Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS - Episode 031

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"Showdown in the Sewers"
"Topologic Trisbaena" activates its special ability.
"Topologic Trisbaena" activates its special ability.
EnglishShowdown in the Sewers
Japanese name
RōmajiShūmatsu no Torigā
TranslatedThe Final Trigger
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS
Japanese OP"With The Wind"
Japanese ED"Writing Life"
English OP & ED"Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS Main Theme"
ScreenplayJunki Takegami
DirectorYasuyuki Fuse
Animation director
Air dates
JapaneseDecember 13, 2017
EnglishDecember 15, 2018
Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS episodes (season 1)
Previous"Under VRAINS"
Next"The Tower of Hanoi"

"Showdown in the Sewers", known as "The Final Trigger" in the Japanese version, is the thirty-first episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. It first aired in Japan on December 13, 2017, became available with official subtitles via Crunchyroll on the same day, and aired in Canada on December 15, 2018.

Ghost Gal ran into Varis while she was investigating LINK VRAINS' underground. The two of them then start a Duel. Ghost Gal manages to take out "Topologic Bomber Dragon" and Link Summons her trump card. She then delivers the finishing blow against Varis, but...


Playmaker and Ai continue to sprint through the sewers with the data monster hot on their heels. Ai tells Playmaker to run faster or it'll catch them as the monster gasps and snarls (in the dub, Playmaker comments that it looks like the sewer monster is still on their tail, and Ai snaps that even without a nose he can tell this stinks).

Ghost Gal considers her situation.

In the data processing system containing the energy sphere, Ghost Gal, "Altergeist Marionetter" and Varis continue to circle the now slightly calmer sphere. Ghost Gal admits to herself that she never thought she'd battle Varis here, but she'll have to win if she's to let people know what is happening (in the dub, she think that it won't be easy, but that's the dangers of her job).

Varis smiles, declares his turn, and draws (in the dub, he mistakenly declares that he's making the first move). Ghost Gal frowns as Varis begins his move, first Summoning "Gateway Dragon" from his hand. "Gateway Dragon" emerges from its portal, and then Varis activates its effect, Special Summoning a Level 4 or lower DARK Dragon monster from his hand. He Special Summons "Sniffer Dragon" and activates its effect, adding another copy from his Deck to his hand since it was Normal or Special Summoned. Ghost Gal notes that Varis still isn't using an A.I. Varis tells her that trusting an A.I. is foolish, and Ghost Gal asks him what he meant when he previously claimed that the Ignis would destroy the world. Varis replies that a moneygrubber like her couldn't possibly understand. Ghost Gal recalls that Varis's ace monster is a powerful, high-Link monster. She remembers Varis's "Topologic Bomber Dragon" using its effect, and think that the longer the Duel lasts, the more she's at a disadvantage. (In the dub, Ghost Gal instead chides Varis for using the same combo he did against Playmaker, and Varis muses that she has indeed seen his strategy before. Ghost Gal warns him that she'll be prepared for him, her flashback to "Topologic Bomber Dragon" thus being cut, but Varis replies that observing a strategy is one thing and confronting it is another, and he doesn't have to remind her how devastating he can be). Varis then discards the Level 5 "Background Dragon" to Special Summon "Defrag Dragon" from his hand. Seeing the three Dragons, Ghost Gal frowns, and Varis chants "Appear! The future circuit that lights up my path!" and conjures a Circuit. He explains that the Summoning conditions are two Level 4 or lower non-Token Dragons, and sets "Gateway Dragon" and "Sniffer Dragon" to Link Summon the Link-2 "Twin Triangle Dragon".

Varis Summons "Topologic Bomber Dragon".

Ghost Gal recognizes the monster, and realizes in shock that Varis has a Level 5 monster in his Graveyard (in the dub, she continues to criticize Varis for repeating his moves; he retorts that his strategy isn't broken, so it doesn't need fixing). Varis activates the effect of "Twin Triangle Dragon", paying 500 LP, bringing him down to 3500, to Special Summon a Level 5 or higher monster from his Graveyard to a zone that it points to. He resurrects "Background Dragon", and explains that its effects will be negated and it will be unable to attack. Ghost Gal realizes that Varis intends to end the Duel quickly; he's Summoning a Link-4 monster (in the dub, Varis instead states that he has all he needs to Link Summon again, but Ghost Gal knew that, didn't she? Ghost Gal retorts that she obviously knew, in addition to the Link Monster he'll be summoning. Varis reassures her that he won't keep her waiting). Varis chants "Manifest! The future circuit that lights up my path!" and authorizes the Link Arrows, explaining that the Summoning conditions are at least two Effect Monsters. He sets "Defrag Dragon", "Background Dragon", and the Link-2 "Twin Triangle Dragon" in the Link Arrows, Link Summoning the Link-4 "Topologic Bomber Dragon". Ghost Gal braces herself, thinking that Varis easily Summoned a Link-4 monster, and Varis Sets a card. Ghost Gal frowns, recalling the effects of "Topologic Bomber Dragon"; in addition to battle damage, it can also deal damage equal to the ATK of the monster that it battles, and it can destroy every monster in the Main Monster Zones. Unless she stops "Topologic", she can't win, and she must seal away its effects. (In the dub, she snarks that the size of Varis's monster must make him angry due to its pet food bill; Varis retorts that despite her blabber, Ghost Gal is scared, and Ghost Gal reflects that "Topologic Bomber Dragon" had Playmaker on the ropes when he faced it, requiring all his resources and a half just to DRAW the Duel. She thinks that it's one of the most powerful monsters in the game, but that Varis made a mistake in Summoning it when she knew he would, as she now has the time to prepare for it.)

The effect of "Altergeist Kunquery" negates the attack of "Topologic Bomber Dragon".

Varis orders "Topologic Bomber Dragon" to attack "Altergeist Marionetter" with "Decimation Destruction" (accidentally using its effect name rather than its attack name of "Malicious Mayhem" in the dub). "Topologic Bomber Dragon" generates its energy wings and then blasts a beam of magenta light at "Marionetter", but Ghost Gal activates the effect of "Altergeist Kunquery from her hand since Varis attacked while she controlled an "Altergeist" card, Special Summoning it in Defense Position, and then negating the attack. "Kunquery" appears, kicking its front legs and then conjuring an energy barrier to protect "Marionetter", much to Varis's approval (going so far as to quietly praise her move in the dub). Ghost Gal adds that the effects of "Topologic Bomber Dragon" will also be negated, and she wipes her forehead, thinking that she survived his ace's attack and sealed away its effects, and Varis ends his turn (in the dub, she taunts him on the ineffectiveness of "Topologic Bomber Dragon", calling it "a big bomb" instead of "the bomb". Varis warns her that wordplay won't win her the Duel). Ghost Gal reflects that just as Playmaker said, something is happening in LINK VRAINS. She looks up at the energy core, and she asks Varis what he plans to use all the energy for. Varis smirks, commenting that something unimaginable will happen soon. Ghost Gal thinks that Hanoi are planning something terrifying, and she looks at her data, thinking that she came for a treasure hunt, but she didn't expect to find this. She needs to get this data out of here and win somehow. (In the dub, she tells Varis to tell her what the sphere is for since he's sure she'll lose, and Varis calls it a seed to a new beginning for humanity. Ghost Gal is frustrated that Varis is being metaphorical, asking if he thinks it makes him mysterious before telling him that it makes him a tool).

"Topologic Bomber Dragon" returns to the Extra Deck.

She declares her turn and draws, then she Summons "Altergeist Silquitous" from her hand (which also contains "Altergeist Manifestation"). She activates her Continuous Trap Card, "Altergeist Protocol", and then immediately activates the effect of "Silquitous", returning an "Altergeist" on her field and a card on Varis's field to their hands. She returns "Protocol" to her hand, and then order Varis to send "Topologic Bomber Dragon" back to his hand. Varis grunts in frustration, and then admits that since Link Monsters can't exist in the hand, "Topologic Bomber Dragon" returns to his Extra Deck. "Topologic Bomber Dragon" dissipates in a swirl of particles that enter Varis's Duel Disk, and Ghost Gal thinks that she's completely sealed away "Topologic Bomber Dragon", so now she can make her move. She chants "Open before me! The circuit that connects to the unknown parallel universe!" and conjures a burst of energy string from her fingers to create her Circuit. She explains that the Summoning conditions are two "Altergeist" monsters, and sets "Kunquery" and "Silquitous" in the Link Arrows to Link Summon the Link-2 "Altergeist Kidolga". Then she chants "Open again! The circuit that connects to the unknown parallel universe!", creating her unique black Circuit beneath her. Authorizing the Link Arrows, she states that the Summoning conditions are at least two "Altergeists", and sets "Marionetter" and the Link-2 "Kidolga" in the Link Arrows to link the circuit, Link Summoning the Link-3 "Altergeist Primebanshee".

Ghost Gal debates on which monster to summon.

Ghost Gal activates another Trap Card, "Altergeist Manifestation", Special Summoning an "Altergeist" from her Graveyard and equipping it with "Manifestation". She thinks that she doesn't need the higher ATK of "Marionetter" right now, but an effect to capitalize on this chance (in the dub, she states her decision out loud). She resurrects the 1000 ATK "Altergeist Kidolga", and then Sets two cards. Varis wonders if Ghost Gal is relying on an effect, and Ghost Gal tells him that he'll find out soon enough. She notes his Set card, but thinks that if she doesn't make her move now, she won't get a second chance and she's going for it (in the dub, Varis expresses surprise, and Ghost Gal tells him off for faking, then calls his face-down card a bluff to scare her, but she doesn't play scared). She declares battle, attacking Varis directly with "Altergeist Primebanshee's" "Tentacle Lash" attack. "Primebanshee" hits Varis off his Duel Board, and he lands on the energy sphere and leaps back onto his Board, his LP falling to 1400 as he rights himself. Ghost Gal thinks that it's working; his Set card can't stop attacks (in the dub, she thinks that she was right). She activates the effect of "Kidolga" since another "Altergeist" inflicted battle damage, Special Summoning a Link Monster from Varis's Graveyard to a zone that "Kidolga" points to. She revives his "Twin Triangle Dragon", and Varis angrily muses that this is why she revived "Kidolga" (in the dub, Ghost Gal then sarcastically comments that he's catching up). Ghost Gal claims that it's over; first "Altergeist Kidolga" attacks Varis directly with "Trespasser Edge", and "Kidolga" charges forwards, raking Varis across the shoulders with its halberds and reducing him to 400 LP. Ghost Gal's A.I. informs her that Varis only has 400 LP left, and Ghost Gal tells Varis that this is what he gets for mocking her; she'll defeat him with his own monster. "Twin Triangle Dragon" attacks Varis directly, generating a magenta ball of electricity between its triangles and letting it loose, and Ghost Gal celebrates her victory (in the dub, she tells him "G.G., hun").

Varis activates a Trap Card.

Varis calls her a fool. He tells her that he'll show her, warning her to cringe before the noble power of Hanoi (in the dub he claims that she tricked herself into thinking that she had a chance of winning). He activates a Trap Card, which absorbs the lightning blast and then radiates a sphere of blinding blue light, destroying all of Ghost Gal's monsters as she gasps in shock.

In Café Nom, Kolter notes that the energy reading has changed and he wonders if it's a Duel (in the dub, he is monitoring Yusaku's progress, informing him that he's getting close to the anomaly). Playmaker continues to run from the data monster, and he reaches a dead end. Ai asks what they're going to do (in the dub, he yells at Kolter) as the data monster approaches them, but then rubble begins to fall from the ceiling and a crack opens in the floor. The blue light shines through it just as the monster steps over it, obliterating it. Ai cheers that they're saved, and then wonders what the light was. Playmaker moves to the hole in the ground, noting that it was a different abnormality, and Ai agrees that the light is definitely dangerous (in the dub, Playmaker decides that the light's presence means they're above the anomaly). Playmaker suggests that they go, and he leaps into the hole as Ai laments that he knew Playmaker would do that (in the dub he is silent). Playmaker lands in a corridor to see the end blotted out by the light, and he asks what it is. Ai gasps that it's where Ghost Gal went. They run to the bars blocking the corridor as the light fades, and Playmaker asks what they are (in the dub, he gasps that they can't get in). Ghost Gal and Varis emerge from the light, and Playmaker recognizes him, wondering why Ghost Gal is Dueling him.

Ghost Gal notes that Varis destroyed all of her monsters, but if he'd used his Trap right away he wouldn't have taken damage. But then she remembers that she reduced his LP to 400, and she wonders if he took the damage so he could activate his Skill (in the dub, she makes this observation out loud as a question to Varis). Varis taunts her, calling her a third-rate cyber treasure hunter for not anticipating this (in the dub, he reminds her of the activation conditions of his Skill). Ghost Gal admits that she can't refute that, but she still has her pride and she has to let people know what's happening; she's the only one who can (in the dub, she thinks that she played right into his hand, but she can still play out of them). She activates the effect of "Primebanshee" since it was sent to her Graveyard, adding an "Altergeist" from her Graveyard to her hand. She adds "Marionetter" to her hand, noting that Varis lost LP so that he could use "Storm Access", but she won't let him (in the dub, she thinks that her only shot is to get his LP back above 1000). She activates her own Skill, "Secret Cure", and the lights on her suit glow purple as she explains that she will excavate cards from her Deck until she gets a monster, which will be added to her hand and they will both gain LP equal to its ATK. The lights on her suit intensify, and Varis comments that he sees; Ghost Gal is trying to stop him from using "Storm Access" (in the dub, he wonders if she can draw a monster with at least 600 ATK).

Ghost Gal draws the zero ATK "Altergeist Kunquery", failing to gain any LP to stop "Storm Access".

Ghost Gal draws her first card, but it's another "Altergeist Kunquery", which her A.I. informs her has zero ATK, therefore she regains no LP (Ghost Gal notes this in the dub). Varis calls her third-rate again and claims that luck has forsaken her (in the dub, he adds that she has nothing if she has no luck; Ghost Gal retorts that she may not have much but it's more than enough). Ghost Gal ends her turn, and Varis declares his turn and draws. Ghost Gal immediately reactivates "Altergeist Protocol", this time explaining its effects; Varis will be unable to negate the activation and effects of "Altergeist" cards, and once per turn she can negate the effect of his monster by sending a different "Altergeist" card to the Graveyard. She thinks that since she has "Protocol" and "Kunquery", she can deal with effects and direct attacks, and she can use her second "Manifestation" to resurrect "Silquitous" to return any of Varis's cards to his hand; she'll at least survive this turn.

But Varis tells her that he won't let her activate that card. He activates a Counter Trap Card from his hand, "Red Reboot". Ghost Gal is shocked that he can activate it from his hand (she calls it an illegal move in the dub), but Varis reveals that he is allowed to activate it from his hand by paying half his LP, reducing him to 200 LP. It negates the activation and effect of "Protocol" and re-Sets it, then allows Ghost Gal to Set another Trap Card from her Deck. But it will also prevent her from activating Trap Cards this turn. Ghost Gal frowns, scanning her Deck to Set "Altergeist Camouflage". She thinks that Varis needs 1000 or fewer LP to activates "Storm Access", and she couldn't prevent that, but she has the advantage in LP, hand, and field and she still has a chance.

A new power lurks within the Data Storm.

Varis smirks, asking Ghost Gal if she thinks she'll survive and tells her that only the darkness of death awaits her and she can't escape from it (in the dub, he is amused that Ghost Gal still believes she can win; hope abandoned her the moment she decided to Duel him). He activates the effect of "Background Dragon" from his Graveyard, and Ghost Gal is shocked to realize that Varis had an effect that could be activate in the Graveyard. Varis explains that since he controls no monsters he can Special Summon it and a Level 4 or lower Dragon from his hand in Defense Position. He revives "Background Dragon" and also Special Summons "Sniffer Dragon" from his hand. Then since "Sniffer Dragon" was Normal or Special Summoned he activates its effect, adding another copy from his Deck to his hand, which he promptly Normal Summons. He tells Ghost Gal that he'll show her his new power, and Ghost Gal gasps in fear as Varis tells her that he can hear the pulse of an unknown power hiding in the network. He holds up his hand and data begins to flow from the energy sphere (in the dub, he tells Ghost Gal to watch as he churns this breeze into a full-fledged Data Storm). He declares that the power is waiting for him to take it as crimson energy surrounds his hand (in the dub, he crows that these winds rage for him, and him alone) and the waves of data rush towards him. He declares "Come! Data Storm! ("Drown in my destruction!" in the dub) and the wave of data crests. Ghost Gal barely manages to surf above it, and Varis allows the wave to engulf him. He sees something move within the Data Storm, and activates his Skill. As the lines on his jumpsuit glow and the monsters passes in front of him again, he chants "The new breath resides in my hands! Storm Access!" (in the dub he simply says the activation and name of his Skill). The data coalesces in his hand, becoming "Topologic Trisbaena", a power which he declares is good (perfect in the dub) and he smirks. He emerges from the Data Storm ahead of Ghost Gal, much to her shock, and surfs above it, before chanting "Manifest! The future circuit that lights up my path!" Authorizing the Link Arrows, he explains that the summoning conditions are at least two Effect Monsters, and he sets "Background Dragon" and the two "Sniffer Dragons" in the Link Arrows to link the circuit, Link Summoning the Link-3 "Topologic Trisbaena", with 2500 ATK. Ai gasps, Playmaker observes that it's a new "Topologic" (in the dub, he grimly observes that Varis has improved his Deck).

"Trisbaena" banishes Ghost Gal's Trap Cards

As "Trisbaena" descends behind Varis, he activates the effect of "Defrag Dragon" from his Graveyard, banishing three monsters with the same name from his Graveyard to Special Summon it. He banishes his three "Sniffer Dragons", and tells "Defrag Dragon" to resurrect as it revives in Defense Position. Then he activates the effect of "Trisbaena" since a monster was Special Summoned to a zone it pointed to, banishing that monster and all cards in the Spell & Trap Zones, then Ghost Gal will take 500 damage for each of her cards that was banished. "Trisbaena" transforms, attaching its neck armor to its face as a mask and its wings to the back of its arms, then sprouts energy claws from the wings and slashes through "Defrag Dragon", and then through Ghost Gal's three Trap cards with "Exile's Retribution", reducing Ghost Gal to 2500 LP. Then Varis declares battle, ordering "Topologic Trisbaena" to attack Ghost Gal directly. He tells her to vanish (in the dub, he declares that the Duel is over), and "Trisbaena" transforms again, retracting the armor plates back into its neck and then attaching its wing plates and chest armor to its head, opening the resulting construct to reveal a cannon as it attacks with "Dire Destruction". It lets out a cry as it blasts a surge of pink energy at Ghost Gal, and she reflects that Varis played her in the palm of his hand (in the dub, she is silent).

Ghost Gal is defeated

The attack hits, and Playmaker and Ai gasp in shock as Ghost Gal's hair is blown lose from its tie by the force of the attack and she screams as she is blasted off her Duel Board, her LP falling to zero. She slams into the wall above the door they are looking through, and drops onto the platform. Playmaker tells her to hang in there, and Ghost Gal laments that she's pathetic for being a professional (in the dub, he asks if she's alright, and she laments that he had to be the one to see her lose). Playmaker tells her to hold on; he'll save her, and he struggles with the bars. Ghost Gal raises her Duel Disk, telling him that this is more important. She claims that this treasure is incredible; the best she's ever acquired, and the screen of her Duel Disk fizzles and goes blank, releasing a small data firefly that enters Playmaker's Duel Disk. She tells him that he has to take the data out of here; like he said, something is happening in LINK VRAINS. Playmaker promises that he will. (In the dub, she tells him there's no time, before giving him the data, telling him that it's the key to the Hanoi's master plan and worth a fortune, but she's only giving it to him for free because she won't be around to spend it. Playmaker tells her not to say that, but she tells him that it's too late.)

Ghost Gal vanishes, warning Playmaker of Varis's new "terrifying card".

To his shock, Ghost Gal's Avatar glows magenta and begins to fizzle. She begins to disintegrate, and Playmaker asks in shock what is happening (in the dub he cries out in protest). Before Ghost Gal vanishes, she fearfully warns Playmaker to be careful of Varis, he has a terrifying card (in the dub, she does not call it terrifying, she is cut off before she can emphasize it) - Playmaker calls Ghost Gal's name as the fragments of her data are absorbed into the energy sphere (in the dub, he cries that this can't be happening). Ai screams that they way she vanished was horrible (in the dub, he cries that the blob absorbed her data). Varis stops in front of them, leaping off his Duel Board. He tells Playmaker that he's late, and Playmaker angrily asks him what he did to Ghost Gal. Varis replies that she has become the foundation to save the world, and she won't come back. Playmaker asks him what he's doing, and Varis declares that the Tower of Hanoi has already activated, and if he wants to stop this game, he must defeat him (In the dub, Varis comments that it's been a while, and Playmaker asks how he could do that to Ghost Gal, calling it low even for Varis. Varis claims that her data has been absorbed to create a new beginning for humanity, so Playmaker should be thanking him. Playmaker snaps that he's had enough of Varis's games, and Varis warns him that the games have only just started, and the only way to stop it is to defeat him).

Varis begins the Tower of Hanoi.

The energy sphere's tentacles twist and lengthen, plunging into the seal that plugged the roof (in the dub, Varis tells the Tower of Hanoi to begin). As rubble cascades from the ceiling, Varis turns and leaps off the platform, and Playmaker gasps his name (in the dub he tells him to come back). Varis ignores him, surfing away on his Duel Board, and Playmaker tells him to wait (he calls him a coward in the dub) as he continues to struggle with the bars. Ai tries to remind Playmaker that he promised Ghost Gal that he'd bring back the data, but Playmaker just shouts at Varis to come back (in the dub, he tells him that they should get out of here, but Playmaker dismisses his concerns). Ai struggles with his decision and looks around as more tendrils plunge into the wall, and he snaps that they're in real danger, then gets a determined expression on his face when he sees that Playmaker isn't listening to him and logs them out (in the dub, this expression and his last look at Playmaker is cut; he tells Playmaker that his "noodle arms" are too weak to tear apart the fence and then asks when he's ever had to be the responsible one before logging them out).

The Tower of Hanoi begins to grow within LINK VRAINS.

Up in LINK VRAINS, Frog sighs in contention, commenting that LINK VRAINS is still at peace (in the dub, he grumbles that whoever said no news was good news isn't a reporter). Then the city begins to shake as blue fragments of data drift into the air, and he and Pigeon quickly take flight, asking what's happening (in the dub, he declares that a story is breaking before their eyes). Giant magenta columns rip out of the ground and Frog asks what's happening (in the dub, he awkwardly comments that things have gone from zero to a hundred). In Café Nom, Yusaku runs out of his chamber, calling Kolter's name. Kolter says Yusaku's name, and Yusaku looks at Kolter's screen, asking what this is (in the dub, he asks what Varis has done). In LINK VRAINS, a pillar of blue energy has erupted from the ground, the magenta tendrils coiling around it and arranging themselves at the base into a cone of roots, and a massive burst of yellow energy travels up the shaft of light before exploding and shattering the surrounding buildings.

Featured Duel: Ghost Gal vs. Varis[edit]

Duel continues from the previous episode.

Varis has 4000 LP and controls no cards. Ghost Gal has 4000 LP and controls "Altergeist Marionetter" (1600/1700) in Attack Position in her Main Monster Zone, as well as 2 Set cards (1 of which is "Altergeist Manifestation") in her Spell & Trap Zone.

Turn 2: Varis
Varis Normal Summons "Gateway Dragon" (1600/1400). Varis activates the effect of "Gateway Dragon", Special Summoning a Level 4 or lower DARK Dragon monster from his hand. He Special Summons the Level 2 "Sniffer Dragon" (800/400). As "Sniffer Dragon" was Normal or Special Summoned, Varis activates its effect, adding another "Sniffer Dragon" from his Deck to his hand. Varis Special Summons "Defrag Dragon" from his hand by sending another monster from his hand to the GY by its own effect. He sends "Background Dragon" to Special Summon "Defrag Dragon" (1000/600). Varis sets "Gateway Dragon" and "Sniffer Dragon" in the Link Arrows to Link Summon "Twin Triangle Dragon" (1200/↓→) to the Extra Monster Zone. As "Twin Triangle Dragon" was Link Summoned, Varis activates its effect, paying 500 LP, then targeting a Level 5 or higher monster in his GY to Special Summon it to his zone "Twin Triangle Dragon" points to, but it cannot attack this turn, also it has its effects negated (Varis: 4000 → 3500 LP). He Special Summons the Level 5 "Background Dragon" (1600/1800) to the zone the bottom-center Link Arrow of "Twin Triangle Dragon" points to. Varis sets "Defrag Dragon", "Background Dragon", and the Link-2 "Twin Triangle Dragon" in the Link Arrows to Link Summon "Topologic Bomber Dragon" (3000/↑↙↓↘) to the Extra Monster Zone. Varis Sets a card.

"Topologic Bomber Dragon" attacks "Altergeist Marionetter". As Varis' monster declared an attack while Ghost Gal controls an "Altergeist" card, Ghost Gal activates the effect of "Altergeist Kunquery" in her hand, Special Summoning it, then negating the attack. She Special Summons "Kunquery" (0/2400) and negates the attack of "Topologic Bomber Dragon". As "Kunquery" was Special Summoned, Ghost Gal activates its effect, targeting a face-up card Varis controls and negating the effects of that card while it and "Kunquery" are face-up on the field. She targets and negates the effects of "Topologic Bomber Dragon".

Turn 3: Ghost Gal
Ghost Gal's hand contains "Altergeist Silquitous" and "Altergeist Manifestation". Ghost Gal Normal Summons "Altergeist Silquitous" (800/1500). Ghost Girl activates her face-down Continuous Trap "Altergeist Protocol". Ghost Gal activates the effect of "Silquitous", returning another "Altergeist" card she controls to the hand, then targeting a card Varis controls to return it to the hand. She returns "Protocol" to her hand, then targets and returns "Topologic Bomber Dragon" to Varis' Extra Deck. Ghost Gal sets "Kunquery" and "Silquitous" in the Link Arrows to Link Summon "Altergeist Kidolga" (1000/←↓) to the Extra Monster Zone. Ghost Gal sets "Marionetter" and the Link-2 "Kidolga" to Link Summon "Altergeist Primebanshee" (2100/↓↘→) to the Extra Monster Zone. Ghost Gal activates her face-down Trap "Altergeist Manifestation", targeting an "Altergeist" monster in her GY and Special Summoning it in Attack Position, then equipping it with "Manifestation". She targets and Special Summons "Kidolga" (1000/←↓), then equips it with "Manifestation". Ghost Gal Sets two cards.

"Primebanshee" attacks Varis directly (Varis: 3500 → 1400 LP). As another "Altergeist" monster Ghost Gal controls inflicted battle damage to Varis, Ghost Gal activates the effect of "Kidolga", targeting a monster in Varis' GY and Special Summoning it to her zone "Kidolga" points to, but each turn, it cannot attack unless "Kidolga" has already declared an attack that turn. She Special Summons "Twin Triangle Dragon" (1200/↓→) to the zone the middle-left Link Arrow of "Kidolga" points to. "Kidolga" attacks Varis directly (Varis: 1400 → 400 LP). "Twin Triangle Dragon" attacks Varis directly. Varis activates his unknown Trap, destroying all of Ghost Gal's monsters. "Primebanshee", "Twin Triangle Dragon", and "Kidolga" and the equipped "Manifestation" are destroyed. As "Primebanshee" was sent from the field to the GY, Ghost Gal activates its effect, targeting an "Altergeist" card in her GY and adding it to her hand. She targets and adds "Marionetter". Ghost Gal activates her Skill "Secret Cure", excavating cards from the top of her Deck until she excavates a Monster Card. That monster is added to her hand, and both players gain LP equal to that monster's ATK. All other cards will be sent to the GY. She excavates "Kunquery" (0/2400) and adds it to her hand.

Turn 4: Varis
Ghost Gal activates her face-down Continuous Trap "Protocol", but as Ghost Gal activated a Trap Card, Varis pays half his LP to activate the Counter Trap "Red Reboot" from his hand (Varis: 400 → 200 LP), negating the activation, then Setting that card face-down, then Ghost Gal can Set another Trap directly from her Deck, and for the rest of this turn after "Red Reboot" resolves, Ghost Gal cannot activate Trap Cards. The activation of "Protocol" is negated, and it is Set, then Ghost Gal Sets "Altergeist Camouflage". As Varis controls no monsters, he activates the effect of "Background Dragon" in his GY, Special Summoning both it and a Level 4 or lower Dragon monster from his hand in Defense Position, but "Background Dragon" is banished when it leaves the field. Varis Special Summons "Background Dragon" (1600/1800) and the Level 2 "Sniffer Dragon" (800/400) from his hand. As "Sniffer Dragon" was Normal or Special Summoned, Varis activates its effect, adding another "Sniffer Dragon" from his Deck to his hand. Varis adds and subsequently Normal Summons "Sniffer Dragon" (800/400).

At this points, Varis enters the Data Storm. As Varis' LP is 1000 or less, he activates his Skill "Storm Access", accessing a Cyberse Link Monster at random from a nearby Data Storm and adding it to his Extra Deck. He obtains "Topologic Trisbaena" and adds it to his Extra Deck.

Varis sets "Background Dragon" and two copies of "Sniffer Dragon" in the Link Arrows to Link Summon "Topologic Trisbaena" (2500/↙↑↘) to the Extra Monster Zone. Varis activates the effect of "Defrag Dragon" in his GY, banishing three monsters from his GY with the same name to Special Summon it. Varis banishes three copies of "Sniffer Dragon" to Special Summon "Defrag Dragon" (1000/600) to the zone the bottom-left Link Arrow of "Topologic Trisbaena" points to. As a monster was Special Summoned to a zone "Topologic Trisbaena" points to, its effect activates, banishing that monster and as many Spell/Traps on the field as possible, then inflicting 500 damage to Ghost Gal for each of her cards banished by this effect. "Defrag Dragon" and Ghost Gal's three face-down Spell/Traps are banished (Ghost Gal: 4000 → 2500 LP). "Topologic Trisbaena" attacks Ghost Gal directly (Ghost Gal: 2500 → 0 LP).

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.

In other languages[edit]

Language Title
Germany German Der finale Trigger
Italy Italian Combattimento Sotterraneo
Brazil Portuguese O Último Gatilho
Mexico Spanish El desencadenante final

Differences in adaptions[edit]

  • In the dub, Ghost Gal's outlook is changed considerably. In the Japanese version, she is desperate to escape and constantly fearful of Varis, but in the dub she is more confident, while at the same time largely still respecting the danger that Varis poses despite her comments, trading insults with him.
  • As with the previous episode, Kolter is in contact with Yusaku the entire time, rather than simply watching.
  • The shots of Ghost Gal's body and rear when the lines on her suit begin to glow are cut from the dub.
  • When Varis uses "Storm Access" and Summons "Topologic Trisbaena", the tone of the music is changed considerably; rather than the lighter more heroic track that plays in the Japanese version, a deeper, more ominous track plays.
  • Ghost Gal does not call Varis' Trap Card terrifying in the dub, leaving it more ambiguous as to its danger.
  • Ai takes less time to decide to log Playmaker out in the dub.


  • In the dub, when Varis prepares to Link Summon "Twin Triangle Dragon", he states that its summoning conditions are "2 Level 2 or lower Dragons", when it actually requires "2 Level 4 or lower Dragons".


  1. a b c d This card can be seen when she searches her Deck via the effect of Varis' "Red Reboot".
  2. a b The second copy can be seen when she searches her Deck via the effect of Varis' "Red Reboot".