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"The Mystery Behind Yuga"
Mimi believes the seven Yugas to be body doubles to protect President Yuga.
Mimi believes the seven Yugas to be body doubles to protect President Yuga.
Japanese name
RōmajiYūga no Nazo
TranslatedThe Mystery Behind Yuga
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Japanese OP"Harevutai"
Japanese ED"Never Looking Back"
ScreenplayMatsui Aya
DirectorYamamoto Ryuta
StoryboardYamamoto Ryuta
Air dates
JapaneseNovember 21, 2021
Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episodes (season 2)
Previous"Duel Zombie"
Next"The Merciless Tiger"
Featured card

"The Mystery Behind Yuga" is the seventy-fifth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. It first aired in Japan on November 21, 2021.

Gavin and the others are trying to determine whether Yuga is really the sixth Goha president. However, they run into Asana, who tells them that investigating someone behind their back isn't what friends should do. And so, Roa challenges Asana to a Duel in order to pursue the mystery behind Yuga!


Gavin, Romin, Roa and Mimi are waiting for Yuga and Luke at the Road Laboratory, Roa remarking that Yuga and Luke sure are late. Romin gets an idea and suggests they go to Yuga's house, much to her friends' surprise, and Romin points out how little they really know about Yuga; what kind of house he lives in, what his parents are like, or even whether he has any siblings. Roa and Mimi gasp and Gavin laments that he's failed as the Student Council President and the Serious Division Chief; he should know all about the students or employees and yet he can't believe how little he knows about Yuga. As Gavin cries that the darkest place is under the candlestick and asks how he could have missed the elephant in the room, Romin suggests they go to Yuga's house, since then they'll know for sure if he's the sixth of the Goha Siblings. Mimi agrees, admitting she'd forgotten all about that and noting that while they don't know for sure, she's certain Yuga is the sixth Goha Sibling. Gavin protests that isn't certain, though Roa points out he can't be certain and admits he likes Romin's idea, prompting a blush and a smile from his cousin, and Mimi cheerfully calls "Let's-a go!" in English since they're all in agreement.

As they head through the streets, a Goha Enterprises Drone records them, showing the feed to Yuo and the President Drone in his office and reporting that Yuga isn't currently with his friends. Yuo irritably wonders where Yuga ran off too and states they'll hold an emergency meeting as soon as he's found, telling the President Drone to make preparations for it, the Drone leaving to acquiesce.

Asana is driving R6 through the city streets, asking herself if Yuga is the last sibling and heir to the vile Goha Enterprises but thinking there's no way that's true. R6 rumbles and Asana asks if R6 agrees too, but she remembers her second Rush Duel with Yuga and admits it's not unthinkable Yuga's prodigy in creating Rush Dueling is due to him being a Goha president, wondering what the truth is. Then she sees Gavin, Roa, Romin and Mimi approaching and stops next to them, Gavin gasping her name in surprise and Roa greeting her in English as "pretty baby". To their surprise R6 rumbles, and Asana tells Roa that R6 is asking if he won't greet it too. Roa is surprised, but quickly greets R6 as "pretty baby" too, prompting another rumble from R6 that Asana relays as it claiming not to be a baby, but way older than Roa, much to his surprise. Asana adds that R6 also isn't someone who calls girls "baby" because he's a gentleman, unlike Roa. Roa blanches in shock and Mimi tells R6 she'd be dancing with joy if Roa called her "baby". Romin asks if Asana was on her way to the Road Laboratory and Asana quickly denies that she was, though Romin is skeptical and Asana looks away with a blush. Romin smiles and Roa suggests she come with them to Yuga's house, much to her surprise. Roa clarifies they're trying to find out if Yuga is really a Goha President and Asana asks if Yuga knows about this, and when Gavin uncomfortably admits he doesn't, Asana tells them they're just going behind his back. Romin comments that she doesn't like how Asana said that and Asana asks what happens if he isn't home. Romin claims it'll be even better since they can just investigate in secret, something Asana calls disgraceful; how can they sneak behind his back as his friends. Gavin and Roa gasp as Romin and Mimi look at them, and R6 rumbles, Asana adding that it agrees.

Roa comments that Asana is too serious, much to her surprise, and Roa adds that she's too cute to frown and suggests she smile instead with a wink. Mimi quickly praises Roa, but freezes up after Asana glares at her and apologizes for being childish. Roa comments that they're heading off to Yuga's house now and starts walking away with Romin, Gavin and Mimi slowly following as Romin looks back at Asana and smirks. Though taken aback by Romin's glance, Asana tells them they'll have to defeat her first if they want to go to Yuga's house and she takes out her Deck. Roa, Gavin and Mimi gasp in surprise and Romin sharply asks Roa what he'll do. Roa muses on the notion of a Duel with Asana and admits that it's interesting, agreeing to be Asana's opponent as Mimi whispers his name. They relocate to a nearby park to Duel and Roa suggests they go, Asana declaring she'll fight with the pride of the Heavy Cavalry Way. They both call "Rush Duel!" and insert their Decks into their Duel Disks, deploying the blade of Roa's Disk and R6's Solid Vision projectors as the green holographic sphere materializes around them.

Roa declares his turn and the greatest, best draw. His hand containing "Royal Rebel's Grunge", "Royal Rebel's Fanatic", "Royal Rebel's Phaser", "Gatekeeping Gargoyle" and "Royal Rebel's No Wave", Roa Summons "Royal Rebel's Fanatic" and "Royal Rebel's Phaser". "Fanatic" waves as Roa Tributes her to Tribute Summon "Gatekeeping Gargoyle", and then he sends "Royal Rebel's No Wave" from his hand to the Graveyard to activate the effect of "Gatekeeping Gargoyle", increasing its Level by on, to Level 7. Then Roa sends "Phaser" to the Graveyard to activate its effect, Special Summoning "No Wave" from his Graveyard in Defense Position. He Tributes "Gargoyle" to Tribute Summon "Royal Rebel's Grudge" and then changes "Grudge" to Defense Position to activate its effect, "Grudge" blasting purple sound waves from its hand as Roa explains Asana will take 500 damage. Asana falls to 3500 LP without flinching as Roa adds that he can draw a card as well, then Sets a card to end his turn.

Asana declares her turn and draws, her hand containing "Constructor Brawler Mixah", "Constructor Wyrm Buildragon", "Bucket-wheel Force", "Buried Shield", and "Snows of Blisstopia". First she activated the Field Spell "Snows of Blisstopia", surrounding them all in the snowy peaks as Mimi, Gavin and Romin look around. Then Asana Summons "Constructor Brawler Mixah" and activates its effect, sending the top card of her Deck to the Graveyard. The card ejects from Asana's Deck and she taps it, confirming the action, R6 rumbling in confirmation, and then Asana slots the card into her Graveyard. As she sent the Normal Monster "Constructor Princess Pylon" to the Graveyard, she draws another card. Asana adds that she can Tribute Summon with only one Tribute due to the effect of "Snows of Blisstopia", so she Tributes "Mixah" to Tribute Summon, chanting "No path lies before you. As you press on, a path is built behind you! Continue on into eternity, o infinite track! Constructor Wyrm Buildragon, engage!" Asana then activates the "Infinity Reclamation" effect of "Buildragon", Special Summoning "Pylon" from her Graveyard. Then she declares "Fusion!" and slots the Spell Card into her Duel Disk as everyone gasps in shock. Fusing "Buildragon" and "Pylon", Asana chants "Paint the infinite construction dream! Construct the incarnation of build action! Fusion Summon! Infinidream Constructor Wyrm Buildrim, engage!"

As "Buildrim" appears with 3000 ATK, Mimi cries "Oh no!" and Gavin and Romin gasp, Roa gritting his teeth. Asana sends "Snows of Blisstopia" to the Graveyard to activate the "Arcadia Banish" effect of "Buildrim", destroying "No Wave" and "Gruge". "Buildrim" stabs its tail into the ground and lasers blast from holes beneath Roa's monsters, shattering them into rainbow shards as Roa grimaces. Asana then sends three cards from the top of her Deck to the Graveyard to activate the Spell Card "Bucket-wheel Force", confirming the cards herself again with R6. She reveals "Constructor Demolition Wyrm Dracrush", "Constructor Heavenly Wyrm Gantry Dragon", and another "Dracrush", all Level 7 of higher monsters, so "Buildrim" gains 1500 ATK until the end of the turn. Roa watches warily as Asana also takes a "Dracrush", "Mixah" and "Gantry Dragon" from her Graveyard and places them on top of her Deck, before Setting a card. Gavin worries that Asana will One Turn Kill Roa at this rate and it'll be all over and Mimi cries Roa's name, but Roa just grins. Asana orders a direct attack from "Buildrim", but Roa tells her to hold on a moment and as Asana gasps "What?" Roa activates a Trap Card, "Card Reprint", drawing five cards; "Royal Rebel's Shout", "Royal Rebel's Blues", "Royal Rebel's Command", Royal Rebel's Gospel" and "Royal Rebel's Doom Metal". He explains that he gains 200 LP for each monster he drew and his LP rises to 4800, Gavin noting that Roa only just avoided a One Turn Kill by increasing his LP, Mimi noting that she sees. Asana claims the battle has only just begun and orders "Buildrim" to attack with "Ultimate Pride Crush", "Buildrim" clashing its arms together before blasting a torrent of rainbow energy from them, knocking Roa off his feet and onto his back as he falls to 300 LP. Mimi cries Roa's name in worry and Asana ends her turn, the ATK of "Buildrim" returning to normal.

Roa declares his turn and draws, then having drawn "Royal Rebel's Hard Rock", he Summons "Royal Rebel's Shout", before Tributing it to Tribute Summon "Royal Rebel's Blues". He discards "Royal Rebel's Command" to activate the effect of "Blues", Special Summoning "No Wave" from his Graveyard, and then Summons "Royal Rebel's Gospel". Roa then changes "Royal Rebel's Gospel" to Defense Position to activate its effect, changing "Blues" to Defense Position as well and then increasing the Levels of "Blues" and "Gospel" by 4 each, to 9 and 7 respectively. Gavin notes that now Roa has at least two Level 7 or higher monsters now and Roa Tributes "No Wave" and "Gospel" to Tribute Summon, chanting "A red-hot blast beat scream that tears through the gates of hell. A death rush requiem that submerges darkness into the light. Come, king of the demons! Annihilate everything that you touch! Royal Rebel's Doom Metal!" Roa comments that now it's time to use the effect of "Doom Metal", but Asana returns "Snows of Blisstopia" from her Graveyard to her Deck to activate the Trap Card "Buried Shield", changing "Doom Metal" to face-down Defense Position and increasing the ATK of "Buildrim" by 500 until the end of the turn. "Doom Metal" vanishes, replaced by the card hologram, and "Buildrim" rises to 3500 ATK as Asana smiles in satisfaction. Roa comments that Asana has a cute smile, prompting a frown from her, and he notes that switching his monster face-down and increasing the ATK of her own was the right choice, but sometimes the right choice isn't always the best choice. Asana hesitantly asks what Roa is saying and Roa comments that Asana said that sneaking around behind Yuga's back was a betrayal of his trust, and she's right and just in saying so. But Asana is the same as they are, isn't she? Usually she's surrounded by people, but she's alone today. Asana narrows her eyes and Roa comments that she came here today to find the truth about Yuga as well, and as Asana turns away silently, Roa adds that she's so curious as to whether Yuga is one of the Goha Siblings or not, so it's strange that she's criticizing them. The right choice can be overturned sometimes - like right now.

Asana gasps and Roa Tributes "Blues" and "Doom Metal" to Tribute Summon, chanting "Sound rules the world. Resound, the screams of hell! The overture of the apocalypse! Soar to even greater heights! Scream your heart out on the ultimate stage! Royal Rebel's Hard Rock!" The four-winged "Royal Rebel's" appears with 2500 ATK and Roa activates its "Aggressive Burning" effect, inflicting damage to Asana equal to the difference between the ATK of "Hard Rock" and "Buildrim". "Hard Rock" raises its left arm, unfurling a gatling gun and blasting green bullets that storm past Asana, reducing her to 2500 LP. Roa adds that "Hard Rock" will also gain the ATK of "Buildrim", and it powers up to 6000 ATK as Asana gasps the ATK value, and Gavin gasps that Roa overturned the right choice, while Mimi can only utter a "Wow..." Roa declares that it's his victory and he tells "Hard Rock" to sing and lure Asana into hell, ordering its "Resonate Demisedge" attack. "Hard Rock" unleashes a loud scream into its microphone, radiating massive green soundwaves that destroy "Buildrim" and blast Asana off R6, reducing her LP to zero.

Gavin calls Asana's name as the Solid Vision vanishes, and Asana gets up and brushes herself down, admitting that she lost and will back out gracefully, but warning then not to forget that once they've betrayed their friend they will never be able to earn his trust again. With that, she drives away on R6.

Romin leads them to a neighbourhood, explaining that Yuga's house is supposed to be around here, though they're shocked by the odd geometry of the houses, including several that appear to have vertically mirrored sections. Gavin spots Yuga walking down an alleyway and Roa calls out for Yuga to wait as they want to ask him something, but Yuga doesn't respond. They run after him, but just as they see Yuga go down an alleyway, Yuga suddenly emerges from a nearby building , and before long they're seeing him everywhere. Gavin, Roa and Mimi split up to go after him, while Romin watches from the central area as they fruitlessly try to catch up with Yuga. It's not long before poor thirty seven-year old Mimi doesn't have the energy to keep up with the kids and Roa wonders if Yuga was always this fast. Eventually they all reunite with Romin, and she tells them to look; seven Yugas emerge from bushes and buildings, much to Gavin and Mimi's utter shock. The Yugas call out to them, asking if they came to see him, or did they come to investigate him? Roa asks in shock just how many of them are there, and they reply there's seven of them of course, Gavin repeating the number in shock. Gavin asks if these are clones and Romin gasps that this must be why he didn't tell them anything about his family or siblings, Mimi crying that she knew Yuga was the sixth Goha Sibling, because these must be body doubles to protect the real President Yuga. The Yugas comment that they've finally figured out why he's been keeping his identity a secret and can't believe they went behind his back, calling them awful. They all take out their Decks and declare that they'll settle this as they surround Gavin, Romin, Roa and Mimi, and Gavin notes they have no choice, Roa agreeing. They all call "Let's go! Rush Duel!"

But Asana tells them to halt, yelling that they aren't Yuga. She drives towards them on R6 - with Romin seated behind her in a dress and carrying dozens of shopping boxes. Gavin and Roa are shocked to see another Romin and wonder if the Romin with them is a clone too. Romin jumps off R6 and Romin kicks Roa away with a cry of "Romin Kick!", and Roa yells "Jump Set!" as Mimi calls Roa's name in dismay. Romin isn't happy Roa couldn't tell the difference between her and an imposter and Roa lands and turns in shock as he asks "An imposter?" Romin stomps over to confront her smirking imposter, asking who she is and telling her to reveal herself. The other Romin doesn't respond, and Gavin, Roa and Mimi look back and forth between the two Romins before the Romin that had been with them grins and suddenly the bodysuit the imposter had been wearing falls to the ground.

Nanaho Nanahoshi leaps out of her disguise and onto a nearby roof, admitting they got caught, and the seven Yugas leap away and reveal themselves to be the boy in the beetle hat and the boy with the mantis backpack from the Dueling Insects Club, in addition to five other boys in pillbug hats and ninja outfits. Asana explains that she happened to run into Romin, who had been distracted by several people wearing eyemasks selling her things and had quickly racked up a stack of purchases by the time Asana found her. As Asana rests her hands on her knees and sighs in exasperation, Roa looks at the stack of packages in shock and Romin grumbles it was a dirty trick and vows not to forgive Nanaho for pretending to be her and deceiving everyone. Nanaho laughs and she comments that she's learned a lot today, like how easy it is to manipulate them. Gavin gasps "What?!" and Nanaho comments that their beloved friendship with Yuga seems like nothing but a farce. Roa can only grit his teeth and Nanaho claims that Yuga and Luke are doing their best to help Swirly right now, causing Gavin to remember that Swirly had been acting strangely since the Zombie Party and Mimi realizes that Swirly still isn't back to normal as they all imagine Yuga and Luke with Swirly in a forest, a chain tied to his tail and held by Kaizo. Nanaho asks what they were doing despite that, commenting that they let her trick her and do whatever she suggested, and they tried to betray Yuga. Gavin, Roa and Mimi are lost for words and Nanaho laughs, asking how they could ever beat them with such pathetic teamwork. When they don't respond, Nanaho tells her club members to withdraw and they leap away as Nanaho comments that she was just doing some field research today, but tells them not to forget that their plans will get even more interesting from here on out. She leaps away as well, telling them she'll see them later.

Roa apologizes to Asana and holds out his hand, admitting they played into the palm of Nanaho's hand. Gavin bows and politely asks Asana to forgive them, Mimi bowing as well and apologizing. Asana reassures them it's all right and reminds them she was weak as well and doubted Yuga, apologizing to them as well and shaking Roa's hand. Romin admits she's glad they could make up, and Gavin and Roa agree, Asana nodding in agreement as well and Mimi tears up from joy.

Meanwhile, Yuga, Luke, Swirly and Kaizo reach an abandoned insect-themed amusement park in the forest with a sign reading "Nanahoshi Insect Ninja Village"...

Featured Duel: Roa Kassidy vs Asana Mutsuba[edit]

Turn 1: Roa
Roa's hand contains "Royal Rebel's Grunge", "Royal Rebel's Fanatic", "Royal Rebel's Phaser", "Gatekeeping Gargoyle" and "Royal Rebel's No Wave". Roa Normal Summons "Royal Rebel's Fanatic" (0/0) and "Royal Rebel's Phaser" (100/0). Roa Tributes "Fanatic" to Tribute Summon "Gatekeeping Gargoyle" (1600/1200). Roa activates the effect of "Gatekeeping Gargoyle", sending a monster from his hand to the Graveyard to increase the Level of a monster he controls by 1 until the end of the turn. He sends "No Wave" from his hand to the Graveyard and increase the Level of "Gatekeeping Gargoyle" ("Gatekeeping Gargoyle": Level 6Level 7). As Roa controls a Level 7 or higher Fiend Type monster, he sends "Phaser" to the Graveyard to activate its effect, Special Summoning a Level 7 or higher Fiend Type monster from his Graveyard in face-up Defense Position. He Special Summons "Royal Rebel's No Wave" (0/2600). Roa Tributes "Gatekeeping Gargoyle" to Tribute Summon "Royal Rebel's Grunge" (1500/0). Roa activates the effect of "Grunge", changing it to face-up Defense Position to inflict 500 damage to Asana (Asana: 4000 → 3500 LP), then draw a card if he controls a Level 7 of higher Fiend Type monster in Defense Position. Roa Sets a card.

Turn 2: Asana
Asana's hand contains "Constructor Brawler Mixah", "Constructor Wyrm Buildragon", "Bucket-wheel Force", "Buried Shield", and "Snows of Blisstopia". As Roa controls a Level 7 or higher monster, Asana activates the Field Spell "Snows of Blisstopia". The effect of "Snows of Blisstopia" allows both players to Tribute Summon Level 7 or higher Wyrm Type monsters with one less Tribute. Asana Normal Summons "Constructor Brawler Mixah" (1200/400). As "Mixah" was Normal Summoned this turn and Asana controls a Field Spell, she activates its effect, sending the top card of her Deck to the Graveyard, then if she sends a Normal Monster with this effect, she can draw a card. She sends "Constructor Princess Pylon" and draws a card. Asana Tributes "Mixah" to Tribute Summon "Constructor Wyrm Buildragon" (2500/2000). As there is a face-up Field Spell on the field, Asana activates the effect of "Buildragon", Special Summoning a Wyrm Type Normal Monster from her Graveyard. She Special Summons "Constructor Princess Pylon" in Attack Position (100/0). Asana activates the Spell "Fusion", Fusion Summoning a monster from her Extra Deck using monsters she controls as material. She fuses "Constructor Wyrm Buildragon" and "Constructor Princess Pylon" to Fusion Summon "Infinidream Constructor Wyrm Buildrim" (3000/2500) in Attack Position. Asana activates the effect of "Buildrim", sending a card in her Field Zone to the Graveyard to destroy two monsters her opponent controls. She sends "Snows of Blisstopia" to the Graveyard and destroys "Grunge" and "No Wave". As Asana controls a Wyrm Type monster, she activates the Spell "Bucket-wheel Force", sending three cards from the top of her Deck to the Graveyard, then if they were all Level 7 or higher monsters, one monster she controls will gain 1500 ATK until the end of the turn, then she can place three monsters from her Graveyard on top of her Deck in any order. She sends the Level 7 "Constructor Demolition Wyrm Dracrush", the Level 8 "Constructor Heavenly Wyrm Gantry Dragon", and another Level 7 "Dracrush" from the top of her Deck to the Graveyard and chooses to increase the ATK of "Buildrim" ("Buildrim": 3000 → 4500/2500), then chooses to place a "Dracrush", "Mixah" and "Gantry Dragon" on top of her Deck. Asana Sets a card. "Buildrim" attacks Roa directly, but as his opponent's monster declared an attack, Roa activates his Set Trap "Card Reprint", drawing five cards and revealing them, then gaining 200 LP for each monster revealed by this effect. He draws and reveals "Royal Rebel's Shout", "Royal Rebel's Blues", "Royal Rebel's Command", "Royal Rebel's Gospel" and "Royal Rebel's Doom Metal", then gains 800 LP since he drew four monsters (Roa: 4000 → 4800 LP). The attack continues (Roa: 4800 → 300 LP).

Turn 3: Roa
Roa's hand contains "Royal Rebel's Shout", "Royal Rebel's Blues", "Royal Rebel's Command", "Royal Rebel's Gospel", "Royal Rebel's Doom Metal" and "Royal Rebel's Hard Rock". Roa Normal Summons "Royal Rebel's Shout" (1200/0). Roa Tributes "Shout" to Tribute Summon "Royal Rebel's Blues" (1100/0). As "Blues" was Normal Summoned this turn, Roa activates its effect, sending a Spell/Trap from his hand to the Graveyard to Special Summon a Level 7 or higher Fiend Type monster from his Graveyard in Defense Position, but he cannot attack with non-Fiend Type monsters this turn. He sends "Royal Rebel's Command" to the Graveyard and Special Summons "Royal Rebel's No Wave" from his Graveyard (0/2600). Roa Normal Summons "Royal Rebel's Gospel" (500/0). Roa activates the effect of "Gospel", changing it to Defense Position to choose another Level 5 or higher Attack Position monster he controls and change it to Defense Position, then increase both of their Levels by 4 until the end of the turn. He changes "Blues" to Defense Position ("Gospel": Level 3 → Level 7, "Blues": Level 5Level 9). Roa Tributes "No Wave" and "Gospel" to Tribute Summon "Royal Rebel's Doom Metal" (2500/2000). As Roa Normal Summoned a monster, Asana activates her Set Trap "Buried Shield", returning a Field Spell from her Graveyard to her Deck to change the Summoned monster to face-down Defense Position, and if she does she can choose a Wyrm Type monster she controls and increase its ATK by 500 until the end of the turn. She returns "Snows of Blisstopia" to her Deck, changes "Doom Metal" to face-down Defense Position, then increases the ATK of "Buildrim" ("Buildrim": 3000 → 3500/2500). Roa Tributes "No Wave" and "Doom Metal" to Tribute Summon "Royal Rebel's Hard Rock" (2500/2000). As "Hard Rock" was Normal Summoned this turn by Tributing two Level 7 or higher monsters, Roa activates its effect, choosing a Level 7 or higher monster Asana controls and inflicting damage to her equal to the difference in ATK between that monster and "Hard Rock", then increasing the ATK of "Hard Rock" by the ATK of the chosen monster until the end of the turn. He chooses the Level 9 "Buildrim" (Asana: 3500 → 2500 LP)("Hard Rock": 2500 → 6000/2000). "Royal Rebel's Hard Rock" attacks and destroys "Buildrim" (Asana: 2500 → 0 LP).

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.


  • When Nanaho in disguise as Romin mentions that they don't know anything about Yuga's house, parents, and siblings, silhouettes of locations and characters from other media are shown: