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"The Kirishima Affair"
Luke takes up Romin's Duel Guitar to Rush Duel Scoop.
Japanese name
RōmajiKirishima, Bando Yamerutte yo
TranslatedThe Kirishima Affair
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Japanese OP"Harevutai"
Japanese ED"Never Looking Back"
Air dates
JapaneseFebruary 13, 2022
Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episodes (season 2)
Previous"The Return of the King"
Next"Kirishima Melon"
Featured card"Cleaning Machine Gorgain"

"The Kirishima Affair" is the eighty-sixth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. It first aired in Japan on February 13, 2022.

Yuga and co. gather at the Road Laboratory to celebrate Romin's solo debut. However, Luke can't accept that Romin is smiling while she still doesn't have the memories with her friends. During the evening, as Luke mopes around by himself in the clubroom, Scoop, who also has his memories stolen by Yuga Goha, shows up and challenges Luke to a Duel.


A photographer takes promotional pictures of Romin in her new outfit as Princess G watches from the sidelines. She remembers seeing Romin singing Are you Re:D? on the streets and Romin had been overjoyed when Princess G stopped to listen, thanking her for making her dream come true. Princess G had been surprised to learn Romin was singing as well as playing guitar and Romin admitted she'd only recently began after not being good previously, stating that she wasn't sure why, but now she wanted to share her music with as many people as possible. Princess G realized Romin really had forgotten all about Rush Dueling, her silence confusing Romin, and Princess G offered to produce Romin's song for a solo debut, much to Romin's joy.

Gavin, Yuga, Roa and Kaizo watch footage of Romin singing and playing her song on Gavin's phone at the Road Laboratory and they're all impressed by her performance, especially Kaizo, and Gavin recalls that Romin had claimed to be tone-deaf before, but she's actually a really good singer herself. Roa admits that she's a threat to him as a vocalist and Yuga comments Romin seems happy, Kaizo proclaiming she's the best. But Luke doesn't approve of it, despite Roa telling him they've been over this and asking if he wants to ruin Romin's smile. Gavin points out Romin would almost certainly cancel her solo debut if she recovered her memories, and Luke looks at a poster of Romin and remembers her smiling, proclaiming her current smile isn't her real smile and is like a honeyed cucumber rather than a melon, much to the utter confusion of his friends, though Gavin facepalms and realizes Luke's trying to say Romin's smile is fake. Luke angrily compares Romin smiling when she's forgotten them all and Rush Dueling to a soy sauce pudding, running out of the Road Laboratory as Yuga calls his name. Once he's left, Roa asks Gavin what Luke was on about and Gavin sighs, explaining Luke meant this was unpleasant, prompting Roa to sigh that these metaphors are too confusing and to wonder why Luke's even using them.

Princess G watches Romin recording her vocals, noting she's grown a lot. She enters the recording booth with Romin, suggesting they have a jam session, much to Romin's joy. They play the backing track for Romin's new single and afterwards Princess G offers a black and red guitar to Romin, who recognizes it as Princess G's original model and the only one of its kind in the world and protests she can't accept something so precious. Princess G tells Romin she wants her to play it and places the guitar in Romin's hands, telling Romin she'll become someone new and different after her solo debut, Romin repeating the words "a different me" slowly.

In an alleyway in Goha City, Luke moodily kicks a can as he remembers Yuga baiting Romin into Rush Dueling him, Yuga giving Romin the Duel Guitar, Romin's Rush Duel with Gavin where she awakened after being starved, the Dragias Curry she made him and its subsequent explosion in Roa's apartment, her giving Yuga her Duel ID card alongside Luke and Gavin, their experiences at the Rush Duel Training Camp, Romin deciding not to quit Rush Dueling, her Duels with Roa, Yuka and Mimi, and finally Yuga Goha using "Monster Reborn" to wipe her memory of Rush Dueling. Luke takes a can of soft drink from and empty vending machine and mechanically downs it, but then sees a video ad on a nearby building of Romin asking everyone to come to her solo debut release event tomorrow. The ad immediately attracts a crowd of fans calling her "Romin-Romin the Lovely Romin", and Luke screams in frustration and runs off. Meanwhile, a fan of Post-Apocalyptic Duels and Romin gets into an argument with a Ramen Dueling fan and an Exclusive News Dueling fan.

As the sun sets, Luke goes to sulk in the Rush Duel Clubroom, looking at the "Draco the Tiny" plush he made and remembering Romin holding it. Then he gasps as he sees Romin's Duel Guitar leaning against the wall, but as he goes to touch it he hears Scoop's voice asking if they had a Rush Duel Club in their school before. The door opens to reveal Masaru, Scoop and Nico, the latter taking a photo, and Luke remembers Yuga Goha also took their memories, a statement that confuses Scoop, though he brushes it off and asks if Luke would join the Newspaper Club given his Dueling skills. Luke is surprised and Scoop explains that factions between different Duels have been fighting recently, Masaru asking Luke how he feels about being recruited and Nico eagerly taking a photo of Luke's intense expression. Luke warns them to back off as they don't want to mess with him right now, so Scoop suggests a Duel, with the condition Luke join the Newspaper Club if he loses, though Scoop doesn't bother setting a win condition given his confidence in his own victory. Luke yells that he told them to back off, setting off his watch and shocking Nico's camera and the Duel Guitar, which springs into its full form and ejects Romin's Deck and Duel ID card, the latter of which Luke catches. As Masaru's microphone and Nico's camera stop sparking, Luke pockets Romin's Duel ID card, picks up her Deck and the Duel Guitar and puts the Duel Guitar on, inserting his own Duel ID card and holding up his Deck as he agrees to Rush Duel Scoop, inserting his Deck into the Duel Guitar. Scoop asks if Rush Dueling is Luke's format and calls it interesting, holding up his Duel Disk and claiming he'll be happy to cover it.

They adjorn outside to Rush Duel, and Scoop inserts his Deck into his Duel Disk as Luke readies the Duel Guitar, and they both call "Rush Duel!" deploying the green holographic dome. Scoop takes the Newspaper Club's turn and draws, his hand containing "Printing Presser", "Scoop Scooter", "Cleaning Machine Gorgain", "Reporter Raccoon Miketan", and "Reprinter". He Summons "Scoop Shooter" and Tributes it to Tribute Summon "Cleaning Machine Gorgain", impressing Nico and Masaru as Nico snaps a picture, though Luke is unmoved. Scoop returns "Scoop Shooter" from his Graveyard to his Deck to activate the effect of "Gorgain", sending the top two cards of his Deck to the Graveyard (another "Scoop Shooter" and "Printing Presser") and if he sends an EARTH Machine Type monster he can add "Scoop Shooter" from his Graveyard to his hand. He Summons and Tributes "Scoop Shooter" to Tribute Summon "Reporter Racoon Miketan", then sends her to the Graveyard to use her effect, Special Summoning "Printing Presser" from his Graveyard in Defense Position and then adding "Scoop Shooter" back to his hand again. Then Scoop sends another "Printing Presser" from the top of his Deck to the Graveyard to activate the effect of the one he controls, forcing Luke to excavate the top five cards of his Deck. Double-checking the number, Luke excavates "Twin Edge Dragon", "Dragorite", "Dragon's Sage", "Dragon Knight of Darkness", and "Fire Guardian", and Scoop notes that he excavated five monsters and "Printing Presser" gains 100 ATK for each excavated monster. "Printing Presser" rises to 2800 ATK, though Scoop notes it's in Defense Position and he can't attack on the first turn anyway. Luke still doesn't respond, so Scoop tells him to return the cards to the bottom of his Deck in any order he wishes and Luke just slots them back in. Then Scoop Summons "Scoop Shooter" again and Tributes it and "Gorgain" to Tribute Summon his second "Printing Presser", before activating "Delivery Newspaper" to revive his third one. He ends his turn, returning the ATK of the Defense Position "Printing Presser" to normal.

Luke declares his turn and draws, his hand containing "Multistrike Dragon Dragias", "Draco the Tiny", "Dragon Bat", "Illusion Strike Dragon Miragias", and "Dragonic Geas". He Summons "Draco the Tiny" and "Dragon Bat", then Tributes them to Tribute Summon, chanting "Right now, in my galaxy, seven supernovas unleash a gamma-ray burst! Even if you tell me to stop, it's too late! Even if you tell me to stop, it's too late! There's a reason I said it twice. Now, come on out! Multistrike Dragon Dragias!" Luke looks up at "Dragias", remembering Romin looking up at it and arguing with her, as well as the first curry incident, and he quietly declares there isn't a single thing worth forgetting. Scoop asks what he means and Masaru pops up to ask Luke how he feels; Luke retorts he already told them he's angry, so Nico takes a shot of his angry face. Gritting his teeth, Luke sends "Miragias" from his hand to the Graveyard to activate the Spell Card "Dragonic Geas", destroying Scoop's Defense Position "Printing Presser" and the reducing the ATK of the others by 2500 as a sonic wave radiates from the card. Both "Printing Pressers" fall to zero ATK and Scoop can only gasp "What?" as Luke sends "Sportsdragon Rock Closer" from the top of his Deck to the Graveyard to activate the "Gias Charge" effect of "Dragias". He orders "Dragias" to destroy "Printing Presser" and it attacks with "Striking Light Blast of Explosive Supremacy", destroying the first "Printing Presser" with the green flaming orbs and reducing Scoop to 1500 LP. Masaru and Nico call out for their president (Nico continuing to take pictures) and Luke adds that "Dragias" can attack again since it destroyed a monster by battle. Scoop is horrified to learn so and Masaru asks him how he's feeling, while Nico takes a picture of his flustered face - poor Scoop isn't happy they're doing so when he's about to lose. Luke orders the "Dragon King Strike of Annihilative Supremacy" attack of "Dragias", and as it blasts the fiery orb at Scoop, he suddenly remembers the last time Luke did so. Then the attack connects, destroying the last "Printing Presser" and blasting the Newspaper Club off their feet as Scoop's LP is wiped out - and as they fall they remember everything from when they first met Luke, Yuga, Romin and Gavin, gasping in shock.

At the Goha Enterprises Main Office the other Goha Siblings watch Yuo work, bringing up several differently-colored images of the SEVENS storybook on a map of the world. Yuro gasps and Yuka asks him what it means; Yuro clarifies there isn't just one copy of SEVENS in the world and Yuka realizes what Yuro means, that they may be able to find the missing pages if they can track down the others. Yujin cheers that it's as expected of Yuo and he tells them to leave gathering all the books to him, happily running out of the President's office.

Posters of Romin have been put up at Big Seven Arena and Yuga, Roa, Gavin and Kaizo have been given front-row seats, Kaizo gushing over Romin and Gavin worriedly noting Luke hasn't come, while Tyler and Toombs wait at the back of the audience. The lights dim and Romin is elevated onto the stage with a spotlight snapped onto her, Gavin noting she doesn't have the Duel Guitar anymore when he sees Princess G's guitar and Roa clarifying that Princess G gave it to Romin as a present and she was really happy about it. Romin thanks the cheering crowd for coming to her solo debut release event, telling them she's so happy so many people showed up and that she hopes her music can reach their hearts. Despite themselves, Gavin is proud of Romin's greeting and Yuga tells her to do her best as Romin strums Princess G's guitar and colored lights flow around her as the backing track of "Are you Re:D?" begins to play. Yuga, Roa and Kaizo watch happily (while Gavin tries to see around the infatuated Kaizo) as the warm-up progresses...and then they hear shouting in the crowd, the three Dueling fans are still arguing over whether Post-Apoclayptic Dueling, Ramen Dueling or Exclusive News Dueling is the best format. Gavin is disheartened by the fight between Dueling factions and Roa glumly remarks it's been getting worse lately, while Yuga is dismayed it's happening in Romin's concert. Roa's angry enough that he starts climbing the VIP barrier, but before he can a furious Kaizo descends in front of them, incensed at the boys disturbing Romin's concert. Unfortunately he charges into the Post-Apocalyptic Duels fan's helmet, knocking him senseless. Romin is disheartened as the unrest escalates, and Princess G takes a step out of offstage.

But before she can the door to the runway burst open and Luke (still carrying the Duel Guitar) runs in with Saburamen, Sushiko, Briscoe, Yosh, Masahiko, Toshihiko, Scoop, Masaru and Nico, much to Yuga, Roa and Gavin's joy, and Luke furiously screams at them, telling them their Dueling factions don't matter right now. Romin is surprised and Yuga happily calls Luke's name as Luke orders them all to stop ruining Romin's debut. His watch is set off again, causing the lights in the arena to fluctuate and Gavin gasps that Scoop, Saburamen, Sushiko, Briscoe and Yosh are all there and Yuga realizes they all got their memories back. Scoop explains that Luke restored all their memories and Saburamen comment it was well said, Briscoe claiming Luke's passionate and burning Duel grilled their hearts. He's about to say his classic line, but amends "beef" to "peace and love" in English. Yosh decrees that his servants eliminate their spirits of strife, Sushiko agreeing it's better for them to be rolled up together as she holds up a plate of sushi rolls, and Saburamen declares they are all noodles-in-arms, Scoop asking them all to stop fighting. The three Dueling fans calm down and make up, and Luke smiles, quietly telling Romin everything will be all right now.

As the lights stop fluctuating, Romin whispers Luke's name. Then she begins to remember all her Duels, all the moments she's shared with her friends; Yuga, Roa, Gavin and Luke, and she tears up, something Princess G notices. Everyone watches as Romin cries, and she whispers Yuga, Roa and Gavin's names then looks at Luke, who smiles and nods at her. Composing herself, Romin shakes her tears away and calls Yuga, Roa and Gavin's names, much to their shock, before saying Luke's name. She apologizes to them for forgetting everything important to her even though Rush Dueling was in danger again, and Yuga, Roa and Gavin whisper Romin's name as she apologizes for being selfish. She looks at Luke again and he grins happily, and Romin smiles in turn.

Then Princess G walks onto the stage, asking if the princess awaking from her slumber and living happily ever after is the end of the story. Romin tries to explain herself, but a spotlight snaps on Princess G as she tells Romin she just ruined her own debut, telling Romin she can't just regain her memories and say goodbye to it all. Romin gasps her idol's name in shock and Princess G suggests they have a Rush Duel. Romin can only whisper a shocked "What?"

Against the waxing gibbous moon, Yuga Goha flies listlessly, hanging in the harness of the President Drone's wingsuit. He too is remembering, his experiences in the adult Duel Centers, his reawakening in the abandoned factory, but also memories of his time as Swirly with Yuga, Luke and his friends, and he screws up his eyes as he continues flying.

Featured Duel: Lucidien "Luke" Kallister vs Scoop Pitman[edit]

Turn 1: Scoop
Scoop's hand contains "Printing Presser", "Scoop Scooter", "Cleaning Machine Gorgain", "Reporter Raccoon Miketan", and "Reprinter". Scoop Normal Summons "Scoop Scooter" (0/200). Scoop Tributes "Scoop Scooter" to Tribute Summon "Cleaning Machine Gorgain" (1800/200). Scoop activates the effect of "Gorgain", shuffling an EARTH Machine Type monster from his Graveyard into his Deck to the send the top two cards of his Deck to the Graveyard, and if he sends an EARTH Machine Type monster to the Graveyard with this effect, he can add an EARTH Machine Type monster from his Graveyard to his hand. Scoop shuffles "Scoop Scooter" from his Graveyard into his Deck and sends "Scoop Scooter" and "Printing Presser" from the top of his Deck to the Graveyard, then adds "Scoop Scooter" to his hand. Scoop Normal Summons "Scoop Scooter" (0/200). Scoop Tributes "Scoop Scooter" to Tribute Summon "Reporter Racoon Miketan" (1600/1000). Scoop activates the effect of "Miketan", sending it to the Graveyard to Special Summon "Printing Presser" from his Graveyard in face-up Defense Position, then add "Scoop Scooter" or "Soul of a Reporter" from his Graveyard to his hand. Scoop Special Summons "Printing Presser" (2300/1600) from his Graveyard, then adds "Scoop Scooter" from his Graveyard to his hand. Scoop activates the effect of "Printing Presser", sending the top card of his Deck to the Graveyard to force Luke to excavate the top five cards of his Deck, and for each excavated monster, "Printing Presser" gains 100 ATK until the end of the turn, then Luke places the excavated cards on the bottom of his Deck in any order. Scoop sends "Printing Presser" from the top of his Deck to the Graveyard and Luke excavates "Twin Edge Dragon", "Dragorite", "Dragon's Sage", "Dragon Knight of Darkness", and "Fire Guardian", then places them on the bottom of his Deck in an unknown order ("Printing Presser": 2300/1600 → 2800/1600). Scoop Normal Summons "Scoop Scooter" (0/200). Scoop Tributes "Scoop Scooter" and "Gorgain" to Tribute Summon a second copy of "Printing Presser" (2300/1600). Scoop activates the Spell "Reprinter", Special Summoning a Machine Type monster from his Graveyard with the same name as a monster he controls, but that monster cannot attack directly or activate its effects this turn. He Special Summons a third copy of "Printing Presser" (2300/1600) from his Graveyard in Attack Position.

Turn 2: Luke
Luke's hand contains "Multistrike Dragon Dragias", "Draco the Tiny", "Dragon Bat", "Illusion Strike Dragon Miragias", and "Dragonic Geas". Luke Normal Summons "Draco the Tiny" (0/1400) and "Dragon Bat" (1000/400). Luke Tributes "Draco the Tiny" and "Dragon Bat" to Tribute Summon "Multistrike Dragon Dragias" (2500/1500). Luke activates the Spell "Dragonic Geas", sending a Level 7 or higher Dragon Type monster from his hand to the Graveyard to destroy a face-up Defense Position monster Scoop controls, then have all face-up monsters Scoop controls lose 2500 ATK until the end of the turn. He sends "Miragias" from his hand to the Graveyard and destroys the face-up Defense Position "Printing Presser" ("Printing Pressers": 2300/1600 → 0/1600). Luke activates the effect of "Dragias", sending the top card of his Deck to the Graveyard to allow it to declare a second attack this turn if it destroys a monster Scoop controls by battle. He sends "Sportsdragon Rock Closer" from the top of his Deck to the Graveyard. "Dragias" attacks and destroys the two copies of "Printing Presser" (Scoop: 4000 → 1500 → 0 LP).

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.


  • The title is a reference to The Kirishima Thing (桐島、部活やめるってよ, Kirishima, Bukatsu Yamerutte yo), a 2012 Japanese high-school drama film, which is based on a novel. A more literal translation for the episode would be "I Heard Kirishima's Quitting the Band".


  • Just before Scoop summons his first Printing Presser, Luke can be seen without the Duel Guitar, his left arm raised as if he used a regular Duel Disk.