Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS - Episode 052

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"Tapping Out"
The Gore and Soulburner face off.
The Gore and Soulburner face off.
EnglishTapping Out
Japanese name
RōmajiNa Bakari no Eiyū
TranslatedHero in Name Only
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS
Japanese OP"go forward"
Japanese ED"BOY"
English OP & ED"Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS Main Theme"
ScreenplayAtsushi Maekawa
DirectorYasumi Mikamoto
StoryboardTsukasa Sunaga
Animation director
Air dates
JapaneseMay 16, 2018
EnglishOctober 13, 2019
Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS episodes (season 2)
Previous"Bounty Hunting"
Next"The Shepherd"

"Tapping Out", known as "Hero in Name Only" in the Japanese version, is the fifty-second episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. It first aired in Japan on May 16, 2018, and aired in Canada on October 13, 2019.

Soulburner manages to survive a brutal attack from The Gore's "Dinowrestler" monsters, using the effects of his "Salamangreat" monsters. Determined not to lose against The Gore, who wants to prove himself to be the strongest Duelist, Soulburner sets his fist ablaze, and starts a counterattack!


Theodore sits numbly as he realizes that his parents have died.

In the past, a voice declared that they'd rescued the children and that they were all alive as emergency workers carried the six victims of the Hanoi Project away from their place of imprisonment. In an ambulance on the way to the hospital, a paramedic asked the name of one of the boys, and he told him it was Theodore Hamilton. As he was rushed into hospital, they asked him how old he was, and he said he was six. Then they asked him if he knew his address, and he stated that he did. Later, his grandfather and grandmother came to visit him in the hospital, rushing to his side. His grandmother took his hand and asked him if he was okay. Theodore replied that he was, and his grandfather could barley believe it. Theodore asked where his mother and father were, and his grandmother gasped in shock and turned away, and his grandfather did as well. Theodore gasped in horror as he realized why his parents weren't there.

Hayami begins to worry about Zaizen.

In the present, Soulburner's Speed Duel against The Gore continues, with Gore on 3500 LP and controlling the 3000 ATK "Dinowrestler King T Wrextle", while Soulburner only has 2100 LP and the 1800 ATK "Salamangreat Jack Jaguar". Soulburner activates the Spell Card "Link Fire's Return", which will allow him to Special Summon a "Salamangreat" monster from his Graveyard. He revives "Salamangreat Heatleo" and adds that since he Special Summoned a Link Monster, Gore will take damage equal to its Link Rating times 200. "Heatleo" is Link-3, so Gore takes 600 damage, reducing him to 2900 LP. Soulburner explains that the Summoned "Heatleo" can't attack or use its effects the turn this turn, and Gore scoffs. At SOL Technologies, Hayami begins to worry over what will happen to Zaizen if they fail to capture the Ignis (in the dub, her thoughts are replaced with Soulburner continuing to disparage Gore). The oblivious Zaizen asks what Playmaker's status is, and one of his staff tells him that Playmaker is moving through LINK VRAINS (in the dub, they specify that they'll lose Playmaker if The Gore can't defeat Soulburner). Hayami worries that Zaizen might get demoted again, and she gets a determined look on her face and thinks that she won't let that happen; she must protect the Chief (once again, her thoughts are cut from the dub, though her expressions are not). Back in LINK VRAINS, Gore warns Soulburner that even if he keeps resurrecting "Heatleo", The Gore will keep pummeling it. Soulburner tells him to go ahead and try, it'll be good training (in the dub, he snaps that he didn't ask Soulburner to worship him, nor put a poster of him up on his wall. Soulburner protests that Gore didn't have to, and how did he know about the poster on his wall?).

Soulburner barely dodges the energy blast.

A blast of energy suddenly fires from behind them and in between them, exploding on the wall ahead (in the dub, Flame warns him before it strikes). Soulburner asks if it was an attack from the outside, and asks how Gore could resort to such dirty tricks. Gore is shocked by the accusation, and Flame declares that attacks from outside during a Duel are inexcusable (in the dub, he snarkily defines the word "cheater" to Gore). Soulburner snaps that he misjudged him, and Gore mutters that Soulburner must think lowly of him if he thinks that he did that, much to Soulburner's surprise.

Hayami begins attacking Soulburner.

With a determined look on her face, Hayami enters commands into her tablet, thinking that she won't let Zaizen be demoted. Her screen depicts a target moving between The Gore and Soulburner as she thinks that the Chief doesn't need to worry; no-one will take his seat again. She lets out a demented smile as she targets Soulburner and presses "Action", releasing another blast of energy. Soulburner gasps in shock, but Gore furiously orders them to stop the attack and he flies in front of Soulburner and intercepts the blast with his Duel Board, causing a cloud of smoke to engulf them. Soulburner, Flame, and Zaizen all gasp in shock, and Hayami reels back and screams in horror, attracting Zaizen's attention. He gets up and sharply asks Hayami what she did, and Hayami tries to protest that it was nothing, but Zaizen takes her tablet from her as she tries to protest that he'd be demoted but bursts into tears before she can finish. Zaizen is taken aback, but reassures her that he'll be fine (in the dub, she drops a line begging Zaizen not to call off their future wedding, much to his surprise, but then they're distracted by the status update and Hayami quickly says "Nevermind"). One of Zaizen's staff asks how The Gore is, and Zaizen and Hayami look to see Gore emerging unharmed from the cloud of smoke. Another staff tells the first that The Gore is fine and he's back in the Duel. Zaizen returns Hayami's tablet, warning her not to interfere when Duelists are fighting seriously. Hayami apologizes, and Zaizen tells her to come to the office when this is done. Hayami sadly agrees (in the dub, Hayami notes that it'l be another embarrassing story to tell their grandkids; Zaizen does not tell her to come to his office, instead noting that she did have the best of intentions).

Soulburner Reincarnation Link Summons "Salamangreat Heatleo".

Gore and Soulburner enter an underground section of the canal, and Flame notes that Gore voluntarily protected them, so he wasn't responsible for those attacks. Soulburner agrees that The Gore he knows wouldn't do that (in the dub, he comments that Gore might say he's changed, but he's more like his old self than he thinks, except for the unitard). He tells The Gore that he's coming, and Gore tells Soulburner to bring it. Soulburner activates the Field Spell Card "Salamangreat Sanctuary", explaining that it will allow him to Link Summon a "Salamangreat" Link Monster by using a monster with the same name as the entire material. He chants "Appear! The circuit that changes the future!" and sets "Salamangreat Heatleo" in the Link Arrow, Reincarnation Link Summoning the Link-3 "Salamangreat Heatleo". "Heatleo's" flames flare to life, and Gore repeats the Summon name in shock (in the dub, he asks why Soulburner would Summon the same monster again). Soulburner activates the effect of the Reincarnation Link Summoned "Heatleo", making the ATK of Gore's monster the same as one in Soulburner's Graveyard. He chooses to make the ATK of "King T Wrextle" the same as "Salamangreat Meer"; 800. The ATK of "King T Wrextle" falls, much to Gore's shock as he repeats the value (in the dub, Gore states that's no way to treat a king). Soulburner asks if Gore sees, this is - This is Soulburner's special technique, Flame interrupts. Soulburner protests that Flame shouldn't be hogging the spotlight, and Flame tells him that he thought it would be awkward and pretentious for Soulburner to brag about his own technique; he was being nice. Gore muses that since the ATK of "King T Wrextle" has been decreased, Soulburner will use "Heatleo" to destroy it and damage his LP, but he won't let him. (In the dub, Soulburner retorts that he just did treat the "King" this way, and Flame criticizes his trash talking. Gore declares that he won't be trash talking, but taking out the trash, and an impressed Flame suggests that Soulburner take notes.)

As Soulburner declares battle, Gore activates the effect of "Dinowrestler King T Wrextle". During this Battle Phase, "Jack Jaguar" must attack first. Soulburner is shocked that "Jack Jaguar" is being forced to attack first, and Soulburner notes that "Jack Jaguar" has 1800 ATK, and that only one monster is allowed to attack due to the effect of "World Dino Wrestling". Gore adds that "Jack Jaguar" will also be destroyed at the end of the Battle Phase if Soulburner doesn't attack with it, and Soulburner states that of course he'll attack, and "Salamangreat Jack Jaguar" wheels around and attacks "Dinowrestler King T Wrextle". But Gore activates the effect of "Dinowrestler Martial Ankylo" from his hand since his "Dinowrestler" monster battled a monster with equal or higher ATK, sending it to the Graveyard to prevent "King T Wrextle" from being destroyed by that battle. Soulburner reminds Gore that he'll still take the damage, and Gore's LP falls to 1900, but then he reveals that the effect of "Martial Ankylo" will halve the ATK of Soulburner's monster. "Jack Jaguar" falls to 900 ATK as it lands, and Soulburner declares that the effect of "Heatleo" ends and the ATK of "King T Wrextle" returns to normal, rising back up to 3000. Soulburner admits that Gore's "Dinowrestler" Deck is pretty tough and Flame reminds him that this isn't the time to be in awe, but he admits that The Gore has truly mastered his new Deck. Soulburner declares that The Gore truly is impressive, and and Gore grins, commenting that he won't be defeated that easily. Soulburner ends his turn. (In the dub, Flame notes that this gives them the opportunity to make a comeback, and Soulburner points out that Gore used to do so too. Gore grins that he's learned that being ahead feels better, and Soulburner states that Gore doesn't really believe that. Gore retorts that Soulburner doesn't know anything about him).

"King T Wrextle" clashes with "Jack Jaguar".

Gore declares his turn and draws, thinking that Soulburner has the 2300 ATK "Heatleo" and the 900 ATK "Jack Jaguar", while Gore has the 3000 ATK "King T Wrextle". In his previous life as an entertainer, he would have attacked "Heatleo" with "King T Wrextle" to create a highlight when their ace monsters clashed, but now that he's a bounty hunter, he decides to aim for a guaranteed win rather than a highlight. He declares battle and orders "Dinowrestler King T Wrextle" to attack "Salamangreat Jack Jaguar", and as "King T Wrextle" lunges forwards with a raised fist, he adds that the effect of "World Dino Wrestling" will increase its ATK by 200. "King T Wrextle" powers up to 3200 ATK, and Gore thinks that if this works, Soulburner will take 2300 damage, more than his LP. But Soulburner activates the effect of his Field Spell "Salamangreat Sanctuary" since he would take battle damage, allowing him to pay 1000 LP, reduce the ATK of a "Salamangreat" Link Monster he controls to zero, and then gain LP equal to the lost ATK. His LP falls to 1100, then the ATK of "Heatleo" becomes zero, and Soulburner rises to 3400 LP. "King T Wrextle" then destroys "Jack Jaguar" with ferocious blow, reducing Soulburner to 1100 LP. Gore grits his teeth in frustration, muttering that he wanted to finish Soulburner off this turn (in the dub he notes that Soulburner refuses to go down for the three-count, and Soulburner points out that of course he doesn't; would Gore?) His A.I. reminds him that the effect of "World Dino Wrestling" will now expire, and the ATK of "King T Wrextle" will return to normal. Gore then explains that he can Special Summon "Dinowrestler Rambrachio" from his hand in Defense Position since a "Dinowrestler" Link Monster inflicted battle damage to Soulburner. He thinks that the effect of "Rambrachio" will prevent other "Dinowrestlers" from being affected by effects next turn, so even if Soulburner activates the effect of "Heatleo" again, "T Wrextle" will be protected. He ends his turn.

Theodore and Kiku look up at the seagulls.

Soulburner tells The Gore that he knows how devoted he is to Dueling, and he remembers being at his parents' photos with his grandparents, declaring that he also has a reason why he can't afford to lose, and he draws (in the dub, he tells Gore that he might have forgotten who he is, but Soulburner hasn't because if it wasn't for him he wouldn't be here). Theodore remembers his hometown, a girl with a plait cycled along the waterfront in search for him and found him by the dock, where he was reading about Playmaker, Blue Angel, and The Gore's heroism (in the dub, he thought that they had been fighting the Knights of Hanoi, while he'd been here doing nothing). As he got to his feet, the girl rushed to him, calling his name and asking what he was doing here and told him to come to school already. Theodore hesitantly told the girl, Kiku, that he'd go. Kiku was pleased that Theodore finally felt like it, but noted that it was only four days until summer vacation and smiled. Theodore stated that he didn't care about summer vacation and he and Kiku looked up at the seagulls. Theodore stated that he was leaving the city, and Kiku asked in shock what he meant. Theodore explained that he wasn't himself right now and that this wasn't the real him. Kiku asked what he was talking about and she stated that Theodore was himself. But Theodore strapped on his Duel Disk, stating that that was why he's leaving. He walked past Kiku and put his hand on her shoulder, asking her to look after his grandparents, and she whispered his name before nodding in determination, stating that she didn't know what was going on, but wishing him good luck if that was his decision, because he looked like he was full of life. (In the dub, their conversation is more focused around school rather than the logistics of the situation. Kiku states that "Teddy" can't skip school just because he's the smartest in the class, and Theodore admits that he thought it was Sunday. Kiku admits that she took notes for him, and Theodore admits that he might need her to continue doing so as he's leaving town for a little to deal with something that he should have taken care of a long time ago. Kiku comments on the cryptic statement, but notes that it's important to Theodore and she won't stop him. However, she won't take notes for him, since semester break is coming up.) Theodore thanked Kiku, before running away from the waterfront.

Soulburner explains that after the Lost Incident he hated everything and anything he did was halfhearted. He stopped Dueling and sealed away his past memories, but during that time he learned that Duelists were fighting against those who made him suffer. He couldn't sit still, so he came to Den City. Flame tells Soulburner that he knows how he feels, but Soulburner ignores him, declaring that he can't forget about the past (in the dub, Soulburner states that he never beat the Lost Incident, only survive it, but Gore fought against the Knights of Hanoi to prevent further horrors despite not even being related to it because it was the right thing to do, and Soulburner should have been fighting alongside him. Flame tells him that he shouldn't be so hard on himself, but Soulburner insist that he should have been). He remembers that his grandparents later brought him to their home, telling him that starting today it would be his home too. Theodore asked why, and his grandmother told him that he was living with them now. Back in the present, Soulburner thinks that his time has remained stopped since that day. He touches the green gem on his chest and it glows, and he remembers seeing portraits of his parents with his grandparents. His grandfather tearfully told him that his mother and father searched for him every day, and then they were in a car crash, while his grandmother sobbed (in the dub, it is stated that they disappeared while searching for Theodore). Soulburner reflects that after losing his parents, all he had left were his grandparents, and Dueling - which he vowed never to do again. The gem on his chest swells into a bright orange, and Soulburner clutches the power in his fist, declaring that to make time move again, all he can do is Duel (in the dub, he states that it's better late than never to do the fight thing, even though he never expected that his hero would be the first person he had to fight). He activates his Skill "Burning Draw", lowering his LP to 100 to draw a card for every 1000 LP that he paid, and flames engulf his body. Flame reaches out, flames spiraling around his arm as he tells Soulburner's soul to burn, and Soulburner chants "Show a miracle! Burning Draw!" as he draws a flaming card.

He activates "Rise of the Salamangreat", declaring that he can Tribute monsters from his hand and field whose total Levels equal at least the Level of the Ritual Monster that he's Ritual Summoning, and he's Ritual Summoning a "Salamangreat" Ritual Monster from his hand. Flame pops up, adding that when they control a "Salamangreat" Link Monster, and Soulburner finishes that he can return "Salamangreat" monsters from his Graveyard to his Deck instead of Tributing. He returns the Level 4 "Salamangreat Falco" and "Jack Jaguar" in his Graveyard to his Deck, and Gore grits his teeth. Soulburner chants "Ritual Summon! Rise, Level 8! Jade wings clad in flames! Salamangreat Emerald Eagle!" ("I Ritual Summon! Ignite! Salamangreat Emerald Eagle!" in the dub.) "Emerald Eagle" emerges from a magenta Ritual altar, with 2800 ATK.

"Emerald Eagle" attacks "King T Wrextle".

Gore points out that his "T Wrextle" has 3000 ATK, more than "Emerald Eagle". Soulburner agrees, but states that it doesn't matter, and Gore gasps "What?" Soulburner activates the effect of "Salamangreat Emerald Eagle", which glows red as Soulburner Tributes a "Salamangreat" Link Monster he controls, and "Heatleo" explodes into yellow dust. Gore asks in shock if Soulburner Tributed his own ace monster, and Flame tells Soulburner to go. Soulburner declares battle, attacking "Dinowrestler King T Wrextle" with "Salamangreat Emerald Eagle". He explains that due to the effect of "Emerald Eagle", "King T Wrextle" is destroyed and Gore will take damage equal to its ATK. Gore yells "What?!" and Soulburner declares the "Emerald Overload" effect of "Emerald Eagle", which tackles "King T Wrextle" and destroys it in a gout of flames, blasting Gore off his Duel Board and reducing his LP to zero.

Gore gives Soulburner a piece of harsh advice before logging out.

Flame tells Soulburner well done, and Hayami holds her hand over her mouth in shock, her eyes brimming with tears as Zaizen narrows his eyes and the room remains completely silent. Gore lies on his back, whispering that he lost. He struggles up on his elbows, and then to his surprise, Soulburner holds out his hand. Gore scoffs, gets up without taking it, and begins walking away. Soulburner tells The Gore that to him he's the hero who defeated the Hanoi and saved LINK VRAINS, that hasn't changed. But to get his real self back, Soulburner has to keep winning. Gore lowers his head as Soulburner begins to tell Gore that he's the same, but Gore asks what he's trying to say. Soulburner stops, and Gore states that he'll tell him this; no-one can always win, and everyone experiences defeat. Will defeat rot him, or will he use it as a springboard? When you lose, your true self is revealed. (In the dub, he vows that every time he gets beaten, he'll come back bigger and badder, and that's the only similarity between the old and new Gores.) He walks away stiffly and logs out. Flame pops up, commenting that Gore must lose a lot to be such a sore loser. Soulburner comments that Flame's pretty condescending, and Flame retorts "Not really." Soulburner just looks in the direction Gore vanished. (In the dub, after Gore gives them his two cents and logs out, Flame remarks that it was more like a dollar than two cents. Soulburner notes that Flame waited until Gore had left to say that, and Flame states that it would have been unwise not to; he isn't Ai.)

The Shepherd descends upon Playmaker and Ai.

Playmaker and Ai continue to descend through the winds, and Ai groans that it's rough going as he braces himself (in the dub, he's grousing about what he should have said to Flame; Playmaker points out that Ai didn't say anything and tells him to focus on the task at hand). Playmaker spots a light blue circle of energy and he notes that it's the lower area. Ai recalls that Kolter told them about it, and Playmaker confirms it. He remembers Kolter telling them that the sphere in the Restricted Area's bottom level should have a gate at its center. They continue moving down the column, but shivers suddenly run down Ai's form and he gasps that he's spooked. Playmaker agrees; he senses something bad. Ai emphasizes that it's really bad and suggests that they withdraw (in the dub, he realizes that it's bad if Playmaker's Link Sense is acting up).

Behind them, The Shepherd emerges from behind a piece of rubble on his Duel Board and without warning, fires an energy blast at Playmaker from his artificial arm, which they barely dodge. The Shepherd swiftly descends upon them, another blast glowing in his palm, and he declares that he's caught the bounty.

Featured Duel: Soulburner vs. The Gore[edit]

Duel continues from the previous episode.

Soulburner has 2100 LP and controls "Salamangreat Jack Jaguar" (1800/1200) in Attack Position, as well as 1 Set card in his Spell & Trap Zone. The Gore has 3500 LP and controls "Dinowrestler King T Wrextle" (3000/↙↓↘) in the Extra Monster Zone, as well as "World Dino Wrestling" in his Field Zone.

Turn 4: Soulburner
Soulburner activates the Spell Card "Link Fire's Return", Special Summoning a "Salamangreat" Link Monster from his GY, then inflict damage to Gore equal to its Link Rating times 200, but it cannot attack or activate its effects for the rest of the turn. He Special Summons "Salamangreat Heatleo" (2300/↙↑↘) (Gore 3500 → 2900). Soulburner activates the Field Spell Card "Salamangreat Sanctuary". When Soulburner Link Summons a "Salamangreat" Link Monster, the effect of "Salamangreat Sanctuary" allows him to use a monster with the same name as Link Material instead. Soulburner uses "Heatleo" to Reincarnation Link Summon another "Heatleo" (2300/↙↑↘) to the Extra Monster Zone. As "Heatleo" was Reincarnation Link Summoned this turn, Soulburner activates its effect to change Gore's monster's ATK to that of a monster in his GY. He makes the ATK of "Dinowrestler King T Wrextle" the same as "Salamangreat Meer" in his GY ("King T Wrextle": 3000 → 800 ATK). At the start of Soulburner's Battle Phase, Gore activates the effect of "King T Wrextle", forcing a monster Soulburner controls to attack before Soulburner's other monsters; if it does not attack, it is destroyed at the end of the Battle Phase. He targets "Salamangreat Jack Jaguar". "Jack Jaguar" attacks "King T Wrextle". As a "Dinowrestler" Gore controls is battling Soulburner's monster with equal or higher ATK, he activates the effect of "Dinowrestler Martial Ankylo" in his hand, sending it to the GY to prevent that "Dinowrestler" from being destroyed, then after damage calculation, Soulburner's monster's ATK is halved. The attack continues and "King T Wrextle" is not destroyed (Gore: 2900 → 1900 LP). After damage calculation, the ATK of "Jack Jaguar" is halved ("Jack Jaguar": 1800 → 900 ATK).

Turn 5: Gore
"King T Wrextle" attacks "Jack Jaguar". As a "Dinowrestler" monster is attacking Soulburner's monster, the effect of "World Dino Wrestling" increases the ATK of that monster by 200 during damage calculation only ("King T Wrextle": 3000 → 3200 ATK). As Soulburner would take damage from an attack involving a "Salamangreat" monster, he activates the effect of "Salamangreat Sanctuary", paying 1000 LP to reduce the ATK of a "Salamangreat" Link Monster he controls to 0, then gaining LP equal to its original ATK (Soulburner: 2100 → 1100 LP). He targets "Heatleo" ("Heatleo": 2300 → 0 ATK; Soulburner: 1100 → 3400 LP). The attack continues and "Jack Jaguar" is destroyed (Soulburner: 3400 → 1100 LP). As a "Dinowrestler" Link Monster inflicted battle damage to Soulburner, Gore activates the effect of "Dinowrestler Rambrachio" (???/0) in his hand, Special Summoning it in Defense Position. While "Rambrachio" is on the field, "Dinowrestler" monsters, except "Rambrachio", cannot be targeted by card effects.

Turn 6: Soulburner
Soulburner activates his Skill "Burning Draw", to lower his LP to 100 and draw a card for every 1000 LP lost (Soulburner: 1100 → 100 LP), in this case one. Soulburner activates the Ritual Spell Card "Rise of the Salamangreat", Ritual Summoning a "Salamangreat" Ritual Monster by Tributing monsters from his hand or field whose total Levels equal or exceed the Level of that Ritual Monster. As Soulburner controls a "Salamangreat" Link Monster, he can shuffle "Salamangreat" monsters in his GY to his Deck instead of Tributing. He shuffles the Level 4 "Salamangreat Falco"[Note 1] and the Level 4 "Jack Jaguar" to Ritual Summon the Level 8 "Salamangreat Emerald Eagle" (2800/2000). Soulburner activates the effect of "Emerald Eagle", Tributing a "Salamangreat" Link Monster. If "Emerald Eagle" attacks Gore's monster, before damage calculation, the effect of "Emerald Eagle" destroys that monster and inflicts damage to Gore equal to its ATK. He Tributes "Heatleo".

"Emerald Eagle" attacks "King T Wrextle". The effect of "Emerald Eagle" destroys "King T Wrextle" and inflicts damage to Gore equal to its ATK (Gore: 1900 → 0 LP).

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.

In other languages[edit]

Language Title
Germany German Held nur im Namen
Brazil Portuguese Herói só no nome
Mexico Spanish Héroe solo de nombre


  1. "Salamangreat Falco" was shuffled back into the Deck in the previous episode, so Theodore shouldn't have been able to use it to Ritual Summon "Salamangreat Emerald Eagle".