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"Travel Companions"
Gavin, Asana and Nail all regain their memories through the feelings of their friends.
Gavin, Asana and Nail all regain their memories through the feelings of their friends.
Japanese name
RōmajiTabi no Nakamatachi
TranslatedTravel Companions
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Japanese OP"Harevutai"
Japanese ED"Never Looking Back"
Air dates
JapaneseJanuary 23, 2022
Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episodes (season 2)
Previous"Daor of the Rush"
Next"The Two Ideals"
Featured card"Semeterasu the Celestial Summoner"

"Travel Companions" is the eighty-third episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. It first aired in Japan on January 23, 2022.

Rino goes all-out against Gavin in a Rush Duel to help him regain his memories. Inspired by Rino, Galian and Seatbastian Duel against their masters, Asana and Nail, who have also lost their memories like Gavin.


In the Hologram Man's chamber, Gavin activates the "Lone Horseman's Charge" effect of "Kimeruler the Dark Raider" by sending "Yamiruler the Dark Delayer" from the top of his Deck to the Graveyard, and Rayne gasps that Gavin will be able to attack Rino directly with "Kimeruler" now. Gavin then activates the effect of "Mezame the August Awakener", adding "Yamiruler" from his Graveyard to his hand (also containing "Ancient Turtle Protector" and "Bonded Bowing"), before Summoning "Ancient Turtle Protector" and Tributing it and "Mezame" to Tribute Summon, his two aides moving his cards for him as Rino and Rayne flinch back. Gavin chants "I will put a stop to your foolishness. I'll make you regret it so much you'll wish you were never born! Yamiruler the Dark Delayer!" Rayne frets over the "Yamiruler" they've come to know feeling completely different as Rino flinches back and Gavin changes "Yamiruler" to Defense Position to activate "Bonded Bowing", drawing a card, Setting that card, and then changing "Yamiruler" back to Attack Position to activate its "Commander's Decree" effect. Luke gasps that it's the Yamilock and Gavin orders "Kimeruler" to attack Rino directly with "Demon Commander: Slash of Decisive Commandment". "Kimeruler" blasts energy from its spear and strikes Rino in the gut, dropping him to one knee and his LP to 1500 as Rayne gasps her twin's name. Yuga and Luke worry over Rino's LP dropping below Gavin's, as this means the effect of "Clematis the Shadow Flower Armor" no longer protects it from being destroyed by battle. Gavin orders "Yamiruler" to attack "Clemantis" with "Demon Commander: Slash of Heavenly Commandment", and it bisects "Clemantis", destroying it.

Gavin declares it foolish to expect him to accept Rush Dueling, calling its existence nothing but a stain on the pristine Sogetsu family crest. To his shock, Rino agrees that the Sogetsu crest is precious, though he warns Gavin that it will be rust and be covered in moss if it is left to lie. Rino states that a great man realized this and tried his best to challenge it, and that was Gavin. He tears off his uniform to reveal a pink hoodie, aqua wig and purple hat with "Rin" written on it, declaring "C'mon, Sogetsu's crest is the best!" much to the utter shock of Rayne, Yuga, Luke, Kaizo and Gavin.

Elsewhere, Romin is practicing with her guitar while Princess G watches from inside, but Romin suddenly gets the shivers and wonders why.

Luke praises Rino for being so prepared and Rino begins telling Gavin (in rap) if he remembers that this is how he looked when he tried to change things. Poor Gavin can't believe what's going on, but remembers a flash of himself doing the "Gavining" hand sign and asks in shock what it was. Rayne realizes they're getting through to Gavin and discards her kuroko clothes to reveal her own hoodie and cap, calling her brother "RSK" as she joins in in rapping, while Yuga, Kaizo, Luke and Gavin watch in bewilderment.

Outside Goha #6 Elementary, Galian activates the Spell Card "Card Destruction", and Asana, controlling "Constructor Wyrm Buildragon", discards the card in her hand as Galian declares he'll discard four cards and then draw four cards. He looks back at Zomyoji, Chevelle and Trapigeon and exchanges nods with them, drawing the first card, "Bull Breaker". He winces at the draw, but vows he'll definitely fulfill the desires of everyone who cares about Asana, declaring he'll draw the next three at once. Zomyoji, Chevelle, Trapigeon and Asana all gasp as Galian draws three cards - Zomyoji's Duel ID card, transforming into "Wyrm Excavator the Heavy Cavalry Draco [L]", Trapigeon's, transforming into "Wyrm Excavator the Heavy Cavalry Draco" and Chevelle's ID card, which transforms into "Wyrm Excavator the Heavy Cavalry Draco [R]". He holds up the three shining cards and cheers that he got it and Asana asks what he got, remembering Galian and Chevelle asking Zomyoji for a favor; without her knowledge they had given Galian their Duel ID cards, Galian declaring he'd received their feelings. Galian gasps happily as he looks at the three cards and Chevelle and Zomyoji gasp as Galian chants "Cry! Resound! O dragon of black steel!" and places the three cards down, Zomyoji chanting "Erase the mountains, gouge out the earth!" Trapigeon coos loudly and Chevelle translates his coos as "Spread the Heavy Cavalry path over the whole world, coo!" They all cry "Maximum Summon! Come forth! Wyrm Excavator the Heavy Cavalry Draco!!" As "Wyrm Excavator" looms over Asana with 3500 MAXIMUM ATK, Asana asks in shock what it is.

In the Nexus, Seatbastian has just Maximum Summoned as well, remembering Nail giving him his "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor" cards and telling him to dispose of them, as they went against providence. Now Seatbastian chants Heaven, earth, light, darkness, creation, despair, eternity, demise, destiny. This is the new myth which will permeate throughout the world. Using your three sets of insight, now is the time to bestow reason upon all of creation. Come forth! Yggdrago the Sky Emperor‎‎‎‎!!"

As "Wyrm Excavator" looms over Asana, now with 3800 MAXIMUM ATK, Galian declares that they'll start digging now their souls have joined as one, vowing they'll excavate the feelings Asana is hiding deep within her heart. Asana gasps as "Wyrm Excavator" turns around, its bucket wheels spinning as Galian orders the "Infinite Grand Clash" attack of "Wyrm Excavator", and her eyes widen.

Rino declares it's their turn now, having Rayne draw five cards for him, "Gekka the Shadow Flower Beauty", two copies of "Lindo the Shadow Flower Warrior", "Powerful Pierce!!", and "Gatling the Shadow Flower Shinobi". He has Rayne Summon "Gekka the Shadow Flower Beauty" and a "Lindo the Shadow Flower Warrior", then pays 500 LP (falling to 1000) to activate the effect of "Gekka" to the max, "Gekka" bopping along with Rino as Rayne retreives a "Kurobana the Shadow Flower Wolf" from his Graveyard. Rayne adds that "RSK" has a monster with a dope effect in his hand, but Gavin reminds them they can't Tribute Summon and Luke remembers the "Yamilock" is still in place. Rino discards the monster in question, "Gatling", from his hand to activate "Powerful Pierce!!" and causing both his monsters to glow red. Kaizo protests that Gavin's "Kimeruler" and "Yamiruler" are both in Attack Position and Rino's "Lindo" and "Gekka" only have 1300 and 0 ATK respectively, so there was no point in using "Powerful Pierce!!" But Yuga realizes Rino's real aim was the discard cost of "Powerful Pierce!!" and Rino tells the surprised Gavin he'll hit him with a JBS ("Just a Bunch of Powerful Plant TypeS in their Graveyard, according to Rayne). They send "Lindo" and "Gekka" to the BC (the Japanese term for the Graveyard is "bochi" to max activate their Spell Card "Shadow Flower Wish", commenting that they've got a Special Summon for their boy "Gatling" as "Gatling the Shadow Flower Shinobi" appears with 2000 ATK. Luke cheers that the Yamilock can't stop Special Summons and Yuga adds that the effect of "Gatling" can destroy Gavin's two monsters.

But Gavin activates a Trap Card, "Trap Lid", changing the Special Summoned "Gatling" to face-down Defense Position. Yuga laments that "Gatling" can't use its effect if it's face-down and Gavin tries to claim they can't distract him with jokes and trivial jests, but remembers flashing the Gavining sign again and clutches his head. Luke seizes on this and claims it isn't a joke, and as proof the real Gavin remembers that moment when his soul burned red-hot. Rino Summons "Kurobana the Shadow Flower Wolf", then sends it to the Graveyard to activate the Spell Card "Shadow Flower Purple Smoke Spray", changing "Gatling" back into Attack Position. Luke celebrates, believing Rino will be able to use the effect of "Gatling" now, but Kaizo reminds him Rino will need another Plant Type Normal Monster to discard with "Kurobana" gone. But Rino and Rayne grin, asking who said that was all "Shadow Flower Purple Smoke Spray" did, as it also allows them to draw a card. Rayne draws for Rino, Luke calling for a card that'll answer their hopes and dreams, but Rayne notes that their card has a green border - it's not a monster. Rino laments they could draw the card of their hopes and Gavin smiles in satisfaction as Yuga, Luke and Kaizo watch in disappointment.

But the twins turn out to be joking and flip their card around - "Fusion", and Gavin blanches as Yuga and Luke gasp happily. Rino Summons his other "Lindo the Shadow Flower Warrior" and then activates "Fusion". Fusing "Gatling" and Lindo", he and Rayne chant "If this flower had a meaning...it would be "be strong and your wish will become true"! Bloom chaotically! Durga the Shadow Flower Stealth Submarine!" A massive wooden submarine appears above the twins as Gavin asks in shock what it is and Yuga and Luke cheer. Rino activates the "Concealed Full Bloom of Poisonous Incense" effect of "Durga", max destroying every Level 6 or higher monster Gavin controls, and "Durga" blasts a salvo of torpedos that destroy "Yamiruler" and "Kimeruler", Gavin and his enforcers shielding themselves as Gavin asks what this comeback is. Yuga cries that the twins' wish to get the Gavin they adored back manifested into reality, and in unison the twins declare their Battle Phase, "Durga" attacking Gavin directly and blasting him off his feet, reducing him to 2800 LP.

Seatbastian orders the "Ragnarok Tri-Burst Streak" attack of "Yggdrago", incinerating Nail's "Dark Femtron" and reducing Nail to 1500 LP, while the attack of "Wyrm Excavator" connects with "Buildragon", which struggles to hold back the bucket excavator with its extra arms before being destroyed, reducing Asana to 2700 LP.

As Gavin falls, he once again remembers his antics during his Rush Duel with Nail, and then he remembers his ancestor, Gakugen Sogetsu, again, and how he had been surrounded by enemy forces. Rankage and Rinkage had encouraged Gakugen not to be held back by meaningless customs and praised his boldness before enemy warriors surrounded them. Gavin as Gakugen thought he should choose to die a warrior's death, but upon recalling someone telling him not to be ashamed of anything he stood up on his horse and began acting the fool, stammering his name and posing wildly until Rankage, Rinkage and his enemies all burst out laughing at his antics. Word of Gakugen's riduculous dance soon spread to the enemy lord's castle and Gakugen gained a great reputation, and eventually the two countries joined in peace and the Sogetsu name became famous for Gakugen's contributions in ending the war. It was the point where a road was carved open by breaking free of discipline and tradition, and the beginning of Sogetsu Style, Gavin muses, as he sees himself standing beside Gakugen, Rankage and Rinkage. Gakugen agrees as he and his aides vanish, Gavin watching in shock.

In the Nexus, as Nail is battered by the impact of "Yggdrago's" attack, he remembers meeting Yuga for the first time, terrifying him with his Maximum Summon, their second Rush Duel atop the Goha Enterprises Main Office, joining with Yuga and Roa in the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal, and his draw against Gavin. Asana too remembers her first meeting with Yuga, their firt Rush Duel, Yuga showing her R0 and repairing R6 for her, and her declaration of pride as she fought for Tiger.

Gavin skids to a halt and looks up at the posing Rayne and Rino, then steps forwards, noting that you'll always draw a full hand in a Rush Duel even when out of cards. He declares his turn, and one of his enforcers moves to draw for him, but Gavin holds up his hand and shakes his head, then flings off his white uniform to reveal his usual kimono, Yuga, Luke, Rayne and Rino gasping happily. Gavin draws five cards, "Crying Moon Rabbit", "Nandes the Fire Awakener", "Semeruler the Dark Summoner", "Valkyrian Sewkyrie", and his own "Fusion". He Summons "Crying Moon Rabbit" and "Nandes the Fire Awakener", then Tributes them, chanting "To attack, if attacking, when attacking—that is where I can find my new self. Now is the time to attack and raise a cry of victory! Depart for battle! Semeruler the Dark Summoner!" Yuga cheers that it's the usual chant and Luke cries that Gavin is back. Then Gavin Summons "Valkyrian Sewkyrie" and activates "Fusion" to fuse "Semeruler" and "Sewkyrie", chanting "To attack, if attacking, all attack! A rainbow shines down from a halo of light of all the gods sitting in the heavens! Fusion Summon! Come forth, Celestial Warrior Type! Semeterasu the Celestial Summoner!"

"Semeterasu" appears with 3000 ATK and Rayne and Rino cheer that it's Gavin's new Fusion Monster. Gavin activates the "Array of Elegant Reincarnation" Multi-Choice Effect of "Semeteratsu", reviving "Yamiruler" and then declaring battle, attacking "Durga" with "Semeterasu". With its mighty "Heavenly Flight: Slash of Radiance" attack, "Semeteratsu" cleaving through "Durga" and reducing Rino to 800 LP. Gavin declares the finishing blow with "Yamiruler", stating he has accepted these passionate feelings as his own as "Yamiruler" attacks with "Demon Commander: Slash of Heavenly Commandment" and wipes Rino's LP out, but Rino sees Gavin's distinguished figure as he falls, whispering his name happily.

Asana has just completed modifications on "Constructor Demolition Wyrm Dracrush", giving it 3400 ATK, and it attacks the now-3000 ATK "Wyrm Excavator" and destroys it with a swipe of its tail club, reducing Galian to 3600 LP. Asana orders "Constructor Heavenly Wyrm Gantry Dragon" and "Buildragon" to attack directly, and the 2900 ATK "Gantry Dragon" blasts Galian to reduce him to 700 LP before the 2900 ATK "Buildragon" finishes him off, Galian seeing Asana as Rino had Gavin and weaklly calling out to her. Down in the Nexus, Nail orders "Sigilstate Sol" to be clad in providence and attack "Yggdrago". With 4500 ATK, "Sigilstate Sol" easily destroys "Yggdrago", reducing Seatbastian to 2900 LP, and then "Femtron" and "Connector Dog" attack Seatbastian directly, reducing his LP to zero and blasting him backwards with a gasp of "Master Nail..."

Gavin walks up to Rino as Rayne helps her twin up and comments that these Rush Duels that defy discipline and tradition are extremely fun, much to the joy of his friends. They take his hands and call each other's names, and Yuga happily gasps that Gavin has returned. Gavin smiles and confirms that he has. Asana dismounts Zomyoji's track, admitting it seems the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club is immortal as long as they continue to evolve, much to the joy of her friends, while Nail notes that with his abilities it should be easy to maintain any number of Dueling formats that brim with hope. Seatbastian agrees, stating that is providence. As the sun sets that evening, Gavin admits that he was embarrassed enough to die when he first unveiled Gavining against Nail, but had tried his best to carve open a new road for Sogetsu Style and wouldn't have been able to do so had he not met Yuga. Asana and Nail reflect that because they met Luke and their friends and Rush Dueling respetively, they were able to carve this road because of their adventures together. Gavin admits it feels as though he's been on a long journey and Rino welcomes him back, Rayne telling him they awaited his return. Then Nail emerges from the ground on Seatbastian and waves to Yuga, much to Yuga and Luke's joy, and Asana, Galian, Chevelle and Zomyoji arrive on their Heavy Cavalry as well, Asana happily calling Yuga's name and apologizing for making him worry. Yuga is overjoyed to see Asana again and excitedly cries that even without "Monster Reborn" they can get their feelings across to their friends in a Duel. THey can recover what they lost.

But in the bushes behind them, Gavin's enforcers are watching, and Nanaho pops up in between them, admitting she'd been looking forward to seeing the chaos the amnesiac Gavin would create as the two enforcers take off their masks, revealing themselves to be Nanaho's friends with the beetle and mantis hats. Nanaho shrugs it off, claiming the darkness has only just begun to spread.

Meanwhile, Romin accidentally snaps one of her guitar strings as she tries to play a note.

In the Goha Siblings' office, Yuo excitedly plays with his cards as though he's never seen them before, and Mimi patiently explains they're Rush Duel cards. Yuo cries that they're pretty, but then suddenly briefly remembers Dueling Yuga Goha and slowly whispers "Rush Duel?"

Featured Duels[edit]

Rino vs Gavin Sogetsu[edit]

Duel continues from the previous episode.

Rino has 4000 LP and controls "Clematis the Shadow Flower Armor" (2500/1500) in face-up Defense Position and two Set cards in his Spell & Trap Zones. Gavin has 4000 LP and controls "Kimeruler the Dark Raider" (2500/2000) and "Mezame the August Awakener" (0/200) in Attack Position.

Turn 2: Gavin
As Rino controls no Attack Position monsters and Gavin Normal Summoned "Kimeruler" this turn, Gavin activates the effect of "Kimeruler", sending the top card of his Deck to the Graveyard to allow it to attack Rino directly this turn, but Gavin can only attack with Warrior Type monsters this turn. He sends "Yamiruler the Dark Delayer" from the top of his Deck to the Graveyard. As "Mezame" was Normal Summoned this turn and Rino controls a monster with 2500 or more ATK, Gavin activates the effect of "Mezame", adding a Level 7 or higher Warrior Type monster from his Graveyard to his hand, but Gavin cannot attack with monsters with 1900 or less DEF this turn. He adds the Level 8 "Yamiruler" from his Graveyard to his hand. Gavin's hand contains "Yamiruler", "Ancient Turtle Protector", and "Bonded Bowing". Gavin Normal Summons "Turtle Protector" (0/1400). Gavin Tributes "Mezame" and "Turtle Protector" to Tribute Summon "Yamiruler the Dark Delayer" (2500/2500). Gavin activates the Spell "Bonded Bowing", changing an Attack Position Warrior monster he controls to face-up Defense Position to draw a card. He changes "Yamiruler" from Attack Position to face-up Defense Position and draws a card. Gavin Sets a card. As "Yamiruler" was Normal Summoned this turn, Gavin activates its effect, changing its battle position to prevent either playing from Tribute Summoning Level 7 or higher monsters while it is face-up on the field until the end of Rino's next turn. He changes "Yamiruler" to Attack Position. "Kimeruler" attacks Rino directly (Rino: 4000 → 1500 LP). "Yamiruler" attacks and destroys "Clematis".

Turn 3: Rino
Rino draws "Gekka the Shadow Flower Beauty", two copies of "Lindo the Shadow Flower Warrior", "Powerful Pierce!!", and "Gatling the Shadow Flower Shinobi". Rino Normal Summons "Gekka the Shadow Flower Beauty" (0/1300) and "Lindo the Shadow Flower Warrior" (1300/1400). Rino activates the effect of "Gekka", paying 500 LP (Rino: 1500 → 1000 LP) to add an EARTH Plant Type Normal Monster from his Graveyard to his hand. He adds "Kurobana the Shadow Flower Wolf" from his Graveyard to his hand. Rino activates the Spell "Powerful Pierce", sending a card from his hand to the Graveyard to choose two face-up monsters he controls with the same Level and allow them to inflict piercing battle damage this turn. He sends "Gatling" from his hand to the Graveyard and chooses the Level 4 "Lindo" and "Gekka". As Rino has a Plant Type monster in his Graveyard, he activates his Set Spell Card "Shadow Flower Wish", sending two Plant Type monsters he controls to the Graveyard to Special Summon a Plant Type monster from his Graveyard. He sends "Gekka" and "Lindo" to the Graveyard and Special Summons "Gatling the Shadow Flower Shinobi" (2000/2400) from his Graveyard in Attack Position. As Rino Special Summoned a monster, Gavin activates his Set Trap "Trap Lid", changing that monster to face-down Defense Position. Rino Normal Summons "Kurobana the Shadow Flower Wolf" (800/1300). Rino activates his Set Spell "Shadow Flower Purple Smoke Spray", sending a Plant Type monster he controls to the Graveyard to change a Defense Position monster on the field to Attack Position, then draw a card. Rino sends "Kurobana" to the Graveyard and changes "Gatling" (2000/2400) from face-up Defense Position to Attack Positon, then draws "Fusion". Rino Normal Summons "Lindo" (1300/1400). Rino activates the Spell "Fusion", Fusion Summoning a monster from his Extra Deck using monsters he controls as materials. Rino fuses "Gatling the Shadow Flower Shinobi" and "Lindo the Shadow Flower Warrior" to Fusion Summon "Durga the Shadow Flower Stealth Submarine" (2800/2000) in Attack Position. As Gavin controls two or more monsters, Rino activates the effect of "Durga", destroying all Level 6 or higher monsters Gavin controls. The Level 8 "Yamiruler" and "Kimeruler" are destroyed. "Durga" attacks Gavin directly (Gavin: 4000 → 1200 LP).

Turn 4: Gavin
Gavin draws "Crying Moon Rabbit", "Nandes the Fire Awakener", "Semeruler the Dark Summoner", "Valkyrian Sewkyrie", and "Fusion". Gavin Normal Summons "Moon Rabbit" (0/1400) and "Nandes" (1000/1200). Gavin Tributes "Moon Rabbit" and "Nandes" to Tribute Summon "Semeruler" (2500/2000). Gavin Normal Summons "Sewkyrie" (0/1400). Gavin activates "Fusion", fusing "Semeuler" and "Sewkyrie" to Fusion Summon "Semeterasu the Celestial Summoner" (3000/3000) in Attack Position. Gavin activates the effect of "Semeterasu", either Special Summoning a Level 8 or lower Warrior or Fairy Type monster from his Graveyard or shuffle monsters from Rino's Graveyard into his Deck up to the number of monsters with 0 ATK in Gavin's Graveyard. Gavin chooses to Special Summon a Level 8 or lower Warrior or Fairy monster from his Graveyard, Special Summoning "Yamiruler" (2500/2500) from his Graveyard in Attack Position. "Semeterasu" attacks and destroys "Durga" (Rino: 1000 → 800 LP). "Yamiruler" attacks Rino directly (Rino: 800 → 0 LP).

Seatbastian vs Nail Saionji[edit]

Duel is shown from an unspecified turn

Seatbastian's Turn
Seatbastian Maximum Summons "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor", "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor [L]", and "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor [R]", entering Maximum Mode (4000 MAXIMUM ATK).

An unknown amount of time is skipped.

Seatbastian's Turn
Seatbastian controls "Yggdrago [L]", "Yggdrago", and "Yggdrago [R]" in Maximum Mode (4000 MAXIMUM ATK). Nail controls "Dark Femtron" (1500/100) in Attack Position.

"Yggdrago" attacks and destroys "Dark Femtron (Nail: 4000 → 1500 LP).

An unknown amount of time is skipped.

Nail's turn
Seatbastian controls "Yggdrago [L]", "Yggdrago", and "Yggdrago [R]" in Maximum Mode (4000 MAXIMUM ATK). Nail controls "Sigilstate Sol" (2500/0 → 4500/0), "Connector Dog" (1500/0), and "Femtron" (1400/100) in Attack Position. "Sigilstate Sol" attacks and destroys "Yggdrago" (Seatbastian: 3400 → 2900 LP). "Connector Dog" and "Femtron" attack Seatbastian directly (Seatbastian: 2900 → 1400 → 0 LP).

Galian Townsend vs Asana Mutsuba[edit]

Duel is shown from an unspecified turn

Galian's Turn
Galian activates the Spell "Card Destruction", forcing both players to send their entire hand to the Graveyard, then draw cards equal to the number of cards sent to the Graveyard with this effect. Galian sends four unknown cards from his hand to the Graveyard and draws "Bull Breaker", "Wyrm Excavator the Heavy Cavalry Draco [L]", "Wyrm Excavator the Heavy Cavalry Draco", and "Wyrm Excavator the Heavy Cavalry Draco [R]". Galian Maximum Summons "Wyrm Excavator", "Wyrm Excavator [L]", and "Wyrm Excavator [R]", entering Maximum Mode (3500 MAXIMUM ATK). As "Wyrm Excavator" is in Maximum Mode, the effect of "Wyrm Excavator [L]" increases its ATK by 300 for each card in Galian's hand ("Wyrm Excavator": 3500 → 3800 ATK).

An unknown amount of time is skipped

Galian's Turn
Galian controls "Wyrm Excavator [L]", "Wyrm Excavator", and "Wyrm Excavator [R]" in Maximum Mode (3500 → 3800 MAXIMUM ATK). Asana controls "Constructor Wyrm Buildragon" (2500/2000) in Attack Position. "Wyrm Excavator" attacks and destroys "Buildragon" (Asana: 4000 → 2700 LP).

An unknown amount of time is skipped.

Asana's Turn
Galian controls "Wyrm Excavator [L]", "Wyrm Excavator", and "Wyrm Excavator [R]" in Maximum Mode (3500 → 3000 MAXIMUM ATK). Asana controls "Constructor Demolition Wyrm Dracrush" (2400/1900 → 3400/1500), "Buildragon" (2500/2000 → 2900/1600), and "Constructor Heavenly Wyrm Gantry Dragon" (2500/2000 → 2900/1600) in Attack Position and "Peaks of Blisstopia" face-up in her Field Zone.

"Dracush" attacks and destroys "Wyrm Excavator" (Galian: 4000 → 3600 LP). "Gantry Dragon" and "Buildragon" attack Galian directly (Galian: 3600 → 700 → 0 LP).

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.