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"Link to the Future"
"Decode Talker" unleashes its final attack.
"Decode Talker" unleashes its final attack.
EnglishLink to the Future
Japanese name
RōmajiMirai o Egakidasu Sākitto
TranslatedThe Circuit That Draws the Future
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS
Japanese OP"With The Wind"
Japanese ED"Writing Life"
English OP & ED"Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS Main Theme"
DirectorYasumi Mikamoto
Animation director
Air dates
JapaneseApril 4, 2018
EnglishFebruary 3, 2019
Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS episodes (season 1)
Previous"Standing Tall"

"Link to the Future", known as "The Circuit That Draws the Future" in the Japanese version, is the forty-sixth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. It first aired in Japan on April 4, 2018, and aired in Canada on February 3, 2019.

Playmaker and Ai are barely hanging on, with only a few LP left. The situation is all but hopeless for them. However, the two of them refuse to give up, and keep on fighting. In order to overcome Varis' near-perfect tactics, Playmaker bets everything on one last draw. At the same time, the Tower of Hanoi is also on the verge of completion. Can Playmaker defeat Varis and stop Hanoi's plan once and for all?!


The state of the field as the Duel reaches its climax.

As the sixth and final ring of the Tower of Hanoi approaches completion, Playmaker opposes Varis with only a single Set card and his "Secure Gardna" against seven monsters - "Magnarokket Dragon", "Anesthrokket Dragon" and the five Link-4 3000 ATK Extra Linked dragons, "Topologic Bomber Dragon", "Borrelsword Dragon", "Borreload Dragon", "Borrelguard Dragon" and "Topologic Gumblar Dragon", and only a mere 50 LP compared to Varis's 2700. Pigeon cries that Playmaker stood up again, and Frog states that the Duel isn't over yet. In Café Nom, Kolter whispers Yusaku's name, and Varis comments that Playmaker isn't giving up on this Duel. He observes that Playmaker's "Secure Gardna" can reduce battle damage to zero once, but it isn't enough to completely stop his attack. Ai snaps at him to be quiet since they know that (in the dub, Varis emphasizes the number of monsters he has, and Ai snaps "We. Can. Count!"), and Varis asks in amusement if they can avoid it by other means, what is Playmaker pinning his hopes on? Playmaker replies that it's simple; his determination. He'll fight until the end and win this Duel (in the dub, Playmaker states that he promised he'd win the Duel, and he never goes back on his word).

Varis activates the effect of "Borreload Dragon" as it attacks, preventing Playmaker from stopping the attack.

Pleased, Varis states that this is why Playmaker is his archrival, and he vows that he'll also use all of his strength until the end (in the dub, he claims that Playmaker talked a good game, but his skills never lived up to his mouth and it's about time for him to shut them both permanently). He declares his turn and draws, noting that Playmaker has a Set Trap Card on his field, but if he uses "Borreload" and "Borrelsword", he can seal that card away. He declares battle, attacking first with "Borreload Dragon". "Borreload Dragon's" cylinder begins to spin and Varis announces "Charging energy...Borreload Charge! ("Energy chambers charged! Arming plasma cannon!" in the dub) Target...locked on!" as "Borreload Dragon" opens its mouth and its cannon barrel extends from its maw, and it targets "Secure Gardna" in its HUD. Varis removes the safety regulations as the wing bars of "Borreload Dragon" slam down, cutting off the flow of its hardlight wings and fire begins building at the end of its cannon. Varis orders the "Thunder Borrel Cannon" attack of "Borreload Dragon", and Ai gasps that Varis is targeting "Secure Gardna", but if they use a Trap Card... But Varis activates the "Enemy Negation" effect of "Borreload Dragon", decreasing the ATK and DEF of a monster by 500, and Playmaker can't activate cards or effects in response to the effect. He selects "Secure Gardna", but its ATK remains unaffected at 1000, as Ai notes, due to having been Summoned by the effect of "Disconnect Linker", so why did Varis choose it? Playmaker explains that it was to seal away their card, since even though the effect doesn't work, Playmaker can't activate a card effect in response. Ai asks if he's serious, and he snaps that anything goes for that punk. Varis snorts, and he activates his anti-glare protection and tells them that it's over (in the dub, Ai asks why Varis has a counter for every move they make. Varis snorts that it's called tactics and Ai should look into it in his next life), ordering "Borreload" to do it. "Borreload" fires its cannon-blast of fire, and Playmaker states that the effect of "Secure Gardna" will reduce battle or effect damage to zero once per turn. Varis retorts that now Playmaker will have no monsters to defend him.

The rays of "Mirror Force" surge towards Varis's Extra Linked monsters.

But Playmaker isn't done, activating the effect of "Protection Wizard" from his Graveyard, and Varis gasps "What?" Playmaker states that by banishing it, "Secure Gardna" isn't destroyed, and the specter of "Protection Wizard" appears in front of "Secure Gardna", deflecting the blast. Varis scowls as he retracts his anti-glare visor and in that case, attacks with "Borrelsword Dragon", which slams the blades on its head together as Varis activates its effect; by changing a monster from Attack Position to Defense Position, it can attack twice, and Playmaker also can't activate cards or effects in response to this effect. He chooses "Magnarokket Dragon", who self-destructs since it was targeted by the effect of a Link Monster, then sends one monster on the field to the Graveyard. Varis chooses his own "Anesthrokket Dragon", and both monsters explode into golden particles. Playmaker seizes his chance after the effects resolve, activating the effect of "Cluster Congester" from his Graveyard, much to Varis's shock. By banishing "Cluster Congester" from his Graveyard and the Link Monster "Secure Gardna" from his field, he can Special Summon "Congester Tokens" to his field equal to the number of Link Monsters Varis controls. Five crystalline objects appear on the field with 0 DEF, and Playmaker explains that they will be destroyed at the end of the turn, and Varis will lose 300 LP for each one. Varis observes quizzically as Ai notes that they have five Tokens, so if Varis can't stop them, they'll deal 1500 damage. Varis smiles, commenting that a cornered rat will bite the cat, and Ai sprouts mouse ears and tells Varis to shut up; they'll defeat him (this exchange is cut from the dub). Keeping their Set card in mind, Varis smiles, declaring that he'll take them on. "Borrelsword" attacks a "Congester Token", and it extends its cannon-barrel and fires a quick blast, destroying the Token. Then "Borrelsword" attacks another "Congester Token", and as the energy builds at the end of its cannon-barrel, Varis tells Playmaker to show him his trump card. Playmaker does so, activating the Trap Card "Transaction Rollback". By paying half his LP, it copies the effect of a Normal Trap Card in Varis's Graveyard. Playmaker's LP falls to 25, and he declares that he's copying "Mirror Force". "Transaction Rollback" transforms into "Mirror Force", and the cannon-blast slams into the glowing Trap and redirects back as shards of blue light. Ai cheers that Varis only has monsters in Attack Position (in the dub, he asks how Varis likes the taste of his own medicine).

"Topologic Gumblar Dragon" blocks the effect of the copied "Mirror Force".

But Varis tells them it's too bad, much to Playmaker and Ai's surprise. He explains the effect of "Topologic Gumblar Dragon"; while it's Extra Linked, Link Monsters he controls cannot be destroyed by card effects. "Topologic Gumblar Dragon" generates energy shields from its forearms that intercept the shards of light and Playmaker and Ai both gasp "What?!" Varis asks them if they saw that; this is the power of "Topologic Gumblar Dragon" when it's Extra Linked. They only had one way to make a comeback, so he knew they'd use his "Mirror Force". Declaring that he'll get rid of those bothersome Tokens, he orders "Borrelsword", "Borrelguard", "Topologic Bomber" and "Topologic Gumblar" to all attack, and they glow orange and pool their energy into a massive sphere of orange light, which rains down beams that obliterate the remaining four "Congester Tokens". Varis ends his turn (emphasizing their lack of cards on the field in the dub), and the effect of "Magnarokket Dragon" activates from his Graveyard, Special Summoning "Autorokket Dragon", which gains 300 ATK due to the effect of "Boot Sector Launch", bringing it to 1900 ATK. Ai sighs in relief, noting that they managed to survive this turn's attacks, but they're at the brink. Playmaker smiles and he asks Ai if he'll give up, and Ai replies that he definitely won't. Playmaker agrees; he can't give up on this Duel either (in the dub, Playmaker smiles and comments that Ai's being a downer, and Ai snaps that he's an honest downer. Playmaker grins, commenting that it seems they've got their work cut out for them). Ai asks Playmaker something, and Playmaker asks what it is, and Ai tells him to stop doing that out-of-character smile and be how he always is, Ai's at wit's end (in the dub, he squeals that it's freaking him out, claiming that it was less horrific than Varis attacking the Cyberse). Playmaker grins again, reassuring Ai that he won't smile anymore (in the dub, he states that he'll try).

Playmaker makes the draw that will lead to his future.

He places his fingers on his Deck, noting that everything depends on this draw; his ten years, and the future of the world. He declares his turn, and the draw that will lead to his future as he draws. He looks at the card silently, and Ai asks him how he did. As Playmaker brings the card to where they can both see it, Varis applauds him for stopping his attacks last turn, but states that the outcome of this Duel is set. Since he created the Extra Link, Playmaker can't win, and he tells him to give up; Playmaker and that Ignis will perish with him (in the dub, Varis snarks that Playmaker didn't get a good draw because there's no way he can get out of this situation. He likens Playmaker, who spends all his time in LINK VRAINS, to the network world itself, virtual and fake, but when the Tower of Hanoi is complete, it will destroy LINK VRAINS and those illusions). Playmaker closes his eyes and he tells Varis that his heart has always been alone, and he doesn't have a single friend. As Ai points at himself in irritation, Playmaker states that it's not as though he has a choice, even if he wanted to walk a different path, he can't. Varis is struck by this, and Yusaku visualizes other students passing him by as he likens his situation to a deep abyss that can't be crossed, and a darkness that tore apart his world. That's how badly the Lost Incident tore apart his heart. He claims that he can tell Varis his true feelings, even his suffering and his weakness, and Varis angrily asks what Playmaker is talking about (in the dub, Playmaker claims that he doesn't need to tell Varis that, and Varis asks why). Playmaker replies that Varis lives in the same world as him, reminding him of what he said back during the Incident (in the dub, he emphasizes that Roken tried to save him when he was at his lowest). He visualizes himself as a child, trapped on a rock, and hearing the young Roken's voice telling him to think of three things. He visualizes Roken coming towards him as he states that Roken couldn't just stand by, so he crossed the abyss. Varis was able to save Playmaker - and Playmaker is able to save Varis.

Ai asks if Playmaker is serious. If Varis becomes his friend, will he become Ai's friend as well? Playmaker replies that that's right, and Ai freaks at the idea of being friends with Varis (in the dub, Ai doesn't want Playmaker to save someone who is trying to delete him), while Varis himself bursts out laughing. He snaps that he'll never be Playmaker's friend, and begins to ask if this is how he begs for his life, but Playmaker snaps that he's not begging, and Varis irritably asks what he's doing in that case as Playmaker looks at his card. Playmaker tells him that he's already connected the circuit to his victory. (In the dub, Varis snorts, asking what Playmaker thinks he needs saving from. Playmaker states that Varis needs saving from himself, insisting that destroying LINK VRAINS will be the biggest mistake that Varis makes, a mistake that he can't come back from, and Playmaker won't let him make that mistake. Playmaker adds that this card will allow him to do so, and Varis snaps that Playmaker is bluffing; if not him, than himself.) Varis gasps "What?!" and Ai cries that he was waiting for this. Varis growls that Playmaker's LP is life a candle in the wind and the Extra Link is already complete on his field, and Playmaker only has one card in his hand, but he still thinks he can win? "That's right!" Playmaker replies. Varis smiles, asking mockingly if Playmaker was trying to show him mercy instead of begging for his life. But Playmaker retorts that he wasn't; Varis is the same as him, and he said that they were prisoners of fate, that he had no new path, but Playmaker believes there's still a new path. Varis muses that he sees, and he tells Playmaker to prove it with his Dueling. (In the dub, Varis cruelly likens Playmaker's field to what the Lost Incident broke inside him, and Playmaker retorts that something broken can be repaired, both his field and Varis, and they can forge a new path to the future together. Varis mockingly snaps that it's impressive how Playmaker has earned a Ph.D in psychology during the Duel).

Playmaker declares three reasons - including that his revenge is over.

Playmaker holds up his hand, declaring that first, his revenge is over, second, he'll overcome the abyss of destiny in this Duel, and third, they'll seize a new future together (in the dub, one, if Varis really agreed with his father's plans, he wouldn't have tried to save Playmaker ten years ago, two, knowing that, Playmaker can no longer justify his desire for revenge, so if he can change, so can Varis, and three, if they're both no longer tied down by their past, then the future is wide open for them to create). He tells Varis that he's coming, and Varis tells Playmaker to bring it on (In the dub, Varis screams that he's heard enough).

Playmaker activates the effect of "Transaction Rollback" from his Graveyard, paying half his LP to banish it and then activate the effect of a Normal Trap Card in his Graveyard. His LP falls to 13, and he activates the effect of "Recoded Alive", allowing him to Special Summon a "Code Talker" from his Extra Deck by banishing a Cyberse monster from his Graveyard. Banishing "Transcode Talker", he Special Summons "Encode Talker". Shima gasps that Playmaker hasn't given up yet, but Varis declares the effect of "Topologic Gumblar Dragon", destroying their hands with its "Infinite Destruction" effect. "Topologic Gumblar Dragon" projects its infinity-shaped aura and then blasts dark red mist across the field, destroying the single card in each of their hands. Varis states that now Playmaker's only hope has vanished, but Playmaker tells him that he's wrong; he used the effect of Varis's monster to destroy his hand, much to Varis's shock. Playmaker activates the effect of the Equip Spell Card that was sent to his Graveyard, "Spam Mail". Since it was sent from his hand to the Graveyard, he draws one card and reveals it, "Swap Cleric". Then if Varis controls a card with the same card type as "Swap Cleric", he has to choose one of them and return it to his hand. Ai cheekily asks if Varis wants him to choose for him, and Varis ignores him, returning "Autorokket Dragon" to his hand.

Playmaker Link Summons "Firewall Dragon".

Next, Playmaker Summons "Swap Cleric", and then he activates the other effect of "Recoded Alive" from his Graveyard, banishing it to Special Summon a banished "Code Talker". "Transcode Talker" returns to the field - co-linked to "Topologic Bomber Dragon", as Ai observes (in the dub, he worries that this will trigger the effect of "Topologic Bomber Dragon"). Playmaker reminds them that the effect of his "Shield Handler" already negated the effect of "Topologic Bomber Dragon", and he declares that the effect of "Transcode Talker" will increase the ATK of it and its co-linked monsters by 500. "Transcode Talker" glows with an orange aura and "Topologic Bomber Dragon" with a purple one as "Transcode" rises to 2800 ATK and "Topologic Bomber" to 3500. Varis resignedly adds that since a monster was Special Summoned to a zone a Link Monster points to, the effect of "Topologic Gumblar Dragon" activates again, destroying his hand. Next, Playmaker activates the other effect of "Transcode Talker", Special Summoning a "Code Talker" from his Graveyard to a zone that "Transcode Talker" points to. "Transcode Talker's" aura continues to steam as Playmaker resurrects "Powercode Talker", and he adds that the effect of "Transcode Talker" will increase the ATK of "Powercode Talker" by 500. "Powercode Talker" rises to 2800 ATK. Then Playmaker chants "Appear! The circuit that leads to the future!" (with Ai mimicking his pose). Authorizing the Link Arrows, he declares that the Summoning conditions are at least two monsters, setting "Swap Cleric" and the Link-3 "Encode Talker" in the Link Arrows to Link Summon the Link-4 "Firewall Dragon".

Playmaker manages to Extra Link his monsters with Varis's.

Varis gasps "This is..." ("Impossible!" in the dub) as the Main Monster Zone beneath "Firewall Dragon" lights up, as do the ones beneath "Powercode Talker" and "Transcode Talker"...and then "Topologic Bomber Dragon", and all the rest of Varis's monsters as the eight Link Monsters stand in a square of lit zones. Ai calls it awesome, and Varis angrily observes that this is what Playmaker was aiming for (in the dub, he states that he doesn't see how it will help Playmaker). Kolter gasps that Yusaku used Varis's monsters to create an Extra Link of his own (in the dub he worries that it's just for show). Playmaker then activates the effect of "Swap Cleric" since it was sent to the Graveyard as Link Material, reducing the ATK of the monster it was used to Link Summon by 500 and then drawing a card. "Firewall Dragon" falls to 2000 ATK, and Playmaker tells Varis that this is the true power of the Extra Link as he prepares to draw. He declares that this card will lead them on a new path, and he draws again, then he activates the Continuous Spell Card, "Zero Extra Link". Boundless yellow energy surrounds "Transcode Talker" as Playmaker explains that it will gain 800 ATK for every monster that's Extra Linked. Pigeon gasps in awe, and Frog declares that the linked monsters' power has converged regardless of friend or foe (in the dub, Frog specifies how much ATK "Transcode Talker" will gain). "Transcode Talker" gains 6400 ATK, rising to 9200 ATK, and Ai cheers that with this ATK, they can destroy Varis and his dragons.

But Varis activates a Trap Card, "Link Short". It negates the effects of co-linked monsters Playmaker controls and prevents them from attacking this turn. Electricity crackles around "Transcode Talker", "Powercode Talker" and "Firewall Dragon", and Ai asks if they seriously can't attack. Varis yells that this match is now determined (in the dub, Ai laments that he thought they were going to win, and Varis tells him that they were obviously mistaken), but Playmaker yells that it's not over yet, and he chants "Appear! The circuit that leads to the future!" much to Varis's shock. Playmaker authorizes the Link Arrows, declaring that the Summoning conditions are at least two Effect Monsters. He sets "Transcode Talker", "Powercode Talker", and "Firewall Dragon" in the Link Arrows, and he Link Summons the Link-3 "Decode Talker". Its "Power Integration" effect activates, increasing it to 2800 ATK. Ai adds that since "Decode Talker" isn't affected by "Link Short", it can attack this turn. Varis angrily asks what they can do with that ATK.

"Decode Talker" powers up.

Playmaker reveals the other effect of "Zero Extra Link" - since an Extra Linked monster was used to Link Summon, that Link Monster gains the ATK increase of that monster. "Decode Talker" glows yellow as it rises to 9200 ATK, and Varis can only choke out "What?!" (in the dub, he has time to scream "Oh no!") Playmaker orders "Decode Talker" to attack with "Decode Destruction", and "Decode Talker" raises its greatsword, its yellow aura swirling around it until the energy blade is several stories high, and it brings the energy blade down, destroying "Borreload Dragon". Varis screams as the force of the attack blasts him backwards and shatters the edge of the clot behind him, reducing his LP to zero.

Defeated, Varis logs out, vowing not to run from his destiny.

In the café, Shima gasps that Playmaker won, startling the other patrons. Kolter jumps up from his seat and tells Yusaku well done, running out of Café Nom. Back in LINK VRAINS, the smoke clears from the ruined platform, and Varis admits that he's lost, and since he has lost, the Tower of Hanoi stops. But remember this: as long as the Ignis are a threat to humanity, he won't run from his destiny (in the dub, he states that their war isn't over until the Ignis are extinct, and he vows they haven't seen the last of him). His Avatar turns green and dissolves as he logs out. The rings of the Tower of Hanoi stop spinning, and Pigeon tells Frog that the Tower of Hanoi has stopped. Frog cheers that Playmaker did it, calling Pigeon "Sato" and cheering that the network world has been saved. Pigeon is shocked to be called by that name, and Frog tells him that in times like this, they can call each other by their names, since Pigeon always called him by his name. Pigeon states that his name is Saito, depressing Frog (in the dub, they cheers that their footage is worth millions and will get them out of their debt-hole). Then the Tower of Hanoi's core explodes into yellow dust, which passes into LINK VRAINS. Playmaker smiles, stating that everyone has been freed. Emma Bessho wakes up in her apartment, as do Skye and Akira Zaizen in theirs and Gore in his warehouse. With that done, the Tower of Hanoi disintegrates into data.

Roken departs his home.

Kolter runs into the Kogami family's house, calling Yusaku's name. He finds Yusaku standing by the window, looking out over the ocean as the sun sets and whispers his name. Yusaku watches Roken departing on a speedboat, and Kolter walks up, noting that Varis has left (in the dub, he is surprised Yusaku is letting Roken get away). Yusaku states that Varis will return someday to fulfill his purpose.

Yusaku sets Ai free at last.

Under the night sky, Yusaku and Ai sit and watch the Stardust Road. Ai observes that this is the Stardust Road, and he comments that it's beautiful (in the dub, he thanks Playmaker, and then his tone turns sarcastic as he admonishes him for letting Roken get away and he wonders what kind of kid owns a boat anyway). Yusaku inserts a keycard into his Duel Disk, and Ai asks what it is. Yusaku replies that it's the lock's removal program, and Ai asks what lock he means. Yusaku states that it's Ai's, and he turns away, telling Ai that he's free, and he can go wherever he likes. Ai gasps, asking if Yusaku is freeing him, and Yusaku points out that Hanoi has perished, so Ai's role is over. Ai's eyes swim as he whispers "Playmaker..." Yusaku tells him to go before he changes his mind, and Ai notes that in the human world at a time like this, he's supposed to say something profound, right? Yusaku asks him if he's capable of that, and Ai gets an idea, stating that one man's fault is another's lesson. Yusaku smiles, commenting that those are nice words (in the dub, Ai is touched that Yusaku seemed to find him helpful, and Yusaku points out that isn't what he meant. Ai begins to state that if Yusaku ever needs any Dueling advice or help to... "Contact you?" Yusaku asks. Ai tells him not to, and Yusaku grins, replying that he understands). Ai cheers that he's awesome, and then he states that he's leaving now. He bids Playmaker goodbye, but then corrects himself, calling him "Yusaku" (he doesn't do this in the dub, as he more commonly calls Yusaku by his real name outside of LINK VRAINS). Yusaku tells him to be well, and Ai lifts off in the Duel Disk's drone mode. Yusaku smiles, gently telling Ai to leave the Duel Disk behind. Ai remembers that he doesn't need the Duel Disk anymore, and he lands it, shifts it back into its normal mode (in the dub he comments that it's been his home for so long that he forgot, but then he corrects himself to "jail"), and tells Yusaku "See ya" before sinking into it. Yusaku says Ai's name, and then he picks up the Duel Disk, noting that Ai's gone.

Yusaku stares at the Stardust Road.

Yusaku walks back to Café Nom and opens the back to grab his schoolbag, slinging it over his back. Kolter asks if he's leaving already, and Yusaku replies that he is. Kolter asks after Ai, and Yusaku states that he went home. Kolter muses that he sees, and offers to drive Yusaku home (in the dub, he just asks if Yusaku is okay). Yusaku reassures him that it's fine, and as he walks along the fence-line, he stops and looks out over the Stardust Road as his hair blows gently in the wind.

Featured Duel: Playmaker vs. Varis[edit]

Duel continues from the previous episode.

Varis has 2700 LP and controls "Magnarokket Dragon" (2100/1500) in his leftmost Main Monster Zone, "Anesthrokket Dragon" (300/2500) in his rightmost Main Monster Zone, "Topologic Bomber Dragon" (3000/↑↙↓↘) in his right-hand Extra Monster Zone, "Topologic Gumblar Dragon" (3000/↑←↓→) in his left-hand Extra Monster Zone, "Borrelsword Dragon" (3000/←↙↓↑) in the Main Monster Zone the bottom-center Link Arrow of "Bomber Dragon" points to, "Borrelguard Dragon" (3000/↑↓↘→) in the Main Monster Zone the bottom-center Link Arrow of "Gumblar Dragon" points to, and "Borreload Dragon" (3000/←↙↘→) in the Main Monster Zone the middle-left Link Arrow of "Borrelsword" and the middle-right Link Arrow of "Borrelguard" point to, respectively, creating an Extra Link. He also controls "Boot Sector Launch" in his Field Zone. Playmaker has 50 LP and controls "Secure Gardna" (1000→/) in the Main Monster Zone the top-center Link Arrow of "Bomber Dragon" points to, as well as 1 Set card ("Transaction Rollback") in his Spell & Trap Zone.

Turn 9: Varis
"Borreload Dragon" attacks "Secure Gardna". Varis activates the effect of "Borreload Dragon" to decrease the ATK and DEF of a monster on the field by 500. He targets "Secure Gardna". As Playmaker would take battle damage, he activates the effect of "Secure Gardna" to reduce the damage taken to 0, then as "Secure Gardna" would be destroyed, he activates the effect of "Protection Wizard" in his GY, banishing it to prevent "Secure Gardna" from destruction. "Borrelsword Dragon" attacks "Secure Gardna". Varis activates the effect of "Borrelsword Dragon" to change an Attack Position monster on the field to Defense Position, while allowing "Borrelsword Dragon" to make a second attack during each Battle Phase this turn. He targets "Magnarokket Dragon", but as a Link Monster's effect that targeted "Magnarokket" was activated, Varis activates its effect to destroy it, then send a monster on the field to the GY. He sends "Anesthrokket Dragon". As Playmaker's Link Monster was attacked, he activates the effect of "Cluster Congester" in his GY, banishing it and the attacked Link Monster to Special Summon "Congester Tokens" (???/0) up to the number of Link Monsters Varis controls. The "Congester Tokens" Special Summoned by this effect are destroyed during the End Phase, and for each "Congester Token" destroyed this way, 300 damage is inflicted to Varis. He banishes "Secure Gardna" to Special Summon five "Congester Tokens". A replay occurs, and "Borrelsword Dragon" attacks a "Congester Token". "Borrelsword Dragon" attacks another "Congester Token", but Playmaker activates the effect of "Transaction Rollback", paying half his LP to copy the effect of a Normal Trap Card in Varis' GY (Playmaker: 50 → 25 LP). He copies the effect of "Mirror Force" to destroy all Attack Position monsters Varis controls, but as "Topologic Gumblar Dragon" is Extra Linked, Link Monsters Varis controls cannot be destroyed by card effects. The attack continues and the "Congester Token" is destroyed. "Borrelguard Dragon", "Topologic Bomber Dragon", and "Topologic Gumblar Dragon" attack and destroy the remaining three "Congester Tokens". During the End Phase, as "Magnarokket" was destroyed and sent to the GY this turn, Varis activates its effect to Special Summon a "rokket" monster with a different name from his Deck. He Special Summons "Autorokket Dragon" (1600/1000). The effect of "Boot Sector Launch" increases the ATK and DEF of "Rokket" monsters by 300 ("Autorokket": 1600/1000 → 1900/1300).

Turn 10: Playmaker
Playmaker activates the effect of "Transaction Rollback" in his GY, paying half his LP and banishing it to copy the effect of a Normal Trap Card in his GY (Playmaker: 25 → 13 LP). He copies the effect of "Recoded Alive", banishing a Link-3 Cyberse Link Monster he controls or in his GY to Special Summon a "Code Talker" monster from his Extra Deck. He banishes "Transcode Talker" to Special Summon "Encode Talker" (2300/↑↓↘) to the zone the top-center Link Arrow of "Topologic Gumblar Dragon" points to. As a monster was Special Summoned to a zone a Link Monster pointed to while Varis has a card in his hand, the effect of "Topologic Gumblar Dragon" activates, destroying all cards in both players' hands. As "Spam Mail" was sent from Playmaker's hand to the GY by a card effect, he activates its effect to draw a card, reveal it, then make Varis return a card he controls with the same type as that card to his hand. Playmaker draws "Swap Cleric", which is a Monster Card, and Varis returns "Autorokket" to his hand. Playmaker Normal Summons "Swap Cleric" (500/1000). Playmaker activates the effect of "Recoded Alive" in his GY, banishing it to Special Summon a banished "Code Talker" monster. He Special Summons "Transcode Talker" (2300/↑→↓) to the zone the top-center Link Arrow of "Topologic Bomber Dragon" points to. As "Transcode Talker" is co-linked, it and monsters co-linked to it gain 500 ATK ("Transcode Talker": 2300 → 2800 ATK; "Topologic Bomber Dragon": 3000 → 3500 ATK). As a monster was Special Summoned to a zone a Link Monster pointed to while Varis has a card in his hand, the effect of "Topologic Gumblar Dragon" activates, destroying all cards in both players' hands. Playmaker activates the effect of "Transcode Talker" to Special Summon a "Code Talker" monster from his GY to a zone "Transcode Talker" points to. He Special Summons "Powercode Talker" (2300/←↙→) to the zone the middle-right Link Arrow of "Transcode Talker" points to ("Powercode Talker": 2300 → 2800 ATK).

Playmaker uses "Swap Cleric" and the Link-3 "Encode Talker" to Link Summon "Firewall Dragon" (2500/↑←↓→) to the zone the top-center Link Arrow of "Topologic Gumblar Dragon" points to, creating a second Extra Link. As "Swap Cleric" was sent to the GY as material for a Link Summon of a Link Monster, Playmaker activates its effect to reduce the ATK of that Link Monster by 500 to draw a card ("Firewall Dragon": 2500 → 2000 ATK). Playmaker draws and subsequently activates the Continuous Spell Card "Zero Extra Link", targeting "Transcode Talker". The effect of "Zero Extra Link" increases the ATK of "Transcode Talker" by 800 for every Extra Linked monster, in this case eight ("Transcode Talker": 2800 → 9200 ATK). As Playmaker controls at least as many Link Monsters as monsters in Varis' Main Monster Zones, Varis activates his face-down Trap Card "Link Short" to negate the effects of Playmaker's co-linked monsters and prevent them from attacking until the end of this turn. Varis negates the effects of "Transcode Talker", "Powercode Talker" and "Firewall Dragon", and prevents them from attacking. Playmaker uses "Transcode Talker", "Powercode Talker" and "Firewall Dragon" to Link Summon "Decode Talker" (2300/↙↑↘) to the zone the top-center Link Arrow of "Topologic Bomber Dragon" points to. "Decode Talker" gains 500 ATK for each monster it points to ("Decode Talker": 2300 → 2800 ATK). As "Transcode Talker" was used as a material for the Link Summon of "Decode Talker" while it was Extra Linked, the effect of "Zero Extra Link" activates, increasing the ATK of "Decode Talker" by the ATK gained by "Transcode Talker" ("Decode Talker": 2800 → 9200 ATK). "Decode Talker" attacks and destroys "Borreload Dragon" (Varis: 2700 → 0 LP).

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.

In other languages[edit]

Language Title
Germany German Die Zukunft ausmalender Circuit
Italy Italian Verso il Futuro
Brazil Portuguese O Circuito que Desenha o Futuro
Mexico Spanish El circuito que dibuja el futuro


  • This is the first episode in the franchise to depict LP being rounded up if it would drop to a decimal number, when Playmaker pays half his 25 LP to activate the second effect of "Transaction Rollback", rounding it up to 13.