3000/3000 → 4000/3000), then Zo changes "Venice" to face-up Defense Position. Gakuto activates the effect of "Yamiterasu", sending the top card of his Deck to the GY to either have "Yamiterasu" gain 500 ATK and prevent either player from Special Summoning Level 9 or lower monsters in Attack Position while it is face-up on the field until the end of Zo's next turn, or change the battle position of a monster on the field. Gakuto sends "Piercing!" from the top of his Deck to the GY and chooses to change the battle position of a monster on the field, changing "Rio" from Attack Position to face-up Defense Position. Gakuto activates his Set Spell "Be Silent", changing any number of face-up Defense Position monsters Zo controls to Attack Position, then choosing a face-up monster Zo controls and reducing its ATK by 1000 for each monster whose battle position was changed by this effect. Gakuto changes "Venice", "Cyber-Stein Shrine", and "Rio" to Attack Position, then chooses "Cyber-Stein Shrine" ("Cyber-Stein Shrine": 2900/0 → 0/0). "Yamiterasu" attacks and destroys "Cyber-Stein Shrine" (Zo: 4000 → 0 LP).

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.