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"Dueling for Answers"
Kolter and Playmaker are infuriated by Zaizen's intent to fight their battle.
Kolter and Playmaker are infuriated by Zaizen's intent to fight their battle.
EnglishDueling for Answers
Japanese name
RōmajiMune ni Kizumareta Kizu
TranslatedWound Etched Into His Heart
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS
Japanese OP"With The Wind"
Japanese ED"Believe In Magic"
English OP & ED"Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS Main Theme"
ScreenplayShin Yoshida
Air dates
JapaneseSeptember 13, 2017
EnglishOctober 28, 2018
Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS episodes (season 1)
Previous"Blue's Back"
Next"The Lost Incident"

"Dueling for Answers", known as "Wound Etched Into His Heart" in the Japanese version, is the eighteenth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. It first aired in Japan on September 13, 2017, became available with official subtitles via Crunchyroll on the same day, and aired in Canada on October 28, 2018.

When Playmaker reaches SOL's data bank, he runs into Zaizen. Zaizen tries to stop the vengeful Playmaker, but Playmaker wouldn't listen to him. In order to settle his score, Playmaker decides to Duel Zaizen. Thus, a battle begins in the data bank, where the truth behind the incident is concealed...


In SOL Technologies, Kitamura reacts with surprise to see Zaizen opposing Playmaker, while in Café Nom, Kolter whispers Yusaku's name (in the dub, he notes that there's always another obstacle). Blue Angel swims through the data corridor and lands on the ramp, hiding behind the doorframe and wondering why her brother is here. Ai notes that this is SOL Technologies' core and data is processed and released from here (in the dub, he comments that the whole world is in there, from Playmaker's past, to his friends list, though that folder's empty). Zaizen says Playmaker's name (in the dub, he tells Playmaker that it's off limits), and Playmaker asks Zaizen and Ghost Gal why they are here; were they waiting for him? (in the dub, he believes they came to stop him.) Ghost Gal states that that's not entirely correct; they came for the data as well (in the dub, she specifies that she didn't come to stop Playmaker but she can't speak for Zaizen). As she inserts a data crystal into her Duel Disk she explains that this is a hard place to break into, and Playmaker deduces that she used them as a distraction. Ai asks if Ghost Gal gave them the backdoor route so that she could get inside, (in the dub, he criticizes Playmaker on being easy to dupe, comparing him to a videotape and then wondering if Playmaker knows what that is) and he wonders if she lost their Duel on purpose. Ghost Gal confirms that she didn't, noting that she would have acquired Ai had she won, so she set up this backdoor break-in after she lost so that it worked out either way. Ai calls her cunning, and Ghost Gal claims that it's an honor to be praised by an AI, prompting Ai to call her positive (in the dub, Ai instead growls at her for using them, and Ghost Gal asks if that was supposed to make her feel bad. Ai confirms that it was, and Ghost Gal replies that it doesn't, deflating him).

Kitamura shouts at his employees.

Playmaker tells Zaizen to move out of the way, but Zaizen replies that he can't let Playmaker go any further (In the dub, he asks if there's no convincing Zaizen, and Zaizen states that there obviously isn't). Playmaker asks if he knows what's stored here, and Zaizen explains that he just learned about it; what happened ten years ago with SOL Technologies, and what happened to Playmaker (in the dub, Playmaker warns Zaizen that he'll go through him, but Zaizen tells him that reliving the tragedy he learned about isn't good for Playmaker, and he vows to bring the Hanoi and SOL Tech to justice). Kolter is shocked that SOL Technologies was involved (in the dub, he's surprised that Varis was telling the truth about SOL Tech's involvement), and Kitamura wonders what Zaizen means. Playmaker states that he has the right to learn what's stored here, and Zaizen notes that Playmaker must be a victim of the Incident ten years ago (this exchange is cut from the dub). One of Kitamura's employees wonders what incident Zaizen means, and Kitamura thinks that he doesn't know what Zaizen is talking about, but he feels everyone here shouldn't find out. He orders the footage to be sent to his office; he'll record it himself there. He tells them to deactivate the monitors and not to record it; if they disobey him they'll be fired (in the dub, he fires them all for rudely eavesdropping on the conversation). One of his employees wonders how many times they've all been fired now, and her friend wonders who knows (in the dub, she says that it's nine). Kitamura stomps into his office, tinting the windows and bringing the footage from the Data Bank up on his monitor as Playmaker orders Zaizen to hand over the data if he knows what happened. Zaizen states that he can't, and Ai is steamed that Zaizen looked through the data but won't show it to them. Zaizen seems to take note of Ai for the first time, stating that he is the Ignis. Ai replies that Zaizen is correct; Ai is the great Ignis they're searching for; he lost his memories, so they named him like a dog, but that data contains his name, right? Ghost Gal replies that it doesn't, much to Ai's disappointment (in the dub, Ai instead tells Zaizen to hand over the data, and the two trade insults). Zaizen wonders what's with this AI; does he have free will like Varis claimed?

Playmaker lists three reasons.

He asks Playmaker to give him that AI and back off; he promises to look into this incident and bring those responsible to justice (in the dub, this is cut. Ai instead laments that talking to him is like talking to a wall, if the wall had less heart). Ghost Gal informs them that Akira was demoted due to that situation with Varis (in the dub, she angrily tells Ai off, as Zaizen is all heart and has given up his career to save his sister), impressing Ai that he gave up a successful career for his sister and he calls him a wonderful brother (Ai's reaction is cut in the dub). Blue Angel watches as Ghost Gal explains that Zaizen came this far to learn the truth and isn't messing around (in the dub, she states that Akira has nothing to lose, and there's nothing more dangerous). Playmaker states that no matter what, he won't let someone else handle this: #1, he'll personally uncover the truth about the incident, #2, this has nothing to do with Zaizen, and #3 but if he insists on getting involved he knows how to stop him (in the dub, Playmaker instead lists reasons as to why he is more dangerous than Zaizen; #1, his Deck is constructed to defeat any challenger, #2, his skills are razor sharp, and #3, he fights with a purpose, and Zaizen is in the way of that purpose). Zaizen realizes that Playmaker is suggesting a Duel, and Playmaker states that he'll accept Zaizen's demands if he wins; he'll trust him, give him Ai, and leave (much to Ai's shock), but if Playmaker wins, Zaizen will leave (in the dub, Playmaker affirms that he's even willing to put Ai on the line, prompting Ai to initially agree before double-taking). Zaizen muses that a Duel is the only way to get Playmaker to change his mind, and he immediately challenges him. Playmaker accepts, and Ai protests that this always happens (in the dub, he asks the records to show that he never agreed) as the zones appear on the field between Playmaker and Zaizen. Ghost Gal backs away, thinking that she knew this would happen and that Akira's Deck is very tough. Kolter mutters that Yusaku must acquire the data, and Playmaker suggests they begin. Both Duelists cry "Duel!"

Zaizen takes the first turn, Setting a monster. Then he Special Summons "Tindangle Base Gardna" from his hand in Defense Position, much to Ai's surprise. Zaizen's Duel Disk's AI explains that "Base Gardna" can be Special Summoned from the hand when a monster is Set, and Zaizen Sets another card to end his turn. Ai muses on Zaizen's two defense monsters, and he comments that Zaizen's defense if as stiff as he is. Playmaker notes that the 2300 DEF of "Base Gardna" is strong, but it can't stop him.

"Decode Talker" lands on the field.

He declares his turn and draws, then he discards "Stack Reviver" to Special Summon "Bitrooper" from his hand, explaining that he can Special Summon it by discarding a Level 2 or lower monster. Next he Normal Summons "Cyberse Gadget", and as it was successfully Summoned, he can Special Summon a Level 2 or lower monster from his Graveyard with its effects negated in Defense Position. He brings back "Stack Reviver", and Zaizen notes that it's coming. Playmaker chants "Appear, the circuit that leads to the future!" and sets "Bitrooper", "Stack Reviver" and "Cyberse Gadget", explaining as Blue Angel watches that the Summoning conditions are at least two Effect Monsters, Link Summoning the Link-3 "Decode Talker". Ai cheers that "Decode Talker" is a back that they can count on (in the dub, he claims that "Decode Talker's" sword will slice through Zaizen's defense like a soft cheese), and Playmaker activates the effect of "Cyberse Gadget" in his Graveyard as it was sent from the field to the Graveyard, Special Summoning a "Gadget Token". Then he activates the effect of "Stack Reviver" since it was used to Link Summon, Special Summoning a Level 4 or lower Cyberse monster from his Graveyard in Defense Position. He resurrects "Cyberse Gadget", and then declares the "Power Integration" effect of "Decode Talker", who powers up to 3300 ATK as it gains 500 ATK for every monster it points to ("Cyberse Gadget" and the "Gadget Token"). Ai celebrates that "Decode Talker" now has more ATK than the DEF of "Tindangle Base Gardna" (in the dub, he taunts Zaizen that he doesn't see how he's going to get out of this).

"Tindangle Hound" weakens Playmaker's monsters.

Zaizen asks if they're sure (in the dub, he retorts that Ai must be blind), and he activates the effect of "Base Gardna". His Duel Disk's AI explains that as a monster was Special Summoned to a zone a Link Monster points to, Zaizen can Tribute "Base Gardna" to Special Summon a "Tindangle" monster from his hand. Ai cries that "Base Gardna" ran away, and Zaizen snaps that he doesn't run (in the dub, Ai curses "Glitch!" and Zaizen agrees), Special Summoning "Tindangle Hound" with 2500 ATK. Ai calls it a scary pooch, but notes that "Decode Talker" still has the higher ATK. Zaizen tells him to get impatient, and he activates the "Hell Howling" effect of "Tindangle Hound". His AI explains that the opponent's linked monsters will lose 1000 ATK for every monster that they're linked to. "Tindangle Hound" roars, sending out purple shockwaves and reducing "Decode Talker" to 1300 ATK and "Cyberse Gadget" to 400 ATK. As the shockwaves wash over Playmaker and Ai, Ai groans that he feels woozy and he's gotten Duelsick. Playmaker tells him to be quiet (in the dub, he reassures him that he can still recover) as Zaizen activates the Continuous Trap Card "Lemoine Point". It will be destroyed when there are no monsters on the field, but while a "Tindangle" monster is on the field, Playmaker can't attack a face-down monster. Ai laments that they can't attack, and Zaizen asks them what they will do now (in the dub, Ai whines that "Hound" is stronger than their monsters, and Zaizen remarks that it's the point).

"Decode Talker" bisects "Tindangle Hound".

In that case, Playmaker chants "Appear, the circuit that leads to the future", and Zaizen is surprised to see that Playmaker is Link Summoning again. Playmaker sets "Cyberse Gadget" and the "Gadget Token", Link Summoning the Link-2 "Flame Administrator". Zaizen notes its 1200 ATK, and he asks what Playmaker can even do with that monster. Ai states that they can do this, and Playmaker explains that the effect of "Flame Adminstrator" will increase the ATK of all Link Monsters on the field by 800. Ai excitedly notes that since "Decode Talker" is pointing to fewer monsters, it loses less ATK, while "Flame Administrator" will also lose ATK due to being linked, but then due to the effect of "Flame Administrator", their ATK will increase. "Flame Administrator" falls to 1000 ATK, but now "Decode Talker" has 2600 ATK; more than "Tindangle Hound". Zaizen grits his teeth, and Playmaker orders "Decode Talker" to attack "Tindangle Hound" (Ai mimicking his pose as he does so) with "Decode Destruction". "Decode Talker" leaps and bisects "Tindangle Hound". Zaizen sparks as his LP falls to 3900, and Ai cheers that Playmaker did it. Blue Angel leans out from behind the door and whispers, "Brother..." as Ai celebrates their monsters regaining their ATK since the effect of "Tindangle Hound" is no longer applying. But Zaizen activates the effect of "Tindangle Hound" since it was destroyed, and his AI explains that it will allow him to flip one of his face-down monsters into face-up Defense Position. He flips up his "Tindangle Angel", and then activates its effect; his AI once again explaining that it will allow him to Special Summon a Flip Effect Monster from his Graveyard in face-down Defense Position. Zaizen revives "Tindangle Hound" face-down, and Ai complains that the pooch is back. Zaizen adds that when this effect is activated during Playmaker's Battle Phase, it ends immediately. Ai gasps that Zaizen ended the battle, and he dives into Playmaker's Duel Disk as Playmaker Sets a card and ends his turn. Ai peeks out, nothing that he sees; Zaizen's Deck is a Flip Effect Monster Deck, a unique and interesting Deck. Playmaker states that this isn't the time to act confident since their opponent clearly has the advantage. Ai admits that's true; that scary pooch has a dangerous effect, but its Flip effect is worse (in the dub, Ai criticizes Playmaker for being unable to penetrate Zaizen's defense, and Playmaker tells Ai to be patient; with every move he learns more information about Zaizen's strategy that he can use to defeat him. Zaizen agrees that information is power, which is why he looked up his info in the data bank).

Zaizen and Skye standing outside their house.

Zaizen asks if Playmaker is the same age as Skye. Playmaker is surprised by the question, and Zaizen notes that he probably is (in the dub, he states that they are likely the same age, and Ai wonders if Zaizen is trying to set them up on a date). He doesn't know the pain Playmaker endured in that tragedy ten years ago, but he does know the pain of losing someone (in the dub, he states that Playmaker wasn't the only one to suffer a decade ago; he and Skye didn't have a happy childhood). Ai asks what Zaizen is talking about, and Zaizen explains that ten years ago, he and Skye lost their parents, much to Playmaker and Ai's shock (in the dub, Ai taunts him for only getting a smaller percentage of riches; Zaizen snaps that they got nothing). Ai notes that Zaizen is about to tell a story, and Playmaker tells him to be quiet (in the dub, he asks if he crossed the line, and Playmaker agrees that he might have. Ai sheepishly says "My b."). Ai sulkily agrees, and Zaizen explains that it was their parents' second marriages, each with a child. They were in a traffic accident on their wedding anniversary (in the dub, Zaizen is less elaborate, but makes it clear that they lost their family). Zaizen was sixteen, and Skye only six; it was too sudden and they didn't even have time to mourn. He remembers standing outside his old house with Skye (her hair in her Blue Angel pigtails and clutching an "Evilswarm Mandragora" doll) in the snow as he recounts that many strangers arrived, stealing their parents' inheritance (in the dub, he notes that he was forced to grow up). They didn't know the ways of the world, yet they were thrown into its chaos. It was a painful time, and they did anything to live, even dirty work.

Zaizen with the criminals.

He remembers offering his services as a hacker to a criminal organization. The boss commented that Zaizen was just a kid, and Zaizen warned him not to underestimate him (in the dub, he called him a goon). The boss praised Zaizen's spirit, wondering if it would last for five minutes, and he told him to sit down at the computer and break through in five minutes, or he'd break Zaizen's arms. Zaizen typed, noting that he was focused on staying alive (in the dub, he notes that he didn't want to do such dirty work, but it was the only work he could get). In order to live he had to fight on his own. He successfully cracked the firewall, and the boss handed him payment. Zaizen reflects that each day wore down his spirit, but Skye kept him going. He came back one day, telling her that they'd go and get some hot food (he specifies pizza in the dub after she states that he was gone for too long). He remembers leading her through the brightly lit streets as he thought that he must protect Skye, and he couldn't let a six-year old be unhappy. That was all he thought about. Skye listens in as Zaizen states that if Skye had experienced what Playmaker did, if a stranger had kidnapped her, his spirit would have been broken (in the dub, he adds that Playmaker's suffering must have been awful). Kitamura wonders what is going on with this business of "kidnapping" and "SOL Technologies" (in the dub, he urges Zaizen to spill the details).

Kolter seethes, furiously snarling "How dare you..." (in the dub, he snarls "He said it was awful? Awful ain't the word!") as he remembers his brother sitting in the corner of a dark room. Zaizen asks Playmaker one last time; trust him, and let him handle everything (in the dub he adds that Playmaker has suffered enough). But both Playmaker and Kolter furiously snap that Zaizen knows nothing about them, much to his shock (in the dub, they are more furious that Zaizen wants to fight their fight; this is not his battle). Playmaker states that Zaizen's probably a good person, but he doesn't know him, he only knows a fictional version of him. Zaizen asks if Playmaker is going to keep fighting (in the dub, he begs him to see that there's another way), and Ai asks if he's still talking, suggesting that they hurry up and defeat him. Zaizen warns them that he won't lose so easily (in the dub, he states that he heard them, but didn't want to believe them), and Ai suggests that they see what he can do.

Ai laments over "Decode Talker's" ATK loss (in the dub, he is playing around).

So be it, Zaizen notes. Ai excitedly notes that Zaizen is into it now (in the dub, he declares he's taken care of the trash talk), and Zaizen declares his turn and draws. He Flip Summons "Tindangle Hound", which appears out of a flash of blue flames, and activates its Flip effect, allowing him to target one monster on the field, have "Tindangle Hound" gain ATK equal to that target's, and then change the target to face-down Defense Position. He targets "Tindangle Angel", with 500 ATK, and "Tindangle Hound" rises to 3000 ATK before "Tindangle Angel" flips itself face-down. Ai cries that he knew it had an annoying effect (in the dub, he laments that he knew he shouldn't have taunted Zaizen). Zaizen reminds them that the "Hell Holwing" effect of "Tindangle Hound" will activate again, and Ai screams as the purple shockwaves reduce the ATK of their monsters again. Zaizen declares his Battle Phase, and "Tindangle Hound" attacks "Flame Administrator", pouncing and destroying it, reducing Playmaker to 2000 LP in one shot. Zaizen reminds Playmaker that since "Flame Administrator" is gone, his Link Monster's ATK drops back to normal. "Decode Talker" falls to 1800 ATK, and Zaizen adds that since "Decode Talker" isn't pointing to anymore monsters, it loses more ATK, falling to 1300. Ai laments that "Decode Talker's" back used to look so big, but now it looks small, before remembering that since "Decode Talker" isn't linked to any monsters it regains the 1000 ATK it lost (in the dub, he doesn't forget, he makes out that he is before revealing that he's kidding). Zaizen deflates Ai's celebrations by declaring that he expected that, and he Sets a card, ending his turn. Ghost Gal notes that hell's guard dog is protecting an angel.Those monsters are like Akira and Skye; the brother protecting the sister, and if the brother falls, the sister resurrects the brother. A siblings' bond is unbreakable, and this is a tough combo. What will Playmaker do?

Playmaker and "Firewall Dragon" - the monster that he used to defeat Varis.

Playmaker declares his turn and draws, then he Summons "Balancer Lord". Next he activates a Continuous Trap, "Limit Code". He places a Limit Counter on it for each Cyberse Link Monster in his Graveyard. He only has one; "Flame Administrator", so it gains one Limit Counter. Then he Special Summons a "Code Talker" from his Extra Deck and equips it with "Limit Code". He Special Summons "Encode Talker", and reminds Zaizen that the "Power Integration" effect of "Decode Talker" will increase its ATK by 500 for each monster it points to. "Decode Talker" powers up to 2800 ATK, but Zaizen snaps that it's pointless, and the "Hell Howling" effect of "Tindangle Hound" reduces the ATK of "Encode Talker" and "Decode Talker" by 1000. Ai laments the loss of ATK; the fact that Zaizen's power down is stronger than his Cyberse's power up hurts his pride. Zaizen states that his Deck unleashes great power against Link Monsters, but Playmaker grins that it seems that Zaizen doesn't know his true goal (in the dub, he advises Playmaker to stop Summoning Link Monsters, but Playmaker states that while he appreciates the advice, he isn't stopping), much to Zaizen's surprise. He chants "Appear! The circuit that leads to the future!", conjuring a Circuit as he explains that the Summoning conditions are at least two monsters, setting "Balancer Lord" and the Link-3 "Encode Talker" in the Link Arrows. Zaizen realizes that Playmaker is Summoning a Link-4 monster, and Playmaker Link Summons the Link-4 "Firewall Dragon". Zaizen gasps that a Link-4 Cyberse has appeared, Playmaker's ace monster that he used to defeat Varis (in the dub, he also resolutely warns Playmaker that he'll find that Zaizen is no Varis).

Featured Duel: Playmaker vs. Akira Zaizen[edit]

Playmaker VS Zaizen.png

The Duel is conducted as a Master Duel.

Turn 1: Zaizen
Zaizen Normal Sets a monster. As Zaizen controls a face-down Defense Position monster, he Special Summons "Tindangle Base Gardna" (0/2300) from his hand in Defense Position. Zaizen Sets a card.

Turn 2: Playmaker
Playmaker activates the effect of "Bitrooper" in his hand, sending a Level 2 or lower monster from his hand to the GY to Special Summon "Bitrooper" from his hand. He sends the Level 2 "Stack Reviver", then Special Summons "Bitrooper" (1500/2000). Playmaker Normal Summons "Cyberse Gadget" (1400/300). As "Cyberse Gadget" was Normal Summoned, Playmaker activates its effect, targeting a Level 2 or lower monster in his GY and Special Summoning it in Defense Position, but its effects are negated. He targets and Special Summons "Stack Reviver" (100/600). Playmaker sets "Bitrooper", "Cyberse Gadget", and "Stack Reviver" in the Link Arrows to Link Summon "Decode Talker" (2300/↙↑↘) to the Extra Monster Zone. As "Cyberse Gadget" was sent from the field to the GY, Playmaker activates its effect, Special Summoning a "Gadget Token". He Special Summons it (0/0) to the zone the bottom-right Link Arrow of "Decode Talker" points to. As "Stack Reviver" was used as material for a Link Summon, Playmaker activates its effect, targeting one other Level 4 or lower Cyberse monster in his GY that was used as material for that Link Summon and Special Summoning it in Defense Position. He targets and Special Summons "Cyberse Gadget" (1400/300) to the zone the bottom-left Link Arrow of "Decode Talker" points to. The effect of "Decode Talker" increases its ATK by 500 for each monster it points to. It points to a "Gadget Token" and "Cyberse Gadget" ("Decode Talker": 2300 → 3300 ATK). As a monster was Normal or Special Summoned and is now pointed to by Playmaker's Link Monster, Zaizen activates the effect of "Tindangle Base Gardna", Tributing it to Special Summon a "Tindangle" monster from his hand or Deck in Attack Position or face-down Defense Position. He Special Summons "Tindangle Hound" (2500/0) in Attack Position. The effect of "Tindangle Hound" decreases the ATK of each monster Playmaker controls by 1000 for each monster linked to it ("Decode Talker": 3300 → 1300 ATK, "Cyberse Gadget": 1400 → 400 ATK). Zaizen activates his face-down Continuous Trap "Lemoine Point". As a "Tindangle" monster is in the Monster Zone, the effect of "Lemoine Point" prevents Playmaker's monsters from targeting face-down Defense Position monsters for attacks.

Playmaker sets a "Gadget Token" and "Cyberse Gadget" in the Link Arrows to Link Summon "Flame Administrator" (1200 → 200/←↘) to the zone "Decode Talker" points to ("Decode Talker": 1300 → 2300 → 1800 ATK). The effect of "Flame Administrator" increases the ATK of all Link Monsters Playmaker controls by 800 ("Decode Talker": 1800 → 2600 ATK, "Flame Administrator": 200 → 1000 ATK). "Decode Talker" attacks and destroys "Tindangle Hound" (Zaizen: 4000 → 3900 LP, "Decode Talker": 2600 → 3600 ATK, "Flame Administrator": 1000 → 2000 ATK). As "Tindangle Hound" was destroyed by battle or card effect and sent to the GY, Zaizen activates its effect, targeting a face-down monster on the field and changing it to face-up Defense Position. He targets and changes his face-down "Tindangle Angel" (500/1800) to face-up Defense Position. As "Tindangle Angel" was flipped face-up, Zaizen activates its Flip effect, Special Summoning a different Flip monster from his hand or GY in face-down Defense Position, then if it is Playmaker's Battle Phase, Zaizen ends the Battle Phase. He Special Summons "Tindangle Hound" from his GY and ends the Battle Phase. Playmaker Sets a card.

Turn 3: Zaizen
Zaizen Flip Summons "Tindangle Hound" (2500/0) ("Decode Talker": 3600 → 2600 ATK, "Flame Administrator": 2000 → 1000 ATK). As "Tindangle Hound" was flipped face-up, Zaizen activates its Flip effect, targeting one other face-up monster on the field and increasing the ATK of "Tindangle Hound" equal to that target's original ATK, then changing that target to face-down Defense Position. He targets "Tindangle Angel" and changes it to face-down Defense Position ("Tindangle Hound": 2500 → 3000 ATK). "Tindangle Hound" attacks and destroys "Flame Administrator" (Playmaker: 4000 → 2000 LP, "Decode Talker": 2600 → 1800 → 1300 → 2300 ATK). Zaizen Sets a card.

Turn 4: Playmaker
Playmaker Normal Summons "Balancer Lord" (1700/1200). Playmaker activates his face-down Continuous Trap "Limit Code", placing a Limit Counter on it for each Cyberse Link Monster in his GY, then Special Summoning a "Code Talker" monster from his Extra Deck, then equipping "Limit Code" to it. "Flame Administrator" is in Playmaker's GY, so he places a Limit Counter on it, then Special Summons "Encode Talker" (2300 → 1300/↑↓↘) to a zone "Decode Talker" points to ("Limit Code": 0 → 1 Limit Counter, "Decode Talker": 2300 → 2800 → 1800 ATK). Playmaker sets "Balancer Lord" and the Link-3 "Encode Talker" in the Link Arrows to Link Summon "Firewall Dragon" (2500 → 1500/↑←↓→) to a zone "Decode Talker" points to.

Duel continues in the next episode.

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.


Skye holding a doll of "Evilswarm Mandragora".

In other languages[edit]

Language Title
Germany German Im Herzen eingebrannte Wunde
Italy Italian Il Duello delle Risposte
Brazil Portuguese Ferida Marcada no Coração
Mexico Spanish Una cicatriz en el pecho