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"Into Space!"
Yuga, Luke, Romin, Gavin, Roa, Nail and Asana take off into space.
Yuga, Luke, Romin, Gavin, Roa, Nail and Asana take off into space.
Japanese name
RōmajiSora e!
TranslatedInto Space!
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Japanese OP"Harevutai"
Japanese ED"Never Looking Back"
Air dates
JapaneseMarch 13, 2022
Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episodes (season 2)
Previous"Tiger & Dragon"
Next"Fierce Battle! Rush Robot Duel!"
Featured card"Road Magic - Dark Night"

"Into Space!" is the ninetieth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. It first aired in Japan on March 13, 2022.

Goha City was enveloped in a silent darkness after all the control systems were shut down. In order to protect the Duel Program, Yuga and his friends decide to head to the moon. With the hopes and dreams of their friends and family in their hearts, they overcome the gravity and head to space, but waiting for them in space is that man!


In an abandoned hangar, Asana has just shown a massive craft to Yuga (with the deactivated Kaizo under one arm), Luke, Romin, Gavin and Roa, explaining that Mutsuba Heavy Machinery developed it for experimental purposes in their prime. Luke asks what use this garbage is when they need to stop the Drones in space, much to Asana's irritation, but Gavin has correctly deduced that it's a spaceship, much to the utter shock of Luke and the Kassidy cousins, Roa asking Asana if she seriously expects them to go to space in it. Asana confirms she does and Roa tosses away his microphone as his head swims, while Luke suggests they all board the Lukeliner, prompting Romin and Gavin to tell him they will not be calling it that. Asana takes Yuga into the cockpit and asks if it will work, and Yuga notes that it doesn't appear broken, though he has another concern.

Outside the Goha Enterprises Main Office, the Super Mobile Fortress Sixross has fallen off the top and the five Goha Siblings and Mimi have convened in the president's office, Yuran noting that all of Goha City has experienced a blackout and the Drones on the moon has also been stopped. Holoscreens showing Nail's face and the Drones on the moon appear as Yuo notes it appears they were able to stop the Goha Duel Server from collapsing for now, though Nail warns them this will only last a day and both the system and Drones will eventually recover. Yujin states they have to do something, and Yuka says Yuro's name. Yuro admits he'd like to leave immediately, but Sixross can't fly to the moon on reserve power. Trapigeon suddenly flies in and drops off a letter from Yuga, much to the surprise of Yuro, Yuo and Yuran.

Outside the hangar, construction has begun on a trackway stretching to the top of the nearest hill under the command of the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club. Asana tells Galian to report, and Galian confirms they should be finished before dawn. Another girl cries that Goha is here, and they turn to see the five Goha Siblings approaching, much to the anger of Galian, Zomyoji and Chevelle, though Asana tells them to stand down, despite Galian, Chevelle and Zomyoji's protests that the Goha Presidents drove Mutsuba Heavy Industries to ruin. Asana reassures them it's fine and Galian reluctantly orders everyone back to work. Once they leave, Yuro notes to Asana that with the power out, system down and all Goha Enterprises Drones deactivated, they have to depend on the fuel-driven engines of the Heavy Cavalry, and Asana admits she never thought she'd hear a Goha President say so. Yuka comments that it does reek of gas and oil, prompting Asana to comment Yuka reeks of sweat, much to Yuka's annoynace (requiring Yuo to calm her down). Yuro explains they heard from Yuga and as a Goha President, Yuro formally requests Asana's support, asking her to save everyone's Duels. The other four Goha Siblings bow as well (though Yuka needs some encouragement from Yujin). Asana accepts Yuro's request and holds out her hand, and Yuro muses that perhaps they should look not at their eventual goal, but the road they've travelled to get there as he straightens up and shakes Asana's hand. Asana admits she was once trapped in the muddy roads of the past and offers to tread the road that leads to the future together, an offer Yuro accepts as Galian, Chevelle, Zomyoji and Yuga watch from the sidelines.

Meanwhile, Romin is cooking as she admits she didn't think her parents would approve of her going to the moon so easily, and Roa comments that his parents were way too understanding. Romin asks what Tyler and Toombs thought, and Roa recalls Tyler vowing never to forget Roa while Toombs declared they would be right behind him (his Japanese name means "behind you"), despite Roa's protests he intended to return in one piece. Romin admits she can't believe they're actually going to space and Roa agrees, though he's confused as to why Romin is making her curry (both Dragias Curry and Prima Guitarna Curry), and outside Dr. Delta, Dr. Gamma and Dr. Zeta are stirring large pots of it too. Meanwhile Luke is tightening a bolt, though he gets the direction wrong and has to be guided by Galian as Tiger and Gavan arrive, Tiger asking her great-grandfather if he's worried about Luke. Gavan points out that of course he is, sending children alone should normally be out of the question, and Tiger drops her bassoon into the concrete, telling her intimidated great-grandfather to stop worrying. Gavan acquisces, noting Tiger doesn't know how to hold back, and Tiger laughs that it's her best quality. Gavan notes that he's heard the controls of this spaceship are quite complex, apparently it can only be nagivated by seven people in sync with one another, and Tiger explains that due to the weight limit, Luke, Yuga, Romin, Gavin, Roa, Nail and Asana are the ideal passangers. Gavan notes that the future is in the hands of children as he looks up at Galian and Zomyoji signing at Luke with Asana's great-grandfather standing behind them, and Asana's great-grandfather turns and gives Gavan the thumbs up.

At the Nanahoshi Insect Ninja Village, Yuga Goha has been left on his own, screaming angrily for Nanaho Nanahoshi and asking where she went, his verbal tic of "swirl" back in his voice. Yuka comments that Yuga has been left on his own as she and her siblings approach out of the darkness and Yuran explains that the insect ninjas ran away. Yuga angrily asks why they're here and Yuo muses that Yuga's memories have returned, Yuro explaining that as Otes claimed, the memory manipulation capabilities of "Monster Reborn" weren't that powerful, though Yujin still views it as a horrifying card. Yuga angrily asks why they're here but Yuka shoves the baseball she was tossing into his mouth and tells him to stop, that isn't cute. Yuro takes Yuga's tiara from the ground, noting that as he's sure Yuga is aware, Dueling is in danger of being erased, so Yuga Ohdo and the others will be headed to the moon to stop it tomorrow, and Yuga spits out the baseball, snarling that he doesn't give a damn about that. But to his shock, Yuran and Yujin shatter the cuffs binding him to the rock and as Yuga sits up, Yuro tells him to decide for himself which course of action he wants to take. Yuga Goha watches his siblings leave, whispering "swirl..."

At Goha #7 Elementary the next day Gavin finishes his Student Council work, though Rino protests that Gavin didn't have to do his work on a day like this. Gavin insists this is precisely a day he should be doing such work, though Rayne and Rino aren't entirely convinced given Gavin is wearing his Gavining outfit. Gavin laugh nervously, admitting his nerves given they're going to space, but takes off his Gavining uniform, accidentally revealing his The☆Professor Gavin outfit before shedding that to reveal his normal uniform, declaring his mind is made up, prompting swift praise from the twins. Down in the Nexus (where Grimes and Kit are still pedalling to keep the backup power on) Nail finishes his work and bids goodbye to the deactivated Seatbastian as he leaves. Yuga is leaving his house too, telling his mother he's off, though she comes running out with the deactivated Kaizo, telling him he forgot something. Yuga thanks his mother and runs off, his mother telling her son to have a safe trip as she watches him go, whispering for him to hurry and return safely.

As the door to the hangar opens, sunlight streams in, revealing the word "Rush" has been painted in yellow letters below the Mutsuba crest on the spaceship (with "Lukeliner" crossed out beneath it) as the five Goha Siblings, their tiaras removed, Asana, Nail, Roa, Gavin, Romin and Luke look at the ship proudly. Yuga runs in with Kaizo, greeting them as Luke chastises him for being late. Yuga apologizes and geeks out over the ship (which Luke claims responsibility for) as Yuro explains the scientists themselves tuned it to peak performance and Asana cries that it'll definitely fly. Yuro hands Yuga a black bag, telling him he'll know when he sees it and Yuga agrees. Luke bids everyone to get aboard and everyone cries out in agreement, and once they're all boarded the doors to the hangar open and the rocket is carted out, with two massive capsules, one blue and labelled "D" and one pink and labelled "P" attached to the rocket, while two smaller ones are attached to the shuttle, much to the appreciation of Galian, Chevelle, Zomyoji and Trapigeon. In the cockpit, Yuga, Luke, Romin, Gavin, Roa, Asana and Nail had all donned color-coded spacesuits and Asana presses a button, informing Yuga (who has the inert Kaizo on his lap) that everything is ready and they're beginning to load the curry. Luke and Romin note the Dragias and Prima Guitarna Curries are both charged and ready. The previous night, Yuga had noted the engine could still operate, but they lacked the fuel to do so, and Yuro agreed they'd need a particularly explosive and powerful fuel; it had been Mimi's idea to use Romin's curry. In the present, Romin still can't believe her curry is taking them to space and Roa cheekily comments he hopes it won't explode with them in there; Nail informs them the pressure is normal and Asana tells Yuga everything is ready. They both engage the Curry Drive and Asana throws the ignition, declaring the Mutsuba Proto-Spaceship RUSH's takeoff; all seven of them call "GO RUSH!!"

Blue and pink curry erupts from the boosters and thrust the rocket to the edge of the hangar platform and over the edge, down the massive track. The five Goha Siblings, Mimi and the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club all cheer them on, splattered with curry, and Gavan takes the time to taste it, noting that it's pretty good (much to Tiger's displeasure). The rocket blasts up the steep hill, Asana pushing the throttle further and the curry blasts intensifying, blasting the rocket into the air. Chevelle and Zomyoji cheer the successful flight, Galian crying it's all up to them now. Soon they can see the stars, Gavin declaring they've passed 77,700 feet and Nail confirming they're broken through the stratosphere. The booster stops and detaches, and the shuttle moves forwards under its own curry reservoirs, Gavin sighing in relief over their success as Luke marvels at space. Roa comments that piloting a spaceship is surprisingly easy and carelessly presses a button, and Nail tells him that according to his providence, Roa shouldn't have pressed that button. Roa warily takes his finger off...and the button glows red, then the shuttle's engines take off and blast it forwrds even faster. Asana tells them to brace for impact and Gavin reminds Roa that they have to pilot the ship in perfect harmony, prompting Roa to ask what he was supposed to do. "Nothing!" Gavin tells him. Luke asks Yuga how his motion sickness is and poor Yuga can barely try to claim he's okay before clamming up. Luke offers to open the window, and Gavin frantically stops him as Romin cries that she wants to go home and the shuttle spirals towards the moon, and the Goha Duel Server carved into the lunar surface. They fly over the Goha Duel Server, Yuga using Kaizo as a monitor to display it, and Luke and Gavin admit that they didn't realize it was so huge despite having seen it in videos before. Roa suggests they hurry and finish their business here and Yuga agrees they have to succeed before the Drones reactivate. But then an alarm sounds and Asana blanches and maneuveres the shuttle to the side, avoiding a meteor. Luke asks what it was in shock.

A massive robot rises over the lunar horizon in the shape and costume of Otes, holding a massive meteor in one hand and chuckling. Roa gasps Otes' name and Luke comments he's gotten bigger since they last saw him until Asana tells him it's a robot built to look like Otes. Otes contacts them over radio, his robot crewed by Celestia Noodlina, Finger Chikako, Sweets Kakoko, Flash Umiko, Hire Yureko and Konvoy Sagawa, addressing them as those on the road to new Duels. Romin and Gavin can't believe Otes is here and Roa admits he's certainly persistent, while Yuga tells everyone to put what's in the bag on. The Otes Robot throws the other meteor at them, and Asana barely dodges again, this time vanishing behind it. Umiko lazily notes the target has vanished and Yureko asks if they ran back to Earth, but Celestia notices a heat signature approaching from below - the Super Rush Robot rises into the atmosphere, the Forced Gymnastics Armaments affixed to it now glowing yellow, and the shuttle enters its torso from behind. Once the door closes, Asana connects the Curry Drive and Nail declares the output to be stable. They recall Yuro warning them they should expect sabotage by Otes when they reached the moon and Yujin telling them to use what was in the bag, Yuka explaining they would need six people and Yuo admitting he never thought the restraints would be used like this. Roa now wears Yuro's tiara, Luke has Yujin's, Romin has Yuka's, Gavin has Yuran's, Nail has Yuo's, and Asana has Yuga Goha's; Nail declares the right leg's providence to be all clear, Gavin announces the left leg is also functioning properly, Asana is in charge of the torso, Luke the left arm, Romin the right arm and Roa has the head, telling Yuga to go. Yuga engages the Rush Duel Robot and it strikes a flawless pose, causing Umiko to blurt that the robot is moving. Otes praises them on making it this far and hereby subjects them to the final test in accordance with the book of SEVENS. Yuga comments that Otes wants to Duel them and then destroy the Duel Server and vows not to let Otes do as he pleases. Otes asks if Yuga Ohdo will challenge him, and Yuga declares that's been the plan from the start. He and Otes both don their Duel Disks, and all fourteen of them call "RUSH DUEL!"

The Super Rush Robot's oversized Duel Disk transforms into the Rush form, and the Otes Robot materializes its own oversized Duel Disk and cards as Otes declares his turn and draws, his hand containing a Darkness Trap Card, "Darkness Reborn", "Darkness Road", "Darkness Rogue", and a "Sevens Road Magician" of his own. He Summons "Darkness Rogue" and activates its effect, Special Summoning a DARK Spellcaster Type monster from his hand and then returning "Darkness Rogue" itself to his Deck. Asana and Nail take note of the Type and Attribute combination and Luke gasps that it can't be as Otes smiles and holds up his own copy of "Sevens Road Magician", though his has blue flames. He chants "The walls, the mountains, and even the planets that block my way! Carve open a road through them all and press onward! Let's go! Sevens Road Magician!" Otes' "Sevens Road Magician" appears with blue fire instead of the usual orange and Romin is shocked that Otes is using "Sevens Road Magician". Otes reminds them he was the one who created the Sevens Road cards as he returns "Darkness Rogue" to his Deck and Gavin admits it should be no wonder Otes is using it. Otes then activates a Field Spell Card, "Darkness Road", which increases the ATK of all Level 5 or higher DARK Spellcaster Type monsters they control by 400. "Sevens Road Magician" rises to 2500 ATK and Otes Sets two cards to end his turn.

Yuga declares his turn and draws, his hand already containing the Trap Card "Parallel Evolution" and all three of "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor [L]", "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor", and "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor [R]", while he's just drawn another Trap Card. Otes encourages Yuga to use his own "Sevens Road Magician", but Yuga tells him he'll go with this and holds up the three "Yggdrago" cards. Otes recognizes the cards in shock as Yuga declares a Maximum Summon, and he and Nail call "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor's" name as it forms out of vines. Nail smiles as Yuga sends the top three cards of his Deck to the Graveyard to activate the "Blizzard of Providence" effect of "Yggdrago", and "Yggdrago [R]" breathes a blizzard from its maw that consumes and destroys "Sevens Road Magician", but as it does so the power in Goha City returns and the Drones all reactivate, including Proprietress, who asks what she was doing. Yuran muses that the power has come back on and Yuka notes the lunar Drones will be back too. Sure enough the lunar Drones are rising from the moon's surface and Yuro asks how Yuga and his group are doing. Yuo pulls up the video and Mimi and Yujin are shocked to see the Rush Duel Robot is Dueling. Down in the Nexus, Grimes and Kit have collapsed from exhaustion as Seatbastian reactivates, shocked to see Nail is with Yuga and that Yuga has "Yggdrago". Nail announces that this time Yuga has the strongest Deck, created from all their providences, and Asana, Gavin, Romin, Luke and Roa all agree; Yuga declaring they will fight as one.

"Not so fast," Otes replies as he sends the top three cards of his Deck (including "Sevens Road Wiz") to the Graveyard to activate a Trap Card. "Darkness Reborn", Special Summoning "Sevens Road Magician" from his Graveyard and preventing it from being destroyed by battle this turn. The blue-fired "Sevens Road Magician" appears again, returning to 2500 ATK and Romin laments the appearance of "Sevens Road Magician" again as Gavin admits that Otes is pretty good. Luke reminds them they can still deal damage and Yuga Sets two cards and declares his Battle Phase, and both Yuga and Nail order "Yggdrago" to attack with "Ragnarok Tri-Burst Streak". "Yggdrago" breathes the three streams of fire from its maws, which interesct and envelop "Sevens Road Magician" in a sphere of fire, and the six girls aboard the Otes Robot all shriek their tics as the robot shakes around them, Otes falling to 2500 LP. But he only smiles, and Asana laments their inability to destroy "Sevens Road Magician", though Romin reassures her they still have "Yggdrago" as Yuga ends his turn.

Otes laughs as he declares his turn and draws five cards, "Road Magic - Dark Night", "Sevens Road Warlock", "Sevens Road Mage", "Sevens Road Witch", and "Darkness Divine". He borrows the power of a monster that controls the darkness, discarding "Sevens Road Warlock" to activate "Road Magic - Dark Night", destroying one monster Yuga controls. Yuga gasps "What?!" as Otes tells "Yggdrago" to disappear and it explodes into yellow particles. Nail can't believe Otes took down "Yggdrago" in a single blow, while Luke is more shocked by Otes using Road Magic cards. Gavin reassures them it's too easy to give up and Asana encourages Yuga on. Yuga agrees, returning "Yggdrago [L]" and "Yggdrago [R]" from his Graveyard to his Deck to activate the Trap Card "Parallel Evolution", Special Summoning two monsters with different Types from his Graveyard. He and Gavin tell "Yamiruler the Dark Delayer" to come forth, and down in the Goha 7th Student Council Room, Rayne and Rino gasp that it's Gavin's "Yamiruler". Then Yuga and Asana order "Constructor Wyrm Buildragon" to engage, and "Buildragon" emerges on the lunar surface, Chevelle, Galian and Zomyoji confirming its summon back in the hangar. Otes sends the top card of his Deck to the Graveyard to activate the effect of "Sevens Road Magician", increasing its ATK to 2800, then Summons "Sevens Road Mage" and sends another card from the top of his Deck to the Graveyard to activate the effect of "Sevens Road Mage", reducing the ATK of "Yamiruler" to 1600. Gavin asks what Otes said in horror as lightning shocks "Yamiruler" and drops its ATK, and Otes Tributes "Sevens Road Mage", telling "Sevens Road Witch" to come on out, its ATK increasing to 2000. Then as Otes has at least four DARK Spellcaster Type monsters in his Graveyard ("Sevens Road Enchanter", "Sevens Road Sorcerer", "Sevens Road Wiz" and "Sevens Road Warlock") he activates the Spell Card "Darkness Divine", reducing the ATK of "Buildragon" by 1000. Asana grits her teeth as "Buildragon" is struck by stronger lightning, reducing it to 1500 ATK, and then Otes draws a card as he controls "Sevens Road Magician", Sets it, and attacks with his two monsters. "Sevens Road Witch" encircles "Yamiruler" with its staff rings, destroying it as Gavin calls his monster's name and "Sevens Road Magician" blasts the fiery magic from its seven crests, destroying "Buildragon" as Asana calls its name. Electricity envelops the Super Rush Robot, shocking everyone inside as Yuga falls to 2300 LP. Otes ends his turn, and as his seven opponents all grit their teeth from the pain they just suffered, Otes laughs.

Featured Duel: Yuga Ohdo vs Otes[edit]

Turn 1: Otes
Otes' hand contains "Sevens Road Magician", "Darkness Deal", "Darkness Reborn", "Darkness Road", and "Darkness Rogue". Otes Normal Summons "Darkness Rogue" (700/600). As Otes Normal Summoned "Darkness Rogue" this turn and controls no other monsters, he activates the effect of "Darkness Rogue", Special Summoning a DARK Spellcaster Type monster from his hand, then placing "Darkness Rogue" on the bottom of his Deck. He Special Summons "Sevens Road Magician" (2100/1500) from his hand in Attack Position. Otes activates the Field Spell Card "Darkness Road". The effect of "Darkness Road" increases the ATK of all Level 5 or higher DARK Spellcaster Type monsters on the field by 400 ATK and reduces their DEF by 1500 ("Sevens Road Magician": 2100/1500 → 2500/0). Otes Sets two cards.

Turn 2: Yuga
Yuga's hand contains "Parallel Evolution", "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor [L]", "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor", and "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor[R]". Yuga draws "Emergency Advent". Yuga Maximum Summons "Yggdrago", "Yggdrago [L]", and "Yggdrago [R]", entering Maximum Mode (4000 MAXIMUM ATK). As "Yggdrago" is in Maximum Mode, Yuga activates the effect of "Yggdrago [L]", sending the top three cards of his Deck to the Graveyard to destroy a Level 8 or lower monster Otes controls. Yuga sends "Yamiruler the Dark Delayer", "Constructor Wyrm Buildragon", and "Kuribot" from the top of his Deck to the Graveyard and destroys the Level 7 "Sevens Road Magician".[Note 1] As a DARK monster Otes controls was destroyed by Yuga's card effect, Otes sends the top three cards of his Deck to the Graveyard to activate his Set Trap Card "Darkness Reborn", Special Summoning a DARK monster from his Graveyard and preventing it from being destroyed by battle this turn. Otes sends two unknown cards and "Sevens Road Wiz" from the top of his Deck to the Graveyard and Special Summons "Sevens Road Magician" (2100/1500 → 2500/0) from his Graveyard in Attack Position. Yuga Sets two cards. "Yggdrago" attacks "Sevens Road Magician", but due to the effect of "Darkness Reborn", it is not destroyed (Otes: 4000 → 2500 LP).

Turn 3: Otes
Otes draws "Road Magic - Dark Night", "Sevens Road Warlock", "Sevens Road Mage", "Sevens Road Witch", and "Darkness Divine". As Otes controls a Level 7 or higher DARK Spellcaster Type monster, he activates the Spell Card "Road Magic - Dark Night", sending a DARK monster from his hand to the Graveyard to destroy a monster Yuga controls. He sends "Sevens Road Warlock" from his hand to the Graveyard and destroys "Yggdrago". As a Level 9 or higher monster Yuga controls was destroyed by Otes' card effect, Yuga activates his Set Trap Card "Parallel Evolution", shuffling two monsters from his Graveyard into his Deck to Special Summon two Level 8 or lower monsters with different Types from his Graveyard in Attack Position. He shuffles "Yggdrago [L]" and "Yggdrago [R]" from his Graveyard into his Deck and Special Summons the Level 8 Warrior Type "Yamiruler the Dark Delayer" (2500/2500) and the Level 8 Wyrm Type "Constructor Wyrm Buildragon" (2500/2000) from his Graveyard, both in Attack Position. Otes activates the effect of "Sevens Road Magician", sending the top card of his Deck to the Graveyard to increase its ATK by 300 for each monster with a different Attribute in his Graveyard until the end of the turn. He sends an unknown card from the top of his Deck to the Graveyard, so there is currently one Attribute in his Graveyard, DARK ("Sevens Road Magician": 2500/0 → 2800/0). Otes Normal Summons "Sevens Road Mage" (800/800). Otes activates the effect of "Sevens Road Mage", sending the top card of his Deck to the Graveyard to choose a Level 7 or higher monster Yuga controls and make it lose 400 ATK until the end of the turn, then if he controls "Sevens Road Magician", it will lose an additional 100 ATK for each Spellcaster Type monster in Otes' Graveyard until the end of the turn. He sends an unknown card from the top of his Deck to the Graveyard and chooses "Yamiruler", and currently has five Spellcaster Type monsters in his Graveyard ("Sevens Road Wiz", "Sevens Road Sorcerer", "Sevens Road Enchanter", "Sevens Road Warlock" and "Darkness Rogue"; "Yamiruler": 2500/2500 → 2100/2500 → 1600/2500).[Note 2] Otes Tributes "Sevens Road Mage" to Tribute Summon "Sevens Road Witch" (1600/1000 → 2000/0). As Otes has four or more DARK Spellcaster Type monsters in his Graveyard, he activates the Spell Card "Darkness Divine", reducing the ATK of an Attack Position monster Yuga controls by 1000 until the end of the turn, then if Otes controls a Level 7 or higher DARK Spellcaster Type monster, he can draw a card. Otes has six DARK Spellcaster monsters in his Graveyard ("Sevens Road Enchanter", "Sevens Road Sorcerer", "Sevens Road Wiz", "Sevens Road Warlock", "Sevens Road Mage", and "Darkness Rogue")[Note 3] so he chooses "Buildragon" ("Buildragon": 2500/2000 → 1500/2000) and draws a card since he controls the Level 7 DARK Spellcaster Type "Sevens Road Magician". Otes Sets a card. "Sevens Road Witch" attacks and destroys "Yamiruler" (Yuga: 4000 → 3600 LP). "Sevens Road Magician" attacks and destroys "Buildragon" (Yuga: 3600 → 2300 LP).

Duel continues in the next episode.

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.


  1. The sent cards are not shown, but Yuga later Special Summons "Constructor Wyrm Buildragon" and "Yamiruler the Dark Delayer" from his Graveyard during this episode and then adds "Kuribot" from his Graveyard to his hand with the effect of another "Kuribot" in the following episode, so they must have been sent to activate this effect.
  2. The first four cards are later shown to be in Otes' Graveyard during this episode, and the latter is shown to be in his Graveyard in the following episode.
  3. "Darkness Rogue" is shown to be in Otes' Graveyard in the following episode.