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"An Invitation"
Ghost Gal and Playmaker begin their Speed Duel.
Ghost Gal and Playmaker begin their Speed Duel.
EnglishAn Invitation
Japanese name
RōmajiGōsuto Gāru no Izanai
TranslatedGhost Girl's Invitation
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS
Japanese OP"With The Wind"
Japanese ED"Believe In Magic"
English OP & ED"Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS Main Theme"
ScreenplayJunki Takegami
DirectorYasuyuki Fuse
Air dates
JapaneseAugust 16, 2017
EnglishOctober 14, 2018
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"An Invitation", known as "Ghost Girl's Invitation" in the Japanese version, is the fourteenth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. It first aired in Japan on August 16, 2017, became available with official subtitles via Crunchyroll on the same day, and aired in Canada on October 14, 2018.

Interested in the incident that happened ten years ago, Ghost Gal challenged Playmaker to a Duel, with Ai as a wager. Learning that he will be able to obtain the program that allows him to infiltrate SOL Technologies Data Bank if he wins, Yusaku heads to LINK VRAINS. Fully aware of the risks, Yusaku still accepted Ghost Gal's challenge in order to discover the truth about the incident that happened ten years ago. However, he faces a tough battle against Ghost Gal's elusive "Altergeist" Deck!


A Data Storm blocks Emma's progress into SOL Technologies' data bank.

Emma Bessho sits in an abandoned building, looking at information and recalling Playmaker using "Storm Access". She notes that it is a powerful move using the data material that creates the Data Storm, and a normal Duelist can't use it (in the dub, she also thinks that Playmaker is a mystery, and she loves a good mystery). She takes a sip of coffee, wondering if Playmaker is able to use the Skill due to a special connection with data material, and why that is so. She recalls Varis musing about an incident that happened ten years ago, and Playmaker's notation of "three reasons", which apparently caused Varis to recognize Playmaker, who had declared himself the emissary of revenge. Emma wonders if this connection is related to the incident from ten years ago, seeing as SOL Technologies created LINK VRAINS, and she decides to see if she can find something in their data bank. She begins typing, noting that a cyber treasure hunter like her can create a backdoor program to access the data bank (in the dub, she calls it adorable how SOL Technologies keep updating their firewalls to try and keep her out). A sphere of networks appears on her screen, and as her program does its work she moves deeper into the sphere. Sweet runs down her face as she thinks that she's almost accessed the data bank. She reaches a more solid blue sphere, and believes that she's done it, but then the sphere swells into a blue twister. Emma realizes that there is a Data Storm in her path, and laments its presence when she was so close to accessing the data bank. She tries to break through, but the view on her computer changes to one in the eye of the Data Storm, and she panics and shuts down her computer, lamenting her inability to access the data bank. But she won't give up; Playmaker ignites her curiosity as a cyber treasure hunter (in the dub, she comments that no system has ever kept her out, and the one thing she loves more than a mystery is a challenge).

At SOL Technologies, an employee walks into Zaizen's office with coffee for him. Zaizen thanks her, but her grip shakes as she tries to hand him the cup and she spills it on the table, apologizing and wiping it up in a panic. Zaizen reassures her that it's fine, and he asks Hayami how long she's been with the company. Hayami eagerly asks if Zaizen is attracted to her because he wants to know her private info (in the dub she claims that she's a Pisces and is free Saturday night), but Zaizen explains that he wants to know her worker's history; as her boss. Hayami apologizes for misunderstanding (in the dub she adds that she's still single), then states that it's been three years since she joined the company. Zaizen muses that this means Hayami won't know the location of the data of the incident ten years ago, and Hayami agrees; her job is to manage equipment, not data (in the dub she laments that her security clearance isn't high enough for that). Zaizen notes that all of SOL Technologies' data is stored in this room, and it's right before his eyes but he can't lay a finger on it (in the dub, Hayami sympathizes with his frustrations). He gets up and states that he's leaving, asking Hayami to let his bosses know that he's going home for the day (in the dub, he comments that he knows someone who can get the data). Hayami salutes and states that she will, blushing and commenting that Zaizen is still so cool even when he's been demoted to Chief.

Under the bridge, Emma comments to Zaizen that SOL Technologies are heartless; they demoted Zaizen even though he protected LINK VRAINS (she teases him about the size of his office in the dub). Zaizen replies that Playmaker gave him Varis' removal program, which freed Skye, so he has no regrets even if he was demoted. Emma notes that his former boss, Kitamura, has replaced Zaizen. Zaizen explains that Kitamura created a Duelist army using A.I.

In SOL Technologies, Kitamura oversees his workers, angrily asking what they're doing and if they know how far behind the project is. He grabs an employee's head, warning him that he'll cut his salary bu 50% if he gets any further behind. They must protect LINK VRAINS from hackers, so he'll create an A.I. Duelist army and crush the hackers.

Zaizen asks Emma to give him the program.

Zaizen explains that Kitamura will do anything to achieve a result, and Emma lightly notes that SOL Technologies is full of scoundrels, but you could say that about any fast-growing company. She asks Zaizen if he knows anything about that incident ten years ago that Playmaker mentioned, and Zaizen retorts that of course he doesn't. Emma admits that if she can't rely on Zaizen, she'll have to search on her own by using a backdoor program to infiltrate SOL Technologies' data bank. Zaizen is shocked by her intentions (in the dub, he isn't surprised), and Emma asks him why he thought she took jobs for SOL Technologies; the more connections she makes, the more she can acquire. Zaizen asks if she'll give the program to him, and Emma asks why she has to, or is he planning to buy it for her usual price? Zaizen lowers his hand, and Emma states that she has no interest in men with no power or money (in the dub, she is kinder, stating that Zaizen shouldn't be seen hacking his own company). She walks away, and Zaizen asks her what she's planning to do with the program. Emma suggests that Playmaker might be interested in buying it, because he's interested in the incident from ten years ago. Zaizen grits his teeth, and Emma bids him farewell.

That night, Emma types at her laptop in her apartment, noting that someone guided her during Playmaker and Varis' Duel. She copied the source code of the passage just in case, and she thinks that if she uses it to create a program then the person watching over Playmaker will definitely notice. She sends the email in satisfaction.

In Yusaku's house and under his bed, Ai tells Roboppi to move more to the right, and Roboppi scolds him for being too loud because someone will notice. Ai reassures her that it's fine as Yusaku has been in a daze since he came home. Yusaku sits in his room to LINK VRAINS, musing on his disbelief that a program could have free will (in the dub, he notes that Varis seemed afraid of the Ignis), and Varis' admission that he expected that reaction, but that it didn't matter; the Ignis created the Cyberse and are trying to conquer the network, and they would do whatever it took to eliminated them both. Yusaku wonders what Varis meant, and he reflects that he doesn't know, he doesn't have enough information. Kolter rings him, asking if he can come to Café Nom right now. Yusaku asks what's up. Out in his room, Ai tells Roboppi "right there", and she warns him again that he's too loud. They hear Yusaku moving inside his chamber, and Ai quickly tells Roboppi to put him back. Roboppi quickly tosses Yusaku's Duel Disk into its case and scurries into the corner just before the door opens. Yusaku retrieves his Duel Disk, and Roboppi asks if he's going somewhere. Yusaku explains that Kolter wants to meet up, and suggests they go. Ai mutters that he has a bad feeling about this (in the dub, Ai asks what's up, and Yusaku explains what Kolter wants. Ai asks if he has a choice, and Yusaku tells him he doesn't).

Yusaku enters Café Nom in the park, which Kolter has closed for business. Kolter tells him to look at this, showing him an email from "Ghostgirl" with the subject "Hello Daddy-Long-Legs" and a jumble of code (the username and subject are coded in the dub). Yusaku asks if the message is from Ghost Gal, and Kolter explains that she sent it to a popular hacking forum. Yusaku asks if Kolter knows Ghost Gal, and Kolter explains that he guided her during Yusaku's Duel with Varis, and she acquired his source code to create a program that he'd notice (in the dub, Kolter claims that it's in a cipher that only he uses, so it's a secure message). Yusaku muses that he sees, and Kolter explains that she's demanding to Duel Playmaker; if she wins she gets Playmaker's A.I. Ai comments that she must be kidding, and sidles up to Yusaku, commenting that Playmaker would never do something so dangerous. To his shock, Yusaku accepts, noting that Ghost Gal is offering a backdoor program to SOL Technologies' data bank in exchange. Ai is quite surprised to learn what Ghost Gal is offering, and Kolter confirms that's what she's said. Ai believes she's lying, but Kolter notes that Ghost Gal's hacking skills are first-class; she's sent a portion of the data and it looks real. Yusaku, much to Ai's dismay, asks Kolter to reply to Ghost Gal and inform her that he'll Duel her.

Emma logs into LINK VRAINS.

Emma lies on her couch, looking up at the moon and wondering where in the city Playmaker could be. He phone lights up, and she looks at it with a grin, commenting that he answered her. She gets to her feet and raises her hand, declaring "Into the VRAINS!". A blue sphere of data surrounds her as she logs in.

Back in Café Nom, Kolter receives a notification that Ghost Gal has logged in. Yusaku heads over to the truck's chamber and puts on his Duel Disk as Ai asks if Yusaku is really going to Duel Ghost Gal. Kolter notes that she might have set a trap again, and Yusaku replies that he's aware of that, but there are three reasons why he must Duel her; first, he sensed Ghost Gal's determination in her message despite her weaknesses; second that there must be secret information about the Knights of Hanoi in SOL Technologies' data bank, and third, that he'll learn the truth about that incident ten years ago. He sets his Deck into his Duel Disk, and links into the VRAINS (in the dub, he states the second reason as his first, claiming that as his second reason that even with Kolter's skills they wouldn't be able to hack into the data bank, to which AI comments, "Yeesh. Savage, bro").

Ghost Gal enters LINK VRAINS.

In LINK VRAINS, the city is still being repaired after Varis' attack, and Pigeon laments that nothing's happening and there's no-one here. Frog snaps that he knows, but if they don't get their exclusive scoop they can't do their T.V. special on Playmaker. Pigeon agrees; because the data that Frog bought with their bonuses is gone. Frog panics, as they'll be fired unless they can fill in the gaps for their T.V. special, and Pigeon screams that he doesn't want that. To their shock, a portal opens above them and Ghost Gal emerges on her Duel Board, surfing the Data Storm. Pigeon gasps that she's here, calling Frog by his real name "Yamamoto" by accident, and Frog orders him not to use his real name. Pigeon reassures him that it's okay because no-one's here and points at Ghost Gal (this spat is cut from the dub). Frog claims that he smells and exclusive scoop, and he and Pigeon note that if they get this footage they'll get their bonuses back. Playmaker emerges from the portal as well on his own Duel Board. Frog spots Playmaker and Pigeon congratulates his eyes and expectations. Frog orders Pigeon to go after them; everyone will flip when they see this, and Pigeon grabs his and flies off. Ghost Gal spots Playmaker behind her, and she comments that he's here. As they surf the Data Storm, Pigeon and Frog struggle to keep up; Pigeon notes that the wind's strong today (in the dub, he gasps that Playmaker and Ghost Gal are fast). Frog tells him to fly better, and Pigeon yelps that Frog isn't very nice to pigeons. Frog sees Playmaker and Ghost Gal on top of a nearby building, and he orders Pigeon to film it.

Kolter watches from within Café Nom as Ghost Gal asks if Playmaker has accepted her challenge. Playmaker replies that he has, but asks if Ghost Gal is lying. She replies that of course she isn't, and she has the data ready to go; it's the backdoor program to SOL Technologies' data bank (in the dub, she admits that his suspicions are usually justified). A golden card spin above her finger, and she notes that it should have data about the incident ten years ago. Playmaker asks why Ghost Gal wants to Duel him and why she doesn't just look herself. Ghost Gal eyes his Duel Disk, commenting that if she acquires his A.I. she can sell it to SOL Technologies at a high price (she simply claims that she has buyers lined up in the dub). She admits that she became interested in Playmaker after seeing his most recent Duel, before clarifying that she means as a cyber treasure hunter. She wants to know more about him (in the dub, she states that Playmaker's persona intrigues her, jokingly commenting "I ship it" about Playmaker and Blue Angel, and stating that the only way to truly know someone is to Duel them). Playmaker asks, "cyber treasure hunter?" Ai gets worked up, claiming that Ghost Gal is obviously trying to trick Playmaker and he laments humans' lack of ability to learn from experience. Playmaker lightly claims that humans can feel things instead of learning them. Ai sighs, noting that Playmaker is really going to do this (in the dub, Playmaker states that he has no objections. Ai screeches that he does; no-one wants to hear about Playmaker's "prequel backstory", since Ai is box-office gold, no, platinum. Playmaker suggests that they get the Duel underway since no-one important is objecting, and Ai wonders if he's set on mute). The Data Storm whips up beside them, and both Playmaker and Ghost Gal leap onto it, declaring "Speed Duel!" As they ride over the crest of a wave, Kolter tells Yusaku to acquire the backdoor program.

Ai warns Playmaker that he has no info on Ghost Gal, but she has definitely studied Playmaker. Playmaker agrees, and Ai protests that he's clerly falling into her trap. Playmaker agrees, but he notes that it's worth it if he can acquire the data bank's backdoor program. Ghost Gal takes the first turn, summoning "Altergeist Marionetter". Since it was Normal Summoned, she activates its effect, Setting an "Altergeist" Trap Card directly from her Deck. She Sets "Altergeist Protocol", and then she Sets another card from her hand, ending her turn. Ai notes that Ghost Gal has two Set cards on her field, and he wonders what her strategy is (in the dub he claims that she's obviously trying to trap Playmaker).

"Altergeist Kunquery" blocks "Cyberse Wizard's" attack.

Playmaker declares his turn and draws. He summons "Cyberse Wizard" and immediately attacks. Ai protests that Ghost Gal has two Set cards, and Playmaker replies that he wouldn't have accepted this Duel if he was scared. Ghost Gal giggles, observing that Playmaker isn't worried about her Set cards at all, and she muses that he really is interesting (in the dub, Ai tells Playmaker to play it safe, and Playmaker immediately attacks, prompting Ai to comment that he can hear Ghost Gal now; "Too bad Playmaker, you triggered my trap!"). Playmaker declares his Battle Phase, attacking "Altergeist Marionetter" with "Cyberse Wizard's" "Illusion Spike" attack. Ghost Gal activates the effect of "Altergeist Kunquery" from her hand (following the speech pattern Ai mockingly used in the dub), Special Summoning it and negating the attack. "Kunquery" appears on the field and spreads its arms, and Playmaker gasps "What?!" as Ai exclaims that he'd expected Ghost Gal to use one of her face-down cards rather than a monster's effect from her hand. "Kunquery" blocks the "Illusion Spike" with a ball of green energy, forcing "Cyberse Wizard" back, and Ghost Gal explains that when the Special Summoned "Kunquery" is on the field, she can negate the effects of one of Playmaker's cards. "Cyberse Wizard" glows with a ghostly aura, and Ai cries that Ghost Gal already negated their attacks and effects and strengthened her defense as Playmaker avoids a virtual billboard (in the dub, Ai yelps "BILLBOARD!" during the middle of his explanation in response to them dodging it). He calls her cunning, and Playmaker ends his turn.

Ghost Gal Link Summons "Altergeist Primebanshee"

Ghost Gal declares her turn and draws. She claims that she's just getting started, and she summons a second "Altergeist Marionetter", allowing her to Set another "Altergeist" Trap Card from her Deck. This time she chooses "Altergeist Camouflage", and Playmaker muses on her newest Set card. Ai observes that Ghost Gal has three monsters and three face-down cards; it's a solid formation. Ghost Gal comments that if this shocks Playmaker, then he had a lot to learn (in the dub, she scolds them for overlooking her monsters while they were focused on her Traps). She declares that her next plan is here, and Kolter gasps that she's making her move. Ghost Gal chants "Now, open before me! The circuit that connects to the unknown parallel universe!" ("I'm creating a Circuit that links the known with the unknown!" in the dub.) A Circuit opens beneath her, and Ai express shock that she can Link Summon. Authorizing the Link Arrows, Ghost Gal states that the summoning conditions are at least two "Altergeist" monsters, and she sets the two "Marionetters" and "Kunquery" in the Link Arrows to link the Circuit. The monsters all transform into colored tornadoes based on their primary color, and they enter the appropriate Link Arrows as Ghost Gal Link Summons the LINK-3 "Altergeist Primebanshee".

"Primebanshee" appears with 2100 ATK, and Ghost Gal activates a Trap Card, "Altergeist Manifestation", Special Summoning "Marionetter" from her Graveyard. She warns them that she isn't done, and she activates the Continuous Trap Card "Altergeist Protocol", then sends it to the Graveyard to activate the second effect of "Marionetter", Special Summoning the other copy from her Graveyard. She Tributes one to activate the effect of "Altergeist Primebanshee"; once during each of their turns she can Special Summon an "Altergeist" from her Deck to a zone that it points to, and she Special Summons "Altergeist Meluseek". She Sets another card, and Ai laments that even after Ghost Gal used three monsters to Link Summon, she's already managed to Special Summon two more monsters, and he calls her transition skills amazing. Up above them, Pigeon films the Duel, crying that Playmaker is taken aback, and Frog agrees that Ghost Gal is playing really well. Kolter notes that Ghost Gal isn't letting her guard down, and he warns Yusaku to be careful.

"Cyberse Wizard" disintegrates.

Ghost Gal claps her hands, noting that her preparations are done. She looks at the crest of the next wave under the bridge, and she thinks that even if Playmaker has a special connection with LINK VRAINS' data material, she'll have no problems if she drops his LP to zero before he can activate his Skill. She declares that she'll end him this turn, and Ai notes that though Ghost Gal controls three "Altergeists", even if she attacks and destroys "Cyberse Wizard" and then attacks directly, the maximum damage they'll take is 2400. He smirks that she can't win this turn and has miscalculated. Playmaker warns him that no Duelist would make such a simple math error, and Ai protests that she could have. Ghost Gal wonders why everyone wants this dumb A.I. Ai isn't happy, but Playmaker tells him not to get angry over the truth, causing Ai to do a double-take (in the dub, Playmaker comments that Ai might have a body, but he's thin-skinned. Ai double-takes over the insinuation that he has skin). He reminds Ai that Marionetter has high ATK, but Ghost Gal Tributed it to summon "Meluseek" and there must be a reason why. Ghost Gal agrees that there is, and congratulates Playmaker's instincts before she explains that "Meluseek" can attack directly. Ai snaps that it's still not enough to defeat them, and "Meluseek" attacks directly with "Ectoplaster", reducing Playmaker to 3500 LP. Ai snaps that it was only 500 damage, but Ghost Gal activates the effect of "Meluseek" since it dealt them damage, sending a card they control to the Graveyard. She bids "Cyberse Wizard" bye-bye, much to Ai's shock, and as "Cyberse Wizard" vanishes, Kolter muses that this is why Ghost Gal brought out "Meluseek". Ai gasps that the remaining monsters have a total of 3700 ATK, and he cries that Playmaker is in a pinch. Ghost Gal reminds them that she told them she'd end them this turn, ordering "Marionetter" to attack directly, reducing Playmaker to 1900 LP. Pigeon gasps that Playmaker is finally going to lose a Duel, and he calls Frog by his real name again, crying that they won't be fired. Frog muses that they've been following Playmaker ever since he arrived in LINK VRAINS as a hero, but should be be happily filming Playmaker's defeat? Ghost Gal's A.I. tells her that her plan will reduce Playmaker's LP to zero, and Ghost Gal admits that it feels great to defeat Playmaker, warning him that she'll acquire that A.I. and sell it to SOL Technologies at a high price. She giggles that her dreams are getting larger, and tells Playmaker that it's over, warning him to prepare himself. Ai begs Playmaker not to lose; his fate is at stake, and Playmaker looks up in determination.

Featured Duel: Playmaker vs. Ghost Gal[edit]

Playmaker VS Ghost Girl.png

The Duel is conducted as a Speed Duel.

Turn 1: Ghost Gal
Ghost Gal Normal Summons "Altergeist Marionetter" (1600/1700). As "Marionetter" was Normal Summoned, Ghost Gal activates its effect, Setting an "Altergeist" Trap directly from her Deck to her Spell & Trap Zone. She Sets "Altergeist Protocol". Ghost Gal Sets a card.

Turn 2: Playmaker
Playmaker Normal Summons "Cyberse Wizard" (1800/800). "Cyberse Wizard" attacks "Marionetter". As Playmaker's monster declared an attack while Ghost Gal controls an "Altergeist" card, she activates the effect of "Altergeist Kunquery" in her hand, Special Summoning it, then negating that attack. She Special Summons it (0/2400) in Defense Position and the attack of "Cyberse Wizard" is negated. As "Kunquery" was Special Summoned, Ghost Gal activates its effect, targeting a face-up card Playmaker controls and negating the effects of that card while it and "Kunquery" are face-up on the field. She targets and negates the effects of "Cyberse Wizard".

Turn 3: Ghost Gal
Ghost Gal Normal Summons "Marionetter" (1600/1700). As "Marionetter" was Normal Summoned, Ghost Gal activates its effect, Setting an "Altergeist" Trap directly from her Deck to her Spell & Trap Zone. She Sets "Altergeist Camouflage". Ghost Gal sets two copies of "Marionetter" and "Kunquery" in the Link Arrows to Link Summon "Altergeist Primebanshee" (2100/↓↘→) to the Extra Monster Zone. Ghost Gal activates her face-down Trap "Altergeist Manifestation", targeting an "Altergeist" monster in her GY and Special Summoning it in Attack Position, then equipping it with "Manifestation". She targets and Special Summons "Marionetter" (1600/1700). Ghost Gal activates her face-down Continuous Trap "Altergeist Protocol". Ghost Gal activates the effect of "Marionetter", targeting an "Altergeist" card she controls and an "Altergeist" monster in her GY and sending that card she controls to the GY, Special Summoning that other monster from her GY. She targets "Protocol" and "Marionetter" in her GY, Special Summoning "Marionetter" (1600/1700). During the Main Phase, Ghost Gal activates the effect of "Primebanshee", Tributing one other "Altergeist" monster to Special Summon an "Altergeist" monster from her Deck to her zone "Primebanshee" points to. She Tributes the "Marionetter" equipped with "Manifestation" and Special Summons "Altergeist Meluseek" (500/300) to the zone the bottom-center Link Arrow of "Primebanshee" points to. Ghost Gal Sets a card.

The effect of "Meluseek" allows it to attack directly. "Meluseek" attacks Playmaker directly (Playmaker: 4000 → 3500 LP). As "Meluseek" inflicted battle damage to Playmaker, Ghost Gal activates its effect, targeting a card Playmaker controls and sending it to the GY. She targets and sends "Cyberse Wizard". "Marionetter" attacks Playmaker directly (Playmaker: 3500 → 1900 LP).

Duel continues in the next episode.

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.

Playmaker (Yusaku Fujiki)

Differences in Adaptations:[edit]

  • The phone screens have been altered to only show the avatar of the contact.
  • Emma's email has been altered into an envelope and the text has been largely erased. The text "Ghost Girl" and "Hello Daddy-Long-Legs" has been replaced with encrypted messages.
  • During Emma's Link Summoning animation, while Emma is mentioning the Summoning conditions the shot that scrolls from her full body turning around has been reduced to only showing her upper part.

In other languages[edit]

Language Title
Germany German Ghost Girls Einladung
Italy Italian L'Invito
Brazil Portuguese O Convite da Ghost Girl
Mexico Spanish La invitación de Ghost Girl


  1. The second copy can be seen when she searches her Deck.
  2. a b This card can be seen when she searches her Deck.