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"Borreload Dragon" prepares to activate its special ability.
"Borreload Dragon" prepares to activate its special ability.
Japanese name
Japaneseとどろだんそう ヴァレルロード
Base轟く弾倉 ヴァレルロード
Furiganaとどろくだんそう ヴァレルロード
RōmajiTodoroku Dansō Varerurōdo
TranslatedRoar of the Magazine Varreload
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS
Japanese OP"With The Wind"
Japanese ED"Believe In Magic"
English OP & ED"Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS Main Theme"
ScreenplayShin Yoshida
DirectorToshiaki Kamihara
Air dates
JapaneseJuly 26, 2017
EnglishOctober 6, 2018
Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS episodes (season 1)
Previous"Eye of the Storm"
Next"Link the Circuit"

"Neutralized", known as "Roar of the Magazine Varreload" in the Japanese version, is the eleventh episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. It first aired in Japan on July 26, 2017, became available with official subtitles via Crunchyroll on the same day, and aired in Canada on October 6, 2018.

Playmaker is shocked by the truth that Varis revealed, and he collapses after taking a powerful attack from Varis' ace monster, "Borreload Dragon". As his consciousness fades, a mysterious voice echoes in his mind and awakens him... Playmaker then gets back up, his eyes burning with unwavering resolve...


Ai wakes up in an ocean.

In the middle of a vast sea, with no land in sight, Ai awakens slowly, looking around and questioning his present location. He quickly remembers getting caught in Varis' trap, being erased by his "Fire Prison" and he gasps that it was rather unexpected. Ai suddenly starts to feel sleepy, noting that he has never felt sleepy before, before wondering: what would happen if he did go to sleep?

Ghost Gal begins to enter the Data Storm.

Outside the Data Storm the fires continue to burn in LINK VRAINS. Ghost Gal circles the Data Storm where Playmaker and Varis are Dueling on her Duel Board, but is unable to find an opening. Zaizen asks if Ghost Gal can't get inside, but Ghost Gal replies that there are no openings. If she were outside LINK VRAINS she could mess with the program, but she might not be able to log back in. Visibly worried for his sister's sake, Zaizen questions Ghost Gal about the state of Playmaker's Duel, gazing over to where the unconscious body of Blue Angel lies, and then back to the Data Storm (in the dub, he apologizes to Skye for being unable to protect her and having to rely on someone else, before begging Playmaker not to let him down). Meanwhile, Kolter analyzes the tornado, determining it as Hanoi's program. He spots Ghost Gal outside the Data Storm, and muses that if he can get her inside the Data Storm, he can see what's going on inside. He analyses Hanoi's program, noting that it's well-designed, but made quickly, so there are irregularities in the program. He spots a red line of code and he wonders if he can uses them to get in and to create a pathway. Deciding that he has to try, he executes the security bypass (in the dub, he is more confident). A hexagonal passage towards the Data Storm materializes before Ghost Gal. She wonders if someone is guiding her, and she thinks back to when a gateway appeared for Playmaker to escape from Gore, determining that Playmaker has an ally who's watching out for him. She notes in amusement that this ally is telling her to go inside, and thinks that it's interesting, heading into the passage with her drone cameras in pursuit (in the dub, she thinks that she's an independent girl, but time is of the essence). As Ghost Gal manages to enter the Data Storm, she notes that you'd have to be skilled to create a pathway in this wall, and that she wishes she could have a discussion with whoever created it (in the dub she is silent).

Zaizen places his faith in Playmaker.

She pierces the inner wall to see "Fire Prison" glowing red-hot, and views of the Duel are broadcasted to Kolter, who celebrates her making it through. Ghost Gal glows with blue light and she lowers through the air and lands on a nearby rock (in the dub, she muses that it's not what she expected in the eye of a storm). She spots Playmaker and Varis, gasping their names. Kolter notes that now he can keep an eye on Yusaku, while Zaizen solemnly places his faith in Playmaker. All parties examine the current game state: Varis has 4000 LP and "Linkbelt Wall Dragon", "Triple Burst Dragon" and "Fire Prison" on the field, and Playmaker with 3600 LP and "Decode Talker" and "Encode Talker" on the field. Playmaker gasps that Varis sealed away the Cyberse with the effect of "Fire Prison" (in the dub, he adds that Varis also wanted to get rid of Ai), and Varis' father tells him to take the Ignis from him (in the dub, he mocks him for taking so long to figure out their strategy). Playmaker deduces that it was for this reason that Varis chose not to play "Topologic Bomber Dragon". Varis smirks and chastises Playmaker for relying on an Ignis (in the dub, Varis insults Playmaker for naming the Ignis, and Playmaker asks "So what?"). As Playmaker expresses confusion at the terminology, Varis states that he'll tell him what an Ignis is before he loses. An Ignis isn't a regular AI. Previous attempts at creating artificial life in the network resulted in regular programs being created, all of which lack a certain something to be considered a life form: free will. Even in humans, they don't know where free will is located inside their bodies. Varis recounts that someone made free will into a program and, taking after the myth of Prometheus giving heaven's forbidden fire to humans, named them "Ignis": A.I. with free will (in the dub, Varis' analogy is shortened, removing the likening of the creation of the Ignis to Prometheus. He reveals that the Ignis will destroy the world sooner, and he attempts to convince Playmaker to destroy them and do the right thing). The mere idea of it elicits disbelief from Playmaker, Ghost Gal, and Kolter, and Varis, who expected said disbelief, replies that it doesn't matter if Playmaker believes him, and he explains his motives: the Ignis created the Cyberse and are attempting to take over the network, and it is Hanoi's mission to eliminate the Ignis and the Cyberse. He'll continue this Duel, and eliminate Playmaker.

Varis declares his turn and draws. During the Standby Phase, the effect of "Linkbelt Wall Dragon" causes it to gain a Wall Counter, and the fourth red light on its head lights up. Then he activates the effect of "Triple Burst Dragon", Tributing it to Special Summon a Link Monster from his Graveyard and then a Dragon monster from his hand. He Special Summons "Twin Triangle Dragon" from his Graveyard, then "Sniffer Dragon" from his hand. Varis then activates the effect of "Sniffer Dragon" as it was Normal or Special Summoned, adding another copy from his Deck to his hand, which he immediately Normal Summons. He declares, "Appear, the future circuit that lights up my path!" and he and his four monsters pass through a Circuit to enter a green world. Authorizing the Link Arrows, Varis explains that the Summoning conditions are at least three Effect Monsters, and he sets the Link-2 "Twin Triangle Dragon" and his two "Sniffer Dragons" in the Link Arrows to link the Circuit. He chants, "My new wind that pierces through the closed world! Link Summon! Appear, Link-4! Borreload Dragon!"

"Borreload Dragon" prepares to attack.

"Borreload Dragon" lets out a deep metallic roar as it appears with 3000 ATK, and Playmaker recognizes the dragon from when he saw it as Yusaku, realizing that this is Varis' ace monster. Varis reminds Playmaker that the effect of "Fire Prison" has caused his Cyberse monsters to vanish, and he orders "Borreload Dragon" to attack Playmaker directly. "Borreload Dragon's" cylinder begins spinning as it crackles with pink electricity and Varis announces, "Charging energy...Borreload Charge! Target...locked on!" as "Borreload Dragon" opens its mouth and a cannon barrel extends from its maw, and it targets Playmaker in its HUD. Varis activates his anti-glare protection, and declares "Final safety removed!" as the wing bars of "Borreload Dragon" slam down, cutting off the flow of its hardlight wings and fire begins building at the end of its cannon. Varis orders the "Thunder Borrel Cannon" attack of "Borreload Dragon", and "Borreload Dragon" blasts a cannon-blast of flame from its maw that slams into Playmaker and blasts him across the ledge, reducing his LP to 600. The impact causes the Data Storm surrounding them to intensify, and the watching Kolter cries Yusaku's name, while Ghost Gal whispers Playmaker's name. The dust clears to reveal Playmaker crumpled on the ground, and Varis' anti-glare protection retracts as he ends his turn. Zaizen whispers Playmaker's name in shock as Varis comments that it seems as though their match has ended before Playmaker could run out of LP.

Yusaku loses a Duel in his childhood.

Playmaker recalls his childhood. After being defeated in a Duel while he was wearing a VR mask, Yusaku heard a voice, telling him to get up and think of three things to live, three things to go home and three things to defeat the enemy (in the dub, the voice is more in-line with Yusaku's philosophy; telling him that there are three reasons that he should get up: if he doesn't get up now, he won't later; he won't win if he doesn't believe that he can; just because it's tough now doesn't mean it will always be). By thinking, he could still live. In the present, Playmaker, although in a desperate situation, thinks of his three reasons to win the Duel: to regain those memories of his past; to learn the truth about them and then connect all the moments in his life; and to find the person who gave him the strength to get up; if they're still captured, he has to rescue them. After resolving his strength, he stands and he vows to keep fighting.

Playmaker senses the new pulse of the Cyberse in his Deck.

Ghost Gal gasps Playmaker's name, and Varis muses that he failed to erase his fighting spirit. Playmaker declares his turn and draws, but he stumbles. He thinks that if he doesn't do something this turn, he'll definitely lose, but what can he do? He looks at Varis' two Dragons, and then suddenly he sees the Extra Deck chamber of his Duel Disk glowing blue. The outline of the dragon monster that he obtained the last time he used Storm Access flashes over it, and he realizes that the new pulse of the Cyberse in his Deck hasn't vanished yet. He recalls Ai asking him about his Link Sense; his ability to sense what happens in the network, and then remembers himself as a child (in the dub; this is the first time that the Link Sense comes up, so he does not recall discussing it with him). He realizes that he's been able to sense the pulse of the network from a young age. The Cyberse's fire has yet to be extinguished. Playmaker listens for the pulse of the Cyberse, and he calls out to Ai, who awakens abruptly upon hearing Playmaker's voice.

Playmaker Summons his newest monster - "Firewall Dragon".

He tells them that he knows they're there, and asks them to lend him their strength, asking the Cyberse to respond (in the dub, he chides Ai for being as unhelpful as ever). Playmaker then activates the Field Spell Card, "Cynet Universe", which will increase the ATK of Link Monsters he controls by 300. Varis smirks, commenting that whatever Playmaker tries is pointless; the Cyberse are already gone. The images of "Decode Talker" and "Encode Talker" flash before Playmaker, and he tells Varis that he's wrong; the Cyberse are still here, and he can hear their pulses. Varis recoils in shock, and Playmaker declares, "Appear, the circuit that leads to the future!" As he and his two "Code Talkers" leap into the air, Varis asks what he's going to do (in the dub, he asks how he can Link Summon, unaware that Playmaker has a Link-4). Entering an amber world, Playmaker authorizes the Link Arrows, explaining that the Summoning conditions are at least two monsters. He sets the Link-3 "Decode Talker" and "Encode Talker" in the Link Arrow to link the Circuit, and Varis is shocked that Playmaker is using his two ace monsters as Link Material. Playmaker declares that this is the Cyberse's new potential, as he Link Summons the Link-4 "Firewall Dragon", which appears with 2500 ATK. Varis gasps that this is the monster that Playmaker got from the Data Storm, and his "Fire Prison" card suddenly disintegrates, much to the watching scientist's surprise. The "Fire Prison" dissolves into embers, and Varis angrily admits that when the Cyberse monsters that "Fire Prison" sealed have all left the field, "Fire Prison" is destroyed. Playmaker's Duel Disk shines with a purple column of light, and Ai's eye reappears on the surface.

Ai once again questions where he is, to which Playmaker jokingly responds that Ai's back to being a hostage. Ai asks if he was sleeping, and Playmaker snarks that he was in a deep sleep (in the dub, Ai grumbles about going from one cell to another, and a smaller one at that, while Playmaker remains silent). Ai panics, and he asks if Playmaker lost, and Playmaker replies that of course he didn't, but his LP is like a candle in the wind, and Ai expresses his dismay at the pinch Playmaker is in with 600 LP. Playmaker comments that Ai can go back to sleep if he wants, and Ai notes that the fact that he woke up means... Playmaker confirms that "Fire Prison" has been destroyed (in the dub, Ai begins talking tough and analyzing the field). With the destruction of "Fire Prison", the DEF of "Linkbelt Wall Dragon" returns to 2100, while the ATK of "Firewall Dragon" increases to 2800 due to the effect of "Cynet Universe" (Ai is the one to note the change in "Linkbelt Wall Dragon's" DEF in the dub). Ai, in an attempt to catch up on what he missed in the Duel, can only describe "Firewall Dragon", who he asks if Playmaker obtained via Storm Access in their Speed Duel, and "Borreload Dragon" as incredible (in the dub, he snaps at Playmaker for doing the analysis, before then freaking out over "Borreload Dragon). Playmaker orders "Firewall Dragon" to attack, and the body of "Firewall Dragon" changes from blue to red as it unleashes its "Tempest Terahertz", destroying "Linkbelt Wall Dragon". Varis drops from his monster's coils to the ground, lamenting its destruction. Playmaker activates the effect of "Cynet Universe", returning "Encode Talker" from his Graveyard to his Extra Deck, and then he Sets two cards to end his turn. Varis' father watches and comments on Playmaker's strategies, praising them before acknowledging the mere 600 LP Playmaker has left and telling Varis to take him down.

"Borreload" loads and fires "Autorokket Dragon".

As Varis declares his turn and draws, Playmaker activates a Trap Card, "Parallel Port Armor". He equips it to "Firewall Dragon", preventing Varis' cards from targeting "Firewall Dragon", and it cannot be destroyed in battle. Varis responds with a Spell Card from his hand, "Arrow Charge". Varis explains that when both monsters in the Extra Monster Zones have the same Link Rating, he can draw two cards. Varis then summons "Anesthrokket Dragon" before activating one of his drawn cards: a Quick-Play Spell Card, "Squib Draw". He destroys a "Rokket" monster on his field and draws two cards from his Deck. Varis activates the Field Spell "Boot Sector Launch", and subsequently activates its effect, which Special Summons up to two "Rokket" monsters from his hand in Defense Position. He Special Summons "Autorokket Dragon" and another copy of "Anesthrokket". The effect of "Boot Sector Launch" causes both monsters' DEF to increase by 300, from 1000 and 2200 respectively to 1300 and 2500 respectively. Varis then activates the effect of "Borreload Dragon", causing a monster to lose 500 ATK and DEF. Varis uses the effect on "Autorokket", much to the surprise of Ai, declaring "Enemy Negation". As "Borreload Dragon" roars, the DEF of "Autorokket" drops to 800. Varis then reveals his motive for lowering his own monster's DEF, activating the effect of "Autorokket". When it is targeted by the effect of a Link Monster, "Autorokket" destroys itself, and a Spell or Trap Card on the field is sent to the Graveyard. "Autorokket" transforms into an orange ball, and the ball enters one of the cylinders on "Borreload Dragon". The cannon in the mouth of "Borreload Dragon" begins to glow orange as a blast shoots out towards "Parallel Port Armor", sending it to the Graveyard. From this, Playmaker is able to determine Varis' strategy, destroying the "Rokket" monsters when they are targeted by a Link Monster's effect, using them as bullets for "Borreload Dragon" (in the dub, Playmaker notes that Varis answered Ai's question, and Ai replies that he didn't have to be so rough about it).

"Firewall Dragon" begins to glitch as "Borreload Dragon" takes control of it.

Varis comments that now the protection on "Firewall Dragon" is gone, and declares an attack with "Borreload Dragon". It targets "Firewall Dragon", and the cannon of "Borreload Dragon" now glows blue as Varis activates its "Strange Trigger" effect. The bullet strikes "Firewall Dragon" and melts into slag that spreads over its body, and "Firewall Dragon" begins to glitch and disappear, surprising Playmaker and Ai. Suddenly, "Firewall Dragon" appears on Varis' side of the field. Playmaker deduces the effect of "Borreload Dragon" to be one that takes control of monsters (in the dub, Varis immediately announces his intention to take control of "Firewall Dragon"). Varis lightly chuckles and declares a direct attack with "Firewall Dragon". "Firewall Dragon" charges up its "Tempest Terahertz" and Varis taunts Playmaker for having his own Cyberse end him. Ai freaks out, and Playmaker responds that he knows (in the dub, Ai lightly comments that it's been nice knowing Playmaker; Playmaker replies that it's not over yet). He activates his Trap Card, "Cynet Refresh", which destroys all monsters in the Main Monster Zones when a Cyberse monster attacks. Varis Sets a card, taunting Playmaker with his impenetrable field's defense. Since they were destroyed, Varis activates the effects of both "Anesthrokket" and "Autorokket", Special Summoning two copies of "Magnarokket Dragon", which both have their DEF increased from 1200 to 1500 due to "Boot Sector Launch". Playmaker uses the effect of "Cynet Refresh" to Special Summon "Firewall Dragon" from the GY, which gains 300 ATK due to the effect of "Cynet Universe". Then Playmaker activates his Trap Card, "Recoded Alive", banishing "Decode Talker" from his Graveyard to Special Summon a "Code Talker" monster from his Extra Deck. He Special Summons his other "Code Talker": "Encode Talker", and it also gains 300 ATK, rising to 2600.

Playmaker warns Varis that their real battle is just getting started.

Featured Duel: Varis vs. Playmaker[edit]

Duel continues from the previous episode.

Varis has 4000 LP and controls "Linkbelt Wall Dragon" (0/2400) in Defense Position, and "Triple Burst Dragon" (2400/↑←↓) in the Extra Monster Zone, as well as "Fire Prison" in his Field Zone. Playmaker has 3600 LP and controls 1 Set card in his Spell & Trap Zone, as well as "Encode Talker" (2300/↑↓↘) in the Extra Monster Zone and "Decode Talker" (2300/↙↑↘) in his Main Monster Zone the bottom-center Link Arrow of "Encode Talker" points to.

Turn 5: Varis
During the Standby Phase, the effect of "Linkbelt Wall Dragon" activates, placing a Wall Counter on it, up to a maximum of four ("Linkbelt Wall Dragon": 3 → 4 Wall Counters). During the Main Phase, Varis activates the effect of "Triple Burst Dragon", Tributing it, then targeting a Link-2 or lower monster in his GY to Special Summon it, then Varis can Special Summon a Level 4 or lower Dragon monster from his hand. He Tributes "Triple Burst Dragon", then targets and Special Summons the Link-2 "Twin Triangle Dragon" (1200/↓→) , then Special Summons "Sniffer Dragon" (800/400) from his hand. The effect of "Fire Prison" increases the DEF of all Dragon monsters Varis controls by 300 ("Sniffer Dragon": 400 → 700 DEF). As "Sniffer Dragon" was Normal or Special Summoned, Varis activates its effect, adding "Sniffer Dragon" from his Deck to his hand. He adds and subsequently Normal Summons "Sniffer Dragon" (800/400 → 700). Varis sets two copies of "Sniffer Dragon" and the Link-2 "Twin Triangle Dragon" in the Link Arrows to Link Summon "Borreload Dragon" (3000/←↙↘→) to the Extra Monster Zone. While "Fire Prison" is face-up on the field, Cyberse monsters cannot be targeted for attacks, but it does not prevent a player from attacking directly. "Borreload Dragon" attacks Playmaker directly (Playmaker: 3600 → 600 LP).

Turn 6: Playmaker
Playmaker activates the Field Spell "Cynet Universe". The effect of "Cynet Universe" increases the ATK of all Link Monsters Playmaker controls by 300 ("Decode Talker": 2300 → 2600 ATK, "Encode Talker": 2300 → 2600 ATK). Playmaker sets "Encode Talker" and the Link-3 "Decode Talker" in the Link Arrows to Link Summon "Firewall Dragon" (2500 → 2800/↑←↓→) to the Extra Monster Zone. As the last Cyberse monsters that were on the field upon the activation of the effect of "Fire Prison" left the field, its effect activates, destroying itself ("Linkbelt Wall Dragon": 2400 → 2100 DEF). "Firewall Dragon" attacks and destroys "Beltlink Wall Dragon". Playmaker activates the effect of "Cynet Universe", targeting a monster in the GY and shuffling it into the Deck. He targets and returns "Encode Talker" to his Extra Deck. Playmaker Sets two cards.

Turn 7: Varis
Playmaker activates his face-down Trap "Parallel Port Armor", targeting a Link Monster he controls and equipping it with "Parallel Port Armor". The effect of "Parallel Port Armor" prevents Varis from targeting the equipped "Firewall Dragon" with it with card effects, also it cannot be destroyed by battle. As there are two Link Monsters with the same Link Rating in the Extra Monster Zones, Varis activates the Spell "Arrow Charge", drawing two cards, then revealing them, but they are banished during the End Phase of this turn if they are still in Varis' hand. Varis draws "Squib Draw" and "Boot Sector Launch". Varis Normal Summons "Anesthrokket Dragon" (0/2200). Varis activates the Quick-Play Spell "Squib Draw", targeting a "Rokket" monster he controls and destroying it, then drawing two cards. He targets and destroys "Anesthrokket". Varis activates the Field Spell "Boot Sector Launch", and activates its effect, Special Summoning up to two "Rokket" monsters with different names from his hand in Defense Position. He Special Summons "Autorokket Dragon" (1600/1000) and "Anesthrokket" (0/2200). The effect of "Boot Sector Launch" increases the ATK/DEF of all "Rokket" monsters on the field by 300 ("Autorokket": 1600/1000 → 1900/1300, "Anesthrokket": 0/2200 → 300/2500). Varis activates the effect of "Borreload Dragon", targeting a face-up monster on the field and decreasing its ATK/DEF by 500. He targets "Autorokket". As a Link Monster's effect is activated that targets the face-up "Autorokket" on the field, Varis activates its effect, destroying it, then sending a Spell/Trap on the field to the GY. He sends "Parallel Port Armor".

"Borreload Dragon" attacks "Firewall Dragon". At the start of the Damage Step, as "Borreload Dragon" is attacking Playmaker's monster, Varis activates its effect, placing that monster in a zone "Borreload Dragon" points to and taking control of it, but it is sent to the GY during the End Phase of the next turn. He places "Firewall Dragon" in a zone "Borreload Dragon" points to and takes control of it. "Firewall Dragon" attacks Playmaker directly. As a Cyberse monster declared an attack, Playmaker activates his face-down Trap "Cynet Refresh", destroying all monsters in the Main Monster Zones. During the End Phase of this turn, Playmaker Special Summons from the GY as many Cyberse Link Monsters as possible that were destroyed by this effect to their owner's fields. "Firewall Dragon" and "Anesthrokket" are destroyed. Varis Sets a card. During the End Phase, as "Anesthrokket" and "Autorokket" are in the GY because they were destroyed on the field by battle or card effect and sent there this turn, Varis activates their effects, Special Summoning a different "Rokket" monster from his Deck. He Special Summons two copies of "Magnarokket Dragon" (1800/1200 → 2100/1500) in Defense Position. During the End Phase, "Firewall Dragon" (2500 → 2800/↑←↓→) is Special Summoned to Playmaker's field. Playmaker activates his face-down Trap "Recoded Alive", targeting a Link-3 Cyberse Link Monster he controls or is in his GY and banishing it, then Special Summoning a "Code Talker" monster from his Extra Deck. He targets and banishes "Decode Talker", then Special Summons "Encode Talker" (2300 → 2600/↑↓↘) to the Extra Monster Zone the top-center Link Arrow of "Firewall Dragon" points to.

Duel continues in the next episode.


  • When Playmaker tells the Cyberse to respond in his Duel Disk, he draws a second card during his Draw Phase, but the cards in his hand remain the same. This appears to have been an animation error.
  • In the dub, Playmaker states that "Firewall Dragon's" summoning conditions are at least two Cyberse monsters rather than at least two monsters.

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.

In other languages[edit]

Language Title
Germany German Halle wieder, Magazin - Barreload!
Italy Italian Neutralizzato
Brazil Portuguese Compartimento que Ruge - Borreload
Mexico Spanish El rugido del cargador, Borreload