Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS - Episode 049

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"Bring the Heat"
Soulburner performs a "Burning Draw".
Soulburner performs a "Burning Draw".
EnglishBring the Heat
Japanese name
RōmajiHonō o Matoishi Dyuerisuto
TranslatedDuelist Clad in Flames
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS
Japanese OP"go forward"
Japanese ED"BOY"
English OP & ED"Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS Main Theme"
ScreenplayMasaki Tachihara
DirectorMasahiro Takada
StoryboardKatsumi Ono
Animation directorYuko Ebara
Air dates
JapaneseApril 25, 2018
EnglishSeptember 22, 2019
Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS episodes (season 2)
Previous"Shed Some Light"
Next"A Common Cause"

"Bring the Heat", known as "Duelist Clad in Flames" in the Japanese version, is the forty-ninth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. It first aired in Japan on April 25, 2018, and aired in Canada on September 22, 2019.

As Playmaker chases after Bohman, the Duelist who stole Jin's consciousness, two Duelists appear before him and block his path. However, a mysterious Duelist called Soulburner then shows up to help Playmaker. And what's more... Soulburner also has an Ignis in his Duel Disk!


Bit and Boot combine into one Avatar - BitBoot.

Bit, Boot, and Soulburner all fly across the skies of LINK VRAINS on their Duel Boards. At SOL Technologies, one of Zaizen's staff begins to ask if Flame is an Ignis, and Zaizen confirms that there's no doubt that it's an Ignis. Down in the streets of LINK VRAINS, one man yells that they're coming, and Soulburner, Bit, and Boot all swoop over the crowd. Ghost Gal watches from a nearby rooftop, musing on the Duelist with an Ignis, and Blue Angel looks after them as they go past, wondering who Soulburner is (in the dub, Ghost Gal simply notes that it's something you don't see every day; Blue Angel is the one to comment on another Ignis). Soulburner tells Bit and Boot to bring it on; he'll face them both simultaneously. Flame tells them to prepare themselves - Soulburner never shows mercy and will shut them down. Soulburner protests that he didn't go that far, and Flame seems surprised. Soulburner tells Flame to stop saying whatever he wants and asks him if he's really an A.I. Flame replies that of course he is; he's an A.I. created to be Soulburner's partner. It's been ten years since he was given life, and his name in kanji means "indomitable soul dream", but is pronounced "Flame". It's cool, isn't it? Soulburner deadpans that he's heard that explanation 10,000 times, but Flame replies that it's only been 37. (In the dub, Flame instead tells Soulburner that two-on-one is against the rules, and Soulburner asks if he's worried he'll lose. Flame replies that of course he isn't; Soulburner has him, Flame. F.L.A.M.E; F for ferocious, L for Leader, A for Awesome, M for Magnificent and E for Elucidating. Soulburner just suggests they go kick some tail and Flame agrees - what's taking Soulburner so long?) Bit declares that the FIRE Ignis has shown itself, and Boot comments that it saved them the effort of finding it, and Bit states that their plans have changed; they will retrieve that FIRE Ignis. Boot agrees and suggests that they use their special strategy. (In the dub, they decide that they were only told to retrieve an Ignis, and not specifically Playmaker's, so they target Soulburner's.) They face one another and declare "Combining sequence...activate!" ("Initiate combinatrix!" in the dub) and then leap off their Duel Boards and over Soulburner's head, much to his shock. Boot's left side turns into green data and Bit's right side into red data, and they overlap with one another, connected by squares of red and green data. Their Duel Boards combine as well, and Boot declares "Combination complete". Bit introduces himself as Bit, and Boot as Boot, and they declare that combined, they are BitBoot - they have combined into a single Avatar. Soulburner calls their combination unbelievable, and Flame comments that this is good for Soulburner, since it seems like it'll be a fun Duel (in the dub, Soulburner just rolls with it, and Flame notes that now it's technically one-on-one and thus within the rules).

Pigeon is shocked to see that Bit and Boot combined, but Frog tells him to never mind that; that FIRE Duelist smells like a scoop and he orders Pigeon after them. Pigeon complies, as Soulburner and BitBoot both call "Speed Duel!" Boot declares that they'll go first, and Bit Summons "D-Scale Sabre Sardine" and then Boot activates its effect, paying 500 LP to Special Summon a "D-Scale Token". Then they chant "Appear! Our circuit!" (We can break our circuit!" in the dub) and explain that the Summoning conditions are two "D-Scale" monsters - revealing that their monsters are Cyberse-Type. Boot sets the "D-Scale Token" and "Sabre Sardine" in the Link Arrows, and they Link Summon the Link-2 "D-Scale Battle Coela". Soulburner wonders what they will do now, and Boot activates the Equip Spell Card "D-Scale Torpedo", and they equip it to "Battle Coela". Boot then activates the effect of "D-Scale Battle Coela", once per turn it can move to the Main Monster Zone that it points to.

Bit also activates "Judgment Arrows".

Then Bit activates his Skill, "Marker's Portal", and the lines on their suit and the stars on the side of their head glow yellow. Bit explains that once per Duel, when their LP are equal to or lower than their original LP, they can activate a Link Spell Card from their Deck. He chants "Three arrows, shine! Fire at the enemy who blocks our way! The Link Spell, Judgment Arrows!" ("Please now focus your occulants and gaze upon the Link Spell, Judgment Arrows!" in the dub.) Boot explains that when the Link Monster that "Judgment Arrows" points to battles, its ATK are doubled, but if "Judgment Arrows" leaves the field, all monsters it points to are destroyed. Soulburner gasps that they have a Skill that activates a Link Spell Card straight from their Deck, and Flame muses that they also use "Judgment Arrows". Soulburner reminds him that Playmaker's opponent also used that card, and Flame adds that so did the enemy who destroyed his homeland, in addition to their Cyberse monsters. He declares that he'll never forgive them (in the dub, he states that it's info they must acquire). Soulburner suggests that they may be able to get info out of them if they defeat them. Bit then activates the effect of "Battle Coela", once per turn if can move to the zone of a card that it is linked to. "Battle Coela" moves next to another zone that "Judgment Arrows" points to, and Flame muses that they moved it again. Bit tells Soulburner to quake in fear (in the dub, he states that every move they make serves a purpose), and Boot declares that they'll show him a wondrous combo. Bit activates the effect of "D-Scale Battle Torpedo", for every time the equipped monster moved Zones this turn, Soulburner will take 800 damage. As "Battle Torpedo" opens its tubes, Soulburner is shocked at the idea of a card that can change movement into damage (in the dub, Soulburner adds that now he knows why people had moving, and the ever pun-appreciating Flame praises his joke. Flame warns Soulburner that it's coming, and Bit states that "Battle Coela" moved twice, therefore Soulburner takes 1600 damage. "Battle Coela" fires two fish-shaped torpedoes that explode next to Soulburner as he tries to wheel out of the way, and his Avatar fizzles as he falls to 2400 LP. Bit laughs, declaring that "Battle Coela", "Torpedo" and "Judgment Arrows" form the mightiest combo. Boot declares that they named it "Voyage to Hell", and Bit tells Soulburner that he will quake in fear every time "Battle Coela" moves (in the dub, they declare that it will pound Soulburner until there's nothing left, except his Ignis, which they will possess). They end their turn, and Soulburner notes that they managed to deal a lot of damage despite not battling on the first turn. Flame emerges from Soulburner's Duel Disk, noting that it really is a voyage to hell (in the dub, Soulburner admits that he doesn't know how many times he can take a pounding like that; Flame informs him that it's thrice more). He warns Soulburner that this is bad; if BitBoot move their monster three more times they'll lose.

Soulburner Link Summons his ace monster - "Salamangreat Heatleo".

Soulburner states that he'll break that combo first, and he declares his turn and draws. He's drawn "Cybersal Cyclone" and he adds it to his hand, containing "Energy of Fire", "Salamangreat Falco", "Salamangreat Foxy" and "Salamangreat Meer". He Sets a card, then activates the effect of "Salamangreat Meer" from his hand, discarding another "Salamangreat" monster to Special Summon it. He discards "Salamangreat Foxy", and "Meer" appears and ignites flames from its back. The effect of the "Salamangreat Foxy" that Soulburner just discarded then activates; since his opponent controls a face-up Spell or Trap Card, he can discard a "Salamangreat" monster to Special Summon it, and then destroy a face-up Spell or Trap on the field. He declares that he's destroying "Judgment Arrows", and "Foxy" lowers its head and blasts a gout of flames at the card from its tail. Bit comments that it's quite an interesting card, and Boot states that it's worthless. Bit explains that since he used his Skill, "Marker's Portal", to activate "Judgment Arrows", it can't be destroyed by Soulburner's card effects. The flames hit harmlessly, and Soulburner asks if they're serious. Flame tells Soulburner not to give up, but to sink his teeth in and open a path. Soulburner tells him to be quiet, protesting that he was just a bit surprised and reminding Flame that he still has options (in the dub, Flame points out that of course they're serious; why wouldn't they be? Soulburner tells Flame to remind him to teach him about being rhetorical). He activates the effect of "Salamangreat Falco" from his Graveyard, returning a "Salamangreat" monster he controls to his hand to Special Summon it. Then, since "Meer" was added to his hand other than by his normal draw, Soulburner Special Summons it again. Flame gets (literally) fired up, proclaiming that now that he has three monsters, he'll give it his all, and he'll Link Summon. He tells Soulburner to do it, and Soulburner asks if this is where he comes in. He chants "Appear! The circuit that changes the future!" ("I blaze the circuit that scorches the path to the future!" in the dub) and releases a blast of flames from his hand to conjure his Circuit. He explains that the Summoning conditions are at least two FIRE Effect Monsters, revealing that his monsters are Cyberse monsters as well, and he sets "Salamangreat Falco", "Foxer", and "Meer" in the Link Arrows to Link Summon the Link-3 "Salamangreat Heatleo", which emerges from the Circuit in a fountain of flames with 2300 ATK. There it is, Bit comments, and Boot adds that this must be Soulburner's ace monster (in the dub, they simply claim its ATK is too low, and Soulburner warns them that ATK aren't everything).

"Salamangreat Heatleo" activates its effect.

Soulburner activates the effect of "Salamangreat Heatleo" as it was Link Summoned, returning a card in BitBoot's Spell & Trap Zone to their Deck. He can't destroy it, but this will get rid of it. "Heatleo" breathes a spurt of fire with "Resounding Roar" that evaporates "Judgment Arrows" into pink dust that vanishes into BitBoot's Duel Disk. BitBoot grunt, and they admit that since "Judgment Arrows" left the field... Soulburner finishes that their monsters that it points to are destroyed. "Battle Coela" is destroyed, and Flame observes that BitBoot's field is empty and he tells Soulburner to go. Soulburner declares battle, and "Salamangreat Heatleo" attacks BitBoot directly, landing a flaming blow. BitBoot screams as their LP falls to 1200. Soulburner cheers and ends his turn. Frog excitedly claims that the FIRE Duelist has what it takes to be LINK VRAINS' newest hero. Pigeon cries that he smells a scoop and a bonus, and Frog suggests that the sink their teeth into this (in the dub, Frog claims that it's the hottest Dueling he's seen since Playmaker Dueled Varis, and Pigeon eagerly wonders how much an exclusive interview is worth). In Zaizen's office, Hayami examines the cards that Soulburner and BitBoot have both used, and she tells Zaizen that the cards they've used in this Duel aren't in their database. Zaizen realizes that the cards are Cyberse cards, and he wonders if Soulburner was involved in the Lost Incident (in the dub, he's certain that Soulburner was a victim).

The newly Link Summoned "D-Scale Fullmetal Dunkle" is so large that it demolishes nearby buildings.

Bit tells Soulburner that he hasn't done badly, but their specialty begins now. Boot declares that they will pummel him into hell (in the dub, they are talking to one another, not Soulburner), and Bit declares their turn and draws. They grin at the sight of "D-Scale Piercing Saury", which they immediately Summon. They discard another "Sabre Sardine" from their hand to activate the effect of "Piercing Saury", Special Summoning a "D-Scale" monster from their Graveyard with its ATK halved. "Battle Coela" revives, and Boot tells Soulburner to quake in fear, while Bit tells him to observe the true power of their combination. Boot activates his Skill, "Marker's Portal", and they glow yellow again. Soulburner gasps "What?!" in shock, and Boot chants "Three arrows, shine! Again I activate the Link Spell, Judgment Arrows!" Soulburner asks in shock how they can use a Skill twice, and Flame protests that a Skill can only be used once during a Speed Duel. Boot replies that they're correct; Bit used the Skill last time, and Bit explains that Boot used his Skill this time. Soulburner protests that that's cheating, but BitBoot ignores him and once again they chant "Appear! Our circuit!" Once again, the Summoning conditions are at least two "D-Scales", and they set "D-Scale Piercing Saury" and the Link-2 "Battle Coela" in the Link Arrows, Link Summoning the Link-3 "D-Scale Fullmetal Dunkle". Although it only has 2400 ATK, it's so big that its fins tear into the surrounding buildings, and Flame gasps that it's unbelievably huge. Soulburner gasps that they're going crazy (in the dub, Flame cries that they're tearing down the buildings, and Soulburner comments that they'll be next if they're not careful), and he flies higher into the sky. "Fullmetal Dunkle" follows him, as Bit Sets a card. Boot then tells "Fullmetal Dunkle" to prepare for bombardment, and "Fullmetal Dunkle" opens its maw to reveal an energy node, which they begin charging. Bit declares battle, and "Fullmetal Dunkle" attacks "Heatleo". Boot adds that due to the effect of the Link Spell "Judgment Arrows", its ATK are doubled. The ATK of "Fullmetal Dunkle" rises to 4800, and BitBoot tell Soulburner to sink as "Fullmetal Dunkle" fires a massive green column of energy from its maw at "Heatleo". The attack hits, and Bit snickers, and he and Boot state that they've won.

Soulburner manages to survive the attack.

But Soulburner tells them it's too bad, and he and "Heatleo" emerge from the cloud of smoke. Boot gasps "What?" and Bit asks how they're alive. Soulburner recalls activating his Trap Card, "Energy of Fire", which allowed him to return a "Salamangreat" in his Graveyard to his Deck to regain LP equal to its ATK and prevent his monster's destruction in battle. By returning the 1200 ATK "Falco", his LP increased from 2400 to 3600 before he took the 2500 battle damage, leaving him with 1100 LP. He holds "Energy of Fire" up, telling BitBoot that he activated this card, and the combined Duelists grunt in frustration as the ATK of "Fullmetal Dunkle" returns to 2400. Bit notes that Soulburner is barely alive thanks to Boot's Skill, and Boot replies that it's because Bit drew good cards. They state that they'll definitely possess the Ignis, and end their turn (in the dub, they tell him to go ahead and take his turn; it will be the final one of his entire existence).

The cards in Soulburner's hand are sealed.

Flame comments that Soulburner did well to survive, but his fate depends on this next draw. Soulburner replies that he knows that, and he declares his turn. He thinks that if he doesn't do something about "Fullmetal Dunkle" this turn, "Judgment Arrows" will double its ATK next turn, so he bets it all on this draw. He draws "Monster Reincarnation", and is pleased by his draw, but before he can activate it, Bit tells him that he can't use that card. They activate the Trap Card "D-Scale Chaff", and Boot explains that it can be activated when the Link Rating of a "D-Scale" Link Monster matches the total number of cards in Soulburner's hand and monsters on his field. "Fullmetal Dunkle" is Link-3, and Soulburner has two cards in his hand and controls one monster, totaling three. And when the card is activated, the cards in Soulburner's hand and the effects of the monsters he currently controls are negated, and "Heatleo" can't attack this turn. Crystal shards encrust Soulburner's cards and chains bind "Heatleo". Bit smirks, declaring that their lock is complete, and Boot states that Soulburner can't use his ace monster or the two cards in his hand. Soulburner grits his teeth as BitBoot declare that they are the mightiest, they are invincible (in the dub, Bit claims that they enjoyed seeing the fleeting expression of hope on Soulburner's face extinguished). Flame bites back a curse and clenches his fist, noting that if Soulburner's hand and monsters are locked... Bit tells Soulburner to surrender, and Boot tells him to hand over the Ignis (this last exchange is cut from the dub).

Soulburner lowers his LP to 100 as he activates his Skill.

Soulburner smirks, and he asks if they think they've already won. He snaps that he can't be wasting his time here, and Flame eagerly notes that Soulburner is eager to fight and tells him to show them his Duel (in the dub, they mock BitBoot for thinking that they can't do anything). Bit and Boot wonder what Soulburner can do in this situation, and Soulburner declares that he'll burn up everyone in his way as flames ignite in his eyes and flaming patterns light up along his chest and left arm, causing his hand to glow burning hot. He activates his Skill, explaining that he can lower his LP to 100, and for every 1000 LP that he gave up, he can draw a card. Flame roars, telling Soulburner to get fired up (in the dub, he tells him to bring the heat) and erupts into flames. Soulburner holds out his glowing hand, chanting "Open the closed future! Burning Draw!" ("I'll set the world aflame! Go! Burning Draw!" in the dub) as he draws a flaming card.

"Salamangreat Heatleo" reincarnates.

He turns the card and the flames die down to reveal "Salamangreat Sanctuary". He declares that it's a hot card, and activates the Field Spell Card, "Salamangreat Sanctuary", causing a glowing pink portal to appear above them with flaming symbols emblazoned on it. As pink particles pour from the portal, Flame comments that this is good; since it's a new card that he drew, it can't be locked down by "D-Scale Chaff". Bit tells them that they're resisting in vain, and Boot asks them what they can do with a single card. Soulburner's eyes blaze as he tells them that they'll show them. He raises his hand and declares that this is Link Summoning's new potential. "Heatleo" becomes engulfed in flames, and he chants "Surging flame, awaken Heatleo's true strength with the power of purification!" The stream of fire enters the glowing pink portal, and then it blasts a surge of fire from the portal. Soulburner declares a Reincarnation Link Summon, and chants "Resurrect, the king of beasts that runs through the fire prairie! Salamangreat Heatleo!" ("Rise again, the valiant flame! Salamangreat Heatleo!" in the dub) as "Heatleo" emerges from the flames, now with intense flames surging from its body. Bit and Boot gasp, and Frog and Pigeon call it awesome. Pigeon asks what happened, but Frog finds himself unable to answer. As Hayami gasps in shock, Zaizen notes that "Heatleo's" summoning conditions are at least two FIRE Effect Monsters, and Blue Angel is also watching the Duel on her Duel Disk, repeating the Summoning name in confusion. Ghost Gal asks what it is too.

Soulburner explains that due to the effect of "Salamangreat Sanctuary", when he Link Summons a "Salamangreat" Link Monster, he can use a monster with the same name as the entire materials instead of the usual Link Materials. Bit gasps that Soulburner used his first "Heatleo" to Summon a second one, and Flame crosses his arms in satisfaction, adding that the reincarnated "Heatleo" also isn't affected by the effect of "D-Scale Chaff". Soulburner activates the effect of "Heatleo" again, returning "Judgment Arrows" back to BitBoot's Deck with "Resounding Roar". Flame reminds them that once again, since "Judgment Arrows" left the field, "Fullmetal Dunkle" will be destroyed since it's in a zone that "Judgment Arrows" pointed to. Bit tells them that they're wrong, and Boot explains that once per turn they can prevent "Fullmetal Dunkle" from being destroyed by moving it to a Main Monster Zone that it points to. Bit adds that when "Fullmetal Dunkle" moves, it will destroy a monster in the same column as it at the end of the turn. "Fullmetal Dunkle" opens its maw and begins building up energy again, and they state that they will destroy "Heatleo". Bit states that Soulburner will have no monsters to defend himself with if "Heatleo" is gone, and Boot states that "Fullmetal Dunkle" will end them next turn. Flame slumps and gasps that it's over, since "Heatleo" can't destroy "Fullmetal Dunkle". He begins to state that they will take him, but Soulburner tells him that he's wrong. This match is already over. (In the dub, Flame laments that they tried their best but it wasn't enough, and he tells Soulburner that it was Soulburner's pleasure to be his partner. Soulburner asks why Flame is pretending like they'll lose, and Flame tells him that it was for drama.)

The Reincarnated "Heatleo" activates its "Flame Possession" effect.

He activates the effect of "Salamangreat Heatleo" since it was Reincarnation Link Summoned, the ATK of one monster BitBoot controls will become the same as that of a monster in his Graveyard. He declares "Flame Possession!" and "Heatleo" concentrates fire into the shape of "Salamangreat Meer", then launches the stream of fire at "Fullmetal Dunkle", whose ATK falls to 800 to match that of "Meer". Bit repeats the ATK value, and Boot protests that this is impossible. Soulburner declares battle, and "Heatleo" attacks "Fullmetal Dunkle", igniting flames in both of the mouths on its arms and spinning into a tornado as it attacks with "Inferno Strike", burning straight through "Fullmetal Dunkle", which explodes and flings BitBoot into a nearby building as their LP falls to zero. Flame laughs that he knew they were no match for him, and Soulburner asks if Flame just said it was all over for him (in the dub, as Flame was only acting, they instead remark on the building breaking Bit and Boot's fall, and get ready to question them). Flame huffs and looks away, but then Soulburner grunts in pain and falls to one knee on his Duel Board. Flame asks him what's wrong, and Soulburner admits that "Burning Draw" is hard on him. Flame points out that of course it is; that Skill lowers his LP to 100, so it's bound to be hard on him (in the dub, he suggests that Soulburner improves his Dueling so that he doesn't have to use it). Soulburner irritably asks if Flame can't be a bit more sympathetic, and Flame promptly asks Soulburner if it hurt and rubs his head in his hand, commenting that it's very sad. Soulburner quickly changes his mind.

Harlin and Bohman escape into the restricted area.

Bit and Boot lie in the rubble of the building they were thrown into, and Boot tells Bit that it's his fault that he lost. Bit snaps that's what he should be saying, and Boot tells him that he's useless. Bit snaps that he's using Boot, and Boot tells him that he's fired. Harlin watches as Bit retorts that Boot is fired, and tells them that they're both fired, typing a command into his Duel Disk. Bit and Boot snap "You are fired!" in English before flames engulf them (in the dub the flames are purple), and Bit has just enough time to ask "Fire?" in English before they vanish (in the dub, they scream in pain). Harlin mutters that they were useless. Playmaker tells them to wait, and Harlin looks back to see him still following them, and he comments that Playmaker's persistent (in the dub, Ai is the one to call out, having apparently recovered from his virus, and Harlin just snarks "Seriously?"). Bohman stirs on Harlin's shoulder and clutches his head, and Harlin tells his brother to hang on; they're almost there. They wheel through the skyscrapers in the lower sections of LINK VRAINS, and Playmaker follows them. Harlin tells Playmaker to give up; Jin Kolter's data is theirs. Playmaker snaps at them to stop joking and asks them why they're doing this. Harlin replies that something unbelievable will happen soon and tells Playmaker to stay tuned (in the dub, Playmaker vows that they won't get away with this, and Harlin replies that he's sure they will). He approaches a red energy barrier at the depths of LINK VRAINS, and a computerized voice repeatedly declares "Warning: This area is restricted. You can't go any further." Playmaker tells them that they can't escape anymore, but Harlin grins and holds out his hand, causing a hole to open in the barrier, which he quickly flies his Duel Board through. The hole seals before Playmaker can follow, and Playmaker touches the barrier, but finds it unyielding. He looks at his fingers, and then Soulburner calls his name and flies down to him, wondering how Harlin and Bohman got through the Restricted Area. Alarms then begin sounding, as the voice declares that the restricted area has been accessed illegally and that the emergency defense program has been activated. Soulburner muses that this is bad, and states that he's logging out. He tells Playmaker that he should leave too. Playmaker tells him to wait and asks his name, and Soulburner introduces himself before bidding him goodbye until they meet again and logging out. Playmaker repeats the name and wonders who he is (in the dub, he comments that he's sure that he'll see Soulburner around).

Featured Duel: Soulburner vs. BitBoot[edit]

Soulburner VS BitBoot.png

The Duel is conducted as a Speed Duel. Bit and Boot combine into BitBoot, and have the same gameplay state, except for their Skill (which is "Marker's Portal" for both), which they both have and can activate separately.

Turn 1: BitBoot
BitBoot Normal Summons "D-Scale Sabre Sardine" (600/100). BitBoot activates the effect of "Sabre Sardine", paying 500 LP to Special Summon a "D-Scale Token" (???/100) in Defense Position (BitBoot: 4000 → 3500 LP). BitBoot uses the "D-Scale Token" and "Sabre Sardine" to Link Summon "D-Scale Battle Coela" (1800/LINK/2/←↓) to the Extra Monster Zone. BitBoot activates the Equip Spell Card "D-Scale Torpedo", equipping it to "Battle Coela". BitBoot activates the effect of "Battle Coela" to move it to a Main Monster Zone it points to. He moves it to the zone its bottom-center Link Arrow pointed to. As his LP is 4000 or lower, Bit activates his Skill "Marker's Portal", to activate a Link Spell Card from his Deck. That Link Spell Card cannot be negated or destroyed by Soulburner's card effects. He activates "Judgment Arrows" (↖↑↗) at the Spell & Trap Zone the bottom-center Link Arrow of "Battle Coela" points to. If a Link Monster it points to battles, the effect of "Judgment Arrows" doubles its ATK during damage calculation. If "Judgment Arrows" leaves the field, all monsters it points to are destroyed. BitBoot activates the other effect of "Battle Coela" to move it to a Main Monster Zone a card linked to "Battle Coela" points to. He moves "Battle Coela" to the zone the top-left Link Arrow of "Judgment Arrows" points to. BitBoot activate the effect of "Torpedo" to inflict 800 damage to Soulburner for every time the equipped monster moved this turn, in this case two (Soulburner: 4000 → 2400 LP).

Turn 2: Soulburner
Soulburner draws "Cybersal Cyclone" and Sets a card. Soulburner activates the effect of "Salamangreat Meer" in his hand, sending a "Salamangreat" monster from his hand to the GY to Special Summon it (800/600). He sends "Salamangreat Foxy". As there is a face-up Spell/Trap Card on the field, Soulburner activates the effect of "Foxy" in his GY, sending a "Salamangreat" monster from his hand to the GY to Special Summon it (1000/1700) and destroy a Spell/Trap Card on the field. He discards "Salamangreat Falco" and targets "Judgment Arrows", but as "Judgment Arrows" was activated using "Marker's Portal", it cannot be destroyed by card effects. Soulburner activates the effect of "Falco" in his GY, returning a "Salamangreat" monster to his hand to Special Summon it (1200/1600). He returns "Meer". As "Meer" was added to Soulburner's hand other than his normal draw, Soulburner activates its effect, Special Summoning it (800/600). Soulburner uses "Falco", "Foxy", and "Meer" to Link Summon "Salamangreat Heatleo" (2300/↙↑↘) to the Extra Monster Zone. As "Heatleo" was Link Summoned, Soulburner activates its effect to shuffle a card in BitBoot's Spell/Trap Zone into their Deck. He shuffles "Judgment Arrows". As "Judgment Arrows" left the field, all monsters it points to are destroyed. "Heatleo" attacks BitBoot directly (BitBoot: 3500 → 1200 LP).

Turn 3: BitBoot
BitBoot draws "D-Scale Piercing Saury" and Normal Summons it (800/600). BitBoot activates the effect of "Piercing Saury", sending a "D-Scale" monster to the GY to Special Summon a "D-Scale" monster from the GY with its ATK halved. He Special Summons "Battle Coela" (1800/←↓). As his LP is 4000 or lower, Boot activates his Skill "Marker's Portal", to activate "Judgment Arrows" (↖↑↗) at the Spell & Trap Zone the bottom-center Link Arrow of "Battle Coela" points to. BitBoot uses "Piercing Saury" and the Link-2 "Battle Coela" to Link Summon "D-Scale Fullmetal Dunkle" (2400/←↓→) to a zone the top-center Link Arrow of "Judgment Arrows" points to. BitBoot Sets a card. "Fullmetal Dunkle" attacks "Heatleo". As a Link Monster it points to battled, the effect of "Judgment Arrows" doubles its ATK during damage calculation ("Fullmetal Dunkle": 2400 → 4800 ATK). As BitBoot's monster declared an attack, Soulburner activates his face-down Trap Card "Energy of Fire" to shuffle a "Salamangreat" monster in his GY to his Deck, gain LP equal to its ATK, and prevent monsters from being destroyed by that battle. He shuffles "Falco" (Soulburner: 2400 → 3600 LP) and targets "Heatleo". The attack continues and "Heatleo" is not destroyed (Soulburner: 3600 → 1100 LP).

Turn 4: Soulburner
Soulburner draws "Monster Reincarnation". As BitBoot controls a "D-Scale" Link Monster with a Link Rating equal to the combined number of cards in Soulburner's hand and monsters he controls, they activate their face-down Trap Card "D-Scale Chaff" to negate the effects of those cards and prevent Soulburner's monsters from attacking until the end of this turn. Soulburner activates his Skill "Burning Draw", to lower his LP to 100 and draw a card for every 1000 LP lost (Soulburner: 1100 → 100 LP), in this case one. He draws and activates the Field Spell Card "Salamangreat Sanctuary". When Soulburner Link Summons a "Salamangreat" Link Monster, the effect of "Salamangreat Sanctuary" allows him to use a monster with the same name as Link Material instead. Soulburner uses "Heatleo" to Reincarnation Link Summon another "Heatleo" to the Extra Monster Zone. As "Heatleo" was Link Summoned, Soulburner activates its effect to shuffle "Judgment Arrows" into BitBoot's Deck. As "Judgment Arrows" left the field, all monsters it points to are destroyed, but the effect of "Fullmetal Dunkle" prevents it from being destroyed once per turn, then, as the first effect of "Fullmetal Dunkle" was used, BitBoot activates the second effect of "Fullmetal Dunkle" to move it to a Main Monster Zone it points to. He moves it to the zone its middle-left Link Arrow pointed to, then, as "Fullmetal Dunkle" was moved, BitBoot activate its effect to target a monster in the same column as "Fullmetal Dunkle" and destroy it during the End Phase. As "Heatleo" was Reincarnation Link Summoned this turn, Soulburner activates its effect to change an opponent's monster's ATK to that of a monster in his GY. He makes the ATK of "Fullmetal Dunkle" the same as "Meer" in his GY ("Fullmetal Dunkle": 2400 → 800 ATK).

"Heatleo" attacks and destroys "Fullmetal Dunkle" (BitBoot: 1200 → 0 LP).

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.

In other languages[edit]

Language Title
Germany German In Flammen gehüllter Duellant
Brazil Portuguese O Duelista Envolto em Chamas
Mexico Spanish El duelista envuelto en llamas