Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS - Episode 047

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Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS - Episode 047
Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS - Episode 047



Kaettekita Pureimēkā

Japanese translation

Playmaker Returns



Episode number


Japanese air date

April 11, 2018

English air date

September 8, 2019

Japanese opening

go forward

Japanese ending



Shin Yoshida


Ryuta Yamamoto


Katsuya Asano

Animation director

Gill Bo No

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"LINK VRAINS 2.0", known as "Playmaker Returns" in the Japanese version, is the forty-seventh episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime, and the first episode of the second season. It first aired in Japan on April 11, 2018, and aired in Canada on September 8, 2019.

Peace has returned thanks to Playmaker's efforts. However, LINK VRAINS still suffered heavy damage due to Hanoi's plan. Thus, SOL Technologies rebuilds it into a new LINK VRAINS. The newly rebuilt Dueling platform has brought a lot of excitement to many. However, in the new LINK VRAINS, Playmaker is a wanted man, and has a bounty on his head...


Ai lands in the devastated Cyberse.

Ai flies through the network, humming happily to himself. Eventually he finds a distortion in the grid below him, and he happily cries that these are the coordinates. Excited to see his homeworld after five years, he releases the Cyberse from within his eye, and the green sphere expands before him as he cheers that it's there. He unlocks the Cyberse and tells everyone to wait for him, flying into the sphere (in the dub, Ai is relieved to find it safe where he left it and tells the others that their hero is home).

But as he flies through rust-red clouds, he pierces them to find, to his utter shock, a massive hole in a barren wasteland in place of the vibrant world he left behind.

Ai is reunited with Linkuriboh.

Craters dot the landscape, and the towers of the Ignis are in ruins. Other than the shattered six towers, everything else is grey and lifeless. Ai hesitantly lands in the middle of the destroyed Cyberse, and asks in horror if this is a joke before taking off on a run into the city, wondering if everyone is okay (in the dub, he repeatedly swears "Glitch!"). He calls out for them; it's him, Ai, but then remembers that they don't know him by that name. He continues calling for the other Ignis, but receives no response. He weeps that no-one is here and wonders what happened (in the dub, Ai initially hopes he's being pranked, and wonders what's going on as he thought he saved everyone). Then he hears a noise from a nearby corner, and he wonders if someone is there. He walks around the corner and peeks into a well to see a round blue creature looking up at him with swimming eyes - "Linkuriboh". "Linkuriboh" warbles, and Ai whispers its name with tears in his eyes (in the dub, he calls him "Linky"). He reaches out to hug his friend, and "Linkuriboh" squirms out of its hiding places and tackles Ai, who hugs it as he tearfully states that he's glad it's okay. He gets up, asking where everyone is, and what happened to the Cyberse, but receives no answer other than "Linkuriboh's" "kurikurilink" sounds. Tears in his eyes, Ai falls to his knees and slams his fist into the ground, bemoaning that if all "Linkuriboh" says is "kurikurilink", he can't understand it (in the dub, he screams that all this time, he thought he was protecting the Cyberse, but he was protecting nothing, and this is all his fault).

Skye talks with Yusaku at Café Nom.

Roboppi cleans Yusaku's house, noting that it's been three months since Ai left and wonders where he went, leaving it behind (in the dub, it wonders why Ai taught Roboppi to feel if he was going to abandon it). In the plaza, Yusaku is manning Café Nom with a determined look on his face, but Skye jokingly tells him that he's scare the customers away if he looks angry. Yusaku repeats her name, and Skye tells him that she just passed by here by chance. She asks Yusaku if he has a part-time job here, and Yusaku returns to turning the hotdogs, explaining that he knows the owner, so he put him in charge while he's away (in the dub, they instead discuss Yusaku's cooking skills). Skye muses that she sees, and eventually works up the courage to thank Yusaku for finding her while she was unconscious, as she had never done so previously. Yusaku reassures her that it's fine and that anyone would have done the same (in the dub, he claims that it was nothing special, and then stammers that he didn't mean she isn't special). She asks if she can have a hotdog and coffee, and Yusaku reassures her that she doesn't have to order. Skye is surprised, and she looks at a poster depicting a Blue Angel event, admitting that she's not sure if she should say this, but she doesn't think he'll get customers today.

Blue Angel tells the spectators to enjoy the new LINK VRAINS.

Naoki Shima has the same poster in his room, in addition to other posters of Playmaker, Blue Angel, The Gore, and even some fanart of himself as The Brave Battler. His physical Deck lies on the floor, and he tells his mother not to even think of entering his room (in the dub, she asks him if he's taken out the trash; Shima claims to be "studying"). He sits on his bed, and logs into LINK VRAINS. The Brave Battler appears in a flashy new street with multiple white and blue skyscrapers dotting the purple sky as fireworks explode above them, and he cheers that he's in the new LINK VRAINS. He walks down the street, excited by all the people and events around, spotting a card shop and an item shop, and even a Duel Board shop selling various models used by Playmaker and Blue Angel. He notes that there's lots of different stores (in the dub, he comments that the Tower of Hanoi might not have been so bad). He comes to a crowd and wonders what's going on, and stands on his toes to see lightning strike the stage as Blue Angel logs in. He cheers her name, and Blue Angel asks if everyone is enjoying the new LINK VRAINS, commenting that there's lots of events on today. The Brave Battler cheers that he'll have fun too. Up above the crowd, Frog and Pigeon are watching the events, and Pigeon tells his boss that the new LINK VRAINS is a big success. Frog agrees, remarking that it was a complete reboot since it was badly destroyed. Pigeon asks if this means it's all thanks to the fight with the Knights of Hanoi, and Frog tells him not to be stupid since they almost lost their lives. Pigeon apologizes, but Frog points out that today is a day of celebration, so he'll let it go. Pigeon notes that there's lots of Duels going on in the Event Area, but the most popular way to Duel is -

Playmaker has a bounty on his head.

A girl tells them to get out of the way, and Frog desperately tells Pigeon to look ahead of himself. The girl, riding a Duel Board over a Data Storm, barely misses the two reporters, sending them spinning, and Pigeon finishes his sentence; the most popular way to Duel is Speed Dueling. In the new LINK VRAINS, the ban on Speed Duels has been lifted. Frog agrees, stating that the upgraded Duel Boards are easier to control, and the course boundaries have emergency restoration functions, so it's safer. As he explains this, a Speed Duelist rounds a corner and falls over the edge, his Avatar and Duel Board vanishing in a ripple of blue data, and then they materialize safely back on the straight and Frog comments that they don't need to play in secret anymore. Up above them, Ghost Gal stands on a nearby skyscraper, now wearing a brighter outfit that doesn't hide her face and she comments that this looks like a fun city and there must be new treasures here. But what's most surprising is that the number one, Playmaker, has a bounty on his head (in the dub, she expresses disapproval). A hologram of Playmaker rotates in the sky, declaring that there is a 500,000 bounty on him.

Zaizen talks with Queen.

Akira Zaizen stands by a pool where his superior, Queen, is lounging in swimwear. He asks her why they have to search for Playmaker (in the dub he reminds her that Playmaker saved them), and she observes that he's been quite bold since he was reinstated as Chief of Security. She notes that his former staff were reassigned and asks if he thinks he's free to do what he likes (in the dub, she reminds him that he can always be demoted again). Zaizen scowls, and Queen explains that the Knights of Hanoi have been destroyed and the Cyberse has been found, but the Ignis weren't there, so it's only natural to recapture the Ignis from Playmaker. Zaizen begins to protest, but Queen states that if the Ignis aren't found, their company's operations won't improve. She gets up from her lounger, telling Zaizen that she's putting him in charge of the bounty hunter team. Zaizen asks "bounty hunter?" and Queen walks up to him, stating that it's a special search team to capture Playmaker and the Ignis. She lowers her glasses and tells him to use them to capture Playmaker and the Ignis using whatever it takes; if he can't, he'll wind up like his former staff. She walks away, and the hologram of her deck area fades away, leaving Zaizen alone and shaken in his office. He grits his teeth angrily.

Hayami arrives with Gore and his team.

Later, Hayami walks in, stating that Mr. Gore's team have arrived. She politely asks them to enter, and Gore walks in, his hair untidy and his wrestler's gear replaced by green armor with SOL Technologies' logo on the chest, and a man with a pink afro and a shorter man with spiky brown hair follow him, wearing similar garb. They approach Zaizen's desk, and he stands up and thanks Gore for coming, holding out his hand. Gore does not take it, musing that he never thought Akira Zaizen would be his boss. Zaizen withdraws his hand, stating that he can say the same; he never thought he'd accept being SOL Technology's bounty hunter. Gore states that everyone has their own reasons, and asks Zaizen not to invade his privacy even if he's his boss. Zaizen frowns and cross his arms, and Gore states that he'd heard that there was one more bounty hunter and he asks where he is (in the dub, he just tells them to keep it simple and point him at his target). Hayami states that he hasn't arrived yet (in the dub, Hayami tells them about the final hunter), and Gore wonders in intrigue what Duelist would dare keep him waiting. Zaizen states that he's a pro among pros, and is dangerous, for he hunts his prey without mercy (in the dub, he advises Gore to make an exception, as this hunter is someone whose bad side Gore doesn't want to be on).

The Brave Battler heads up an escalator, gushing that Blue Angel was seriously great and vows that he'll definitely go to next week's event too. He gets off the escalator, impressed by the size of the Central Station. As he walks forwards he accidentally bumps into Ghost Gal, and he apologizes for knocking into her, but upon seeing her, he becomes instantly smitten and politely tells her to go on ahead. Ghost Gal smiles and thanks him, and asks who he is. The Brave Battler introduces himself, and Ghost Gal calls it a strong sounding name. The Brave Battler thanks her, claiming that he's Playmaker's best friend. Ghost Gal is surprised by that claim, and whispers behind her hand that he shouldn't say that as there's a reward for capturing Playmaker and bounty hunters will arrive. The Brave Battler grins, claiming that he'll beat them away. Ghost Gal calls him so dependable and wishes him luck as she walks away. The Brave Battler blushes, stating that Ghost Gal is beautiful, though maybe not in real life, but then he decides that since she liked his account name, it definitely means that she's beautiful (in the dub, he gushes over her calling him "hun" twice, as only his mother has done that). He declares that a wonderful encounter must he ahead, and he enters Central Station. He gasps that it has a lot of info, and hears that tomorrow's event will have double points for Speed Duels. Two other people decide to collect cards today in that case, and The Brave Battler proclaims that this is the best place to learn LINK VRAINS' current state.

The bounty hunter grabs one of the penguin brothers.

Then he hears a commotion; over at a nearby café, two penguin Avatars are harassing people and slapping at them, claiming that this is their spot. The group of people flee, but a masked man in purple with a cowboy hat remains seated. The purple penguin tells his brother that it's a nice spot, and The Brave Battler mutters in disgust that there's people like that everywhere (in the dub, he comments he thought they'd be chill since they live on ice). As the blue penguin hogs the table, the purple penguin punches the man in purple, telling him to move as well. When the man doesn't budge, the purple penguin calls for his brother, protesting that this guy isn't moving. The blue penguin slides in, telling his brother to leave it to him, and the purple penguin boasts that the rules that prevent violence in LINK VRAINS don't apply to them. The blue penguin holds up a flipper crackling with electricity, claiming that they modded themselves using illegal programs, and tells the man to take his "Penguin Punch", but the masked figure suddenly extends his mechanical arm and grabs the blue penguin by the head, standing up and lifting him into the air. The blue penguin screams at him to let him go, but the masked man simply comments that he can also kill players (in the dub, he simply states that he doesn't play by the rules either). Electricity shocks the blue penguin, who kicks and writhes before his Avatar goes limp and vanishes in a fizz of red data. The purple penguin screams for his brother, and another patron gasps in horror that he disappeared and another cries that the man is a bounty hunter (in the dub, it's confirmed that the blue penguin's account was only deleted). The purple penguin flees in terror from the bounty hunter, screaming that he'll regret this (in the dub, he cries that he's sorry).

The Brave Battler nervously wonders if the bounty hunter came here to find him. Ghost Gal then approaches, telling Shepherd that he hasn't changed. The bounty hunter, Shepherd, states Ghost Gal's name, and she comments that she heard that SOL Technologies hired him as a bounty hunter. Shepherd asks if they didn't call her too, and Ghost Gal states that she doesn't intend to accept since she owes Playmaker. Shepherd scoffs that she's too soft as usual, and Ghost Gal retorts that unlike him she doesn't make all her decisions based on money. Shepherd replies that's what makes him a pro, and he warns Ghost Gal not to get in his way, as he won't show mercy even for her (in the dub, Shepherd accuses her of not being offered enough money, and Ghost Gal retorts that they'd have to offer her a lot more to hunt Playmaker. Shepherd replies that they don't for him, as he never turns down a challenge and Playmaker won't escape him).

A strange glowing figure menaces Jin.

At a hospital by the lakeside, Jin Kolter is led to the fence to look out over the water by a nurse. Kal Kolter watches with the doctor, smiling as the doctor states that recently Jin has been going outside more, stating that his condition has been improving since his big brother has been visiting him. Kolter states that it's because the incident that threatened him has ended, and the doctor admits that this may have calmed Jin. Later, Kolter and Jin sit inside, and Kolter states that he wants to talk with Jin about something, to Jin's surprise. Kolter explains that he has a small hot dog stand in Den City as the television behind him flicks on. He asks if Jin would like to live with him there. Jin gasps and flinches away - unseen by Kolter, who is explaining that he just wants to be with his brother, a glowing figure reaches out of the television. The glowing figure starts crawling out of the television, and Jin recoils in fear. Kolter calls his brother's name and then looks beside him to see the glowing figure, now standing fully in the room. Kolter collapses in shock and he asks who the glowing figure is, but the figure ignores him and strides towards the terrified Jin. Kolter begs him to stay away from Jin, but his hand passes through the figure when he tries to grab it, much to his shock. The glowing figure puts its hands on Jin's shoulders and a purple hole opens up in its head. Jin tries to look away, but four purple tornadoes resembling Data Storms emerge from the figure's mouth and enter Jin's, causing him to scream and writhe in agony. Kolter yells at the figure to stop, tackling Jin aside, and the tornadoes retreat into the figure's mouth. Kolter shakes his brother's motionless body, calling his name, but there's no response, and he turns to see the glowing figure returning to the television. He holds Jin close and tearfully asks what happened.

Yusaku prepares to log into LINK VRAINS.

Yusaku answers his phone as Kolter calls him, telling him that the store's fine (he specifies that he hasn't burnt it down in the dub), but reacts in shock when told what just happened (in the dub, Kolter's audio is conveyed, telling Yusaku that Jin was attacked). As the figure disappears into a view of LINK VRAINS on the television, Kolter tells Yusaku that the attacker escaped into LINK VRAINS and begs him to capture him. Without even taking off his apron, Yusaku sets his Deck into his Duel Disk and links into the VRAINS. Playmaker logs in, observing the massive pyramid-like towers constructs that make up the new LINK VRAINS, and a new Duel Board comes rushing towards him. Playmaker lands deftly on it, noting that it's the new Duel Board from Kolter. He surfs past several Speed Duelists, wondering where the figure that Kolter mentioned is (in the dub, Kolter stays in contact with him, describing the glowing figure and sending Playmaker the Duel Board himself, Playmaker noting its speed and maneuverability, which will help given that LINK VRAINS has become more crowded since his last visit). Two of the Duelists recognize Playmaker, and another tells them to let everyone know. The Brave Battler gets a notification saying "Playmaker", and he cheers in excitement that Playmaker has arrived. Ghost Gal gets the notification too, and she looks up to see Playmaker wheeling through the sky above her. She wonders why Playmaker is here (in the dub she notes he picked the wrong time for a comeback). Blue Angel also spots him from a balcony as she sits with a drink. Playmaker keeps searching for the figure, asking where he is under his breath.

Much to Playmaker's shock, Ai has returned to him.

The Shepherd flies up behind Playmaker, commenting that he's found him. Playmaker flies past the picture of himself with the bounty declared, and wheels through the sky to try to shake off Shepherd, but Shepherd keeps pace with him. Shepherd warns Playmaker that there's a bounty on his head (in the dub, he also notes that he doesn't know why SOL Tech wants Playmaker, nor does he care, and Playmaker explains), and Playmaker replies that he no longer has an Ignis, so Shepherd doesn't need to chase him. "Then what's that?" Shepherd asks, and Playmaker looks in shock at his Duel Disk - Ai's head is sheepishly poking from the screen, and he apologizes to Playmaker as he and "Linkuriboh" pop out, telling him that he came back (in the dub, he obliviously declares "What up meatbag?!"). Playmaker asks in shock what Ai is doing here. Ai states that he'll give a brief explanation and begins to explain, but Playmaker tells him to save it for later. Ai yelps that these feeling are coming back, but Playmaker isn't paying attention - he's just spotted the glowing figure riding a Duel Board of its own. Ai asks who the figure is, and Playmaker states that he stole Kolter's brother's consciousness data (in the dub, he doesn't tell him his yet). Ai is surprised that things are crazy here too, and Playmaker muses that he has to get rid of Shepherd before going after the figure. Ai suggests that he show Playmaker something, claiming that he's also updated. He releases a Data Storm, which knocks Shepherd off his Duel Board, and as he gasps "What?!" his A.I. tells him that he's in danger and logs him out. Ai cheers that now's their chance.

Playmaker zooms after the glowing figure, and Ai asks what he'll do. Playmaker states that he'll challenge the figure to a Duel, since in the new LINK VRAINS' Duel rules, winners can make trades (in the dub, this is when Playmaker tells Ai about Jin). If he defeats the figure in a Duel, he can get Jin's data. Ai comments that he's right, and the glowing figure looks back towards Playmaker. A voice tells the figure to defeat Playmaker, and he replies "Understood". He turns and holds out his arm in a challenge, and Playmaker comments that it looks like the figure wants to Duel too. Ai chuckles, and he states that he brought a gift too; he found it in his homeworld, and he tells Playmaker to put it in his Deck, gesturing towards "Linkuriboh". They sink into his Duel Disk, and Playmaker muses that he sees, adding "Linkuriboh" to his Deck and commenting that it's not a bad card. "Right?" Ai asks. Playmaker accelerates forwards, and he and the glowing figure (listed as "Unknown" on the versus splash) both call "Speed Duel!" Behind them, Pigeon tells Frog that Playmaker has returned to LINK VRAINS after three months, and Frog cries that he smells a big scoop, telling Pigeon to get after them no matter what. Pigeon flies after them, responding "Okay!" but behind them further, a blonde-haired boy watches from his own Duel Board.

"Linkuriboh" attacks the glowing figure.

The glowing figure takes the first turn, Setting a card and ending his turn. Playmaker declares his turn and draws, then sends a Cyberse monster from his hand to the Graveyard to Special Summon "Defcon Bird". Then via its own effect, he Special Summons the "Dotscaper" that he sent to the Graveyard. He chants "Appear! The circuit that leads to the future!" and explains that the Summoning condition is one Level 1 monster, setting "Dotscaper" to Link Summon the Link-1 "Linkuriboh". Ai cheers his friend on, wishing him luck, and "Linkuriboh" turns around and waddles happily. Playmaker then Summons "Cyberse Wizard" and chants "Appear! The circuit that leads to the future!" again. This time the Summoning conditions are two Level 3 or higher Cyberse monsters, and he sets "Defcon Bird" and "Cyberse Wizard" to Link Summon the Link-2 "Elphase". He explains that "Elphase" gains 300 ATK for every monster it points to, and "Elphase" rises to 2300 ATK. Declaring battle, Playmaker orders "Linkuriboh" to attack the glowing figure directly, and "Linkuriboh" headbutts the figure, reducing him to 3700 LP. Then "Elphase" attacks directly as well, conjuring a boomerang of glowing green energy and kicking it at the figure, reducing him to 1400 LP. Ai wonders if the figure really wants to fight and if this will be an easy win, and Playmaker ends his turn (in the dub, Playmaker comments that Ai's still underestimating his opponents).

The glowing figure Summons a Cyberse monster.

The glowing figure declares its turn and draws, then Summons "Hydradrive Booster". As the monster flies onto the field, both Ai and Playmaker sense something. Ai asks what this is, and wonders if it's from their opponent. But Playmaker states that it isn't - that monster is a Cyberse monster. Ai states that it might have something to do with the Cyberse's destruction, and Playmaker is shocked to learn that the Cyberse was destroyed. Ai tells him that they'll talk specifics later, for now they can't let their opponent escape no matter what. Playmaker states that Ai doesn't need to tell him, and the glowing figure activates the Continuous Trap Card "Hydradrive Generator", allowing him to Special Summon a "Hydradrive Token". Then he chants "Appear! The circuit that guides my path!" ("I generate my circuit," in the dub) declaring that the Summoning condition is one "Hydradrive" monster and setting "Hydradrive Booster" to Link Summon the Link-1 "Flow Hydradrive". Then he activates the Field Spell Card "Castle Link", which once per turn will allow him to move a Link Monster to the Main Monster Zone that it points to. "Flow Hydradrive" moves to the zone directly below it, and Ai wonders what the glowing figure will do my moving his monster's position. He gets his answer when the glowing figure activates its Skill, "Marker's Portal", which can be activated once per Duel when its LP are lower than his original total. Up above them, the blonde boy notes that the glowing figure only needed to take a little bit of damage to activate his Skill and he calls his Dueling crude.

The glowing figure activates a Link Spell Card - "Judgment Arrows".

The glowing figure declares that his Skill allows him to activate a Link Spell Card from his Deck. Playmaker gasps "Link Spell?" and Ai muses that he's never heard of it. The blonde boy watches with a sneer as the glowing figure explains that the card activate by his Skill can't be negated, nor destroyed by card effects. He activates the Link Spell Card "Judgment Arrows", explaining that only one Link Spell can be on his field, and it can only be activated in a Spell & Trap Zone that a Link Monster points to. Then he chants again, "Appear! The circuit that guides my path!" and Link Summons another "Flow Hydradrive" using his Token. Ai asks in shock what's going on, protesting that the glowing figure Summoned the new monster to a zone that didn't have a Link Arrow pointing to it. But Playmaker reminds him that there is a Link Arrow pointing there - the Link Spell Card's Link Arrow. Ai reacts in shock, having though that it was just decoration. The glowing figure Sets a card, then declares battle and explains that the effect of "Flow Hydradrive" allows it to attack Playmaker directly when he controls a WIND monster. "Elphase" is WIND, so "Flow Hydradrive" attacks Playmaker directly, generating a concentrated ball of winds at its chest. Then the glowing figure declares that the effect of the Link Spell "Judgment Arrows" will double the ATK of the Link Monsters it points to when they battle. "Flow Hydradrive" releases the ball of wind as its ATK rises to 2000, and Playmaker is blasted backwards, spinning through the air as his LP falls to 2000. Then the glowing figure attacks Playmaker directly with the other "Flow Hydradrive", and Ai screams that this is bad; they're in a huge pinch (in the dub he yelps that he's going to get glitched already). Playmaker braces himself as the winds approach him...

Featured Duel: Playmaker vs. Unknown[edit]

Playmaker VS Unknown.png

The Duel is conducted as a Speed Duel.

Turn 1: Unknown
Unknown Sets a card.

Turn 2: Playmaker
Playmaker activates the effect of "Defcon Bird" in his hand, sending a Cyberse monster from his hand to the GY to Special Summon it (100/1700) in Defense Position. He sends "Dotscaper". As "Dotscaper" was sent to the GY, Playmaker activates its effect to Special Summon it (0/2100). Playmaker uses "Dotscaper" to Link Summon "Linkuriboh" (300/↓) to the Extra Monster Zone. Playmaker Normal Summons "Cyberse Wizard" (1800/800). Playmaker uses "Defcon Bird" and "Cyberse Wizard" to Link Summon "Elphase" (2000/↑→) to the zone the bottom-center Link Arrow of "Linkuriboh" points to. "Elphase" gains 300 ATK for each monster it points to ("Elphase": 2000 → 2300 ATK). "Linkuriboh" and "Elphase" attack Unknown directly (Unknown: 4000 → 3700 → 1400 LP).

Turn 3: Unknown
Unknown Normal Summons "Hydradrive Booster" (0/0). As a monster was Normal or Special Summoned to his field while his LP is lower than Playmaker's, Unknown activates his face-down Continuous Trap Card "Hydradrive Generator" to Special Summon a "Hydradrive Token" (0/0). Unknown uses "Hydradrive Booster" to Link Summon "Flow Hydradrive" (1000/↓) to the Extra Monster Zone. Unknown activates the Field Spell Card "Castle Link". Once per turn, he can move a Link Monster to a Main Monster Zone it points to on its controller's field or switch the locations of two Link Monsters in either player's Main Monster Zones. He activates the first effect to move "Flow Hydradrive" from the Extra Monster Zone to the zone its bottom-center Link Arrow pointed to. As his LP is 4000 or lower, Unknown activates his Skill "Marker's Portal", to activate a Link Spell Card from his Deck. That Link Spell Card cannot be negated or destroyed by Playmaker's card effects. He activates "Judgment Arrows" (↖↑↗) at the Spell & Trap Zone the bottom-center Link Arrow of "Flow Hydradrive" points to. Unknown uses the "Hydradrive Token" to Link Summon another copy of "Flow Hydradrive" (1000/↓) to the zone the top-right Link Arrow of "Judgment Arrows" points to. Unknown Sets a card.

As Playmaker controls a WIND monster, "Flow Hydradrive" can attack directly. "Elphase" is WIND, so "Flow Hydradrive" attacks Playmaker directly. As a Link Monster it points to battled, the effect of "Judgment Arrows" doubles its ATK during damage calculation ("Flow Hydradrive": 1000 → 2000 ATK). The attack continues (Playmaker: 4000 → 2000 LP). The second "Flow Hydradrive" attacks Playmaker directly.

Duel continues in the next episode.

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.

Yusaku Fujiki/Playmaker
Naoki Shima
Card shop

In other languages[edit]

Language Title
Germany German Playmaker ist zurückgekehrt
Brazil Portuguese O Playmaker Voltou
Mexico Spanish El regreso de Playmaker


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